Below is the transcription for this episode: “Tips For Better Results For Digital Marketers” 

Join Matt & Elain as they discuss tips for better results for digital marketers & how to overcome feeling nervous.

Matt:  Hey everybody, happy Wednesday. Good to see you. We are live and it is Wednesday, July 13. You can see I'm live. I was waking up from my beard and my scraggly beard, and listening to how high housing costs are feeling inflation. I'm stepping in for David Sharpe today and joining you live for Wake Up Legendary, brought to you by Legendary Marketer. Today we are discussing better results for digital marketers. 

So that's what's on the podcast this morning from my beard drumming session. If you're just listening, you can't see that I just held up my phone to prove that we were live and that was the Spotify thing that was sitting on my screen. So we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern. We're pumped that you are here. If you're live with us, leave us a little comment and let us know where you're tuning in from. It's always fun to see people all over the world tune into this thing live. Lots of people tune in as a replay as well. Just so you all know if you want to get a text message reminder when we go live. We send out a short little text message every single morning when we go live and it just says I mean it literally just says like, Hey, we're going live with XYZ person and they're going to tell us about you know what? See, all you have to do to get that reminder is you send a text message from your phone. And it's you know what, I just got my message right now. And here it is from David Sharpe. Do you feel like it's taken longer to see results? So when you send a text message it should say w u l so you text the letters WUL that's in the message to 813-296-8553 If you're watching on the screen right now, and we just send out a short little message. We don't try to sell you anything. We're not trying to scam you or or try to sell you a bunch of products for 1000s of dollars in these text messages. In fact, in the years that we've been doing these text messages, we've never sold anything. So this is just a way for us to remind you hey, we're live join us. This should become part of your routine. If anything else just to have a place where you can wake up and hear an inspiring story rather than waking up to Fox News or CNN, or some total and complete BS about God knows what is who knows, you know, a lot of stuff going on in the world. And wouldn't it be better to start your day with an inspiring story of somebody who's like a go-getter taking action, is excited about life, is pumped up and is on a really cool journey. So that's what we do every single Monday through Friday. Also, if you'd like to get any sort of legendary marketer merch I have a little bit sitting right next to me you can go to the Legendary dot shop. Really easy to remember Be Legendary about the shop. You can see I've got my T shirts sitting around here. And yeah, it's super affordable. It's not a big, you know, again, our markup on that isn't crazy. We mostly just want to get it in your hands. We want to let you wear it to the legendary shop and if you all wow we've got New York City we've got Florida's in the house. We've got a warehouse in Pennsylvania in the house, Indiana. We've got Jersey, Alabama, Florida, what's up everybody? Oak Park I know right where that is. I had to live there, Philly. Oh man Jarius what's up? I'm in North Carolina, Minnesota, California. All right. Now if you all can give us a little hand clap emoji. We want to welcome in our guests for today. 

Vee: Hey, how are you? How are you? I'm good.

Matt:  Tell everybody how nervous you are.

Vee: I am so nervous guys.

Matt:  We just chatted for a minute before getting on and she's like, Oh my god, I observe Iris. Yeah. Well, cool. I'm excited that you're here and I'm excited that you know you're nervous because everybody who's sitting here watching this is like oh man other people get nervous too. Well, cool. So tell us a little bit about you. Tell us about some of your journey to going online. And you know, I think if I read right you quit your job last year towards the end of last year and didn't want to go back to a nine to five but tell us about the job you were working what that was like why you decided to quit your job how you found legendary. Just bring us into your world.

