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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends it's your boy David Sharpe back in the saddle back in the captain's chair. In the last two days doing an absolutely spectacular job as always and shouting out to the guests over the last two day is today we have a landscape. Okay. escape, grow successful online business using the techniques that we share in show here at Legendary. RJ Welcome to the show brother. 

RJ: Good morning

Dave: I Hear the birds chirping in the background.

RJ: Man I'm on my porch This is the best light to make me look like I'm not my age. You know it just filters everything naturally. I learned a hard filter on this, you know?

Dave: I'm in my 30s You're in your 50s and you look in your 50s Right. I'm in my 30s and I look in my 50s So you're not doing that okay.

RJ:  I think maybe I had a guy with seven years of wisdom perhaps.

Dave: What is your story brother? Can you tell us your legendary marketer story so we can get to know you a little bit more how you found us and what's happened since then? 

RJ: Well, yeah, absolutely. For me, I'm successful. I'm a general contractor five years before that, and ran my family's business. So I have a pretty varied background. And I'm just tired of feeding the machine. You know. It's when I got my first commission, because I've been trying this for 20 years. I did everything and so I've dumped 1000s of dollars and lots of free time which I know I don't have a lot of. He's got seven kids between this. I got grandkids. I've got a time now you look older your grandkids alright grandpa All right grandpa. I just didn't see. I made it around here. I do. I do fine. And the problem is, I don't explain this to you know, it's time versus money. And then what happens when this old dog can't move a rock here and there every once in a while and employees are becoming impossible to find and when I put it on I made a talk about it. I get my commission checked. I looked at my spreadsheet for work. And you know, I'm sure I'll bring in a ton more money. But it all goes out. And the government goes to payroll taxes to fuel repairs. The list I could I mean I showed it in California in the state of Washington which is yeah, just there. It's California like they're all moving here. I don't know why we're just as bad tax wise.

Dave: And you also mentioned in your right in where we asked you before the interview you said the Commission's that you made here have filled a lot of gas tanks for you over there. So I just Yeah, it sounds like you're considering buying now hearing that you're on the west coast it makes more sense they are higher over there. The cost of living is higher in most of the West Coast cities. Well we're gonna get nice realistically.

RJ: I gave up my winter business which was lucrative because I was basically we we did we serve as hospitals and cancer care places and they didn't want any snow on the ground ever, which is a great contract to have 20 You're really 24/7 all winter and so I got myself to the position where I said that's it. 25 years is enough. You know, you can't go anywhere. You can't do anything and so but ran across, you know you're in your 50s but I couldn't help okay, but I ran across Yeah, and here's this Aaron. Oh man, he's just a killer and he's the sweetest. And that honestly resonated with me. And I actually thought I just believed him. And I didn't believe in the $7 Anything. I thought it was another thing and I'm like what seven bucks I spent that morning and open because I've spent so many hours on YouTube and I spent so many hours doing all the things that you hear about people doing. And I've spent, you know, I could probably reach into the 10s of 1000s over the last 20 years on stuff that just didn't work. And you're a smart guy.

Dave: I mean, you're a smart guy. So it's not like I would think that that is all different. Can you do you think because I mean the most value we could get out of this experience is to hear what is different here. You know what? If you imagine somebody who's just starting out on their journey, could we save them? 

RJ: 20 years of BSM this conversation is kind of what I I had to pay for my 20 years and blood sweat and tears. Yeah, so did you do anything? And how and what was available for internet marketers back then was much more difficult than it is now. Or has there been something mad? Something else that's happened? Do you think if I did something I would have started a blog back then, before TikTok and that's where a lot of success and I'm not wrong but I wouldn't eliminate the idea down the road of a blog but I'm going to do what works. Dave, I'm going to take your advice and I'm gonna use the products that you folks have recommended because they work and they've worked for me. And the kicker was the honesty and the people I've met. There's people on here right now. I guarantee you that I invited Amy to make money online. She's there and we're friends, you know, and we do the same thing. 

