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Matt:  Good morning, everybody. I'm here. It's Wednesday, May 25. We're live. My name is Matt and we are back for another episode of wakeup legendary hope you're doing well. Our guest today is Emma. What's up Emma? Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? How'd you manage to find Legendary? What's the story behind Emma and her online business?

Emma:  Okay, so I'm originally from California, but I'm in Las Vegas. What set me up to start affiliate marketing and start an online business. I had been looking for a way to create passive income for a long time like this started maybe like five years ago, I think. Just because there I just had some life experiences like without getting into it too much. I worked with terminally ill children, which I know is kind of a heavy topic but it just put in perspective for me that life is so short and nothing is guaranteed or promised. So I wanted to be able to live my life based around my values. And that didn't always necessarily mean for me like being you know, being committed to someone else's corporate dream being committed to someone else's you know, schedule like because I knew I wanted to have children someday I wanted to be able to do all these things with my life and for me that meant having more financial freedom and time freedom and location freedom. So the hunt for passive income and for you know, some type of because I knew I wanted it to be online. Some type of online income started a while ago and so as many people do, I started with an MLM. Yeah, which, you know, I failed in the traditional sense that financially didn't really set me ahead but I will say that it did a lot for my mindset around business, my mindset around what it takes to run as a business professional. So I am happy that I took that away from it but yeah, after I stopped doing that, I just kept looking and you know, plenty of things come up, like when you look up, you know, if you were to go on Google like online side hustle. There are things like drop shipping, you know, and all that everyone's seen and this is so funny, because a lot of the weight of legendary that I've tuned into, like I hear the exact same phrase, so I'm just gonna say it and probably gonna sound familiar but scrolling on tik tok and talking about affiliate marketing, and to me it was like it was hitting all of the right buttons when it came to having my own online business because like an online business is great but like I didn't I didn't have a product that I had created. I didn't have a product I didn't want to deal with you know, inventory and shipping and customer service and everything. So she was describing what she was doing and how she was able to do it. I was like, That's pretty incredible. And so the rest is kind of history because it was a 15 day challenge that she was promoting. And that was that.

Matt:  Wow, super cool. How long ago was that?

Emma:  I took the challenge in November of 2021.

Matt:  Wow. That's super cool. Yeah. And then as you went through the challenge, you see you've already been through an MLM which seemed to say something about the MLM. What did you mean by it did things for your mindset or got you thinking differently? Like, was it just kind of employee versus business owner mindset or what because it's always good to take away something from I started with MLMs too, right. Easiest intro. I don't know why. It seems easier. Something I don't know. What did you take away from that experience? And in terms of what you said?

Emma:  Sure. Um, so like the I know like a lot of like when people think of MLMs I think of like, you know, I mean, typically it's very like hype up sign up pillows village like it's very kind of like based on like, they really get you based on like emotion that gets you very excited. The one that I joined, they actually were trying to, like kind of flip the script on that and they treated it very professionally. So they were big into developing your mindset as a business owner so that you were prepared for, you know, the highs and lows, the valley of despair, all those things and so like, they were big into mindset books, you know, reading and beefing up your business owner mindset, so that, you know, just to kind of anticipate the highs and lows of business ownership. So there were a lot of mindset books involved. And I read, you know, I still have all of them and I still read them frequently because they're great, but yeah, really, really what it came down to was just seeing how being a business owner is so much more different than being an employee in so many different ways like so just having kind of like that endurance to carry you through maybe some of the tougher times in Europe because you know, I mean, there are times you know, I mean, for example, like as an employee, we're so used to getting paid every two weeks, right, that's a big thing for new business owners to overcome is that you put into week or the work well, you're not necessarily going to get paid. Right. So yeah, just things like that. Things like that, that kind of help, that I feel like continue to help me to push through when there's dry spells or you know, maybe some self doubt and things like that. That's I feel like what maybe I have appreciated the most taking from all that experience in an MLM.

