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Dave: What's going on my friends it's your boy Dave Sharpe. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. I just rolled out of bed about five minutes ago. So I am waking up legendary this morning. This morning we had a factory worker and teaching assistant of 23 years. Nichole is welcome to the show. What did you do in the factory?:

Nichole: An assembly line and inspection. And I remember wanting to make my son breakfast in the morning and take him to school.

Dave: That sounds like a good reason to want to get out of factory life. Explain to folks what it was like to be a teacher’s assistant.

Nichole: I didn’t like college. I help kids who are struggling with math.

Dave: You wrote in about your brother passing, I’m really sorry that happened.

Nichole: That is where my journey began. March 21st 2021 my 26th brother was killed on his motorcycle by a distracted driver. He was on his phone and his life was over that day. After some of the shock wore off time began a strange phenomenon. I could almost physically hear a clock tick. I started to feel like I was aging faster, my parents were aging faster, my kids were getting older faster. And I was aware that we’re only here for a certain amount of time and I started to look back on my life and ask myself Nicole, what have you done with the last 21 years? What will your kids remember about you? When they're older that you chose all the overtime you could get? You were always tired. You were always stressed about money even when you weren't working? What will they remember about you? And I wasn't happy with what my answers were. And so I knew I knew that I needed to take my time back. 

Dave: What a story, what a perspective and what a deep what a deep. Why, you know, and that doesn't mean that you can't still have bad days and that doesn't mean that you can still feel like given up sometimes and I don't want folks to listen to this and be like, oh Nicole's been delivered stone tablets itself and now has some motivational touch but my lord or do you feel connected and motivated by these by these things that you've just told us about?

Nichole: Absolutely, Barb McGowan. I do want to mention her because she's amazing. And we had a conversation, and I don't even think she realizes what a blessing that conversation was to me. But she said, Nicole, your Why should make you cry. And it absolutely did. And it does. And I think that as humans we're so used to feeling weak or vulnerable when we're in pain or an uncomfortable space, and that couldn't be further from the truth. The amount of strength and determination and power that is inside of your pain point or your unconscious base is unmatched. And I had to get inside of my why. And get in that uncomfortable space and stay there for a minute so that I could get my mindset right. You mentioned that in the first couple days the 15 day business builder challenge. Had I known the transformation that was going to create me, I had no idea. It was a painful, amazing, beautiful transformation. And I would purchase it over and over and over again. Yeah, it went so far. It went so far beyond affiliate marketing.

Dave: That's fantastic. Well, my journey has gone so far beyond I going I forget I'm doing affiliate marketing sometimes honesty and I until someone's you know, thinks this is just all about affiliate marketing. I'm like, Oh yeah, that's what we're doing here but it's, you know, the skills that we're developing here if one you and anyone else listening leans into this process instead of just stuck. We had a guy this weekend and God bless them. Okay, God bless him. But he bought our challenge on a gift card on Saturday and by Sunday, you know, was was emailing our customer support over and over and over and over and over again asking for a $7 refund. And it's like, those are two opposite extremes. You know what I mean? Those are two opposite extremes. And neither is wrong and neither is right and I'm not here to judge, but I'm just observing human behavior. And I've seen so many people over the years and it's amazing how hard we work to fail. You know, we just we work so hard to struggle, you know, because we're unwilling to let go of beliefs and we're unwilling to let go of different perspectives or we're unwilling to let go of certain identities. And like you've just talked about each person's transformation looks totally different. And that's one of the big things I really want to drive home. Is it if you feel anything going on some uncomfortability and you lean into it, some some some thoughts of, oh, I'm good. This is going to fail and I'm going to be a miserable failure, but you stay the course. And you don't let your feelings just totally dominate your life and get it i over II I learned that in drug treatment, and I'll never forget that. It's not that feelings aren't important. But my feeling is especially when I'm doing something new can be all over the place. I can be I can be walking around like my father's feelings that he gave me from his father and I don't know what's really real I need to take a step back. That's good. Listen to Wake Up Legendary and why we do it every day. Because sometimes I need to find a good trusted person. I need to listen every day and that will help lubricate the joint so I can start stepping into my own bit my potential is really what it boils down to. And Nicole, it's not that your job in the factory wasn't meaningful. It's not that you're, it's not that your teacher's assistant work isn't meaningful. It's not any of that. But you're but it's it's it's not where you want to be and it's not it's it's caught you know, you can do something about it. The thing that's the first big decision is really actually deciding that I can change this. And you look back at yourself and I do too sometimes at some of the things that I did for multiple years, do you ever look at the 10? Or how long did you stay in the factory?