Dave: And the difference is I don't you know, I don't feel weird about selling this not selling recommending this and I feel you know, it's not for everybody but I don't even tell my my friends but I want to get so big that they find out about me, you know, and that's, too. I don't you know, everybody we're so used to when it's somebody that's that's in my life and I said why do you have to explain yourself? You know, and I think that we get beat down we beat ourselves down. Of course we're our own worst critics with all the different things that we've tried over the years and then when we start something new, it's really if I have a chance to succeed, our inner whatever feels the need to sort of explain and so forth and I love that. I love that so many of our people come in and are getting to work, and I'm sure some of us still feel the need to explain ourselves. I do. Even to this day I have to catch myself dead ass serious dude, I'm ready every day in front of right here because I don't want any sort of weird images of me on yachts or any bullshit, because I gotta go. Gotta leave from here right now dude. And I gotta go. I'm going round the corner to go right around the corner from my other house. And when I walk into my house folks, nobody rolls out a red carpet for Dave Sharpe and says oh, the legendary marketers here for Well, they say take out the garbage and change his diaper. I'm tired. Let's go swimming. You know, there's no so for me, the rest of the world is not explaining itself to me about why it does what it does, why it decides what it decides, why it has the opinions that it has. And so for me as a new window, like you store shuttle energy is so damn important. You know, each one of our emotional energy in how we feel and one argument can bring us down, one bad toxic situation brings us and we may have we're going to create something really legendary that day. And oftentimes when we go back and dissect how the situation came to be, oftentimes will I find that instigator you know, we were the ones who went looking for symptom validation or somebody from somebody or we shared something with somebody and they didn't respond the way that we wanted them to. And then, you know, that triggered us or got us upset or we felt unsupported. And so I know I'm ranting on this little bit, but I just love the fact that for whatever reason. You're not explaining yourself. Well, I'm too old for that man. I don't want time to be a key motivator for me. And the time that I have left is that clock is ticking. So if I want to accomplish something and when you find something that you connect with like this it fits all my boxes because from a production I just write programs, auto shop welding, whatever well I ran this high end radio and TV program. This is back in analysis many years ago but we had all this state of the art stuff and and now I have that in my pocket times 1000 that production that creative that creative aspect of it. It's just juice for me man. And it's just my brain . I'm always spinning plates and my brain has been on the back of my head all the time. And it's a blessing. I curse you know, and, and so it's just but but what you said is this I'm to the point like Amy, where some of the people in my family that I know could benefit from it not not and I let them know I when you let them know how zero risk it is to find out more about it. And the first one was my sister in law. They just came up from my father's funeral and I brought my cry towel just in case I started bubbling but because my dad was a very very special man. But my brother and my sister in law, you know, they they adopted two foster children that and they you know in their in their 50s and just they've they've just these kids are just blossoming you know and, and but they had to you know, lock them up here you know on Well, what if she could make that, you know, in a month or two months or three months and you got sitting in an account there. You're not using your credit cards, you're not using your savings. And so, I'm at the point where I'm feeling compelled to have so much support. I have a wife that has a very strong faith and she knows that I can't let just can't let this chip.

RJ: I'm dedicated to my family. And I'm dedicated to the people around me and my friends the same way. Anybody I've even mentioned it to they're like what is it I guess? It's not a one word answer, man. If you're gonna bring a bunch of crap into my life. You're not gonna probably be in my life very long. And it doesn't. I'll deal with problems, my friends. We have a policy, you know, one of us messes up and I line. A friend. A true friend is gonna tell you, everybody else. They have stuff they haven't dealt with and they want to bring it into your life for a variety of reasons, but they don't want to deal with it themselves. I just, I want to write direct, but I cannot fix you and me

Dave: Really well said. But what

RJ: Did I even answer your question? 

