Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? It's Dave sharp Welcome to wake up legendarium digging through my murse here, like an old man looking for my headphones. Alright my friends. Well we have a guest this morning who's gone from the IT industry to the digital marketing industry and we're going to talk amongst other things a little bit about what that transition has been like in any advice that he has for anybody who's making any kind of transition. So with that said, rich, welcome to the show.

Rich: Hi, thanks for having me. What's going on? What's good?

Dave: Hey man, great to have you where you calling from

Rich: I'm calling from Texas, man.

Dave: Okay, okay. We're in Texas.

Rich: I mean, Houston, Houston. Yeah, no, it was funny. I used to be in Cali and then we decided to move to Texas. So here we are.

Dave: All right. All right. There you go. So how in the heck did you go from the IT industry and what does that exactly mean? What were you doing? Give us you know, some? You know, give us some context about what your life was like. before. You know you, you got involved with this online marketing world. And what were you looking for? 

Rich: What got me into it was so you know, I have an IT background and doing it for 23 years or something like that, right? But my big thing was in what I talked about my lives a lot of times is um, that do that. I can take advice, I can take advice, I can take direction. I'm always looking for counsel, but you can't dictate to me so you will do this, that type of thing. And so what happened was, you know, the place of my employment, we were there. And then at one point there was like, Okay, there's a policy they implemented, and they were like, You must do this policy and I'm like, but it goes against what I personally feel and I was like, here's the reasons it goes against it. And they gave the option to some of us when they implemented the policy, it was either do the policy, it was either do the policy, resign or be terminated. So I was just like, Well, I was like, you know, and then some of the people there that didn't want to see me like what do you what are you going to do? And so, as I kind of took a break from the hiatus, and when I was doing that, I was just like, well, you know what I am? What should I do next? Right? Do I want to start my own business? Do I want to, you know, I've really just kind of taken some time reflecting whatever minute and one day, ironically enough, one day my wife has always been an entrepreneur. Right. And so then like, as I was helping her and everything ironically, it turned out that it was kind of like, you know, what, I can see myself doing something like this, but then the question became, alright, what do I do? Like what would be the thing that I would get involved in what would be the and then all of a sudden, I started to come across, like just messing around with tick tock one day, and well the crazy story behind it is my wife's my brother in law, since somebody he saw on Tik Tok to us, and then we started it was a legendary marketer person and we were checking it out. And I was just like, I can do this. And I was like, okay, look, I don't have my own business. I don't have my own product. So then I was like, I was like, I'm used to being online anyway. Because that was like, you know, I'm somebody who was always right. Once I started to kind of do some research when you guys started to research some other people like in the field, I was like, You know what, I'll give it a try. And then plus, the big thing was I'm seeing different people do it like, you know, I'm seeing single moms stay at home moms, I'm seeing, you know, people in their 60s and I was like, All right, that was like yeah basically,

Dave: Yeah, that's really cool yeah, both here at Legendary and also, you know, I think really internet marketing in general and especially entrepreneurship. I mean, you meet so many cool people. What I find in entrepreneurship is like, a lot of the life, political life or like, even the cultural ones that you know, like, it's kind of like growing up in a neighborhood or a city and not ever leaving it. Like entrepreneurs. So often when you meet them, they've been more well traveled. But have you found that the vibe of people here is different from the vibe of people in your typical corporate environment? And how would you describe it? Yeah, actually, it's

Rich: So like, the crazy part was, I used to work for a fortune 500 company, and then I transitioned to another organization. But when I left, right, and in that organization, it was very much lacking, like people were in there, but then you would find out they were into so many other things. And a lot of times people weren't just their job, right. But then it was weird. It was almost like going from that. 500 going to that organism with things like transit because, so many people who are either just like me, or people who like, you know, their experiences was, oh, yeah, I was doing this and I'm going here and I just talked to this person then. Oh, and then like, for example, I met some of the coolest people that are like, into some, like, stuff you would think would be the weirdest thing I've ever played, then. You know, it's like, you get in the group and where you know, awesome. I kind of give you that book when you go in saying, oh, yeah, I want to try this. And, you know, if somebody is not used to dealing with somebody who's a little kinky, they're gonna say, like, why would you do that? 

Dave: Yeah, like there's not a whole lot of stereotypes. There's not as much stereotype, and that kind of stuff. Like, right, yeah, no, and we all you know, we all experienced that differently. But it was just, I mean, like, one example for me it was just my background man. I mean, being a recovering addict, having a few charges on my record, you know what I mean, from when I was using, and, and just, I mean, I got arrested when I was 18. Dude, I didn't even get my adult self a shot. You know? It was just all dumb stuff related to my addiction, just, you know, fleeing and eluding one time I ran. One time I used a license that wasn't mine. So my point is, is that in the moment but but you know, online when people don't like it, but it's not a way to turn my mess into a message anyways. But I really love the diversity of our community, but also love the way that entrepreneurs just really, like it's almost like a it's almost like it's almost like, in many ways, just how I wish all of society was you know what I mean?

