Tips for the new digital marketer are what this episode is packed with. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Good morning. Good morning everybody. Happy Thursday, August 11. We are living right now and silencing my phone. I hope you're doing well. We go live if you're new we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern for a show we call wake up legendary. We bring on brand new guests every single morning. And you know I think the most powerful thing that comes out of these wake up legendary episodes is that people from every single walk of life, every single background, they come on the show and there's people who live who like oh my gosh, like hey, that's me. And you know, this morning, we've got a guest Kelly, who's I think a dental hygienist and, you know, there's probably going to be a couple of dental hygienists who listen to this episode. And for whatever reason, they'll be like, hey, like, I get that I've lived your life a little bit. Like you know, I've had a lot of shared experiences with you. This is cool. And it'll open their mind to Hey, the power of the internet is here to be harnessed. And I could do something like that, right? What a powerful experience for people. So without further ado, I'm gonna bring on Kelly and if you all could give me a little hand clap emoji to welcome her to the show. Kelly what's up? Hey, hey, where are you from?

Kelly:  I am from North Carolina, a little town called Eden.

Matt:  All right. Beautiful. Love it. Well, thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for taking some time. Yeah. Thanks for having me. Yeah, of course. Well, tell us a little bit about you're also a mom and your dental hygiene is a couple of days a week. Tell us about the busy schedule you've got going on. And how did you find legendary before legendary, have you tried any other ways to generate money on the internet or anything like that? Tell us a little bit about your journey. Okay.

Kelly:  So I've failed legendary by watching tick tock. I was watching videos from another healthcare worker. You know, I just kind of resonated with it. Sarah Thompson. Was her name.

Matt:  Yeah, she was great.

Kelly:  Yeah, I love her. She's just super relatable to me. Anyway, I watched her videos for probably a few months. I'm just very like, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is the type of person who watched and watched and watched and I finally was like, You know what? It's seven books like I spin more than that at lunch. So yeah, so I finally did it and took the training and I'm in here. I started I think the very beginning of June like with the train and I did, I did my first tiktok like July or something. Yeah. I'm not training at night when the baby is in bed.

Matt:  Yeah, get the baby's sleep and hope the baby keeps sleeping and then and then in our air we go home and train. I'm on TikTok. It's it's business building. Yes. So you were and it was cool because in your little questionnaire you're like, I'm hitting my first $1,000 Online while sitting on the beach over the weekend. I did, which is stupid. You know, it's a crazy thing because, you know, the whole behind the scenes of, let's say you sell something online, right? Let's just say for instance, that you have your own product that's $1,000. Right. And you are sitting out on a beach right? And in a lot of cases and somebody owns something that requires $1,000 to sell or whatever, let's take my wife as a therapy business, right? And so you know, for her or for a therapist to make $1,000 They're gonna have to do like eight or nine sessions. And it's gonna take eight or nine hours of their time that they're gonna have to write some notes, right. That's a whole day of actual physical work sitting in an office. And here you are, you know, are you on the phone with somebody calling them out, you know, trying to sell them or hard sell them on something. No? Kelly's is out on the beach. She's just out on the beach and you've got a whole entire the beauty of being an affiliate actually is that you've got a whole entire army of people who are working on your behalf. You know, it's almost like a VIP, like, executive thing. And the cool part is two months that you know, it's crazy. Super cool. Have you tried anything else like, drop shipping or something?

Kelly:  A little bit. I kinda had dabbled in some Amazon stuff Haven't

Matt:  they? Same thing you like: you found a training course and tried it out? Yeah,

Kelly:  I found I think I was on YouTube one day and I saw a girl you know, talking about her Amazon business. And you know, I had never, you know, being a dental hygienist before COVID. And before being a mom like that was my main focus. I never really thought you know, doing anything. I really enjoyed what I did. But you know, then COVID came along, and then it made me start thinking like, you know, I'll never have the option of working from home. You know, like COVID puts things into perspective. You know, like, it's either like, I work in people's mouths or I don't work, you know, like hop on a computer and do your job. You know, that's kind of what led me to the Amazon thing. And then when I had my son, it was like, yeah, like something. Something's got to change because I just love being a mom and I want to be with him more. And so yeah, so I dabbled in the Amazon stuff a little bit. I haven't really found any success with that. It's a little bit harder. I feel like to get your you know, Amazon has so much stuff, you know, and if you're not on that first page, people aren't gonna see your stuff. And so yeah, it's a little harder.

