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Dave: Hey what's going on there, my friends. It's Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. You already know what time it is. It's time to wake up with your boy this morning and my friend Tim. He's going to be our guest this morning. I actually met Tim Tim Hewitt. I met Tim at the mastermind here recently. Some of you know that we put on masterminds here at legendary. When you come through the challenge and you have an opportunity to look at our Blueprints, you'll have a chance to, you know, decide if you want to come to the mastermind as well. And then sometimes there are seats that individuals can buy later, but they sell out. And Tim happened to be one of the people that was coming to the mastermind and met him there and got to know him over a few days. Talk to him a bit at the end of the event. And now I woke up this morning and opened up my slack to see that Tim was going to be the guest on the wakeup legendary show this morning. That's exactly how we're being reunited and it's my honor and privilege to welcome you to the show my friend. How are you?

Tim: Last time we talked we were standing by the pool in Orlando. 

Dave: Right? That's right. We were sitting in a not a bad not a bad scene. Not a bad weekend. We actually had a lot of fun and learned a lot and I get to talk about and unpack a little bit to see you know if they were helpful to you or not before we do that just just just so people have an idea of of who you are and what I mean we'd be here all day takes me takes me 15 takes me 15 to 30 minutes to just introduce myself or somebody else and then it would take you 15 to 30 minutes to get through your actual resume of everything that you've done in life. So give the nutshell version but then it was a really senior your questionnaire that you submitted and tell us about the big problem that you ran into it 64 And I don't think we talked about it enough. You know, I don't and I don't really. I'm not really qualified to talk about it because I've not arrived there yet. But you have and you can tell us what that was like and everything. So welcome Tim and tell us a little bit about how you found us and what you did before this. 

Tim: Sure. Thanks, Dave. So, yeah, I'm 64 and I have been a professional engineer, engineering manager for 40 years. Went to college, got a great job, got a job that some people would consider a good salary after 40 years and a divorce. Three kids with student loans at 64 I can't retire. Just that simple. I've got enough debt that I'll have to work another 10 years at my current job. Maybe at that point I can retire so I started looking around about a year ago to see what I can do to supplement my income. I love my job but I don't want to do it for 10 more years. And I had done some affiliate marketing before I've been an Amazon affiliate since 2015. And some other online things I thought you know, I'll take a look at this and I'm a smart guy. So I got on to Clickbank like I signed up for a dozen products. I created a website, bought a bunch of ads spent $1,000 made me a $70 commission which promptly was taken aback because the person who returned the diet pills that was really not very successful start a committed customer you know take those Hey, you know most of us we get something and then we're like ask her where they took those guys that label or whatever to and then there went your commission a buck. So you know, I don't. I don't really realize that you know, you couldn't make any money on Amazon unless you did 10s of 1000s of sales a month. That was nuts. So I wasn't going there. But I saw that there were people online making money and I followed a couple of them for a while kind of watching them stick. I wasn't on TikTok. I didn't really know what tick tock was back then. You know it's for 13 year olds dancing when one of them mentioned your name and so I started to do some research, do some digging, found the article Forbes and entrepreneur and went hey, this guy's a real deal. I went through her link, watched your video and I'll tell you what the integrity that you came across with in that video sold me right there. I said you know this guy is the real deal and I can learn something from him. The technical part of this and slam dunk for me. The marketing part of this is way up here somewhere that I finally figured it out. 

Dave: Well at least you know your limitations. At least you know what you need to work on. Some of us need to work on the technical stuff and the marketing stuff but you know, knowing what you're good at and then just focusing on that, like for example. I've never been good at the technical stuff that overwhelms me in it and I have a hard time with comprehension Tim. I mean, I'm somebody who was a great reader and started reading earlier than other kids, but didn't comprehend any of it because I will add a fourth and so my creativity and marketing side. No, that's all I can focus on. Because if I focus too much on getting bogged down in the software and the tools and stuff I'll lose all my momentum. And so that's I know that about myself that's why I say it's good to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Because we always make sure here with legendary and then you know we hope that we hope and pray that I stay out of trouble when I'm on my own and don't get lost in some piece of software. But it's important as you're building your business to kind of know what your strengths are and then just focus on that because you can lose a couple of days or a week or even become frustrated. If you're going in and trying to over analyze or perfect a funnel when it's good enough. And you just need to work on creating content and or getting better even if you ‘re good at technical. You need to get better in this area. Focus on the content not on the technical stuff anyways. But since you are good, you know, better at the technical stuff. What's it been like for you to get the hang of being in front of a camera, get the hang of this whole marketing thing? And I want to get to some of your takeaways from the event that made a difference here in the last couple of months. We were late last month. The event was just a month ago. But what was that transition like for you? I want to know if you know a lot of people what what is getting in front of the camera what it's been like for you learning that that that new skill on new platforms talk to as a 64 year old who by the way, does it who could be paralyzed with fear right now, folks, we can react to the anxieties in our life by either you know, freezing up or taking action so you also have your you're dealing with so tell us what it's been like to kind of work on this part of the business that is not particularly your strength? 

