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How To Turn Past Hardships Into Motivators

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Dave: What’s going on my friends. I’m at a recovery convention with my wife this weekend, I’m in a hotel room. Recovery heroin addiction got clean in 2008 and still participates in recovery to this day. And so I will be in a weird location throughout the show here in this hotel room and I've got a great guest today Alpha Alan, and I'm excited to talk to him and hear what he's been up to. So alpha Welcome to the show brother.

Alpha: What's going on I found you. So I'm in the local 90 semis and sometimes make split shifts. Sometimes it's a graveyard and, you know, you just never know and it's just not consistent work. You know, being in the union is great, and they pay you well but the work is not consistent. So I wanted to do something for myself and I had quite a bit of money saved up. I had a chunky little nest egg put to the side just in case my twins tested themselves. Or start my passive income. He got me into affiliate marketing, you know, he told me about the 15 day business builder challenge and it would be really, really good to start and you know, I was on the fence at first. And once I took action, I saw that it was amazing. It seemed that it was something that I really wanted to do after the very first day of the challenge. I started my hero's journey. You know, I started talking about my hero's journey from the very first video I started talking about my hero's journey. I started talking about course and how it can benefit you Oh, every time that I would make a video and after that, you know after the first 15 days I started getting traction I started getting I had over 1000 followers and what a month and a half which is you know a little long but there were organic followers. 

Dave: I like long growth. It gives proper expectation. We have people on the show, they're like I posted my first video and got a million views and then everybody's like, well, where's my million views? It's nice to hear the reality of what most people are going to experience, which is slower growth and just you're probably going to feel like you want to quit right before the miracle happens like right before you have something big happen. It's always how it happens. You feel frustrated, you feel like they're slow growth. You feel like it's not going to work out and then boom, something exciting happens. It's the same reason why it's the same way fishing works, dude. You know, you go out there and you have an absolutely quiet day. And one big bite. You don't even pull into the boat like fadam for 30 seconds and guess what, you know, it's enough and then the next time you come what happens? You eventually catch the Whopper, you know, there is some waiting there if there is a so anyways, I'm ranting but a bit appreciate you sharing that it did take it didn't take two days it took a month and a half for you to simply reach 1000 followers.

Alpha: And now that I'm a coach and a mentor myself and I have coaching clients and many testimonials, I'm able to get my coaching clients past 1000 followers in 24 hours, right? And it's not spammy, it's not anything like that. It's giving hope, right like it's actually giving hope so you know by giving hope those are going to be organic followers because they're going to be expecting more content like that from you. So when you're able to produce just a few pieces of content that's able to get someone over 1000 followers pretty fast. That's a testament right. I started truthfully because you know, I did 13 years in prison. Yeah, you know, and knowing that I've done that much time in prison, and I got out. I never ever, ever wanted to experience that type of hardship again in my life. So I had to make a change. And you know, it started out with low pay. Then I got into the union with a little bit better pay and now I'm an affiliate marketer. So I mean, if I can do it, anyone can do it. You know? I mean, I'm on your show speaking to you, brother.

Dave: I was in a similar position not with doing a lot of prison time but had felonies on my record. I was a heroin addict, and I had to do things to support that addiction. And I got arrested right when I turned 18 Yay. Me, you know, so my future was screwed. And it was a stupid little thing that basically was a result of my addiction, but I was screwed. And so this industry actually gave me a legitimate future alpha. And it sounds like it's doing the same thing for you. Whereas you know, when I used to apply for a job, I wouldn't even get a call back because I had to chuck check that little box that said so I'm here to to identify with you and here to give you some hope that you know that you keep tracking down that path and only good things will happen because because only you can hold you down brother. I bet you can only let others hold you down but only you can actually hold you down. And I just won't allow that in my own life because now I realize how many other people are counting on me as well counting on me to follow through on me to see my story through. And that's probably what's happening a lot with your followers as well. 

Alpha: It is. Um, you know, I'm happy that I'm almost 40,000 followers now. You know that that has taken me a long time. Like it was taking me almost a year to get there but I'm there right like it's

Dave: Best year of your life probably right? Yeah.

Alpha: Seriously, um, you know, like I see people just getting these followers and 24 hours and 72 hours and putting up three videos and I got 100,000 followers. Well, that's okay. You know, me knowing that I got out of the mud and like, I got hurt totally. Yeah, I earned this, you know, and learned here to be with you and talk to you. And I'm just happy that I'm able to continue my path to success and help as many people as I can in the process so that they can start making money online. Because that's going to be the new future. Marketing is the future. 

Dave: I  was just talking to somebody on the show yesterday it was RJ and we were talking about I was you know we were talking about just you know, the fact like what really struck me was he was like, I want to be a part of this. He knew that the FOSS was leaking at the bus station. He knows that for space, leaving Earth whatever analogy you want us but people are going some places and we have a choice to either stay here on land or go to space right for me, baby. I'm trying to be in those clouds. I want to and I'm metaphorically speaking you know, I will be detached from everybody and all of their regular problems and inflation or deflation or stock market up stock market down all that BS. I want to have just my nest egg money in the bank, a shirt, some stocks and real estate with a nice balanced portfolio where I can take care of my family and I don't have to watch the news. I don't. That to me. It is his freedom. And, you know that's worth this, that's worth this hard work that we put in because I don't want to be there back in 2008 when I or 2009 It took me about a year after I got cleaned to come online. And I started to listen to a lot of old time people because I was selling training to network marketers. That was my first product that I was an affiliate of I did MLM. And then I came online and I was like, Dude, I gotta figure out a way to stop chasing friends and family and do something right. And that's when I found online marketing and all these network marketers were doing what we do essentially using landing pages building an email list and all this stuff and I'm like, Holy shit, right. And so and so, you know, I I learned how to use those tools and how to tell my story and and, and so forth. I forgot where I was going with that but that's what the beginning of my journey looked like exactly what the beginning of your journey looks like right here. I mean, every single other person that comes on the show is exactly what I did at the beginning. And I was talking about wanting to be in the clouds and so forth. Yeah, I listened to these guys in these training tapes and they would constantly talk about creating their own economy. And I just didn't know what that meant. You know what I mean? I didn't know what they meant by creating your own economy. But I do now. It's where you got enough money to where it doesn't matter. That's what it means. That's all. It just means where you got enough money where it doesn't matter. You got enough money hidden in your safe or under the bed to where even if the bank shut down. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, right? You got money in the bank. It doesn't matter what the $1 is doing. You got enough or you got a home that's paid off. So it's not as important. These are things that I'm speaking from experience I didn't have 10 years ago but I have today zero debt, multiple houses, paid off stocks, cash, all this stuff. And it doesn't matter. I don't talk about that every day because I don't want to make others I want to inspire people to go to get to that but I'm saying it now to let you know it's possible to have your own economy. It really is. If you're into that now how does that feel?

Alpha: It feels fantastic to know that I'm my own boss and the way I'm structuring my business and the way I'm structuring my life with my mindset. It's coming a lot more naturally now. Instead of me like every time I get a win, it's like oh my god, man, I'm so excited guys, look at this. It's not like that anymore. Because I know as long as I continue to help people truly help people and show people that there is a different way other than busting your ass at a nine to five and just over broke job. And you can actually start making money online with the right mindset. And I feel like that's a win in itself.

Dave: How has it been for you to transition from that learn due to that teach your you were like, Well, I'm a coach. And a mentor. And you said that as if it was second nature and there was a time that I absolutely know. You must have said to yourself, there's no I mean, how can i What can I say that's going to impress people, what can I say that people are going to listen to me well how do I have credibility? Or it sounded something like that, that there had to have been a switch that was either flipped or something that happened over the period of this last year. Where you went from that learning where you were that ignorant student you the first day you knew nothing to doing it to now teaching it. Can you talk to us a little bit about that?

Alpha: Yes, I can definitely talk to you about that, um, all the trials and tribulations that I've been through of me having to try to teach myself right. Like I had a coach and a mentor but there's just you know, everyone has their limitations on what they know right? So, you know, at that point, you got to go off on your own and try things on your own other than just having a coach and a mentor. Like for instance, I did the one funnel away challenge. I did the five day lead challenge. I've done your 15 Second leads. There's a lot of other things that I did to better myself to make it a lot easier, you know, to start coaching people and then not only that I had Eric pushing me like very very hard like pushing me very, very, very hard. You know, any type of little baby mistake I would make you I mean he was calling me on it. You know I'm not doing this. I'm not doing that ain't your late Hey. I mean anything and you know, it built me up to the point to where now it's like it is second nature to everything that I learned that thing that I learnt inside the space, whether it was good or bad I've taken all that along with my pain. And I've turned it into a tangible way within my brain where I can teach people in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Like for instance, I can put together an autoresponder email sequence everything in two hours like literally front to back back end systems everything that so with me knowing that there's a lot of people that don't want to do affiliate marketing all they want as a business to do a drop shipping company but they need an automatic landing page right? So I can do that in an hour's time, like an hour and a half. So it made it a lot easier for that type of a transition to teach people

Alpha: Right just by the learning curve. Yeah, man. I mean, it's, it's, it is mandatory and makes it much easier to teach when you've done it yourself. I think it's so I mean, whether somebody's coaching you to do it and sitting next to you and saying click here or whatever. But the simple fact that you've actually moved the mouse with your hand in your fingers typed in just seeing it and doing it once at least once and then of course you do it over and over. But it's gonna take a long before. You know before it's second nature, really, I mean, it really only takes a couple of weeks if you're doing it every day. It just takes a couple of weeks to where it's second nature. The other thing that I wanted to point out that you just said was the fact that you monetize the skills and other ways. It's absolute like if you're a hustler, like I can see you are like I was beginning Yeah, I mean I might it take nowadays I am very, very know oriented, meaning that I say hello a lot more than I say yes. But there have been times throughout my career that I had to say yes, more than I said no. Right now, whether that was ops or opportunities, right I mean, right. And I did right there right. Okay, I made that real simple, because after more of our journey, we've acquired a few skills we see. I mean, everything's a little shit. I could do that if I can. Okay, yeah, I'll do that. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. I can be your coach. Oh, you want a product for that? Yeah, I got it. Let me go make your real quick. I mean, men and women at the beginning because that's what we got to do to bring in a book and that's why I don't get too mad at anybody for anything that they do out here on the internet because I know people are just trying to survive. We try to teach people in the long term, or we try to teach people how to look at the long term, protect your reputation, protect your integrity, because you only get one name. We do try to teach that. But the hustler aspect is something that I'm very familiar with and and and I love how you see and are monetizing the skills in various different ways. You can go who has a business, and it's like, hey, hey $500 I'll drive up there and set that up for a two hour drive. Your time is valuable. He's got a business. He's your uncle, he should want to pay you. But now I can do that. I can go set up his auto responder, or I can offer that as a I mean, I've even said Alpha. A great thing for a lot of us to do is go instead of jumping into another MLM or instead of jumping into another biz RP get rich quick bullshit thing like you've always done by not doing the affiliate marketing and keep on the path that you're on and then go fill out the offer up some jobs. And take some jobs over on or or to write some copy for some people. There you can write a copy for you know so many so many cents or dollars per word, or, or a sales letter you get really good at copy you can demand 1000s or, or multi 510 $1,000 per sales letter. So there's one that's an example of sort of creating multiple streams of income, kind of inside the same business. You're right, the more that we can keep what we're doing. Like what you just mentioned, was that you can set up autoresponders you can do this kind of thing. Well, that's mostly in line with what you're already doing. It's a completely different business which, for new people, it's one of the biggest ways to crash and burn is that oh, I've been in this for a week. I've been doing this for a week. This other thing over here the day talking about seems like it's going to be well guess what? Once you get over there, it's artificial turf. Dammit. That grass wasn't really greener. Like we're gonna go to main Valley and despairs on this side trying to learn how to teach people those things I put together a full on business in a box. That's hard to do, man. Yeah. That's hard work. And I know how to do that in just a few hours. Right. So you know, like, one thing that you said and I will never forget, this was a few weeks ago back in one year. At a big meeting and you're at another location and it was a decade and a day. Okay. And you said to everyone that was in the room, a few of them got awards and things like that, but you said that buying courses the one you already have is enough. Right? So there's like all these other guys that will take this course and they'll take that course because that course didn't work. Well. The very first course you check there would have worked if you did not quit. And just like honestly, I'm not here. To bullshit anybody because I got successful dropshipping friends and I got successful ecommerce friends and stuff like that. Like, the truth is, that drop shipping business that you did, you probably could have succeeded in that. Honestly, you probably could have if you would have stuck with it. Now it's not my favorite business model to build long term because yeah, do you want it Do you want your business really to be at the at the at the mercy of China and the Pacific in various diseases that are no I don't want I want you to buy something from me brother and me to be able to instantly deliver it to you download it right away. That's what I want. Yes. The truth is, is that you're right, you know, you can really be I mean, I could be successful with a hotdog stand if Alpha you said is all you get? You get one hotdog stand. You gotta go make it work. Do you think I'd sit around and be like, whoo, food producer. I'd take the hotdog stand and I get very creative. I'd be very creative, right? But because we because there's so much alpha out there. There's so many different options and there's always somebody who is standing there to tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. There's always a little bugger right there who's ready to just tell you what you want to hear all legendary. It's just a bunch of videos or whatever. And these are the same people that have you ever actually even seen their face. But there's always somebody who's there ready to whisper sweet little nothings in your ear? And, you know, we like that there was a song called Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies. And until we're ready to face the truth, that no matter what we do, whether we buy a course here, when we buy a course there until we're ready to actually learn it, and go through it and actually apply ourselves as if it was the only course left in the world. Then our chances of success with anything are nil. That's a fact.

Alpha: You're right. And see I was chasing the shiny object when I first got in there right? As soon as I first started affiliate marketing I was chasing the Commission's and I wanted them even now and I just was and nothing was coming in at all. So I wanted to quit so many different times on myself. I wanted to quit and then I started to see a little bit of success. And then it just wasn't a lot but I was seeing success every day. Right like I was seeing a win every day. But it just wasn't enough. But you were just maybe comparing yourself to other people's big wins 100%.