Vee: So I quit my job. I was in healthcare. And what with COVID We became super short staffed and it was just so hectic the workload that we had to carry on and it's just ridiculous. So we even had to work overtime on Saturdays, which is kind of odd for I guess, like the office setting. So I was putting in a lot of hours. And I have a daughter and she is my only child. And she's going to be 16 this Friday. So I'm like, dude, like this time has taken two years. This girl's already talking about college. And I'm just like, whoa, wait like you're leaving. I don't want you to leave. So I just felt like we missed out on so much. So I was like Screw this like I need to do something else. I want to stay home with her. I want to just kind of make up for time loss. And so I quit. I quit not just because of that. I quit like the work situation just driving across town and then all the way back so I'd had to leave earlier than she'd go to school and I'd have to come home later. And it was just it was just not working out for us. Like I was so stressed out and it's crazy because I have to actually come across lead during the year prior. And I just brushed it off and I was like no I was interested in it but I just didn't jump on board because I had other things going on. So it's like now and then I came across it after I had quit my job and I was like hello like I remember this opportunity. So I was like I'm jumping right on it because I had no plans on going back to health care and nine to five like I was just over it. I knew I wanted to do something for myself and to have time with my daughter and so I did and I had my I guess I completed the training as at the end of November. Yeah, I didn't January just because I was kind of in my head like with doubt and fear of being on camera like I am right now. And it's just kind of like I was like, You know what, like, I have to make this work. Like, I know why I don't want to go back to the hive. So I have to remind myself like, this is why you're doing this. And so I just push that day on and I just do Yeah, it takes me a while to finally find a, you know, a clip that I'm comfortable with. And I'm just like, Alright, let's do it. You know? Yes.

Matt: Okay, so from all the way from how you'd seen it in 2020 you had seen that wow,

Vee: Yeah. Exactly a year prior. I saw it in November 2020. I remember because we were moving into a new home. So a lot going on. 

Matt: You know, what's funny to me is is I just feel like people have different different sort of timelines, but they there's this unconscious, I feel like almost like an intuition or something where people just have a little, there's this span of time that they just need to sort of just sit and there's their things moving on. The surface. But everybody who's looking above the surface is like, hey, what do you do? And yeah, like, what? What's going on here? And yeah, no, I think that's cool because I think sometimes people rush into it and also sometimes people don't have the patience for other people like there's certainly some people who would have told you Wow, what a what a wasted year. I mean, jeez, what were you doing for all year you could have been, you know, and all this stuff, right, and that whole game but no, I think I think there's things that happen and things happen at people's own pace. Um, and, I mean, yeah, like, you're in your 30s And it's like, you have at least you know, if everything goes right, at least 3040 50 Plus more years of life, like you're just getting started, you know, like, things are just getting going and, and it's awesome to discover something like this or an ability to make money on the internet or have income that's not tied to you being in a certain location at a certain time. I think that's cool. And well, it's cool that you're got started and so from the time in November until now, that's like a seven month eight month ish journey. Yeah, well there's I mean, when you started the challenge, there's some nerves around being on video. There's nerves around being like, you know, on camera and stuff like that. And I've been curious up until now, like what have you learned about that experience and what tips and tricks would you have for other people who are like cheese? I could never. I would never like to put myself on camera. That's crazy.

Vee: Oh, my God. It was tough and it's more of a mental thing because I see people on TikTok. I scroll through tick tock sto and you know I just fell in love with these total strangers and just from being themselves so I'm like, why the heck am I trying to make everything look so perfect and look my best like, nobody cares. Like it's really just resonating with the individual that builds that connection. So whenever I create content, I'm just like, let's just do this and I'm not even gonna look at it. I'm just gonna edit it and, you know, send it off. And yeah, I mean, it kind of took me a while because don't look at my first videos please because they're horrible.

Matt: Say that everybody. You know what they do? They scroll and they just go straight to your first video, like, should I tell you like, man, who cares? So yeah, I just don't know. It just takes practice. I guess I kind of have to remind yourself why you started this in the first place. And just go with it.