Matt:  Yeah, it's a different world. It's a different game. It's a totally different thing, but also, it's like yeah, I don't know. It's like, it does give you some sort of intro. There's always some sort of positive takeaway. It does give some sort of like, here's how to, here's what it's like to work and, and sort of grind and not have anything handed to you kind of thing. Same with any sort of business

Emma:  Exactly becoming very self-sufficient.

Matt:  Right, right, right. So throughout, you've got your full time job. You're working. Throughout that process, you end up finding us on tik tok, somehow, you purchase our challenge. As you're going through the challenge, tell us a little bit about your experience. Did you have an advisor? Did you go through all of the challenges? Did you go through the challenge then? How did you go through that? And how did you experience that? What was that like?

Emma:  Yeah, sure. So I was Yeah, I mean, I bought the challenge and started it pretty much immediately because I was very excited, very eager to just learn about it because I had zero knowledge of affiliate marketing prior to finding the challenge like I had never heard of it. So it was kind of like, on a whim. I was like, $7 I mean, what do I really have to lose, you know? Sure. So yeah, so I started it right away. And I was, I mean, like, the way that it's set up is great, honestly, because for it's a lot of information to take in especially if you've never heard of affiliate marketing before but to be able to go back and watch the videos multiple times to have it set up almost like a class everyone's learning style is different but my learning style I so appreciate the way that it was set up because I was able to go back and reread review rewatch and talk to an  advisor that was available. You know, it was, I mean, it was great. It took me I mean, it didn't take me the really the longest part was just, you know, like waiting for those appointments before you could get the next day and the challenge opened up. And I mean, that was only once or twice that I had to wait a couple days but other than that, you know, power right through it and it was you know, a lot of information and but it was great because there's so many resources and so much knowledge and that it's made available to someone that by the time I was done with it, I felt very confident and having like the foundational knowledge to set up and start my own affiliate marketing business. And then on top of that, you know, business blueprints just like beef that up and helped me to really get started. So it was, I mean, amazing. I thought that was very well done.

Matt:  Cool. That's so cool. And then as you transition into the whole content creation around so are you like a social media guru, or like, is this newer for you?

Emma:  This is all new. I mean, like the Yeah, it's all new. I have like one unrelated Instagram account where I post a lot about what I'm reading, but that's I mean Instagram posting a picture is a whole nother world from like, tik tok content creation. So yes, essentially, I am a novice. It's all beginner for me.

Matt:  Wow, cool. That's awesome. So, you go from virtually no tik tok content. I mean, especially short form video content creation is very tricky, right? And do you dive in any nerves or any worries? Are you scared? Are you nervous? Are you just like alright, here we go. Let's do

Emma:  Yeah, yeah. Yes. Now. It's all I mean, it's always like, I feel like really like most of my nerves come from like, putting the video out there and feeling like oh my gosh, I feel like I live with such a dork. Which is fine. As far as nerves around me, I don't know. I feel like I see. So a lot of people come to me and ask like they are nervous about, you know, like getting negative comments and things like that, which is fine. It's gonna happen. But as far as putting out content, like what my content is about affiliate marketing and how to get started in affiliate marketing. I think it's just all about being rooted in what you know, because the people that come on and make silly comments, they don't actually know what you're doing, you know what you're doing and if you're rooted in that, then you're not, you know, that's just kind of water on a duck's back. You just let the people on the internet say what they're gonna say.

Matt:  Sure. Yeah, it's always tricky, man. I mean, people. I always wonder what that's because when I first got started, it was like, there wasn't there wasn't when I first started making videos, there wasn't this organic reach. So like, I never really dealt with being a new video content creator and having actual people watching it was more like you create it and hope somebody would watch and usually no one was watching. And so it's just a fascinating thing. I always wonder about that. How people who are brand new to this brand new to the idea of this. Come on go on tick tock or something and you know, like you've got videos on your channel that have done 30/40,000 views. And lots of you get lots of engagement, lots of comments, lots of people looking at you know, given their unsolicited opinions on social media so yeah, we just wonder how people deal with that. Not deal with it, but how they perceive that and stuff so what's what's been your what's been like your content creation? Do you have a schedule? Do you just kind of post on a whim like what's been your system? How are you running your business?