Dave: That's so great to hear alpha and I love that you give credit where credit's due you know it's it's something that I've learned is really important over the over the years and this industry is such a small industry that all these people that we you know all these people that we think we're mentoring and we think we're doing something for you know it next year they may be helping me you know I mean, we learn so my legend would be what, three years unless I got humble enough to get on every day and say what can I learn from my students? What can I learn from people that are buying stuff? What can we learn? Because you know what? People get tired of hearing from just one person, you know what I mean? Like, I got tired. I got tired of just hearing from myself. You know, I've been in this industry for over 10 years and I was like I don't want to do another show. I don't want to do another podcast. I don't want to do anything else. And in in, you know it was really an act of sort of ego deflation and also, Matt, our CMO pain of the day right now I think suggesting it which is credit where credit's due, you know, credit where credit's due suggesting this and we did it we started interviewing our clients and you know, we just got you know we'll make more of more noise about this as as time goes on, but, you know, now we're being nominated for different awards, and it's really nice. It's really exciting. Not because of me, but because I got my ass out of the way and started learning from everybody else in giving credit where credit's due and just shining the spotlight on everybody else just like you did, like you just did. I think that's the point that I'm trying to make. Your career will be so fruitful and so long and so profitable. If you continue with that attitude, and we all adopt that attitude that it's collaboration, not competition. In really there's an abundance mindset Alpha that's required that you're demonstrating this morning there's an abundance mindset that's required to give credit to other people, to give recognition to other people to shine the light on other people. You gotta have an abundance mindset. You can't have a lack mentality because a lack mentality is all about jealousy and I need all the attention and I don't want anybody to win, right? But as an entrepreneur, if I want to be successful, I have to want others to win. I have to want my comp, you know, I really, in a way, I mean, I want to. I sometimes want to crush my competition, what's not. When I gotta want other people to win, I gotta want to win. You know what I mean? Did you feel that happening with you opening up a little bit more and I can imagine years in prison and things like that made you probably not as open minded and all that as you are today and as of others. You are 100% Correct.

Alpha: Until I started this journey and started listening to my affirmations at night, which is something I never did before. I was 100% closed off from people that I was, I mean, even at work, I'm receiving both compliments and love and validation and also giving it You mean stuff like that. So I'm not talking to people's fine but receiving love and gifts and people told me I'm doing fantastic and after you're doing great and then me being able to say that to other people. I wasn't able to do that before just because you're right. I was always in competition with people. I wasn't always in competition with someone. You know, you're always trying to up someone, you're always trying to even up yourself and stay safe.

Dave: I can't show you I can't show you my hand might make something steal whatever. I mean, that's what a lot of us have to stay safe in many different situations. And so receiving love and compliments. And validation and giving it is not really safe thing to do emotionally and mentally speaking anyways, because I'm showing vulnerability and weakness but a great book and a great even TED Talk speaker for any of us, especially as big macho guys who think that we get more with with with with intimidation, or we will get more by by by force, we should all go and listen to Brene Brown her both her talks in her book Daring Greatly where she talks about leading with vulnerability. And it's a real shift. It's a real shift in your energy. It's a real shift in how you connect with people. It's a real shift in how you connect with people. So Brene Brown Daring Greatly in her books and talks on leading through vulnerability is helpful for all of us, but especially it was helpful for me as a man.

Alpha: That's really cool, man. I'm happy. I'm definitely gonna look that book up. I'm recording this live myself so I'm gonna come back and rewatch this and I'm just happy to be on this live with you. Another thing that got me was when I started reading Secrets Of A Millionaire. So when I started getting really unlocked the way I perceive money, I saw Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you about how to spend money and what money is about. Secrets of a Millionaire Mind teaches you about the abundance of cash and what they perceive through other people's eyes. 

Dave: Right so by me read that book most of it and know about the inner game of wealth and how to spend your money, how to invest things like that. It has made me realize what I want from my life and what I want for anyone that I work with, right like so anyone that I work with a coaching client that I have, they're 100% satisfied. The reason why is because I know the way I've been coached and I know what I didn't want to get coached on and the way I didn't want to be coached. So, you know, I'm going to be good coaching and bad coaching and I'm doing my best to make it towards perfect coaching. Right like I want them to be happy and walk away knowing about tick tock growth trends. Putting your funnel together in just a few days sniper challenge copywriting, hacking, Funnel Hacking, I want them to know about mindset growth challenge right breaking down barriers of work and you never even know that you are able to even be able to break down right teach all that in this next five weeks make a masterclass and I'm right like like I'm teaching people these these things week to week on what took me to the next level. Right and what I know is going to be able to help so many people in this world get to that next level regardless if they know how to type on the computer. I can probably type right now. 15 words a minute. Truth, and that's the best. I don't know where I'd be. I don't want to test them. I'm a hunting pecker I mean, I know a few woody woodpeckers out there but I'm all hunt and peck you know what I mean? down and give her a couple of patents and then look up and see how much of it I misspelled and look back down and have a Mac a few more times. I mean, I had ADHD very bad.

Dave: You know what I'm hearing is somebody who came in somebody who had all kinds of odds and all kinds of different just just just just like most and I've got one of my best friends had a long prison sentence and got out and and is one of the best people that you would ever, ever, ever want to know.


Such as in he and he works so hard to be a great friend and be a great business person because he wants to make up for lost time and and never kind of go back to who he was and I can relate to that in many ways as well. 

Alpha: I just hear somebody who's really hungry I hear somebody who is now taking the best of what the internet and what you know online marketing has to offer which in my opinion is what we're doing. It's selling information and elearning it's not selling bullshit, gadgets and gizmos and horseshit that just people don't need honestly, I don't I'm not here to put down anybody's business. Like this work is important. And what we do is important and I feel like the selling of knowledge, the shared knowledge in the packaging of information and how it's how how any one of us can take something in when I mean when I say something I mean the most important thing in life, which is showing somebody something which is sharing a piece of information that can help them in their life. It's the most important life in society and civilization that does not exist if people like us shared information in previous generations and civilizations and we have an opportunity to to help to teach and to package what we know or package what we've learned. And absolutely change somebody's entire life. Not add more bullshit, not add more. Not so some you know, some gizmo piece of crap that they're gonna give somebody the gift of knowledge and to do it in a fun way, as you said in a creative way. Do it in a way that you know, that worked for you and hopefully it'll work for others. If people resonate with you. They can learn from it, not they can go to somebody else. But I just hear somebody who's whose. Boy did you. I just think about everybody else who's gotten out who got out of war the military or prison or or anywhere else College did not find what you and I found dude. But if you see what I'm saying, think about all those people out there who didn't find it, man it makes me feel lucky and it makes me feel blessed. And it makes me not want to squander the gifts that's just my personal meal the same way day. I totally feel where you're coming from brother like I feel blessed every single day because the statistics for me for as long as I was in this last time. 

Dave: So for us to be rehabilitated, rather, it's not known for us to be rehabilitated. It's built for us to be turned into caged animals. And you know, it's a difficult thing. To wrap your head around being pain paying the consequences that a lot of us have paid for things that are now legal in some cases, like, for example, all the people that have been mostly African Americans that have been locked up over simple marijuana charges. I mean you're beating the odds, brother, that's what's important. For sure, and this is another reason why I help so many people.

Alpha: I did a seven part series of my life, right and this is me being 100% vulnerable. It's in my TikTok. It's called Alpha Allen's journal. This deep, man, it's really deep. There's like, that's a full three minutes time at the seven parts and I'm telling you guys about my life I'm telling you about not much G lifestyles. It's about AlFalah you know, it's about what I went through how I got in trouble why I got in trouble me being a shit stick, being dumb, being a hard headed guy and what got me to where I'm at right now in my life and why strike the best person I can possibly be and pull that out of myself and put it into words and articulate it out into everyone in the world that see my vision. You know.

Dave: I love people who have gotten in trouble and people who have society have said, Oh, he's a outcast or he's a bad guy because, you know, we especially entrepreneurs, you'll find and, you know, you'll find this in a lot of leadership positions is that a lot of people have you have you know, have have scars or blemishes in their past their history because they were out living. They were out expressing their in some cases their creativity and and or in most cases. Like I was just watching a video on white underbelly soft white underbelly, which is a YouTube channel that I want you to if you want to really hear people's stories and let's see how to get raw and vulnerable on video go with white underbelly. Shit real shit. Not all of them black and white, right? Yes. Black and white man that real shit. real conversations, real interviews, but I was just saying that it's an expression of creativity. A lot of times we get in trouble because of this guy yesterday, I watched an interview with a Scarface debt collector. He was doing graffiti and he ended up getting $7 million in damages and a bunch of prison time from doing graffiti out in California and that's how his criminal history started. So a lot of times we get in trouble and so forth because we just didn't have the right guidance or leadership we needed and we just didn't get what we needed. And we wandered off and that's the case for a lot of us or we just didn't have parents that were equipped to be able to care for us. But those are oftentimes the people that I find are the most interesting. Every one of us is interesting. It's just a matter of whether we choose to share the interesting parts about ourselves. Because we've all been through a little bit of shit or a lot of other shit. Some of us have been caught for the things that we've done and some of us haven't. But the thing that I see you doing and it's beautiful, and it's a great example for everybody and let's put his TikTok or whatever links we have up and then we'll wrap up here in a second because my wife's actually speaking. I want to go listen to her but I see you doing the deal and using your story and your experience as a positive instead of a negative and stay in I would expect anything less from you know it's society that says that guys like you and I who they underestimate us, they count us out and I love I love when people count me out, don't you? You know, and you know what everybody who's listening they've counted you out to they've counted you out to your boss has counted you out most likely doesn't think that your shit doesn't doesn't respect you doesn't care about that. You know what I mean? And what, what, what you really need or what you really want. I one of my one on one of our dear friends just had an experience with her boss where she's been working from home for the past couple of years and now they got this shitty little office and they're like you have to come in it sets a good precedent for the other employees and the other employees that guy's daughter it's like that's the kind of dumb shit that bosses you know what I mean? They don't you know, for most of us who you know, have had you know, not great jobs or haven't made much money. Society doesn't ever think that you're going to do jack shit with your life. You know society in your friends and family don't really think and I don't mean they want what's bad for you, but they just take you for granted and and I love when people count me out and I love to prove myself and others wrong. And now I know what I'm capable of. And it really sounds like you're on that path to alpha. 

Alpha: I really appreciate that from you. I mean, you know, I mean that coming from you. I really appreciate that and I want to continue and congratulate you man for your sobriety brother because I know how hard it is for many people to keep that.

Dave: It's been the hardest and easiest thing I've ever done in my life. And the beautiful thing about recovery and addressing it is there's always another one that pops up you know the work is never done. The work is never done personal development and really growing is never done. I've never arrived anywhere, anywhere. But it means a lot. Thank you for saying that. And it'll send people to support you and learn from you and my friend. Thanks for your time today brother.

Alpha: Thank you so much as well Dave. God bless you man and I hope to be back on your show very soon.

Dave: All right, Alpha you Sure? Well, we'll talk to you soon buddy. All right, my friends. There it is. Boss G lifestyles is alphas tick tock with us. G that may be his tick tock. That may be his tick tock pen name. So don't be confused about that. Yeah, wow. I just had a fantastic conversation opening on the decade of the day, which is the all day workshop we do for new blueprints members. And then this Wake Up Show. I'm fired up. It's Friday, but I'm fired up. I'm trying to cruise and relax into the weekend but I'm fired up. So have a great weekend. I'm gonna go have a fantastic weekend of growth and hopefully breakthroughs and a little bit of relaxation and take this weekend, spiritually today as you move into the weekend to do something powerful that you finish. What's the most important thing that you have to do today? So you can go into the weekend feeling you know, you can you can you can feel a form of completion. Do that today. Just put that on the top of the priority list if you've been avoiding or putting off filming that first video, we're pulling the trigger on something, then do it 10 days matter of fact, today is the first day of I believe, isn't it? Yeah, it's the first day of a grant. Okay, and this is the last half of 2020 to keep that in mind for your strong friends to get out of here be Legendary. We'll see you back on Monday for another episode.

Why Your Mindset Is The Most Important Part Of Your Success

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on? My friends, it's your boy Dave Shar up. I'm not really from the Northeast but I like to pretend I am sometimes. Welcome to wake up legendary my friends as you can see I've got my tank top on this morning not my regular shirt. I know that's throwing a lot of you off. But it really is me I promise. It's not just somebody who you know is impersonating me. It is with the real Dave Sharpe, please stand up Hey, how are you doing? Nice to see it today. It's me, it really is me. And you know what, my friends I'm excited about our guest today. Specifically and most importantly, because his beard game is insane. Okay, not even really because he's crushing it with his business but because his beer game is insane. So let's hear exactly how he has grown and maintained such a wonderful name, but also how he's built a 30,000 person following on social media and he is a chef Trevin Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. How's it going? That is, that is a beautiful beard, my friend. I just have to tell you that right? There's nothing wrong with a man admiring another man's beard. It's true. I do it all the time. I mean, I had one at one time. That was something, it was a real pain. It's mainly right. Me too. WOW WOW bro did you do that for us or is that just I cleaned up just for you wow this is this is incredible but Siri I had a whole deal man and I was I was fishing a nail this this isn't you know since in quite a bit of trouble my poor pipe and then went and took off and did a lot of great are friends who who enjoy one of my favorite. Are you one of those people? 

Trevin: Yeah I go almost every week. So I was a chef for just over 15 years and worked a minimum of 80 hours a week for as long as I can remember. I loved what I did and had a great career but I was just tired of not being able to fish every week and go and do the things that I love to do. So for like a year and a half hour just like looking for an opportunity. And my mom's fiance happened to send me an article and a YouTube video of a lady who took the legendary course and started a successful YouTube channel. And after I watched the video and read the article I was like I'm so I'm going to do it so I signed up right away and and dove headfirst I you know I was working as much as I was I was only able to put towards you know, like an hour a day at first right after a couple of months it started to happen and take off for me and just haven't looked back since. But you know the work ethic that I got from being a chef I think helped a lot just being able to put my head down and learn and put my all into it. 

