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Dave:  Hey there my friend friend let me get my audio right let me get my audio right and I'm gonna walk outside where you can actually hear me. Welcome to wake up legendary my friends. This is Dave Sharpe coming live from our mansion that we hosted our mastermind this weekend and I have 15 minutes here. I'm going to just kind of walk you around outside. You can see the house is massive. It's too much. It's fun to spend a weekend or a weekend. But it's a 19 bedroom house. I think it's 15 or 16,000 square feet. And it's got a huge room where 50 or 60 blueprints and mastermind members came here this week or this weekend. You know June joined us for a powerful experience and you can hear my voice is a little bit lost. My voice talks a little bit. A lot of just side conversations in you know magical moments where people had takeaways. My wife here as some of you know Erin, and you would definitely meter if you came to one of the events. Let's see if we can get this phone in here. We had a powerful weekend and I want to share some takeaways with you, because it's just gonna be me flying solo this morning. And I want to share some takeaways with you because if I can, if I can, if I can share with you something that somebody six months ahead or nine months ahead of you is having a challenge with and you can avoid it all the better. So here's the number one thing that I took away. You know 50 or 60 of our clients come in here too, to go to Orlando. And what that number one thing is is that we don't go through the training. We don't go to the we don't go through the training that we buy enough we don't put forth. We don't put forth effort before we say that we failed, you know, and it's absolutely amazing that every single person that we've had on wakeup legendary, every single person that spoke in front of our room this weekend and we had Steven Drogo who was at our last mastermind in December just six months ago and created in cold resulting can smoke at our mattress from the front of room and you know what he said? He said I went through the training and I followed it step by step. I went through the challenge I completed. I went through the blueprints I completed then I followed. I actually went through the training that I invested in and I followed it and then I implemented it because it was amazing. When I pulled up the back office inside of our affiliate marketing business blueprint and all the questions that people had in the room. They were all answered in plain English inside of a video inside of a module right in the back office in the affiliate marketing business blueprint. And so what happens is, a lot of times we enroll in the challenge, we get started a little bit, we get a little bit excited. And then we have a distraction happen. Or we have somebody who plants a little seed of doubt inside of our minds off to the races. You know, and that little bit of doubt, or that little bit of kind of time off. And all of a sudden we forget Oh man, I've got a training that has everything in it that I need if I actually just go back and go through it. So it's a huge takeaway that we have a lot of time for what we need to succeed and what we need to be happy right? Right here in front of us and a lot of times we're going and jumping in 50 or 60 Different businesses or training programs and let's all be honest.


We go and we do research on TikTok and then all of a sudden we see other people and we get sucked into their message. Here's the point. The number one thing that is going to guarantee your success is focus. It's an unbelievable focus and it's an ability to be able to block out distractions and that's what I saw this weekend was anybody who was struggling in the room. And this is such a huge takeaway. Anybody who was struggling in the room, and who was like I'm struggling, had not sat down and actually gone through the training. And that's that there's nothing more than anybody needs to do for you. If you're here and say for example, you've enrolled in our business blueprints, all the magic is there. All the magic of how to set like so many people comes into Legendary and they say I'm ready for that step by step. I just want this to show me the steps. Anybody feel like that? Just show me step by step. Well, here's exactly how our company is designed. It's designed for $7 for $7 Did you guys deactivate the alarm? Usually there's an alarm that goes off in this house if somebody leaves the door open but the cleaning crew is here and they must have the magic key in there.


And not all of the details in the specifics in the advanced stuff is not in a $7 challenge. The $7 challenge is there for somebody to get their feet wet to have a taste of it to see if it's something that they want to continue to do. And if they want the advanced stuff if you want, here's the click by click how to do it and man the blueprint for example, the affiliate marketing business blueprint has so much magic inside of it. But if you want that it's one product that you buy here in Legendary not 50 not 50 And here was the other incredible thing that happened. All of those people, all of those people who are here who are looking for a secret and they were looking for, you know, some sort of training or they were like, Hey, I just can't set it up. I could have very easily said hey, here's another training product to buy. I could have sold a $1,000- $2,000 training program, you know, high ticket course. I mean, at most events, most seminars. It's a pitch fest. It's just get up and run to the back of the room, get up and run to the back, go back to the room. And I knew that people here in the room just like most people will think we need more training.