Dave: I don't care what my question was. Everything you just said it's so true. And it's so it's so much it's so simple now. I think we have accounts and pages that look like everybody else's accounts and pages when we're out there marketing about or integrating grants. I love that you can just say hey, this is where I'm at. So check it out. If you have any questions, write all the answers and you don't have to I was just talking to a friend yesterday on on the phone which I rarely do because I don't take phone calls because I hate for the same reason dude that you were just kind of talking about is just all the nonsense and a lot in most of the phone calls. You usually get it from people who are unwilling to deal with their own shit and they want to put it on you right? And I'm not an open intuitive just being able to you know, being able to just direct message somebody and then just Oh fuck, let me just, you know, let me just stop everything I'm doing and go and like deal with shit is the octave, stupid as shit that human beings have ever liked the fact that we got the phone and we can hold it up and we could, you know, do what we do is great. But the fact that any asshole can just hit me up and completely distracted me. I'd like to talk about that a little bit with you because I know you're doing a lot in your marketing that's unique and different. And part of it is to create a safe kind of community on your post. And I'm all getting this just from a little bit you wrote like you know your own time.

Dave: How are you protecting your audience? Why are you doing it? You know, talk to us a little bit about what you're doing on tick tock that's different in that you think it's working because you're doing something that you know, may even take a little bit more work but you feel it's worth it?

RJ: Well, I've been guilty of a lot of the same mistakes that everybody makes, but I felt like it may have hurt me because I've heard the amendment. Well amendment good times. RJ  

slows down the algorithm or whatever, whatever. Whatever. stuff. And so I'll get on and reply. Somebody says, in fact, I know I'm looking for him because I don't get him anymore because these people if they're eight holes, I block you know, and I'm not talking about regular people that just have a concern or say that's bullshit. I'm happy to get on there and reply and say this is why it isn't you know, and I'm happy to do that stuff. I see my fake profile and they're screwing these guys. I want people I ran my family had almost 100 retail stores. You think I'm gonna let a customer of mine come into my retail store and have somebody else monkey with him while they're at my store? It's the same thing to me. So, I've used the filters very effectively. No comment makes it on my board, unless I've seen it before. So I don't care how long it takes me. I'm at this point. And I'm all in. I got some big changes coming and I know by fall that I'd like to replace my pipeline. And so with the income from online marketing, and I believe No, I will about that. I will let that happen. So you heard it here, folks. You heard it here. Hey, call me out man.

Dave: What you did was make a public declaration and it's really powerful because now you're you know, there's there's something that's so different in just saying something out loud than saying it in your head because you say it out loud

RJ: In my mind, today, well what are you thinking right now?

Dave: Well, no, that's not what you're really thinking. Tell me what you're really thinking right now. Right? Right. And then they'd say it out loud. And I say, Well, what do you think about that? And they say, Well, now that I've said it out loud, it sounds pretty ridiculous, right? So saying things out loud can oftentimes take their power away, or in this case, give them power because now you made this goal or I believe speaking things into people is like a self fulfilling prophecy. But what wasn't always framed as a negative isn't a self fulfilling prophecy automatically? Pretty much looked at as a negative right? But what about the positive mean I don't know maybe some maybe it's self fulfilling prophecy is either looked at as negative or positive but certainly we know that a negative self fulfilling prophecy can happen because I've literally seen those happen, but you know what, I've seen it happen or is positive self speaking things. So I like that. Thanks for doing it.

RJ: Well, if folks have an opportunity after we're done to go to my my tick tock his last name is Gregory. I know it's the first. He was an activist, good friend of Martin Luther King. And he was a comedian who used to go to the Playboy Club in the late 60s. And I'm, I do a lot of what I call power duets. And I you know, I I battled all those dark depressive demons when I was young like you and I lost a friend of depression. And I'm on the other side of that now. And and so I've decided that I'm going to be pulled and I'm just going to put my stake in the ground. That's what I'm going to do. And so that's how you gear it. I mean, that's automatic as well, I know I need to if that's the case, if that's my goal. Well what would you have to do to make that happen? You know, you just have a backwards method and what successes have I had? How can I build on that? And that's where I'm at. So there's very few things that I say this is happening, you know, and but being a good dad is one that's not hard being a good grandpa, be hard, and I enjoy it. So I'm going to include this in my list of things that I care about. And I'm gonna give it the reverence that it deserves. It's something that could potentially help my family inexplicably. And give me time on top of that. I'd love to go to visit my brother down in Texas, my other brothers in Spain right now and seven kids in my family so I could travel from Panama and crash on their couch and not even have to pay for lodging.

