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Dave:  What's going on my friends? It's Dave Sharpe here. Welcome back and welcoming myself back to wake up legendary, because I've actually been the one who's been going on you it's been me who's been gone. As you know, if you look back over the past episodes that have been out for a week, I think that some things change like that. But I'm back as you can see, freshly shaven, well rested and really, really ready to deliver some value for you all. Thank you, Carlos. Obviously you can see I'm not freshly shaven, but I'm, I'm going with it. I'm going with it. Okay, it's much grayer than it was last time I grew it out. So we're trying to deal with that. So let's welcome a returning guest, somebody I'm excited to talk to, not our Matt, not Matt Hetzel. But different Matt. These mats. They seem to be pretty cool, guys. Let's talk about this. Matt. Matt. What's going on brother?

Matthew:  How are you doing, sir?

Dave:  Hey, man, I want I'm great. I want to tell everybody how I met you. We were standing in a mastermind and we were about to do a board break and you're like, Well, I don't I don't have anything on my board. So don't go, Dave. Basically, you know what I mean? We were in a huge circle of about 50 people all writing limiting beliefs on boards, getting ready to break them all this kind of stuff. And you know, here you are, man. You've been on the show now twice. And when you raise your hand in that mastermind, and we're like, I don't I don't I don't know what my limiting belief is. Like, I don't have it yet. I'm not ready to go yet. Like in that moment, I wonder if you could have ever imagined what was really possible or what's happened up until this point. Tell us a little for those who don't know you Matt, tell us a little bit about your legendary story. Make sure to mix in the mastermind piece and tell us where you're at now.

Matthew:  Yeah, I was like, really afraid to tell you that I didn't know what to put on there. Like I'm like, I'm not. I don't even really know what a limiting belief is. I like it, because I've had my own business for 24 years. You know, I just you do and you get you know, you have to so I never make I just never have to tell myself excuses. You know, I know it sounds weird, but I grew up really, really poor and you gotta do what you got to do. I tell myself I do what I got to do. So I don't end up back where I used to be. So when you pulled that out of me, you said it doesn't have to be perfect or I don't know how it went. But basically the word was perfect because I have to have everything perfect before I've progressed or before I implement that word, it changed my life because it's helped me in my personal life. It's helped me with my kids. And I would have never guessed that that experience was what would do that much. You know that one word?

Dave:  Yeah, perfectionism is what a lot of us suffer with. We're that's kind of what if we wanted to label it as something or or whatever, but you sort of identified that and shook that label off pretty quickly. You're saying that you realize that about yourself at that moment. And we're like, I'm doing something about this. I'm taking home I'm taking this home and seeing where else perfectionism is showing up in my life not just in my work in my business, but also in my in that to me, is what? What it takes to be successful, you can't just think that we're going to be rock stars in our business, but we're going to live the rest of our lives unhinged, or just do whatever and it's just not going to spill over into our business. How we do one thing is how we do everything and what I found is, for example, the more that I've learned how to connect with my wife, the more that I've learned how to communicate, the more that I've learned how to have empathy, the more that I've learned how to ask good questions. It's made my marriage better, but it's also impacted my business because guess what you're a person to just like she is in all of my other clients. They're all people when the same things that work to improve my marriage work to improve my business and my marketing and I just love how you said let me figure out where this perfectionism thing is also showing up in other areas. Besides my, my business, what has happened since then, what did you do? What have you done about that particular thing? And now is it better or different now?

Matthew:  It makes it a heck of a lot less stressful when you don't have to prepare for everything before I'd have to have everything in line just like today. I probably would have choked on getting on here today because there's some personal stuff going on with my son's friend. And he's talking to me up until the last second. So I didn't like when I did my Lodge, you know, I'm usually you know, at a good pace. I'm not like scrambling to get in. So when I sat down I don't remember sitting here to get on live or do TikTok or sometimes on TikTok videos but it's just it's taken a lot of pressure off not to have to be perfect because I used to put on my truck. The perfect install. And I did that for years you know because the audio video guy is serious? Oh, that was your tagline? Yeah, it was underneath in smaller print, you know, and I had

Dave:  Anyway, that's ironic, bro. That's ironic.