Tim: It's a great question. As usual. You know, one of the reasons I love talking with you Dave is you have insight that you know it's just it's so fresh. So I have been speaking in front of audiences my whole career. I've spoken to 5000 people if you sang on stage many years ago. I don't have a problem with your singer. I watched a video of hers as well. So we'll get to that. She is good. She is good. We'll get to the music here later. You are a man of many, many interests and many you know men still having a write. Again, the technical part of this was not a challenge for me. And I made sure I didn't focus on it because it came easy and it would have been really easy to just keep returning and returning and returning all the technology stuff and yeah tweaking the funnel, tuning the funnel let's go hang out and click funnels and where are we? Yeah, nothing happens. It's nice and safe. And maybe I can feel accomplished because I set it up but nothing. I'm not running my business. I'm not making money in my restaurant by just fumbling around in the freezer all day reordering my vegetables. So from a video perspective, I'm really comfortable with long form. I've got a bunch of long form training type videos on YouTube and Facebook. Nobody watches, but I've made them anyway, I'll keep doing that. The short form stuff was completely foreign to me. In fact, when I got on TikTok, I started with a business account because I knew I wanted to get some ads out. I've been running ads to sell ebooks. Since 2015. uncomfortable with the ad platforms. I knew I would do that. So I took a business account. One of the very first things they said is you run 10 minute videos. I thought, great. I can do 10 minute videos. Those are easy. Yeah, don't do them. They're awful. But he watches them. They get zero views. It's not what the platform's for you talking about. My best videos on TikTok are less than 10 seconds at the most views. What do you do with a 10 second video to try to get their attention? That was the hardest thing for me to do. How do you grab them and get out with a message you want to give them? And so I'm a little bit authoritarian in that regard, but I think it's okay. That's my personality. And you'll ask me about the mastermind and the takeaway there that really made a difference was two months into it. So I started Legendary in March, April, before the mastermind and frankly, I wasn't getting anywhere. I was running ads and I was getting leads but I wasn't really doing much and the bottom line was I wasn't being me. I was being somebody else. I don't even know who it was. And yeah, and I thought Revelation was made during the mastermind, and I thought she's changing. Content started being made immediately. And from 2200 on TikTok to 9000 created a second TikTok account because of what Andrea was talking about at the mastermind that's already at 200 after three weeks of making content, that's me. It's really It's honest. It shows who I am. It talks about me and my story says things the way I want to say them, but I don't have anything else. And that's working. I'm getting both organic and paid leads. And I'm up to about 800 leads now. 

