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Dave:  What's going on my friends? It's your boy Dave. Good morning. It's Friday So what is going on today, my friend, I'll tell you what's going on today is we have an introverted stay at home mom, who gains 90 to 5000 followers in three months. That's what we got. Kayla, welcome to the show. We are live now.

Kayla: Happy Friday!

Dave: Came on and I and I and I and I scared the living crap out of it. I was like, we're alive and she was like, and I was like, No, we're not actually live yet. But we got 35 people so far. Yeah. Hi. Welcome on. So what's up? How did you like what you were looking for? Tell us a little bit about your story and where do you live and why did you want to come join us in this crazy world of internet marketing and all that good stuff?

Kayla: Um, well, I'm in Missouri, and I became a stay at home mom at 19. And I knew that I didn't want to send them to public school or to daycare or anything, so I'm like if we ever need to get that extra income it's gonna have to come from me. So I don't know. I searched for a long time. The only thing I could ever really find was direct sales. And I knew I wasn't gonna go from house to house because that's kind of what that was back then. And then in 2015 I was invited to a Facebook makeup group party thing and I found out that she was in direct sales. I was like, Oh, well, this is perfect. I can't find it so I don't find it and I wear makeup so this is silly. And I found a health and wellness company that kind of did the same thing. So I'm like, Okay, well, I'll just go from this company, to this company. And I made a few sales there too. And I actually was doing okay, but then I didn't know about self sabotage, I guess and I quit and I was like, Oh, well, this company's doing this too. So I'm just from there. I just kind of went from MLM to MLM. Never really doing anything. And so I'm like, okay, MLM is not for me. I have to figure out something else. I found Amazon FBA and I did that. I did pretty well with it. But then I was getting a bunch of customers sending products back for silly reasons. I couldn't resell them. And then I was getting a bunch of I think it was IPA claims or something from companies. So I'm like, This is too much. I'm not going to do this. I'm barely even breaking even so I went on YouTube and tried to find something again. I did find affiliate marketing, but it was confusing and I didn't really understand it. The email stuff and funnels. I'm like this. I don't understand that at all. And I found Etsy print on demand and again, I did good with it. I got sales, but you know, after you make a sale on Etsy, then I had to pay this. And then I didn't get paid until they educated me. So I didn't like the transaction, that transaction. It was too much and then I was rolling on TikTok one day, and I found somebody talking about the, you know, 15 day challenge. And so I signed up for it. And I took the course and this was in August, I think of last year. And I took it and I was like, oh, again, the email funnel thing that's too much I don't get it. So I was like, let's try.

Kayla: So I did. I don't know why I did it. This is silly. Why am I doing this? I don't want to send hundreds of cold messages to people today. I don't want to do this. And I was talking to my husband in March, I thought of this year and I was like I've gotta quit MLM once and for all this is not for me. And I'm like, You know what? I took that $7 course last year. Let's do it. And I didn't retake it. I was just like, if I think about it too much if I take the course again, I'm just going to quit on myself. Again. So I made a TikTok and I just did it. And now I'm finally going back through the course again. And that's probably to hear

