Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? It's your boy Dave sharp. And I am coming to you live from the beaches of Florida. As you can see, I'm not actually at a beach but it's not too far away. It's not too far away. So my friends we got somebody who is on the show this morning who I believe. I believe they are not from the beaches of Florida. If I'm not mistaken. Let's go ahead and welcome my friend to the show. And Venus. Welcome to the show, my friend.

Edvinas: Thank you for how many days

Dave: You're very, very welcome. Your friends call you and Venus tells me where you're from. And where is that name? Where is that name from? It's a name that I've never heard before.

Edvinas: Yes, my name is Edvinas and I'm from Lithuania. Nice. It's like it's Europe, multi countries. You know, some people don't know but define.

Dave: Yeah, no, I know about it. And it's actually the world that is learning more about that area of the world, obviously. I think because of what's going on over there. How far away are you from Ukraine?

Edvinas: Not so far away. We have a border between Belarus. Yeah. And then and then Belarus and then Ukraine.

Dave: How do you deal with everything that's going on over there on that side of the world? 

Edvinas: It's actually overwhelming. You know, it's not fun to have a war going on. So, you know, not far away. So it's a little bit concerning, but I think it's going to be alright.

Dave:  Well, I think the Ukrainians are gonna kick, they're gonna be okay. I mean, sometimes somebody needs an ass weapon in life. I'm not. I don't like violence at all. Everything before violence, but my God, my thoughts and in wishes are that Ukrainian put the smack down on those sons of bitches. But anyways, let's move on because we're not here to talk about that. But my lord, it's really nice to talk to somebody who is from a totally different parts of the world in its man, you know, we all think that it's just I love to put try to put myself in other people's shoes to just a man what it's what it's what it's like for you what it's been like for you to start your business over and Lithuania. I mean, I know what it's been like for me to start it in St. Petersburg, Florida. You know, but tell us a little bit about your journey and then how eventually you came to find Legendary.

Edvinas: All right. So I started my journey from 2017 to 2018. I was interested in spirituality and stuff, you know, I created my Instagram, because of spirituality. I was interested in double energy, you know, that woo woo stuff. But later on, I realized, you know, that woo woo stuff you know, it cannot work without the money, the business you know, you have to come back to the earth. Learn about the technical stuff, you know it, learn about money about business. That's why we are here so I found you guys legendary on Tik Tok. And I'm actually very glad I saw a girl and she was talking about Legendary. I was like, wow, that resonates with me because when you're feeling that energy, it's something like it feels like home. Okay, I decided to try it. Wow. And eventually it worked really well for me. 

Dave: So you started off in spirituality. You realized that you needed a product or that other people out there seeking spirituality needed to learn about money? I wasn't saying that that niche? Were having a hard time monetizing and finding products to sell or what exactly did you do? Are you still in the personal development and spirituality niche? Okay, okay. That's the missing still in multiple niches in spirituality. You're also saying you're doing some money online. Is that correct to create other niches that you're currently operating in?

Edvinas: I'm on personal development. I'm making online may find you online and so on the spiritual side. So at the moment, I'm doing tarot readings, spiritual stuff. No, I love it. But also I love to make business plans. Make money to learn all that kind of stuff, you know, personal development, motivation that's what's motivating.


Dave: Yeah, okay, perfect, perfect. Well, this is great. We're talking to somebody who's now you know, who's operating in multiple niches. So what did you learn here? At legendary one What do you do incense coming in contact with us? That working maybe that you weren't doing before?

Edvinas: So what I'm doing I'm actually implementing all my spiritual strategies, that manifestation strategies in this business, to make that money and actually live those dreams now to travel all around the world. So what I'm doing is actually learning about the business from my spiritual side. You know, I have to operate between those two. That's actually quite challenging, but so I can share a little known strategy and my manifesting story. 

Dave: Yeah, let's go over a bit of your strategy.

Edvinas: So I think the number one thing is to be consistent. That's the number one thing for me because even if I would not be consistent, I wouldn't be here today. And another thing is visualization. It's like you have to know where you're heading. You have to have some goals where you're heading, because if you're not, you're like that and going between the trees. You have to know where you're heading. Yeah. So yes, that's the main reason why Yep, yeah.

Dave: Well, that's that. I'm pulling up a couple of your accounts right now. These must be a couple of the accounts that you had started back in 2017. Is that correct?