Dave: Wow, wow, that's really something. You know, I was looking at it. I was looking at something that I shared the other day about a friend who said, you know, oh, I've I've changed my physical body in six months basically is kind of his point, you know, is my buddy Eric worry from the network marketing industry. And I was just like, you know, he was mentioned in his post like 20 years of bad choices. or something, you know what I mean? And I was at the point of years of bad health choices, but he changed his whole physical physique in six months and I said, Who cares about your 20 years of bad decisions? Look at what you can do in six months. Like, man if you put your head into it and your heart into it and focus you can get anything done. I'm I'm I'm you know, we're always so bent out of shape. And I think a lot of us are oh, I wasted so many years. I wish I would have done that when I was 20 Yeah, how many guys I've heard say that your age.  I wish I did just like you can change your life in six months, your entire life, whether it be your career, or whether it be your body. It's just I don't know. I don't have anything more to say about it. Except that in your it's all it's all up here. It's all a mindset game. Like, don't tell us how you could hold on. My biggest challenge was myself. What do you mean by that?

Trevin: I spend a lot of time just like you're saying, like looking at the past 15 years and being like, well, I wasted all this time I could have done this, this this and this. Instead of focusing on like, well, it doesn't matter what I did the past 15 years I could be doing this right now and putting my time and my effort into it to get to the point that I want to be also you know, looking at the potential and the possibilities that you have in front of you. And for me it was like being afraid to fail and put myself out there and care about what people thought and all that. Getting over that and understanding like I said if you put your mind into it and you have a clear cut path that you set for yourself, you know, vision or goal, whatever it may be and look at failure to learn or something.

Trevin: Like that was what really helped me get to, you know, just to take that first step because I had no idea what affiliate marketing was before I saw that video. You know what I mean? And I'm just blown away by that dude. I had been working with you know, life coach prior to that and working on my mindset already and like where I was in my life and it just kind of worked out together and mindset. I think it's the most underlooked thing when people go into anything new but especially business. It's like if you don't know and believe in yourself and know that you're worthy of the first obstacle you hate. You're gonna be like, you know, walk away or you're not going to make it through all those steps and obstacles and learning experiences that you need to get to the point that you're looking to get do comment of the day postmenopausal here does my beard count? Absolutely. Yes, it does. 

Dave:  No. Exactly. That's why I really am still trying to understand that because I have a lot of shame, regret from the past as well, who doesn't, doesn't have feelings about the past. But I'm also in my life trying to realize that actually, none of that matters what matters is what I do about it right now. It was sort of like what I was told when I got clean from hardcore drugs heroin back in 2008. I was like, Oh, I'm screwed up. They were like you're not responsible for being screwed up. You're responsible for getting unscrewed. Up. You're responsible for this day forward. Once you hear this message, you see other people doing it. can't lie to yourself anymore. It's not about you got no excuse. It's not about shaming ourselves into it. It's just about us. As long as we're asked like it'd be me about my job because I don't want the responsibility. Can't handle all the pressure being on me. That's why I don't want to start a business some good shit right there, man. You know your limitations. But the person who's like I want to be an entrepreneur. Okay. I took the $7 challenge. I'm not sure it's a scam. Okay, I want my $7 back. That's not honesty. That's you didn't do shit with what you bought probably the same way that you didn't do shit with your gym membership. Don't shoot the messenger is just the truth. I'm just saying it. Do you do you embrace that same philosophy about it's not about being the best or or being you know living up to some whatever it's just about being honest with ourselves and I think that's where we we put most of our pain is not is not being honest with them. Either want this or I don't want this. If I'm not going to do the work for it. I can't have the expectation that it's going to work and just getting honest and having proper expectations. You had at least the expectation that this is not going to happen unless I change my mindset. Where did you realize that was so important because so many people say forget the mindset shift, just show me where to click and what to do. I mean, when did you realize that that piece was so important and how did it become personal for you? 

Trevin: I spent a lot of time doing this in a circle, the same cycle starting something that I thought was going to be like the end all be all to change my life and my lifestyle. So I get into something really into it for a goal. Do it again and do it again. So I looked at it as a new opportunity to break that cycle. And to do that, you know, it's when you focus on mindset and you go within and think about things like there's some stuff that's not going to be fun to look at and deal with yourself. You know what you gave a specific example right there, of not just mindset, but actually a practical application of what working on your mindset means. And I think what's important is for us to take this ambiguous word that really means nothing, which is work on your mindset, okay, my What does that even mean? But you just gave a practical example which is important for working on your mindset. Means in what is in it in the way that it actually happened. And you just said it. You were somebody who started things, but you didn't finish them and you recognize that pattern. Is that what it was? Yeah, it's the new shiny object syndrome. You know, one thing does not work the way that you expect or think that it should work. Because you are not putting forth the effort that it takes to get there. And so you're just like, Oh, there's the next new exciting thing that's going to help in the next one, you know, and you just stay stuck in that same cycle and so many people do it. Yeah. Not just with businesses, right? If you tend to notice a pattern in the rest of your life if you really look like you are constantly avoiding doing the work because you are always a sucker for, you know, something easy and quick. Dave: Right, right, right. I mean, a lot of times you know, we do food like that the best one of the best examples is how we do food and that's why America's is as obese as we are is because it's because that's how we do food. Quick and easy. It's like you just gave a great example of actually identifying a pattern in your life and saying, I want to stop that self-destructive pattern. I wonder how many people really like that. When we say mindset, that's, in my opinion, like what the definition of working on your mindset is, it's growing yourself. It's growing as a person. It's personal development, whatever you want to call it. It's healing. A lot of times you some people call recovery or healing. There's a lot of different words that we use, mindset, recovery, healing and all these kinds of things. But what it is, is it's actual just simply getting smarter as a human being it means that you're not staying at the same level of awareness, intelligent intelligence about yourself at 50 As you were at what's what takes in my opinion to get to the next level in life is I don't have to learn particularly new things about everything out there, but I do need to learn new things about me. And what are the self-destructive patterns that I've created or adopted from family members or just my environment growing up in order for me to grow to the next level. It's not imperative that I move geographically. That's not the solution. That's what most people think the solution is, they'll just leave your hometown. The problem is, I take all my values, beliefs, everything with me, and I pull my roots out of my dysfunctional hometown. And then I go and I put them in, plant them in another town and expect that somehow the plants need to be different. It's not just the environment and so what comes up for you as I as I as I talk about what I just said in and I'm obviously speaking from my own experience.

Trevin:  I think everybody has to go through a certain amount or level of pain before they hit that point where they look in the mirror, and they're like, Okay, I don't want it. I don't want this anymore. And I feel like that's what drives people to think where people find that cycle that you're kind of talking about . If you move locations and you don't change anything that's going on, you're still gonna get a bag of shit with you. I saw that in 12 steps you know like growing up you know, you're a product of your environment. You carry these things from your childhood and everything around you as you grow up, right? Yeah. And if you don't, if you don't like to figure out and pinpoint you know, the pain that you have within yourself and the situations that that comes from and then like, reorient your mind and your values around those things. It's just gonna stay the same always no matter what it is, no matter how old you are. That path that I was on in life for a long time was I was a 30 year old, 14 year old but you know, I got I didn't I didn't evolve myself. Because it took a lot of work and it took a lot of work on your part. And it is uncomfortable. I mean, you know, and the problem is I want everybody to listen real closely to what I'm about to say because it's important but it's but it's complicated. A lot of people don't have to seek help or ever change because their benefits are really just good. Right? So like a drug addiction, you're quickly going to be pawn in your TVs or probably, you know, in jail or broke or your home, right, it's gonna take you down fast. Okay. But if you're just somebody who is just a self sabotage or procrastinator, you know somebody who has a lot, maybe a lot of the same even childhood experiences the addict but it didn't manifest into an addiction with drugs. So you're not going to sometimes have that pain doesn't. It's not like oh shit, I got my last time for decades function that like


procrastination, or never wanting to take a look at my part in anything or never wanting to know what I mean? Like I think that's one of the biggest things is just when I grew up and started realizing I have a part in every single situation that I'm in. I have a part I have. I have the biggest part. I have the biggest role in every situation that I've ever been in. I have the biggest role and much of the outcome of that situation was because of whatever I did in that situation. And I can really tell it's really gonna be for you. Doing things to get 1% better every day, I'm not going to jump from point A to point B. It takes baby steps and it takes time and really, really learning yourself and figuring yourself out and then building yourself up. It does take you out of the victim. Mind to listen, and you're right. It is difficult to be in the form I am. I am a victim when you're like I have total control over the outcome of this situation. And if I want a different outcome I'll do something different and I said that to my wife talking about something she was needing to think for and I and I can change that tomorrow like I know that that's what you want or that you need or would make you feel more separate. I can change that right. It's like I just had the belief in that moment that I could change it before it ever even I mean Today's a new day and I'd actually have to rewrite, you know, stop moving things and actually go into the process of actually doing the work. But in that split second I believe 100% I could change that. And that level of confidence only comes from the view your little even shirt or the train show that piece where nothing is ever a failure, but it's always just simply feedback. Could you elaborate a little bit more on that? Because I really think that if people could just take that away from the call about how you view failure, it might be a big game changer and send them on their way down the path that we're talking about starting today. It's something that's held me back for years, like it's still every day but you know being afraid mostly being afraid to fail. Like marking and whatever it may be. You know, most people will think like, all these scenarios and possibilities of things that might happen if they do it and then they start to be afraid of the negative outcomes of those situations that haven't even happened or they know that are going to happen. So get wrapped up in this mental cycle of all the what ifs that could potentially go wrong. And I used to do that all the time and then you think about it more and then it gets you more anxiety driven and more fearful of doing things. It's just thinking so it took I think it's different for everybody but it took a lot of inward thinking and like breaking down why I would get into those thought patterns and feelings. And then from there realizing that failure is really like I tell everybody that it's your biggest teacher. You don't fail. How are you going to learn to win the next time or how are you going to learn how to take that extra step next time and be 1% Better than you were at a time before succeeding then you're never really learning anything. You're always gonna continue to do the same exact thing that you always do because he was bigger and they're winning life. It's absolutely impossible. There's always going to be a problem. There's always going to be an issue that comes up, there's always going to be something that you have to figure out through or around.

Dave:  Take Tampa Bay Lightning with you, a hockey fan in any way shape or form. I spent a long time but I used to be a big Blackhawks fan. You don't need to be a hockey fan to understand this. They were the world champion Stanley Cup final champions for the last two years in a row. They're back there again now. The Stanley Cup final. Right, nothing's been lost in overtime last night. They're now down three to one. Okay. Tell me this. Would you rather be around somebody on their team who's been to the Stanley Cup Finals and lost and has the experience of what it's like to be there? Would you rather be on a team with a bunch of people who have no fucking clue what it's even like to go to the playoffs? Right? Within that experience of knowing that person who's been to the finals, who knows what it takes to get all that taken? All sports are different. Referees let you play a little bit more. A lot of things are going on. That experience is valuable. Right? That experience is valuable. It's the same sort of thing like, do you think the Olympian who trained for their entire life who went to the Olympics and won a medal has no experience to share? I mean, come on. They did. Same exact thing and in their eyes, maybe they were a failure, but in my eyes, I'm like, teach me everything you know about how you prepared for the Olympics? I was like you're so this unique wisdom in value that people have, who are not the best are not that ultimate champion or who are not what other people say are the champions. There's a lot of people out here, you and me included who are just good enough that we know enough that we can share with other people. And we can get paid and make a living for it. We don't have to be the guru of all ruses, who never ever says anything wrong. All the time. That's what life is about in any way, shape, or form. The most knowledgeable, confident people that I've ever met. Say often I don't know the answer to that or or really know their limitations. They're, they're not Oh, I know that or I asked them a question. They're like, there's the answer. Here's the answer. I mean, most wealthy successful people that I've ever been around are usually the most humble and say I don't know and anyone else that I was around, was the winner. Throw the pot that he pissed in out of you knows everything. I mean, he's a guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things. And he's, you know what I mean? And it's like, it's like success leaves clues if you pay attention to them, and I'm sure you learn a couple of those people along your way and be the Ben one I know I was or have been at times when I was really broke. That was when I was the most arrogant and knew the most. And then when I mean, all through my 20s the same way. I knew everything I had nothing is no no shame. It's just like, be honest about it, you know? And that's why for me, the biggest thing dude that I've done as my career has gotten as has grown is just no less. I don't know the secret for me, the more successful that I get is that I keep on winning. Higher, but I'm happy to tell the people that I'm serving that because I don't want you to look at me like I had that's a lot of pressure. I don't have all the answers. I'm willing to get down in the trenches with you and I've got some experience and I might, I'll take a good stab at it and we can test it and then right I mean, that's life. Going to somewhere where we got this idea where have you ever gone except in your math class? After that you probably didn't like guns so there's no absolute answer in life. We're all just figuring this shit out as we go. It's a constant learning experience every day.

Every day is another opportunity to grow and learn from yesterday and get better every day. So what have you done here? Talk about a couple tips here in terms of just getting covered. 

You know what sort of perspective did you or did you let that process that you're about to go through in a way that was like made it not feel daunting, but but made it feel like you could eat the elephant a bite at a time was there anything as you were getting started with the journey to a little bit of revenue if you didn't have that but I want to just kind of go through your process and a couple of quick milestones in trying to understand what your mindset was or how you tweaked your mindset to get through that specific phase. So if we could start just at the beginning when you started going through the education, what were you thinking and feeling and when what did you do?

Trevin: I personally was really excited so I didn't have much like anything to really hold me back. I was ready. And it took time reading that article and watching that video. Really focusing a day at a time was huge for me because there's so much quality and information that if you look at it as a whole it can be very overwhelming. I think a lot of people that I talked to started the program kind of feel that way because they feel like they have to look at everything at one time. And then a rustic person really learns and focuses on it. And if you don't understand something, go back and rewatch it or watch it twice. I've watched it probably four or five times already. On my voice dude. It's as you go back through it and your things clicked differently the second time they clicked differently the third time step by step and celebrating the small wins have been done by Buddy pretty weirdly. It's great. It's something I've wanted to do and work towards so that's cool man. Do any of us have that putter? Dave: I mean I am literally taught I know I say fuck average be Legendary. And that is my superpower. I mean honestly, be honest. Just don't tell anybody. I'm just a regular kind of an average whatever, everybody's we're all we're all just people. We're all here trying to achieve the same thing. Like I know. I know. It's kind of like the superhero thing for you. And I never thought like that, but it's like the Legendary Marketer is like my badass confident self. You know what I mean? And like that average just kind of like it's like who almost like who I do you know sometime, but much anymore but it did feel like that like area oh that's uncomfortable or whatever I don't want to deal with this or whatever but that like Buck legend or fuck average be legendary. It's like that's that. You know that's like the best version of myself. And yeah, I think that it's really important that we remind people of that, you know, because and that's why I think the short forum is like cell phones selfie style. Content is crushing it these days because people believe it, just more believable it just looks. People know that it was shot on a cell phone or whatever it's not highly produced a lot of YouTube videos out to a new person who is trying to learn how to make money online or whatever that might have felt like daunting like wow, this is this is where you can be intimidating, intimidating but I think with the short form video in in the end the ability to be able to use your cell phone and the fact that everything super low pressure. Everything inside of the apps themselves. It's changed the game. So as you're going through education and you started to you know, you started to start actually applying it. What was your mindset going into that particular phase of the journey? Or how did you tweak it and, and, and also, what would you suggest to somebody who's maybe bought the blueprints or something in this kind of going through education and it's kind of like Alright, it's time to kick some shit into gear now and actually start applying this, that current position you know, you go from learning to now earning or, or it's like, insane there's no risk there. You know, it's like, Oh, shit. Now, there's a little bit more skin in the game. I could get burned. I could. I don't know. I mean, how did you deal with that? 