Dave:  Oh, holy crap. That's incredible. That's incredible. I love it. I love it. So you know, it's funny because I was . I'm just reading and working on a copy of our, you know, of our sales, our video sales letter that sells the challenge and kind of all that stuff. And it's hilarious. I was just I was it was looking at this, this part where it's like, where it's like Shopify Amazon pitching load pitching lotions, potions and pills to your Facebook friends for your latest MLM or Bitcoin Ponzi scheme agency consultant, this that Amazon's shot up right I wonder if you remember that part in the in the sales video in I just wrote man this guy's got me pegged. I was the same way though. You know what I mean? Like I, I'm able to write that and talk about that and I think Brittany probably says I feel like she's just my autobiography. Oh my god for me too, though. Like, like, I am Hey, let me tell you something. Folks. If you're listening to this show, we will never ask you for money we will never like on the show via direct message. Do like for real stop responding to these people, you know who are messaging you stop giving people money over you know random stop buying coaching from scammers just we won't message you and ever ask you for money. I don't own any bitcoin so I will never ask you to get into cryptocurrency just FYI. Okay, so um so yeah, I'm that sort of biz op junkie and I can say that because I was an actual junkie at one time. But but but you know, I was a biz op junkie man. I was an MLM junkie as well. And I think it's just like, I don't think there's anything there's nothing wrong with it. It just shows that you're really hungry and like you really like you're made for entrepreneurship in my opinion. Brittany, if that's your autobiography, then maybe you really want to be an entrepreneur. You know what I mean? And don't stop, don't quit before the miracle happens. Every entrepreneur's journey is one of massive rejection, massive failure at first, massive hopelessness even that's what life is about. And I don't think we want to. I don't think we want to talk about that as much as the struggle but life is oftentimes about that, that beginning struggle, like when you're learning to walk, like you say, you're a mom. Remember when your kids were, you know, they struggled with everything, you know, we struggle with everything, but then we get it, you know, and then we live the rest of our lives and don't remember the struggle. So I really can relate to that. And I think a lot of people can, whether it's Amazon, the UFC, or the UFC, the UFC is another thing we had to print on demand. That's another one that I guess is pretty popular lately and just the print on demand in general, right, you know, like the, the selling the T shirts, but what was your What did you think when you started going through the train and look like if you're selling just nothing but low ticket stuff, you're not going to have enough profit there to actually ever build any real kind of riches or wealth like it's you might make some extra money but you're not going to do that click with you like what is your going through the challenge and go into the training about this information and in this business model that we teach here, which is more premium price selling information, courses, coaching and events or being an affiliate. Click what light bulbs went off and you're like, wow, that's this is so much better or smarter or whatever. Then MLM or then low ticket product selling?

Kayla: I did like that. I don't have to really spend that much time really even setting it up. I know what you have on demand. It takes a while to kind of do the designing and all that and whenever you do sell one I think I profited. Like four to $5. And so I'd have to sell a lot of those to even equal just the one 1000 sales that I have had here. So I just really liked that a lot. It's a lot less work and a lot more profit.

Dave: It is less work for more profit. That's true. I don't I don't have a problem with that statement. I gotta be careful because I can't make it seem like the spokesperson like this takes no work. It does take work. It takes hard work, but it when you compare it to, which is what you just did. You compare it to the other things out there. Both the setup but also how about the marketing, the chasing friends and family in that is so painful. It was so painful for me to do that and I just didn't know any other. I got into Network Marketing, which is MLM or direct sales as you called it. I realized there was a lot of networking they were telling me to do, but they weren't teaching me anything about marketing. And so I was you know, I was going around like it was 1915 and our business cards and putting signs in my yard. And even in 2009 or so when I got started it felt outdated then it had to have felt outdated to you now, in recent years, right. Plus we just recently had what we had with I don't want to make. I don't want to trigger the algorithm here to block this video. But y'all know what's been going on over the last couple of years. Writing really couldn't be face to face with people you couldn't knock on doors. So how do you view these skills and like a business like this where you can run it from the internet, you don't have to interface with people like just as a mom in terms of safety for your, for your family and in terms of just the you know, the difference of getting out there and prospecting in hunting versus be hunting versus being the hunted and people coming and following you on tick tock how much how much different or better is one than the other.

Kayla: I mean, I like it a lot better because I am really introverted. I don't really like talking, talking on the phone. So it's like a miracle that I'm even doing this right now. So I don't know I like it better, a lot better because like I said, I don't like talking to people that much. So it's a lot easier for me to really second, like really think about doing this but I'm like you know if I don't do it, if I don't get out of my comfort zone. I'm never going to be able to better myself. My business online and stuff like that. So yeah, I figured you could do it.

Dave: I mean, even if it's just for education, I just don't like it when people are like researching and doing their research about spending $7. I wonder if they research that much before they go get a coffee for a new coffee. Then usually we just walk in. It's just the information whether you use some of it, use all of it. It just amazes me that we're so hesitant as people to buy something for $7 Especially that so many people are talking about and it has to be good there's you know, people are still Why do you think we're so skeptical is because we've been burned in life. Why are people so skeptical? Is it because they just do it because they don't trust themselves? Like is it because we've done so many things in the past but like, what have you found that's helping people to be a little bit more comfortable listening to you and in following your recommendations and actually buying into your links and stuff? How are you dealing with people's skepticism? You know, I guess overcoming it or helping them overcome it? 

Kayla: Well I do just tell them to ever message me on instagram if they ever have any questions so I feel like maybe just being personable with them maybe helps. But I do have a lot of hate as well. So I just try to ignore it as much as possible. But yeah, I do have people like saying, Oh, you're a scammer and stuff like that. But, I mean, I know I'm not so but I do have a lot of accounts already pretending to be me. So that's also kind of hard right? Now trying to get those kinds of cancellations but TikTok doesn't care.