Nichole: 23 years between two factories.

Dave: So do you ever look at it? Obviously that was a part of your big moment, right? You kind of looked at what you said with your own words just a moment ago. I was 41 and I said What have I accomplished? That sort of was the moment of truth for you. It was a question similar to that. Right? Nichole: Well, I look back at my children's legs, right. That's the most important part of my life. That is my purpose. My wife. And I realized that I believed and my firstborn is now 16 and my baby is now six, and I missed it. I missed it. Because if I wasn't working, I would be exhausted because I've always been a really hard worker. I was raised by a single mom who never complained and she taught us you don't have time to sit down and cry about it, get up and work. And so I always kind of patted myself on the back. You know I took pride in how much I worked. But I was trading the best parts of my life for that paycheck. And so when he passed away, my brother, I realized that I'm not here forever. He was 26. And what am I going to do with the time that I have left here? And I'm not I'm not trying to sound sad or depressing or anything but that was just my personal reality. That's real. For me. And I just became so aware of the choices I make and how they will affect not only my life, but my children's lives. And I needed to do better and I knew that I could but I had to get my butt up and work.

Dave:  I am powerful from what I heard right there also and I talked about this for a decade and a day the other day with that group and it was very simple, it was a very simple, very simple slide initiative over entitlement. And it really is early. It's one of the big differences between the mindset that a lot of us have coming in and the mindset that we need and a lot of us come in with an attitude of entitlement where you know, it's amazing. I mean, I think I am just now coming to terms with the fact that the world really doesn't owe me shit. But I haven't. I haven't really liked that's a big pill to swallow. Seriously. It is. When you really really just come to terms with that nobody owes me shit. Yeah, nobody owes me a damn thing. And I don't owe anybody anything. Really like today and I'm not talking about little things where maybe I owe somebody an apology or an amends. I'm just saying. on a large scale, nobody's coming to save you, me, anybody. They might send us a check for $1,200 to get through a global you know what we do? I'm sure everybody felt really saved. Right? Nobody's coming to save you and nobody owes you shit Dave. And and I and in that initiative, even to come up with your own why? I mean people, the divide between entitlement in having initiative seems to be so thin for a lot of people. Because you know, I don't know, I don't know whether it's that we had things done for us whether it was how we were trained in school or a job. But I see a lot of people struggling because they don't know the difference between taking initiative and having entitlement. How would you define the difference between the two and how that applies in this having your own business.

Nichole: I really think that we go back to our mindset. You really have to dig for why you really have to. This is a business where you have to take ownership of your actions. Then, I don't know how to. I'm trying to come up with the right words.

Dave: Well, this business and actually, as you were talking when you were talking about your why what I was thinking about is the fact that you said you have to dig deep but I actually think that you just have to open your eyes and have some awareness to look around your life. And I will probably find your right why real quick, but I think that most of us live in a pretty deep seated denial about how bad things are or about how much we're not paying attention to our children or about how much we're stressed out over money. And I think that if we just open our eyes like you did, you said that just a second ago you said, you know, I gained awareness, I gained awareness and folks that's what I think how you can find your why is just be honest. If I guarantee you any. look up the definition of entitlement dammit google it. Don't you ask that in the comments. Then I see you over to Google in order to learn how to You Be resourceful. Okay, yeah. So, man, I think we can all just open our eyes and look around and find a pretty damn good reason if we're honest. To get our app in gear that was a thought that came up for me.

Nichole: But when I say digging, it's because I think we go through life and not everybody. And it's me telling my story. So in a perfect post, we coast through life or I had coasted through life that it was just normal to send my kids to daycare because well I have to go to work and it's normal to be tired after you've worked 12 hours in a factory so my why was very pretty deep. And that's where again, I had to go back to the mindset.  I had to dig, I had to do the work was truly a painful process. And one that I would do over and over and over again. Because it was so worth it. And it all started with education didn't you know I told you I had looked back on my life and you know that all started with my brother but I had truly begun the process of going in and tending to my own mindset. And until I started the education and to be really honest with you, I started I bought the challenge and on February 7 started the rest of February, March and even the first week of April. I was creating content and just nothing was happening. I had to stop, go back. Because I would ask if Psy was my business plan advisor and he was so helpful. I'm so thankful for him but I would say Stein, why isn't it working? What if it doesn't work? And he said Nicole, you say it one more time and never help you again. What he was really saying was affiliate marketing works, your education works your networking or I would say die I don't know what what, what kind of content. I can't hear you.

