Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: We have a guest on and we interview them entirely unscripted. We’ve been doing this the last few years and if you want reminders you can text the number to get daily reminders that we are going live. This morning we have a guest with 15,000 followers and growing, he’s an engineer. Welcome Salvatore.

Salvatore: I’m from Montreal Canada and I heard of you guys through Instagram so I tried it out and I actually bought your course and the next day I lost my hearing. I already have a mindset that nothing can put you down. No matter what you do in life, mindset can propel you to go forward. So I already had that mindset ingrained in me. So when I joined your legendary course, along with your courses. So, back to when I got too close, the next day I actually lost my hearing to the point where I couldn't walk. Because I had an inner ear balance. And long story short, I needed immediate surgery and I actually have two cochlear implants right now. So as I'm talking with you, is Bluetooth into my cochlear implant speakers, so I'm the only person in this room who could hear your own voice. 

Dave:  Wow, that's, that's really something that's really something and you're making this work, I mean that up for sure. 

Salvatore: During the training you inspired us to, you know, try to tell our story. Because, I mean, I know your story very well, because you kept repeating it. And maybe that's something I should do more of is repeat my story. So I actually, you know, started posting on Facebook, about content about who I was, and so forth. And it's funny, because I started sharing my story. I've inspired some other people as well, to the point where I actually got nominated to be part of a community of healing love to spread awareness about hearing loss totally indirectly from you. And also, I appreciate that, and it really brought me out to my shell even more. Because you know, when you say who you are, your story and New Latin new marketing, it really resonates with everyone. Because short of who you are as a person, you're honest, you're able to help people provide value to people, how can we make this work?

Dave:  Right? Well, ultimately, we are trying to gain people's trust, because that's the biggest, that's the biggest thing that somebody has to have in order to, to want to do business with you, they need to feel safe, they need to trust you that you're not a scammer, or that you're not going to hurt them by taking their money, or maybe making them do something that is abusive or uncomfortable or right. So we before we spend money with somebody, we need to be able to trust them. And the quickest way that I found to gain somebody's trust, is to share a vulnerability that I have to sort of say, Hey, here's my sort of, you know, here's my vulnerability. Here's what most people try to hide from you. Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and sort of let you see all of me and and and of course, I don't say that to get pity. And I don't say that to manipulate. I just say that because I just use my experience and share my vulnerabilities because, you know, both in my personal conversations in my life, in my business and in my marketing, I'm not a guy who compartmentalizes my life. I'm not just telling stories in marketing, because there's no feeling behind them. I'm actually attached to the feeling. That's how I get passionate. And I think that's how I get so passionate. And I ultimately think it is the secret to all great marketing. Is that, not that you're telling a fake story, or you're telling a story just for the sake of telling a story, you can do that we see that every day. You know, when you're listening to somebody who's telling you something, that's some real ass shit, for lack of better terms, that's sort of a professional term, I've coined real shit. It's a marketing slogan. And when they feel that, you know that realness, people can tell whether you're just doing something to put on a show, or whether this is actually who you are. I think people have what I call another professional terminology, a built in bullshit detector, I think people have that. And, you know, so that's been one and here's the other thing Salvadore is. I actually have found it to be somewhat therapeutic as well, to share because I find it the opposite of therapeutic, I find it very miserable to try to be somebody who I'm not. So I find it very healing and very therapeutic and very, you know, it just feels right to just be able to share with people who I am, and then to find those who will celebrate me, not criticize me. And what comes up for you, as I say that. And that's, of course, the reason why I've begun telling my story. And Thanks. And thank you for, you know, putting it into action, instead of just being entertained, because that was really cool. But do it with you in terms of the fact that Adam is trying to be something that I'm not or someone that I'm not. And so that's also a part of, I think, why I have become so, so much of an open book. Was there a time where you were a lot less open and willing, open minded and willing to and maybe more insecure about talking about, you know, your own limitations that others might say their limitations, but of course, you and I know they're not have you sort of come out of your shell, or what is the journey been like, in terms of other ways that you have got more either courageous, or you've tried something in your marketing, and it's worked really well, something that you were once maybe afraid of doing? Maybe it was getting on video, talking about something else that maybe you've overcome during this process?

