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JoAnn: Hello and welcome to the Friday edition of Wake Up Legendary. My name is JoAnn. I am the Marketing Manager here at legendary marketer and I am so pumped to be hosting today. A little tongue tied sorry about that. But anyways Dave willl be back next week Matt's been hosting all week. I'm pitching him today and I am super excited for you to meet today's guest. Her name is Mel, she has a ton of energy, a ton of background and a great story and I can't wait for you to meet her. So definitely hit those clapping emojis in the comments and let's bring on now hello welcome to Wake Up Legendary. Hi, thank you. Wow, all right. So share with all of us how you found legendary and I know there was a teaser about a can of hairspray to help you fall into affiliate marketing so definitely share with all of us what that is and all that good stuff.

Mel: Okay. Okay, sounds good. So yeah, it all started with hairspray. Honestly, I found myself over the past couple of years. I got asked a lot like what hairspray do you use to get your hair to do what it does? And I was like oh, I use this type of hair spray. And I noticed that people would actually go buy that hairspray and I was like, and I started to notice it started happening enough that I was like, you know, I'm wondering if there's something like this. I wonder if I have some, you know, I'm careful to not recommend things that I haven't had really good experiences with. And so it's like, there's something new to like, earn money. And so, anyway, then I started doing some research and that's how I searched how to make money online. And I did a little YouTube search and I found two different women actually speaking about their experience doing the 15 day online business builder challenge. And from there I thought about it for a number of months and actually went back and reviewed their videos. And finally in April on April 8, I enrolled in the training myself. 

JoAnn: Wow. Okay, so you are curious, how do we make some money off of my referrals? Right, basically, you find two different people talking about waco talking about Legendary and the 15 Day Challenge and then you wait. Why did you wait, what was holding back? 

Mel: Well, it was just a caution. I was really really a person that likes to research and think about a plan of action before I just jump into something, especially if it's something that will require monetary investment, even if it's only $7. And so I just wanted to do a little research on the back end, and then a bit of reflection within myself to see if that was something you know, this was something I really wanted to pursue. And I came to the conclusion that yes, I did. Want to pursue it. 

JoAnn: Wow. Okay, so even went through like, Is this my next step in life before the $7.15 Day Challenge? 

Mel: Definitely. 

JoAnn: Yes. Okay. Wow, I love that. That's pretty cool. Now, there is another thing I saw actually sitting in your TikTok videos. You called yourself the side hustle, Queen.

So there's all of that with our audience of why you are the side hustle Queen because I totally agree with you, by the way after.

Mel: Yeah, so any family and friends that are ultimately here this will attest to the fact that as a kid, I had various side hustles. I would have actually most of them are still in operation today. They just passed down to my younger siblings because they have continued to work great. So I've done everything from a little pumpkin in the USA, and then I do a Christmas tree pick up business after Christmas and people put all their trees out on the curb. We'd pick them up and take them to the recycling place for $2 per tree.

And then it kind of grew from there to a home organization business, a lawn care business, which is also still in operation today. And yet there have been a number of present crapping businesses. So we're entrepreneurs. Yes, matter what, we're entrepreneurs. We have an entrepreneur mindset. And that's what you want. That's what you're going after. You do also have a nine to five. You've been in that for 15 years.

JoAnn: 15 years. And all along building these side hustles that you've now passed on to family members? Yes. Wow. So we have a whole family of entrepreneurs going on. I love it. So knowing you've done all these different side hustles which made this stand out differently from what you're like, This is my next stage. This is the next part of my life. 

Mel: Yeah, so I've always had this little voice in the back of my head, this little goal that I wanted to be able to figure out a way to earn money while I slept. And so I thought, you know, because there's only so much time in a day, right? And a lot of the time we get paid. We trade hours for dollars and you know, it's a great system because you know without it, we would be in real trouble. But there are only so many hours in the day. And so that also means if you're trading hours for dollars, there are only so many dollars you can earn, if that's what you're doing, only and so I looked for ways that I could, you know, maximize my time and maximize that opportunity. I had to earn money even while I was sleeping. So passive income side hustle was on the docket for me.