Edvinas: Yes, yes.

Dave: Okay. Have you changed your content or what have you changed? About the strategy? Since being a part of Legendary Have you started to use a sales funnel and you've started to do affiliate marketing so your monitor is something different about the content that you're that you're doing differently? What are you doing? What sort of tips can you give people? That is working really well or that you've discovered has worked really well? Are they now doing differently? That's working really well? Give us some strategy tips of how you've grown these accounts, because you've got, you know, these positive life secrets on Instagram. You've been an underscore magnet, both of which have over 100,000 followers, and then over on TikTok, you've got a wealth coached win. And then you've got Edwin digital marketer. So are these four? Do you want me to pull up one in particular and do you want to talk about some of the spirituality ones for a second? Just what's working right now and I want to talk about if somebody was to get started with an account today, what would you do differently today that you did when you started? 

Edvinas: So when I started, it was like spirituality, like positive messages. You know, I started from here, and then I realized that people love motivating, motivating stuff by deleting messages, and etc. I have a lot of videos that I reposted. Yeah, our people and they love it. Actually. That's a win-win situation because they love it because it shows that because I can really share that message. With the world. And that's what works, guys, you know, people love to see that entertainment. And actually, sometimes I post an ad that's going to my affiliate link, right? Yeah. And then the magic happens or not. So people love to see that motivation content, and then they're willing to take action because of that, you know, the thing.

Dave: Right, right. Right. And it's such a simple strategy, right? It's really how the biggest accounts in the world grow. And I'm glad we have somebody here who we can talk about it with because it is a. You have to be careful when you're using other people's content. First of all, you have to make sure that you give proper credit. So let's start with the absolute basics. How do you repost somebody else's content without, you know, infringing on our rights? Or how do you know what content you can repost and what you can and what need to do if you decide to repost somebody else's content? Use a video maybe that's already been going viral, and you just want to take advantage of that. And post it on your profile and get some of that, that viral love, maybe where do I need to make sure that I do if I want to use somebody else's content?

Edvinas: So you need to reach out to those creators because again, the relationship and sometimes if you don't ask you have to put that message that the me if you don't want this message to be on the stage now and I will remove it. Now you have to make it crystal clear and make sure that this content belongs to them and not yours. People might see that. Okay. Okay.

Dave: So what about what about all? So just giving credit? I mean, because that's, I see that you've done that in your post right here. You said credit to the blessed woman underscore X. If you give somebody credit like this, do you also need to reach out to them and say, Hey, can I repost your content? Because what if they reposted the content from somebody else? And it's not even their original piece of content?

Edvinas: Yeah, so you need to always reach out to them. Sometimes they don't like if you post that content, that's okay. You just remove it. And, you know, sometimes you have to be aware of that because some people don't don't live up to that content to be reposted

Dave:. Can I just tag somebody, instead of reaching out to them? Can I just say credit and just tag them like you did here and not reach out? To him?

Edvinas: You can do it but be allowed to be extra safe. You can reach out and say no, thank you. You have a lot. A lot of great content. I love your energy. Can you repost your content and just do it and if they don't like what if you post that video if they don't like it? That's okay. You just remove it but most of the time it is completely right.

Dave: Right right most of the time and I explain this so everybody understands it most of the time. I'm going to be fine with you posting my video especially if you're giving credit right here because now people can click over to my profile, which will know if I'm not logged in, or they're not there, but usually I can go over to somebody else's profile. Okay, I can click through to somebody else's profile and I'm going to get traffic there because of somebody else's post, right so I'm gonna get traffic to my website because of, you know, because somebody else reposted my stuff. So I love the fact that you're using other people's content in a way that is, you know that when you're giving proper credit, or you're reaching out to somebody and you're saying, what I would do just so everybody if everybody's because I've done similar things in the past. I would just say I would tag the person and then if I wanted to be extra safe I would send them a message that says, Hey, I just reposted one of your videos. Love your content. Let me know if you want me one day. I would just say See guys, here's my strategy with business is shoot first ask questions later. Right. So a lot of you are hearing this and I just want to give you very crystal clear a shoot first ask questions later strategy because 99.9% of people are going to be happy that you reposted their content as long as you give proper credit at Vienna. Would you agree with that? 

