Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? It's your boy Dave Sharpe in the house in the building literally is a house. It literally is a building. I am in the building. Come on now. Show some love. Have we had a good weekend? My bolts lost, Tampa Bay Lightning we've already won two championships in a row. One is too many and 1000 is never enough for an addict like me. So I was looking for our third championship last night but it did not happen. did not happen my friends but here we are. They gave a great effort on the ice. And if you ever want to know or see what it's like to really leave it all on the field for your business or your job or whatever you're doing. These guys really make basketball players and even football players look fairly soft sometimes. Right? Seeing the way that entrepreneurship can make what you were doing previously look sort of soft as well. And Sheesh, you know, like, hey, I want freedom. And then all of a sudden it's like damn a little bit of work comes along with this well actually did the work and went through the training. And you know what's also interesting, she grew her account or TikTok account from 1500 followers to 70,000 followers in a week. And you know, what, I'm totally okay. If there was a little bit of luck involved in that. I was totally okay. Maybe she had a couple of videos go viral. Who knows? But you know what? Luck is called a preparation meeting opportunity. And she prepared. Here's how she did it. Ashley, welcome to the show. Good morning. Look wonderful in crystal clear resolution right now. It's wonderful. You must have got all your tech issues settled, and only never to return.

Ashley: Oh, I hope you're being serious because it's not that clear on my side.

David: No, it is actually clear.

Ashley: Okay, good. Good.

Dave: So, good morning. How are you where you are calling from?

Ashley: I'm calling from BC Canada at 7am. My time is so very fresh.

Dave: So tell us about your journey. Was I accurate there with my little hyped up description there at the beginning of the show?

Ashley: Yeah, we're especially with a viral video. So I started about two months ago, and then six weeks in, that's when my video went viral. It's currently at 4.5 million views. So that's really exciting. I check it every day and there's more likes and comments. And that's everything just going viral. I know. It's pretty cool. And then if you search me up on some of my hashtags or whatever, I'm still trending and one of the top like videos makes me pretty happy.

Dave: Sounds like you’re coming up and I mean 4.5 I mean, that's 5 million divided by 300 million. That's like 2% of the country that has seen your video so far? About the amount of people in like, say your, your state. Well, I'm thinking of America. Would you say 4 million? That's like a lot of people.

Ashley: I know. I feel like that's either all the people in my province or more like that. So I think that it takes a lot of people.

Dave: So think about this for a second all the different all the different ways in which we you know, we have jobs in say BC Canada, right? All with all the jobs and everything that is around there. They're all trying to reach each other there. I mean, how much would a business pay to advertise 4.5 million people. Every single person in BC Canada, you know what I mean? It'd be a TV station. If they went to a TV station and they were like, I want to advertise to 4 million people, everybody in the country. And we got a hefty bill.

Ashley: No kidding. I'm still waiting for TikTok to pay me.

Dave: But I mean the fact that we get to go in, post a video for free. It gets in front of that many people it is getting to and it's just absolutely insane that it's almost like we undervalue it because we don't really know how powerful it is. Whereas like a company, if you went to them and you were like, Hey, I've got an advertisement slot. 4 million people. Okay, and we can get you primetime the next 24 hours, solid hours, and it's going to be $120,000 or whatever. $500 for that slot. And like if you were in a business scenario, and you went to buy advertising, it would almost seem like that would be a reasonable expected price. But over here when we start as just solopreneurs before we even become entrepreneurs, we're still wondering. We have a video that goes and I'm not saying you but we have a video we have the opportunity, just the opportunity to get in front of 4 million people for absolutely free. And it's sort of like most of us who go through the challenge. Don't finish it. Most of us who start a business online, of course, don't take that second step. Only that first step. How close were you to almost giving up? How close were you to also not really seeing the potential in moving on before some of the larger action started to happen in your business.

Ashley: I definitely felt those negative feelings and I wasn't going to give up because I knew that it's a whole process and everything but I did think, oh, you know, I might not be seeing results. And this is taking a little while Oh, I only have 1500 followers. And then all of a sudden things got crazy. And I thought well, this is what happens when you're consistent. Posting three to five times a day, every single day. replying to all my comments and all my DMs and they still do that. 