Matthew:  But then I realized not everybody wants a perfect install. They just don't want to pay for it. I took that off there after a year or two you know like I can't remember his long time ago but you know when you start now remember I

Dave:  took that off a while back?

Matthew:  Yeah. Oh, definitely. Only the only multimillionaires and billionaires customers would be able to pay for like Yeah, do it perfectly. I don't care how much it costs basically. And you didn't even deal with them. But anyway, it's very few and far between, you know, so you go to, let's say like where I grew up in a trailer park. They want everything. It wants to stay all day for a couple 100 hours, you know?

Dave:  Well, that's what we find in this business. And I wonder if you've noticed this too, is that the people who complain the people who are the most critical the people who are the meanest are always the ones who who don't even buy in most cases or have spent the least amount of money whereas the people who like yourself, you bought our Blueprints you bought our Mastermind and you didn't come you came there in in put yourself out there not really because you planned on doing that. But just I mean, you were fully playing full out and it's not that we didn't even hear any complaints from you or the other 1000s of people that have bought our flagship program. So my experience over 10 years is that that's that's that's across every industry. And so how do you know, that's a good segue into your marketing. And because there's a lot of freebie seekers out here. There's a lot of tire kickers. There's a lot of us marketers who let those freebie seeking means run us out of the business. What advice do you have and how have you kept your eye on the ball and avoided the distractions including comments, criticism or anything else that has potentially been? Having been a hurdle for you obviously the perfectionism thing was a big one. But you know what, what has been your content dealing with all the other forces out there look like for you?

Matthew:  I know this is gonna sound cliche, but I'm telling you wake up legendary does really put things in perspective as you see average people like you say in the in the 15 day challenge to like there's so many things that you say that this is just one of them that resonate with me but average guy that found an extraordinary opportunity. I put this all on my credit cards. You know, I said I'm going broke. I'm not going for broke but I will end up broke otherwise I'm just gonna die trying. That's plenty of money in my career. I told you in person, you know how much I've made but I'm not gonna say that now. I try not to say that sometimes some of those people in my life will pull it out of me. You know, I'm like, I don't want to say oh yeah, cuz you don't want to say because you haven't made anything. Now, not at all my friend but you know, it's a fine line between being humble and and wringing your own bell because it can offend people and other ways that it motivates people but I've always been a slow learner so I knew I had to invest the maximum you know, I would have went to the next level you know, like, if I go so yeah, I just think that wakeup legendary, you see average people. I love the truck driver guy last week. You know, like, I'm just like going,

Dave:  I missed being out. I'm gonna have to go back and catch the replay. 

Matthew:  Yeah, he reminded me of somebody like my dad or my uncle, you know, or something like that. You know, it's just like, he wasn't that old, but I'm just saying he was just a normal laid back guy, you know? I don't know. It's just amazing. How if you watch this, and the other thing I heard the other day was you don't do the best you can you do whatever you have to do. As that's so true.

Dave:  Wow. What do you do? Do whatever you have to do. Golly, that is such a more that is such a more of a statement for those of us who Yeah, we don't do it there. They I guess and I believe that's more true for human beings in general actually, because you do the best that you can do because you have to, it's called survival skills. You know what I mean? I mean, it's called survival. And I don't believe that any of us can't. I believe that we decide not to

Matthew:  make excuses. It's a cop out.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. And we don't want to shame anybody and make them feel horrible for being an excuse maker. We've all made excuses. But we also have to be truthful with people and say, you can either have excuses or you can have results, which you can't have both. So choose right.