And I think you know, as I look at a lot of your content and stuff it's really good creative content, and you're almost at 10,000 followers, even if that happens over the course of 567 months, like it's happening to other people faster, and sometimes that's not sustainable. And getting to 10,000 followers means you objectively did something right. You know, like you had to have captured an audience and something about your marketing and your style had to have grabbed them and caught their attention which is really powerful and you're what do you know, like 9900 followers here, you're super close after this show. You'll definitely have 10,000 Because there's at least 80 people who will come on here and who will follow you on this on on TikTok so, but I think I think if there was a if there was like an initial takeaway for me from your journey from, let's say, finding our challenge in October, November to being where you're at now, I even find it interesting that like, and I have this too. Very similar. Are you kind of introverted or extroverted introvert? Okay, yeah, me too. And by a longshot, especially when I first got started online, and I think what's really powerful is that I've always had this kind of secret belief that introverts have an intuitive skill about how to connect with people. And so I think a lot of times that introverts who have five or 10 or 15,000 followers on on Dr. Graham or something, those followers are inherently a little bit higher quality followers because introverts sort of know how to like, push through the screen a little bit into into people's minds and hearts and connect with people. But also, I think it's telling that or it's just interesting, I'm just making an observation that it seems like you're nervous on why you don't appear to be nervous, right? Like you're like, I don't know, it doesn't it doesn't come across to me like wow, like, this person's really nervous and I don't think anybody watching here is like, look at her. She's so nervous. You know, I don't really think that's the case. I don't I don't. And what I think my takeaway from that is, is you've built sort of a resistance, or sort of a I think that you know, introverts have the capability of sort of learning. People have this session, just say introverts, but I think extroverts know it and understand it easier. It comes more intuitively to them the ability to walk into a room and sort of quickly adapt socially, and are like, okay, how am I going to navigate this right? I walked into a room and I was like, oh my god, this is so awkward. I see. You write directly to my seat in the back row, and talk to me or especially not small talk, right? But my guess is, in a lot of ways. What I experienced online was doing all this really helped me in person too. And my guess is that you, in a lot of ways, have sort of learned or adapt new skills and skills. sets in that way of socially and connecting with people but also, just pretty simply, I would say, like, performing like just being a presence on camera to people and having sort of speaking with confidence and speaking with clarity and that's a really cool would say if that happened in six months. To me that feels fast. You know, like I think today it's been a while it's been slow or whatever, but that's pretty fast.

Vee: I honestly felt like I could have, I guess like how can I say I could have done better sooner because I did go live once and only once and I felt like it was a train wreck because I was so nervous. And I was just talking super fast and I didn't even like acknowledging the comments on screen or coming in and I was like, Okay guys, like I have to go like it was so embarrassing. Come with me just so I can feel comfortable. The live analysis like I did, I would like for like six minutes and I made you know, it was it was I should have actually been going like more but I just can't. Can't do it.

Matt:  It should be an interesting word, right? Oh, I think here's, let me just give you this nugget of information. And then you can do whatever you want with it. But for the people who are going to live regularly, there's a breakthrough moment. I promise you on the live aspect. There's a breakthrough moment. It happens for everybody who goes live enough where you snap out of it and you immediately it's almost like a night and day just shift and eventually after going live enough. Every single person experiences what you're talking about, every one of them the awkwardness that how the hell do I figure this out? It's like a fish out of water. And everybody who goes live regularly has that moment. And it might last for five lives and might last for 10. It's usually not super long though. Like it usually happens pretty quick on about your fifth or 10th Live or something like that. You'll just be like okay, I have more presence here. I get this, I figured it out. And and and then it just shifts and suddenly you don't have that anymore and I had that happen because I used to do webinars back in the day. But more recently, I was feeling really nervous when speaking to our masterminds and I had spoken on webinars hundreds of times, like maybe 1000s I don't know, not nervous at all. But every time I walked up in front of a room, my whole body just tightened up. Oh my god, like why am I so nervous? I could puke and I felt that my voice was weak and you say that your voice gets louder. My voice was like squawking and I sounded humiliated. And, this last time it was our mastermind in May. This is the first time that I walked up in front of the room in our Mastermind and felt zero nerves. So I noticed that my breathing was fine. Then I felt totally comfortable. I had no issues at all. And that was uh oh, my fifth or sixth mastermind I think. So. It's right in that it's right in that area five or six where you're suddenly you, you know where to point, click, you know how to engage people. So you should keep going live. The other big gold nugget that I wanted to drop to you and then I'll let you kind of reflect back on is that a lot of people who are selling an absurd amount of products and making a lot of sales both in our industry and other industries to all sorts of industries are going live. And to the point where I've seen people sell digital products talking about how they train you to go live because these people are going to live and there's some people who are going live and selling almost like QVC like they're selling like home shopping network style, just selling watches. Free and I don't even know what else but anyway, all that to say that you've grown a following of 9900 people and sometimes people discount that so I just don't want you to discount that. There's 9000 people on earth, almost 10,000 people on Earth who are like I want to see more. I want to learn more you're teaching me valuable stuff. I know I am captivated. How do I learn more from you? So definitely just don't discount that. That's a big thing.