Emma:  So the first month that I did tick tock I challenged myself to post five times a day, which is, yeah, yeah. And I mean, that's not necessarily a strategy. That's gonna work for everyone. 

Matt:  Yeah, Five a Day is a lot. Yeah, I've learned a lot. I usually tell people like, hey, just focus on good content. See if you can get one great piece of content every day. And if you get a couple more than one or two, awesome, but get one. Okay, so five. You started out five a day,

Emma:  Just because I felt that in the beginning being totally new to this. I felt that if I was shooting for five day, it was going to help keep me accountable as far as posting when and as far as creating content posts because, I mean, that's I feel that that's really the key for people that are wanting to get started on Tik Tok with content creation is to like I don't know if everyone out there has heard the term batch create. But I feel that that's the way to do it. If people are worried about being able to get videos out on a consistent basis just when you have some free time, block out some free time, create some free time and record it, record just a whole bunch. You don't have to sit and edit and post them all right then in there but then you have in your draft, you're able to edit and post as you go. And so that was what really helped me now. Yeah, so that was the first month and since then, I'm being a little bit more realistic. It's more like two or three today. Because at this point now it's like I created my target audience. You know that that's another thing that that first month really helped with having all that content with a screen and a good target audience. And so now I'm just able to do Yeah, like do a little bit less but it's still it's still getting the reach that that first

Matt:  Good on you for figuring out a rhythm that works for you. And it's sometimes Yeah, I don't know what it is. We come up with some crazy stuff sometimes. I mean, not that five in a day is not doable, but also I mean, is there enough time in the day probably, is there enough creative juice to actually show up? Because you're talking? I don't even know how to calculate that five a day. 30 is 150 a month okay. So, but I mean, like legit, like, good content. That's gonna get views. It's gonna get watched. A lot. And yeah, I'm glad to hear that you figured out a little bit of a little bit of a solution. So you're at seven What 8000 followers on us. What have you found most beneficial for? Let's start with the list? Let's do two things. One for views and engagement and growing your followers. And then two is converting those followers meaning, how do you turn them into leads? What types of things do you do to turn them into leads that start with? How are you getting those followers? What type of content and being found works best? You know, but what's been your takeaway over creating content and building that followership to now almost 8000 Sure.

Emma:  So I think that for the first part for getting followers for getting traction and an audience on Tik Tok, I think that if there were like, the best thing that you could do, I think it would have to be I mean, they talked about it on Tik Tok quite a bit but a hook in your video write something to engage your audience something because tick tock is very I mean if you if you actively engage your brain for a second while you're scrolling on tik tok usually like it's just like a pensive like, you know what, what, and you really are waiting for something in a video to catch your eye because that flip comes very quickly. If there's not something in the first two, three seconds that makes you say, then you're on to the next video. So

Matt:  The hook you for let's say, somebody's watching this and they're brand new day one hits what you mean by that? Tell me if this is right, in those first three seconds, you've got to come out with something that grabs their attention and stops them from scrolling.

Emma:  Exactly, I mean, a lot like there's a lot of like social media strategists that you can just look up their accounts and they're giving this away for free. That's a lot of what I do is you just go on Tik Tok and search social media strategy and they're like, here's 10 Great hooks. You can use any video and so lots of resources for being able to create, you know, eye-catching and attractive and intriguing videos on Tiktok. But yeah,