Matthew:  I am not saying I don't. We all procrastinate, you know we all do it. It's human nature. But I try just to keep telling myself it's the things that I learned on wakeup legendary and in the blueprints and I usually don't even bring up the blueprints because I don't think most people are gonna get scared of that. But, I mean, I just, you gotta be real, you know, you gotta you gotta, you just got to embrace, whatever, whatever gets thrown at you. Another thing I tell myself a lot of times is the things that keep me from doing what I want. To do. Or the reasons I shouldn't do it. What I don't want to do, you know, like, yeah, instead of excuses. I'm gonna be five minutes late. No, I'm gonna be five minutes early from now on, you know?

Dave:  Yeah, exactly. And I you know, I get what you're saying? Also about not bringing up the blueprints because people might get bored, sensitive or whatever, that there's something else to buy or offended by that but the way that I look at that is quite the opposite. You know, of course people are going to be, you know, are going to be maybe hesitant to buy something before they know about it. But what I've learned is most people don't even realize how much education they actually need, and don't realize what they don't know. Right and don't realize what they don't know. So of course, some stupid videos and some that's not worth 2500 To me, until I realized how broke I am and the path that I'm on is going to keep me broke until I do something different and learn something different. And then I go, I go, Okay, I'm going to do something different. I'll fall, do what my buddies are doing or I'll go to college. Do that. Because we'll be here when you're done. Dropping 60 grand spending four to six years doing it plus intern shipping, and hopefully we I hope there's enough people in the world. I'm not mad that some of you are going to go to college and do other things or go learn from other gurus. 8 billion people in the world doesn't bother me. But yeah, we'll be here when you get back in and maybe you want to be a doctor but we don't teach that. I mean, maybe you want to do something, maybe you have a passion, maybe you want to be a marine biologist. Well, we don't teach that that's fine. But the problem with colleges is that we just pull the wool over our 18 year old kids eyes and make them all seem like it's the only path, like it's the end. You know what? That is a system of control of I'm not going to say slavery because I feel that's disrespectful to people who went through real slavery, but that is damn near. That's signing up to have somebody else tell you exactly how much you can have in your life, exactly where you're going to live, exactly what you're going to drive. Exactly what school your kids are going to. And look why we're not 18 year old kids, do we run into college? Yay. You know, we just want to get away from our parents. We don't want to go to college. We just want to get out of the house. That's all the kids are doing. And so you know, for me $2,500 I sell that, you know, what a lot of people don't realize about legendary is we've had $30,000 coaching programs. We've had $9,500 coaching programs that sold out and that we are a $2,500 blueprints program that we've taken all of our knowledge and consolidated in for one price. It is and I can say this with such passion is a gift to this industry. Because what this industry is full of what this industry is full of is snakes and scumbags who will continue to sell until you are so deep in debt that it is there's no coming back from it. Legendary there's an appetizer and there's a main dish and you know what? Everybody knows that we have that out here everybody because everybody knows about legendary but they still go through the challenge and we still sell a record breaking amount compared to other companies out here. It's matter of fact we have a huge announcement this coming week. But always everyone is a perspective that I have selling is giving people the opportunity to say yes and make a powerful decision in their life. And that's what selling is and this is not for you Matt because I know you've been selling for many years but this is for everybody who's listening. Selling is giving somebody an opportunity to say yes to make a powerful decision and every other person who now is taking ownership of their real life. And guess what? They don't have to they didn't have to mortgage their house. They didn't have to put $60,000 on a credit card. $2,500 or $4,500 is a drop in the bucket in the long term. And I know that and everybody else knows that right? If the brand new person who's coming in is a little bit sticker shocked or shell shocked by those prices and thinks they're expensive. That's what wakeup legendary is for. That's what all these other things are for to educate you to help you to realize. Quite frankly, we need to unlearn a lot of stuff like to call this cheap or that colleges you know, like we're programmed that if I tell somebody I'm going to college, they just automatically are like Oh, congratulations, good job. They don't ask Do you know what you're gonna do? Do you do it? Are you borrowing the money like nobody asked? We just automatically celebrate that right? So, you know, there's a lot of things that we have to unlearn if we want to be successful and stay successful. And the perfectionism thing with you is a great example of that. It's like not even realizing how much of a perfectionist you were and I'm sure so many other things. What are you? What are you having the most success with since you started marketing?