Dave:  That's what you heard from sigh he didn't say exact words. But sometimes it's up to us to translate what others are saying or find meaning in a situation. That's the initiative versus entitlement. It's not sighs job to find your meaning for the

Nichole: Right. I would say sigh I don't I'm stumped on what kind of content to create, I don't know anything. And he would say this was what you do know what he was saying is have you not learned anything in the education? You took the whole education, have you not learned anything? I learned something but I learned it with the wrong mindset. So I stopped. I didn't create any more content. I actually took my tic tac down and started again. And I took a few weeks off and I went back through the education time with the mindset that I should have had the whole time when I went into it thinking I'm doing something great because I'm taking the first step and going through the education. What I was really doing was focusing on the result because I was so uncomfortable where I was, I was missing all the good stuff. The journey of all the good stuff was in the middle, and I missed it. So I had to go back and I had to do it again. And I encourage anybody that may be struggling, stop and go back. Education works. It's proven this is a business we have to take ownership of. Just have to and it's worth it.

Dave: It is proven, and I wish I could say that I invented it. I actually did it. You know what I mean? Yeah, I'm just the messenger. You know, I'm just a guy who's used the skills. I mean, I've invented some things that you know, that I think that anybody else could invent which are little systems or processes that you name so they kind of become yours. Like anybody can do that. You're right. Inside was right. And what you just said was possibly one of the most powerful things that's ever been said. Just that how you describe that and I think if we're honest, we really slow down and look at how we behave throughout this process. We'll see that we were also either excited or anxious about the result, fearful or, you know, excited are usually the two. The two two feelings that we feel that we feel excited and we feel that we suffer right, you know, and you're right, a lot of times we miss the magic of the, you know of the journey of the ride. It's sort of like going on vacation, right? And you know some of the best conversations happen on road trips. Sometimes you get to know people better than if you just have your headphones on the whole time, or you just have the radio on the whole time and you're only focused on the destination. Now all of a sudden, you're getting to know whoever you're with when you get there and instead of you. So you're right. There's a lot of magic that can happen. On the in the journey on the way there the things that you can see and the things that you can pick up the people that you can talk to and I'm actually speaking about of a physical journey, but the same thing happens with with education as I'm going through the challenge or the blueprints or whatever I've got in front of me to do. It is important that I lean into that and really take it in and then say how can I apply this. How can I apply this? How do I apply this in my business right now? And what most of you will find when you go through the education is it's actually purposefully not. I'm not one of those gurus who likes to speak over people's heads and talk about all these complicated philosophies. I'm sure we can all get fancy, but you'll find that the education is rather straightforward and that there's concepts like the fishing formula and the blueprints that help you just to go into any niche and figure out who your customer is how you can get them to come to you how you can funnel them in your funnel, how you can make more money from selling them more products. I mean, there's a lot here and you're right that training does work and even still with all that proof around some folks, you know, we'll come up with any damn excuse to work really hard to continue to suffer and struggle. And that's why I think that your comments about mindset and why we talk about it here so much even though y'all get tired of it. But it's true. It's so powerful. It's so needed and so much of the things that we bring in and are carrying around or not even ship it's ours. I mean it's you talking about your mother and you're talking about your family in fact, Come on Nicole, you're a product of your environment. And now you're stepping out into the global world and sort of saying, Hey, I'm here Nicole's here and I'm gonna, I'm gonna dominate some shit. But up until this point, you're really a product of your environment, right? I mean, did you know I grew up where I still live? So it'd be very easy for me to get involved in the local community and have a job like that. And you know what, folks, that's not a bad life. Nobody's here to say that's a bad life or that we don't look down on anybody. But it's about your satisfaction. It's about you. None of us came and knocked on your door and told you to come to legendary yo you are looking for something you are interested in. And in here you are and many just to finish this point and then I'll let so many of you be right here at the front door of your dreams. Even if it's just education in this industry, maybe you're like hey, this David Sharpe guy screwed him. But the information nozzle is this industry, this business model using platforms, digital platforms, is the way of the future and I think it's the way of the future that's a healthy bet versus NFT's and Kryptos which are still so speculative. We don't this is not going anywhere selling information, running ads, building organic profiles and then selling them information products. I promise you will never ever go away and most people I think will start to pick up on the business model and say I've ever I can't this person is literally selling information they're not even shipping manufacturing doing anything people are gonna pick up on like holy hell. This is an incredible business model. But what were you thinking? You look like he wanted to say a minute ago and I was just ranting,