Rich: Yeah, because it's funny, you mentioned that because I remember I was on so I'm a part of another community where like, it's a group entrepreneurs, they get together every morning and everything. And so the crazy thing was, and again, all types of backgrounds. Like I have a college degree I have, you know, I'm like, you know, very straight laced. And a sense of college degree did follow the whole process, right? But I'm sitting there and I'm listening to this dude. He's like, multi seven figure earner. And he talked about like, you know, similar background to yours. He was like, Oh, I got in trouble. I did this. I was locked into this and then the big thing to me was like, every one of us were dialed into him because it was almost like, Okay, this is part of your story. But this is not who you are. And you are where I want to go. So it's like we were just all so locked into what he had to say when he had like, everything we teach you like if you want to be successful, and whatever. Like you said, it's so funny because that type of person typically typically wouldn't be able to even get in the door.

Dave: Yeah. And that's a lot of the challenges with our our I guess I won't get into the health conversation because I'm just so not qualified there. But in so many other instances, you know, like one great example was when I was going through treatment and all the people who were highly educated and worked really hard for those degrees, but had no addiction experience. It was hard for me to get anything out of them, hard for me to connect with them. Whereas I walked into the office of the person who had the bare minimum degrees. I mean, you just got enough to get in the door but they're they got 10 years of sobriety, right and man, those were the people that I was fixated on, you know what I mean? So connect with that person, right? Exactly, man. Exactly. So I like how I like our community but most of entrepreneurship can't say all but most of entrepreneurship Well, I used to say that it's more inclusive rather than exclusive. And that's what I thought I was going to leave it was like all the marketers over the years have kind of used the angle of like exclusive group and exclusive club and all this kind of shit and the truth is, is that like, what people really want is for things to be inclusive right? Not have to have a criteria or be a certain level or whatever. We've tried to do that here at legendary and I think me being open with my story in my background, leaves room for people to also feel comfortable in their own skin. What's your approach in connecting with your audience? What's your approach to help them trust you, level with them and connect with them despite, you know, differences that you may have to where people you know, people are judgmental, they like to look at us they like to say, Oh, I can't learn anything from that person. He's too. All too sure. too old, too young, too black for money too, that you know people are always How about even more kind of him before you know, so I just can't deal with him that way and try to turn the mess into a message. What are some of the things that you've done?

Rich: Well, you know, in my case, like even along those lines, I'm a pretty open person, right? So like a lot of times I go live every day, right? And so when I'm going live a lot of times what I say to people is, first thing I'll say I'll tell people about my background, right? Just like I say, Oh yeah, I have a college degree this and the other. But then the first thing I said I was like, Look, my goal is not to debate whether or not you should go to college or not. I was like you do what's best for you. So for me, going to college was what worked but if going to college doesn't work for you don't do that as it but I said I will say this much whenever you do, because I always tell people like the big thing is I was like alright, I'm gonna tell you how to make some money. I was like, cool, but you have to have a certain mindset first. One of the things I'll say is like you, whether you I'll even say like you know, if I'm talking about literally other affiliate offers, I'll even say like, look, I would love for you to come and invest and do it through me. Yeah, I would love that. If you say you're investing in yourself, so find

something to invest in. You walk away from this life. Think of what you can invest in whether it's a book and I'll even say like yo, go read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, right? I was like, go read. These are some of my favorites as I go do something to invest in myself because the first thing I say and I think I connect with people with this is like I'll say, Look, you don't want to be like a month from now, two months from now a year. From now, thinking like you're in the same spot as it looks, if you came to my life more than likely you're looking for something to do differently. And if you're looking for something to do different, these are some of the things I suggest to you right as like yo I'm about building community I'm not sharing so like for me like first and foremost even sometimes you know when you get the trolls it's always hysterical gray and even with them. 

Rich: Oh yeah. And but I like whatever you like sometimes even with the trolls I'll be like, Okay, I said, I'll tell you what, if you can have an open mind just listen to me for about five minutes. I'm like yo, you do this you will make money from this, of like that even before I even talk about any offers or anything like that. So the thing is, it is like my natural personality is I want to get to know you. I want to get more of a natural vibe of I just like hanging out with people. So like, say for example, your background that wouldn't shy me away from you. That would actually bring me towards it. I'm like, Oh, tell me more. I'm sitting there like, you know, I didn't realize before and that's true.

Dave:  For everybody, right? I mean, the pastor who's sitting on the stage, and I'm just using this as an example, who has the background of being going to prison, and all this. Those are always the more interesting, powerful, you know, preachers for example in the religious field and I gave the therapist an example of a person who's dealing with drug addicts. You look at somebody who is the CEO of a company, they've worked for a nonprofit working in addiction and in home in chronic homelessness and mental illness. It was kind of a three prong approach, but the CEO there. This was when I met her, the CEO there started as the janitor, so the whole company really admired the guy. And there's a lot to say about that. those basic things that you know, are just how you connect with people? This is really the thing that is more important than the mechanics is to have the mechanic set up properly. Absolutely. If you think that just Oh, Kate, tell me where to point and click and then I'm going to hit a button every day or you know, it's not absolutely we've, we can pin and click that's a thing. Nowadays, I still encourage everyone to learn how to connect with people in the ways that we're talking about here. One great way to connect with people that's super practical based on an example you just said was like if you're alive and there's a troll for example.