Matt:  Just, I just want to emphasize that it was like you just said that in passing, but that's like that's a real thing. there's sort of endless ideas and resources and if you were to just go search things like that on tick tock on YouTube with a little notepad and you're sitting writing down like all mannequins and smoke, I could use this. I have a safe. I don't know why it's in a safe here in our house. I have this notebook from when I started online, and it has notes, written notes, handwritten notes that I took at a conference in 2011 about headlines and copywriting and highlighting certain words in your headline and underline on a website split test all this stuff from 11 years ago. I'm getting old in this industry. And still, some of that stuff is crazy. I look back and I write that and I look at some of the headlines and I was like wow, that was like a great headline, a good hook and a video or but this would be like a good curiosity nugget in a training or something. But doing things like that is sort of taking a so I think you know with legendary you get sort of a small training, you definitely get some traffic and marketing training as well, especially deep inside the blueprints but you get this whole business model, but I just thought that what you dropped there in passing was sort of a key for people and the key being you've got to take it and actually run with it and actually implement it and then build on it. Right so like, now you're you've gone from just I'm a consumer consuming training. Okay, I get it. Now. Somebody tell me what to do. No, you're on the tick tock app and you're actually typing in, okay, like, I gotta find some books. I gotta figure this out, right? And really, you're just engineering. You're just sort of solving a complex problem of, well, what's going to be my next book? What should I do or where should I look right? And you didn't message me you didn't go on a date. You didn't open an email. And you're like, Hey, man, I need ideas for hooks. Do you have any ideas? And most of the best business owners don't. They're like, Okay, what resources do I have around me right now? How do I solve this problem? Let's solve it. And so kudos to you on that. I thank you.

Emma:  I mean, my my mind was blown, but there are people who entire Tik Tok account whose entire niche and social media like corner of the world is just putting out strategies to help other Tik Tok accounts grow and once I found that I was like, Oh man, like it's like, this is a game changer right here. It's great. Yeah.

Matt:  Yeah. And the interesting thing, too, is, you know, what some people will comment here on this live is, well, who's the right one to Follow? Who's the right one, but that's the wrong question. You could look up 10 of those accounts. Some of them will tell you the same things. What I used to do, for instance, was stuff like this. I used to look them up. And I would just sit down and type out like what their suggestions were on certain things, let's say hashtags, what's your strategy around hashtags? And I would get from a bunch of people who showed up first on Google, I would look up people on Tik Tok people on YouTube, and I would write down their suggestions that are cross referenced them so I would look through and see okay, these three things out of all of everything that they say, these three things are the ones they all agree on. So I'm absolutely going to do these things. And then the other stuff that wasn't as much I was like, these are opinions. So there's certainly maybe some facts but then there's also just opinions and you need to understand that when it comes to thinking everyone who's listening would do a really good service of themselves to just say out loud, there's people who give opinions online. And not everything is black and white, and you got to test it and you got to try it out. And actually see if it works, you have to figure out if it works for yourself for your specific style, your content, whatever. Absolutely. Yeah. So you're creating all this content. You're starting to get followers because you're using good hooks. And my guess is we've also figured out a way to sort of keep people on the video too, because how long a video is viewed is really important too. If you have a great hook that says I'm going to show you how to make a million dollars in three seconds, and then right after that, it goes into just you know, talking in you're kind of blabbing and you're talking slow and you're like well, you know, maybe not three seconds, maybe like three years and people just swipe they're like What an idiot, right? What do you do after that hook that you feel like has been successful or why do people you don't? You don't wake up in a 40,000 basement magically or by luck? What have you done to keep people's attention?

Emma:  One thing that I found actually really works for a video is to be like if you are giving the hook like you are going to answer a problem someone's having like, did you know that you can solve X by doing y? And then I say here are three things that I did to help me solve my x with y you know, and then going in a list format really seems to like lists. I love lists. Just very concise bullet point information that is easy and kind of really quick because they're able to ingest it quickly. Right? It's coming in easy short form, just bullet points they can take away and they are okay, and that way it's not. You're not like giving a long rambling monologue. Well you know, I started out by wanting to know that you can give them the answer to this great question that you've posed, and they're like, Well, I really want to know how to do that. Oh, and she's going to give me the answer. And just like ABC, you know, that's, that's very attractive. And I think that that the list format is I think one of the most successful things that I do in a video I feel like that when I look at the data on the videos that ones those seem to have the longest watch time which is important watch time like you know they have been ticked off I can't again think of all the analytics they give you on the video right now but they give you like the like the total watch time of your video they'll give you you know how long the average watch time is right how long you know if you have a 23 second video, people are watching on average 18 seconds that's great information. So I found that list format bullet points is a good one for people to stick around and see more videos. Wow,