Nichole: Oh, no, you weren't ranting. I think you know, when we were kids, our parents didn't have the opportunities we have now. Right? So that's just the way it was. Even 16 years ago. This opportunity wasn't wasn't available. There was barely even a MySpace. We have opportunities that we didn't have back then. And so we can move differently now. When I started this, I told three people and those same three people or only the same three people that I know to this day, and the reason I only told three people was because I knew how fragile I was. Even constructive criticism would have been enough to turn me upside down. So I told my mother because she's my best friend, my husband and my 16 year old son, and my biggest and only supporter was my 16 year old. He would see me on my computer and you're like, I am so proud of you. And yes, I love this. But the reason he was so it was so easy for him to be so supportive is because he is of a new generation. He has not been programmed to trade 40 5060 hours of his week for a paycheck. He knows everything is done online. Things are changing. The world is changing, and monetizing the internet and the social media platforms that we use every day has never been smarter. It's the best thing you can learn how to do and he knows that because he's 60.

Dave:  Right? Good for him. And I think you're making such a good point. You're a wise person. I mean, why did we not have the opportunity that we have today 16 years ago 20 years ago. So you son of a gun out there better take advantage of it never being this good before right. It really is something and you're right. I mean even back when I started MySpace was still kicking. Still had a little life left in it. And you know, Facebook was on the come up. You know, that was where all the older folks were on Facebook. It's kind of like a boomer hangout. Yeah, it's still kind of it. You know, I don't think the boomer generation has made it over to the other places yet but they're gonna comment and their Obi and they're buying people you think that they are buying off TikTok? You think they ain't buying off Instagram? Crazy they are buying is going out of style. So, I mean, we've got a potential now just a few months ago, I mean, the economy was going crazy. Now we're on the verge of a potential recession. I mean, who knows where things are going. How were you feeling about that? Now that you're in a different situation? Then you were? You know, with the factory and so forth. How are you viewing? Are you even paying attention to things like that? What do you think, okay, by going over the next year, where's the world going over the next year? What's your perspective?

Nichole: I really tried to avoid news as much as possible, some as unavoidable. You know, there's not a whole lot of great stuff happening. 

David Sharpe: So that's the last 60 seconds. They usually air some sort of positive news, Nicole now don't be so negative.

Nichole: Now, if we're heading straight into a recession like I feel like we are in we're going there. Now it's all built on Sunday bitches are going it just gives me all the more reason to know that I made the best choice and why everybody should learn how to create multiple streams of passive income. There's never been a better time than now. 


Dave:  2008 2009 just kind of happened. It's coming online and I don't remember there being any sort of nobody's buying online. I mean, people were buying online, just like the world for the big thing that happened over the last couple of years, you know, I mean, yes, would we ever have all the haulers and all this? Would they have ever imagined that it would have been like that? So, you know, we say recession that doesn't mean that everybody's going to stop buying people's behaviors are likely going to shift but I remember in the 2008 through 2010, whatever when the kind of housing economy collapsed, and everybody was in a massive recession, everybody was losing their and I was just getting clean. I was like, I kind of like I kind of rose up from like a pile of ashes. Like, my life sucks. I'm trying to get clean now. Everybody's in a recession. I just lost my house. And I never had a house you know? But now I do. Yeah, so I'm not going to change anything that I'm doing. You know what I mean? I'm not gonna change anything that I'm doing. I'm not I'm not we're not doing anything different here at legendary, because people are going to be buying in. It's already been proven people are going to be they might you know, traffic might slow down a little bit or sales might take a little bit of a dip. But get in the game long term. Don't compete like the month last month when you start and then this month and act like you've been doing it for 20 years. I mean, those of you who are just getting into this and this year if we have a little recession or a big recession, whatever. Understand that the traffic that leads to sales, they're going to fluctuate. They're just going to fluctuate and then it's important to your long term growth your year over year, month, over month or year over year, not your day over day. You know, sometimes we get to like micro on this and we want to. I'm not getting any, any sales in the last two days or whatever. Well, I can remember when I, you know, days and days and days where I didn't get any sales and I was getting sales I had started to get sales. That doesn't mean that you're in a recession. It just means that you know, people these are real human beings and I think sometimes we forget about that. And if you're looking at human beings like and I'm saying this is for anybody who's new and listening, like if you're looking at this business with an entitlement of a commission. What you're really doing is you're looking at people like a piece of meat and like they're just a $1 sign and not thinking that it's an actual human being on the other side who is not going to give you shit unless you give them something else. It doesn't matter recession or not, you're not going to win. You know, whether it's recession or not over the next year to whatever as the global economy expands and contracts like it's done for the last 100 years. It's important that we all stay consistent. Because what happens and this is what I did I started this wake up legendary show. We were doing it but Matt and I forgot he probably was like you should go live and I was like, did it and it was Ben Bosco. Excuse me, but in March 2020 of March, I was just like, No, yeah, let's do this. Let's do this. Let's go live every day. All right, well, we'll do it. And, man I'm telling you like we acted at the beginning of the last big world event. We acted. That's the definition of to do if you think the world or the economy or the marketplace is about to do some contract. You don't contract with it, you write when others are fearful and greedy. That's what Warren Buffett says and when others are greedy be fearful, right be concerned. Right. So as other this is a part this is how an entrepreneur wins. This is how you win in a market. If anybody is wondering what to do over the next year, expand as others are contracting because they're getting fearful. They're afraid they're scared. They're looking for leadership, they're looking for direction, they're looking for hope. And if you're there and can give that to them along with something that's solid, some educational plan. You're gonna crush it throughout this next year. But if you contract and get fearful along with everybody else, sorry. The world doesn't owe you anything. The world doesn't owe you anything either. You know what I mean? If that's what you try to do, and I'm talking to myself, I'm talking to everybody out there. I love this because I get to see things every day that remind me of the truth. And the truth shall set us free in our business. The truth shall set us free. We believe a lot of untruth or half truths about what creates success but as you've outlined today, very, very powerful in the few little nuggets that I've thrown into the real secrets are the real these are the secrets that you that you're willing to pay the big bucks for from Sadhguru or Goblin, but we just gave them to you for free. So use the call. Thanks for coming on and come back and see us any final thoughts or final words I want to share your ticket account with everybody as well so they can go and connect with you hustle with 30