Salvatore: When I was younger, I was more shy? I didn't have so much confidence, especially like in high school. And I think it was maybe in University, where I really like, okay, you know, what, I have a hearing loss, I would want to hear anyways, and I decided to be a little more open about it, because I was different from anyone, everybody else, no matter what, because I had a hard time hearing. But then going forward, especially with my career in engineering and aerospace, I pushed myself to be more open. And you know, like you said, you know, show your vulnerabilities because that is key. You don't want to hide behind the bush, you don't want to hide behind like a fake or a mask, because that's just not going to get you anywhere. And one of the biggest things that I found is transparency, not pure transparency, like whether you're at home, in the supermarket or outside or behind the video of a computer screen. I found honesty, there's nothing to hide. I can just come freely. No, and that's what I found really key, in my opinion, because you're being transparent. You're sharing your story. And yes, my story is very unique because I have a severe hearing loss to the point where I lost it completely. Two years ago, actually, yeah, two years ago. I thought I was completely deaf. I couldn't share. I was in a very, very, very bad state to the point where I couldn't walk, I couldn't drive, I would just sit down getting massive headaches. i The best way to describe it was, I was underwater. Listening to an opera singer trying to hit a high key note at the same time, I developed severe tinnitus when I was hearing a fire alarm bell 24/7. And it was very, very rough. Thank God for my family, my friends, and you know, my girlfriend, and they really helped me get through it. The app was key. And I think that was like a turning moment at the same time. Support can mean a lot. For example, on your login day, uni support is phenomenal. Everyone is there to help each other. What are the marketing questions a personal question. Support is no doubt my sleeping life completely changed. But here I never knew that I like feet. I never heard that sound. Well, like water balloons. Simple Sunday, the water boiled. I was flabbergasted. And I was explaining this on my Facebook page. And people. I was being honest with myself and honest with other people. And I was getting a lot of messages. How is this happening? What's going on? I notice uncle marketing, how can you help me show I mean, once you provide value about yourself, about someone who needs help in all categories could be personal to be marketing. That's where you can really excel to push yourself even higher.

Dave:  That is, that sounds terrifying, exhilarating. I mean, to go from no hearing, you know, to then being able to have that opposite extreme of hearing those little detailed sounds. I mean, wow, I'm just you telling that story, you know, is captivating for me to listen to. And so I tell you that and I share that here to everybody who's listening. Because I've said for many years, turn your mess into a message, turn your struggles into your strengths. And we, as human beings get get get one shot as far as we know, here on this earth. And, you know, our our, our ability to enjoy that time is really completely based on our creativity completely based on how we take our weaknesses or things that have happened to us and turn them into something that means something versus something that is debilitating, is truly disabling. Now you have a disability, that's, I don't I don't see it disabling you. Because you've you figured out how to turn that struggle and turn it into a strength and then as or more importantly, in my opinion, because I'm just a selfish human being. You're sharing it, you're sharing it with me and you're sharing it with the whole world and adding a cherry on top of that. You're now getting paid as a result of it. You're just always stored as a model model. What I mean is just a case of beauty. figures out a way to take their struggles and turn them into strengths. But also, I just am always impressed by what's possible and what we can do with our situations. When we combine it with these creative businesses like this one that we teach and do here. What's possible you know what I mean?

Salvatore: When you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Nothing is mean, I've seen people in wheelchairs who are living the best time of their life. I have friends who actually have better humans than me. And letting that run them down. Sounds like when you have a powerful mindset, you can do anything you want. And as you stated earlier in the show, and even in your training, mindset as power is what you can do. It's like you take your weakness, you take your struggle, and you make something out of it. I never, even though yes, I'm gonna disappear. I'm disabled, because that's a government term. And I'm okay with that. That's fine. Totally cool. I don't let that stop me. Because I want to push, I want to be better. I want to be an improved version every day, a better version than yesterday, no matter how hard it can be in life. I mean, like, when I go back to that traumatic version, I mean, it's been, I've had these surgeries last August. So it hasn't been a year. So I'm still learning new sounds. So a month ago, I was outside with my girlfriend, and then I heard a whole whole, I'm looking what does that sound? My girlfriend told me it's an hour. I'm like, oh my god, I heard an hour for the first time in my life. And the way it was as a child. I knew it sounded like who who.