Edvinas: Yeah, definitely.

Dave: Perfect. How do you get somebody else's content off of their profile so you can then post it on to your profile?

Edvinas: Most of the videos are from tick tock so you have to copy the link and just go to the website and just download it.

Dave:  Is there a fan that you use?

Edvinas: I'm just using a snap stick app. Okay, you're right, right, right.

Dave: I got you. Right, right, right. You're right, right. Exactly. Okay. So not only is SnapTick the tool and this tool has like, golly, they must be getting a lot of traffic because like so many people in our community are using this tool now. It's really something alright, so anybody's content you can go and get it off of their profile and and take in folks just so you understand. Let's go over here so I don't know one of my old time not friends but just somebody that I know. Crap. Alright, something is wrong with my Instagram here. Go over here to somebody who has been posting content for a long time as a very well known in the industry. And now he's posted and the majority of his content is coming from his podcast. But this guy grew his account through the same strategy. You could go deep down in there and find it. I'm trying to find other people that I know have grown there, their channels this way. So some examples. There's the monk, what is his name? He's the guy who used to be a monk. And now he creates personal development content. I forgot what his name is.

Edvinas: I think it's Jay Shetty, Jay Shetty.

Dave: He's who built a lot of his content and you can see a lot of his stuff they do all kinds of creative stuff. They even act things out sometimes. But a lot of his content as you can see, and he's even got it somewhat organized here to where every third post, he posts like an inspirational piece of content. And then every third post he posts something with his face in it. And then every third post he posts a like some sort of an inspirational statement or you know, sentence phrase motivational phrase. But you know, this is a great example. Of another person another account who has absolutely capitalized on 10 other people's viral content. And you can see that he said via he just tapped he didn't even tag he just said via AngieMurray_1977 on TikTok, you know, so he's given credit that way. I'll tell you another person who does this as absolutely, absolutely blown up to over 70 million followers. Is the Snoop Dogg folks, the chronic one, the one who there's not a whole lot of people who smoke more blunts than his guy but somehow he and his team have grown his account over mostly using other people's content. Now at Venus. I have pulled up a couple of powerful examples. What do you say about these influencers and celebrities who are doing the same thing? 

Edvinas: You know, they're getting a lot of traffic in this way. People love it. They're watching videos. And that's that's great to build your account to millions of followers this way.

Dave: And Snoop by the way is never in any of his videos talking occasionally. He's in one smoking a blunt listening to you know, some music but it's not like he's actually talking every single post. This is clearly run not by Snoop, but somebody who knows what they're doing. And they've just, you know, why would a celebrity want a big account so they can, you know, tell people where their next concert dates are and suddenly they'll sell their swag, all this kind of stuff. But it's the same exact strategy that he was talking about. Right? And you can if you look hard enough, quite frankly, probably a lot of the accounts that you follow, are using a similar strategy. What else should we know? What else can we learn from you today about this strategy? How about the multiple accounts? Why do you have vino? Why do you have multiple accounts? Is that legal? Is that okay? Or would somebody be crazy to only have one account could you speak to that a little bit?

Edvinas: Yeah, so I think you can have as many accounts as you want. Maybe there are some kinds of rules, but now that's what's working, you know, the more accounts you have, the more you're going to get and this is my profitable mindset account. They started this year because I didn't know anything about TikTok. I was only on Instagram so TikTok, that's all my original content here. Okay. And here, I know that I collect content and try new things, experiment, what's work. I see that it's really good that people love that motivation. You know, they love entertainment. That's what's working guys. Now they're watching that and even if you have two accounts, three accounts, four accounts and you post the same videos and think into your pages and that's, that's what's going to work if you guys.

Dave: Yeah, it really makes a lot of sense as I'm sitting here listening to this and as I as I'm hoping that everybody else is sitting here saying to themselves, well, why do I only have one account? Right? I mean, you gotta be listening to this thing. And why do I only have one account if you only have one account? Because it's like, you're right, you just double your traffic. No. I mean, maybe you do, maybe you don't double your traffic but you're able to test different things and I think that's what's really so cool about this is exactly your strategy. On this page, you're doing nothing but your content. So you're you're dialing in your messaging, you're telling your story, you're getting your you're still and you're getting a benefit from it, you're still driving traffic and likely making sales from this. But if but then over here and these other accounts you've got, you know, the other stuff that you want to create you want to create just very generic spirituality or you want to you want to create, you know, very generic, that that's not specific to your own story, or financial advice or business. It's just, it also gives you a place to try and test different things right. That's what I'm seeing. Yes, with only one profile, you might begin to confuse the messaging if you tried to do everything on one profile. Do you agree with that? 

