This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Dan Cunningham to talk about his organization affiliate marketing business. Dan is from southwest Michigan and has been into organizing since he was very young and would always be cleaning and organizing his belongings. 

If you are someone who wants to take something you are already passionate about and make money from it this interview is for you.

Learning The Ins And Outs Of TikTok

Dan spent a lot of time in the service industry and has been a health and wellness coach as well as a certified life coach. He wanted to combine his three passions of organizing, cooking, and coaching into one single business. When he started watching Wake Up Legendary and did the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge he was able to start his online business and combine his three passions.

Dan shared what really helped him is learning the ins and outs of TikTok and how to build his business through social media. From learning how to make videos that take off in the algorithm to learning how to go live and get his face on camera, Dan dove into learning the skills needed for his social channels to grow. 

Something he appreciates about Legendary is that there is a community of people who are willing to help guide him and show him how to do things he struggled with or give him advice when he needed. Any time he feels stuck or might not understand how to do something there is always the Legendary community of people who are willing to help him. 

Getting Comfortable Being On Camera 

Dan shared with David Sharpe that one of the strongest skills he has developed was gaining the confidence to put his face on camera in his TikTok videos. He also shared that he now has built up a lot of confidence he didn’t have before. 

Getting comfortable showing your face on camera is something a lot of people struggle with. One way to start easing yourself into being comfortable on camera is by filming yourself without posting it and just practicing. Have the camera facing you so that you can begin to get comfortable seeing yourself on camera while filming and it will begin to feel more natural.

Another way to get comfortable with being behind the camera is by going live. Once you have a thousand followers on TikTok you are able to go live to your audience and new viewers. Even if it's only for a few minutes, going live will help you be more comfortable being on camera because it will be like you are just having a normal conversation with your audience. 

Blending Education And Passion Together

As children and young adults we all had things we were passionate about and interested in. We tend to lose focus of those things and passions as we settle into adulthood and don’t typically do anything with them. We lose sight of the things that excite us. 

Dan shared with David Sharpe that to help his viewers get inspired and revisit their passions he asks them to do an exercise where his viewers think about their childhood passions and what really excited them when they were younger. He encourages his viewers to use those passions within their affiliate marketing business and to get creative with them.

Since beginning Legendary, Dan has had many opportunities presented to him that he never thought would be possible. He now hosts organization classes and workshops at his local library and has also been contacted by health and wellness companies to become a content creator and influencer in partnership with them. “These things are overwhelmingly positive for me but they’ve come at a rate that I just can’t imagine,” Dan said. 

By getting comfortable on camera and turning your passions into your online business you can blend your passion and education together to make money and help inspire other people to do the same. 

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