Dave:  You read you read who you read that, right? Like similar news. Yes, the sound that an owl made.

Salvatore: So now I actually should have just gone on vacation two months ago, if I never realized how soothing the ocean is. I'm not a beach person. I'm a pool guy.

Dave:  And nothing else matters. I mean, nothing else matters except us, proving to ourselves that we can do it. And then believing that. And that's the only thing that I care about. Even with my children. It's the only important thing that I think for all of us to like for us to focus on here at legendary. It's not to focus on, you know, all these little bells and whistles and mechanical things that any one of us are smart enough to learn and figure out and eventually do. It's not that the tool is too hard. It's that when we see people complaining, I'm ready to give up from ClickFunnels or this or that, my friend, it's that your brain is broken. You know, your thinking is stinking not I mean, that's it. It's just a simple fix. It's such a simple thing, you are not broken, you know what I mean? You as a person are not, you know, it's just so it's a simple fix, right? And you're such a great example of that. And it's also such a great example, right? Salvador when we see nondisabled fully capable people who are like saying I can't do something I can't do something. That's also a great reminder and a great lesson. You know, because that person and we see it every day I see it every day in our community I see it every day all over life all over the all over in my family in my town everywhere I see people I can't I can't I can't it's too hard I don't want I'd rather complain whatever because that's comfortable or whatever. And that's a great reminder because Salvador What i've what I've realized as a you know, a felon and somebody disease condition, some who has it is a recovering mentor, somebody who's you know, done


a lot of but but here's the thing, man is that, you know, I gotta I gotta you know, it's my responsibility to use that. As I can either use it as a big ol bag of rocks that I'm going to carry around and it's going to weigh me down, or I can figure out with creativity, it is going to take me to be thing I got to do some quick Critical Thinking means I gotta think for myself, how the hell can I turn this mess into a damn message and use it to inspire. And here's the other thing Salvadore I wonder if you can relate to this. I can't feel when I inspire you. I personally don't get any benefit from that emotionally. But I do feel it when I get inspired. And so I'm actually, I live my life in a way that inspires me. Because it's my number one source of inspiration, the way I carry myself and whether I quit and lay down or whether I get up and keep fighting, and keep trying, is the number one determining factor whether I'm going to be an inspired person. Because I don't give a shit. I don't give a shit if I stand in front of a TV screen. And I watch nothing but motivational videos and tapes from the best motivational speakers in the world. And I watch documentaries of people overcoming great challenges. But if I'm not doing shit, and I'm laying down, and not following through and figuring out how to do so we've all a pile of shit. All of our politicians just look diff looks a little a little a little bit from all hiring them in.


You know, you got a disability, you're an addict, you know, you're a felon, you're single mom, Look, we all got something how far what you know, what I get out of life just simply is, is is is whether I try you know, whether I take that dirt and say, shit, screw it, I'm going to spread this shit out. And I'm gonna grow some flowers right here, and maybe some vegetables or whatever, or whether I just want to, you know, sit here and stare at the pile of shit as flies eat it and maggots crawl through it. And that, of course, I'm going to be a miserable son of a gun if I do that. And I'm using that disgusting metaphor, because that's how I feel. If I just sit in my sort of pity party, if you will, and I've done that before myself. But, you know, I feel it's the greatest gift Salvador that we get when we learn how to turn our struggles into our strengths. And it's the number one source of fuel. So Salvador, are you inspired by your story, your personal, how you have triumphed and persevered through the difficulties in your life to get to where you are right now? And do you feel that that is fueling some of your energy and your action?

Salvatore: It is a lot actually. And like I mentioned before, like when I got up, open out, especially on Facebook, I had a lot of people message me some people that I haven't heard in years, and one person was telling me a Salvatore, I haven't seen you since university, you know, your story inspired me. My son actually has a lot of hearing loss. And I was flabbergasted. You know, it's amazing how you can open yourself up. And actually, it's like you said, you don't feel any benefit from that person. The only time I feel it is when they reach out to me and say Hey, thank you for sharing. You've inspired me in the vacuum you know, and that was powerful in your show, right? We want to add value to key data and money to charity. So it doesn't matter what happens in life. You just keep on pushing. Colin and Sanders are filled with fire 1000 times to get her.  Who cares, Colonel Sanders. Yeah, for KFC. Like people after 12345 they fail and they give up. You know how many times I failed in life, David, I failed a lot. And in what, every time I felt I learned something from it. 