Vee: Thank you. Yeah, I like I'm shy on camera but you know, once I get to know you I open up so a lot of the messages that I get like in the DMS like I'm not shy I don't hold back. I'm very confident in my message to get it across. And I just felt like that is where the connection builds. 

Matt:  Yeah, and that makes Well that makes a lot of sense to me. And part of what might be helpful to you is sort of viewing your content and vibes that way. Right. So like, especially on a live like, like, people come in when you first go live. I mean, it's tough. I'll just validate your feelings. It's tough. I mean, there's nobody there. You're like, is anybody gonna show up? And I heard that to a certain extent when I started doing live webinars back in like 11 and 12 where I would go to webinars, there's nobody there like, like, and I would just do the webinars so I could send it out to my tiny nonexistent email list after the fact such a joke and but but you know what Dave Davis was the same story he used to you know, our very first times going live everybody's got this day one hate for him. He you know, he would close itself. off in his in a room with his computer and he's like, hey, you know, he would tell Aaron, he has his girlfriend now wife at the time. He you know, hey, I got a webinar and I'm going to be really busy for the next hour and he wouldn't click go live and nobody's there. But you know, he couldn't let her know that. So he's behind the door like, Hey, we got a packed house tonight. How's everybody doing? You know, and like, like, Alright, I gotta show up, you know, and there's no, it's so relatable, right? It's like, oh, my gosh, okay. I'm not the only one who thinks I'm crazy. And, and mostly it's like I don't know. I just think the element of going live can become really fun and it can become a habit where it's like I can. It can really shift from like, super intimidated and scared to go live. They're like, No, really excited and it almost becomes like a drug in a way that sounds bad but like it becomes like this. Thing that feeds you dopamine, which is basically a drug and yeah, I think that I think that in a lot of ways. So so fixated on lives, but yeah, the live is a powerful way to do that. It is to convert people and to and to connect with people. I just think everything in marketing is Psychology and in the world of going live. What it does for a lot of people is it takes from conceptual viewers to real engagers and and when they watch your stuff, and they're scrolling through videos and you come up on their for you page and then I call it cool like I want to learn more about that and they hit follow well there for them in that moment. You're just a distant creature out there who's like posting videos and who knows if you're even real. But if they see you're going live and they sit there for even 10 seconds like people underrate somebody sitting on a line for 10 seconds, because their DNA they're soaking in a lot of things. They're looking from left to see if this person's live or if this is like is this a video or are they live? And then you know, they're sort of contemplating like whom do I tune into or not? And also, you might think you don't have viewers but you might just not have people who have tapped into it yet. You might have people who are scrolling there and haven't actually watched because I'll do that with lots of Yeah, you don't actually tap and go into it. And those will show up as viewers so likely as soon as you hit Go Live, you've got lots of followers who are sitting there watching just haven't tapped in yet. Right. So you've got to have a way to frame that whole experience in your mind where you're thinking through, okay, there are people watching this and I'm going to speak to them confidently, and they start to feel that energy in there. That's when they're like okay, I get it now. Now. I've seen it with my eyes, this person feels and I understand that this person has some influence. And also not Do they just have some influence but somebody showing up and going live. There is there's a difference. This creates this. It's sort of like an authority hack. Somebody doesn't really go live and especially go live regularly. Unless, unless they're really taking it seriously. It doesn't mean that you have to go live to take it seriously, right? But if you are doing these lives, it's like this person's real, like they're illegally kidnapped. And it's the same thing with marketing in general and marketing if you're going live or I'm sorry, if you attract somebody for the first time it's usually not likely they'll buy from you. If they see your marketing 5, 6, 7, 8 times more likely that they'll buy from you. So if the same thing is true with lives, they see you go live one time it's like okay, that's interesting, though, they decided to go live some, you know, this random one off time. But if you see somebody who's live five times or like I've gone on and seen Calvin Hill live on TikTok almost every day of the week for a loan. And it's like, oh, yeah, it's like, it's like, this is what he does. It's not a thing he did. This is who he is and what he does. And now if I'm tuning in and listening to him talk about digital marketing. My guess is somebody who goes live that much, probably knows a thing or two, I'm gonna listen. And in the world of referral based affiliate marketing, that's where it gets really, what's why his conversion rates are so high to people who purchase things from him, not just our stuff, anything. It's because his recommendation carries weight, which yours does, too. Right? That's why 10,000 people follow you on TikTok. 