Dave: Wow. So you did you say you were pretty close to giving up at a certain point or multiple times and then you're in more you were you saying to yourself be consistent but you were a little bit unsure whether that was actually true or not whether whether you were just kind of wasting your time and maybe it wasn't going to be true for you.

Ashley: Like I truly wasn't going to give up but I did have the negative feelings like okay and then when we see results and how long am I going to be stuck at just you know, 1500 followers for and things like that, that I pushed through?

Dave: I'm seeing some of the comments come through and there's this sort of expectation or This. This? I don't know, it's almost like a lot of people think that they can only succeed if they go viral. Yeah, I'd like to know, everybody's like to show or video post the video and it's like yeah, well we'll get to that. Just read the room and be cool and sit back everybody. Like tune into the show you know what I mean? Like the reason why maybe you haven't been successful up until this point is because this is a pattern of yours. You're just like, give me the video, but you're not going to sit here and listen to what she says. Right? Listen to what she says. Listen to what she says Don't just be like, post the video and then you're gonna go copy. Copy is what most people do, who are not willing to buy any training. They're not willing to invest any time into themselves. I'm not trying to put you down. I'm just saying what you've been doing up till this point. Has brought you to legendary marketer looking to learn more, you've come here for opportunity. So don't bring those old patterns here in the comments. Of course you're curious, but don't bring the old patterns to her. 500 shows my pattern proves that I'm going to post the link. I'm going to post the link to her profile. But listen, folks, and I'm not going to say it again. I'm not here to You're all grown adults. But listen, I'm going to post her account where it will all go follow and be but let's listen to what she says because maybe we might learn something from what she explains rather than just scrolling or for you page in copying videos. The reason why we sell training is not just to get $2,500 out of you, or $7 out of you it's because we see people go directly to the affiliate program all the time or we see them flounder around all over the internet. Never take any time to invest in themselves and actually learn something and they wait honestly everywhere they go. They fail and they let everybody know that they're failing. Hey, I'm failing and need more support. Right? It's like, at a certain point, don't we get tired of failing? The way to stop failing is to just pause timeout for a second and Stop copying. Start learning more of the dynamics behind the mechanics for Andover. I'm not trying to, I just want to because this is not entertainment for me. I'm here to entertain y'all. I guess but that's not what you're paying me for. You're not paying me to bullshit you. You're paying me for real ass talk. And you can go out there and then we go and we entertain people and educate people and all that out on TikTok and iG but right here, it's straight talk in a chill for a second in just take this in this morning. I ran over. So I mean, Ashley, does any of that resonate with you?

Ashley: 100% Because I've seen people take my video for inspiration and obviously I'm all about that like we all do to the community and everything. But the thing is, you can't know which video is going to go viral. Like I had no idea. And like the first day I don't even think anything happened with it. And then the second day that's when all the notifications came streaming in. And before that I thought there were so many videos I thought this was so funny. You know this map is going on. I spent extra time on it. Nothing. And then it's the most random video of all that gets all the views so there's no guarantee when it comes to that.

Dave: A lot of a lot of times it seems like there's no rhyme or reason. But then when we go in we look at and we begin to learn more. We begin to go back and look at our videos that went viral and have a little bit more of an understanding about why they went viral. You know what I mean? So at first it was kind of like when we wouldn't put a little bit more clear when we first started out. I see people all the time who have videos go viral and they don't know why they're going viral in you sort of describe that and I'm not saying that I know why every video goes viral. But here's what I am saying. The longer you do it, actually, you're going to have a better idea of why a certain video goes viral and why it doesn't. And you know what it usually always boils down to that the video is just relatable. relatable, relatable, understandable. It's not really you know, the videos that you've really smashed the lover like button on they're not the ones where you just had a huge aha moment. They're the ones where you can really relate to what we're where there's comments that say I felt this one in my soul, right? It's not always it's not always I like that you have to stop trying to figure out the algorithm. The algorithm is you, Dan, I like that a lot. Because the truth is, you're not going to gain these algorithms. You're really not. You're not going to gain them. There was a big trend for a long time in internet marketing where it was black hat SEO because we take you back there was no tick tock and IG and Facebook and all this. It was Google. And in MSN, it was search engines and stuff and you search that was it. It was search engines and it was chat rooms and stuff and you would search so the only way for you to get traffic was you had to either be paying for ads on Google to get those first couple of slots or you had to get your website or your page on those first couple of slots. And so marketers did anything to do that. You know, Blackhat strategies, they started building fake websites by linking to their pages to make it look like other sites were linking to them. So good. That was called Blackhat. But see, that shit worked before Google was really smart.