Dave:: Yeah, exactly. More time on my boat stuff like that with my family. Maybe I'm old now. I just got a new boat. Um, that's what I'm talking about. I got a 30 foot center console. Two twin 300 Yamahas are on the back.

Dave: You actually just said something that really stood out to me and I thought it was pretty profound, which is I often do wet with people literally never feeling sometimes. I want to talk a little bit about your content strategy in the kitchen. Just let's start there maybe with the duets and tell us a little bit about those and how those are working for you and what are you doing?

RJ: You know I just liked the creative process and sometimes you know I just like from the cuff everyone's not even everyone's with to it's easy for me just to get my message out you've got to build on something. It can't be abs. It can't be abstract. I'm finding some of the cadence that you use some of the cadence and terminology that I felt Allen to and that they use when they mimic other

great check talkers right. And so we all use you said this stuff can I get a little bit more feeling in there? Can I make it mine when I want to go verbatim but I just did one a couple days ago just very very simple. I just told you I was trying to remember it but it was basically that you want to be if you liked the idea of six figures, you know and I don't normally I don't want it to be too flashy. So it's that as you're riding that edge. I don't want to be a used car salesman because that's not my style, but some of the cadence and I had to pitch him and ask what's that say? What I feel I also add, try it. I try to get value from me while they're talking. So I'll put in quotes that I've said in my talks or you know, not just people we also sit there and it's like yeah, this is I'm just I'm having a cup of coffee wasn't gonna do this. 

RJ: Other values I'll bring in folks through the article their support. Rep Ron Sakis channel changed my life, you know, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And I have no, I've lost my ego a long time ago and it's benefited my life tremendously. And I used to care what everybody thought all the time. I used to try to get in people's heads and think well they're probably thinking that I got time for that anymore. So I'll do a hymn and they're fabulous. All the time. I am my age that really resonates with what's going on for people my age. So we are all worried about the same thing. We have fears about what's going on in the world that we can control. And we have fears of war, we have fears of poverty. We have fears of aggression. And so I tap into that because I want for them what I'm building. I want them to save and help their family if something really horrible were to happen. And it could just be financial. You know, we're not in a great place in this country and US Canada and now the western world is and so everybody's scared. We're all scared, and rightfully so, and we're looking for something that's going to if you take that fear you harness it and you put it into being able to move sideways, if there is a problem really happened. That's what helps keep me as sane as I am. 

Dave: Men which humans want security, it's going back to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Then we can see that those who are I can help you with that. I was just pulling up some slides that I have but yeah, please go ahead. Give us, give us your view on it.

RJ: I went to five different colleges when I was growing up, and I'm not a doctor. Okay. I was kind of lost. I bounced around the school. So and I didn't even take I didn't even take class. Is that because I never thought it worked for anybody. No college with my parents philosophy and what they were talking about and what shows the truth. And Maslow's hierarchy of needs is when your simple needs have been met. You go to the next level. If so, what is your first would be I think it's food and water, then it's the next warrants and then it goes all the way up? 

Dave: And right now my my and I've got some additional takes on that which is basically the world right now is dealing with with the in they're consumed with their safety needs. They're there basically to meet the needs. Is that are we in alignment here with a burden? Absolutely. Yeah. So I mean, if I don't have air and water and food and shelter and sleep and clothing, I'm not really worried about your friendship. Right? I'm worried about getting the air right but when I have air water, food, shelter, sleep clothing, my reproduction needs I've got a mate are found in a let's see, I can have all those other photographs live for I can move up and once those needs are met I can focus on personal security employment resources, health property, right. And so that's what's interesting about the Maslow's hierarchy of needs as well as that these lower needs are our deficiency needs which as their merit decreases. Just out of the world in funds some basic bills then stop right because the motivation increases as those needs are met. But growth needs a sort of self esteem and some creativity and some of the you just said the ego deflation that you did that you've done over the years to where that's a healthy thing. You've deflated your ego to where you're not and that's really what proper sizing of one's self image is, but growth needs. That's if we can meet this is why making money in having money is what helps you meet a lot of these needs, unfortunately, in this world, right? Needs are just a cycle of your physiological needs minus the reproduction but I mean gosh, you could even buy that a few. I digress. Once we were making enough money. That's why people can be more stress free because then they can focus on the things that we're capable of focusing on, but only if our eBay I was always only focused on their physiological and safety needs. So, you know, we have to meet those safety needs both as children our parents have to or caregivers, but then as adults, it's our responsibility to do that. And, you know, it can be a very hopeless thing to be sitting there at a job. Again, not at all, not only are you not getting pulled over, because those top categories are not getting touched much but you're also barely meeting your physiological and safety needs. 