JoAnn: Okay, so we titled it four keys to success and I wanted everyone to really understand your background that this isn't just your first time starting a business. This is it. You know you've gone through the newbie stage a number of times. So, let's start sharing those four keys that you think everybody needs in order to really do business when starting out. Okay, okay, so the first thing that I would say is something that was further solidified when I had my first call with my business plan advisor. Advisors and that's Ramadan and he is awesome on by the way, I saw him in the comments so anyway, he told me he told me when they featured on my on wakeup legendary, and I was so awestruck, and here I am so in less than three months so it's a dream come true. But we were talking in our first meeting. And he shared with me he asked me the question, you know, what sets you apart or what makes you different? Think of your first top, you know, two or three people that you know that you would perceive as being successful, right? And think of those people and what you most admire about them. And then ask yourself, you know, what, does anything disqualify me or set me apart or make me different from these people? And does anything disqualify me from having the same kind of success? And I thought about that deeply and came to the conclusion that no, you know, nothing disqualifies you or me from, you know, being just as successful as the role models we look up to and you know, creating our own success. So that would be the first key if you are worthy of massive success.

Just being consistent and believing yourself in yourself and in the process. Do you feel that you know, that's a massive roadblock for a lot of people or they just don't think they're worthy of it. Yeah, so they don't take the action to match that worthiness. You know, like they just told themselves that what do you think contributes to that?

Mel: I think, I think just a fear of acting or maybe not even understanding that the power is within you. You use the word action. And I recently discovered this

until it becomes a reality, and that's the key you know, for people who maybe feel like that for whatever reason.

You know, if you can act as if, and just be, you know, even if it's a little bit out of your comfort zone, suddenly it starts out and gradually yet suddenly at the same time, it starts to build into who you actually are because you're nurturing that little piece inside of you. That's always been there. There comes a point where some people call it selfish, but it's not selfish. It's just taking care of you. Right? You can care for yourself and go after everyone deserves to go after their goals, their dreams. And, and are worthy. Yeah. Wow. Huge, huge, huge. All right, the second key that you have for it. So the second key is, be you just stand confidently as yourself. That's something that I have tried to really, you know, be true to and all the content that I make and and all the interactions that I have with people, you know, you're the same person in every room. And that is you, and that's okay. And you know, if people don't like that, that's fine. But there's plenty that will, will like that and will resonate with you and who you are. 

JoAnn: Yeah, and that is another hurdle a lot of people kind of have to overcome when you first start out. First, we just want you to put content out so you put out stuff that mimics someone else, but it also mimics their personality sometimes. So then it doesn't come across as authentic. Like, viewers can sniff out if somebody's being themselves or if they're trying to be somebody else. They just can't they just couldn't tell instantly. So it's just crucial. I loved your TikTok. You were having so much fun.And it's not that you're you and you're not using necessarily trending songs. I think you're using music that kind of fires you up instead. And that really comes across on the camera. Can you like get your ideas to create content and get really fired up and have that ball energy?

Mel: Actually, this is my third point. So learning zones that know more than you tell us the training, you know, I was having a hard time getting my TikTok going. And so I was like, you know, I know how to I know how to handle this like, and I reviewed the training and I was like, I'm gonna just go find people who do this better than I do and who know what they're doing. And they know more than I do. And so I went out and I started looking at those people and then yeah, taking, you know, the best from each one and then you know, throwing my own take on it and doing Melanie putting Melanie into it, and then yeah, from there, it just kind of it's true. I do. I do get a lot of inspiration from it, especially as I continue to grow. You know, I think I asked myself how am I feeling today or what am I excited to share, talk about my frustration about something and my like plug about something and then I tried to throw that into the video kind of ball it up all the energy cost to the camera. I love that. That's a great tidbit. That's tip number five since we're doing way more than four things to think about what state of mind you're in. And then how can that help somebody? What was some like a tiny roadblock or what was the thought that was going through your head or when you're back reviewing the education? What was like an aha moment you know, last night or this morning and throwing it into what you're putting out there. That's huge, huge, huge, huge, but I love that you're, you know, gotta go back to you gotta go back to the education and going back and looking at what other people are doing.