Matt:  Yeah, I think. Think with that Amazon thing, too. I mean, that went through this whole craze. And I don't know, there's still definitely people making money on the internet. The interesting part about Amazon I think, in a lot of ways is that Amazon has also chosen to kind of compete against some of their creators and against some of their people on their platform, which is sort of interesting to me, but you know, like, for instance, with batteries, like they started just making their own batteries, you know, or lots of different products. I recently just bought a fan, and it was an Amazon brand fan. You know, like, for them they're like, we're gonna find a way to grab as much profit as humanly possible, which, hey, it's there. Right? They can do whatever they want, but it does make it a lot harder over the last few years with all of the competition plus, Amazon, one of the biggest companies that ever exists on planet Earth.

Kelly:  Which is kind of why I picked that I'm like, Hey, if you know that's like the biggest, the biggest shop and you know more than Walmart or anywhere you know, I mean, everybody gets away from Amazon, but it's a little more complicated than that. And then it's like, you know, Amis talking about Amazon trying to compete and everything, you know, they have a lot of fees. You know, and with affiliate marketing, like you get your training, and you know, it's not really like you don't have to buy the product and you don't have to pay the fees for you to sell like, you know what I mean? Like it's,

Matt:  It's just different. A lot different, a lot different. And so, so then you stumble upon our challenge, you start creating the like, what was the process? Okay, so you hop on and you're starting to learn like, okay, there's this sort of like, there's this thing where people are creating short, short form video content. Are you new to creating videos? Like, was that a new video for you? Oh, my gosh, um, yeah.

Kelly:  I feel like when it comes to social media, so being a 30 year old, I'm more like an 80 year old. Yeah, I feel like a scroller and not a poster. Yeah, that makes sense.

Matt:  Yeah, you're standing outside the window like looking through the blinds and everybody else.

Kelly:  exactly. Yeah, I know. You know, if you looked at my life from social media, you would know absolutely nothing about me before this, you know? But yeah, so that was like really the major stepping out of my comfort. Zone. Because, you know, just the thought of posting a tick tock. I didn't even know how to do that. You know, I mean, when I took you know, I got the blueprints mainly because I'm like, I don't even know how to take a personal ticket. So, thankfully, you know, it taught me all that and then that first, making that first tic stock was definitely like, Okay, I'm doing this.

Matt:  Yeah, what was that like?

Kelly:  Well, you know, it's weird because I'm not really like a super sharp person. I mean, my husband's like, you can talk to a wall you know, but it is something like, not having a conversation with someone you know, you're just kind of like putting yourself out there and then they're just watching. You don't know what they're thinking you're not you know what I mean? Like, I don't know and, you know, that brings me to like, tick tock like doing a tick tock love. I have, like, almost taught myself last week. But like, I haven't done that yet. Because I'm like, It's not there to share to do it. Or it's like, what if someone asked me a question, and I don't know how to answer it. You know, I'm super new to this and like, I want to help people. And I don't want to tell them something wrong or I don't know. I just overthink it.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah. There's something different about being like I get that there's something different about something like slightly more vulnerable or something. You know, like you've spent 30 years talking to anyone and everybody in you know, brand new patients walking into your place like

Kelly:  All day long, you know, and, um, like I said, I'm not a shy person at all, but it's just something about being behind the camera.