Vee: I see like a lot of people when they have like so many followers and I'm like I look at mine and I'm just like, and I like I can't beat myself up because I literally we all start from zero, you know, and we and I'm proud of my 9,900


Matt:  Well, you should be proud of it. Yeah, and I just always get the sense. Just because I've felt similarly to you, like I remember feeling a lot of what you're expressing, which is why I get so passionate about this, because I remember discounting my following I remember discounting my list. I remember just kind of being like, oh, it's tiny. You know, I'm never gonna be that one person. I sort of hold them up on a pedestal in Hell yeah. But they got 1.2 million followers and I only got like, you know, 10,000 you know, but, man yeah, not only is everybody more like a really close mentor of mine told me something I'll probably never forget. He just said dude. You know, on the internet. You know, you've got these big influencers that you look at and you're like, you're like, get to that. But the truth is, is you get wealthy online, one click at a time and one follower at a time, and it happens slowly in it, and it happens over time and it builds and it grows and it's and eventually you've got sort of this digital asset of business where it's like, oh, I have a following and I can type an email and get them to do things or I can recommend stuff to them and they'll do it and people will add their human behavior will actually impacted by which requires a lot. It requires that you believe that you should have that power, right. So it means that you've got to be you gotta be up on your stuff. You got to know what you're talking about. You have to believe what you're talking about. And it requires that you can speak with confidence to people. All right, speed that you can go on your TikTok which I just looked at your tick tock earlier. It's like you obviously do that. It's very clear. Confident calls to action for people which is why people follow you. Which is really cool. What I'm curious about is that I want to hear your take on it just like when you go on and post videos. So first of all, when did you start posting videos, then, and how often do you post and what do you do? Do you take a more structured approach, or do you just kind of post when you want to post.

Vee: So at first I was doing like three videos a day. And I was like, this is kind of slow growth and everything. And actually last Friday when you guys had consistent Tyler wise and he said, He's talking about feeling burned out, you know, and with my slow growth and everything. I was getting discouraged. There were plenty of times where I was like this isn't for me. And I was like no, like I always look back on my own I invested in my posts and I'm like, Okay, this is why I'm gonna keep going. So how do I do that but I was getting discouraged. I did stop posting for a time period because I was burnt out. Like I was just exhausted. So what I was doing, I was just posting drafts that I had in my content. So I would just come up with something or something like dang like I remember I was here and I said home and I'm like I'm so glad to be home because I'm not dealing with XYZ that I was dealing with prior. And I'll just make a post about that, you know, and even going, but now. Now, honestly, it's just once a day I'll post and I really feel like I'm not going to bust my brains over trying to get this content out, kind of just going to pace what feels right to me.

Matt:  Yes, yes. And are you posting across multiple different platforms with this content?

Vee: Just with TikTok and Instagram, I tried to print the Pinterest thing, but I was just like, I mean, it seems easy. And, you know, you just create a pin and a description, but I was like, now I think I've gotten used to the video, so I'm just gonna stick with that.