Dave: But anyways, yeah, it's like man will often be we think our reaction is to get defensive and nasty. And that's exactly what most people see everybody else because any time that you say something nasty to somebody or do it drive by on men that 9.9 times out of 10 They're gonna hit you with some nastiness right back. Right. And the difference between connecting with people and becoming trustworthy is that they want to invest their money with you and follow what you have to say. Is that you? You react differently. You react with leadership and those things don't move you in. They don't move your beliefs in what you're saying. And I think that's what the big one if, if I if somebody is explaining something to me, and then I ask a question, or even say something that's slightly rude, and it throws them there thing they started getting nasty, passionate and out it was really that convicted about what they're talking about because Oh, so a lot of times the things that we do, we should actually do the opposite. Because we were trained by people who were broke. Were trained by people who all got who could not level up in their jobs, who could not run successful businesses. And maybe these people were our parents. God bless them. That's fine. We still love them. But if we want to get a different result, we have to do something different. And that practical example How deep can we go with this one example of how you react to somebody on a live in a comment says so much about how far you're gonna go in this business. Do you agree?

Rich: I agree, even one guy one time he came at me and he goes, like, you know, he's listened to me. He was like, well, he said, Well, I've heard other people do legendaries like why should I go with you? Right? And I didn't even take it anywhere. I just thought well, I said, here's how it works, right? So you can go with me or you can go with someone else. So think of it like this man. I was like if you're at a car dealership, if you like if you're trying to buy a Nissan there's multiple things on car dealerships, right. I was like maybe you vibe and you bought because you liked how this dealership treated you versus this one. I was like, whether it's me or whether it's someone else. I was like, Cool. And I go back to the thing of saying, Hey, I just want you to invest in yourself. And like in that moment, dude like, he was like because it was thought I just lost myself.

Dave: Oh, man. I mean, being a parent is phenomenal. They just, you know, they're there. We got to embrace the tech you know, we got to embrace the tech the kids are gonna deal with the tech the whole the whole whole logistics have boundaries around the thing. My job as a parent is to keep those boundaries around. Oh, yeah. Kids are kids, this is life. And this is entrepreneurship, right? It's like you know, you can't plan what's going to happen in your business. You can't plan what's going to happen in your life. And so how do you embrace everything not being perfect in your videos and everything not being perfect in your lives? Like so many people are so afraid to even get started because again, they think it has to be a perfect presentation.

Rich: I got a survey yesterday. It's actually somebody I know is their brand and everything, but very much and I say this on the lines a lot of times like yeah, just get started. I was like if you waited for it to be perfect, if you wait for it to have out like you'll never do it. I was like Don't overthink it. Just do it. Right. And so my wife one day she's like, like, Well, what do you do for a living are shooting videos to post content? Right? I like the way she lives. Why? Because here's the thing. On the live show, I was like, I'm going I'm be myself naturally. I'm a talker. So I'm like, I'm joking around. I'm having a good time. Like if I mess up, so be it. I'm still going with the content of like, you gotta shoot it over and over. 

Dave: Ain't nobody gonna see your first few anyway. That's what we always think we're about to give a presidential address like the whole world's gonna watch it. It's like, I had to realize I'm not that important. If I say if I screw up on a live too. It's not like the end of the world either. Like I really had it goes back to the liking gap. It's a, it's a, it's a phenomenon of where we and everybody can Google it, man. I mean, I'll show it to you right now. Just so you all know that you know, this is a real thing that we deal with. And it's on Wikipedia. It must be true. 

Rich: Right. really accurate.