We think we know we need another business and then we need the right training for that business. We also think that we need a mentor and a coach and somebody to sit next to us and I stood at the front of the room on Sunday after a couple of days after I had learned and realized wow the number one problem here with people who are struggling. They just bought our blueprints and did not go through them and every single person in the room who's succeeding, bought our Blueprints in went through them and implemented them. It's just that simple. It's just that simple. Right? So on Sunday, when everybody was excited and ready, they said, hey, look, I'm ready. I'm excited. I still need the training and the step by step training, and I logged into the back office and I showed them that it was all there. Everything that they were looking for was there. And I said I could create some 345 $1,000 offers like most people would at an event to launch it and pitch it and sell it and say hey, here's the new training that you need. Now, to be successful here. This is what you need. And you know what I did? I stood at the front of the room right over there. I stood at the front of the room right there. And I said to myself, you don't need to have all the blueprints. You came to the mastermind and I'm here telling you face to face. You don't need another coach. You don't need another mentor. You don't need another guru. You don't need another webinar. You don't need another MLM. You don't need another. You don't need the next seminar from me. You don't need to go to the next level. You just need to implement what you already have.


And it's the same story that happened with me and my wife, you know, for many years immature my wife and I got together when I was like 24 years old, I had just gotten clean and for many years, you know I was unhappy, unsettled, restless, you know wasn't wasn't grateful for my wife and all her strengths that were different from mine. And at one point we split up and I thought the best course forward is to get a divorce and there's somebody else out there who has what I want and what I need. And you know, 14 years later I sit here and I realized I had everything that I needed all along the love with my wife today that I've ever been in. And ways of doing things ruin my marriage. And I asked the same thing to the room this weekend. I said we usually have a pattern. When we start something that gets hard. What do we say to ourselves? And then we stop and we go when we think that something else, another training and other business is going to be the solution. And the truth of the matter is that we likely have everything that we need both training wise and also inside of us. We have the competence. It's somewhere deep down inside but it's there. And we have the voice. It's it may be deep down inside, but it's there. We have the passion. It may be deep down inside, but it's there. And the most difficult thing about my job, the most difficult thing about my job is letting you know in convincing you that everything that you need. You already have. We've been you already have both inside you and what we've been doing search engine they're getting training experiences

that allows you to come in and if you go through the training, to experience results and to have a shot at success. But if you don't go through the training, if you buy the blueprints for example, and you don't go through them, guess what? Nothing's gonna happen, nothing's gonna happen. You know, nothing's gonna happen. Because when somebody says I talked to somebody and he says, Well, I did the challenge, or I did the blueprints. What does that really mean?


You bought it. You logged in, you looked at it, you skimmed over it. Or you actually read it like there was a test at the end. And if you didn't pass the test, the dress was grass. You know, I see a lot of people taking their schoolwork, or if they're in you know, more seriously than their business. Learning. And I wonder if it's just because there's a teacher there standing over them that says you have to take a test at the end that's preparing you to be an employee. And there's nobody who's a lot of people who come into this industry and I need a one on one mentor. I know you're looking for a boss. That's not how employees work. That's not how entrepreneurship works. Entrepreneurship works. Here's how it works. You go out, you try some shit. You screw some shit up. You come back, you ask somebody in your support group, not your guru. I'm not I want to be your guru. You come back and you ask somebody in your support group, or here in our training community on one of our actual webinars not in Facebook direct messages to some person who says that you need their one on one coaching. But you come back and you ask questions and you course correct and you go back out you screw some stuff up again. You come back to your course correctly. You go back out, you screw some stuff up again.

That's entrepreneurship. Here's the employee world. Here's somebody usually standing over you say and you touch this button exactly like this, and use this process exactly like that. And if you screw up your fire we press it exactly. And do the button Exactly. So we don't get fired. And entrepreneurship doesn't work like that. It's a whole different approach. It's a whole different accountability. It's a whole different set of rules that we play by to be successful. You know, and it's exactly what you say that you want. You know, you say you want freedom. You say you don't want to answer anybody. Here's your chance. You know, but we still want to have somebody to answer to, we still want to answer to somebody we still want to make somebody our guru. We still want to make somebody our boss or you know, so Are y'all picking up what I'm putting down? I can't even see the comments right now. So I don't know when y'all should go probably should start paying attention to the comments anyways, and just start listening to the words that are being said, by like one or two people. You know, if you're not going to listen to me, find somebody out there that you listen to and follow and stop listening to 50 people just find somebody that you bring in. That's what I said to everybody at the front of the room. I said, Hey, y'all came all this way. Look at me. Look at me, size me up. See if I'm the real deal. See if I'm lying to you, go back there and ask somebody on our team. There's 15 People here this weekend from our team, go talk to people, the people at the front of the room, the speakers, talk to them, ask them, Is this shit real? Are you I mean, it's amazing. We had 50 or 60 people in the room and there were 15 bags up at the front of the room of people who didn't come, you know, and then of course, all everybody else who wants to go to the moon. But you know, for whatever reasons that is not the mastermind. And it's cheap. I mean, the price of our program should be 10x . I mean the total price of our program should absolutely be 10x. We should tax the price of them. We should raise the