Trevin: Absolutely. I mean, I started where I was wary, I didn't post any content or put myself out there till March 10. My first video, kind of like in that. Getting ready to get ready mode just being like our land. I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'm going to go home and think of a better idea and do it tomorrow and do it eventually. You know, it's another one of those moments where I woke up and kind of looked in the mirror and asked like, just like what are you doing? It does take eight years.

Dave: There's 14 year old girls out there dancing. I mean, if they can do it, you can do it right. I mean.

Trevin: And there's 16 year olds to seven year olds who are driving this on social media making, you know, several $1,000 a month.

Dave: But that just goes to show and I just gotta say this goes to show how not tough we tough guys are right. How are inside because I mean we are so quick to run. Or or or you know, go to the gym. I mean, we are bad mothers, but I tell you, but then we want to get right and we're like I give them internet and then it's like this is like God like it's like it's all balled up. It's like Oh, I'm scared. I don't know the rejection, right? It's like, you're just the baddest motherfucker on Earth a second ago. And it's just It goes to show how powerful the emotional and the mental game is right. So like, ego aside, everything, just had to put it all aside and just do it. I sat down and made that kind of content. After about a week it was just like a routine. I didn't even think about it. Like yells, posts don't care. I mean, I guess my best advice would just just start, like start doing it. Even if you don't post a video, make a video. Watch it a couple times. If you think you can tweak it, make some changes maybe change the show, it doesn't add up, kind of give and take thanks to friends and family don't show these people sometimes I swear to God you and I didn't think they were like enemies for God's sake. I was gonna say your worst critics right? Sometimes the friends and family that you got, you know. When I was traveling, I'm just in such a weird world that we lived in. And the ultimate crime is to try to succeed by planning. It really is and what I mean by that is it being a weird world and playing by the rules. What are you talking about Dave? Well, you know, it's, it's, uh, we, we sort of, we sort of, I saw this, this this, this quote last night that we were, we were taught our whole lives to fear witches. Instead of the sick bastards that burned them. And I feel like a lot of life is liked, you know, a lot of life has. We were sort of raised in fear or know that people think that you know, myself, I was always in detention and everything else and got labeled as a bad kid when I was, I mean, even by some family when I was growing up. But the truth is, is that is that you know, each one of you, your most authentic your wildest, your most human, you're the part of your, your in that are your biggest or the most successful not the part that society has taught you to like or whatever, you know, society teaches you are spot on strong and I'm a big man and it's like Brene Brown comes out rightly leading your ship motivational speakers off their pedestal, and we see that that's become true now. 2020 as this content that's raw shows his side is not connecting and while all of the marketing and advertising gurus who are you know, are still making commercials they're trying to make ends meet your needs. Stan how they're just trying to like, just trying to get into the 2000s Really, I mean, like at TV commercials and stuff these things are about is nobody's even watching the shit anymore. Everybody's on there because the people want something different. The people want this authentic one. Filter goodness. Have you gotten comfortable in your own skin even if it's not been wild? I'm not talking about being wild. I'm just talking about Mo Trevon. That person may be that you are today or when you're just emotionally comfortable in your own skin and it's flowing in. You're speaking into the camera or at least in your head. What does it take to make you more comfortable creating content?

Trevin: It took me a while to master creating content I was doing too and then following along being a lot of people who are having success and this just happened like a month, month and a half ago I started really self being out. I started to think my goal was to have more time to spend with family and be outdoors in you know, exploring the mountains and doing things. And I started noticing like I started to click people like fishermen and people who hunt and people can camp and stuff like that. My conversations are just starting. I started feeling more comfortable just being fully self and creating valuable content appealing to people who are just like me, and interested in things like I am so I think that really helps. Just those little conversations with people that kind of build up your confidence and let you know that there are pet related phenomena he doesn't matter. There's any advice I can give to anybody when creating content or going into this Be authentic self 100% You're gonna have a much better time. 

Dave: It's just everything's gonna flow like that, and I agree and speaking of, you know, here's your boy and I love life love life as you know, just got a just got a boat also. So we'll be we'll be you know, I'm testing that I'll try to figure out how to how to, how to work it out how to stay safe on it, how to get back home in one piece, you know, to 3030 foot caught on so people don't have to be into the same things that I am into. But when I share my life with you know when I when I when I tell my stories in my winter and I want to show you I'll show you guys something else about your you share your stories with people and so forth and you let them into your life if they don't have to like the same things that you like they just like that you like them and they're entertained by the stories. You know. So this is me on my new boat and look at that. I will kill myself on my own and information. That's my dad to the right but that's the captain will be up there and he's a guy who I hired to teach me how to use the boat and he's got both videos. He's got some written content and of course he comes out sometimes I am under the boat with you and we help help some issues that are happening everywhere in life for me I get an edge by not always trying to find out how but to try to find a who and this was a concept by Dan Sullivan Strategic Coach. Who not how and it's about finding who knows how to show me instead of Route how how, what most people do when they want to earn money online. They're like oh, let me go in and all figured out how YouTube, you know, YouTube here I come and they basically stumble and fumble into YouTube and then you know they don't return actually to humans for me to YouTube black hole. But in this case, here I am leaving from somebody else. I found my who and my housemates. And then this is just a shot with with me and my pops on the boat so maybe I can take out one brother he asked us some of them analogy the other day of like the Honda Civics you can take the Honda Civic and yes it's getting there Don't be too proud to do it yourself route and take take Honda Civic and eventually you you're probably going to get there but you might break down 40 times by the time they get there they are and learn information that you need to and follow the you know follow in the footsteps. of success and follow somebody's path who has you know tested it and spent time and money and all that. Celebrating it and has created success through that. Right without Melissa says just capital sales funds. I don't know. I mean, it's amazing what you can do with these skills. I think that people really underestimate the power, the value, and the actual monetary value of the skills. And even though we don't teach this because I don't really like this business model as much as I like Cynefin nation or somewhere that I can go start an agency with them and start charging local businesses $2,000 A month or third or in that community to do social media and SEO Marketing. SEO means you write blog posts to try to get their site ranked like on Google for you know, there's Walmart, or whatever. Search engine optimization, but I could charge 2000 a month to manage their social and site for blog posts a month for how to optimize those or whatever. It's real simple stuff. I could charge 2000 a month to run their paid ads and to do social media. I could charge them one animal a month to do soaked these sales calls that you now have right here that nobody can ever take away me that I think is the most important thing that is happened that I got from this this is that I have knowledge and information and skill sets that if you know it would be able to start over and that is a feeling my friends is indescribable not because of everything that I have, but simply because of this purity that I have. It has nothing to do with what I have, physically. What I know and why? Well, because all Smith came back from the future and from slapping people in shit and was like, oh man in class, right? And I was like, oh shit, I can't remember anything about marketing. I might hit you up bro and I'd be up might be like, I need to know who right now. Right because I forgot how to go five and then I would lose in that so even if I got my whole disk wiped out I would still come back to my home and pick right back in. Why do I say that? Because most of you the thing that you want in life is secure. And again ultimately something outside of her net. That's a hat so you're never gonna get purity from anything else outside of yourself. It has to come from inside it has to come from what you know in your own content. You can pick your ass up, go back 100% Absolutely. With any Can we get a temporary security from something or outside of ourselves but Trevon let's be honest. You always got a little inkling inside of yourself or your day to grow my cell phone into some zone. And you know what, sometimes it is, it's because you're sitting there in your marriage going. Got this book or divorce of nothing. You know, honestly, to be honest, it's what I mean with the divorce knowing 50%.

scary thought.

Trevin: That is definitely a thought that I had when I was a chef for a long time.

Dave: It's like if I get tired of this or I get fired or something like what I'm gonna do I mean you do in that profession have you know have skills to go get another job but shit. Front of the southern end of the frying pan, right. You're jumping from one place to the other? Frying Pan? Yeah. I mean so me. It really is also about the security of two people. Do you feel more secure today than you did six months ago? 

Trevin: 100% and I feel like can you afford any business in my life? You know everything about personal relationships. Well, Brother, listen What were you gonna say? Finish a thought. 

Dave: All right. So I want to show you a hilarious picture of me when I had a period. I don't know if I showed you this. This one or another but it's one of my favorite all time photos. Where is it? God it's really some , it's an Oculus. We can make ourselves look sometimes, you know? But, you know, what I found is the more ridiculous you look on the internet, the more successful you are, which is a weird thing. That's a look at the hair, the beard just ever the look that I love. It's one of my favorite pictures. It's awesome. And the beard is on fleek. Of course as you can see there's it's and I might bring about I mean, I don't know it's it's a thing. You really have to prepare yourself. It says commitment. You know, you can but it takes but it doesn't go back quickly. And that's the thing so you know it's a commandment I understand your question simply from looking at your experiencing you today and it's wondering, yours you're having to bear with us because dammit, you got to stick like you got to you got to even when the pressures come and Ben and Ben when they're there, don't quit don't leave. You know, because you'll make the pass or the touchdown. Maybe Maybe that'll be your family or whatever. It'll be like a scary area. Look at your vessel get sacked by some you know, you'll post your first video and be like it sucks and you'll get sacked and you'll be you'll feel like you got a broken rib and then you'll get back up and you'll just realize you're okay and then leaving comes in. That's where the mind is where that belief comes in and yourself to keep on keep on keepin on. Yeah, so All right, well, hey, man, look. I thought we were only 30 minutes in we're damn near an hour. I'm gonna let you go bro. A player Let's fish one day soon buddies in this community that like to fish and of course that means you ladies and you know not just to feed fellas. I mean, come on. I'm not. You know, there's a lot of people in this community who do a lot of different things. I mean, it really is unbelievable. It's really super extraordinary. You know, it's average. Very things because we you know, really mean this doesn't require that you like totally become Superman or Superwoman you know and be solution can be that way in your business too but at a certain point I'll just put on your legendary a I'm going to step into my cell for a second and I'm going to get this shit done. And then and than that eventually no more putting this this this and then eventually that will become mindful for bodysuit or skin in that actual person who's afraid to take risk or who looks at things the way you're looking at them to say hey, this is an opportunity as a couple of weeks ago said I yeah, there are challenges there my challenges, and that's why I'm gonna face them and that's the perspective and the mindset that I have is that it's may change. It's kind of like it's my kid. A little fucked up but he's my kid. I'm gonna do what I mean that guy it's Mike he's fucked up but he's my kid. I make terrible I mean, that's the way your challenges are. It's like their scrubs but their challenges and out what a productive difference you imagine doing that you're killing it? I don't. Like yeah, what do we know? What do you know? I mean, it's life. 

Trevin: Absolutely. All right, man. Always there to help answer questions point in the right direction, whatever you need. 

Dave: Alright, man, well come see us. We'll do a round two and maybe some fishing in the future. Trevin: Okay. Sounds good.

Dave: All right, my friends. There you go. You have it. Another powerful conversation and you know what? The beautiful purpose is that every single person for a single day has just started their journey or maybe you are in front of a nation or church rhetoric training. experience that they can go back and teach us about I think that's the coolest thing. So hey, man, all of you go create your story. Go take this information. This training I'll never take for your success. All right. Have a Legendary day. Get out of here. Peace.

The Difference Between Shiny Object Syndrome and Curiosity

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Good morning. Happy Wednesday. It's June 22. We're live. My name is Matt if you don't already know me, I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Legendary and we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern for a show called Wake Up Legendary and this is where we bring on former students or people who are finding success online through digital marketing, and we share a little bit about what they've been doing, especially freelance digital marketing. So in particular, people who, you know, are working maybe a full time job or they're a mom or they're retired or they're in college or you name it, it's kind of we've seen the whole gamut. People who started a freelance or side hustle style business on the internet and have started making money from it. So we've got another awesome guest today that we're going to bring on the show and we'll ask him a little bit about what he's doing and his strategy and we'll dive into his journey and story online. So everybody in the comment section if you're here live with us. Can you put a little hand clap emoji and hit the like on this and that will help everybody else in our community see that we're live and, and also it'll help welcome on the show. Jay. What's up, Jay? How are you?

Jay: I'm good. How are you men?

Matt:  I'm good. Where are you calling in from?

Jay: I’m from Germany actually.

Matt: Wow cool. What part?

Jay: Near Dusseldorf

Matt:  Very cool. I love it. So, man, very cool. I can't remember if we've had somebody on for I think the only other person that I've I remember having off from Germany was somebody from the United States whose partner was stationed in the military in Germany, I think. So not actually from Germany, but you're from there. Well, thanks for coming on the show today. You're and, you know, there's a lot of people from America or Canada or North America, who might not know, you know, the traditional journey of somebody in Germany, right. So here we go to elementary school and then we go to junior high and then we go to high school and then we go to university or college. And that's just kind of what you do. But tell us a little bit about your journey and then how you find Legendary and what's that been like.