Mel: Open to continued growth. Yeah, I like to refer to it. The second you stop or think you know everything in my mind, that's how I look at it. When you get in the mindset of I know everything is the day you start failing. But if you're always open to learning, you will always be successful. It's like that. Yeah, it's just that otherwise too many walls come up and then you're just not open to new ideas, new ways of doing or and evolving with the world evolving with the times. You get stuck in grandpa mode.

JoAnn: Yes, I couldn't agree more. In fact, your comment brings to mind one of the people that I envisioned in my mind when and asked me to think of a person that I knew was successful or that I saw is successful and it was one of my great mentors who up until he lived well into his 90s. And the year he passed away, he was learning French and he was gonna move on to the next language after that, and he had cruises booked and he had, you know, there were things he was doing and he was good on the computer and he had a little iPhone and iPad. You know, I just loved that and I just like I want to be like that. Yeah, full of stories in life and energy and it's, that's that's the way to do it. And with you. That's the way to do it. We have Jim on here that says hey, I'm a grandpa. I think you're an amazing grandpa. Probably has no worries. You're here learning. So that's all we're talking about. That's right. All right, and give us some number four.

Mel: Hey, well, number four was to learn from those who know more than you and trust me train five. Number five is to be comfortable with focus. I've noticed that I've had to consciously resist the urge to be distracted or to overextend myself.You know, I have to do work. A busy and rather taxing nine to five as an executive assistant and office manager right now. I love what I do. I'm extremely loyal to the company. I work for. But because of that I make this side hustle in my spare time, which is early mornings and in the evenings. And so I have to choose to be focused and resist the temptation to overextend. Or be distracted by shiny objects. You know, just take one step at a time and channel all my energy towards the positive and just believe in the system and that I my process. I love that and that's where it's, it's that's where that marathon comes in. Right? It's not a sprint. It's a marathon. Do what you can because it's about building a business and with longevity. And if you aren't sleeping, if you're going crazy and you're hopping from offer to offer and shiny object to shiny object you never actually build the roots of that business ever. Because you're just hopping around, seed here, not watering it seed here not watering it seed here no watering. People don't get that like you got to get the roots going and build it.

JoAnn: That it's like being in a crowded room of people and you know, walking around, it's small talking with everyone but never making a connection with some person and it's just so much better to make those connections in the end. So, yeah, really have one focus that you're all in on and make it stronger and more viable than instead of just always starting over. It's hard to always start over.

Mel: I really kind of got started. I was one of the things that I liked, when I committed to this, that's what I committed. I was like I am going to really pour my heart and soul into this. There's not going to be any half hearted effort here. Because I had done my research. I've made my choice and now I'm going to sit in the nest that I'm building.

JoAnn: Right. So what helps you stay committed to that when you feel those moments of oh, I just want to go start building a new nest. So we're here and they're in there. What brings you back, what helps you get grounded back into it?

That is a really good question.