Dave: You know what we can know why I love social media and the internet is because I get immediate feedback. So my personality in the way that I talk and communicate it would take me how many people do you think have just been exposed and had a chance to see your video? A video from you on the Internet? In the last two months? How many people roughly just take a wild guess? I don't know just one video with a half million views but most of my videos, yeah. Five or 700 range. So one with a half a million let's just call it who 50 Let's just say that. Just say 250 of those people were just not even looking at their phone. Here's my point. Okay. In order for me to get stats from 250,000 people about my communication style out delivering, and whether people like it, they resonate with it, whether I'm winning friends or influencing people, it would take years to interact with 250,000 people, for them to have a chance for for them to listen in me do the talk. So the internet folks, here's the beauty of the internet within a month or two and can have 250,000 people giving him his content about what he's talking about his communication style. Tim I'm sorry, I just gotta go off into an actual real quick it's gonna get dark for a second. Some of us complain that we get negative comments and stuff and that people are, we're afraid of rejection. They are giving us feedback that human beings are teaching in telling us No. What they want and what they don't. It's the easiest money you've ever made. It's the quickest way to grow and grow your skills. Nobody had this Jim Rohn Zig Ziglar all those people back in the day they could not give you a skill and say here's 250,000 people that you can try it on. See? So true. Ah, I just can't love the raw emotion that comes out of here. Sometimes it's just so inspiring. I'm sorry. I just can't, I just get so fired. Up and furious and frustrated. Because my dear friends, folks who I like, I want people to succeed. It's just how we look at it. It's nothing else besides how we choose this day. I'm just listening to your story and what you had an opportunity to do and the fact that you got that feedback and been more aware. Okay, long form. I can do that. It's kind of like the self awareness of social earning people. It's like when you go into a party that this is the marketplace we're dealing with nowadays. If you go into a party and stage and tell them a 10 minute story, most people are gonna try to get away from you. Because that's all people want to interact with each other, especially when they first get to know you. So if you know what comes for you. As I talk about this. I'm talking about the instantaneous feedback that we have nowadays. You don't have to wait, you don't have to sit in a classroom. You don't have to go to an internship, you don't have to do anything to find out exactly what the market wants and exactly what the market will buy. Right now. I'm ranting about this. Oh, it's a short form video and it's so effective. To pay attention to the first few days of a tick tock video. That'll tell you whether or not the video resonates. You know if it's getting 5,6,7,8 views over three or four days to do that when again. So we're looking at stuff that's hitting a couple of 100 views within a week. I mean, if I had 250-300 I'd be very happy frankly. Let's face it. I don't I don't do multiple takes on three TikTok channels now. I just started a third one this morning, doing three videos a day. Do one take on each one I do the variations of the same story. I post them on each one just slightly differently. How long does that take? takes me to shoot nine videos. And I actually edit them offline because I can't use the TikTok editor because I can't see the dang thing. So that takes me a little bit longer. You should talk about that more. Tim. That's just funny, you know. I dropped them into drafts. I post them tomorrow and I'm spread out during the day. It's a simple process. Literally, it's people who say they can't post free videos. Just hold the camera up, say a few words and post the thing. I know you should talk. The message is look , I'm doing that and I can barely use the app. I can't even see it. Don't work anymore. On TikTok I wouldn't. I know you can't. There's no editing function here. Sorry. Dave: No, you can. I struggle that's That's a challenge for these eyes. I get it. But when there's a will there's a way right there's a and you know what we find out also Tim and who get asked about all the fancy edits and all this kind of stuff to lose the art arms all this kid nobody cares. Cares. 

Tim: When your video that you just posted today it only lives for a little while. It's not like you know, it's not, it's not going up on the wall somewhere for people to look at and critique for 100 years. And you're done. Do another one tomorrow. You know that's to me that's nine videos every day for those three channels. 