Dave: You're a rock star. I mean, look at that. You've got you've got people who are creating accounts, you know, sometimes our problems, you know, we get into the business and then we're like, I can't believe this, but it sounds like a pretty good problem to have. I mean honestly it looks like you know, people are really making moves out there. You are making waves if people are trying to, you know, trying to be you, you know it poses you because you have influence out there on TikTok and stuff you had said something a second ago. What was it that I wanted to comment on? Maybe the well I talked about somebody had asked the question about how do you go live on tick tock as an introvert. How do you get in front of the camera? How have you been calm? I mean, I don't think being an introvert is bad. I'm an introvert. I just get extroverted when I need to be, but I actually prefer to be alone and prefer to recharge and rest up on my own. So how have you overcome any if there was any I don't know. Maybe there wasn't any sort of shyness or anxiety or anything that you had coming up in you. That maybe was from your feelings of introvertness or whatever. How have you overcome those? How have you overcome that to go live? To shoot videos? What do you tell yourself? Just what does that process look like?

Kayla: Well, this is the first time I've ever been live. So I I've over thought it like the last two weeks, like okay, what am I going to say I practice like talking I'm like when I'm even nobody's going to ask me. I am used to just doing tic TOCs where if I mess up, just delete and restart. So I don't know I have always really kind of liked making videos. So that kind of came a little bit easy to me, but again, I don't like it, delete it and do it again.

Kayla: So overcoming this I just kind of I don't know just did it.

Dave: So you've not even gone live a single time on Tik Tok and you've got 92,000 followers on TikTok. Yeah. Unbelievable. Absolutely. Unbelievable. What do you think that is? Due to what you know, what do you think ? Did you have videos that went viral? What is the large follower count from?

Kayla: I'm probably just sharing as much value as I can. But I do think a lot of them have come from one video which has four million views. So I think that is where most of them have

Dave: It was nice. But you're consistently followed. You're consistently putting out something of value every day multiple times a day and you're, you're you're not what I get what I get. The sense is that you're not just trying to go viral. Like that's, that's what it sounds like. Could you talk a little bit about your mindset around that even though you have had a video go viral? And how do you deal with that guy? Again? Like what's your mindset around the long term? Or what are specific things that you're doing? Do you try to create videos to go viral? Like, well, what's your mindset around creating content?

Kayla: Well, I am just trying to share value, but I'm also trying to figure out how I can kind of stand out and be just a little bit different than everybody else out there. So trying to kind of be more myself, just kind of like, odd and weird, and just sharing my story of hiring my husband because that is something that I want to do so at the very top of my very first video that I have pinned, it says follow my journey. So I'm just trying to kind of be different and have something for people to kind of follow along with and see if I can do it. Retire my husband so

Dave: Well, I think that is an incredible story. And you know what, it's interesting because I could really just pull it out of thin air. It's just a goal. And I'm not saying you're not serious about it, but it's a wonderful thing that you can just you can talk about and man if you all don't have something that you can talk about, like that of why you're doing it. And I'd really, really invite you to consider it because Kayla, that is such a powerful, kind of, kind of, it's sort of like the video of my dad where I bought him the truck. Have you ever seen that?