Jay: When I moved over to the UK. So I lived four years in the UK and mentioned this is where I got kind of like my full time job. It was working in Subway. And it was really long hours like I actually worked my way up to an assistant manager or there pretty quickly but it was not worth it for me in the end because I wasn't actually working 12 to 14 hours a day. I was working seven days in a row. And it was just destroying me mentally and I had to find something different, a different way to make income and be able to live with it, you know? Because I knew for myself that's not how I wanted to continue on living. And that's when I started like you know, just Googling stuff. How can I generate passive income? How can I build a side hustle and I tried different stuff? I tried network marketing dropshipping. I invested so much money in a lot of coolers trying out different things. It's for money here and there. You know but I was not able to stick to those things because I wasn't having fun with it, you know? And marketing was like the first thing when I started, having fun promoting products. And I actually started as an Instagram influencer. And then I received offers on promoting products and getting paid for it and getting paid for commissions as well. And that's when I first tapped into affiliate marketing. How long ago was that? That was I think, like, two, three years maybe.

Matt:  Was there any certain products or what was that like? What type of niche were you in? Or was it just random?

Jay: It was more in the fitness niche. Cool. was like a fitness program that I was trying out myself and then promoting as well. Some income from it, but was still not enough to live from, if you know what I mean, because it was a load product.

Matt:  Sure. Yeah. That makes sense. But it opened your eyes to it?

Jay: Yeah, of course. Of course it is. I mean, I learned a lot from it. And that's when Yeah, man tick tock started and you just scroll on tick tock and everything. So a lot of people talk about legends. That's when I tapped into myself. You know, I did and just get so much value from it. And that's when that's what I want to do.

Matt:  So cool. I love it. So you found our challenge earlier this year, something like that.

Jay: I think in January, I am the January. I got the 15 day challenge but I did not take any action.

Matt:  Sure. Nobody doesn't say it was like I registered for it, but I never even watched the first video.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. So this is a funny phenomenon that happens but people will purchase our challenge and then never log in. You know, we say never log in but the truth is, if they'll log in eventually. You know a lot of people don't log in eventually they'll keep getting a couple emails from us are we so So you bought you bought it and then what took so long to get through the challenge?

Jay: I gotta be honest, I did not believe in it. I'm like, Alright, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna pay that seven bucks and I'm gonna do it but then I'm just like, it's not gonna work anyway, so I just left it. 

Matt:  You have maybe seen other things or you've tried other things and you're just like, Okay, it's, it's probably some people have told me they're like, you know, honestly, it was just too cheap. They're like, they're like, it was just too cheap. I couldn't believe that for $7 it was going to be worth anything because like, what have I ever bought for $7 that was worth something. We have loads and loads of testimonials of people who have told us directly whether on this show or or in private at a mastermind or something, you know, hey, I've paid $1,000 for a course I paid $500 for a course.

I think it was Josh Smith. He said you know I've spent over 10 grand in courses. And the one course that I keep coming back to that actually changed. Know my entire life. He's now he's he's now made over six figures with his business but he's he said it none of it compares to what I got out of the challenge, none of it and the blueprints but so tell us a little bit about tell us a little and that by the way is not any sort of I'm not trying to make a guarantee that you're gonna make six figures by going through our challenge or anything just so everybody's clear I full income disclaimer most a lot of people go through that challenge or even opening much money or any money at all because they don't do anything with it, I think but also just you know, it takes a lot of work and kind of consistency and you got to learn and you know that whole process over the last six months you've done and witnessed yourself full bore. Were you on TikTok or were you short of these content creation platforms, these social media platforms before starting with Legendary and learning how to gain an audience, their short form video or was that totally new?

Jay: No, I was before she asked to go to TikTok and one Instagram account at least. And that's when I decided to make a complete new account like just in the Make Money niche okay. Yeah. As far as how to do our business then. Cool. Cool. 

Matt:  That's super cool. And you've now grown that account to 4000 people or something? How long ago when? How long ago did you start this channel? A couple months?

Jay: I think it was like two and a half months. Something like that. 

Matt:  Is it popular over there? In Germany? Is it popular for people to be posting Facebook reels, is that a thing over there?

Jay: I don't think so. No.

Matt:  I was just curious because, you know, we go through this. We've gone through the last two and a half years. We social media platforms have been kind of copying each other and what we're seeing right now is that Facebook reels are really really popping off. They're really taken off. No pun intended. They're really taking off and and they've just been really hot as of late so I was curious if you were posting on Facebook reels too. Impulsive myself too. Yeah.

Jay: I think it's not that popular in Germany. I posted it myself as well on Facebook reels. 

Matt:  Yeah, it's interesting because when I sort of what an interesting conundrum because a lot of times when I'm creating training it's it's reflected in my current markets, but even even more narrow is like my region or you know, the southwest corner of the United States because I live in Arizona. And then it's just such a fascinating thing where, you know, something could get updated in the algorithm in my region of the world, but not be pushed totally live for everybody or some accounts, right. And so, it's, or social behavior is different there than it is here. You know, so some people might not be on Facebook, to the degree that America is on Facebook, right or something like that.

Matt: Something that people really have to get creative with wherever they live as a marketer because you've got to know what's going on around you. You've gotta be you got to have some sort of awareness of, well, where are people around? Me online? Where are they hanging out? How can I get in front of them? And yeah, I think I think sometimes it's just a mistake to pop online and be like, Well, I'm just gonna do exactly what Joe over there is doing. You know, there's some mimicking that can happen but yeah, that's fascinating. So you're posting on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. Kind of doing the whole reposting thing a call forms, so your omnipresence on TikTok, and then just download those videos and repost on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, so it's just less work, you know? Yeah, yeah, but it does. Would you agree that it gets easier over time and faster?

Jay: It definitely is because you're gonna find your own tricks on how to do this faster. I have folders on my iPhone to post on Facebook to post on Insta and then I just like to go into the folders and post a couple videos and delete them off. So I know I got them posted already. So

Matt:  Well, that's super cool. That's super cool. I like that a lot. And you're even doing that for a thesis. You're starting to see lead flow IDs. I mean, are you getting a couple leads a day 10 leads a day five leads today. Are you pretty consistent in your lead flow?

Jay: Yeah, pretty consistent to 10 On average.

Matt:  Back in the day when I was selling courses on you know how to generate leads for small businesses or how to generate leads for network marketers and stuff like that. There were so many headlines that I wrote on sales pages that were just, you know, what if you could get five to 10 leads per day automatically, you know, and people were like, five to 10 leads a day, you know, and now it is , it's a little different. But if and when people generate a lead you know, getting somebody to enter their email in 2010 was worth a lot more because people actually sat there and they were like, Wow, geez, what are they going to do with my email? Oh, my God, you know, and so every lead you got was a little more valuable nowadays. It's like people, you know, they go to a landing page, and they're just like, whatever, who cares but in my name, and email, it doesn't matter or it's auto filled, right? There's, there's all this stuff that makes it a little less valuable, but five to 10 automates. Here's the beautiful part about having five also. 

Jay: The cool part about that is if you can do five to 10 leads a day, you can definitely get to 15 to 20 leads a day you can definitely get to 30 or 50 or 100 leads a day. There's been some people who can consistently posting content consistently posting content. They got 612 months down the road, and for whatever reason they posted this one video goes crazy viral over 500 leads in a day and it compounds and then you know, they don't keep getting 500 leads a day because they start getting younger than 100 100 and suddenly things really start to go you know, but most people don't make it that long. People it takes a little patience to pull off social media man like literally one video and completely change your life. And a lot of people don't understand this, you just have to stay consistent. Give up after like, I don't know, uploading 100 videos, you know, the 100 and first video could be the one that just completely changes your life, you know.

Matt:  Of course, and it's in the back. Sometimes when Dave and I will be talking or we'll be talking on a mastermind or something. And one of the things that we'll say is one of the things that I've heard Dave say is basically we're trying to outlast people like we've been. I've been with Legendary since 2008. I started technically, I think in 2016 selling it kind of like a starter, a starter course that eventually evolved into the 15 Day Challenge and just actually running a good business is maintaining consistency and just showing up every day. And that's one of the most undervalued things, especially on the internet, and especially with freelancers because you could walk away from this tomorrow, right and there'd be a lot of people in the world who would have no clue. You know, in two years, most people wouldn't even remember more or less two weeks. And the same is true of me like no one would you know know, like but if you choose to sort of show up every single day, day after day after day after day posting that content, go in live doing all the things eventually there's sort of this tipping point, and there's a good book about this, but there's sort of a tipping point where people look around and they say cheese. These guys have been doing this a long time, you know, and then also what happens is there's an inevitable social proof that happens. For instance, in two years from now you can post a video and you posted it TikTok two years ago, and even if all your content sucked for those two years, you can post this video about what you learned over the last two years of posting content on the internet. And you've got instant credibility, you've got instant sort of social proof just because of the history, just because of the length of time and energy. I mean, that's two years but about 10 years, 20 years, right? And you've got all of these historical learning lessons and things like that. It's hard to get there. It's hard to maintain that consistency, but that's part of it. The part of like a big selling point of why we do a lot of what we do and why we keep a lot of the things that we we we try to be boring in many ways, not in not in terms of the content we create we tried to be boring in terms of moving slowly and and making one step forward every day every week every month. One progress one and and that we're constantly getting random little split tests that

Matt:  That can maybe move the needle, you know, a half a percent on a conversion here or a quarter of a percent. You know, keep going keep going keep progressing. And that's the ultimate truth for a content creator for a content creator. It's the longer you're in it. The longer you go, the more comfortable you are, the more it is into your identity as a person, I'm a content creator. I'm an affiliate marketer, I'm a digital marketer, and then you begin to think you're good at putting money into it.

Matt:  A competitor sort of launched a product last year you weren't you probably didn't even know about us last year. And they said this is going to be the death of Legendary Marketer. And they launched their product and we didn't really say anything. We just sort of more I should have given a warning to some of our affiliates that hey, look like you can destroy an affiliate marketing business pretty quick. And some good bye bye. Trying to promote that the wrong way..

Jay: I don't know anybody who's bought that course recently. I don't know anybody. I don't even know if it's around. It might be that I actually just don't really pay that much attention. But guess what? People aren't mentioning it like they were in June 2020. In our groups, people aren't talking about it. People are whispering about it. It's basically gone. It might come back I don't know but it just outlasted all of that nonsense. It's not overreacting. It's just being consistent.  I'm rambling but what he didn't see. Yeah, just because I know for myself, I haven't been concerned about a lot of things in my life. And that's when I realized when I was at my lowest point. Man was moving back to Germany from the UK. That's when I just realized your need to change. And what was the number one problem that was basically causing me to stay stuck in this whole cycle? And persistence was never a source of anything. And I you know, I saw the next best thing and I would hop on that and do it for like, maybe two to four weeks, and then say it doesn't work and then hop on to the next thing. I was wasting a lot of my time and a lot of my money. And I found Legendary that's when I said you're gonna give this a shot and stay with this one thing really consistent. And now it's just paying off. You know, I'm really steady. Actually everything. 

Matt:  It's really cool. And, you know, let's draw a distinction between shiny object syndrome and, and an explorative personality, right. So, for instance, I always draw this comparison because Leonardo da Vinci probably, if you dropped Leonardo da Vinci in 2022 in the modern psychology world that we live in, they'd say, I don't know what this guy's got by. He can't pay attention to anything not. And then he's on to the next thing. And if you go and look at like we went to, I think it was, oh my gosh. Where the David statue is blanking on the stars with the V anyway, and Italy. We go and somebody gives it to me in the comments. It's just gonna drive me crazy. It's Italy, it's a city where the statue of David is and there's a huge FOMO and somebody will give it to me in the comments. Is he there? Is his museum then? No, not Venice. Rome. Oh my gosh, we're never gonna get there. It's not Venice. It's a couple hours. from Venice. I'm guessing by your last name. You're either Italian from Italy or you just know it's Florence. Thank you. Yeah. I thought it started with a V but I was way off that's what was there. Anyway, so as you go through the Leonardo da Vinci, it's the one of the museums and there's just a bunch of work that's unfinished. And then you go to look at the big David statue of David Wright. It's a huge sculpture. It's world famous. And when you walk through the hallway to get to this and this thing is massive, humongous. Actually just a bunch of servers but making funny jokes, you know? But it you as you walk past it. It's every single one. There's about eight of them, or something along the sides as he walked past them. Yeah, it's in the UVT gallery. And all of them are unfinished and this is Michelangelo's work. All of it is unfinished. He didn't finish any of them. He got it. To a point where he was like, I'm on to my next one.

Matt:  But isn't it interesting? That for creators and for certain personalities, there's this, there's this time, it's almost a prerequisite. You had to try some things out before you found what worked and what didn't happen and what didn't and you will put in that work. And a point in the process where you discovered I'm done here, and I'm moving on. Yeah, I'm done. And I think that's a powerful thing because didn't that just saying that out loud? Didn't that I for me, I felt a little sense of relief like oh my god, I don't have to feel ashamed about all the stuff I started and didn't finish. Because there isn't really there isn't really any sin feeling that shame over. Oh, my God, I didn't finish anything. And for everybody who's listening in the comments, you don't have to feel that you don't have to feel any shame about starting something and quitting or starting something and moving on to something else. Maybe you'll return to it someday. But personality types need to spread around shore surface level.  And wrap one or two of them deep and go deep, deep, deep into one or two things and create a masterpiece, like Michelangelo did. What do you think about that? 

Jay: Absolutely agree with you. Like all those things that I've tried in the past? I mean, I see like this, everything is a lesson. You know, everything that happens to you in your life, every hard time you go through is a lesson. But people want the kind of businesses that I've tried and invested money into. It was all a lesson for me because I knew exactly for myself. That's not what I want to do. Let me try the next thing. Because that's not fulfilling me. I'm not happy doing this and I completely agree with you.

Matt: Yeah, I get the sense that there's this no, there's this thing called shiny object syndrome that a lot of people confuse sometimes for just, I'm just curious, and there's nothing wrong with that. I want to try some new stuff. I want to try a lot of things and there's, there's people with insecurities who will come up to us and say, you know, oh, you've got shiny object syndrome, you need to really come out. You really need to commit to my thing, right? It's like, okay, do so. Okay. Tell us. For people who are new. I want to give you the last word to everybody who's new here. People who are just starting their journey online, people who if you can remember back to day one when you were just starting to learn how to make money on the internet. What would you say to those people?

Jay: I would say people who are just getting going and still figuring out where they want to land in terms of the online business world, I would say, don't get discouraged. And don't hope for big results at the beginning. Because this is a journey. This is literally a journey to take it step by step towards all the and your small successes, but the most important thing is just not to hope kind of you know, because a lot of people start online and they have these huge expectations that they're going to make six figures within their first year. You know, in most cases, that doesn't happen. It takes time and you just have to be aware of it. Evening, right, it will take time. 