Dave: People are saying to like your 64 you're you gotta be thinking hey, I mean when I'm gone. What's where you've got to have had this thought I'm when I'm gone all this stuff that I'm doing my kids My grandkids are gonna see no they're not because you know what? You can delete your account at any time you can make a million dollars online and completely vanish. It's just Tim, that our options are up not to say that you want to do that or that you? That's not I'm just saying that. Excuse. I like to obliterate him. Don't you remember at the mastermind I was like let's just stay here. Let's stay here. And sit in this room until every single excuse that you might have is up to you. I don't care. I'll take it you can all any objection you have anything that you come up with. I'm not gonna run away from it because I'm not your guru. I'm just you bring it up. Let's talk about it and see if it's real. Or if it's just dominating because we keep it when we come in aid. The reason why I try to get people to say their fear and say what's dominating and get limiting beliefs out is because they're small when you sit them in a chair. It's just a little tiny little thing, but in our head it's so easy to get up to be so big. Do you agree with that? Absolutely. There's so much self sabotage going on. For things that are not interesting. They're just not interesting. That will be the exercise we did where we we all did the through video right everybody made a video and people have never videoed themselves before I can't believe that and there's like they're terrified of that process. And unfortunately, some of them have left the mastermind and they're still they're fallen right back into that same position again and you know, you just have to move forward. Don't be afraid of it. I like to help people. I've been helping people my whole career. I've been in it solving other people's problems. And I saw big money problems but other people's problems and I really enjoyed interacting with the legendary community and helping people get through some of their numbers. reached out to me personally to have some zoom calls and had some other calls with people helping them get over some of their fears. And I see this all the time. And I know you guys see it internally but yeah, you know, I created a channel, I posted a couple of videos and nothing happened and I don't know what I'm gonna do. Oh, some more. Keep going. How can we not do three a day? What are you doing instead? You know, any ideas? Come on. Let's talk about ideas. I mean, you just have to move, you're not going to get anywhere if you just sit down. I agree it's it's it's your It boggles my mind because it's your own life. It's our own life that we're sitting there, doing nothing and getting nothing out of and beauty is that you could do as much as you want. You could take so much action. People would want to arrest you. You were taking too much action. I mean, but most of us are not nearly near that point of taking action. I mean, when you're running around town just 24/7 you're like I'm just taking so much action. You gotta PLRs is up off the couch to get us to take action and you're right. The the the the thing of coming to an event coming to a mastermind or raising your hand and getting on a call with somebody, when you've not done anything, is another thing that I love you all and I am going to embrace you all and work with you and be patient and you know me, I'm here for the long haul. But if you're going to come to our mastermind that's about marketing, do some damn marketing even if it's wrong before you come to the event, because that's the difference between people who succeed and the people who fail plain and simple. Below are some of the training before you come to the event. You know, I was really truly flabbergasted at the mastermind when so many people had not gone through the training had not gone through the the actual blueprint and it was vote you know folks and then and then we all have the audacity we all have the guts that the wholeness to rate you know, we'll raise our hands and we'll say, Well, you know where do I get started? Well, it's like come on. You get started by watching what you just bought. This is not you got a microwave mentality but you have it you have a T bone steak appetite. Man. Your mind is a start here. Right Right, right right. Right. Exactly. And I'm not here to shame anybody. I don't want anybody to feel bad about themselves, feel like they did anything wrong. Okay, I get it. Sometimes we need to learn how to take action. Okay. We're too. We're showing you we're teaching you here every day. We're not just talking about it. I'm doing it. I'm showing up every day, five days a week. I'm here doing it. There's no better example. Look around the community. People are doing it. So the initiative piece Tim is the piece that I I personally have a challenge with because it's like you got to teach initiative. And it's something that in this industry, it's mandatory that you have initiative, that you take initiative, that you don't wait to get on the call with Tim, you're frantically marketing buddy slash volunteer mentor who's not even charging you and we're probably I mean, at least right now. Right and it's, it's like those testimonials up and people ask people for testimonials, right Tim asked them to shoot you. That's what you need to get. That's what you get. Because here's and here's where I've come to because uh, we teach similar information. So of course I'm teaching, I'm selling information here. But at a certain point in your career. You have to detach from what people do with the information, because it's not just for the business. I found him that people will. It's also in university and college and everywhere else. People have that sort of an entitlement versus an initiative attitude. It's mandatory to have initiative. But so much, here's a dirty little secret I want. I don't want the whole internet to hear me. So easy to succeed. Oh, Tim cost us. Most people aren't willing to even take any initiative. And I love people. I don't hate people. I love people. I'm not trying to bash people. I'm saying that most of us won't take initiative, even go through the course that we bought, which means that if you are willing to go through it, and learn it and actually apply it, why do you think they call it the 1%? Here's another dirty little secret. It's less than 1%. It's the 1% of the 1% who really crush it because they're willing to do the work. It's not that they were born with any magical superpowers. It's not that they have any unique advantages. It's just they were willing to do the work and our society now is not teaching work ethic, Tim, but it's something that even as a millennial, so I can speak to younger, must, must, must not forget the all important work ethic in the initiative versus entitlement. What are your thoughts on this? And what are you saying that you touched on it? That's what got me down this path. But what can we do about it with somebody who's used to maybe taking orders from a boss or sitting in a classroom or whatever? How do we change these people? How do they go from that employee to that entrepreneur? What tips are you giving people out there? 