Dave:  Nick commented, I'm struggling with something right now in your hands. spur inspiring me to turn that addiction around? Well, you know what my friends, I mean, the bottom line is, is that sometimes you're right, you have to become abstinent from whatever the hell is holding you back. And until you do that you're not you don't even have a chance to grow or succeed. Let me just be real clear about that if any of you are struggling with having, like an addiction of any sort and addiction to you know, and I'm serious, a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol of any sort porn, food, shopping. There's so gambling, and there's so many other ways or if you're codependent, we also get very addicted to people. Okay, so we get into relationships that are toxic and or abusive. So we, I believe, also struggle in dating with other people. It's how we bond with others. You're not going to magically say a business is going to solve all your problems in your life. Some of us need to go to therapy. Some of us need to go to 12 step recovery. I did, some of us need to get surgery. He did. Some of us need to get on medication I have over the years, some of us need to do a lot of things in order to get ourselves in a position to even give ourselves a chance to succeed. And Salvatore that is what you've done. Those are courageous acts, by the way folks, going and taking care of yourself is a courageous act. I just want to say that. And then guess what you can do? You get to then use that as you want. Because it's your story in your experience, and we use it however you want, right, Salvatore?

Salvatore: That's fine. That's fine. And you know, it's like, just one I mean, not only I had a cochlear implant surgery last August, I also had a hernia surgery two months ago, and then I had knee surgery last month. So but that's it, no more surgeries. I'm done. I'm done. I'm walking in. And in terms of the comment about Nick, you know, I just want to say, Nick, I mean, all I know, extreme statistics, give us really marketing. Trying to parent with each other, to the same level. Because once you're open about yourself, and you're putting in the dedication and consistency on a daily basis, it just takes time to grow this snowball effect. You have something like you said, David, it's not something that a business can improve or change your life. It can, but you gotta put the work into it. You have to know the right skills, you have to know the proven strategies on how to go about it.

Dave:  This is quite an amazing opportunity that we have in this business. Because no, it's not going to solve all of our problems. But it can lead us on a path to truly developing as a person i.e. personal development. And it can lead us you know, when I got into this business, I had just gotten clean within the last year or so before that. And I was really, you know, I didn't have as, as my dad used to, say, a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of and I was an undeveloped person, personally and emotionally and mentally. A lot of you and I started this, it wasn't pretty at first, but you missed my end all you're not new. Do do. Do all the work. And I've never been afraid of work. And so I think that if you're afraid of work, then you're going to fail at anything that you do. Because the fantasy that rich people don't want Work is a is a myth. It's a lie. And it's been perpetrated by losers and broke people that are pretending they're snake oil salesmen who are trying to lure people into buying their stuff. Telling them there's not going to be any work and making it seem like there's not going to be any work. But what is your opinion about even through challenges, and obviously, you've been an aerospace engineer, you understand work, you went to college, all this, but talk to us a little bit about, we've talked about the mindset. And before we go over and look at your TikTok and talk a little bit about what you're doing, and so forth, give us a couple of tips there, can you just say a little bit about the, the, the work ethic that that it takes to be successful, and I don't particularly I'm not saying Just so we're clear that you need to work, you know, 1012 hours a day. But I do believe that you need to dismiss this like a business.

Salvatore: My work ethic was already in place, I was working a minimum of 10 hours, sometimes to 14 hours a day. But that's because I loved it, I enjoyed it, you know, I would work with private chests, I would work on the global 5000, Boeing 767, triple sevens. Then when COVID hit, everything changed, especially in the aerospace industry. So my word active was already in there. Coupled with my sudden hearing loss at the same time, sort of went down because I couldn't really do anything. But with the mindset, the work that helped propel me in terms of marketing. So I always had no idea what to do, how to do it. I fully understood the sales funnel, I was always curious how to read people get these email marketing skills for copywriting. I was like, Cool. And you made it sound so easy. So I'm like, okay, what? Do the training, and that's when I learned and got inspired even more. And I was like, Okay, this is how we go about it. Now, and it was, it was great. And when you're passionate about something, David, you want to do more? You want to learn more? And then got me sure I had a hard time here. glued to my cochlea in the extra hours in one way I learned in life is I'm sure we've heard this expression before. Never compare your chapter one. Someone else's chapter 20. No, like so I want to be making, you know, seven, eight figures. And no matter yet, but I'm going to get the I know, because I have faith in myself. I believe in myself. I believe in the work ethic. And I will get there.