Google's way smarter, they've got robots in there they got feelings and shit that are like they got to like start arresting and stuff and I mean these these people, we're not gonna outsmart them. So we have to learn how to connect with people. Yep. Helmet everywhere I go You annoying people you're always there. I always put Hold on a second. You're also the ones who are going to be giving me money right shit. No, I got to figure out how to connect and persuade you. And well son of a gun. That's what we're here working on. If it was as easy as 123 Copying a video, we'd all be doing it. So what was the education experience like for you and how did you transition from the learning to the action in the earning? 

Ashley: I was doing dropshipping before I found affiliate marketing and all defeated Long story short, and then I figured, okay business builder challenge let's give it a shot. I have nothing to lose. And then I couldn't believe that training. And the way it was organized and even the way my business adviser spoke to me and reached out it was just so much more organized than this other bigger training course that I took drop shipping, so I thought okay, something's about this one. Let's look into it even further. And I decided to become an affiliate for them, which has been great. And I think you're muted.

Dave: I'm muted, but I'm like Stop it. Stop it. For me it's hard for me to hear nice things. But people say nice things about us here because we do nice things.

Ashley: And yeah, take it all in. And I started well. At first I thought I'm waiting for some contrast. So super scared. On TikTok or Instagram. I thought everyone is made of whatever can be things about me. And then after a week on Pinterest, not a lot happened. And I'm sure you can do a lot with interest. At that moment. I didn't know what to do with Pinterest. I'm like what are you doing? It's 2022. People are blowing up on TikTok. They're, you know, gaining all these followers. Screw it, let's go on TIkTok and then the rest is kind of history in a way like after I you know I got both 1000 followers that seemed heavier clickable link in the bio after a month and then it was six weeks when my video went viral. But I truly think that's just because I was being consistent with it and my videos got better and better. At first they were really blurry and strange. Yeah, figuring out my lighting and things like that. So that's one way of learning. Transition to earning.

Dave: Yeah, so what talk to us about that. I feel like people also when they start, they feel like it's gotta be weird and look weird forever. And I love how you pointed out how your videos were weird and they looked weird and awkward and blurry and all this kind of stuff. Talk to us about getting out of that awkwardness. It's like a baby who's walking in looks totally ridiculous for the first month or so. Or you know, where they're just like, in you just you everybody looks like they're doing something new. Can you explain that particular phase and then how you feel like you got out of it?

Ashley: To be honest, the way my house is I have this way right now. It's this little desk built in Cubby. So whenever my boyfriend was at the gym, I would just secretively fill myself because I didn't want him to see me. And the lighting here is terrible. And then I thought, this is silly. I transitioned downstairs by the window that was even better. And then straight up. I was like, here I am filming videos. So this is what I'm doing, you know, fine. Or sometimes they'll say hey, like close the other room I'm filming or sometimes you'll see him in the back of my videos and that's cool too. But we're going to go viral, but they didn't and I think it's just practice to feel awkward. It feels strange. You feel kind of cringy and then you see, you know small results to big results when you think it's not so silly or cringy anymore.

Dave: Yeah. I like to mute myself when I go to start talking. I find that to be real. I like I feel like there's this Legendary Marketer in me and then there's this really average just regular guy kind of that's why there's sort of this dynamic between the F edge at lead you know average Be Legendary sort of thing and what is Legendary Marketer even really me, you know what I mean? Like, it's like, do I think I'm a legend? Do I think I'm a legend? No, it's that I feel like, for me, I have this legendary marketer inside of me, but it's sort of like a superhero. You know what I mean? And I don't always have to be a Legendary Marketer. I just have to be the legendary marketer in crunch time when it comes time for me to, you know, bring home the bacon so I can survive, you know, or if I want to thrive, you know, it's like, but then I can go back to being that average dude who's just hanging out at home with my kids and stuff who's just like hanging out at a party and doesn't have to be the legendary marketer. And I just wonder if you at all felt like that, like, hey, there's, like, I gotta bring out this inner legend in me and he/she's in there. It's like a superhero. And I got that it's like the when I was a kid, it was like when I was dancing around in my room and I didn't care about what anybody thought and and that's who I am on camera sometimes or who I'm learning how to be is be that most loose most relaxed, kind of best, goofiest, most awesome self. And then I can go back to being that average person who in my regular life, it'd be kind of awkward if I was walking around like the legendary marketer. Does that resonate with you at all? 