Tim: Great question. So part of the answer there comes in my mailing list. So what are the things that I can tell you about? The process that we're using is the fact that when they come through my opt in page, I now have them in my mailing list and I can continue to encourage them and instruct them but do what they bought? Or what they've looked at and some of them need a little pushing frankly, and I told the story about how I went through this training. So when I bought the challenge I did in five days, the biggest frustration was the fact that I couldn't get to my advisor fast enough. I didn't schedule the call early so I told people on my mailing list Hey, first day, schedule your call, schedule the call with your business advisor. Don't wait. Get through this thing now because the goal isn't the end of this rainbow it's not it's not sitting on your couch. I went through blueprints immediately after just in time for decade after decade. In a day I went ahead and deployed the done for you funnel for the ultimate small shop that brought all the Ted's Woodworking stuff into it. That's about 80 emails, half a dozen different products and paid for blueprints. I ran that hard for eight weeks. Just done for you stuff I didn't do anything else. I ran some ads to push it. That's completely big progress. Then I started focusing hard on Legendary. Went to the mastermind. Found my aha moment. I can actually say this is the beginning. I'm in Malaysia right now. I live in North Carolina but here's my business with my nine to five job. My side hustle job is working out of my cell phone or my laptops. I got my first big commission while I was here and working exactly what I wanted is the ability to out from under that nine to five, travel. I've lived all over the world. I want to continue to do that and have enough income some day. I'm not there yet. You know, it takes work. It's not you know, people think you'd wave a magic wand and make a lot of money in this business. Not true. You have to work. We've got great training. It's unbelievable how much information is in that legendary back office. I've gone through all of it including the yield of the Thursday sessions going back three years. I've absorbed as much as I can, but you know what I have to go through again. There's so much in there that's of incredible value. And I'm not talking about the mechanics. I get the mechanics I can do in my sleep. I just for fun I put up all the done for you all nine of the done for you funnels. I put them up on Saturday after a decade in a day that was done and ran them all. But I wanted to see how they were built. That was part of me, the engineer that had to see how they were working. The big issue for me again has been the marketing piece. How do I get my message out there in a way that people absorb it? And I think I'm getting close. I'm getting great feedback now. Not just Hey, what's this crap negative stuff, but some really, really positive feedback. I'm very excited about it. I'm so excited about the journey, I have to bite my tongue and not tell people all the time. I want to drag them all along with me. You know I see people in the elevator and say, Hey, come on. I found this really cool thing. Let's go. And you know, it's really very exciting when you first get started. Because you kind of say where the hell was this my whole life? You know, where was this the past 510 15 years. 

Dave: And another thing is I want to look into the future with you here for a second just in your broken personal life. I know you have dreams and aspirations of doing things we talked about this at the mastermind one on one and then we also I read your questionnaire about you have aspirations of doing stuff in the music business and helping artists get paid for their their work and find better connections and have better skills and tools and stuff like that. And if you know if you move on, obviously you're a serial entrepreneur not and I'm not talking about Froot Loops, I'm talking about multiple things, but the challenge with a serial guy is that you know we start things and then we don't miss them. We're all spread out and then you know nothing you never give ever we never give anything the time for it to become great in big right. And that's one thing that I'm you know, each one of my projects has started as a small little seed. That was as small as each one of your seats including legendary and it was that constancy over the years and sticking with it but I would offer to you and anyone else who's in your whatever those later years feeling like you don't have enough money to retire or whatever but you then still have other aspirations of doing other things. I have seen folks in this industry in other industries, digital entrepreneurs, where this becomes an income source. That's so powerful and so unstoppable. Meaning that if you know, this is not a one and done. The beautiful thing about internet marketing is you build your email list, you build alliances, and you can continue to sell to them over and over and over and over again. And if you stick with it, some of you folks that are older, but do have life experience that really can offer a lot of value to the world. Somebody liked him, somebody like the rest of you who are in your 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s and 90s. Right, and you're sitting here and you're and you're going, you know, is this really going to be enough? Oh, it can. It can be way more than what you can both in terms of income and fulfillment that all these other additional businesses and projects that you think you want to do right now may become more or may become more nonprofit or charity type stuff that you're that you're actually able to be of service because now money's not such an issue. Right you don't get I'm absolutely on the same page with the day and it's yeah I this can be it to where there's nothing else that you need to money and everything else including this business. itself can be the enjoyable, fun activities that you're looking for that you want in those in that phase of your life. That's my belief and I've seen it come true in other people's lives. I'm having a ball while my kids are laughing at me. You know, it's like dad's on tech doc and what the heck's dad doing on tech hub? Well, I'm not dancing like dirt balls, but you know, I might do that soon. You know, I might, we'll see. An old old little boy is what you're gonna dance. Like little girls. You'll be dancing. You'll be dancing with you, Tim, you're gonna be successful enough. Here's what I promise for any of you, including YouTube. You're going to be successful enough. You're not going to give a shit. I'm telling you, all of us. care about what other people think because we feel dependent on them. And it's because of one thing it's because of money. It sucks. It's stupid. So you got to get financially free. Where you don't give a shit. As a professional technical term there. Don't give a shit to where, you know, you're just having fun. And I believe or you don't care you're willing to have a bagel just a bit. But you know what you get to a point. I think we all deserve this freedom. Get to the point where you're just doing what you want. Every second day you're saying what you want. And you're not willing to say some shit that you don't want to say just to make a buck. Screw that.

Tim: What that was the list of salons that I got the mastermind to be made to be me. Whatever that is, whatever day that is whatever feeling that is of the day that I met. We're trying to not try to be something that it was. It sounds like a small thing. But to me, that was worth every penny and all the time spent to go to Orlando. 