because this weekend, we went for two and a half days, and it was a simple two grand upgrade to the mastermind and it was an experience as a newer person. You have that experience. It's game changing. It's so powerful to get up and come around people who have been doing what you want to do exactly to the tee, you know, exactly to the tee and spend three days in a room with them. And it's not just me we have lots of really smart, successful marketers that come to our masterminds. So, a lot of takeaways this weekend. But mainly that you know, we have exactly what we need to be successful right already in front of us and to be more specific. Those of you here who are here at legendary, who own the blueprints, or if you want to do affiliate marketing, blueprint affiliate marketing, you own the affiliate. Marketing Blueprint, if you want to do coaching, you own the coaching and consulting blueprint. If you own that blueprint and you have not gone through it, you are missing magic, and it was evident this weekend, when the exact people who had we're not getting results who were not getting the results that they want, who felt like they were struggling, had not gone through. That blueprint specifically starting with the affiliate marketing business blueprint had not gone through that blueprint. It was astounding. The people who had gone through the blueprint, actually just simply learned the information took a couple of days to because if you buy a training, how you show up and go through that training and how you participate in that training is probably going to be a good clue to you at how successful you can take your business.

If you're trading beautiful for the effort, you won't go through it you don't know a good indicator

that you're gonna get there. But if you go through the training, you put forth an effort and you try you come to the blueprint Thursday at 3pm with our chief marketing officer Matt head. So you come to those webinars and you ask questions and you get feedback. And you keep going through that. Blueprint and you keep implementing Exactly, exactly what's in that blueprint. Exactly. And I'm speaking with such confidence because I just spent three days looking in the eyes of the people who are making life changing money and having a life changing experience. Because they took the training seriously. And they went through the training seriously. That's what it boils down to. And I thought it was evident this weekend. If you go through the training seriously, you have a great shot at getting serious results. If you go through the training half assed you have a great chance at getting a lot of shitty half assed results in your business. And there was a lot of straight talk like that this weekend. Real direct. No bullshit.

Now we don't need a bunch of I don't I'm not a college professor. It's not important for me. I don't even know what that looks like or sounds like it doesn't matter. But I imagine that it's a lot of, you know, pontificating as if I you know, my way is the only way or this is no I'm not saying all college professors are like that. But here's the deal. Here's what I'm trying to say. I don't know what other teachers or people that you've learned from have sounded like, but I like to give you real straight talk. That if you go through the training and half assed way, you're gonna get half assed results.

People are getting half assed. Now let's address those who just don't go through the training. Hey, I'm gonna go through the $7 this is the, you know, this is this is the last person you want to be is the person who goes through the $7 challenge and thinks that, you know what, this, this business plan advisor that wow, I'm getting actual appointments for $7 What a value should be there to coach you for the next 365 years, and that you should get every detail for $7 And it's like, please people be real. When you go into a restaurant. If you sit down and order a $7 appetizer, the waiter or waitress is going to come over and spend a moment with you, bringing you your appetizer. They're not going to keep coming back and serving you and they might check on you occasionally. But you're unless you order something more like a steak or a piece of fish. You're not going to continue to get service and you're not going to get more value. It's an appetizer. It's something for you to sink your teeth in and decide if you want to stick around or if you want to go to another restaurant.