Matt:  I hope everybody caught that go if you're watching this replay where you need to go back and listen to that. But you are right. That is marketing. I've read so many marketing books in my past and lists, things like that, like top seven was it? Yeah, all of those names and people. It's, I don't know, it's just human psychology. I don't know why people watch but

Emma:  Yeah, I think it's just compressing like a whole lot of information. You're posing a big question and then you're able to compress all of that valuable information into just like here's like, you know, four steps and people love that something so big data. So big is now just

Matt:  Yep. Yeah, totally. Totally. If you know one other thing, one other thing that I do see you doing before we move to how do you turn them into leads and purchases. The other thing that I see you do on your videos, is it seems like you have your little headline or hook in text at the start of the video to like a sticker or, or just you know, like you actually just type the words out on the screen. So somebody's like scrolling and they are immediately drawn to that little sticker or words that says like it's just the weirdest side hustle ever or is this like you know these are the top three ways to win or here's the one secret to getting your dog to stop barking or you could shed 20 pounds in in 30 days by not eating this one food or thing like that. I think that that's super powerful and I don't know if you've ever seen this account, but this is a really cool account to follow for everybody who's here. I'll share my screen real quick. Just to get ideas about hooks. It's in a weight loss niche and it's kind of weird . I don't know if it's just kind of weird. Let me see. There we go. It's kind of a weird cow. So if I zoom in a little bit, it might be a little more helpful. There we go. So this guy is Have you heard of this account?

Emma:  I have not.

Matt:  Okay. Yes, it got a little follow. But basically, if you really want to, like the copywriting, how to cut and how to use these little things, check the steps when we're talking about lists, right? Like nature's perfect food they're very low and they're fine. I mean, talk about not needing you don't even need to be an expert to deliver something like that you could Google search. What are the top 10 healthiest use five right or something like that? Five Foods You Should Never Eat again. But for anybody who's on here, you know five foods you should never eat if you're like wait. I've been watching this account for a while. And I'm just curious what people do with their Washington. He's posted this video multiple times to this channel. It's got 736,000 views, but these little stickers right as you start the video that show people immediately they might not like this dude's face. They might not think he's cool, whatever, but it's just him. And if you watch these videos long enough, you're gonna see that this guy is reading basically off a teleprompter and what appears to be a pretty dumpy apartment. And God knows wherever he is, I don't even know I mean, who knows where this dude is, but I will say this. These little unknown strategies are in 540,000 followers and he's an affiliate marketer who's promoting products on Clickbank. There you go, a Keto product. And you know, I don't know if he's the priming map, or whatever, but I will say that he uses those hooks in those stickers. I noticed you did that too. And I noticed a lot of the best content creators that's what they're doing is that right away that leads in, grabs people's attention, hooks them in and then they move them into a compelling list or piece of content or something.

Emma:  Right? Yeah, definitely. I think that's all just like me kind of what you were talking about. It's the human brain. Some people like that we're all wired a little bit differently and so certain people are just attracted to different things when you're scrolling. You know, some flashes through on the screen. Maybe it is, you know, words are not always going to be the person's fake voice. On the screen. Some people might just go mad but if there's something pretty on the screen, something flashy, it's kind of, you know, there might be like, Oh, that might attract their attention. So, like, throw everything out there. I was like, what is going to attract everyone's attention and then the people say,