Dave: When I went to Tony Robbins and spent $15,000 on his date with destiny mastery for all this. I mean, I didn't buy it because I even wanted to go to any of it, Tim. I bought it because I wanted to buy a premium price high ticket package from Tony Robbins and go stand on the stage with him. I went to one of the events I think I bought like 10. We don't always have to, we don't see if that's the thing. Won't I have to buy something and sometimes we think we know what we need from something. So we're sitting here and we're buying it it's kind of like limit so I'm gonna buy you I'm gonna buy you to teach me Hold on a second because I want to tell you how I want you to teach me here real quick hold no, that's not see I don't know what I need. I don't know what I need. I need to get in the moment. I need to get there. I need to take my ass there. And I need to show up, sum up and show up. You know what magical shit will happen that I never even expected to happen. And that's exactly what you just described. The magic of life. That's the magic of this journey and simply taking the initiative in showing up you walk away with such a simple, way more simple than you thought. Right? The breakthrough would be. 

Tim: Absolutely and you know, I see marketing opportunities now video opportunities, I should say everywhere. Everywhere. I start my car and take a 15 second video because hey, this is a really cool spot. I can give this message here. Hey, I just had this idea. Rather than write it down. You know, I'm gonna write it down. I'm just gonna do it. Right, right. I was in court the other day again. I'm in Malaysia right now in a food court. It's 10 o'clock at night. His likes are all over. The place. I think that this is a cool place. I shot videos and swam down. I liked it. That's why no, that's who I am now. It's a transfer. It's a total transformation. It's a I you know the beautiful thing about life is I can say I am never I want to whatever I want. I can say that I am now a digital marketer. This is who I am now. I just love that statement. What a powerful statement. Also, I love that you're just doing it down. You're not saving it. You're not saving it to your folders. How many of you have folders upon folders of ideas on TikTok, an instrument that you ain't never looked at? You gotta save for Facebook that shits all broken down to all kinds of different categories. And what that makes me feel like I'm doing something too because I'm flicking my thumb's around and stuff like that and I've got myself a little folder, but you are you. You are saying Never. You're being honest with yourself. You're saying I'll never get to that shit. I gotta do it now. Now I hear you right now, right? Right here right now. Because like John, like Josh said at the event, we're gonna shoot a tech talk everybody's like, in their seats and where we're at. You know, Josh completely took himself off his own presentation, right? And said, we're all going to do this right? Because this is the right thing to do. For getting through that. We're just gonna go do this. Right. This is a former athlete, a former college player who's who you think is his wherever they have chronic run, tick run 10 laps Josh Smith. When we finally get to a winner you can get to one. You know, it's like that, so we don't have to be that extreme. But your your, you know, your, your philosophy, your plan, your transformation, and how you're following up with that because if I say I am something you know, it's important that I follow it up with bliss building behavior. It's important when you say you are and reinforces what you think you are. And when you do it, it becomes simpler. You know, we checked into a hotel in Kuala Lumpur a couple of weekends ago for a holiday. My fiance and I took a little bit and I used that video. I just made three TikToks out of that video walking into a luxury hotel room where we're gonna spend the weekend basically saying hey, look, I'm here in its exotic hotel in Malacca, Malaysia you could be here to all important quality. Let me help you get here. And why not? Right. Perfect subject. People want to sit on their couch but they keep sitting on their couch. You know what my goal for the next month or so is to try to inspire people to do something. So I'm gonna do a little bit a little bit more forward. I think some of my videos are coming up. See if I can kick some people in that block and get them to do something rather than just scroll by. 

Dave: Carl said how do I get 1000 followers on Tiktok 50 plus videos and I'm only on 600. Carl, change the content of man inch change strategy. You know, a lot of you if you're shooting videos, in your videos are out you know, you're just I see this I see this some paid channels, where somebody's like, Hey, I have you know, shut all these videos. And again, I don't know everything that Carl's been through or gone through training and all that kind of stuff. But hey, man, switch it up. Change it up. You know what I mean? If I keep that's what I was talking about earlier in the show, when I said that is impossible, and always has been impossible to get a half a million legal legal fees back that fast about your content about whether they like it or not they like you this is not a I'm wrong. I'm bad. My flaw is that what you're doing is not captivating their attention. You've got to switch it up. You got to go back into the training. Go back into the, then go back into the The Tick Tock section. If you're on tick tock, go back into the fishing funnel section in the blueprints and go and absorb more of that. Maybe you're doing something, maybe you miss the section where I said don't mention all the product company names because there's no point in researching it. You know, maybe your contents are too long. You know, maybe you're not doing it, maybe you're not making short, short enough content as Tim's talking, maybe you're not coming across. confident enough. Right. One of the things that I really took away from a questionnaire that you wrote for us that we sent to you and we asked you to come on the show, was that you said I'm speaking with authority. And if I don't know something, I go and learn about it until I can speak with authority on it. That is such a big thing that you speak with a thought that doesn't mean you have to be loud or have a deep voice. It has nothing to do with even the it has nothing to do with what you look like or sound like. It has everything to do with the delivery style and the energy behind the delivery but to you are the one who do expound on that a little bit so folks could understand the importance of speaking on authority. The likelihood of somebody actually engaging with you and following you and listening to you if you're speaking on a topic with authority first, we have to define what does speaking with authority actually mean? What does it mean to you? 