Matt:  One on one, you know, of course, yeah. And then when you go live there, it feels like there's more pressure on you and it's even more intense and oh my god. Yeah, yeah, for sure. So if you haven't gone live yet, I was just talking to somebody yesterday about going live and how to go live and stuff. And, you know, I basically challenged this person to go live so uh, yeah, it's done the same challenge to you is to do that too, but no, I, I feel like with with going live you know, one of the secrets is I'm gonna give you one of my best secrets, because I struggled with that with webinars about 10 years ago. And it's not really impostor syndrome, but there's a little bit of that where it's like, I don't want to, I don't want to tell somebody right. I think you said like, I don't want to tell anybody something wrong. Yeah, and you know, I think the beautiful part is about if you can develop just enough confidence to say basically, like, it's okay if I don't know every question. And that's a powerful statement. It's, you know, what ‘s gonna be okay. Like, you know, or I think yesterday, the advice that I gave was, you know, you're gonna figure it out because you have to, there's no other option. And when you go live, and somebody says to me, you know, like, like, let's just imagine that you asked me and you say, Hey Matt, you know, how do you run out? Honey, I want to purchase a billboard. I want to purchase I want to rent a I want to rent out a billboard in Times Square. How do I do that? I don't know. Yeah, I'll figure it out. Together. Right, but I have no clue right now. And that's where it's like, it's like people appreciate that level of just honesty because what most people do who are like scam artists and stuff. What most people do is they just go on with their lives and somebody will ask them a question and they'll just be like, I'm just gonna make shit up. Because I don't know what's going on.

Kelly:  Say that is not me. Right.

Matt:  And you. People just want to know that it's not you, right? People just want to know, it's so disarming to just be like, hey, you know, who do we get on here? We've got, you know, let's say, you know, we've got Anthony Jones. You know, it's so disarming for me to just go to Anthony and just be like, Yo, Anthony. Hey, here's the thing. I'm here live because I want to share a little bit about my journey, Anthony, but I don't really know the answer to your question just because I don't know the answer to all the questions. But, you know, here's a good resource for you to figure it out. And it's such like, it relieves you of all of that pressure of like, can I have to know every answer to every question? Oh my gosh, what am I not and it makes going to live much more of just that, hey, I'm hanging out experience versus like, I'm the world's foremost expert on everything. Online Marketing.

Kelly:  Like what do I talk about? You know what I mean? Like, what if I get on there and no one is interacting and I'm like to sit there by myself like, okay, so you know, what am I talking about?

Matt:  See what's this is great. unpack some of the fears you have? Do you have other fears like that?

Kelly:  I'm not really because, you know, it's really just like doing it? You know what I mean? Like, it just needs to stop like talking myself out of it. Or like Stalin like, Okay, I'll do it next week. Yeah, that's what I did last week. Yeah. I was like, Okay, I'm gonna lay him down for a nap and I'm gonna go to the lab. And then I found some excuse, you know, that, that I just didn't.

Matt:  Yeah, well, you know what I've been talking about more and more lately about these. I've been talking more and more about how I believe that there's a span of time where people are getting ready to get ready and there's actually good evidence of that. There's been some psychology books. My wife has a psychology and counseling, master's degree, and we often talk about things like, when she was back in school, we would talk a lot about her. Just like what she'd been learning and stuff and there's decent evidence that points to the brain sort of having a little bit of a lag time where we're sort of like, I'm gonna get there. I'm gonna get there. Tomorrow might be the day we'll see. I'll get there. And sure, there's all these people who write books about you know, Mel Robbins, she writes that she wrote this book called The Five second rule, where she's like, Hey, look, you've got to train your brand new pathway. So if you want to do something, and you're not doing it, you want to wake up in the morning. You have to adopt this five second rule you count down from 54321. And you just do it. And it'll retrain via action. It will retrain your brain and your neural pathways. But the truth that I've come to witness and I've experienced in my own life is there's a certain there's certain there's like a build up period where we're getting ready and we're prepping around in and there's little unconscious things that are going on behind the scenes that are getting us ready for this they're asking Can I do this? Am I really good enough? All of this stuff? And then and then someday, it's like, as long as it's not too far down the road somewhere where you're like, Okay, I think I'm ready, I think. And so what I what I try to tell people is, you know, whether you set a date that's like, you know, three weeks out or four weeks out or something or two weeks out, whether you set a date that's a little further out, or you don't set a date at all, or you set the date for tomorrow. The important the most important thing is that you're not shaming yourself over not doing this if you're gonna if you're gonna just you know, say just you know, look at me, I didn't go live again, or a lot of people who are sitting here who are like, I'm gonna post my first TikTok, and I've been I just went and took a nap instead, it's like, right, look, you're gonna figure it out. Give yourself a little deep breath and then, you know, approach it again tomorrow.