Kayla: I'm not sure

Dave: Man, you must not remember that sales video because it's right in the it's right in the sales it was so long ago. Remember you got started then you joined a few MLM since then. But you know, that is like people. People want to follow and support somebody who's on a bigger mission. Somebody who's doing the mission to retire your husband is such a powerful mission and it's something that as a fellow married person, and as a fellow human being who has loved ones, I can really connect with that. I can really connect with that. And so, man, that is a powerful focal point for your content. I love it. And I would personally say just sure there's probably a lot of things that you can do. And you will figure it out. As you as you know as you test things, but I would focus more on just honing that story in and honing that why in and then practicing, you know, how do I communicate that in the most powerful way to people? And that's what really storytelling is all about. It's like how do I tell this journey that I've been on for the past couple of years, like wanting to retire my husband wanting to be a successful stay at home? Mom but I got pulled in all these different directions and joined MLM after MLM and now I finally discovered something that's moving the needle and I could feel it. I'm so close to that breakthrough of being able to, to actually realistically have a chance to retire my husband. I love that message. And I just hope that you'll continue toward that main focal point of your of your kind of whole entire business because and it's just something that everybody can, can can can connect with whether they want to retire their husband, their wife whether they want to, you know, buy, buy something for their for their for their mother or father, you know what I mean or take care of somebody who took care of them. It's such a powerful storyline. Whereas if your goal is to make money for yourself in a bigger house or something like that, like that's not really a powerful storyline that people want to get that people will rally around, you know what I mean? So, that's why it's not it's just it's such a it's such a that video that I have given my dad that truck is probably a piece of content that I've got, like the most feedback on, you know what I mean? Because people identify with that, you know, it's something that's like a real dream for people. People know, that's what life is about. Like they're like, life is about like That's good stuff. Whereas you know if you and I were out there on there and it was just like Man, I'm really trying to get this Lamborghini man this thing is going to just crush it when I you know, people are like whatever. So awesome. Awesome. What else are you talking about that's working really well, what other things have or what's not working well? I mean, I always love to hear stories of things that you tested that didn't work out so well. But, what else can we learn from you? Um, I don't think I'm consistent.

Kayla: Don't overthink things. Don't compare yourself to people. That's kind of where I feel like I always messed up before was comparing myself overthinking everything. Not staying consistent. This is the longest I've ever stayed consistent with anything. And even now, I even kind of took a little bit of time off when my brother came to visit and so I didn't really do anything at that time. But I just got back into it and stayed cool.

Dave:  Do you know your passion? Do you know Are you aware of when you start to have a feeling or have something come up that kind of triggers that sort of that destructiveness? Or is there a certain story that happens that you begin to kind of tell yourself or a certain anxiety that happens that you think Oh, I gotta have more money or something? I gotta, you know, is there something that you have identified that happens that gets you started down? Like a distraction on to something else? 

Kayla: I know I have seen like other people. They're like, Oh, I made you know, this many 1000 a month, my second month, and I'm like, Oh, well, I didn't make that much my second month, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I should move on to something else. Or like no I gotta just stay consistent. Everybody has a different story. Everybody has different results. And I know that if I actually stay consistent with something, then they finally work and do what I want it to do.

Dave: And also, also, you don't know if they're telling the truth. That too, that's the other thing. I mean, you don't know the whole truth. Sometimes they might even show you a screenshot but you don't know that they really spent a bunch of money on advertising. This is why we have to be so careful who we listen to. This is a great example. And this is a great moment to talk about this and um, I just want to talk to everybody because I feel like you. You brought this up, you know this thank you for that. But, my friends, we are too gullible. You know, we're too gullible is what it is. We're naive or gullible. I am an entrepreneur, I'm a business, I'm a business opportunity seeker so I see opportunity and everything. If I walk in and see something going on, and they're not it's not a business I'm what you could turn this into a business. I mean, that's just how we think. And the problem is, is that we're so motivated and positive and gullible that we get on social media we get in that email inbox and it's thing after thing marketing pitches from savvy marketers, and we get sucked right in. We got to stop being so gullible, you know, and I do too. That's that. I mean, we call a spade a spade. We can't, we can't, you know, we can't BS ourselves about why we get distracted. It's not because other things are better opportunities or we can't make money with this. It's just because we're just distractible and gullible and we haven't built the muscle of focus and we haven't built the muscle of saying no to things, which is your most profitable word you'll ever learn to say. Because the S is not it is not a yes is going to get you a loan, Baroque, and then you're gonna wonder why where everybody went, where is everybody? You know what I mean? I was just, I just had all this money in this amazing life. So, but people will use and abuse us if we do nothing but say yes, you know, oftentimes, even our loved ones, you know, will take advantage of us. So we really have to learn to say no and see through bullshit, because, and that's why it's important to learn marketing so we can ask people questions. Well, how much money did you spend on advertising? Well, is that your gross number? Or is that your net number? Is that the total amount of sales that you made? Or is that the total amount of money that you collected? A lot of different you know, you know, there's ways that people make things seem better than they are. And the truth of the matter is, we have to stop trusting other people, more than we trust ourselves. What comes up for you, as I say some of these things, Kayla.

Kayla: Yeah, a lot of people just try and make things look a lot better than they are telling you hey, you can quit your job in two months by doing that, and definitely need to learn to say no, because obviously you see where Yes, got me it got me from this to this to this within seven different seven years. I made so much and that's what yes got me was a 1000s wasted in MLM companies and nothing to show for it.