Tim: Yeah, so for me, it's pretty straightforward. So I've always had to research things so that when I do talk about something, I'm confident that what I'm saying is accurate, at least to the best. So what I'm talking about in a short form video, you've got 10 seconds, 10 seconds, so you can't hem and haw. You know, so it's, you know, it's sort of I just do, I just did one that said we're the worst, we're in the worst inflationary period. last 40 years. We're on our way to recession. Believe me, we're on our way to recession, a recession proof business for you and what survives anywhere, anytime. The economy. The link for more information, DME, whatever. You have to hit with a hook. 15 seconds to get out. say with confidence. I don't care what the message is. Say it with confidence. You say it with confidence. Authority speaking with conviction, absolutely. Seeing what you mean, meaning what you say. But you have to be mean when you say it you know what I mean? Seeking to learn how to smile when I talk I still have a challenge with that because I've been unhappy with middle men in my life. So I've had to learn how to smile and actually become happy to be happy. I wasn't happy, long time. And then even to smile when I'm saying things so I can make other people laugh.

Dave:  People will remember so little of what you say. It's just so much of how you say it and how they feel when they're listening to you how you made them feel. And so that's why this conviction usually when you're speaking, with authority with conviction, some passion is coming out. You're getting excited. You're speaking about things you're either passionate about or you know a lot about and I will say that you can be passionate and speak with authority without knowing a lot about so. If you just don't lie and be like yo I know so much about this just be like yo I'm on fire about this no idea how it works. It doesn't even matter. Because I know just enough, you know, or if I'm doing dog training look, I'm on fire about this dog training program that I've got or that I'm promoting because it's so simple. I'm not, I don't have to know everything. It's anything like Tim holding on. They don't want you to be so freakin complicated and they damn sure don't want whatever you're talking about to be so complicated. Make it simple, and I would say it that often. In terms of speaking with authority might even be as important as not saying or being knowledgeable. Just think that some of us, Tim, because you know we think we need to be something that we're not on video. It's hard to be passionate when you're not being yourself. So it's from trying to be somebody else and I'm not really having any feelings because I'm acting. That was the start for me to mastermind. I mean, it could be somebody else. And now I just mean and I am passionate and I'm passionate about a lot of things. I'm trying to do things and to get that message across. And it's a little bit frustrating sometimes when people will comment on a video and then not do something and so what did I do? I said look, as a company but none of you were doing anything. What's going on? Why aren't you doing this? It's not hard but you have to start and you know that opening thanks to most doesn't mean that passion is gonna come out. Well, here's the other thing to remember about when you're trying to dial in your message. She will get to the gold here at the end. If you know, I don't want to, I don't want everybody to hear all the gold, but I gotta save someone with you. In Do you know, the biggest breakthrough that I ever had in terms of trying to clarify myself and really dial in my message was to really, really, really understand who I was. Talking about, in how much they knew about what I was talking about, like what phase like had, had they ever even heard of it. Where they were trying to get started where they already started. You know, were they to it. And what I found was that no matter whether they had never heard about it, or they had heard about it, and we're getting started or they were already like had gotten into it, they hadn't considered themselves that they hadn't gotten started. So the common question and the number one thing that I focused on, hit on in my messaging was how to get started, how to get started with those words here's how to get started. Here's where to get started. Want to know where to get started? Right. And, and even like if you look at our you know, if you look at the headline that I came up with years ago, you know, for anybody who wants to start a profitable online business but doesn't know where to begin, i e get started, right? So a lot of us are content out on TikTok and our content on Facebook and our content on YouTube doesn't really matter. Because we're talking over people's heads. We're talking with them. They actually look at us when we talk about surveillance stuff, and they are intimidated and think that you're way ahead of me. And I don't want to be the one person who's not who's who's just trying to get started. But really the truth is, like the majority of people find you listening to and will ever buy anything from you or just looking to get started or they've already bought something and they still don't like to start so that's who you got to like that's where the gold is. It's not hey struggling affiliates. Hey, they didn't say hey, let me show you how to get 50 leads a day all kinds of shit. Most people, most people who are going to buy from I guess the other really, really important detail about this. You might get comments from other marketers and you might get comments from others. On your content, if you're talking about more advanced strategies or you know more about what you're talking about. You might get comments from people but the people who really just want to know where to get started and how to get started that big buyer audience that your big buyer pool and they won't buy from you. You have That's why no here's here's the big nugget. That's why knowing a lot of shit is not always good. And that's why the more that you know, in this industry the more that you learn, the more you have to focus on keeping it simple. And talking to that person who's looking to get started and who just wants to know where and how does that make sense? 