Edvinas: Yes, definitely. That's exactly what I'm doing and actually, why? Because the videos on TikTok and when you see the videos are going viral, they repost that video on my Instagram accounts, and people will love more because the video was performing really well on TikTok and this video is probably going to work out also on Instagram. 

Dave: Brittany says with a counselor like this, are we still putting our links in the bio or is it more of getting the following Randy Adams, you're looking in like more at a later time? How would you answer that question?

Edvinas: So I put the link on my bio. You know, you will still have traffic and also you can have some kinds of ads. You know, you can put your anything you post any kind of shit, you know, you can post the ad and people come to your link. Now, the traffic will flow. If you're tracking the people in your page with that environment stuff. That stuff is going to blow up. 

Dave: It's crazy. You can't overthink it. You know what I mean? You can't overthink it. You can't overthink your content. You gotta move, especially somebody like you who has multiple accounts that you're managing. You can't can't overthink it, right? You gotta post it. So how do you make decisions about what to post? How do you when you're researching when you're like what is the process of finding a piece of content to post it a piece of content look like for you?

Edvinas: So when I'm a spiritual person, I always think and feel what the next step will be, what people will like now, if you mess up the content people will sense that this content is not really good. You know, you have to find what people like, what kind of motivation counts and like you know, you have to be more empathic to feel what our people are going to lie and this is like that content. Oh, it's going to be really good. Now people will reach out to us, we'll say how to do that stuff, how to make that stuff and you're giving value to other people. And they will likely maintain a relationship this way because you reply to their message. And you know, you make that business partner or whatever. So yeah, you have to put energy and effort into doing that because now attention is actually, you know, our greatest asset, you know, people are bombarded with all the things on the internet now. You have to know which content you know people will like.

Dave: You got to read the room, right? I mean, read the room, tell what's going on in the world. What's going on people's lives right now. You know, I mean, part of it is about Yes, being an empath, but trying to just put yourself in other people's shoes, but one of the best places you can start is just what are you feeling? How do you feel, how do you think? Are you frustrated or in pain? Are you afraid? Well, all those feelings that you're having, that's the best way to relate to other people is to just talk about that, because likely they're having them too. And you can say well, hey, look I didn't have the money for retirement. And so I wanted to start learning new skills. Maybe you might want to, I don't know, but this was what I was afraid of. And you really don't have to be a mind reader or even an empath to do that. Because you're you're you're simply you are your best customer. You are your customer. You know what your customer is thinking? Because they're thinking the same things you thought, you know what your customers are feeling? Because they're thinking they're feeling the same thing. Still feeling why well, because we're human beings. Right? And so it's related to people. I think it is because we overcomplicate it, but Edvinas, you're absolutely right. It's the most important thing, because if somebody listens or reads, my content in it rubs them the wrong way. Or it's like it'd be like it'd be like posting a picture of an assault rifle on on a on a national holiday that that was like a memorial day for people that had been murdered by guns. You know, it's like people don't read the room that we have to understand and you know, you have to understand what's going on out in the world and just pay attention to what's going on in your own life. You know, people right now in the world, which is weird because we were just in a, in a crazy market. Well, we've got a war going on over on one side of the world. We've got, you know, a recession that's about to hit the world. I mean, people are, I'll tell you what people need right now if they really need to upgrade their skills.