Matthew:  You've been the platform.

Dave:  Yeah, we'll start with the platform and then what do you tell me tell us what you think specifically has contributed to the success on whatever platform and I'll share your links as well.

Matthew:  Appreciate it. I want to agree with you on that college. Then I had a service call for a major college in the Dallas area. And it was the day that all the kids, kids and young adults were signing up to that. I don't even know how many dozens of people there you know, recruiters or whatever you call them. Yeah. I mean, there must have been 1000s of kids there and you look around. I know for a fact this college costs 50 grand a year. You look around all these kids parents and 50 grand a year to extra the spend on these

Dave:  borrowing rather, they're borrowing. And here's the thing to know about student student loans is they're the only type of debt that's unable to be forgiven in a bankruptcy. So not only is it an aid to our 18 year old kids all across the country being what it is when you move cattle around I feel like herded or it's almost like they're being herded like cattle into colleges. And gee whiz 30 35 rolls around 40 Maybe if they're lucky, they've got a job. It's unfortunately not in their degree field so they're not really making that much money, credit. Now all of a sudden inflation kicks in, and now gas and groceries and everything else is expensive. And this person guesses what they have to do about bankruptcy. And guess what the judge now says I'm the judge. All right. Check this out. All right, Mr. Smith. I'm so sorry, gosh, you're such a young person, you know, 35 years old. And it's terrible to see this but we're going to go ahead. We're going to accept your bankruptcy. Okay, we're gonna get to pretend to be the judge. We're going to accept your bankruptcy. The only thing that can't be forgiven is this student loan. So you're gonna be, you're gonna be stuck. You gotta pay that off, but we'll forgive everything else. What? Why, what? That's a government that's a government loan. Why is that? Oh, Uncle Sam gots to get as Oh, so you know, what would you rather pay? Would you rather pay a student loan back like that? With feeling like the world's on top of you? Would you rather pay taxes? Because you're making an abundance of money and pay the government either way. Would you rather pay taxes because you're gonna get hundreds of money and just pay your tax bill and don't complain about it. And that's another thing by the way, we all talk about that enough. But the way that I make sure that I always pay my taxes as an entrepreneur is each month, I look at my profit and I set aside the money for my taxes for that month. So if say your tax rate is 20% roughly set 20% aside, just set it aside. Don't waste years. How do I save 2% on my taxes, just people are so and I did it too. How can I find a better account? Just make more money? Just make more money? That's what you got to do. Don't cut coupons. That's not how you get rich. Go to learn a high income skill. Right? And so for me, I put that money aside each month and then I pay it quarterly. And that helps me to not have a big tax bill at the end of the year. That's a surprise because us entrepreneurs can get in trouble that way as well. Comment on anything that I just said but I want to. I want to keep asking about your marketing and how you transition from learning to actually earning.

Matthew:  I just implemented what y'all teach, you know, like, that was another thing. You know, I probably wasted a couple of months, you know, like most people do, learning a new skill. But even when you get a new job, you have to go through some sort of training. You know, any job I ever had, no matter how much experience you got, they want you to go through some training and do it their way. Or you can do it your way and idle like I did for a couple of months you know so I think also I'm not trying to promote the mastermind, but man, I was I was I was surreal for me. It was like, I've never been in any kind of situation like that. I'm just like, these are actually just normal people. And I say it about you all the time to like, I couldn't believe how down to earth you were humble and not flashy, you know, pulling up in a Ferrari or something, you know, and I mean, aren't all but it's not like over the top, you know, like, like, like you would expect for somebody like it's it's in your position. You know, I think that was very, very cool to me because you're a down to earth normal guy, easy to talk to and remember to do that. Tiktok about shaking. I didn't. Did I do it? Yeah, you did. You didn't even hesitate. It took me about five minutes. Ask you and you're like yeah, sure. Let's do it. What do you want to do? I don't know.