Most say a lot of people who come through and have our appetizer, decide they want to stay for dinner, you know, but if you're going through the challenge that $7 Challenge is a great indication. It's an indicator for you. Hey, let me come in. Let me see if I like this. And if I do, maybe I want to consider going further. I want to consider this because here's the bottom line. If you come into our community, and you're not committed to further learning, you know if you think that you should be able to get everything for free or you have an attitude of entitlement or you're mad that we're charging for our knowledge then it's just not a good fit. Just go don't complain. Don't waste time. Just go somewhere else. But if you go through the challenge I learned this worry of a guy named cash this weekend, who had knee surgery and his wife signed up for Legendary in our training in our in our mastermind while he was having knee surgery and he was on medication. And so he kind of came to about a week ago, you know stop sort of taking all the pain medication and stuff and started to be able to have less pain where he could focus. His name is Cash, we'll have him on Wake Up legendary. And his wife said, Hey, you're going to that mastermind. We're going to that mastermind this weekend, right? And he said what mastermind? And she said well, the mastermind that I that I that I bought in the training that I bought from legendary marketer and he said i don't i don't know i don't remember it. You know, I've been on medication. I had knee surgery. And she said, Well, I just checked with my work. I can't go, she couldn't get out. He hasn't worked. He's been recovering and healing from this knee surgery. So he said, I don't remember what you're talking about. Maybe I'll stay home too. When he logs into the back office and he starts watching the challenge and he yells back at his wife damn right I'm going right? Because he saw something in the challenge that piqued his interest. He said, Hey, I was injured on the job. I can't go back and do that work. But I can see a path forward and I want to learn this stuff. And you know what he did? He walked in here with stitch your brace on his knee and sat his ass down, participated full out the entire weekend and I know that guy is going to be successful because how I go through the training in how I view getting trained, how I view getting trained, do I view it like a buying just what do I think? I'm not buying? What do I do if I'm gonna get out of it, what I put in it. I mean, it's a basic thing. It's kind of like having a gym membership. You don't go, you don't get results. And so it's amazing work. So we're surprised when we've not gone through any training and we've not done anything and we've not gotten any results. We're surprised. But are you surprised that you didn't go to the gym and you didn't do any workouts and you didn't get any results? We're not surprised about that. That makes perfect sense. And so we have to treat this like a business. I mean, we really need to learn what that means. You know what I mean? What it means to treat a business like a business. And I think the easiest way to look at it is just hey, I need to take this seriously because nobody is going to be standing over here. Making sure that I'm going through it, you know, and lots of other takeaways, lots of other things that you know, magical moments. If you have a chance to come to one of our masterminds in the future. Please do it. Reach out to your business plan advisor, have a conversation, see if there's an opportunity to come to one in the future and get on our waiting list. And man, I would love to meet you and spend some time with you if that's what you want. And so I'm going to get out of here. We're going to jet I'm going to take off and it's been, you know, magical. It's been wonderful to spend three days with the people who came. I'm glad that I was able to go live from the mansion both Friday and you can go back and watch that session where I came in and sort of got fired up to cool thing to a place like this. You know this place has three stories. It's like I said 15 16,000 square feet and it helps you dream a little bit you know, it helps you to it helps you to you know, think outside of your normal circumstances that you know where you're living and what your life looks like right now. It's helpful to come and experience how somebody else is living, you know there's there's just to sit around and think there are, you know, 1000s 10s of 1000s hundreds of 1000s of people around the world who are living in this sort of luxury, you know, and they put their pants on the same exact way that you do. There's nothing different. The difference is they took the damn training seriously and went through it. You know what I mean? That's the difference. The difference is that, you know, they apply what they learned. You know, the difference is subtle, small differences. Josh, Joshua Smith, who many of you probably know, came to the mastermind this weekend and actually spoke and trained. And he talked to everybody about his winning edge formula. And it's about small, small, uncomfortable actions consistently over time. And it's the small uncomfortable actions. You know, recording the video and just hit time. Just traffic in just trying, we stood up to video real quick, on TikTok and I mean, there was so much anxiety in the room so much despair i Oh, I can't do Oh, just it's just crazy. It's torture. And then when we got done, you know, everybody in the room was electric on fire. People felt like they could run through a wall. I mean, all they did was the thing that they've been afraid of doing all these months or all these weeks or whatever. And so, small, uncomfortable actions consistently over time, you know, equal massive results, massive results, not little results, massive results because of how success compounds and compounds just like interest. You don't feel like you're going anywhere and then all the sudden you're like, holy shit, how did this happen? How did we get here? Ask anybody who's successful they'll tell you. It didn't happen. You know, it happened fast. And it's like holy shit. You know, let me just look back and figure out how this happened. It happens fast, but it feels like for a while like nothing's happening. You know, that's the part that people aren't willing to stick around for on this journey through entrepreneurship. You know, it is a journey that's just not round. That as Brian Brewer calls it valley of despair. They're not willing to stick through that 3045 day period, where they're new. Everything sucks. They're brand new, it's like this is confusing, overwhelming, scary, blah, blah, blah, everything all the fear. And sometimes that feeling only lasts for like a day or a week. You know, but each moment that you come up against one of those challenging uncomfortable decisions. Do I go through with the video? Or do I walk away and pretend like there's something else I need to do? That's where the breakthrough comes from. Doing it, small, uncomfortable actions. Doing it, doing the small uncomfortable action. That's where breakthroughs happen. You know, and I told everybody this week breakthroughs happen in an instant. That all happened. I mean, sure you prepare for that breakthrough for years and years and years, or maybe months and months and months. But when you say eff it, and you just record and hit record and then hit post and don't put it in your and you just post it, man, there's something magic happens. You have a breakthrough in that moment, because you realize, Wow, that wasn't as scary as I thought. And if you really are lucky. Somewhere, it's that oh, I can't believe I waited so long. That was another big regret. You know, I also feel like I just talked to a bunch of people in person. I was able to learn about their regrets. And that was the number one regret that I wish I had. I wish I had started sooner. You know, I wish I didn't wait around, get distracted. You know, let somebody pull me off by, you know, directly messaging me saying you're not gonna get everything you need from legendary. You need to come over and get some one on one coaching. When it's like, you just you know, you just met that person who just prospected you in the Legendary Marketer, Facebook group and people just don't even put those things together. It's like, you know, so we got to be careful. We got to guard our minds, and we got to guard our inboxes and we got to guard our eyes and years, like our entire life depends on it. Because the things that you say yes, we do. You know, may sound like a good idea, but they may end up screwing all of your other plans up. So choose carefully how you spend your time and you won't have to live with that regret of how I wish I had to start. I wish I had started sooner. A lot of people start our challenge even by our Blueprints get distracted go off do other things cut underneath go through Stark legend