Matt:  I love that. And it's true. And it's true. A lot of times people who start and get going fast might not have all the experience in the world, but a lot of them have been digging for a while. They've been looking and playing around for a while. And then they hit our training and things start to really take off. And then there's also people who are brand new and they come to our training. They'll come to our training, take the 15 Day Challenge, disappear for six months, come back, go through it again. Maybe try something different this time and and eventually, they start building their skills they start putting it into practice, whether they know it or not, and then suddenly, they get their first leads start to take off but it takes a lot of rd work today with patience like you said, I think that patience is such a big thing especially for people younger people. But even for you know older people Gary Vee talks a lot about how you know 50s The new 30 People who in their 50s got a long you had a long road ahead. Still there's plenty of time to reinvent yourself in your 50s and 60s, plenty of time. A year old. Come on the show as of like two years ago, and they've got hundreds of 1000s of followers on Tiktok and have for a long time. Yeah. Cool. Jay thanks for coming on the show. It's got to be in the afternoon there.

Jay: Yes, it's only 4pm

Matt:  Thanks for making me for a lot of us. We've got people in Europe. I mean, there's somebody here who said they're from Italy but we've got a lot of a lot of people on here who are waking up to this and feeling inspired as I am and also people who are throughout all the world so congrats to you on your success and just keep rockin keep going. If you need any assistance or help or have any questions, you know where to find us. I'm always available for you and make sure to touch base if you'd like in three months or so. Set yourself a reminder and say Hey, I gotta get back back good to see you.

Jay: Thanks for having me. This was a lot of fun. See ya. Bye.

Matt:  Bye. All right, so @makemoneywj for those of you who are on a podcast and just can't see the screen right now go follow Jay. Give them a follow and tune in. Tell them you found that tell them you found him on wakeup legendary and let them know what was the most impactful? What was the big takeaway you had and tell them you love the town as well? Your Wednesday we'll see you next time guys. Peace.

How Learning New Skills Leads To A New Start In Life

Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: We have a guest on and we interview them entirely unscripted. We’ve been doing this the last few years and if you want reminders you can text the number to get daily reminders that we are going live. This morning we have a guest with 15,000 followers and growing, he’s an engineer. Welcome Salvatore.

Salvatore: I’m from Montreal Canada and I heard of you guys through Instagram so I tried it out and I actually bought your course and the next day I lost my hearing. I already have a mindset that nothing can put you down. No matter what you do in life, mindset can propel you to go forward. So I already had that mindset ingrained in me. So when I joined your legendary course, along with your courses. So, back to when I got too close, the next day I actually lost my hearing to the point where I couldn't walk. Because I had an inner ear balance. And long story short, I needed immediate surgery and I actually have two cochlear implants right now. So as I'm talking with you, is Bluetooth into my cochlear implant speakers, so I'm the only person in this room who could hear your own voice. 

Dave:  Wow, that's, that's really something that's really something and you're making this work, I mean that up for sure. 

Salvatore: During the training you inspired us to, you know, try to tell our story. Because, I mean, I know your story very well, because you kept repeating it. And maybe that's something I should do more of is repeat my story. So I actually, you know, started posting on Facebook, about content about who I was, and so forth. And it's funny, because I started sharing my story. I've inspired some other people as well, to the point where I actually got nominated to be part of a community of healing love to spread awareness about hearing loss totally indirectly from you. And also, I appreciate that, and it really brought me out to my shell even more. Because you know, when you say who you are, your story and New Latin new marketing, it really resonates with everyone. Because short of who you are as a person, you're honest, you're able to help people provide value to people, how can we make this work?

Dave:  Right? Well, ultimately, we are trying to gain people's trust, because that's the biggest, that's the biggest thing that somebody has to have in order to, to want to do business with you, they need to feel safe, they need to trust you that you're not a scammer, or that you're not going to hurt them by taking their money, or maybe making them do something that is abusive or uncomfortable or right. So we before we spend money with somebody, we need to be able to trust them. And the quickest way that I found to gain somebody's trust, is to share a vulnerability that I have to sort of say, Hey, here's my sort of, you know, here's my vulnerability. Here's what most people try to hide from you. Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and sort of let you see all of me and and and of course, I don't say that to get pity. And I don't say that to manipulate. I just say that because I just use my experience and share my vulnerabilities because, you know, both in my personal conversations in my life, in my business and in my marketing, I'm not a guy who compartmentalizes my life. I'm not just telling stories in marketing, because there's no feeling behind them. I'm actually attached to the feeling. That's how I get passionate. And I think that's how I get so passionate. And I ultimately think it is the secret to all great marketing. Is that, not that you're telling a fake story, or you're telling a story just for the sake of telling a story, you can do that we see that every day. You know, when you're listening to somebody who's telling you something, that's some real ass shit, for lack of better terms, that's sort of a professional term, I've coined real shit. It's a marketing slogan. And when they feel that, you know that realness, people can tell whether you're just doing something to put on a show, or whether this is actually who you are. I think people have what I call another professional terminology, a built in bullshit detector, I think people have that. And, you know, so that's been one and here's the other thing Salvadore is. I actually have found it to be somewhat therapeutic as well, to share because I find it the opposite of therapeutic, I find it very miserable to try to be somebody who I'm not. So I find it very healing and very therapeutic and very, you know, it just feels right to just be able to share with people who I am, and then to find those who will celebrate me, not criticize me. And what comes up for you, as I say that. And that's, of course, the reason why I've begun telling my story. And Thanks. And thank you for, you know, putting it into action, instead of just being entertained, because that was really cool. But do it with you in terms of the fact that Adam is trying to be something that I'm not or someone that I'm not. And so that's also a part of, I think, why I have become so, so much of an open book. Was there a time where you were a lot less open and willing, open minded and willing to and maybe more insecure about talking about, you know, your own limitations that others might say their limitations, but of course, you and I know they're not have you sort of come out of your shell, or what is the journey been like, in terms of other ways that you have got more either courageous, or you've tried something in your marketing, and it's worked really well, something that you were once maybe afraid of doing? Maybe it was getting on video, talking about something else that maybe you've overcome during this process?

Salvatore: When I was younger, I was more shy? I didn't have so much confidence, especially like in high school. And I think it was maybe in University, where I really like, okay, you know, what, I have a hearing loss, I would want to hear anyways, and I decided to be a little more open about it, because I was different from anyone, everybody else, no matter what, because I had a hard time hearing. But then going forward, especially with my career in engineering and aerospace, I pushed myself to be more open. And you know, like you said, you know, show your vulnerabilities because that is key. You don't want to hide behind the bush, you don't want to hide behind like a fake or a mask, because that's just not going to get you anywhere. And one of the biggest things that I found is transparency, not pure transparency, like whether you're at home, in the supermarket or outside or behind the video of a computer screen. I found honesty, there's nothing to hide. I can just come freely. No, and that's what I found really key, in my opinion, because you're being transparent. You're sharing your story. And yes, my story is very unique because I have a severe hearing loss to the point where I lost it completely. Two years ago, actually, yeah, two years ago. I thought I was completely deaf. I couldn't share. I was in a very, very, very bad state to the point where I couldn't walk, I couldn't drive, I would just sit down getting massive headaches. i The best way to describe it was, I was underwater. Listening to an opera singer trying to hit a high key note at the same time, I developed severe tinnitus when I was hearing a fire alarm bell 24/7. And it was very, very rough. Thank God for my family, my friends, and you know, my girlfriend, and they really helped me get through it. The app was key. And I think that was like a turning moment at the same time. Support can mean a lot. For example, on your login day, uni support is phenomenal. Everyone is there to help each other. What are the marketing questions a personal question. Support is no doubt my sleeping life completely changed. But here I never knew that I like feet. I never heard that sound. Well, like water balloons. Simple Sunday, the water boiled. I was flabbergasted. And I was explaining this on my Facebook page. And people. I was being honest with myself and honest with other people. And I was getting a lot of messages. How is this happening? What's going on? I notice uncle marketing, how can you help me show I mean, once you provide value about yourself, about someone who needs help in all categories could be personal to be marketing. That's where you can really excel to push yourself even higher.

Dave:  That is, that sounds terrifying, exhilarating. I mean, to go from no hearing, you know, to then being able to have that opposite extreme of hearing those little detailed sounds. I mean, wow, I'm just you telling that story, you know, is captivating for me to listen to. And so I tell you that and I share that here to everybody who's listening. Because I've said for many years, turn your mess into a message, turn your struggles into your strengths. And we, as human beings get get get one shot as far as we know, here on this earth. And, you know, our our, our ability to enjoy that time is really completely based on our creativity completely based on how we take our weaknesses or things that have happened to us and turn them into something that means something versus something that is debilitating, is truly disabling. Now you have a disability, that's, I don't I don't see it disabling you. Because you've you figured out how to turn that struggle and turn it into a strength and then as or more importantly, in my opinion, because I'm just a selfish human being. You're sharing it, you're sharing it with me and you're sharing it with the whole world and adding a cherry on top of that. You're now getting paid as a result of it. You're just always stored as a model model. What I mean is just a case of beauty. figures out a way to take their struggles and turn them into strengths. But also, I just am always impressed by what's possible and what we can do with our situations. When we combine it with these creative businesses like this one that we teach and do here. What's possible you know what I mean?

Salvatore: When you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Nothing is mean, I've seen people in wheelchairs who are living the best time of their life. I have friends who actually have better humans than me. And letting that run them down. Sounds like when you have a powerful mindset, you can do anything you want. And as you stated earlier in the show, and even in your training, mindset as power is what you can do. It's like you take your weakness, you take your struggle, and you make something out of it. I never, even though yes, I'm gonna disappear. I'm disabled, because that's a government term. And I'm okay with that. That's fine. Totally cool. I don't let that stop me. Because I want to push, I want to be better. I want to be an improved version every day, a better version than yesterday, no matter how hard it can be in life. I mean, like, when I go back to that traumatic version, I mean, it's been, I've had these surgeries last August. So it hasn't been a year. So I'm still learning new sounds. So a month ago, I was outside with my girlfriend, and then I heard a whole whole, I'm looking what does that sound? My girlfriend told me it's an hour. I'm like, oh my god, I heard an hour for the first time in my life. And the way it was as a child. I knew it sounded like who who.

Dave:  You read you read who you read that, right? Like similar news. Yes, the sound that an owl made.

Salvatore: So now I actually should have just gone on vacation two months ago, if I never realized how soothing the ocean is. I'm not a beach person. I'm a pool guy.

Dave:  And nothing else matters. I mean, nothing else matters except us, proving to ourselves that we can do it. And then believing that. And that's the only thing that I care about. Even with my children. It's the only important thing that I think for all of us to like for us to focus on here at legendary. It's not to focus on, you know, all these little bells and whistles and mechanical things that any one of us are smart enough to learn and figure out and eventually do. It's not that the tool is too hard. It's that when we see people complaining, I'm ready to give up from ClickFunnels or this or that, my friend, it's that your brain is broken. You know, your thinking is stinking not I mean, that's it. It's just a simple fix. It's such a simple thing, you are not broken, you know what I mean? You as a person are not, you know, it's just so it's a simple fix, right? And you're such a great example of that. And it's also such a great example, right? Salvador when we see nondisabled fully capable people who are like saying I can't do something I can't do something. That's also a great reminder and a great lesson. You know, because that person and we see it every day I see it every day in our community I see it every day all over life all over the all over in my family in my town everywhere I see people I can't I can't I can't it's too hard I don't want I'd rather complain whatever because that's comfortable or whatever. And that's a great reminder because Salvador What i've what I've realized as a you know, a felon and somebody disease condition, some who has it is a recovering mentor, somebody who's you know, done


a lot of but but here's the thing, man is that, you know, I gotta I gotta you know, it's my responsibility to use that. As I can either use it as a big ol bag of rocks that I'm going to carry around and it's going to weigh me down, or I can figure out with creativity, it is going to take me to be thing I got to do some quick Critical Thinking means I gotta think for myself, how the hell can I turn this mess into a damn message and use it to inspire. And here's the other thing Salvadore I wonder if you can relate to this. I can't feel when I inspire you. I personally don't get any benefit from that emotionally. But I do feel it when I get inspired. And so I'm actually, I live my life in a way that inspires me. Because it's my number one source of inspiration, the way I carry myself and whether I quit and lay down or whether I get up and keep fighting, and keep trying, is the number one determining factor whether I'm going to be an inspired person. Because I don't give a shit. I don't give a shit if I stand in front of a TV screen. And I watch nothing but motivational videos and tapes from the best motivational speakers in the world. And I watch documentaries of people overcoming great challenges. But if I'm not doing shit, and I'm laying down, and not following through and figuring out how to do so we've all a pile of shit. All of our politicians just look diff looks a little a little a little bit from all hiring them in.


You know, you got a disability, you're an addict, you know, you're a felon, you're single mom, Look, we all got something how far what you know, what I get out of life just simply is, is is is whether I try you know, whether I take that dirt and say, shit, screw it, I'm going to spread this shit out. And I'm gonna grow some flowers right here, and maybe some vegetables or whatever, or whether I just want to, you know, sit here and stare at the pile of shit as flies eat it and maggots crawl through it. And that, of course, I'm going to be a miserable son of a gun if I do that. And I'm using that disgusting metaphor, because that's how I feel. If I just sit in my sort of pity party, if you will, and I've done that before myself. But, you know, I feel it's the greatest gift Salvador that we get when we learn how to turn our struggles into our strengths. And it's the number one source of fuel. So Salvador, are you inspired by your story, your personal, how you have triumphed and persevered through the difficulties in your life to get to where you are right now? And do you feel that that is fueling some of your energy and your action?

Salvatore: It is a lot actually. And like I mentioned before, like when I got up, open out, especially on Facebook, I had a lot of people message me some people that I haven't heard in years, and one person was telling me a Salvatore, I haven't seen you since university, you know, your story inspired me. My son actually has a lot of hearing loss. And I was flabbergasted. You know, it's amazing how you can open yourself up. And actually, it's like you said, you don't feel any benefit from that person. The only time I feel it is when they reach out to me and say Hey, thank you for sharing. You've inspired me in the vacuum you know, and that was powerful in your show, right? We want to add value to key data and money to charity. So it doesn't matter what happens in life. You just keep on pushing. Colin and Sanders are filled with fire 1000 times to get her.  Who cares, Colonel Sanders. Yeah, for KFC. Like people after 12345 they fail and they give up. You know how many times I failed in life, David, I failed a lot. And in what, every time I felt I learned something from it. 