Ashley: Yeah, definitely. I think that's you saying that there's a little bit of a legendary marketer inside of all of us or something, or if you try it kind of thing and that. I think she just had to be, you know, introduced and maybe that happened, I would say after about a month of posting because they found my groove, you know, and I didn't feel like I knew, like as many videos anymore inspiration because I thought it my own ideas, you know?

Dave: Yeah, this is hilarious. Comments. Tammy hopped on late, and now she's she one minute later, I'd like to hear from her more. You guys are hilarious. I mean, it's like I'm going to come into a meeting and then I'm going to tell everybody how to run the meeting. I love you. I hope you stick around if you don't mind me punching back at you a little in the comments, but come on. Give me a break. Oh, God. You folks. You guys are funny. You really are funny. Just got air. Hey, just walked into the party. Hey, move the food over there a little bit. What were the kids playing over here? They should be playing over there. Have a drink? Listen for a second. For God's sake, you might learn it's really good for you, Tammy. Keep coming back. Um, so talk to us now about what you are? What are you doing? What are you? What are you focusing on now? And how long have you been doing this? How so so give us an idea of how many months you've been doing this. So what is relevant? What's happening? inside of you, your psyche right now is one of the things that you're focused on. What are you afraid of talking to us a little bit about, however, this phase is different from the last phase that you were in, even if it was just a week or a month ago? 

Ashley: I'm using it for a little over two months. And now I'm at the point where I started my emails and my funnels and everything like that. I'm like, okay, they need a review. So now I'm feeling like I'm taking your business to the next level by coming out with an ebook and fixing up my Funnels a bit and fixing up my emails as well. And then once I have that going, oh and the other thing is other affiliate links that are related to Legendary, of course with different software's and things like that. And I'm also trying to find different posting times and what works like that and then have it really on automation for the rest of the summer and everything. But I will say that some negative feelings and thoughts will creep back into your mind. You just need to push them out and keep going. Muted and you've been doing this now for a couple of months and and you I would think we would all think from looking at your videos and so forth, which by the way, I'll put up your link now for everybody who wants to be a part of your network and so on and so forth and follow you affiliate Ashley is her handle on Tiktok and Instagram. So you've got new fears now that are a little bit different than the ones even a month ago. You're saying so the fears are evolving but they're not, they're not particularly going away. Right? That's one of the things that's kind of the point. What I'm trying to make is are your fears completely going away? Are they just evolving into new fears about you know, growing bigger, or the one the example that you just gave?

Ashley: I think I'm definitely evolving and even now like to get more and more attention online. From different clients and things and they're asking me, I want you to coach me, I want you to mentor me and I'm like, whoa, whoa, whoa, I've started here, you know, and I think that's really cool. And I might be able to do that. Now, I'm not going to do that. So whenever you know people say that like oh shoot me they should start coaching or something. But secondly, something to think about in the future. And then so fears like that's kind of like impostor syndrome in a way where I'm like, Why do you guys want to hear from me so badly? You know, like, what did I do? And then as well as just, you know, will I make more money? And am I going to continue to do this well, or, you know, is it downhill from here and then but the positive side of me I'm always like I'm building it up from here. But of course it's a roller coaster. So nothing's a guarantee.

Dave: What are some of your Content Tips What have you learned from having at least one video go super viral? And I would think there's been some others that have taken off as well. What have you learned about creating content? I mean, what do you know now that you've learned from actually doing it and you've created a lot of videos, I'll pull up your, your, your profile here real quick. So, you know, we can look at it and sort of try to break it down or dissect it a little bit or just kind of see what we can learn. But, I mean, the first thing that I noticed from your Tiktok profile was there's a lot of videos, I mean, you know, I don't know how many are on each row 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 So we've got a 30 to 40/41 month on that.