Dave: The liking gap is the disparity between how much a person believes that another person likes them and that person's actual opinions. Most studies have found that most people underestimate how much other people like them and enjoy their company. Right? And that's why so many people are getting rich. They are getting rich, just sitting around talking. And why is that? Folks? The reason why that is, is because if you actually start talking and doing the thing that snowballed from people who don't like you are going to come through and say something mean, if they're a mean person, and then they're going to move on. That's human beings. Human beings have been doing this tar and feathering people get you laughing at other people's expense, sitting in coliseums watching people fight a bowl to their death. Human beings have derived pleasure. I'll never forget. I was walking my dad and I were on a job one day, and we were we were walking under this big building that was up on stilts. But there was this huge pipe that was going across the way and he's walking with a drink in his hand, not paying it to him, and hit his head. Hard thing it was like have you ever seen somebody hit their head but they don't? It just stopped them from just dropping to his knees right? Man I should have been right therefore, I could not stop laughing. I was like you probably got a concussion. But I was deriving pleasure from his pain. I couldn't help it. I'm not a bad person. It's just a natural reaction. It's a human reaction. So when we do it's just like death. It's like a phenomenon. We came to understand it. I love my dad snapped out and was like, like, holy shard Are you alright, got that, really at first. And I've always done this about. Like, I've always if he was doing something that he looked frustrated or whatever, I would laugh like it. Maybe I just felt safe to beat myself with him. But either way. This is life and this is what's gonna happen. It's what's going to happen out on the internet as well. And so, you know, when we when we, you know, are able to, you know, kind of expect that and you know, the reason why people are getting rich sitting there talking online is because if you stay persistent, your words and your and you can comment on that. But when we say persistent and consistent, the people who do resonate with us do find us. That's right. And and that's where the magic happens. And you have to sit through a bit of the uncomfortability of getting the campaign and your business up off the ground. To find your message, find your confidence, find your flow, and that might take a matter of days, weeks or even months. But that is required in order for you to feel comfortable. This is how you're going to do that. You're going to get more comfortable with your message that you feel comfortable enough to where it actually becomes fun for you because you stop caring about what everybody thinks so much because you realize they're not paying your bills, and you're talking your flavor of shipping, you talk and you know what people are gonna resonate with it. 

Rich: My first commission came and I was just like, I just looked now I looked up, and I was just like, Yo, I can do this. Um, it was oh, it was just like it was just like that. And then like I said, right, the craziest thing was, I remember I had one guy on the line, and he's like, Yo, man, how do I grow the follow up? Like, he'll just show up? He was like, it's only me and my mama and that's it. Like it was like people like it's like four of us. as broad as they were when I started out. I was like, and this was one of my I had like, 20 people on that. I said, I said when I started, it was 10 And I said, there's me and my wife was there. And I was like you said, but whether it's 10 or 100 you show up you show up. I bet you keep doing the same thing. And like how I will connect with people if I'm a native New Yorker. I moved from New York to LA. I moved from LA to Texas. I also went to school in Virginia. So I started like, as soon as people start coming on and they tell me where they're from. I'm like, yo, I'm from here. I was like, Yo, I grew up here. I'm here and so I started noticing that I was like, hey, just to let you know, my background is in it. I play it's not even in marketing. So I'm like, hopefully you can do this as well and then I started talking and then used that to my advantage. Right. And then the other thing I tell people isn't, I think the thing that connects me is I'm a husband and a father. And like you know, and like you said, I can't tell you how many times my son has walked in on Me Doing Something Right. And one of the things I tell people like the thing that resonated with me the most was especially what we're going to do every day, right? There are times where I would wake up in the morning before they got up. It's dark. I go to work, and then I come home. It's dark. Yeah, I'm home. I walk in the door and they're gonna go to bed and I'm like, yo, I was like, Okay, I gotta do something different. Because my boy has a crazy personality, right? So I love hanging out with them. So I was just like, Okay, I gotta do something. But ya know, that's the big thing for me, like, I was wild because you use the persistent and consistent because I tell people I'm like yo, if you show up, people just rock you.

Dave: It's great. Like, right? We really have to pay for advertising. It's the great it's you had to before if you wanted to get big reach or you had to be really persistent and consistent on YouTube man, before the short form video explosion and I know a lot of y'all think it's about tick tock it Annabelle, TikTok man. Not even been here in a couple years. But the game's changed the short form content in the way that they're pushed the way that now what tick tock did was break an algorithm and set a standard it's kind of like it's like a cute little cost of drug companies use of medications that you're over. You feel like you're overpaying for it, go to cost plus drugs, and type in your medication and see if you can get it from him through him for cheaper, but He's disrupting that industry. And the way that he's doing it is offering the medications cash is having some insurance companies now want to be a part of it. But he just basically likes saving people just gobs of money. So now all the sudden all the like, like Labour's European Union, which every layer every person every role, everybody has to take a fee along the way, your grandmother or you or me or whoever has to pay this stupid premium for medication and in their studies. They show many Americans choose food and have to choose between food and medication right now. And so the same thing happened with TikTok like up until this point, you know there was a late majority or do you have Sony lock? You had either horrible to create content that brought people to the platform and then they'll split that the the advertising for you if you monetize the channel and turn on that you want to run ads on the channel, but otherwise you had to pay for advertising and Brent and I can remember when Facebook like we all had built in 2000 and like nine and 10 and 11 but and we had good organic reach, but then all the sudden it just it just it just disappeared like I don't want a beautiful up now they wanted you to pay right right. So that's a little history of what's happened with Facebook for example, and in other social media, Instagram, Facebook own Instagram, right even Snapchat when it came out. It wasn't hot because it had a unique algorithm. It was hot because they had the disappearing messages. That means right right. Kids wanted to be on it right? Well when TikTok kale and now I'm putting shoving video and it's gonna push them we're gonna push it out to cold audiences and tested with cold audiences to see if it does well. And if it does continue to push it out. That was a game changer. That was a game changer. And we've never had anything like that. That's why we're in this season right now. Just a little bit of a history lesson for everybody. And, you know, I understand a lot of y'all are like I posted videos for two weeks and whatever but it's still talking about how we know but that's how TikTok changed the game. So whether they're around in another year, it's irrelevant, because now all the sudden what we expect as as as users is to be able to have our content reach people who are more than those who are just following us.