Kelly:  Yeah, I'm like, you know, if I would have gone ahead and ended this back when I started watching Sarah's videos. You know, I'm like, if I would have started then, you know, I'll be probably even better than where I am now. And so that's kind of what I'm trying to remind myself at the labs, you know, like, you've already really done the hard part, like stepping out of your comfort zone. This is just like a little bit more, you know, and I don't want to look back thinking man, I should have done that, you know. 

Matt:  Yeah. You know, you know, another good reframe of that is, did you get your 30? Out there good reframe of that is like, I mean, if you spend the rest, if you spend the next five or 10 years just taking small consistent action, like you're gonna, you're gonna build such a massive skill set that will be transferable to whatever the heck you want to do. If you just want to open like a dentistry office. You'd have the most booming dentistry office in the whole entire region, just because you've learned all these marketing skills and you can just take them and immediately apply them to any niche any industry business doesn't matter. Yeah. And there's just so much time like people forget about that. They get all locked in on like, I gotta start right now. I gotta start making money and I've got to figure this out. If I don't my whole entire, you know, my whole entire identity is all wrapped up in this and I used to do that, but I see it a lot. I hear it a lot in emails that I get and ultimately, you know, a good example. I used to . Since I've started in this industry, I have always gotten emails from people saying, like, I have to make money in the next 30 days. Or like, I'm not going to be able to pay rent, or I have to make money in the next like 60 days. I have to make this work in the next 90 days. And it's always like, why 90 days? It's weird. But I always get these emails and I always get these messages and it's always like this 911 Help me, help me help me. And you know what, like, 99% of those people probably didn't do it, but they figured it out. And I think if we release some of all of that pressure, and learn to have fun, and learn to build our skills over the long term, I'm not saying don't make money, but what I'm saying is, there's a bigger pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of building real valuable skills, and you can earn while you learn but as you grow those skills, it's really important, but you have done a hell of a job. I mean, you're certainly learning but you're also earning, I mean, everything that you've spent with us you've probably made back, are you really close?

Kelly:  I'm really close. Yeah, for sure.

Matt:  Yeah. And that's a fast I mean to have started your tiktok last month.

Kelly:  Yeah, I started posting my first one, I think July the eighth.

Matt:  It's crazy. That's crazy.

Kelly:  And I'm trying to remind myself you know, like every day, you know, it's not gonna be it's just like, actually emailed drew yesterday because I was like, you know, Martic types are starting to get super low views like, do I need to meet with you? Am I doing something wrong and of course, he emailed me back, he's great, but I woke up this morning with 40 Min new followers. And like six subscribers, and I'm like, you see how you know I went like three days in a row, like kind of freaking out like, you know, I'll drop the ball somewhere. And then boom, just like one night, you know, I mean, 49 followers. I'm not complaining about that like you know, in one night, like, Lincoln, right?