Mel: I would say I think about why. And then I just purposely picked something that I absolutely love, you know, like what you're saying about my videos, how it seems like I'm having so much fun and I am like it's something that I really, really enjoy. I enjoy doing this. I enjoy sharing. When I get excited about something. I enjoy sharing that good news with the next guy and so I just reflect on that. I've tried to set myself up for when the hard moments come. Overall, it's easier to work through those easier than it would be if I didn't have a conviction and a personal connection to what I'm doing okay, so if you're okay with me asking I'm gonna assume your why is not more money. That's nice. Everyone wants money, right? That's why people come but what's your what's, what is your why if you're okay with sharing it that's motivating you to keep going. So my why has a few key parts and the first is I just really, really want to set myself up for success I believe. And that gets that looks more like money than a big bank account though. Yes. Is that part of my why? Of course. Because I am a single working professional, you know, I own a house and I have obligations. So yes, that's a teeny piece of why, but I really, I have been the first first point of my wife and I have been so blessed in my life and I have an extraordinary family that is extremely supportive. And also friends that cheer me on. And so I want to be able to do that for other people. And by having more time, more time freedom, more financial freedom, I'm able to then you know, give and share of life of my goods and myself with other other people, whether that's in charity work or, you know, monetarily speaking or, you know, just by being able to be present and more present in people's lives. So that's kind of the biggest section of my why. Wow, I love that. You're, you're building something that helps you so that you can have a bigger impact in the world and a bigger impact for those that you love. Right. That's awesome. I love it. I love it. You know what else and I hope our everyone that's watching and listening to this realizes the wording that Mel is using. The words you are using are uplifting, positive. Like you are blessed or some people are like I've had a hard life. I've had this and they focus. Everyone has struggles and some people definitely have more struggles than others. Right but there's something positive and in everything we just it's just a matter of how we look at it. And you definitely look at everything in your life as this is going to happen. This is a positive thing that is going and you know how to flip the switch so to speak on everything. Have you always been with this mindset or is it something you've worked on? So it is some of it does come you know by nature to me and then yes, some of it I definitely have had to work on in fact, one of the things that moved you need to actually act and begin my journey here as a freelance Digital Marketer was a period of some really tough times, you know, there were just kind of a bunch of things and I won't, I won't name them all but there were just a bunch of things that kind of left me feeling pretty beat down and really sad. And kind of like you know, I'm not quite sure if my positivity is going to carry me through this. And so yeah, I mean, even though there's definitely something by nature that is within me that helps it come easier than it might to some, there definitely are periods of time and moments in in time where I I must work really hard to nurture the positive and even take, you know, like, I like to describe it as even taking the negative energy that may come into your life. I mean, this still happens like you got that video that did really well. The trolls come out or the haters come out. Like it happens it still happens in the midst of your success. But you just take that energy and then transform it into and direct it towards the positive you know, use the energy from it to then you know, kind of act as that. I don't like the generator for your own power.

JoAnn: And I think it's important to acknowledge we all have shitty days excuse the language, right? We all have bad things that happen, we all have things that moments just feel heavy. And like I even went like hey, you're allowed. You're allowed to, you know, be sad. You're allowed to have these emotions. Then you need to pick yourself up and go. You choose whether you stay there. They're going to happen. Now make the choice. Am I going to stay in this mode? Are we going to do something about it? Have a pity party. That was great. And then leave it next move on.

Mel: Yes, because look what waits for you. If I had stayed in that place, I would not be here today. 

JoAnn: Yeah. And there's definitely I mean, you can there's some people I swear they've been in the pity party for two years. And it's like, okay, some of them we got to pick ourselves out of it and leave. No one else is going to do that for you. You have to stand up and make that change. Would you agree with that? I would agree. Which is exactly the you know, that goes back to one of the points is just to be you and act you know, just get in there. Choose. I think in one of my videos I say you know, the power is within you. I believe that about myself. I believe that about you? And that's 110% the truth.

Mel: Definitely.

JoAnn: So what would you do, you know, someone sitting here because I know we have a few. I'm sitting at seeing them in the comments there at the beginning of the challenge. They're like, I don't know anything that's going on. I don't even understand the comments like that. I'm like, anyways, how would you? What's your advice for someone really brand new, like they haven't even gone through half the challenge yet? 

Mel: Yeah, well just just know. It's hard as hard as it might be to believe because I know how I felt when I was at Trenton. Like, that was me on April 8 2022. Like when I began my journey. And so I would just say keep going, take a deep breath and then just keep taking it one step at a time. Learn you know, listen to the wakeup legendary podcasts. I love hearing the experiences of all the people in the community. Participate in the Facebook page. You know if you have questions, the community is very responsive there. And then just you know, be totally excited and engaged and believe in yourself. 