Rich: Right? Yeah, no actually so it's funny because the crazy thing is this last year has been about trying to become a marketer more than anything. And so like I study a lot of the guys in the community, in the women too I have to say that like the women that go in it, I study them I study with guys, obviously they're like, Oh, this is why you're successful. And so like, you know, and like one of the things I'll say in my life, I'm like, oh, okay, you're seeing I'm like you're seeing this aspect. You're seeing the videos, the short form videos, I said, but one of the things I'll even say in my lives, I'd like tell you more. And you know, I started looking at it like you said, just like tick tock is doing his thing now. But then even from there, it's like okay, well, whether it's tick tock whether it's Instagram, whether it's YouTube or Facebook, I'm like, Okay, now I'm starting to put the puzzles together. Now I'm starting to see like, okay, it doesn't matter what platform you're on. With you kind of like you start to develop the skills like really start to develop and understand and then embrace the community as well because they're crazy people and many times I've been on, like one of the q&a calls and people in the chat. They're like, Oh, this is what I did that helped me to get forward and do this and try this. Oh, you want me to come live here? I'll come into your life and get it and that's the thing that's been key for me. Like that's been the game.

Dave: Well, people, the thing that is, is the magic is that as you just pointed out, we have a community right like a leader, your factory, that if you come hang out in it and around it for about I mean, if you come hang out in here for a year, and you don't have to do anything special, just show up and listen and just take action but it's not like you've got to participate. You don't have to pick up cigarette butts. You don't have to put tears away. I remember when I first started going to 12 step meetings and stuff and I'm trying to, you know, figure out if I want to actually stay clean and sober. And I want to pick up cigarette butts and shit to do it. But that was that was that I learned that self selfless. My health was the way to stay clean, you know, and I've realized the way to make money is the same way stop worrying about my own selfish needs, and go out there and over deliver. And so you know the lives it's like we go live we should only be doing 10 to 15 minute interviews every day like I wouldn't be good enough, but man, it's like we do 45 to an hour because it's like, let's talk until we get up to a point where it'd be too like it's a lot like people walk away like Damn, man man, like that was a lot of value. It's the way to win. It's the formula to win it's you know over delivering that value in but anyways it all starts with coming and hanging out and listening. You just have to listen and be in the community and watch others and every time you hear it observant and listen and learn and then make sure that the actions that you're taking are purposeful.

Rich: Well actually yeah, that's funny you hit it right on the head when you say that because even you know when I do live a lot of times the first thing I'll even say is during the land like look, even if you wouldn't even be wrapped with me right? Like, go to your research, go Google go do this right. I was like go check it out. Because I was like, I don't want you to listen to this. And I said if you do it, do your research. And then another thing I tell people is all my lines. A lot of times I'll give people at least three or four different ways that they can make money online. I'm like, yeah, well if you do this, you can start making money and I was like this is straight up like this isn't me giving some value to you guys, right? And then the first thing I say is uh, but like you don't execute as like all that because some people then you know, they'll say they're being supportive. They'll be like, yeah, knowledge is power. And I go no, I was like potential power. You don't you don't it's no good to you as so then it's wasted knowledge. I said like right now you guys some of you guys that want to make money. I was like, if you execute on the things I just told you. I was like, you could actually start doing well online I've like but I was like yeah, to do it. And like when I first went to a call, I just sat there and listened. I was just like, man, it's a lot of information just for the first day in like, hanging out even if you hang out, but if you're hanging out, he's there. Well, you have no choice but to just get better because you're surrounded by people with like minded people. And you're just absorbing everything. And then learning to binge

