Becca Dunkin started out down a pretty familiar path: 

Go to college, get good grades, start working in your field. 

And she did it in a big way – as a single mom taking on a bunch of student debt to become a chiropractor. 

But about six months into her career, her enthusiasm started to fade. 

“Is this it?” She wondered. “Am I really going to do this for the next 30+ years?”

About a year into working, she was full-on depressed at the thought of doing the same thing over and over… 

DREADING going to work the next day… 

HATING to go back in and treat patients after her lunch breaks…

And feeling GUILTY that her depression was affecting her time and attention with her daughter. 

So what do you do when you’re in a funk?

Becca began scrolling TikTok trying to numb her mind a bit…

And up popped a former nanny who was making six figures online through digital marketing. 

Just like every other person thinking about starting something new, Becca was unsure about it.

She’d never done anything online before! 

And was it even real? 

“We’re so ingrained to think that we have to trade our time for money. So as soon as see someone coming up with this ‘new’ way to make money online, people shout, ‘SCAM!’”

So she watched for a couple of months…

And learned that affiliate marketing is a very real business model that’s been around since the 1980s. 

While the business model isn’t new, modern technology makes it accessible to anyone who wants to learn. 

Taking a leap of faith

How many people out there WANT to leave their jobs, but either don’t or won’t because they’re already so far down a particular path? 

And what happens to the folks who, like Becca, have invested a significant amount of time, energy and/or money into building something that they end up hating? 

It’s depressing to think about. 

If this is you, write down this golden nugget right now: 

“It’s OK not to use your degree. It’s OK not to go to school, or to switch your path if it turns into something you’re not passionate about.”

Becca left a job after just a couple years EVEN THOUGH she’d invested 8 years into schooling and had spent $200 thousand dollars on her education. 

Daammmn! Gutsy, right? 

But what if she hadn’t!? 

She’d probably still be depressed, treating patients, and scrolling TikTok…

Instead of living life on her own terms. 

Has her journey been an easy one? 


Nothing worthwhile ever is. 

But Becca KNEW that working as a chiropractor wasn’t going to work for her long term and she had to make a change. 

So not IF, but when you feel like quitting…

Repeat what Becca would say to herself: 

“You’re going to do this. You are not quitting. Remember the reasons you’re doing this.” 

It worked – Becca never quit, even with few results to show for her efforts during those first couple weeks and months. 

She had to work through her feelings of self-doubt, “comparisonitis,” and the belief that it was going to take forever to become successful.


Since she started in October of 2022, entrepreneurship has opened up an entirely new world to her. 

“Six months ago, I would’ve said I’m 100% not creative. I was 100% into math and science only. But now, I’ve released this creative side of my brain that I never knew I had!”

And that mindset shift hasn’t been the only benefit…

Showing up in her business consistently has helped her earn a multiple 6-figure income.

Now listen, Becca’s results are not typical and there is no guarantee that you will earn even a single dollar by purchasing a course or starting an online business.  

But to see someone like Becca – a regular person who simply wanted more out of her life – succeed in such spectacular fashion…

Let’s bottle up her success and let it be a motivator to stop scrolling, take action, and learn something new today. 

Because even making a fraction of what Becca’s been able to earn as a digital marketer would be life changing income for a lot of people. 

How has life changed for her? 

  • Becca left her job as a chiropractor and now is able to greet her daughter off the bus after school every day. 
  • She’s planned multiple vacations over the next several months
  • And she now has the ability to plan her days as she wishes, working more on some days and less on others. 

Hear that? 

Becca lives on her own terms.

Not surprising, others have started to notice. 

Her friends have said things like, “Becca you look so happy!”

And she is happy. 

No, money doesn’t buy happiness…

But it does buy options. 

Having enough money to live comfortably means your job, boss, or company no longer gets to dictate your family’s schedule.  

And for Becca, earning income through digital marketing has created a life that is more relaxing. 

She’s simply not so stressed all the time. 

Remember, she’s no better, worse, or different than anyone else…

But she is a fine example of what happens when you take the bull by the horns and make something happen. 

Becca believes that everything happens for a reason, from having her daughter at 19, to going to school, to working at a job she ended up hating…

Because it all led to where she is today – building a successful business, living her dream life, and raising her daughter on her own terms. 

We all know what happens if you don’t make any changes in your life…

Nothing changes! 

Yep, you’ll basically be in the exact same place a year from now as you are today. 

But what if you allowed yourself to dream a little bit…? 

And what silver linings will you find along your way? 

For an extra dose of inspiration, listen to the full interview between Becca Dunkin and Dave Sharpe on Wake Up Legendary, or catch the replay on your favorite podcast platform.