RJ: You know, maybe in my 20s and early 30s it meant something locally, but I quit a job where I was miserable and God bless my family. It's just I wasn't good at it. It wasn't for me. And I was helping my you know, we were transitioning out of into the digital every day and I was working every night. That's all I thought about. I was consumed but I went from that to title and to mowing lawns and it was the best thing. It's the best thing I ever did, because it took my ego, the same people that I dealt with in business, have all lived on the big hill. They have houses and stuff. Hey man. I had giant commercial accounts, I had all these things but my ego wasn't there anymore. It's about my quality of life. And then you become so approachable. to people and they understand your authenticity. Because because they they feel your authenticity, the words you use, and I won't mind the conversation at a friend's son's wedding that I've done since he was born and ran into an old friend from high school and he wanted to break out his tax forms you know, I got the I got that I got I don't have that conversation. People that quite literally own this town. I mean they are never talked about and I went to highschool with money. When we want to sit or talk right we're at the point where all of our fur and a lot of our friends are dying. Just last a really, really close this month. Sorry to hear that. Nothing is guaranteed and I'm not going to sit here. And you know, I know if someone's got and I suppose I'm going to be the first one I met. So, you know, it's wonderful, but I don't want the breakdown of you know why you're better than me?

RJ: Because I've got 200 pounds to buy probably, I could buy pretty much any regular car truck but I got a 1990 Geo Metro in my garage right now. That gets 55 miles to the gallon. I have no problem with my whole family. It's got three colors of paint on it. I will drive that thing until the wheels fall off. When you have no ego about something and you don't care.

Dave:  I had a sponsor when I got clean in 2008 and he drove a little yellow Volkswagen Beetle or you know the little one, I mean, and I idolized gangsters and you know, I mean, I had come from the streets and was all warped. I mean, obviously my role models are my priority. Models were all mixed up, but he was a poor short gun like he was. He was a great leader of man, great leader of man. He had his own inner demons that he didn't deal with and they eventually took them out. I learned a lot of lessons. Yeah, yeah, you got to deal with your own stuff. You can't just be busy helping everybody else. But he taught me a lot about work, the value of relationships and what's important in life. And it's not. It's who you have and your experiences in your heart. Are you comfortable in your own skin? And Are you Are you at peace inside and worked really hard over the last 14 years since I got clean to do a lot of that ego deflation. I had success early. Earlier in my career. I had a lot of impostor syndrome, and I had a lot of insecurity and I didn't know how to even deal with Limelight or success or anything and I see that a lot. 

Dave: Everybody wants to be rich but there's there's different challenges like Mason Puff Daddy said Mo Money Mo Problems. I mean there's there's there's mental and emotional challenges that pop up. But for me the emotion is data that allows me to get on video. It allows me to get in front of people. I sweat like a pig. I mean, I'm my aunt. The reason why we have a black everything is because I look at my arms. I mean it's like a faucet. I just sweat like a pig and you think I only want to be up if I sell filter about Legendary Marketer is to me it don't have to be legendary marketer all the time I go home and be sweaty Dave dad was, you know, sitting around DadBod my wife don't give a shit. She loves me for who I am but the Legendary Marketer I can be the best version of myself I can be the hero of my own story. And you know and then I can turn off the camera and I can go back and my kids don't know what I do. Own saying. I mean they know legendary by they don't know what it means. I mean, so my point is that I love that that's what it is. You may think that it's not your ego that's getting in the way. But the truth is and I've said this most of our egos are way bigger than our bank accounts. You know, big huge egos we're afraid of, you know judgment which is normal. It's it but it but if not, we're beginning to get our feelings hurt that it all goes back to childhood on the frickin playground. We don't want to be picked last. We don't want somebody to not like our video. We don't want somebody to leave us a nasty comment and there's things you can do about it. Let us get out of the way and not take things personally. The Four Agreements would be a great book for everybody in this community to read. If we cannot take those personally. Keep the ego because that's what gets offended, right? The ego.