Matt:  Oh, totally. And the other cool part is that this does it also by doing that and I think this is really sneaky. Yeah, I think this is super sneaky when you do that right away and you give that hook that's super relevant to the content and also to your channel. Basically, only people who are sticking around are people who are actually in the niche. That you're trying to sell to. And so now you're building in this algorithm, the algorithms just collecting, collecting, collecting these pools of people to show your videos to and that begins to get very niched in and very focused. And now you've got this captive audience where that is why going live is so powerful. This is why hosting, you know, occasional longer videos about you or your journey or where you're at in your business or where you're at in your weight loss journey or your dog training journey. Or whatever it is, is because at some point down the road, no matter how many times you've posted at some point, your audience is going to be so dialed and so focused and so curated that you go live and you're talking to your ID percent, non stop, and they're sitting there watching and they're like, I'm already ready to buy like, can you just tell me what I need? And sometimes we overcomplicate that process, but I just meant that the power of an algorithm or you know, a piece of software and app solves that problem for us. It's crazy. It's pretty amazing. So you get all these followers, how do you, how do you have a strategy? I'm just curious, do you have a strategy for turning these people into leads? Do you get calls to action? What do you do about

Emma:  it? Yeah, I mean, I do try to put a call to action on every single one of my videos and it's not. I feel like this is one of, like, the hill that I'll die on with this. Is that the call to action every single time doesn't have to be the link in my bio, which obviously is like where eventually you would like for people to go but truly, like if they are interested, they don't need all going into my link in your bio. It's the same profile, they know where it's going to be. I feel that I feel that you know, I mean, there are plenty of other call to actions that you can use, like you can use, you know, what you think which you know, helps with engagement on a video and then that's another I mean, that's a video of content creation strategy that I have too, is that the more people content more, you can reply with video comments, and, you know, generate more videos. That way. But, you know, you can comment, let me know what you think. Comment and tell me what your blank is. Follow For more, go to my profile and check out my other videos. There's lots of ways that you can use referred your followers to engage and it doesn't always have to be some I mean on an appropriate video yes, you can say like, this is exactly how I started my go to check that out. I'm sure not every video needs that on there. Sometimes it definitely I mean, and again, right away I kind of like learned as I was going but there were some videos that I would just stick them on. As I was learning and then I was like, like, that didn't really sound right. Like if I could go back and do that again. And I put the link in my bio because it just doesn't fit there. Yeah. Yeah, so I mean, that's uh, yeah, definitely. I mean, using call to actions is great because they do like if your audience's video and they're listening and paying attention they will be compelled to like, okay, you know, okay, sure. Comment, like, yeah, yeah. And so yeah, I mean, my one for engagement. Another thing that I just feel is super important for nurturing the leads that I do get for nurturing the followers and the audience is very, just being very authentic. And what I mean by that is like, and again, this is something I learned as I was going because starting out on Tik Tok, I think that I mean, at least for me, I was consuming Tik Tok content like It looks like a lot of lip synching it looks like all right and which is fun. I mean, those videos are, they're like fun to make and trends are fun to do. Like that's, you know, why not? Why be on tick tock if you don't want to have that and do some of the fun trends and things like that. But I found that people buy into you before they buy into what you're selling and so being authentic and anyone and I feel like letting your audience hear your voice in a video at least one time a day like actually talking, you know, and engaging and like being about like, who you are and what you're doing and essentially letting your audience know why they should care. I like it just like maybe the number one thing to earn just your followers from people who like to turn followers from people who are just following you to people who are like that. I recognized her. Oh, yeah, she was talking about this last time, like now I'm interested in her story. I'm interested in why she started affiliate marketing. This is where she came from. She's going and that makes it it makes I feel that it makes the process like a little bit more human and as a human element and people like can relate to that more and then want to