Matt:  You know what this you know what this is like is here's a great here's a great analogy for for what you you're going through it those first year, a month, and you've got a three day window of time, where you're having these big spikes of like, up and down, up and down. Things are great. Things are terrible. Everything's falling apart. I'm making money. Oh, my gosh. And in the stock market over the course of like 10 years, you know, like a stock will slowly grow right over like let's say a 10 year period then that vision or that looks like that. Here. I'm gonna pull this open. And I'll show you this. Let's just say a s and p 500. All Time. Okay, I'm gonna do I'm gonna set this to max and I'm gonna share my screen here because I want to show you what the difference is like between Okay, so the s&p 500 tracks 500 stocks basically it's, it's a pretty good gauge of like, the overall stock market performance, although I can look at the just overall soc. But check this out. Look at this. So you see this period of time from like, let's say 1982 to whatever 2000 Then you have the two Verse blah, blah, blah, but generally you have a slow start and keep building and building starts on top right. But what people don't realize is, you know, let's look at like, six months that you go from, what is this 4600 down to 42. Even if you might have days right that are like look at this day, right? 4100 up to 4181. And you have all these little moments where you have a big crash, you have big downs. You know, if you look at like the five year that we have here, right in 2020 a huge drop right? But over the longer term, stuff like that. When you get into a 10 here, and stuff like that tends to even out a little bit and you'll see that more with volatile stocks. So if you have a startup's stock, you're gonna have a 15% increase one day and a 15% increase decrease one day, but you don't really get that with Amazon or Google or big stocks, right that have been around a long time. You're in that startup phase, you're in the 15% up one day 15% down one day, but in but in 10 years from now. You'll never remember this feeling right number even remember, you had that feeling like I can tell you right now when I got started in 2009 10 Like I had those days I had days where I was like this is all over. I quit. This sucks. This is not real. This sucks and I don't remember those days. I also had days where I was like, Okay, next week, I'm going to be a millionaire. And I don't remember those days either. Yeah, I don't remember the hype and the juice of making my first high ticket sale. I remember a little bit about it because I had $0 But, the truth is, if you're going through that way those waves crash hard and they slap around. But if you have the vision of Okay, five years, 10 years from now, all of this emotional energy I'm putting into all of my freakouts is because I used to have so many freak outs that they feel better. Yeah, it's like what do they say? It's gonna just kind of be a fart and it's just gonna be here today, but it's going to be gone quickly, you know? Sitting, going live and all of that stuff but so you post your posts in these videos. First of all, how do you find the time to do the posting? The jjigae kid you're working with? And then also you have a structure? I mean, do you just kind of like to do it as you have time?

Kelly:  I cut back so I'm working three days a week. So Monday through Wednesday, I will do some at night. I'll try to do some at night when my baby goes to bed, which kind of stinks because the lighting at nighttime is you know I mean I haven't read the light but I feel like I can do better during the day. So that is kind of how I feel, but on Thursdays I'm off on Thursday. So I'll try to use the daylight on those days to make as many videos as I can. And so I'll try to post one like morning watch nighttime, you know, yeah. I mean I just squeezed on the specimen. And that's why I feel like a lot of my videos aren't like I guess top notch quality because I just have to do what I can do when I can do it, you know?

Matt:  Yeah. Yeah. For sure. No, that's cool. I think a lot of people have that and take that approach for sure. And it works. I mean, you're driving lots of leads. You're driving lots of sales and new customers and yeah, I mean, really from the get go for you. It's been pretty consistent like flow of leads and traffic is most of that from tick tock.

Kelly:  Um, yes, I think it has been so far, but I have noticed in the last two days Facebook is picking up for me. That's cool. First, you know, even with the Facebook challenge, which was great. You know, I was getting good views but not like a whole lot of interaction. But like I said, Like yesterday, within the last two days, I feel like I've gotten a lot more interaction on my Facebook reels. I got like 20 subscribers yesterday.

Matt:  Well, that was pretty good. Yeah, no, I mean,

Kelly:  I mean, not subscribers. followers on Facebook. Yeah.

Matt:  No proof. Yeah, Facebook is hot. That's for sure. You know, I was gonna say one thing if you wanted to, if you want a quick lesson on how to track differences. So one thing that you could do is you could actually create a separate funnel for each of your different offers or for each of your different traffic methods. Okay, so you have a little funnel right that you're sending all your traffic to. We do is you could go into Clickfunnels or whatever you youse and you can clump and then do you know how to use like a tag ID I

Kelly:  I think Drew did. I'll have to go back and watch out. He showed me how through eight. He did three.