Dave: I mean, you want to get good at anything. Like for example, like I was investing started investing several years ago, and I wanted to do more than just real estate like my wife and I had started buying like total party C's, right right within the city like we don't have some great like for us lifestyle is as important as trying to take some gamble to get the highest return right like buying properties other places throughout the country like we're just buying properties within our own neighborhood. And in but we wanted to get into more so I went in. I hired a stockbroker and accompany and I know he didn't want to manage it. Oh, I didn't know. Okay, and guess what I did? I just started stocking money away on that. It didn't matter. I didn't think the fees didn't matter at the beginning to me, right? Because I didn't have any money in it anyways. You see what I'm saying? So it was like I could have sat there and like going on a learning binge or whatever, to make a new video before I got started, but what happened was I kind of went away a few million dollars right Right. Right, right. And now all of a sudden man this one and a half percent that he's charging me that's a pretty damn big fee. So here's what I did. I went on a learning binge. I said, Hey, hold on a second. I mean, let me educate myself about the financial man you know, the broker space, the wealth management space and what happens now, through Bingi be binging on Warren Buffett from Charlie Munger from you know, Pete, like, not money managers, entrepreneurs, like Warren Buffett, who there's a difference between how Warren invest in stock and company and how the average person invests the average person invest in stocks. Like it's a gamble, or like it's like it's a casino like just hope it goes up but like his hands in his impact. Grow. He's got more of an advantage there. But the thing that I learned was that the average money manager can't beat the market. There's a thing called an index fund. That just follows the market. And it invests in all like for example, it's an index one that follows the s&p 500 and evenly invests in all the top five companies and can be found 500 in just your diversified diversified across those companies. I think Vanguard is the company that invented them. It's a next to nothing fee and you're not constant. The reason why I don't buy crypto is because back when I owned crypto back in 2017, checking it constantly refresh and see if it went down $8 But it was right. Yeah, the same thing happens with investments when we're buying from time to time I learned in the market, so my investment is radically shifted after going on that learning binge in learning about what ETFs and index funds were which the basically the same thing and how they were different than an active manager from a company like Steve fall or Merrill Lynch or or Goldman Sachs or whoever's who's going to be managing your portfolio. to one and a half, even to portfolio value. You're gonna pay that fee, whether that balance goes up or whether the market goes down. Right? How did I learn about that? How did I learn about that? With Victoria? It's not important to me about it's not important for me to see that's the difference between the and what I'm trying to explain to people right now is that's where the different from from Warren Buffett but no for me, it's a said find your core competency, your circle of competence that you understand, and that you knows via safe, solid strategy, whether it be for your investments, whether it be for your business, and for your investments. For me, my safe strategy that I understand, is real real estate indexing. And that's it. You go and listen to anybody who's got a lot of money who's not trying to sell you their service to manage your portfolio, they'll likely give you similar advice because the number one rule of investing is never lose money. And the second rule is if you ever forget, refer back to rule number one. So so so many for secret explosions of return or ROI and sometimes, instead of just saying timeout what's going to work for me that I understand, in that I know I can be persistent and consistent over time. And I'm not going to one day wake up and say you know what, I'm bored of doing this and I don't want to switch directions. What comes up for you as I talk about that, that persistence and consistency from that angle.

Rich: Later I actually watched a video with Warren Buffett one day kind of like he was kind of how he's the exact term you use, but it was kinda like it's the transferring from from non it's like people are ignorant people to the intelligent people how like when he gets transferred, right, because it's almost like you got to basically like you said, you can't be like up down up down with like a fingering approach to that.

Dave: Yeah, get away. And he says that you don't have to be smart to be a wealthy investor. Because a lot of times, the smarter you are, the more you think you can beat the market and predictable trade happens. But it's more about emotional tolerance in not when a struggle comes up, or the market gets a little bit like selling and panicking.

Rich: Yeah, no, that's, like, my natural. My perspective. Like, my wife always makes me laugh. She's like, why aren't you upset? I was like, that's not gonna make a difference. Like, we're good. She looks at me, she's like, we're good. I'm like, we're good. 

Dave: Well, I wish I was like that because I'm not my emotions go up and down and blow with the wind. I need a strategy that I know that's why this is important for me, maybe don't feel kinda you know, who does as stable, right? Conscious of myself that I might get a feeling like after this or just an eye or like with investments like I might panic and have the tendency to sell. And so that's why index funds instead of owning individuals would be a better play for me because it's a longer term boring strategy, you know? That's exactly right.

Rich: Like I invest in crypto, but like thing I remember like, you know, first when I got into it, somebody said, You need to have a very calm personality if you're going to invest in crypto, right because yeah, like you said, it can it will fluctuate and so I would laugh because I would just kind of go and look up. I'm like, Alright, cool, cool, cool. And then when it goes down, I'm like, all right. Like, people, like even on the lives I tell people I'm like, yo, the big thing I talked to people about I'm like, yo the way the economy is when we hear about recession and all of that. I was like, hey, starting like you said binge learning, then I was like, Yo, this is the time to invest. This is the time to learn about real estate stock crypto, whatever it is. Because, you know, as well even say I'm like you, whether you invest with me or not as like, find something to invest and I was like, learn how to take your money, and then learn how to use it to work for you. Don't let it be like, you know, I was like, we're all lives our money has been unemployed. So start having your money work for you and figure out just like whether it's like learning something like you said, then I'll turn around and be like African xx and that's the thing to learn. You learn a thing that you've learned.

Dave: Yeah. Like I remember even one time like the hysterical thing, how I started going live. One week, we were in the q&a. And Matt goes, Hey, if you guys want to do better, go live. I think the next day I started going live and I've been going live like ever since then. What's been something else? That you've been below live? I wouldn't know how that impacted going through blueprints attending those calls? How has that helped?