Matt:  Yeah, cool. Cool. No, I was gonna say that we've been having a lot of people recently who had success on tacos and are also finding their videos going crazy viral on Facebook, too. And you could create a Facebook business page and repurpose it on Facebook too. It seems like right now in particular. Facebook over the last few months is really hard to get you a lot of followers on Facebook and they're converting really well. Pinterest kind of Yeah, YouTube. Shorts kinda, but man Facebook is really hot right now, maybe hotter than TikTok in terms of growth and conversion rates and stuff. So hop on Facebook and and the cool part is that you can just you can you can connect it to your you can connect it to your Instagram, but if you're already creating it and posting it to IG, it's just like, do the exact same thing on Facebook. It only takes like two extra minutes. So if you're already in the habit of doing it on both anyway, like I've seen I've seen the growth for people on Facebook from their reels. way faster than Instagram reels way faster. Not everybody but I would say especially done certain things to get you more followers and you can put a link in your bio right away. It's just super easy. It's at least you know, a few extra 100 views or you know, if it happens, you get, you know, caught in a good web of their algorithm. There can be a lot of views.

Vee: Yeah, totally. I think a lot of times too, you know, if it takes you six months to get a ticket, a high ticket sale or something. It's like, oh, man, is this gonna be this just like every six months but i The reality is usually in most cases, honestly. What I see with people is there's this incubation period of about like, three to six months for most people. Like I think what you're experiencing is pretty normal, like three to six months for most people where they're just like trying to figure it out trying to navigate the waters and like trying this trying that and then boom, something catches on, like, oh my gosh, okay, like, I figure something out. I need to double and triple down on what's working, you know, right. So you know, six months. It's a short amount of time honestly in the grand scheme, or in the grand scheme. But yeah, I wouldn't say being consistent is a big one. And I like to try to go back to what you said. I liked what Tyler said because it gives you a little bit more freedom to post good quality content versus hitting a metric every day, quality over quantity. But I do. Also, I like and appreciate having, you know, Hey, I gotta get a piece of content out today because at the very least it keeps you fresh. And the longer you wait between days to post it just it gets fuzzy about okay, like what am I doing again, how am I going you know, I kind of get this stuff up, what am I doing? So, I definitely do like having some sort of set structure or a minimum that I have to hit, you know, in order to get my content out. Okay, so for people who are here, and let's speak to the people who are nervous about posting content in six or seven months of posting content, a lot of growth internally, both of your business and internally. What would you say to people who are sort of sitting in the shoes you're in and November or January, get ready to post that first video and they're like, oh, my gosh, I can't do this. What would you say to those people?

Vee: Let's say if you jumped into this and just went with it, just keep going. You jumped into this for a reason, obviously for change. And no matter what we all go through, we all want to change. So the way to get there is really to rely on yourself because no one is going to do it for you. So it's up to you to make that change. 

Matt: It's great. It's great. I don't know if you've ever tuned in to one of Amy’s lives. And I agree that was my sentiment overall as well. And yeah. You know, we'll probably have Amy on again at some point or for tips on going along. We've had her on a couple of times but she's great. She's there live and guess what, think about how you conceptualize you know Amy or something cuz she goes live all the time. We think about her now as the person who's liked, she's a normal person, right? I mean, I love watching her. Well, you know that, you know, the cool part is really the only difference between Amy and you is just really picking up the phone and tapping the go live button. That's really it. That's kind of crazy, right? Yeah. And that's it. So, hey, thank you so much for coming on today. This is so fun. Yes, of course. And in a few months, if you want to come back on the show, just send us a little email. Lots of people do this. They'll send us a little email and just say, hey, been working hard, you know, still cranking away. Come back on the show, and we schedule them right away. We'd love to have you back on. Thank you, Matt. And everybody. Thanks. Yeah. All right. I'm gonna put up big. Tick tock and Instagram. Go find her and give her a follow and let her know. You know, go comment on her social media and say, Hey, we want to see you go live in a live more often. Just kidding. You don't have to do that. But give her a little love. Just say hey, we saw you on Wake Up Legendary. It was a great show. One thing I took away from today's show and there you go. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram dream dot live. And we'll be back here tomorrow. Same time, same place as always 10am Eastern we go live every single day. We have been for two and a half. Years. We'll keep doing it forever. I guess I don't. I don't think we're gonna stop. So. And yeah, see you tomorrow for another episode.

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