Dave:  Nick commented, I'm struggling with something right now in your hands. spur inspiring me to turn that addiction around? Well, you know what my friends, I mean, the bottom line is, is that sometimes you're right, you have to become abstinent from whatever the hell is holding you back. And until you do that you're not you don't even have a chance to grow or succeed. Let me just be real clear about that if any of you are struggling with having, like an addiction of any sort and addiction to you know, and I'm serious, a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol of any sort porn, food, shopping. There's so gambling, and there's so many other ways or if you're codependent, we also get very addicted to people. Okay, so we get into relationships that are toxic and or abusive. So we, I believe, also struggle in dating with other people. It's how we bond with others. You're not going to magically say a business is going to solve all your problems in your life. Some of us need to go to therapy. Some of us need to go to 12 step recovery. I did, some of us need to get surgery. He did. Some of us need to get on medication I have over the years, some of us need to do a lot of things in order to get ourselves in a position to even give ourselves a chance to succeed. And Salvatore that is what you've done. Those are courageous acts, by the way folks, going and taking care of yourself is a courageous act. I just want to say that. And then guess what you can do? You get to then use that as you want. Because it's your story in your experience, and we use it however you want, right, Salvatore?

Salvatore: That's fine. That's fine. And you know, it's like, just one I mean, not only I had a cochlear implant surgery last August, I also had a hernia surgery two months ago, and then I had knee surgery last month. So but that's it, no more surgeries. I'm done. I'm done. I'm walking in. And in terms of the comment about Nick, you know, I just want to say, Nick, I mean, all I know, extreme statistics, give us really marketing. Trying to parent with each other, to the same level. Because once you're open about yourself, and you're putting in the dedication and consistency on a daily basis, it just takes time to grow this snowball effect. You have something like you said, David, it's not something that a business can improve or change your life. It can, but you gotta put the work into it. You have to know the right skills, you have to know the proven strategies on how to go about it.

Dave:  This is quite an amazing opportunity that we have in this business. Because no, it's not going to solve all of our problems. But it can lead us on a path to truly developing as a person i.e. personal development. And it can lead us you know, when I got into this business, I had just gotten clean within the last year or so before that. And I was really, you know, I didn't have as, as my dad used to, say, a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of and I was an undeveloped person, personally and emotionally and mentally. A lot of you and I started this, it wasn't pretty at first, but you missed my end all you're not new. Do do. Do all the work. And I've never been afraid of work. And so I think that if you're afraid of work, then you're going to fail at anything that you do. Because the fantasy that rich people don't want Work is a is a myth. It's a lie. And it's been perpetrated by losers and broke people that are pretending they're snake oil salesmen who are trying to lure people into buying their stuff. Telling them there's not going to be any work and making it seem like there's not going to be any work. But what is your opinion about even through challenges, and obviously, you've been an aerospace engineer, you understand work, you went to college, all this, but talk to us a little bit about, we've talked about the mindset. And before we go over and look at your TikTok and talk a little bit about what you're doing, and so forth, give us a couple of tips there, can you just say a little bit about the, the, the work ethic that that it takes to be successful, and I don't particularly I'm not saying Just so we're clear that you need to work, you know, 1012 hours a day. But I do believe that you need to dismiss this like a business.

Salvatore: My work ethic was already in place, I was working a minimum of 10 hours, sometimes to 14 hours a day. But that's because I loved it, I enjoyed it, you know, I would work with private chests, I would work on the global 5000, Boeing 767, triple sevens. Then when COVID hit, everything changed, especially in the aerospace industry. So my word active was already in there. Coupled with my sudden hearing loss at the same time, sort of went down because I couldn't really do anything. But with the mindset, the work that helped propel me in terms of marketing. So I always had no idea what to do, how to do it. I fully understood the sales funnel, I was always curious how to read people get these email marketing skills for copywriting. I was like, Cool. And you made it sound so easy. So I'm like, okay, what? Do the training, and that's when I learned and got inspired even more. And I was like, Okay, this is how we go about it. Now, and it was, it was great. And when you're passionate about something, David, you want to do more? You want to learn more? And then got me sure I had a hard time here. glued to my cochlea in the extra hours in one way I learned in life is I'm sure we've heard this expression before. Never compare your chapter one. Someone else's chapter 20. No, like so I want to be making, you know, seven, eight figures. And no matter yet, but I'm going to get the I know, because I have faith in myself. I believe in myself. I believe in the work ethic. And I will get there.

Dave:  I will get there. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Can you say that one more time that that that that that quote that you said just for those who didn't listen or may be coming on just as just as you were you were saying that what was it don't compare your Chapter

Salvatore: One of the quotes that really resonated with me was don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter 20 Because it's so easy to compare. So easy to compare and once you compare you're setting yourself up for failure. I mean it's like

Dave: Come on when you first came on TikTok we were a month in. I want you to talk about that. At this point, people who are listening right now Salvador, they forgot about all the hearing hardships and all I mean, the fact that you lost your hearing completely just just a couple of years ago. So let's go ahead and remind everybody of how absolutely easy and flawlessly simple it was. I'm just assuming for you to get on video and just start recording videos like a pro right off the bat. I'm being sarcastic there, obviously.

Salvatore: I get it. But the funny part is the funny thing you mentioned is that my first video, kitchenette, I think took me two hours to make my very, very first video, I think it was like, during Christmas time last year, I was so nervous, whatsoever. I never even own a tick tock account. Because I thought it was just for kids dancing. I'm like, No, I'm not gonna get on TikTok, I'm not gonna dance. And then as part of your program, you know, you said TikTok was one way.

I certainly know what just continuing to do. The first few have taught me to stop overanalyzing, because over time, you're gonna get better, you're gonna improve. And there were so many videos. And then I was doing it once a day. The hashtag I had no idea what the hashtag was. But then eventually I started researching your section on tick tock, really? How and then I just started improving and moving but one thing I was is consistent. Yeah, I was very consistent. Now recently, I have not been very consistent because I've been focusing more on Facebook because I think I pretty much understand how TikTok works and how it has blocked me so many connections. And so many people reached out you know, in terms of how can I do this? How can I make money? Where do I go? What's happening with your hearing loss? I think I want to do a little more something because now the sound Yeah. I mean, what I took the last 40 years or so to like, for example, the music I hear today.

Dave:  This was two years ago. Completely different. Completely different. Noise.

Salvatore: I mean, you take it for granted because you have good hearing and that's okay. That's okay. But like the other day, when I first got them I was hearing a switch humming. Number four at first hum it's so simple. So quiet and noisy. I'm putting my company's unit next to the fridge. And because it's a magnet, my cochlear implant sticks to the fridge. Yeah, I know. So that's one of the downfalls because they put a magnet inside my head. Wow. Wow. Basically is this and that's sticking to my head and just the magnet.

Dave: You know, it's crazy. And every one of us every one of us every day, you know could do a little more you know, and it's not about shaming ourselves. It's not about feeling shame. It's not about guilt tripping. It's just about like really asking ourselves in my Am I living up to my potential am I good? Giving myself what I deserve. Because I can complain all day long that others aren't treating me the way that I deserve. We have to treat ourselves better if we want the world to treat us better. And that was a hard lesson for me, that was the difference between taking initiative. And being entitled. You know, that was a big lesson that nobody owes me shit, that I can use my situation and turn it into anything that I want to turn it into. And also, that led me into really realizing that there's really no rules. You know, a lot of us ask questions, like, can I post my link on my tic tock profile? Can I respond to people in the comments? Can I, you know, you can do anything that you want, you can even do something that's completely the opposite of our training are completely the opposite of best practice, and maybe figure out a way out for you, or a new way way you dealt with Salvatore there have a blank canvas every morning, when you wake up to create any type of content, you want to tweak your message and you want to build your brand and build your front facing message and what your brand meaning you. In this case, it's usually we are the brand, whatever we want our brand to stand for. However, we want it to look, you know, I've been recently buying some designer stuff, you know, spoiling myself a little bit. I copped a, I got a murse you know, the new Gucci, Adidas collaboration, but you know, I'm looking at some of it, you know, these things are a couple of $1,000 for a tiny little, you know, you can sell, you know, other cell for two or 300 and create it?  Nobody, the only people we ended up finding Commodore that human beings would stand around the corner to buy this shit. I mean, it's unbelievable. Okay, how have you dealt with coming from being an aerospace engineer and probably hanging lots of different protocols, I would think, how have you dealt with all of this freedom? And these lack of rules? Does that, you know, make you nervous? What comes up for you as I as we talk about the wild, wild west, and what ultimately is an unlimited opportunity to be as creative as you want, and ultimately build a business as big as you want. But how do you deal with that? Sometimes that freedom is crippling for people?

Salvatore: No, you know what I mean? It's funny because you know, yeah, especially in aerospace, you really have to stick to certain rules, you know, I mean, there's FAA regulation that should have vacation flammability and after the shutdown to so many different rules my mind. Is respect in terms of providing value? Like you said, Can I message you? Message me, what's the harm? The harm, I can say? No, I don't want to do what you know. And you mentioned the idea. It's in a Gucci bag. You know how people stand around and wait in line while I am speaking. I was actually mentoring a student and he had this great web page product or setup and everything. And I'm like, What are your challenges? That's why I don't have any customers since okay, if so how is your funnel setup? And then he says to me, what's a funnel? The moral of the story was like you can have the greatest product in the world. But if you don't have any advertising promotion funnel, auto responder, you're not going anywhere you have a dealer's they can make something.

Dave:  People don’t want bootleg stuff they want the real thing from the real company that's been around for a lot so you know it's the same thing like legendary is now at this point to where because we've stayed in business and consistently done the things that we've done, you know, people are searching us out we're at we're, we've, you know, we've built a brand we've built a real company a real movement. And so if many of our clients and affiliates who have cars including yourself now building up your brand you're now gonna You are a familiar face to a lot of people in our niche because they've seen your videos 115,000 of them are following you on Tik Tok 1000s of them are likely on your email list and the more weeks and months and years that you stay doing this you're here are now you when you have built a name in an industry in now. Those people who are on your email list as they continue to see you doing your thing and providing value you to Salvador and all of us that's that's the beautiful thing about this, we'll put out and offer via email or something in just like Adidas, those folks who are standing around the corner to buy those those folks buy from us those same ways each one of us has that opportunity. What the internet's done for us is it's leveled the playing field to where even an individual like you or I can get a slice of the pie and sold to folks like yourself sabot or who's over Kim, you know, hearing loss being completely deaf I mean dealing with this most or all of our life you know, traits you know going from a different look it can get worse. Right? What comes up for you as I say that and give us some final thoughts here as we as we kind of wrap up and man I'd love to have you back on the show for sure.

Salvatore: You know, the challenge is that a lot of times I hear I don't have time you know, I'm work and I do this. And I'm like, You know what? I keep hearing excuses. You have 24 hours in a day. I have 24 hours a day. Beyonce, Jay Z, everyone else in the world. Bill Gates has 24 hours in a day. What separates you from them? shouldn't make excuses. You want to watch TV? You want to watch Netflix? That's fine. Time is valuable. You want to spend time with your family. You want to go on more vacations. If you want financial freedom everyone has 24 hours in a day. What are you? What are you doing that's different from someone else?

Dave:  Yeah, that's it my brother. Hey man to hear more from Salvador Of course I've got his link okay. You can connect with him on TikTok my brother please come back and see us man an incredible story. I'm glad that our paths have met so we can of course you know be a part of your story now. 

Salvatore: it was an honor and a privilege to be here thank you for everything.

Dave: Listen, if you ain't inspired by some serious stuff after that, come on. Now. Just check your pulse. All right, just make sure you're still breathing. Right because it doesn't get more inspirational, more real, a greater example, a more powerful example of what's possible than what we just heard this morning. So yeah, get into the training if you're new. Get into the challenge, go immediately back into the challenge, get into the blueprints, go immediately back in there today and get trained up properly and then go crush it. All right. Don't stay in college, don't do it. Properly just do not be out of here.

Why Mindset Is The Most Important Part Of Success

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends it's your boy Dave Sharpe. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. I just rolled out of bed about five minutes ago. So I am waking up legendary this morning. This morning we had a factory worker and teaching assistant of 23 years. Nichole is welcome to the show. What did you do in the factory?:

Nichole: An assembly line and inspection. And I remember wanting to make my son breakfast in the morning and take him to school.

Dave: That sounds like a good reason to want to get out of factory life. Explain to folks what it was like to be a teacher’s assistant.

Nichole: I didn’t like college. I help kids who are struggling with math.

Dave: You wrote in about your brother passing, I’m really sorry that happened.

Nichole: That is where my journey began. March 21st 2021 my 26th brother was killed on his motorcycle by a distracted driver. He was on his phone and his life was over that day. After some of the shock wore off time began a strange phenomenon. I could almost physically hear a clock tick. I started to feel like I was aging faster, my parents were aging faster, my kids were getting older faster. And I was aware that we’re only here for a certain amount of time and I started to look back on my life and ask myself Nicole, what have you done with the last 21 years? What will your kids remember about you? When they're older that you chose all the overtime you could get? You were always tired. You were always stressed about money even when you weren't working? What will they remember about you? And I wasn't happy with what my answers were. And so I knew I knew that I needed to take my time back. 

Dave: What a story, what a perspective and what a deep what a deep. Why, you know, and that doesn't mean that you can't still have bad days and that doesn't mean that you can still feel like given up sometimes and I don't want folks to listen to this and be like, oh Nicole's been delivered stone tablets itself and now has some motivational touch but my lord or do you feel connected and motivated by these by these things that you've just told us about?

Nichole: Absolutely, Barb McGowan. I do want to mention her because she's amazing. And we had a conversation, and I don't even think she realizes what a blessing that conversation was to me. But she said, Nicole, your Why should make you cry. And it absolutely did. And it does. And I think that as humans we're so used to feeling weak or vulnerable when we're in pain or an uncomfortable space, and that couldn't be further from the truth. The amount of strength and determination and power that is inside of your pain point or your unconscious base is unmatched. And I had to get inside of my why. And get in that uncomfortable space and stay there for a minute so that I could get my mindset right. You mentioned that in the first couple days the 15 day business builder challenge. Had I known the transformation that was going to create me, I had no idea. It was a painful, amazing, beautiful transformation. And I would purchase it over and over and over again. Yeah, it went so far. It went so far beyond affiliate marketing.