JoAnn: Yeah, it comes back to I think and you said it earlier in the interview. This will work now. I wonder if this is going to work. Right. It's such a difference even like how you consume the information and your work ethic changes if it's from this is going to work too. I wonder if this is going to work. This is kind of like half assing it right over here. So I'm going to just dip my toe in a little bit. A little bit here. I'm going to start making a funnel but not finish it. I'm going to just watch other people's TikToks but not make my own. Yeah, definitely. I literally felt like I was standing at the edge of a clip and it was dark. And I was like I backed up two steps and then took a running leap and jumped off and had no idea and that's not in my nature. I am a very cautious person and so it was scary. At first, Joe, but it does work it does happen. And if people you actually don't fall too far, it's not gonna fall you realize, oh my gosh, there was a path ahead of me. You know, I was not at the end of the clip and I just thought I was and suddenly the next step and the next step becomes clear and I mean, that's a metaphor for life, I think. I think I've explained it a few times as you can sit in the nice warm jacuzzi, and be cozy. You're going to be bored, you're stuck, it's a smaller, smaller space. Yeah, that water over in the pool is gonna be a little cold when you jump ahead. It's gonna be a little like way more fun food and drink served over there. They're playing volleyball. There's a lot more action and bigger space. For you to move around and grow and thrive. Yeah, definitely. Right. But you gotta get through that you know when the cold water hits your stomach. I'm telling ya, yes. Definitely that moment So, right now, what is the biggest roadblock you're kind of overcoming with your business that you're working on?

Mel: Excellent question, I would say my biggest roadblock right now. I probably want to create more time to do you know I have a list this long of things that I want to do and accomplish and streamline or update on my business. My dealings and that is, yeah, it is a challenge right now to find time. I would love to post more than once a day on my social media channels. I just can't right now. And so I think it's just being I think for me, it's more of an internal roadblock. It's like being patient with myself as I work through. You know, this is just what the process for now is going to look like. 

JoAnn: Do you batch content at all?

Mel: I do. I do. Sometimes not all the time as a rule, but I do try. I do try to do that when the opportunity to schedule presents itself. 

JoAnn: Yeah, that definitely can help when we have busy schedules for those that don't know that batching content is you know, I'm feeling really good on Sunday. So I'm going to make 5-10 different pieces of content and put it in the drafts and then on days when you're not doing so great. You have something to post and someone a guest a couple of weeks ago actually said when they are feeling not in the mode but they need to post or and they were doing they're doing like two to three a day. They just reposted the same video from a few weeks ago. They don't make any changes at all, and it sometimes gets even more views than the original like it just doesn't matter. So that's something to think about. Also, when you're just like, you know, I want to put something out there, let's post something from two months ago, and just pop it back in. We were scrolling through and and you'll see videos where it's the same one like every two weeks for months. And they all have 1000s of views. Okay, so this is a great technique. A little tidbit here, for sure.

Mel: That's a great, great suggestion. Yeah, and I've only done that once. So that would be something that I could totally incorporate because I've got so you'd have those like favorite posts to the right or even could change the music to it and you know, absent variety that way. So it's great it's something else that I've discovered that has been fun for me is when I you know, maybe I don't have I kind of went into this thinking that when I was batching I had to like do the entire post right. And sometimes what has worked for me is that seeing the video portions be like oh, you know, I'm like standing out here in the backyard. You'll see if you go to my TikTok. I usually don't do them back to back or post them back to back but you'll see like I'm wearing the same outfit in a couple different posts. And yeah, that's because I batch the video and then I went and looked at what I wanted to do as far as adding the text or the effect. Something like that where I waited for the day that I was like, I feel like this and that's the perfect background video to put together. Oh, those are huge guys. That's huge. Just getting video clips creates a library for your brand of video clips. They don't even have to be assigned to any purpose just getting clips of you pointing or in the background right. The lighting is great. Let's do a whole bunch of different one. I'm ready to use the right.

JoAnn: I love that it is huge. And just build that library.

Mel: Yep. So I literally have a bunch of random pointing videos. And then you make it work or not. I don't know, horseback riding. Like I love this. I'm so happy right now. I want my people to see this. And so I pulled out my phone and you know they'll be riding a horse and then I came up later you know with what I wanted to say over the top of it, right?

JoAnn: Huge tip guys. All right. My last question for you. Do you go live? I know you have a busy schedule, but have you gone live?

