Last week on Wake up Legendary we interviewed Anna Wald to talk about her successful online business.. Anna started scrolling TikTok and found Legendary Marketer and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. She had always wanted to start an online business but could never find the right fit. She felt like the challenge opened up her eyes and showed her the ways in which both her online business as well as her brick and mortar business has the opportunity to grow.

If you are someone who wants to create an online business with information you already have, this interview is for you.

Targeting Your Customers With Your Content

Anna started her online business about 8 months ago and decided to dedicate all of her time towards her business. Her business is all about digital marketing, email marketing, and copywriting. Anna sends out emails every day to her email list and tries to create as much connection to her viewers and customers as possible.

Before finding Legendary, Anna used paid advertising, hired marketers, and paid someone to do most of the work for her with her brick and mortar business owning a kitchen and bathroom showroom. Outsourcing work can be costly and Anna realized she could do a lot of the content creation and work herself for her business. She knew all of her clients that she was dealing with and felt it was better for her to do the advertising and email writing herself to better connect with them. 

Anna started categorizing her email list by gender and other factors and sends out emails to each list category that she feels would catch their attention the best. She sends emails about organizers, products that help you clean around the house, and other home organizational content. She advertises and recommends different products and DIY projects as well to grab her recipient’s attention. 

Sorting through your email list and really taking the extra step to connect with your readers and customers will increase your chances of making a sale and help you build your relationship with your customers. They will feel like you really know and understand them and what type of content they like to see. 

Creating Products With Your Knowledge

Anna has now taken her business opportunity to the next level and started an online coaching and consulting business. She wants to use the information she has learned with Legendary growing her own business to help other small business owners grow their business as well. 

Anna has always been a tech savvy person but feels like the information she has learned through Legendary has been life changing for her. She has been able to learn new skills and not only apply those skills to the business that she already had, but she has now been able to start a completely separate online business where she helps others learn. 

Using the skills you learn in the 15 Day Challenge, you can create other online products and coaching to start your own online business as well. There are multiple ways to market your information some of which include coaching and consulting, online courses, e-books, and informational videos. 

Track Your Progress Over Time

The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge was the first online business venture that Anna has tried. During the training she tried to implement everything that she was learning. When it came time to have a zoom call with her business plan advisor she felt nervous, but when it was time to have the zoom call she decided to just do it. It turned out to be life changing for her. 

Even though Anna was nervous, once she got on the call she felt like she was talking to a friend. It can feel scary to get on a video call with a stranger and talk about a subject you are new to, but once you get on the call and are face to face with the other person it will become much easier. Taking that step to get on a zoom call is a win for you, and it’s important to celebrate all the small wins along the way to feel encouragement and track your progress. 

Anna felt a little embarrassed by the first videos she made but decided not to delete them. Deleting your videos deletes some of your authenticity. Your viewers like to see where you started and have something to relate to when they are first starting out. Your viewers being able to see your older videos builds more trust because they can see that your content wasn’t always perfect.

Building Authenticity In Your Content

Anna plans to teach her kids affiliate marketing and the skills she has learned in the future when they are older. Anna was a single mother for 11 years and struggled often to make ends meet. Now she would never have to work multiple jobs to support her family and wants to pass the knowledge she has learned onto her children. 

Anna says that building her business has been a process but she has never given up. A big part of what has helped her be successful is being authentic. Being yourself in your content is the best way to connect with your audience. 

People want to see someone they can relate to and trust. Your audience won’t feel like they are really able to connect with you if you aren’t being completely yourself in your content. Tell your story and what brought you to wanting to make more money. Other people will be able to relate to you because so many people are in the same situation.

Anna’s biggest piece of advice for anyone first starting out with their online business is to not give up. Continue doing the 15 Day Challenge and building your knowledge. Find people in the community to talk to when you are stuck and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t give up, and release the idea of quitting as an option. 

Follow Anna on TikTok at @makemoneywithannaw and on Instagram at @makemoneywithannaw2 to learn more tips about how to grow your online business and incorporate your digital marketing knowledge base into your content creation. 

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