Matt:  You can do the Weber tags but this one would be a little different. This one would be on your bridge page. Yeah, here let me show you. I'll share my screen real quick and we'll give everybody a little less also. So let's say this is just a random little click funnel that I've pulled up and so this is like your bridge page right? So if I edit this page, each affiliate program or each affiliate company is going to have a different way to add tag IDs. So each one of them will be a little different. But what you can do is you're gonna set you know, this is where you've got your affiliate link, right. So at the end of the at the end of your affiliate link when you would add it, it would be question mark and then it would say T ID equals and then you could put in Facebook now that's how our that's how we do it for like our affiliates but for for Clickbank they have a different this T ID would be something different it would be like tag equals are some I can't remember what click funnels are at Clickbank says, but each company that hosts these products is a habit. They usually have a tag thing that you can put at the end of your link. So it'd be like your affiliate then it would just be a question mark. ID equals Facebook. So this funnel would all be faced when people click this link on this bridge page and purchase it in your back office for whatever affiliate offer you're promoting. That the sale came through Facebook. Okay, and then if you do, if you duplicate the funnel and have it again, you can then type in tick tock here. Okay and that way and you can do it on your opt in page too. So, you know, if you go to your opt- in page, you can edit your page and you can find out where your leads are coming from. So you can have C integrations and when you still get integration you can add to the list with a tag and let's say this one is our Facebook. You could put it on Facebook here under the tag. That makes sense. So then every lead that comes in whose who's from this Facebook funnel, you can go into your a Weber and do a search for tags of Facebook and you can find out how many leads you've got this month for Facebook versus how many you've got from TikTok.

Kelly:  So you would go in and you would do Facebook tag and then you would go back out and go back in and do Tiktok and like save each one. But you would just have a different funnel for each of those. And then also you can you could you could have one for if you eventually get injured, or you get on Pinterest or you know anything like that. Because then the cool part is to for instance, if you go to the last thing, last thing and then I'll I'll shut up about this, but then if you go to stats here, then you can also see how much traffic each of those is bringing you right so you can literally track the exact amount of people this month. who have come through your Facebook funnel, or tick tock or whatever. And that will give you a much more clearer idea about, like, where's my traffic coming from? Where am I coming from? What's the opt in rate of my Facebook, you know, and all of that stuff, you'll be able to see that difference and when you can see that you'll start to realize okay, so my Facebook in three times the purchasers or maybe through TikTok, I'm getting five times as many purchases my conversion rates are way higher, make more time on tick tock or maybe I should go live on tick tock.

Kelly:  Say right now like what I'm doing, like when I posted a ticket, then I will just post on Instagram, like I'm just doing all of them.

Matt:  Perfect. Totally perfect. I wouldn't change anything. Don't make it don't get harder on yourself. Don't overcomplicate it, there's people right now who are making insane amounts of sales every day who are doing just that. Okay. Yeah, I wouldn't overcomplicate it. But I will say if you want to increase your sales, definitely go live. Definitely go and watch it. Do you know Amy? Here's our hire.

Kelly:  The name sounds familiar. I think I do follow her.

Matt:  Yeah, she's on TikTok all the time going live and what she does is she holds up an iPad and then she'll like she'll go into like a little lesson just about like ecommerce. She found an article on the internet. She's not making a big PowerPoint. She was like Google searches and articles pulled up on her iPad, and then she lost her little tripod. So she's like, she's standing there. She's got a ring like, you know, and she's like, Hey, I'm on, you know, hey, we're live on tick tock tick. And she's talking about how the digital industry is or how the education industry is going digital and how people are now coming online and they're learning online and it's not a weird thing anymore. And then she just goes through some stats on this blog post, pulls up an infographic and she'll actually have it on her shoulder just like this. full blown like, I mean, TV producer. Do that. Right away. She learned over time how to go live on TikTok and have fun with it. She answers questions live with people and there's lots of ways to do it creatively. But mostly, it's just like you have to hit a post and work through it and then start to think critically and look at other people's lives and see what they do. If a life comes up on your day. You should ask yourself, what about this life? made this show up on my for you page? What do they do? How did they do that? Start to take some notes. Because the people who are going live on tick tock if they're selling something, they're making more sales than most people, I knew that for sure.

Kelly:  You know who I see lives all the time. And I mean, he's killing it. Oh yeah. Every time I see him on live and I'm like, I mean, he just goes with it to hit me. He doesn't like to run out of things to talk about and I'm like, Dude, how do you do?