Matt:  find out more. Wow. Yeah, I feel like that to me, the whole you know, not needing to put a call to action and also not necessarily needing to do a bunch of trends all the time, but really bringing yourself to it. That to me sounds like you've really figured out who you are on social media. And that's really cool. Because you start to hear yourself and hear the message and hear the thing that's doing it. You're kind of like me, just that doesn't sound right. And that's the big last two words. They are being heard, not ignored. The words for me, kids once you've started to feel more comfortable as you know, doing the content yourself. More confidence and clarity on what you're trying to say how you want this to come across opens up intuition. And what happens I feel like it's that people begin to of course. Oh, like just like this, but there's so much on how the video is viewed. I've done some tests around this and with some really great results actually. But here's a little tip to anybody who's creating content on social media. There's two things you can do at the end of the video that are not calls to action, their total opposite, they don't get any. But yeah, sometimes. There's the option of giving a cloud action and other times if you're just going for a growth video, which is a video that's specifically a hey, I want to help my channel meet more people. What you can do is you can let the video go. And at the very end, you basically cut off you're laughing off the very last, like two seconds or something. And as you're going you're saying something like I do this. I did this when I created a video around how to make a shirt brand. And, and so very at the end of the video, I would say something like, like I was gonna give them a call to action or something and the video just stopped and it went back because sometimes when you do a call to action and you sort of set up as this like now if you like more information then people are gonna scroll right it's like yeah, it's it's if you're like, and you want more information about my product can go to the link in my bio, and it's like, oh, okay, yeah, I guess people are gonna start scrolling because they feel like it's the end. And so, what I did is I made this video and it was basically like, Would you like to so the hook was would you like to start a tshirt brand without needing any inventory or your own online store to show you go to this website, whatever and then step two, go to whatever. And then step three and I went through five steps. Step by it just kind of cut off in the video restarted. So starting to get a lot of people who viewed it again because I went really fast. They were like, I need to watch that again. They sort of paused, they started commenting, and this is the only video on their school channel where the channel doesn't even exist. It might still exist. I don't even know what it's called anymore. This was a year ago, and that one video at 340,000 and it was like I spent a lot. Not a lot of time but I spent a good amount of time a couple hours on that one video just in every clip. I knew it's gonna be really good. I also in that clip spell or I said five are wrong. So I gave this as a little tip to our viewers and said the word five r r. And the amount of comments making fun of me for saying five r r just destroyed. Like all of that engagement that you know if people would leave that I just ran to the comments just to see who caught that. Yeah. Me scroll up let you know that you're wrong. And man like the little creative humor bites, like, especially misspelling something or especially saying pronouncing something intentionally wrong, but just moving right through like you're on different comments and those comments are the best because it's people just having a good time and it's more positive funny humor base like calm. And a lot of times when you're trying to sell something or you're doing business online, a lot of comments are like, here we go, you know? But if you can call this more like, Hey, I'm just where we were playing around making fun like that's the point that's what the algorithm loves and so your videos light up a lot when you do that. And, and and then you end it, you know on board and before the year you're really wrapped up and get a call to action. People are like can we just start with the video just start over? Am I watching this again? And then they'll watch it again. And now the algorithms like oh my gosh, watching this video, this must be a really good piece of content we should hear. Let's push that out to everyone in the world. Let's get it in front of us. So sometimes an unconventional approach I think a lot of times people get on here and they watch other successful people's videos. Okay, that's exactly what I have to do. And it doesn't maybe fit them or it doesn't quite the I don't know it just doesn't hit their voice straightaway and just doesn't work. And I think a little bit of creativity helps. 

Emma:  was going on and checking out others like popular you know, marketing videos in your niche because it's great to get ideas but then you definitely have to make it your own yeah, it does your audience does perceive when you're doing something that you're not comfortable with and not you know thrilled with that does. Yeah.

Matt:  Wow. Thanks for all the golden nuggets today. I feel like you know, like between the two of us there was just a lot of stuff in there that took us right away, jumped in and got going. So thanks for bringing the heat and we're I think we're you kind of a last minute we need to or not

Emma:  I was but then I got plenty of time to prepare. It's all good.

Matt:  Well, thank you for being flexible and yeah, to keep rockin. I just want to say I feel like you know there's not a super secret to your success. It feels like you put in the work and you know, I sometimes like if people come on here and they feel like nervous or like, you know, like it just feels like you're comfortable and confident to where they need to go and that's a cool thing and keep it up keep rockin

Emma:  Thank you so much and thank you for having me.

Matt:  Of course anytime I want to put up Emma’s TikTok. Follow her @prosperwithemma And we'll be back here again tomorrow. Same time Emma, come back. Send us a message in a couple months. We'd love to have you back on that'd be super cool. And we'll be back here tomorrow on Thursday for another episode. Peace out everybody.