Tim: So that absolutely makes sense. And that's actually the difference between short form content and long form content for me, for me. 10 is where I'm going to explain how to do something that's complicated. Somebody could watch it over and over again, they can do that range of motion, but it's not a sales video. No one's gonna buy off that stuff. They're gonna learn they're not going to buy it again. Why? Take that? Take that quick hit off that 15 second video, they're gonna impulse they're gonna follow that link. They're gonna watch that video. They're gonna sign up and about I would say 30% of my content today is a start now content. All of my DMs and comments. Here's how to get started. The starting words are very important and they're absolutely great. And keep talking, just give me two minutes. I'm gonna grab the store. It's part of my email autoresponder and I've got 40 Plus bills that go out now. That's signed up to my list than that not purchased for the 15 day challenge and a lot of those are about getting started. How do you get off the dime? It's not scary. It's that first step. And I think that start message is incredibly important in six emails to get going well, the commercial that I just got, the woman who signed up for my mailing list in April, signed up to take the channel in May about the blueprints in June. Yeah, all of that time she was getting emails from me off my autoresponder and if I just sent six emails over 60 sheets and never even signed up for the challenge, and all of that was encouraging people to get going get started. I'm here to help you reach out to me. We can get a great email conversation about how this thing can be a benefit to her. And I'm really glad I've just taken those steps as I got the commission, but because she needs this in her life, to make her goals come true. Again, 64 years old, I'm getting married again. I want to spend time with my new wife. My first grandchild is here today. I haven't met him yet. In Massachusetts, I can't wait to get home and immediately have things I need to do in my life other than work another 10 years for a big corporation. I hear you on that loud. I'll enjoy being on the journey with you, my brother over the next 10 years as you're traveling the world and marketing and taking this to a whole new level. I'm really excited to see what you do with it and how you you know how you how you craft and create it into your own thing and where you take it Tim it'll be real exciting to watch for all your help, your support and our community, you know, Tim's on their common team and really, really helping out and I know that that may not be something that lasts forever. We're just happy to have you in our community as you're, you know, in the beginning here and I love being part of the family. I feel like a family frankly. 

Dave: Cool, man. Well, hey, I'm sure you have others of you over there in Malaysia, even if that sleep or go hang out with your fiance so thanks for the time an hour and a real pleasure brother and safe travels and we'll see you when you get back over here stateside. Dave, I've enjoyed it very much. Thank you. All right, man. All right, go follow Tim. Everybody. He's got two two TikToks We've had him up the majority of the time all affiliate cash and then his other one is Hewitt and that's @tim_hewitt Who is just really using I've seen him use every opportunity here that he has to grow and learn. And it's not all about what he can take in get. And I've really noticed that about Tim it's What can I give? And the interesting thing is he learning through that he's learning and through giving and serving and teaching. And he's really taking that seriously like he's taking that every single one of you. Taking initiative to serve first. I'd be amazed by what you get how much you learn how much you grow, from serving and helping and teaching others how that leads right into exactly what we're teaching here which is simply how to deliver value out there to the marketplace. You have this wonderful community right here at legend near where you can start to test that and begin to be of service browse to see what you make. And it's just this beautiful transition as you go out and add value in your business. And people start to pay you more and more. So he's he's really somebody to watch and follow in that respect. I really, really appreciate his time on the show today, my friends. We'll be back again tomorrow for another episode. Join us 10am Eastern time we're here every day in text us at the number on the screen if you want to get a reminder before we go live. Get in and Tim just said it so perfectly and clearly to go through the training. Go through the training, and then apply. Sit back in and allow the magic to happen but you're gonna take the initiative, and he spelled out really, really beautifully today by my friends. We'll see you back for another episode tomorrow. Take care get out of here.