Rich: A great deal actually because, first and foremost, like a natural way to think is just kind of like Yeah, is this something that can isn't something that comes from so, you know, I was kind of like all in on it right? And you know, at the very least I was making my money's worth back right? And I've gotten more than that, right? So I'll be like, I'm gonna get that but but the way it's helped a lot is like one. Mattis phenomenal. And then he's always been responsive. And even when he can't get back to you, he's like, go get one of these guys and they'll help you and then like, for example, I had a couple of sessions. were emailing back and forth. And because my life has improved, so much better just having a conversation with me, not having to have some feedback, right? Just some feedback, because one day I was just like, I thought I was sitting on a q&a and I just go, I bet you they'll notice, and so I said to him, I was like, Yo, is there any chance I can get you to audit my life and he's like, I can't do it. You did great.

Rich: And instantly the thing, he said I started to do those things. Also, I just saw my live just start to go up. And then the other thing was I started to just a couple more naturally while I was speaking. And then the big thing too. There's the community of the people that support you, but then there's the community of the people who are doing it with you. Again basis, you had like an account name and they start following you then all sudden you start seeing them come up in your life. So then the next thing you do is going on with your lives, which is like everybody starts supporting each other because everybody has different levels in their journey. But you know, in the end, everybody wants everyone else to do well. And like even I'll see sometimes like you know, man can't get all the questions. Can I like do this like yeah the big thing too, you know, with the blueprints for me like the big thing was being able to go back and like say even when I went through all the blueprints as I went through them, like like, Okay, well you go through the first time then I was like, you know doing to get started go right away. Right. But then it was like this point in time. You know what I think about that and blueprints let me go back and rewatch because this makes sense to me.

Dave: That's valuable. It's kind of like reading can you see something the second time you didn't see it? You know, or you understand it differently or more now, because you've got more experience or more context, you know, it's really a really simple thing. But we, we, we don't give ourselves in advance. Sometimes. You know, it's it's we're gonna microwave it the want to come back here, because of Uber, Uber Eats because I mean you know, now we're paying people to deliver the fast food to our door, you know what I mean? And I'm not saying I'm not right there with everybody. I'm right there with I mean, that's just where we're at. So we still have to still make sure that we have realistic expectations on how long and what it's going to take to be successful. In any case because you're becoming crazy to go to work that's going to route to your door, quite. However, you know. This is it. This is this is this is this is as the people that I've seen anywhere that are new, succeeding doing something that is a sustainable business truly a sustainable, the skill sets are trends, trends, they can transfer they're transferable to other industries, too, to stack off on those inside of your email. Follow Up series to create multiple streams of income from within the same business product systems, not. As an affiliate product, you're promoting it gets you and your ability to be able to create content and then generate traffic to any offer. That was crazy. I remember one day you know your life so you can get any question right? They asked me something and I sat there for a minute. And I said it's not as simple as a class you Right? Like I was you do that? And like and it was a space I never was in but then that's when it hit where, like you said, if you focus on developing the skill set, like really study the skill set right? Not just go and say okay, yeah, I'm going to do this video. It goes viral. It's like no, no start to really understand why. I was just like I said it was like the second he's like, Oh, you really are getting more of an understanding because it's like, you start to really get that skill set. Because even one time I give example, I was like, Well, I was like if I was in this, this offer this offer this offer and this offer, wrap it up into this, and everybody on the line was just like oh, and so that was really least you know, q&a is getting to bond with the within the community itself and everything.

Dave: Sometimes hearing the same thing over and over again, a lot of the reason why we keep it simple, the reason why I'm talking about the same things now that I was talking about 550 episodes ago. Let me know if you go back and listen to a lot of those episodes, I'm talking about the same things, man the same stuff long. And it's timeless. Number two, because people need to hear the same thing over again. Yeah, like so many of us think we need to plan. I'm tired of hearing that. This before. Whatever. You didn't hear it if you may have a weak Milan sometime. Why? Why? Because you're, you know, there's, there's this great, there's this great. There's this great story about Picasso that somebody told that they or who was famous maybe it was Mozart, he created the symphonies, and wrote symphonies. Well, somebody was like, oh, no, teach me how to write symphonies like you. You've been writing them well and he says, but I wouldn't ask him then I wouldn't ask him anybody to show me. Why, you know, that people aren't doing so, you know, they say they are results. Right? 

Dave: Are you a hip hop fan?

Rich: Yes

Dave: Oh, me too. I mean, I'm in my 90s. Baby. I mean, I didn't grow up with Metallica and Nirvana. I mean, I did but I grew up with Tupac. But I watched this documentary about a little baby. The other day on Amazon. A lot of people don't like his rap, they say it's mumble rap. It's this and that. But the truth is, the cat can rap and and he's good. And he got good because he spent more time in studio in the in early part of history has been doing it for a couple of years. But he's got more out than anybody. He's 20 Most songs now and there was a lot of controversy because he didn't get a Grammy or even a nomination for any released a kick ass song about the kind of racial tension and any quality and so forth that came out of the George Floyd incident. The light that was shined on that and a powerful song out that didn't get that love bullshit anyways, because the people it's by some board that nobody knows what any good product is more than anybody else, you know. So it's like, it's like, you know, there's no minimum we're in this microwave Society of where your Big Mac gets delivered. There's no shortcuts to success and the longer that we're looking in, looking at. fairy tale, the perfect Guru, the perfect mentor, course, whatever. The longer we're prolonging our suffering. At least determine the perfect mentor for me the perfect mentors that I've met before willing to do the work.