Dave: So yeah, yeah. The truth is, and this is the truth to swallow. But this is the truth that we have to come to terms with if we want to be successful at this. Is that all those MLM that you and I were both in? We could have been successful if we had focused on actually finding it if we knew how to market better. But the truth is, you and I were both the same exact way. Okay. Your story is my story. But seriously, I mean, I was in skincare. I was in numismatic coins. I was using cell phone MLMs. I sold everything from lotions, potions, pills, and everything in between. The only thing I haven't sold is the fat wraps and the sex toys. You know what I mean? Haven't haven't sold those. Yeah. Those are great. Those are great. If they work, they're fantastic. I'm just a little skeptical. So, no, no, no, no, no. You know, it's like, we hate to say no, because we don't want to offend people or let others down. But yeah, when you get in and you start a business no is going to become your most profitable word. And it also you know, it also comes in to invest in friends. How is your family you know, how are you navigating family? How are you navigating your husband or anyone else? Who knows you and your story with businesses and how are you approaching talking to them about this or telling them or what do you not tell like how do you integrate your family and for instance, in your business how do those go together or not go together?

Kayla: Well, they have known my back and forth and this of everything, and this time I told my husband I'm like, don't tell anybody. Just let me do my thing. See if I can actually do something. And then after I started making sales, you know he got excited. He's like, can I tell them? I tell them? I'm like, Yeah, sure. You are. Well, my mom thought about it. I think she was a little bit of that. I didn't tell her. But whatever I did, she's like, well, save me money this time. I'm not gonna buy the court

Dave:  No. Want to make sure you got that. So yeah, so yes, yes. Don't tell the family. How many times have I heard that? I'll just show you know, like, sort of like, you know, yeah, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't even tell my spouse. You know, because we had done so many different businesses or whatever. It's funny, but now it's amazing. Isn't it Kayla? How quickly do families become supportive when checks start coming in with all the words that you said? One was as powerful as that to check that commission right. Just to convince people right sometimes you just and I think I think that's powerful. I think that's a powerful mindset that, hey, I'm not going to get into this business and go trying to convince my spouse and even explain myself to everyone as well. Isn't that a lot of energy? What I would recommend everyone do is something that I learned a lot later in my marriage and I wish I would have learned that a lot. A lot sooner, is to really go to my wife with some vulnerability and say formula. I've done a lot of things. But I want to try this as your love and support through this. But I don't want to just tell you to tell me I don't want to just support you. I also want you to tell me how I can make you feel loved and supported as I'm as I'm starting and launching this business. So now suddenly, you're not just and this is the value proposition as marketers and as wealthy people. We have to understand what gets people to take action. How do we influence people, right? Because when we influence people, and we learn these skills, persuasion, we learn how to deliver value, like really stack value, so people can't say no wealth comes you will become wealthy. If you learn the skills that may not be now maybe later, but you will become wealthy. And my wife what I learned was, I can't just take, I can't just ask my wife for something I have to make. What I'm giving her is more value than what I'm asking her for. It's such a tip , it's such simple marketing that I overlooked for so many years in my relationship. And what ended up being more valuable was me just asking my wife how I can make her feel loved and supported. That was massively valuable to her. Instead of just asking her for something, support me and sacrifice something that you're doing so I can build my business. You know, I flipped the script. I said, Hey, I'm gonna be doing some stuff. Certainly have your support. But what I want to make sure I do is while I'm doing this how can I make you feel loved and supported? Just flips the whole script on him and now all of a sudden? You know, I really started connecting with my wife a lot more that way in our lives. In marriages begin to so but yeah, I mean, for anybody who's listening who's having a hard time connecting with their spouse over this. Your spouse is not the enemy. You know, your spouse is the person who's been by my side throughout all this. And they actually deserve to go above and beyond to try to make them feel loved and supported as I continue on this mission of entrepreneurship, which isn't always easy. And that's a little bit different than my initial attitude towards my wife because I was like, You're not supporting me, you're not being and she was like, Yes, I you know, it's a simple question. You know, it's like, I'm asking you for something without giving anything in return. Most people are going to be resistant to that. You know what I mean? Even if it's a loved one, so yeah, cool. So anything comes up for you on that with the family thing or you agree with that or or, I mean, does that have worked really well with your spouse and besides just going and making money?