Dave:  Right, right, right. Yeah, dude. I mean, you know, well, when I first started making a lot of money, I thought I was like King shit. I didn't know how to act. You know what I mean? Because I was poor. I couldn't. I couldn't. I was so broke. I couldn't afford to pay attention, you know, alone and, you know, I got super rich very fast in this industry. And I don't mean multi millionaire. I just mean multiple 10s of 1000s of dollars. My big first month was $40,000 a month. I was a rich dude. I was like holy che skis. I am freaking rolling in the dough man. So then I made a little bit more money. You know what I mean? And then I got all weird. I was like, holy shit. I was like, How do I act like and then I finally just was like, You know what? This is stupid. I'm just the same person. I have. I am literally the same exact guy. As I was just a few years ago I'm talking about going back to having a few. In this case, it wasn't too long ago when I was working construction. Now. It's been a long time. But as time goes on, I get more comfortable in my own skin. And that's the journey of growth that I always talk about. Is that getting comfortable in your own skin? It's a journey of self acceptance. It's a journey of self love. It's a journey of what you did of letting go of the limiting beliefs and in the shortcomings about our care about our personality, like the perfectionism that just holds us back from really, truly living our happiest life. And I've learned that man I've learned I've also helped to really surround myself with people that genuinely love and support me and also learn how to ask for my needs and get my needs met. All these things have made me a more calm down to earth person who's more comfortable in my own skin. And that is actually my ulterior motive here with legendary is not to help a bunch of people quote, get rich, but it's to teach and to share stories and skills that will help us to accept ourselves more, because all the gold that we need is already in there. And sometimes we just need to be around somebody who helps us go in there and get it out. Realize that it's in there. Each and every one of us has everything we already need every fucking thing we already need everything and and not a single thing Do I need to give or am I anybody's guru or is anybody going to come around and touch the cloth on my road? I'm going to pretend like anything magical is going to happen. I might fart on you. That was gonna happen. You have everything inside of you that you already need. And the problem with our success world is there's a bunch of gurus and goblins who are broke and want to sell dumb shit that doesn't matter. It doesn't work, when the truth of the matter is that what we really need is just good information from good people and a good solid environment. That reminds us that we don't need somebody to come and save us or or or we can do it. We just need a tribe to do it when in a little bit of direction. That's my belief anyways, and it keeps me humble. Keeps me not thinking that I'm anybody's God or Guru. And I think that's a shitty thing about this industry and about the internet in general and a lot of successful people. Here's my dirty little secret: I know a lot of these or I've not a lot of them but I've met a lot of them or whatever. And they're not as happy and successful as they come off. You know the real assholes out there, you know, the real ones who are talking down to their clients and acting like they know so much more. They're not as actually happy and rich as they come off as and so there's this other element about happiness. And what do you want to be? Do you want to remember Matt when I used to. It used to be such a big deal to get on camera because me too as a man I used to think I had to get dressed and comb my hair and all this shit. And I also just had fun. I just want to have fun with this man. And so that also has helped me to let go of my perfectionism and just be a little bit more of myself and not think that I need to be something special for you. You don't want that. You just want the real Dave Right. I mean, and that's all we want from each other.