Dave: So okay, we can learn a lot from this young lady though for real, because she's she's, you know, we can learn a lot from a lot from everybody. People wonder why I do this show. Like it's like a lot of gurus don't talk to their students. Don't learn from somebody. A lot of people on the internet say, Well, I can't learn from somebody who just started a month ago, you know, and it's like or two months ago, and it's like bullshit you can learn from anybody who's who's in the process, who's in the journey and especially it's amazing to learn from new people, because they're fresh in the process. And a lot of times, if we can model even if we can model ourselves when we first started, because a lot of times the longer we stay in this business, we forget how on fire we were when we first started. We forget how little we knew how simple we made things sound when we first started, we forgot how happy we were when we first started and over time in any business or any job, you have to feed the passion to keep it alive and you have to work to stay happy and motivated in the growing. And so I love talking to brand new people who are only two months in because a lot of times they have that in this is not anything to take offense to . I had it too and I wish I had it more. It's ignorance on fire. It's where you don't know everything. Where are you? A lot of times you know that you don't know everything. But you're on fire. And that oftentimes can be the most in this is what I desperately plead with so many of you know where every day just just just just take action. Just just fail forward, just go put the training into action because a lot of your learning is going to happen on the field. Doesn't happen in the tape room. We prepare for the game in the tape room by watching film just like a professional sports team. And then we got to go out, we got to play the game and then we reviewed that tape. Right but that newness, that newness is such a powerful thing. And so many of us so many of us, you know I would say I would describe it as wasting the opportunity in actually what I'm experiencing and hearing from you. And what I'm really impressed by is the way that you have taken the newness, the freshness, the excitement of these early months and struck. You struck while the iron is hot as they say. And I wonder as I pull your profile back up and so forth, if you could just speak to that just for a second. The importance of striking while the iron is hot in getting in there, especially since you don't know everything. Not letting that be a reason why you don't get started. Could you speak to that for a second?

Ashley: I think the hardest part is showing up so you just have to do it. People will even talk all day about the challenge and that I'll never understand but I can see where people are coming from I guess I just think just start posting videos. The more you do it, the more comfortable you'll become comfortable. The followers will come, the views will come later on the earning will come you know what I mean. It's just as simple as showing up and stuff.

Dave: Kelly, thank you for coming on and leaving a heartfelt message. I love when people ask questions in English instead of just right. It's like if you're here and you want to learn, ask us a question. Maybe we'll answer it in the comments or something. Or maybe we'll speak to it like this and address some real life shit that's going on in our lives. Thank you. I really just felt like I could do this. If Ashley is, I'm very lost. How can I restart my journey with you to be an affiliate and I know I have Legendary inside. Can you please direct me how to restart. Well, Kelly I'll go quickly and then I'll let Ashley speak to that I would say go back through and review the challenge material. Just review the challenge material. There's so much especially in those early days. The entire challenge is important. And yeah, I always say if you can invest in the blueprints do it. It's just it'll, I know it seems like a lot of money. But it'll save you time in the long run and you can come get regular coaching from us if you can't afford that and you want to be an affiliate. You can certainly do that. But the only challenge is that you still don't really know and now you're gonna go over to be an affiliate and so look but if you have to do that then soak every moment of each wake up legendary up. Ask questions on Wake Up Legendary you know like you did and will reach out to connect with a support group or an accountability partner right here in this community who's not trying to sell you on anything but just wants to hold you accountable and be honest with you. Gosh, how many more things I mean, you know and just model other people in this community there's and just do it just jump in. Just started a TikTok account today. Just sign up for an affiliate as an affiliate today. You know, go in and sign up for ClickFunnels to be an affiliate over there today. So I mean, just do these things today. Do it now. and figure it out later in a respect if that's your no that's going to be that's gonna be of course, that's the harder road as opposed to, I think getting more training but if you can afford it. You got to work with what you have. You got to work with what you have. One last thing is I don't believe people need mentors really, like us mentors built one on one thing and mostly specifically the way that people in our Facebook group. It's so annoying and they try to put legendary down saying that they will be your one on one mentor and then come hang out on these zoom calls with us and all this crap. Nearly every successful person that I know in this industry received mentorship through videos and through webinars and through just watching and learning and listening. And it's really difficult that if you can't watch a video and apply it and take instruction drills, it's somebody who's sitting there doing it all for you next to you. They're going to actually be able to go out and succeed with that because they just did it all for you sitting next to you. So it's almost imperative that you're able to watch a video. Take the instructions from that in that video and do it and try that. If you can't do that you're not willing to do that. Honestly, entrepreneurship is probably right for you. Holy shit, Dave. Everybody's going crazy right now. What are you doing? You tried to lose business around here, Dave? I'm just trying to speak confidently. Do you believe fact check me Ashley. Did we just have a conversation ? You could say anybody could come on the show anytime. And I know. This is my show and I know I know you're not gonna buck up and say but honestly, I'm not trying to make you agree with what I'm saying here? Are these facts, or are you detecting any lies whatsoever? If you are, what I'm saying is I want you to hit your button. I'd say that's a lie. Dave sounds real to me. straight straight talk, real talk. The Bs are just the real deal. And so for you when when what is it? What is it been like to get right in there and start even though you did not know everything