Kayla: I mean, he's always been supportive. He didn't like spending the money that we spent on all the MLMs. But I just always, since I do stay home, I don't really talk to anybody. So I've just always been kind of trying to connect some sort of purpose to something. I think that's why he's always been there with him and I understand that that's that's yeah, as a stay at home mom, you want that purpose? 

Dave: Right. It's crazy. How a weird society I guess just thought that, you know, that was for almost like, there was a time where we're where society really, really thought that that was nothing. And I can tell you with my wife and person after person that I've talked to me and I'm obviously not a woman. But I get that I understand that like you want to, I get that. I mean that that makes so much sense. And I will know you know, women and even some stay at home dads who have really truly built some significant income and who feel so fulfilled because they are able to contribute and help out in the household. So I know that that is happening for you in a major way. And I'm happy for you and your family for that Kayla, like are really doing a great job, keep it up, stay Legendary and maybe you come back and keep us posted on round two and tell us how you're doing here in a couple of months. Okay, you will and to do that.

Kayla: Practice going live.

Dave: Yes, yes or just come back and do your second live with me. I mean, you seem to be doing okay without going live but absolutely. See that next step. But at the end of the day, you know, I like to do marketing and what I like to do so I just also want to remind people that just because everybody says “go live” Kayla has built up a decent amount of leads.

Kayla: My email list is between 2500 to 3000 something like that.

Dave:  I mean, she's got a 3000 person email list. She's got a 92,000 TikTok follower count if she's never gone live  you know. So I love to prove the status quo people wrong, you know, the people who say that it's gotta be done in the summer there. One of the reasons why here at legendary we leave so much room for that personalization. You know, it's not just one way there's principles that have been true. We teach them in the business blueprints, we teach a lot of them in the challenge. There's principles that have been true for the last 10 years, but the platforms are slightly different and your story is different. So own it and communicate it in a different way. But you know, going on, not only weigh it Sure. Is it a way should you try? It absolutely should. If you try it several times, and you just hate it. You're getting results with something else. And double down on what you're getting results with. And I think that's one of the biggest like most common sense marketing principles that a lot of us overlook, and I see a lot of successful affiliates do this. I've seen people who have made a million dollars in our affiliate program and then stopped what they do. What we're doing, and then just went off and did something else and made any money. I'm serious, like, are actual people who have this happen all the time. So if you're not going to be able to continue what you're doing sense of doing something for a month or a week, find something that works that you can continue to do my friends said and pointed out Kayla, the comparison itis of looking and watching everybody else in believing every word that they say automatically just assume that people are bullshitting. So you don't have to get all up in your head like oh, they must know so I don't know. You know what's working for you. And I assume that other people are lying about their results so you don't go and get sucked off. sucked into some rabbit hole, you know, some real acid anybody here today because it's not always about getting uncomfortable in doing what everybody else is doing. If you have something that's working, it's different. In the long term, it's probably going to be better. Right? So we don't always have to do everything. Should you try it? Yes. Yes. But we don't have to do everything. Find something that's working doubled down on it like a son of a gun. What's an example of doubling down on it? Well, if you had one account you you went live a couple of times you hated it, it you didn't get results from it like you really tried to get better at like yo, this is not the results that this other stuff that I'm doing is getting double down on it, create a second account, create a third account, right? And just posting videos that would be an example of doubling down instead of trying to focus all of his time and energy on something that maybe isn't working and that's not within your skill set or whatever. Double Down. Do more of what's working, focus on email marketing more focus on writing. Focus on the skills and multiplying that across multiple platforms and multiple accounts. Are you repurposing on Facebook reels and Instagram reels and Pinterest as well. And YouTube shorts. Good. Did what I just said make sense? What comes up for you as I say that does that does that is it does that make sense? Is that clear? 

Kayla: I mean, that's what I've always done is just compare, you know, this person is doing this. So that's what I should be doing. So I can do it. But then I do what they're doing and I'm like that I don't want to do this. I don't enjoy this.