Matthew:  I was driving my family and friends crazy but my perfectionism thing you know like OCD so I it's it's helped in so many ways, but I TikTok been the most traffic you know, I lost my first account, you know, 91,000 Now they're picking on me again with 12,000 or 13,000 followers and not and then I got 1100 on another account but I've only got three accounts so I cannot believe how many people will copy your stuff. Literally take your picture and your videos and change one little letter in your in your handle and pretend like are you

Dave:  I guess it's like this is our new reality and what the social platforms need to do. What they won't do is to verify identities. But they won't do it because that's going to mess up how many users they have, you know, because they've got 8 billion users when really, you know half of them are spam accounts, spam or scam accounts. But they need what we will get to that place one day I believe. I think where they'll be they'll figure out a solution for the owners of these platforms. I believe because it's becoming such a problem to where people are posing as people. They tried to solve it with the verification thing. Well, I would. I would. We haven't talked about this a lot. But getting verified is an option. And for those of you out there who have people who are you know, Matt, I know Matt heads was listening and maybe we could we could look into this and and talk about it more but I mean that's ultimately what getting verified is for it's to keep from, you know, it's for your audience to know this is your official account. The problem is that a lot of times they don't recognize the small folks who don't aren't celebrities or don't have write ups and major publications but yet you're still being affected on their platform by spammers and scammers. And so, whether we figure out as a community and begin to start getting verified on some of these platforms, or whether they introduce some sort of, you know, an identity verification, I don't know but I do think that there'll be a breakthrough in a lot of this in the next 12 months because the spam and scam and robot accounts have and that was Elon Musk big issue with Twitter. At least that's what the talk was right. He wanted to know how many spam accounts or robot accounts were on Twitter that was at least one of the talking points. And because he thought it was overvalued, because there weren't that many real activities. There was a lot of spam in robot accounts. So he felt like he might have been overpaying. At least that was in the news. And so I think there's gonna be a breakthrough in this pretty soon but it will do and I'm sorry, you're having to deal with that.

Matthew:  No, I'm not, I'm not complaining. I'm just saying it's part of business you know. Yeah.

Dave:  It's part of it's part of just what's happening now is this is what's going on now in the internet moved so fast. That this is this is this is kind of the thing I'm not saying that like spamming and scam accounts have never been a thing but they're really prevalent right now. I happen to agree with Dennis' comment. Let's be real, social media platforms are businesses. They don't care about you, just money. I've said this over and over on the show. We need to not get romantic or personally attached to our character because you're right. They're just numbers really that's all they are. And in a way we can, we should not in a way we shouldn't fall in love at all counts or even get emotionally attached to them more or look at him like a burner phone. You know what I mean? Like, might lose or have to throw out you know what I mean? Because you have no control over it. Like get all emotionally invested. If one day you might log on in some algorithm, you know, has has flagged you or something like you have to play the game with the mindset like like Dan said, of how the how your opponent is playing and our opponent meaning if the opponent is TikTok or whatever, let's just let's just let's just go with that for a second. You know, they're looking at you know, they're looking at it not emotionally they're hitting buttons. It's an algorithm. It's so it's not emotional to them. And we got to not be emotional and play this game the same way they're playing it.

Matthew:  Yeah, I love that. Like a burner phone. I've gotten that way. Yeah, I didn't know the words. Like it's like, like, if they do it again. Just do it again. You know, I mean, just like, it's like my business I've had for 24 years, you know, like, there's slow weeks in that business too. So

Dave:  I know you're fine. You're fine. So what else I know you've had a busy morning and a lot going on and I really appreciate you coming on. I always look forward to talking and catching up with you, man. What else can we know about you or your journey or do you want the audience and fellow you know members in this community to know about you and about this business in your journey?

Matthew:  I'm not very good at those kinds of questions. You remember the meaning? The first time I thought I really choked but I just, I don't know I just implemented the training and did it. Do what you can to start and then it snowballs, you know, it just gets a little bit easier every day. Just like I know the cliche saying of riding a bike but it's true of anything, you know, just like I've lost probably about 35 pounds since that mastermind in December. And it's the mindset thing I didn't even hear of before. You know, I didn't even know what that meant. And I never even think I've ever heard it. If I did, I didn't acknowledge it. So that there's so many different avenues in this that have helped me in my life, not just the financial part. It's helped me be more objective and more compassionate, you know, like, I really do have a different perspective on how to make money. And it wasn't it's not just the customer. Do it and then do the install, and then leaving and starting over again over and over and over and over 24 years of doing that. So now it's like when I get on with my life and people are talking to me, or message me on there and I'm talking to them. They can tell if you're being real or not you know, it's it's, it's amazing. I'm so grateful for this, this opportunity and the training and you talking to me, you know at the mastermind and everything. I'm very, very grateful for this opportunity and I know I'm not the best one to do these interviews. So I guess less than maybe people can say like, if my dumbass can do it, you can do it.