Rich: I might not be the person for you. If you think it's gonna happen overnight. I might not be the person for you. And like you said, right. Like I look at it like this. Like I said before, the funny thing is like did you get it? Did you hear it? Jim on this line. I heard him say he was like, Yeah, you read it. You heard it. I'm pretty sure if I was looking at like one of my lives back in June versus two different people but if I had been like, Well, I'm gonna wait. Perfect and then go, well, here's what would happen. If I was to just be perfect in what I say it's perfect.

Dave: Then you can even think of something that you don't know until you do it. A lot of times we think we know it because we've listened. But you don't know anything until you've applied that. I don't. You don't know anything until you've actually taken that knowledge and applied it. You heard it. You heard it and so that's why the response was actually so funny. When you're talking to somebody I know I know shit. Because you ain't done. You've heard we hope you should. Say, I've heard that. And that's literally how, like that level of being specific. I talked about that. That's the type of talk. How do you know we hear these things? What is self talk? Well, that's self-talk. The word that comes out of my mouth. That where I'm talking about myself is self talk. Let me say that again. The word out of my mouth or other for example, if I'm like II sorry, is gone and that's my message to my at home around the dinner table every night. Come on, man. Into my sending. Oh yeah, you know what I mean? So it's, how I live is a really big deal. And it's really the difference between being a victim or a victory in your life and everything as a boss if you want to, you know, talk about hip hop. I think it was Snoop. That said, the cost to be the boss. You gotta pay the cost to be the boss baby. Why did you enjoy the boss right? Like, because and here's the thing you can't buy your way in. Write about the cost. Ain't got nothing to do with money. And another big misconception about successes. I bought the thing while I picked the vaping and isn't that I just want to be sure that if I buy it, and it's like, I don't know what you're gonna do with this. What do you tell me? There was a guy on the line one time he was just like, guarantee me this will work further guarantees you anything,

Rich: I can't guarantee how much work you're going to put in. I can't guarantee if you're going to study again. See if you're going to extend like I don't. We're talking and like you and I are talking we're standing face to face well, virtually face to face, right. But when I'm on my live, I don't see these until you look at I was like, dude, like a record of people who've done it. And as if you've listened and it was like if you look at it and you say there are people that are successful doing this. So for me that was like having like, say for example, I see no one else doing it. So you do right I'll be like, Yo, this dude did it. I do it. But now how did he do it? Literally. This is what I need to do. So clearly, he was like, Can you guarantee me? I was like bruh I don't know you I don't know what your habits are. Let me do a live example because Zurich says, can I talk with you about the blog where she wants to talk to Sarah? And actually is somebody really good to talk to. I actually know Sarah. She came to the mastermind. Hi, Sarah. But here, so this is a very typical thing. Hey, somebody. The blue bar. Here's one thing that I wanted to do is make 550 interviews here, hour long conversations where you can hear people who you know, have taken the education and done something with them and the majority of them have bought so alone. And using a recommendation or referral or somebody is not is not a not an abnormal thing. But so often, we have to just make sure that we're not looking for somebody to give us permission to do something in and I don't want to cause a reach, Mr. Honor even can learn and hang out in our community. But you just happen to be asking this question as we're talking about. And you'll I find myself kind of, I gotta I gotta I gotta I gotta be aware and looking for somebody to cosign for someone get some feedback, because if I'm looking for somebody to make the decision for me, versus what I need to do if I feel not equipped to make a decision that needs to be a red that's a red light needs to go off well up. But if I feel like I'm not able to make a decision, like I'm like in limbo, and first of all, my critical skills need to develop something and what probably needs to have to learn to trust ourselves or because each one of us, everything that we need to be successful, literally everything you already have inside of you oh some of the mechanical knowledge that we're going to help her Legendary with. One of the things that is so important when we get started is to work to trust ourselves more than people. I don't mean you know, you know, that other people mentors, you know, people like that. You know what, my best mentors are not people that I actually hired to mentor people that I taught a course or somebody like Warren Buffett their their video tations of what success or what learning how to be successful looks like it's not a magical burning bush. It's not like the perfect thing that's going to happen. It doesn't always have to be like sometimes it can feel weird. Anyway, man, dude. Thanks for coming on. Come back again, bro. Thank you so much for your time today. Oh yeah. Have a great Friday. We'll see you back here again in another episode on Monday. When we get legend rich. Follow him on Instagram @runthisplayLLC. And when he's on @runthisplay. Thanks again my brother. Y'all go on Get out of here. We'll see you on Monday.