Nichole: Alliance magazine by the way, nickname alright birdie, since I was born. I would just really encourage anybody who may be struggling to get back inside of your why get back inside of the uncomfortable space that drove you to make the decision to start affiliate marketing. We are used to feeling weak and vulnerable when we're in pain or uncomfortable and that can't be further from the truth. There is power there, strength there is grit and determination inside of that pain point inside of that uncomfortable space and to use it you have to take a step back and do it again. Do it again. Your followers, I have a very slow moving slow growing tic tac a few months ago that really hurt my feelings. Now I see that I have effectively narrowed down my target audience. And there's 3000 People not numbers, not followers. People are where I was a few months ago, and they're just waiting to take a leap. Keep posting, give them a reason to know, like and trust you and when they're ready. They will come back to you, keep going and back to their education. We're a powerhouse, powerhouse.

Dave: I hope you don't have to go back to the factory again. I know you won't if you don't want to know you know you your your spirit in your information, your wisdom and your ability to be able to now share with others because you've done the work Nicole is incredibly unbelievable, and you deserve and I'd like to just give you the utmost permission even beyond what you've given yourself already. To go out there and speak with unbelievable conviction and confidence. Because I don't care how much money you've made. If you were out there marketing, make money online or education. I would not care how much money you make, because you are a global leader. In your speech nothing but the truth. And I can tell that you've done the work by the thing that you're saying so seriously, you are a badass. So come back and see if you'd be willing for us. We'll get to the second round first and then we'll do a third if you're not sick of me yet. Absolutely. I'll talk to you later. Talk to you later. Bye. Thank you. All right, my friends. Hi, Matt. You're going to join us. We got Matt and we got Nicole on the show now. I didn't add myself but I don't know. Morning. Oh, how are you doing? We're actually wrapping up now. So get the hell out of here. All right, Nicole, I'm not gonna go out of here. All right, my friends. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go do some real work now. That I'm all fired up. This was we're at work, that's Papa Don. Viewing right in the viewing speaking and if you ain't filming you a word, right man oh man. Oh wow. Just got to marinate when we put her tick tock link up there. This was a powerful, powerful, powerful episode worth a read. And I'm telling you right here right now if you're listening to this, and you need a reminder keep this one on in your play deck. You know what I mean? Keep this one on your saved playlist. Because the things that she talked about, about how she progressed to the beginning of her journey and how she chose to view things to empower herself, versus disempower ourselves was just absolutely breathtaking, masterful, and amazing. And every interviewer on every show is wonderful, but I thought that one about the mindset piece and how she just there's a lot of gold in there. All right, my friends in there make her do something. Yes, please rewatch my boy. please rewatch as equals these rewatchs are so powerful. Such gold nuggets. Theresa. Thanks for being Gail. Thanks for being on Maurice. Thanks for being here. Sarah. Good to see you, bro. Spiros. Ruth, Ruth, good to see you. Tammy. I see you too. Nice to see you too. All right, my friends all right, Brian. Man, Kevin. Good talk, Teresa. All right. We'll see you're getting that edge your education will not fail you will not fail you in neither will your mindset you have inside you what it takes to be successful.