Upgrade their skill sets and stop relying on other people. And I'll tell you, that scares me that I don't have enough skills , so, you know, you should be afraid to do that. You don't have enough skills, right? It's so easy to relate to people when I look at just my own fears in my own life story. Then I can start talking and connecting with people easier. And Venus. That's what I found is, you know, I just have found that when I tell my story occasionally not all the time, but occasionally to my followers and I let them know a little bit more about who I am and kind of when when I'm doing that's a great opportunity for me to bond with them too. And I can give them edutainment content 90% of the time, you know where it's just educational and entertainment. It doesn't have to be about my story, it wouldn't have to be about me. But one out of every you know, occasionally too good. Your right to humanize yourself into encode passion to your audience. And I really think at Venus, you talk about spirituality, you talk about you know, being empathic. I really think this whole marketing and sales thing comes right down to that right there. It's not about a special trick about a special thing. You're going to say that's going to make somebody buy from you about them feeling safe with you. It's about them feeling comfortable watching your content. It's about them feeling safe like the UK like, like you get it like they're under. If they don't feel like you understand them. They're not going to buy from you. So it's also about showing compassion, showing that you understand what they're going through. And people will just throw money at you if they feel understood. And if they feel like you get them unlike most of them you know, friends and family who usually our friends and family can sometimes post on us or we feel the most criticized by them. So that's why human beings are not just in this industry. Human beings are always searching for validation. And love and understanding. Again, because a lot of times we don't feel that our own homes are our own. You know, friends and family. I'm serious. Just, it's so true. So what do we do when we start a business? What's the biggest complaint that a lot of people have? Well, I'm not getting support from my friends and family. It's because it's easier sometimes to just for whatever reason, there's an emotional, there's emotional baggage there or our friends don't want to see us doing better than they are. I don't know what it is. But you know, understanding somebody comes to our community and we say, we get that I understand my friends and family were a little critical of me too. And now I don't even have to offer a solution. Went through that too. And instantly you feel understood. I don't have to solve your problem. I don't and that's what we're missing more than anything. In this community. We think that we have to solve social problems over time. And one of the biggest things that we need to do is we just need to make them feel understood. Make them feel like we understand what they're going through that empathy of Venus, what would you add to that?

Edvinas: Yes, exactly. I agree with you. Everything is energy. You have that connection when you're talking with another human being you're exchanging energies between and when you give something, feel something you know that warm energy and they are likely to believe in you because you make them feel like home and they will likely open up and talk about their ideas. You know, if you have that compassionate energy, you don't need to say steal anything from people now just give that good energy and compassion like you say.

Dave: And that comes through one video. It comes through on video does it? Yes, it does. It does. It keeps your own video to some of you who are not talking at all in your videos right now. You're only posting as you go. You know, as you get more comfortable as you get the ad and then maybe you go live and you should begin to tell your story or even in short videos you and it's such an opportunity. We can even do it with text. There was a fantastic video that was with me the other day. And it was something that I see a lot of network marketing women are doing but it's working. It's working. And it really is just to actually show it to you right here. It's really a trending thing. That's going around on TikTok but check it out. Like that you see how she's telling the story through text. She's doing it on top of a trending sound. Okay, she's doing it on top of a trending sound already on TikTok. But she's telling that story that I was just talking about. That Venus has talked about where you're showing empathy but you're showing empathy through telling your own story. That's, that's a great way to show empathy because you're opening up your heart and you're being vulnerable. And that that brings people closer to you doesn't push them away. It brings them closer. Let's watch the rest. It's just a simple retelling. It's empathy. And that is an example of it being done without even any words being spoken just right there on text. And it looks like you are doing a lot of that too. On your personal account words are telling a story and stuff on text. Are you doing mostly all text and music? Are you doing no voice over videos or are there some where you actually are speaking?

Edvinas: I'm actually using like the video that's going to inspire to to bring that emotional fire and that's what's working. You can also do a video we are talking about that's actually also good, but like the entertainment, the music, the dances, you know the energy you are trying. 

Dave:  They do, and that video that we just watched was, you know, there was music. There was a visual, we were able to watch her at the same time, and that's highly engaging, right because unfortunately with social media, human beings are a bit like addicts. It's gotten higher. As with anything with anything, it's not just drug addicts. I mean, if you were taking any sort of medication or anything and you took more and more and more your tolerance was high. But man, we've become like that with social media, haven't we to where we just it's like, it's like, if it's not multiple things going on at one time on the screen. It's like it's not entertaining. Oh God, where are we going to be in another two years and Venus? Where are we going to be? You know what I mean? Like? I hope we're just all so rich that if it's crazy, we can just check out if we want to you know what I mean? I'm just like. Do you have your prediction? Where the hell is the internet? And where are people going? What are we going to be interacting with a couple of years from now? What do you think?