Dave:  We'll see even as you're talking about perfectionism, doesn't it creep in? It's just it's just, you know, we always think that there's a perfect way to do something in the way that you do it. And the way that I do it is exactly perfectly perfect, imperfectly perfect. And you're right the way that you keep it simple in the way that you don't, you know, yeah, you just keep it really simple brother and I hope you don't change because it really resonates and it really lands with people. Sometimes the more we have in our head floating around, it can dilute the message and make it less powerful. And you keep it very simple and focused and it's not because of a lack of intelligence. It's just because of how you've grown up and who you are. Just there's a job to do and you do it and there's a lot of explaining to do. But now you find yourself in this environment where you're talking, you're talking, you're communicating and so you're working out a muscle that maybe you haven't worked out before, but it doesn't need to change. It's exactly what's supposed to be and it's really, really refreshing. So I appreciate it, brother and hopefully you can come back and see us, I guess a third time.

Matthew:  I'm looking forward to it.

Dave:  All right, man. Well, hey, you know, hopefully your day is good and whatever was going on with you, your friend or your son's friend or neighbor or whatever it's solved. And you know, that's the beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is that at least you can be there to help out. However you need to or you can be there right? And I remember that so many of us have traveled and metamodel homes and our families or we've grown up in homes where we had parents that did that and there's a special value that I guess we can't we don't we can't put a price tag on it. Right but because it's not money in the bank, but how much is it worth to be able to stay home to be home and to be able to Yeah, not have to be able to be there when your family needs you or when they want you or when you want them or when you just want your bed. It's a gift man that's a gift. So I'm very happy that you're continuing your path in entrepreneurship and you're going from audio installs to digital marketing affiliate. I mean who would have thought man so? So, listen, man, have a great day, bro. And I'll see you soon okay. All right, my friends. Matthew:, Matthew: Craig recommends that's how you can find Matt on TikTok matthewcraigrecommends and wow, what a cool what a cool conversation to come back to. I've been gone for a week and some change. I went on a little vacation with the family and then helped my son who wants to get into his first couple of days of school this week. So I appreciate everybody who hovered for me and of course all the guests. I gotta go back and catch the replays myself that live into him on the podcast, as I'm walking or working out. Mostly walking. I've been working out a lot lately but just keeping it real. You can go and find those podcasts on any of the major platforms. Okay,  just go to the podcast app right on my iPhone. I don't know what they're all called. I don't even know what our podcast is actually advertised on the internet. It's out there on a bunch of platforms. So I only use one of the platforms, the podcast app, so I'm sure it's on Apple. podcasts or Spotify. Choose knows. Okay, so if you want to get a text message reminder, text WUL 28132968553. And we'll give you a nice little non spammy non annoying text in the morning. Okay, and if you want a shirt like this more, I think we dropped some white shirts on the site because I wanted some for the summer. You can go and pick that up and be legendary, not shocked. If you want to be featured for mistakes, then you can go to legendary forward slash feature. Most cases we reach out to people that we met them at the mastermind and then track to success after and a lot of these people were reaching out but maybe you're in a niche that we're at where you're doing things that we're not able to particularly see or track, but go to legendary forward slash feature. Let us know about it and maybe we'll have you on the show. With that being said, Get the hell out of here. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Thank you. Hey, Matt. Appreciate your brother. I see you down there. Thanks for coming on. And yeah, get out of here guys. Love you all. Appreciate you