or it's a common theme. All you know so many people have said and you've heard it morning after morning. I just wish I would have got started sooner. I wish I just wouldn't have let the fear paralyze me or what other people thought or said. I wish I would have just gotten started sooner. I wish I would have taken the training seriously sooner. I wish I would have known then implemented the training sooner and just did what it said. That's the problem is everything you need to know is right there in the blueprints, but the mind is a powerful thing. And then we know we have everything that we need. Right there. And now it takes internal, you know, courage to walk through the fear that I'm having. That's not the training.

That's your limiting beliefs. And that's a part of this. If you want to be successful, you need to work on those and become aware of those. So they don't stop. They don't continue to run your life. They don't continue to rob you of opportunity and and you know, getting started with something you know getting started with something that you want to do you know, I looked at people's eyes and their fists this weekend and there was nothing more like you know, just doing their thing, you know, and I said hey, are you when's the last time you actually, a lot of times we don't even have to say anything in the video. We don't even have to say anything in the video. We just have to stand there and point but it's like, Hey, you feel stiff. we'll loosen up. Do some stretches when you feel stiff. We got to get back into a childlike state. You've got when's the last time you just got up and just shook and just danced a little bit. And just I mean, I don't know. Loosen up though. Loosen up. Get the fear and the limiting belief cobwebs out of your head. Get your body moving a little bit and get yourself a tripod or something like what I got I got a tripod on this carrying it around this thing's awesome. You know, check this thing out it's just it's just a little it's just a little tripod. You know, I can put my phone in right there and I can kind of carry it around but you know I can set it up here. Just a little tripod in your one right on Amazon for your phone. And I can just set it up, you know what? On Drag. Just that's not what you get to do when you come to a mastermind is you get to see how other people work. You get to see how other people work. And I saw Andrea who's just been absolutely crushing it. You know, she's got her little tripod and she's, you know, each day she's going and she's creating our content. You know she was going up on the roof. Different people were going to different places in the house. And creating their content for that day. But just absolutely unbelievable opportunity that we have here to be able to use the internet and folks use our cell phones and create content that in so many cases we don't even need to just say anything in the videos you don't need to do when you can certainly go live like I'm going live right now on your on your, on your Facebook, on your Instagram on your TikTok but at the very least just get started. Just get started, go through the blueprints. Go through that compliance section and then when you get to those traffic strategies, you know after you've gone through the fishing funnel compliance, pick a traffic strategy that tick tock funnel the Facebook funnel the Pinterest funnel and just go all in it shows you exactly how to set everything up that you need to set up. It just walks you through the entire process on how to set up your email they're just my friends. Just just do today what others won't so you can have tomorrow what others don't. There's not that much competition. out there. I know that you feel like there is but there's not. There's not that much competition out there. It's not that crazy out there. It just feels like it is because we have this thing where we either want to feel better than or we feel less than other people and all of you are equal to just as powerful as incapable to do anything that you see anyone else in this community. Do remember that and go through the training. Be Legendary. Get out of here. Peace.