RJ: If you say something to me that I am, right. If I remove that, then I'm just successful. I can take things I know that they're not mine. Oh you must be having a bad day to say something that means or is that how you are inclined to say more about that tell me what comes from your ego and so if you have an ego, no ego involved, you've got to check with your ego. Before you make these changes, you have to align everything according to your ego. Well, you never get done. Why does ego say Well, that's not what I normally do. Well do want what you normally have tried that. Well, I don't consider myself imperfect. But whether I made another commission or not. I like who I am. So I'm just adding more bells and whistles to who I am to benefit. my situation, my family, my kids, my family, I want to be able to help them.

RJ: These emergencies that come up, money isn't everything. But wouldn't it be great if I could send my brother that money? Now he's raising a couple special needs kids, you know, and and you know he does just fine. But the kind of stuff that would be the most rewarding for me. I've got everything I need a roof over my head. I've got this wonderful wife that I've known since I was 11 years old. Her kids, my kids, we've got this big Christmas, combined family and they're all adults. That's when I'll have a win now. Let's take that and refine it to deal with my fears about the world. And that is connecting with people all over the world on the internet and what I love about their products live, right. I have friends from so many countries, we're all different colors. We're different sexes. We're different, everything and we help each other out. We have this we have the same similar goal and

I help other people for free but they have to. I make them earn you know I'll use as much help. Maybe this is what I bought people because somebody did that for me. And I have to help you but if I see them flying I'm not working on it, not investing in myself. Well, it's hard because I have a job. I guess it's gonna take if you hate your job quite a bit on that thing. And ride that hay and use that energy to make this thing happen every day you're gonna get every time you go oh shit. I gotta go face my boss. He's an asshole. It's like you get anxious and sick to your stomach as you're driving through traffic with 1000 other people that feel the same way. And so just so that's a great motivator. For a lot and these friends that are calling out or you've met in this industry.

RJ: There’s quite a few people that I invited a bunch of people in here. So hi, guys. I just said hey, I'm gonna be on I know. I get to talk to Dave. I've been wanting to pick your brain forever, man. I feel like I can.

Dave: Any questions I just pulled up a picture of our Mastermind and you just said lots of people from all over the weekend, you know different colors. And this is our mastermind that we just did.

RJ: I followed that. Yeah, I mean, great pictures on there, man. Just great. Great. media experts, people legendary marketer, brother, Legendary Marketer.

Dave: He says in here we have seen admits, was he I mean, every mastermind is different. It's never the same, you know, success stories. They were, you know, trying to convince everybody our new ones you know, it's always different. I mean, on STEM you she's built in 13 months, whatever even if she's shorter.

RJ: So she follows almost everybody on because the ideas and that is fabulous. And that's what I recommend to you. They gotta watch how these people I mean, it's unbelievable. Here's Andrea. She went and asked for 13 months in 13 months.

Dave: And things that you would never think are possible in 30 Over 200 million views on her videos. In 30 months. I mean, it's just absolutely unbelievable. This person’s email list, you know I don't even wrap my brain around that 150,000 followers. She's got 200 million views.

RJ: I think I want to get through this next. I'm going to start doing a bunch of things I've got. I'm going to start working to get on other platforms. On The Internet she knocked out the article about our government wanting to shut TikTok down. I don't know if I made a headline about it. Yeah. And so I'm not sure that will happen.

RJ: I've dabbled a little bit, but this next role will be diversifying that way. And, and and doing a lot of successful TikTokers do.

Dave: Does that concern you a little bit and scare you? A little bit of concern in your voice about tick tock potentially disappearing? Well one of them and so he was talking about what is truly a disaster. And this can go back to Rich Dad Poor Dad. 