Edvinas: I think it's going to be a split between the people who are stuck in the old patterns. Now the old corporations know that stuff. And people and other kinds of people will be higher. They will experience more compassion, more, you know, spiritual things, more love. And exactly now I think we let in the internet also. Now we have a lot of fear going on. But also we have a lot of compassion and love at the same time happening and people are choosing the groups with love and the fear and seeing that in the Internet right now.

Dave:  Wow. That's a very unique perspective. Very, very interesting. And you know, what I love about that answer is that it had nothing to do with a specific blank form or a specific social media company. No matter what comes and what goes what you just said, will always be here, won't it? Yeah. People who are fear mongering, and they'll always be people who are showing compassion and love. And I would say the same thing. I would say the same thing is true for this industry, right? There are people in this industry who claim to be teachers and gurus, but they are you know, they are they're they're they're not compassionate. They're not you know, they're they're they're, they're, you know, they're fear mongering and they're there. They want to make you dependent. And I think it's really important to strive to be independent as a marketer, and especially in this industry. Because you are, sir you are free. You can go and be an affiliate as you are for multiple you are an affiliate for legendary marketer, is this true? That's exactly but we are just a see just one of the appetizers on your table, right you're in and that's mainly because you're in multiple, you're in the spirituality niche personal development niche, but understand my fears. You need to remain free, you need to remain free. And you know that that is that is both a mentality and it also is in how we operate and so if we wanted to and we want to be free people, then you know, both the mentality that we have, which I love, compassion, love, not fear mongering and as well as people that were concerned with we need to be real careful. But also in the kind of as your whole business philosophy right it is freedom, independence, not dependence needing sort of business model that can create a prison a jail or or can or others can be in control of your business. Someone that in the future is probably not the smartest thing for example, all of these drop shippers who had touched on their business because they couldn't get their product in from China and then they were sitting in shipping all this stuff. So what do you think about the business model itself, the deep selling digital products and of course, selling information, coaches, core courses, coaching and events and of putting in those talks just for anybody who's new. Talk about your perspective about the business model itself, versus other physical product business models on the internet.

Edvinas: Think digital, that's exactly what is going to work out in the next 10 years. 20 years. Because people love that instance. They want to buy it and they want to get it right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, right now. And also people have knowledge and because the more people want that knowledge that coaching and I think that's what's going to be in the next 1020 years. Digital stuff is going to blow up even more.

Dave: People really think that they're late, you know what I mean? It's so early that there's literally no one right? I mean, these politicians and governments around the world don't. I mean, people are innovating so fast. They cannot keep up, though. We are at the early stages. I agree with that simply also because I do think fear is always there and fortunately, and I think more and more people are gonna see laziness, all that kind of stuff, whatever. I just think people are going to want to be at home more. I just think we've proven that people want to be, they would buy a home they would prefer to learn at home, they would prefer to watch movies at home they would prefer to just be at home with their families, their friends, and access things digitally through their phone. I like to ask you about spirituality and mindset and business. And in this business what what can you tell us about the importance of all the dynamics, not the mechanics, everybody comes into this business thinking Joe the mechanics just show me where to press what to push and what to set up and, and you know the first time something goes wrong you know, a lot of them will have a breakdown, not a breakthrough because there was no you know, they just thought well, this doesn't matter I'm not I don't mention, or even pay attention to my mindset or my my energy. You keep talking about energy, such a powerful conversation, but it’s hard for me to understand energy I've really ever talked about it or had anybody explain it to me or maybe I have great energy and I don't even know it right I don't want to make people feel stupid either. Like they're capable of being a great energy and all this but I just wonder if you would say a little bit about the importance of those dynamics. What is spirituality to you, and how does it apply to your business?

Edvinas: Yeah, first of all, I think we need to know that energy flows where attention always goes. And where you put your energy into, it's going to grow no matter what now, it's easy to spot a red car. If you're always thinking about the red car, you know, it's all if you always think about you know, you got to see opportunity. That's how it works. You are putting that energy you know, you're tuning into a radio station, and you're saying Bring me opportunities. You're just asking the universe. Just Oh, you just get opportunities because your radio station was tuned to that specific frequency. And you get exactly what you want. Sometimes people don't care about the surroundings and they don't see the opportunities coming but if you know, be more mindful and see what's going on. You will see so many things in your space. In your house, in your everywhere. There are so many opportunities rrU Yeah, that's crazy. That's the Golden Age actually. So you become what you always cause income.