Mel: Yes, I have. I'm really glad you asked that question because it can be a really scary thing to go live even if you feel comfortable in front of the camera, making your content. It's an entirely different experience to go live. And for those who heard and then those who have it it will sound familiar Dave Sharpe has spoken about one of the times that he I think was hosting some sort of webinar and he gave the entire webinar to an empty room. And that happened to me the first time I went live on TikTok and Instagram, Instagram, I was there for, you know, a good 10-15 minutes. That's all I could handle the first time and there was zero I told my story to start to know but I acted as if and I know I acted as if I was speaking to an audience of hundreds of people and you spoke with conviction and confidence and on TikTok. I had I think two people and they only stayed for a few moments. And so, but then I have actually not done as many lives as I would like to. That's one of the goals I have for expanding and continuing to grow. But the lies that I haven't been able to tell since then. My most successful one, you know it went on. I had a day off and so I did a two hour live show. And I got all sorts of comments and it was a wonderful conversation. And you know, at its peak I had and sustained about 250 listeners and so you know suddenly that empty room, you know, became a teaching ground for me to look back on and be like whoa, and now look at what happened. So it's possible and I really believe it's gonna. You're gonna have days where you're speaking to 250 people. They have five or one but to this one, it made a difference.

JoAnn: It's just about doing it, right. It's just that everyone has the day one. We've talked about that before here and in different places. And even if nobody's there to listen, it's helping you. perfect your craft. Learn more about yourself. Learn more about your business so that when you have 250 on, you're more confident you've already been through it. You've practiced, you've practiced it live, right? Build that confidence and you know what to do, you know how to handle this. And now you're ready when there are viewers there.

Mel: And you know, it surprised me. I hear it said a lot. You know people are concerned about what if I go live and I don't know the answer to a question it can be very intimidating to see that and to also be like staring at yourself in the camera and feeling like you're having a one way conversation and and that I have been surprised actually it how how many of the questions are actually the same question. And then also how much people actually enjoy and resonate when you may not know it all. And you can be like, You know what, I don't know that. But, you know, that's a really good question. And you can brainstorm you know, well, maybe we could do this or maybe you could check that you know, hone your mental skills there too, in that moment, and take a note and now you have another piece of content for when you find out the answer, right. We don't have to know it all. We just have to know a little bit more than someone else so that we can help them out and if they bring up a question or a topic we don't know. There's another area of growth and another piece of content to help your business grow further.

JoAnn: Oh, I love that. So I know we kind of covered this is Dylan earlier but Dylan asks, How do you get the confidence to post? Ah, yes, that is a great question Dylan. For me, it's going to look a little different for each person. Right? So I'm answering from Mel's perspective. For me, just getting in there and doing it. Even if you want to, like you know, do some dry runs like do a practice run or to see if that helps you. You know, do a post, save it and then rewatch it. Be gentle with yourself but still see if there's something that's glaring that like oh, wow, I didn't realize that I didn't pronounce words clearly or I was you know, fiddling with my hair or my you know, soft or whatever. So that kind of thing. That's what I would say, it's a beautiful bit of practicing. And just practice getting yourself comfortable in small ways. And then just get out there and do it. Don't delay too. Don't delay too long. Just Just get out there. Right and then just hit post?

Mel: Yes. You just jump in the pool. People jump off the cliff. It's not a cliff. It's not a cliff. They're like, you know, our email, everyone because they were talking about the saber toothed Tiger. There's no tiger coming to attack you. Nothing will happen after you hit post. But except that you're gonna grow a little more confident and you're taking that step and you're gonna do it.

JoAnn: Yeah, awesome. This has been a fantastic interview. You definitely need to come back, you definitely need to come back and be on with Dave when he's here. Don't wait for us to reach out. If there is anything that you're excited about that has changed, updated. A new win, big or small. We want to hear about it. definitely email me, keep in touch and we'll get you back on the show. For sure. Okay, well, we have two places for everyone to follow Mel here. Is tick tock and it's @modmillennial. Correct? 

Mel: Correct. And then Instagram is really close to that. It’s @modmillenial8 She has you just have a great spin on what everyone else is doing. But it's you and a great example for all of our listeners to go check out and see how she really makes it her own. And she's just having so much fun.Give her a follow let her know that you saw her on Wake Up Legendary. Give her some love. I already know she's gonna give me your account some love back and help build each other up. So thanks again for coming on the show. All right, everybody. That is a wrap it has been such a great episode of wakeup legendary if you tuned in late. We'll start over from the beginning. Grab Mel's tips. They're huge. Lots of golden nuggets dropped. Have a great weekend and we will see you on Monday. Peace