Dave: And it doesn't work. For you. It might not work for you. What somebody else is doing might also not work for you. So you know, Kayla, God, I'm saying this. Right and so everybody else who has this issue and we all do in some respect to figure out what works for you have to understand that what works what works for you the exact strategy whether it's just posting videos, not going live maybe going live is the thing that is it for you. Will go on. What do I do every single morning at 10am but it works for me, works for us. It's a content strategy that I enjoy doing. I enjoy it as much or more than the films. It's specific and unique. I'm doing it for our community. I'm doing it for a specific reason. And I'm not worried about a million other things, right? Because what I'm doing works and then I get into a routine and then it becomes a system. And now we've got hundreds of people who expect it to happen every day. Right? You see how powerful it went from 7 million to 20 million from 2020 to 21. And that was the second year that we started doing the live show every single day. So there was also some compounding that needed to happen to really get into momentum with that content strategy. Do what works. For you and assume that other people are bullshitting. And I think that if we really look at other people like those results that you're talking about, you submit a claim and are you getting the full picture or what are you lying by omission? See, for me, we're a big enough company that I can't lie about anything. I have to be able to substantiate every single claim. Anybody asked. Hey, can you tell if the cleaning is real or deceptive? I'd have to answer that. I can, but every Tom Dick and Harry out there will have to do that. Right. They don't have to do that. There's just nobody at all enough. There were they're not on anybody's radar. So you have to be skeptical about these people. You even have to be skeptical about other marketers in our community. Because we're marketers, we market and sell shit. And we have to, especially once you've got started here with legendary when you're going through the training and you're getting things set up. You really have to begin when you start to look at what other people are doing. In kind you start to learn from the community. We have to take things with a grain of salt. You have to watch what people are doing, not what they're saying. You know, because for example, if somebody says, Well, I'm not really doing this for the money, you know, I don't. It's like I've said it before, like, I don't really need the money, but I still like making money. You know what I mean? Like, I like making money. So there's no bullshit there. You know what I mean? There's no bullshit, but there's a lot of bullshit and half truth there. And I've heard that over the years I was a marketer who embellished at one time as well as a young person who thought that I didn't have enough success to be able to actually really have a story worth listening to. And I just realized that my small argument was just hey, I generated two leads yesterday or hey, I got this dog not to bark for five seconds or hey, you know, I got my baby to sleep for an hour last night, whatever niche I'm in or whatever my result is. I've always been in the marketing niche. So hey, I generated two leads yesterday. It's really shared with people. It wasn't that I generated $1,000. Let me show you how to get five leads. Let me show you how to get 10 leads. I started to really just both use my strategies and my personality but also talk about my results and worked in content instead of embellishing or you know, thinking that I needed to have this massive success story, Kayla, your success or lack of success, whatever you think is not good enough and everybody else out there listening is good enough. It's enough. Your income is simply being capped by your creativity, not by the fact that you don't have the content and have the content and you just got to stop bullshitting yourself and others and thinking that it has to be different or better. You just have to learn how to talk out what you're doing and you have in an authentic way, and people will clamor for you. I mean, even if you don't ever retire your husband, no, no, you will. Watching that journey is something that people will clamor for. I remember Sarah Rab she was the same way young young ladies are fat. She became an affiliate for Legendary. She was our fastest ever platinum affiliate but very similar, and had very filming videos. She films videos, kind of quit her grocery store job and wanted to help her boyfriend quit as well and people love that people love that that at home person next door, grind story and nobody you don't have to lie and always assume that other people are embellishing or bullshitting until they absolutely prove you wrong and even if they show you screenshots and all this stuff, remember there was probably cost and there was probably advertising there's probably other things that they're not seeing that other people are bullshitting we can ignore them better, right, Kayla? Yeah, so if we just assume that they're bullshitting, we don't have to put so much weight on everything that they're saying. So anyways, Alright, I'm done ranting and I'll let you go. I know you have kids and family and your business and everything. 29 man, thank you so much. Keep up the good work and come back and see us alright. Well, alright, see you Kayla. All right, my friends go and follow Kayla at hustle with Taylor over on TikTok. She's also repurposing on Instagram, Facebook rails, Pinterest and YouTube so you can find on all those platforms but you can start on tick tock hustle with Kayla, my friends. Today is a fantastic day to make it a defining moment in your life. And if you've been sitting on the Getting Started with a challenge or enrollment make today. What is it? June 3 2022. It's halfway through the year. It's literally halfway through the year, make today a defining moment and use this Friday as a launch pad to launch into the week that has happened and start your week. Powerfully next Monday. You can make that decision and you can take that action today. You don't have to put it off until tomorrow. You can do what you deserve today. Alright so my friends will see on Monday. Get out of here be Legendary. Thank you Kayla again for your one too and we will see you all later. Get out of here. Peace.