Matt:  Well, you know how he does it, he's done it enough times. I mean, it's the first few lives. Phil if you're watching this know Phil's a good guy. No, he did the first couple times for anybody. It's always sort of like stumbling and fumble and like okay, what? And, over time, Phil's name with Sam Calvin, goes live a lot. All those people they just, it's once you get 20 3050 lives in the near a little bit like okay, I can figure this out. I got this, you know, greeting people and what will happen is that feeling of confidence you get because you've gone live so many times people start to feel that from you, and then it changes the dynamic a lot. That makes sense. Yeah,

Kelly:  I think it's like, personally, like once I just get it over with. It's like, it's like posting that first tick tock, you know, it's like, Okay, I did it. Now, let's roll.

Matt:  I was showing this. Man. I don't know if I still have this photo. But I was showing this photo. We did a mastermind. I don't think I have it. We're doing this mastermind, a virtual mastermind this past weekend, and I was talking about how you know when you actually decide the biggest difference between you know, starting out hitting post and the miracle of making your first dollar is you just have to hit host Right. And, and I was allowed to do that armpit sweat. You know, X wet your face can be sweating, and Dave pops on video and he just lifts his arm and he's like, Hey, this is ruining his armpits. He's like, we've been on as we've been on this webinar all day. And you know, even me I've been in this industry for 15 years and you know, still this is virtual. None of you are in the same room as me but it's still there. That's those nerves. And, but it's fun now and it's more of a challenge. Rather than just an intimidating monster. Yeah. So Well, Kelly, I think you know, I sent a challenge yesterday to a couple Whitney and Chris and I'll ask you to, you know, try it out. Just try it out and go live because I think you'll be the results. And then also, you know, if you do and, you know, if you decide to live, what we love is if you reach out in let's say one or two or three months and let us know how it's gone. I love to have you back on the show again. And, and we'll have you hop on with Dave and talk about how your appearance has been, even if it hasn't really changed anything. Guarantee is even if you know my gut feeling is that you'll get a lot more money. But even if I'm wrong, and it doesn't work that way, what you'll do is you'll learn something, and whatever you learn from that experience, good or bad, that is absolutely going to be valuable and valuable to me. So we'd love for you to share that again. Come back to the show in three months or something or two months and share with us what happened above that. Cool. Hit us up right right back to Roxy and hit us up and we'd love to we'd love to feature you again. Okay, awesome. Thank you for having me. Let me let me give you the last word. Before we head out to anybody who's who's who you know, they've got their phone and they're about to hit the post. They're nervous. And they're like, Oh, God, I can't hit the post. What would you say to that person? And what would you say to anybody who's just starting?

Kelly:  you are not alone, I have been there. And honestly, just do it. You know? I mean, it's like, what do you have to lose? Just do it and I promise you will feel better. You'll get better. I'm still learning but I feel like I'm better than you know. I go back and watch my first one and I'm like But yeah, just do it. You'll feel better. Oh,

Matt:  I love that. You'll feel better. Yes, people say that I can't even imagine how many people are saying that they're just like, No, it won't count. Better.

Kelly:  They do. They'll know what I mean.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah. All right. Cool. Kelly. Thanks for taking your time. Have a great rest of your Thursday. Have a good weekend. Thank you. All right, everybody. You know, there's a comment up here aways up and we started this thing. You know, people resonate with other people's stories and it's important and it's meaningful and I kind of blew past but I thought it was really important. And there Amber said my schedule and Kelly was talking a little bit about her schedule. And she's, you know, she's working a couple days a week. She's got one day off today. And you know this person Amber's probably never met Kelly. I've never met this person. But when we share stories and they connect with other people, powerful things happen, transformations happen. And so go follow Kelly on TikTok. It's @makemoneywithkellyg And yeah, give her some love and when she goes live, not if when she goes live. Hey, tune in, tap into the live and say Yo, I'm loving this live. This is really cool and gives her a little love. Thursday, August 11 is a wrap. We'll be back here tomorrow. JoAnn will be hosting tomorrow, Friday, August 12. And we'll be back for another great episode.

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