RJ: Well, is TikTok a digital asset? TikTok is a place that you're renting. And then subletting right where your email address or a blog is something that you own because that's not the right so it's fine on profile Tiktok profiles, but and then you're driving them all the reason why we why we drive all of our traffic into a capture page to capture the email address is because that I mean first of all, don't be confused that if you've got 1000 followers on Tiktok those are all leads. What are some follow ups now? The next step would be to lead people who you've got their email to are so much more qualified. Yeah, there's so much so you've got your you've got your audience 100 Or a couple of 100,000 followers like Andrea, right? Whatever email lists 50,000 people tomorrow because she's driven right? It is insane in my entire career. Doing paid traffic would have been able to build a list of 150,000 but it's possible for anybody to do now and it's possible because of this short form. Video phenomenon. Where can you go in seconds without even talking to and in many cases we had a guest on I think episode on Monday, where she had a video that went you know, she had a video that went absolutely insane.

RJ: I can build trust and leads that develop and relationships that develop for people that can at least consider that this just might be right for them and I'm really starting to come in and then 45 and they aren't having as much success as I am. And so I'm doing something right. I think I'm but I have never had a giant viral note. However, you don't want a lot of people to really not realize that you really don't need a massive viral video to be successful.

Dave: This a couple of 100 views per video will get you a long way in this game consistently. And then like you did in the past but you're doing something I'd like you to just touch on the on the on how you're not even what you're doing with comments, and full of things that you're doing differently. This conversation has been so fun. Well, you don't cover just a few of those pieces. Are you doing with comments that are different from what we see most everybody else doing? 

RJ: Sometimes it's just a sticker or a tag and then you have to respond then that the algorithm does not identify any right as long as you comment so help each other out with your friends that are doing what you're doing, we'd like you to do it. If we hate it. We're obviously just like it, we are not, we're not, we're not going to leave a comment. So that's one basic thing. There's so many of us that have a lot of Legends. And then on top of that.

RJ: I have the filters that tiktoks offers are impressive. And what people don't realize is what's scary about lives and I'm such a you know I'm such a big mouth and I stubble guy that if something people get on then they're just me. I don't have a moderator you know, I'm just starting now. And I will . I'll see if anybody wants to help me with myself. I'm going to present my schedule very soon for all of you out there. I'll do the same for you. I'll follow back. But even in life you have spam and word filters. That's going to keep obnoxious people out of here a lot of people that people who put him on cash so how can

Dave: How do I set those filters? Let's set the filters right here. 

RJ: Sure yeah. Yeah, go into your privacy. And then I think that and it's the same with your videos. You can filter out. I feel I filter out crypto, you know they get pretty creative because they'll add next and I'll add I have a I have a comment filter. Yeah, I apologize. I can't see that. I'd be more and tell you what, Dave I'll make a talk about it when we're done today. Anybody that wants to system and we'll make something positive out of it. But I also didn't like this but you can edit all the comments and and they have to go through me and I will take your time I'm flying and until people that are just there have lost complete faith and everything. And they're like this is a scam or or BS or I love getting on and then and usually you'd have no idea what digital marketing is. They don't know who you are. They don't know that Legendary is just all bullshit because they're scared to do something with their life. Yeah. Feed and throw it up. It's just me just usually and it's not that often anymore because I really like this group. I only want people here that want to be here and if you want to sit around and you know I'm not doing it because of the people in my group and if some of them don't. Just like I said they give me a quick follow up but I hope to make their feet someday and change their and change their mind about their life and then tell them it's an option and it's changed my life in a very, very dramatic way. And, and and so and it's not for everybody and I don't sell man I don't sell I recommend I tell people the best. There isn't, you know, and there's nothing wrong with selling something about my job. I love the middle end of it as I've closed I called Carroll Shelby this true story. I'll talk about it. Because I've gotten a letter or phone call and called him when I worked at a company rep. And I got him on hold call and

RJ: It was like an accident that this guy got fired. This guy got fired. Then he ended up with a secretary. What would you like to call you? I'm not really. I didn't think I would if she laughed. She's not a very good gatekeeper, huh? 

Dave: I mean, I feel like we all always had a tendency to quit right before the miracle happens. And you know, I mean, trying to build this business and oh, it's the same with everything you do? Go up to the baseball plate and you make 99 swings. You're like, this sucks. I'm a total failure on the swing. You're good. I'm the you know, I just gotta keep swinging. You know, sometimes I just gotta keep swinging it. 