Ashley: It's just starting that people get all freaked out and that this has to be perfect and maybe I have to get the newest phone for this or something like that and like if you look back at my first videos my first month there honestly so bad and weird, like I said, but that's okay because like how did I get better? Just by learning? I thought, okay, would I like to look at this myself. Not really, okay, how can I make this better? And looked at other people who, you know, had more followers than me at the time and who were doing videos, got some ideas and what Kelly was saying or asking when you said look back at the challenge. I think that's really great. And even the affiliate videos of I think Matt does most of them right where you're grinders row, so informational. I worked at the affiliate program. Yes, crazy. So look back at those and I've heard of some people restarting. They're starting a new account altogether, because sometimes they die and that's another fear. You just have to start and stop thinking.


Dave: Angie asked if we offer one on one training for those that need a little extra guidance. The key is having the willingness to learn. Absolutely. And you know what we actually see, I want to explain for those of you who are new how we educate in a nutshell. It's not by selling pills in different, you know, information products because you didn't buy this one. Maybe you'll buy this one right. I know that it might be more profitable to just constantly be hitting everybody and have a new strategy. I got a couple of marketing guru buddies that that's their business model. They have a new person. They're doing affiliate marketing, essentially, they have a new strategy and a new guru that they bring in every week and they promote big webinars. And then they sell a $2,000 thing from the webinar and every week it's a new thing. This week, it's e-commerce. Next week, it's drop shipping. Well welcome to the land of simple because simple scales. And so here I thought in our team did at the beginning we can either sell we can either be the Walmart of training and have just you know something so we could say no matter what you need, we can we have it to sell you or we could put everything into the blueprints and just focus all of our effort into the blueprints and so that's what we decided to do we have a challenge which is the appetizer and the blueprints which is the filet mignon dinner. And what we do is if somebody needs one on one help on the blueprints from the decade in a day, yeah, we have one on one sessions. Sometimes we'll even give you one or two and otherwise they're very reasonably priced, but just be selling one on one training to somebody who just most of the people who are buying one on one training, maybe not you but most people maybe not Angie rash, but most people just want somebody to do it for them. And I have been doing this for too long. And quite frankly I don't say this to be arrogant. I really don't but I'm too well off to be selling bullshit. You know what I mean? That's not really going to help people. And so we've considered scale, you know, coaching like all nothing but one on one coaching. But even the way that I teach coaching in the coaching, and consulting business blueprint is one to many, it's group coaching, because one on one coaching is not a scalable model. It's not a model that really scales really well. We are in this and I want you all to listen to what I'm saying and what I'm explaining because we also run the same business models that we teach about. So these are the thought processes that we go through. So you actually when you go to start doing coaching, I would highly recommend against and you know, I talked about this in the coaching blueprint, but I would highly recommend against one on one because what is it it's not scalable for you and you're not going to have time to do other things if that's your only thing and that's the only thing you want to do is do one on one coaching. Go for it. Just run one on one because you're not going to have time and energy to do it but for you to add a coaching element to where you get on once a week on Zoom for all these people who are coming to you because you've earned it. See there's a difference between these bottom feeding salamanders who tried to infiltrate good legitimate Facebook groups like us and they say oh, you need one on one mentorship. No, you actually don't need one on one mentorship until you've actually proven that you can follow directions from a video. That's a real asset. You take that to the bank. If you get to a point if you need some one on one help, you can reach out to Drew at legendary There's your one on one help. He's out for a company that has for a company that had 100,000 people come through the challenge last year we had one or two marketing coaches that did one on one training. We've proven that this works. So actually, when you go I want to add $100,000 to your income right now. Would that be okay? Next 12 months I want to add $100,000 to your income over the next 12 months right now. Can I do that? Yes, you can. So the way you're going to begin when people say I want coaching from you, and that's a wonderful thing to be the hunted instead of the hunter. Folks. Are we listening real quick because every single promise that I've promised in the sales material comes true every single day on this wake up show. Isn't it nice to be the hunted Ashley instead of the hunter? 