Dave:  I will get there. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Can you say that one more time that that that that that quote that you said just for those who didn't listen or may be coming on just as just as you were you were saying that what was it don't compare your Chapter

Salvatore: One of the quotes that really resonated with me was don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter 20 Because it's so easy to compare. So easy to compare and once you compare you're setting yourself up for failure. I mean it's like

Dave: Come on when you first came on TikTok we were a month in. I want you to talk about that. At this point, people who are listening right now Salvador, they forgot about all the hearing hardships and all I mean, the fact that you lost your hearing completely just just a couple of years ago. So let's go ahead and remind everybody of how absolutely easy and flawlessly simple it was. I'm just assuming for you to get on video and just start recording videos like a pro right off the bat. I'm being sarcastic there, obviously.

Salvatore: I get it. But the funny part is the funny thing you mentioned is that my first video, kitchenette, I think took me two hours to make my very, very first video, I think it was like, during Christmas time last year, I was so nervous, whatsoever. I never even own a tick tock account. Because I thought it was just for kids dancing. I'm like, No, I'm not gonna get on TikTok, I'm not gonna dance. And then as part of your program, you know, you said TikTok was one way.

I certainly know what just continuing to do. The first few have taught me to stop overanalyzing, because over time, you're gonna get better, you're gonna improve. And there were so many videos. And then I was doing it once a day. The hashtag I had no idea what the hashtag was. But then eventually I started researching your section on tick tock, really? How and then I just started improving and moving but one thing I was is consistent. Yeah, I was very consistent. Now recently, I have not been very consistent because I've been focusing more on Facebook because I think I pretty much understand how TikTok works and how it has blocked me so many connections. And so many people reached out you know, in terms of how can I do this? How can I make money? Where do I go? What's happening with your hearing loss? I think I want to do a little more something because now the sound Yeah. I mean, what I took the last 40 years or so to like, for example, the music I hear today.

Dave:  This was two years ago. Completely different. Completely different. Noise.

Salvatore: I mean, you take it for granted because you have good hearing and that's okay. That's okay. But like the other day, when I first got them I was hearing a switch humming. Number four at first hum it's so simple. So quiet and noisy. I'm putting my company's unit next to the fridge. And because it's a magnet, my cochlear implant sticks to the fridge. Yeah, I know. So that's one of the downfalls because they put a magnet inside my head. Wow. Wow. Basically is this and that's sticking to my head and just the magnet.

Dave: You know, it's crazy. And every one of us every one of us every day, you know could do a little more you know, and it's not about shaming ourselves. It's not about feeling shame. It's not about guilt tripping. It's just about like really asking ourselves in my Am I living up to my potential am I good? Giving myself what I deserve. Because I can complain all day long that others aren't treating me the way that I deserve. We have to treat ourselves better if we want the world to treat us better. And that was a hard lesson for me, that was the difference between taking initiative. And being entitled. You know, that was a big lesson that nobody owes me shit, that I can use my situation and turn it into anything that I want to turn it into. And also, that led me into really realizing that there's really no rules. You know, a lot of us ask questions, like, can I post my link on my tic tock profile? Can I respond to people in the comments? Can I, you know, you can do anything that you want, you can even do something that's completely the opposite of our training are completely the opposite of best practice, and maybe figure out a way out for you, or a new way way you dealt with Salvatore there have a blank canvas every morning, when you wake up to create any type of content, you want to tweak your message and you want to build your brand and build your front facing message and what your brand meaning you. In this case, it's usually we are the brand, whatever we want our brand to stand for. However, we want it to look, you know, I've been recently buying some designer stuff, you know, spoiling myself a little bit. I copped a, I got a murse you know, the new Gucci, Adidas collaboration, but you know, I'm looking at some of it, you know, these things are a couple of $1,000 for a tiny little, you know, you can sell, you know, other cell for two or 300 and create it?  Nobody, the only people we ended up finding Commodore that human beings would stand around the corner to buy this shit. I mean, it's unbelievable. Okay, how have you dealt with coming from being an aerospace engineer and probably hanging lots of different protocols, I would think, how have you dealt with all of this freedom? And these lack of rules? Does that, you know, make you nervous? What comes up for you as I as we talk about the wild, wild west, and what ultimately is an unlimited opportunity to be as creative as you want, and ultimately build a business as big as you want. But how do you deal with that? Sometimes that freedom is crippling for people?