Dave: And here's a great example of that. My phone's not working right. Did a loom send it to Drew? I ended up figuring it out on my own and just had them double check it practicing confidence. So glad to have the community here back in. It's priceless. And the reason why I point this out and say exactly what we're just talking about was you put the intention to have a working funnel. And you didn't just send it to somebody and just say, Oh, well, I hope he fixes it. Sucks. I mean isn't going to fix it. It's probably going to be bullshit. It's probably a scam. You know? I don't know. I mean, this stuff never worked for me anyways, you know? I mean, right? I mean that. It may not be that dramatic, but come on. I mean, a lot of times our attitude is definitely on that side. Maybe he's busy living his life. Maybe he meant to get back to me and forgot about this. Maybe he got COVID Maybe he got hit by a bus. Please, Lord. I'm just saying anything could happen. I'm not going to sit around and wait on Drew because I'm the one who's suffering if I wait, I'm putting the intention out. I'm gonna have a working funnel. Whether Drew gets back to the universe. Here, you know, and it's like, it's like, wow, that's energy. That's spirituality to me. It's like and you know what, here's the other thing. I'm the son of a bitch out and then I'm going to help somebody else. out somebody else. Please shit. You know now I'm on the SS spiritual as I can get. I mean, that's spirituality to me.

Edvinas: Exactly, yes. Means confidence means to trust yourself that's lacking more confidence areas. Trust yourself that trust in you in your report. You can do so. Now. Be responsible of your actions and you will

Dave: You say your spiritual those of you and here's my I'm going to challenge some people I got down I'm getting fired up. I get a lot of fire I say so. You know a lot of people say they got faith. They say the times get tough if you know, you can't send up your autoresponder and your computer won't come on. Man that faith disappears. We got to have faith in all those of you especially say and you you say I got faith, show the world your faith. This is the time you can put your faith and your all that into action. Because, you know, we can talk about having a spiritual principle or we can talk about having faith or whatever. But if you know those tools, it's like a watch. And when I watch his piano, let them sit in the safe because that's what they're for. To be warm. Faith is there to be used. Right? It's not there to just to sit in the seat. It's there to be used. And and wow. My intention you said that or being in that is so powerful. How do I set an intention if I've never even heard of that before? What does that actually mean? How do I apply it to this business?

Edvinas: So if you if some of the beginners just starting out, they don't know anything about energy, all the stuff. The first thing I asked you to do is to do a vision board to this, this visualization board. That's what's working, you know, even on your laptop on your phone, you can put the images you want like vacations, the money you want the girls anything, and that's the intention. You could just do that. Every single day the energy will flow into that intention. You will see you will pick up the phone, you will see the image. It's going straight to your mind. It's fine and that's what you're going to manifest because the energy is flowing that way. You know if you want a successful business it looks like that intention. You have to be as specific as you can put on that vision board. I think it's going to be that and every single thing I did on that vision board. It manifested every single thing. That's like two months ago and everything happened. I went on a trip to the beautiful beaches. So now everything this was just doing a vision board is going to be the best decision in your life.

Dave: Now look at it. You gotta be looking at things we do. What are the reasons to do masterminds in mass and because we want people to be able to continue to hang out in a huge, you know, 20,000 square foot mansion with 2020 bedrooms, you know what I mean? And it's interesting, it's cool to come into experience that to hang out to not just drop the diet, but to actually, you know, come and, you know, come and hang out come in and you know, actually just walk around and, and, and, you know, see, maybe even sweating. I mean, this is the living room, you know, we're having an event with 50 or 60 people in the living room. Last one that we did was a three story mansion. And that's why we've done that, you know, that's why we've done these events because we want to give people and you know experiences the same you don't experience all the time because somebody else is living that life living that way. And why not you and why? Why? Somebody out there has a backyard with a swimming deck. That sick leave could comfortably hang out on but it's just one person or a small family home. Why not you? Why did they deserve that? There's no reason there's no logical reason right? And it's not even that they deserve it and you don't, it's just that their actions and the choices that they made, brought them closer to this or brought them here and the choices that I made. Put me in another place. I have everything that I deserve based on my decision. Right, unless you really, really had something that sets you back in life and those absolutely do happen and sometimes obvious things and and you know which is why I love entrepreneurship. Because anybody no matter where what your gender is, what's your what's your, you know, what's your, where you're at, or where you're from in the world you have an opportunity to earn as much or more as anybody else, even if you're a young man, and out in Lithuania halfway of the world, you can get on here and you can build a dam business of your dreams. Then live stream to us all over the world from your room in Lithuania and teach us how you're doing it. What a frickin amazing thing. It's really something that has been well. I appreciate your time today, my good friend and stay safe and keep up the fast work in spreading the value and the wonderful energy that you're and I love your desire for growth too. I can tell he suffers from people from different regions of the world. And it's likely I don't know what life was like when I was growing up. But you think it was equal to better than or in terms of the things that you had and the materialistic stuff that had been opened up in America Lithuania would you say that fans but I think you're living in Eastern Europe now. Is that NATO was Soviet Union No. Right. So so so the things were tough actually, you know, but there are no excuses that you can be in the same place. You grow no matter where you are in the world that you can You can grow wherever you want.