Ashley: Feels good yeah

Dave: Now how do you think your boyfriend would feel if you were DM and dudes all day long and chicks all day long? But I just made a commission. He's like, Yeah, but you're all up in people's DMS. Out call reaching them every day trying to get them to get on a zoom with you or whatever. So you can I mean come on, right. Yeah. That's not good, that's not a bit that's not a great business model. You're creating content and in building your affiliate marketing in really your elearning your freelance Digital Marketer at this point you can see you can add coaching or consulting you can add a virtual event to your business. And in the mistake that a lot of people make, remember I'm adding $100,000 to her income over the next 12 months and we will have her back in 12 months. And I guarantee you that if she does this we'll be talking about how she added more than 100,000. But now when these people come to you and they want coaching one on one hook curse, Oh, no. They don't do that. What you're going to do is you're going to offer a very simple coaching program. That's a reasonable amount of money. You can pay for a year up front, and I would offer that at a discount or they can pay by the month. Why would you rather get the year up front because a lot of people don't finish paying they drop off. They stopped paying for a significant discount, maybe $297 for the year. You know give them a 50% discount if they pay in full up front. And now they get what they get for that? Well, you can do one of two things. way that I ran our coaching program here at legendary but I just finished up. I ran this coaching program and decided that I didn't have time to do it anymore. So I did it. I finished the entire coaching program. It was a year long thing and I just finished up recently and we're probably going to take that off and not offer that anymore. But what I did was I offered one introductory intake call and then at 12 Zoom, your group zoom coaching calls with me over a 12 month period. And they offered my email address so they can email me with questions at any time. Those were the three things that they got and that was $10,000 per year and charged more for coaching and so forth but these days I'm trying to sell low mid mid versus the super high ticket just premium price just couple $1,000 versus getting into the super high stuff. I just don't feel like this industry is necessary. I think it's more predatory when people are selling people coaching and mentorship programs for you know 1520 2530 50,000 They're more it's just not you know, it's not it's not as necessary. So when somebody comes to you and they want coaching now you have something that you can offer them a simple sales page, a simple sales page and offer them a simple Fast Start discount that if they sign up in the first 48 hours of have seen the offer in the first 24 hours, give them 24 Say I got a 24 hour discount, because you kind of force people to make a decision actually, they don't make a decision. They're going to just think about it and they'll get back ever and they'll go spend their money out with somebody else. It sounds like they're gonna save their money, you're not doing them a favor. You're not gonna go spend it with somebody else who created the right environment for them to convert. Right. And so what are the tools and the copy that you need to be able to pull this off actually click funnels. Yeah.

Ashley: Just keep going. Don't doubt yourself.

Dave: Well, just keep an eye out for this is everything, confidence is everything. I mean you have to believe you have to believe that you can do it. But what's unclear about what I just said I want to make sure you're crystal clear. So in one year, you can come back and tell me how you, you know, added $100,000 to your income if you thought of it and decided that that's what you wanted to do. questions do you have about that strategy? Does that make sense about a one to many avoiding the one on one, giving them a fast start and annual discount for or even. You can even give a discount on the month monthly if they sign up within the first 24 hours. And then you can do an intake call. You don't have to do an intake call. You can do weekly, bi weekly or monthly zoom calls where you're coaching people and then they can email you with questions or you can you know or you can make them send in a monthly check in report where they're checking in with you as well. But a lot of times we think that when we give the people our email address, they're going to email and ask questions. But a lot of times it's not as overwhelming as we think it is. You know when they're a paying customer I mean they're a paying customer it's not as it's not as the annoying questions always come from the people who never pay anything and want everything for free. Anyways, I interrupted you to go ahead and tell me if that's all clear, that makes sense.