Salvatore: No, you know what I mean? It's funny because you know, yeah, especially in aerospace, you really have to stick to certain rules, you know, I mean, there's FAA regulation that should have vacation flammability and after the shutdown to so many different rules my mind. Is respect in terms of providing value? Like you said, Can I message you? Message me, what's the harm? The harm, I can say? No, I don't want to do what you know. And you mentioned the idea. It's in a Gucci bag. You know how people stand around and wait in line while I am speaking. I was actually mentoring a student and he had this great web page product or setup and everything. And I'm like, What are your challenges? That's why I don't have any customers since okay, if so how is your funnel setup? And then he says to me, what's a funnel? The moral of the story was like you can have the greatest product in the world. But if you don't have any advertising promotion funnel, auto responder, you're not going anywhere you have a dealer's they can make something.

Dave:  People don’t want bootleg stuff they want the real thing from the real company that's been around for a lot so you know it's the same thing like legendary is now at this point to where because we've stayed in business and consistently done the things that we've done, you know, people are searching us out we're at we're, we've, you know, we've built a brand we've built a real company a real movement. And so if many of our clients and affiliates who have cars including yourself now building up your brand you're now gonna You are a familiar face to a lot of people in our niche because they've seen your videos 115,000 of them are following you on Tik Tok 1000s of them are likely on your email list and the more weeks and months and years that you stay doing this you're here are now you when you have built a name in an industry in now. Those people who are on your email list as they continue to see you doing your thing and providing value you to Salvador and all of us that's that's the beautiful thing about this, we'll put out and offer via email or something in just like Adidas, those folks who are standing around the corner to buy those those folks buy from us those same ways each one of us has that opportunity. What the internet's done for us is it's leveled the playing field to where even an individual like you or I can get a slice of the pie and sold to folks like yourself sabot or who's over Kim, you know, hearing loss being completely deaf I mean dealing with this most or all of our life you know, traits you know going from a different look it can get worse. Right? What comes up for you as I say that and give us some final thoughts here as we as we kind of wrap up and man I'd love to have you back on the show for sure.

Salvatore: You know, the challenge is that a lot of times I hear I don't have time you know, I'm work and I do this. And I'm like, You know what? I keep hearing excuses. You have 24 hours in a day. I have 24 hours a day. Beyonce, Jay Z, everyone else in the world. Bill Gates has 24 hours in a day. What separates you from them? shouldn't make excuses. You want to watch TV? You want to watch Netflix? That's fine. Time is valuable. You want to spend time with your family. You want to go on more vacations. If you want financial freedom everyone has 24 hours in a day. What are you? What are you doing that's different from someone else?

Dave:  Yeah, that's it my brother. Hey man to hear more from Salvador Of course I've got his link okay. You can connect with him on TikTok my brother please come back and see us man an incredible story. I'm glad that our paths have met so we can of course you know be a part of your story now. 

Salvatore: it was an honor and a privilege to be here thank you for everything.

Dave: Listen, if you ain't inspired by some serious stuff after that, come on. Now. Just check your pulse. All right, just make sure you're still breathing. Right because it doesn't get more inspirational, more real, a greater example, a more powerful example of what's possible than what we just heard this morning. So yeah, get into the training if you're new. Get into the challenge, go immediately back into the challenge, get into the blueprints, go immediately back in there today and get trained up properly and then go crush it. All right. Don't stay in college, don't do it. Properly just do not be out of here.