Dave: And I see that I see that. We see that all the time with people who come who you know are not letting any circumstances hold them back. And sometimes our circumstances can hold us back when they're comfortable. When we have too much because we get complacent. And then you know something painful happens and then we act but acting out of gratitude and acting out of not wanting to do I want to I want to add value to the world is a much better, a much better reason to act and just because you have pain because oftentimes if you're if you have pain, it might be too late. But there's a lot to learn from people for me as an American from people in different countries. And it's one of them where we get to meet and hear their stories and see how they're living and building their business. And you've come in and done this yourself. I mean, let's see, no matter what whether it was me and Legendary that you ran into or something else, and that's what I think a lot of people understand it's our responsibility to be successful and that a good routine or whatever, as the dude, I'm going to be successful regardless of my teacher. That's right. You can't just you would you would be successful no matter what because of your drive and your intention and your motivation. So thanks for sharing that with us today, brother. 

Edvinas: Thank you so much.

Dave:  Hey, man. We're happy to do it. And we love this love of doing love. Our clients love to talk to you. This is something I get to every day, you know that I get to do every day. I don't have to do this. I get to do this every day and it's the coolest job in the world. And anything that's here within this community can do the same exact thing in some way, shape or form. And you can customize it to your own liking to your own life and schedule. And at Venus you showed us a more advanced version of that today we pull niches and multiple things but it stretched us a little bit and it Missy see what's possible and that we can do more and we don't even particularly have to work much harder, right but we can have a bigger impact and do more so thanks for that man and and come back again. Thank you so much. All right, buddy. We'll talk to you later. All right, my friends. There you have it now at Venus remember has multiple profiles. So profitable underscore mindset, I believe is his personal profile. No, no, that's a profitable mindset on TikTok's profitable underscore mindset. A couple of them here. But a profitable underscore mindset. Wealth coach Edwin is going to be some places you can connect with Him and follow Him and you know, get involved and just continue to learn from his strategies there. And then of course he's got a couple of accounts on Instagram too. I'll post those abundant positive life secrets all one word on Instagram. So there you go. You've got somebody with this doing a few different things and he may even have a couple of things in there and that's totally fine. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't but I can guarantee he'll have more soon. Because this guy is on fire and he's not you know what he's standing up to him. He has a plus vision and mindset right as you all heard, and so get on out of here. All right. Wow. Someone should add us to say do something even if it's wrong, for God's sakes. Just do some. Okay to date that gets you in the mood. Keen action and, you know, just loosen those muscles up, loosen those fingers. Only your eyes can't make the organism work and watching training and doing all that in this one. Here's the other one sometimes working is that little scroller. Or the thumb and the scoliosis. Let's make today matter. Right, let's make it matter. So what is the number that if you did nothing else, it's the productive day to do that thing every day. Right? And it's likely to revolve around some fear of speaking into something or writing something again, Papa Don said that a couple of months ago on ship, and I said, I can't say it any simpler than he says. Writing something, speaking, knowing something. To be one of those, your top priority should always get some sort of income producing activity. Okay, income producing. That should be your number one all right. All right, my friends. Get out of here. Great show. Thank you again. It's been really, really a pleasure and an honor this morning and we will see you tomorrow. Peace.