Ashley: Sometimes extremely clear. Lots of great ideas from you suggesting all of that and I really like the idea like when people meet me now I feel like it's good practice for what I want to do in the future or as an idea.

Dave: Another reason why I say another reason why I say to a lot of people learn copywriting learn copywriting because a lot of your communication including any premium price sales that you're making could be made in many respects over text or in in the DMS or over email or whatever. Right. So, you know, or even when you have clients responding to those clients' questions. So actually, a lot of times what I do, if I have a coaching client and I'm responding to a question, I'll just shoot a quick loom video. You know, oral oral be proactive with Mike my clients at which I feel like we are here at legendary doing this wake up legendary show where you're, you're providing so much emotion and so much value. There they're taking that in versus sending more questions. Does that make sense? Yeah, yeah, definitely. So there's a lot of ways to manage clients. But I think the biggest takeaway and it's something that I'm giving away to everybody here for free, because it's just a pretty simple difference in how I prefer to teach coaching and it's the group model. A therapist needs one on one, a therapist has sensuality. There's very sensitive information that can be discussed. US marketing coach, coaches, parent coach, you know, if you're coaching a parent on how to get a baby to sleep, if you're coaching somebody with their dog or pet training or somebody who's a carpenter or how to teach a roofer how to get more leads or whatever, that can be done. In a group environment. There's nothing too personally sensitive and the reason why that's more beneficial for everybody in the group environment is because it's easy to coach, but also, everybody else learns from others' questions. You know what I mean? Yeah, definitely. So maybe over the next 12 months, you can add an additional 100,000 with that simple you know, I would be what would be even crazier if somebody just was like, you know, like super pro couldn't afford the blueprints. Just in you know, but that tip you gave on, you know, whatever day that was June 26 27th. Man, I used that to add $100,000 to my income over this last year, and I'm gonna tell you about it and then what if I have them on the way that's how the internet works actually know what I mean? Are you with that sideways video and it's okay, it's okay. I don't know why you went sideways. I don't feel like I changed anything on my side. But okay, here you are back. So, tell us let's tell us what you would would tell to somebody who's maybe just getting started and who you know, is in that sort of limbo skeptical stage or little confidence or the you know, what would you say what would you say to that person who's just an artist who's listening to the show to you can't hear, okay. She can't hear. It's all good. It's all good. So, okay. We will wrap up. Ashley can't hear us anymore. And I'm going to actually make her a custom banner. Oh, she's logging off by Ashley. Follow her okay. We're going to put that up. All right. And then we're going to show that Ashley follows Brett affiliate Ashley. Okay, hopefully she can read. Read the screen. Right there. My friends have a lot of lessons every day to take away from this and I have no plan for the shows that morning so I don't really know where they're gonna go. And in. No, so you know, to try to get over 200 Or how many over 1000 people listen to the replay on podcasts or YouTube or on Facebook, to try to get a show that is going to be customized for every single person is impossible. But what I'd invite you to do is come open and just what the hell can I take away that changed my life for my business today? Because what the show is designed to do is to create fireside chats with people to just kind of relax non non prepared for performance. type thing, just a real fireside chat where the real stuff is going to come out. Right. So there's a lot of pre planned presentations and pre planned podcasts and all that stuff. And if that's what tickles your fancy, those will probably be good options. For you. I have always believed that. The most valuable gold is what kind of comes out authentically, spontaneously in the moment. It's always the truest. It's always the most honest, and it's always the most valuable. And so that's the spirit of this show. And you know I know sometimes I get off on rants and stuff, but it's just who I am. And it comes from the passion of this industry. And my hope for you is that you stick around long enough that you get so passionate about this. They can never shut up. Either. Get out of here have a great day. Be Legendary.