RJ: My daughter's a huge environmental engineer, my sister. But she's like, if you believe this is the thing for you. You have to approach it in every different direction like that. That didn't work. He got my body you know and he's gonna kill me and he's gonna kill me. Now. See, we don't have major consequences if we quit, because it's like, well, whatever. I'm out somebody you have to make some sort of reason we ought rationalization, rationalization why it's okay or why it's too hard or why it's not going to work anyways and often because it's so important to be able to in big tech actually see it common or hear it when that all out.

Dave: Like this is probably not the right thing for me. Right? Not the right niche. Probably not the right business model probably not to write that but the truth is producing independence that we sound like and when I can identify those parents, those that language that soundtrack if you will, that always play right when we can't do it anyway is and these people are so much more experienced and smarter than you are. Whatever your sound, yeah. So whatever your soundtrack sounds like but if we can identify that and that sucker starts spinning then we're like I get that out of here and then we put on the whatever Hey, you know what I stole a computer system it's it's the keep trains down on the track. So they're in a situation that's tough. 

RJ: I have to have something to fall back on. And it's been a great ride. It paid for my kids' school. It's paid for sports. It's time I just use it as a tool now, because this is where I'm going and they're going to brother. I believe this is happening for me. And that's a lot of the battle. It's really hard to get people to that point and fail miserably and and and I'm trying to get people to not maybe go through all that, maybe think about it, really focus on it. And really think about it. If you hate your job, use that.

Dave: You are helping them. They were to come and listen to a 57 year old already a year all his experience. about his life and the fact that you're willing to speak up and share it. A willingness that's right now is the best time to get involved in what's happening right. Not only is it lucrative, it's where everybody's attention is, it's a world with perfect sense that we're drowning in freaking conversation, chillin as if you're sitting right there, you're on your porch. I'm eliciting the birds for seven minutes. You're you're completely it's it's miraculous.

RJ: Let's not forget it's miraculous. Let's say you found another way to do this. tools that are gonna work and like I said geminate gets one of your mat masterminds. Bensley, that's my and then I'm gonna hound you and pay you to teach me one on one at some point. I'll be a colony in some room.

Oh motivate, patient. When you're 57 you start losing track. You start, farts actually rise up from your stomach.

Dave: You know what I mean? It's actually boring, pretty technical. Okay, it's curious. I wasn't nervous. This is not about Lamborghinis. And this is not about this is not sums of dollars in the bank account. This is about freedom. It's about getting left to right. Don't be behind on the production side. Freedom is how you want to live life and it's about life. You know, it's about life design and these tools in this business pop up view in your life and, and so so I think people get lost in the morass of their own bullshit and that's when people go to drugs and they gotta and they go cheat on you see people making poor decisions for themselves. 

RJ: Something positive and focus on mentoring and making better things happen for yourself and for your family. But people don't believe they think that can who I am?

Dave: We're coming up on an hour and 22 minutes so we'll do if we label anything else that you want to talk about? We'd love to have you back and we do that quite often to have people back but yeah, man, thanks for staying. Thanks for the question we can protect and support you and of course, sounds like they're supporting others and so forth building together. So anybody listening in and thanks for all your all your value that you share. 

RJ: Well, I appreciate that very much Dave and I was very much looking forward to visiting with you and picking your brain a little weird to want. Can I get such a kind of thanks, man. 

Dave: The pleasure is all mine. We'll talk to you later brother. Keep up the great work. Tell your wife and family we said hello and we'll see you soon. All right, bye friends. There it is our 24 minutes. It might be a record. There we go. RJ you might have the record for the longest with privilege. And we still got a good crew here hanging in with us. And wow. We'll be grateful for obviously the opportunity. Grateful for the amazing people in this community. Yeah, I get to hang out with them every day. I mean, this is the coolest job in the world. It really really is. I'm not doing a damn thing. I'm really not anybody else who can do anything that I'm doing. We eat our own cooking and we teach exactly the same things in business roles. Come back if you're new. Meet us back here for another episode.