Dave: That's fantastic. Well, my journey has gone so far beyond I going I forget I'm doing affiliate marketing sometimes honesty and I until someone's you know, thinks this is just all about affiliate marketing. I'm like, Oh yeah, that's what we're doing here but it's, you know, the skills that we're developing here if one you and anyone else listening leans into this process instead of just stuck. We had a guy this weekend and God bless them. Okay, God bless him. But he bought our challenge on a gift card on Saturday and by Sunday, you know, was was emailing our customer support over and over and over and over and over again asking for a $7 refund. And it's like, those are two opposite extremes. You know what I mean? Those are two opposite extremes. And neither is wrong and neither is right and I'm not here to judge, but I'm just observing human behavior. And I've seen so many people over the years and it's amazing how hard we work to fail. You know, we just we work so hard to struggle, you know, because we're unwilling to let go of beliefs and we're unwilling to let go of different perspectives or we're unwilling to let go of certain identities. And like you've just talked about each person's transformation looks totally different. And that's one of the big things I really want to drive home. Is it if you feel anything going on some uncomfortability and you lean into it, some some some thoughts of, oh, I'm good. This is going to fail and I'm going to be a miserable failure, but you stay the course. And you don't let your feelings just totally dominate your life and get it i over II I learned that in drug treatment, and I'll never forget that. It's not that feelings aren't important. But my feeling is especially when I'm doing something new can be all over the place. I can be I can be walking around like my father's feelings that he gave me from his father and I don't know what's really real I need to take a step back. That's good. Listen to Wake Up Legendary and why we do it every day. Because sometimes I need to find a good trusted person. I need to listen every day and that will help lubricate the joint so I can start stepping into my own bit my potential is really what it boils down to. And Nicole, it's not that your job in the factory wasn't meaningful. It's not that you're, it's not that your teacher's assistant work isn't meaningful. It's not any of that. But you're but it's it's it's not where you want to be and it's not it's it's caught you know, you can do something about it. The thing that's the first big decision is really actually deciding that I can change this. And you look back at yourself and I do too sometimes at some of the things that I did for multiple years, do you ever look at the 10? Or how long did you stay in the factory?

Nichole: 23 years between two factories.

Dave: So do you ever look at it? Obviously that was a part of your big moment, right? You kind of looked at what you said with your own words just a moment ago. I was 41 and I said What have I accomplished? That sort of was the moment of truth for you. It was a question similar to that. Right? Nichole: Well, I look back at my children's legs, right. That's the most important part of my life. That is my purpose. My wife. And I realized that I believed and my firstborn is now 16 and my baby is now six, and I missed it. I missed it. Because if I wasn't working, I would be exhausted because I've always been a really hard worker. I was raised by a single mom who never complained and she taught us you don't have time to sit down and cry about it, get up and work. And so I always kind of patted myself on the back. You know I took pride in how much I worked. But I was trading the best parts of my life for that paycheck. And so when he passed away, my brother, I realized that I'm not here forever. He was 26. And what am I going to do with the time that I have left here? And I'm not I'm not trying to sound sad or depressing or anything but that was just my personal reality. That's real. For me. And I just became so aware of the choices I make and how they will affect not only my life, but my children's lives. And I needed to do better and I knew that I could but I had to get my butt up and work.

Dave:  I am powerful from what I heard right there also and I talked about this for a decade and a day the other day with that group and it was very simple, it was a very simple, very simple slide initiative over entitlement. And it really is early. It's one of the big differences between the mindset that a lot of us have coming in and the mindset that we need and a lot of us come in with an attitude of entitlement where you know, it's amazing. I mean, I think I am just now coming to terms with the fact that the world really doesn't owe me shit. But I haven't. I haven't really liked that's a big pill to swallow. Seriously. It is. When you really really just come to terms with that nobody owes me shit. Yeah, nobody owes me a damn thing. And I don't owe anybody anything. Really like today and I'm not talking about little things where maybe I owe somebody an apology or an amends. I'm just saying. on a large scale, nobody's coming to save you, me, anybody. They might send us a check for $1,200 to get through a global you know what we do? I'm sure everybody felt really saved. Right? Nobody's coming to save you and nobody owes you shit Dave. And and I and in that initiative, even to come up with your own why? I mean people, the divide between entitlement in having initiative seems to be so thin for a lot of people. Because you know, I don't know, I don't know whether it's that we had things done for us whether it was how we were trained in school or a job. But I see a lot of people struggling because they don't know the difference between taking initiative and having entitlement. How would you define the difference between the two and how that applies in this having your own business.

Nichole: I really think that we go back to our mindset. You really have to dig for why you really have to. This is a business where you have to take ownership of your actions. Then, I don't know how to. I'm trying to come up with the right words.

Dave: Well, this business and actually, as you were talking when you were talking about your why what I was thinking about is the fact that you said you have to dig deep but I actually think that you just have to open your eyes and have some awareness to look around your life. And I will probably find your right why real quick, but I think that most of us live in a pretty deep seated denial about how bad things are or about how much we're not paying attention to our children or about how much we're stressed out over money. And I think that if we just open our eyes like you did, you said that just a second ago you said, you know, I gained awareness, I gained awareness and folks that's what I think how you can find your why is just be honest. If I guarantee you any. look up the definition of entitlement dammit google it. Don't you ask that in the comments. Then I see you over to Google in order to learn how to You Be resourceful. Okay, yeah. So, man, I think we can all just open our eyes and look around and find a pretty damn good reason if we're honest. To get our app in gear that was a thought that came up for me.

Nichole: But when I say digging, it's because I think we go through life and not everybody. And it's me telling my story. So in a perfect post, we coast through life or I had coasted through life that it was just normal to send my kids to daycare because well I have to go to work and it's normal to be tired after you've worked 12 hours in a factory so my why was very pretty deep. And that's where again, I had to go back to the mindset.  I had to dig, I had to do the work was truly a painful process. And one that I would do over and over and over again. Because it was so worth it. And it all started with education didn't you know I told you I had looked back on my life and you know that all started with my brother but I had truly begun the process of going in and tending to my own mindset. And until I started the education and to be really honest with you, I started I bought the challenge and on February 7 started the rest of February, March and even the first week of April. I was creating content and just nothing was happening. I had to stop, go back. Because I would ask if Psy was my business plan advisor and he was so helpful. I'm so thankful for him but I would say Stein, why isn't it working? What if it doesn't work? And he said Nicole, you say it one more time and never help you again. What he was really saying was affiliate marketing works, your education works your networking or I would say die I don't know what what, what kind of content. I can't hear you.

Dave:  That's what you heard from sigh he didn't say exact words. But sometimes it's up to us to translate what others are saying or find meaning in a situation. That's the initiative versus entitlement. It's not sighs job to find your meaning for the

Nichole: Right. I would say sigh I don't I'm stumped on what kind of content to create, I don't know anything. And he would say this was what you do know what he was saying is have you not learned anything in the education? You took the whole education, have you not learned anything? I learned something but I learned it with the wrong mindset. So I stopped. I didn't create any more content. I actually took my tic tac down and started again. And I took a few weeks off and I went back through the education time with the mindset that I should have had the whole time when I went into it thinking I'm doing something great because I'm taking the first step and going through the education. What I was really doing was focusing on the result because I was so uncomfortable where I was, I was missing all the good stuff. The journey of all the good stuff was in the middle, and I missed it. So I had to go back and I had to do it again. And I encourage anybody that may be struggling, stop and go back. Education works. It's proven this is a business we have to take ownership of. Just have to and it's worth it.

Dave: It is proven, and I wish I could say that I invented it. I actually did it. You know what I mean? Yeah, I'm just the messenger. You know, I'm just a guy who's used the skills. I mean, I've invented some things that you know, that I think that anybody else could invent which are little systems or processes that you name so they kind of become yours. Like anybody can do that. You're right. Inside was right. And what you just said was possibly one of the most powerful things that's ever been said. Just that how you describe that and I think if we're honest, we really slow down and look at how we behave throughout this process. We'll see that we were also either excited or anxious about the result, fearful or, you know, excited are usually the two. The two two feelings that we feel that we feel excited and we feel that we suffer right, you know, and you're right, a lot of times we miss the magic of the, you know of the journey of the ride. It's sort of like going on vacation, right? And you know some of the best conversations happen on road trips. Sometimes you get to know people better than if you just have your headphones on the whole time, or you just have the radio on the whole time and you're only focused on the destination. Now all of a sudden, you're getting to know whoever you're with when you get there and instead of you. So you're right. There's a lot of magic that can happen. On the in the journey on the way there the things that you can see and the things that you can pick up the people that you can talk to and I'm actually speaking about of a physical journey, but the same thing happens with with education as I'm going through the challenge or the blueprints or whatever I've got in front of me to do. It is important that I lean into that and really take it in and then say how can I apply this. How can I apply this? How do I apply this in my business right now? And what most of you will find when you go through the education is it's actually purposefully not. I'm not one of those gurus who likes to speak over people's heads and talk about all these complicated philosophies. I'm sure we can all get fancy, but you'll find that the education is rather straightforward and that there's concepts like the fishing formula and the blueprints that help you just to go into any niche and figure out who your customer is how you can get them to come to you how you can funnel them in your funnel, how you can make more money from selling them more products. I mean, there's a lot here and you're right that training does work and even still with all that proof around some folks, you know, we'll come up with any damn excuse to work really hard to continue to suffer and struggle. And that's why I think that your comments about mindset and why we talk about it here so much even though y'all get tired of it. But it's true. It's so powerful. It's so needed and so much of the things that we bring in and are carrying around or not even ship it's ours. I mean it's you talking about your mother and you're talking about your family in fact, Come on Nicole, you're a product of your environment. And now you're stepping out into the global world and sort of saying, Hey, I'm here Nicole's here and I'm gonna, I'm gonna dominate some shit. But up until this point, you're really a product of your environment, right? I mean, did you know I grew up where I still live? So it'd be very easy for me to get involved in the local community and have a job like that. And you know what, folks, that's not a bad life. Nobody's here to say that's a bad life or that we don't look down on anybody. But it's about your satisfaction. It's about you. None of us came and knocked on your door and told you to come to legendary yo you are looking for something you are interested in. And in here you are and many just to finish this point and then I'll let so many of you be right here at the front door of your dreams. Even if it's just education in this industry, maybe you're like hey, this David Sharpe guy screwed him. But the information nozzle is this industry, this business model using platforms, digital platforms, is the way of the future and I think it's the way of the future that's a healthy bet versus NFT's and Kryptos which are still so speculative. We don't this is not going anywhere selling information, running ads, building organic profiles and then selling them information products. I promise you will never ever go away and most people I think will start to pick up on the business model and say I've ever I can't this person is literally selling information they're not even shipping manufacturing doing anything people are gonna pick up on like holy hell. This is an incredible business model. But what were you thinking? You look like he wanted to say a minute ago and I was just ranting,

Nichole: Oh, no, you weren't ranting. I think you know, when we were kids, our parents didn't have the opportunities we have now. Right? So that's just the way it was. Even 16 years ago. This opportunity wasn't wasn't available. There was barely even a MySpace. We have opportunities that we didn't have back then. And so we can move differently now. When I started this, I told three people and those same three people or only the same three people that I know to this day, and the reason I only told three people was because I knew how fragile I was. Even constructive criticism would have been enough to turn me upside down. So I told my mother because she's my best friend, my husband and my 16 year old son, and my biggest and only supporter was my 16 year old. He would see me on my computer and you're like, I am so proud of you. And yes, I love this. But the reason he was so it was so easy for him to be so supportive is because he is of a new generation. He has not been programmed to trade 40 5060 hours of his week for a paycheck. He knows everything is done online. Things are changing. The world is changing, and monetizing the internet and the social media platforms that we use every day has never been smarter. It's the best thing you can learn how to do and he knows that because he's 60.

Dave:  Right? Good for him. And I think you're making such a good point. You're a wise person. I mean, why did we not have the opportunity that we have today 16 years ago 20 years ago. So you son of a gun out there better take advantage of it never being this good before right. It really is something and you're right. I mean even back when I started MySpace was still kicking. Still had a little life left in it. And you know, Facebook was on the come up. You know, that was where all the older folks were on Facebook. It's kind of like a boomer hangout. Yeah, it's still kind of it. You know, I don't think the boomer generation has made it over to the other places yet but they're gonna comment and their Obi and they're buying people you think that they are buying off TikTok? You think they ain't buying off Instagram? Crazy they are buying is going out of style. So, I mean, we've got a potential now just a few months ago, I mean, the economy was going crazy. Now we're on the verge of a potential recession. I mean, who knows where things are going. How were you feeling about that? Now that you're in a different situation? Then you were? You know, with the factory and so forth. How are you viewing? Are you even paying attention to things like that? What do you think, okay, by going over the next year, where's the world going over the next year? What's your perspective?

Nichole: I really tried to avoid news as much as possible, some as unavoidable. You know, there's not a whole lot of great stuff happening. 

David Sharpe: So that's the last 60 seconds. They usually air some sort of positive news, Nicole now don't be so negative.

Nichole: Now, if we're heading straight into a recession like I feel like we are in we're going there. Now it's all built on Sunday bitches are going it just gives me all the more reason to know that I made the best choice and why everybody should learn how to create multiple streams of passive income. There's never been a better time than now. 


Dave:  2008 2009 just kind of happened. It's coming online and I don't remember there being any sort of nobody's buying online. I mean, people were buying online, just like the world for the big thing that happened over the last couple of years, you know, I mean, yes, would we ever have all the haulers and all this? Would they have ever imagined that it would have been like that? So, you know, we say recession that doesn't mean that everybody's going to stop buying people's behaviors are likely going to shift but I remember in the 2008 through 2010, whatever when the kind of housing economy collapsed, and everybody was in a massive recession, everybody was losing their and I was just getting clean. I was like, I kind of like I kind of rose up from like a pile of ashes. Like, my life sucks. I'm trying to get clean now. Everybody's in a recession. I just lost my house. And I never had a house you know? But now I do. Yeah, so I'm not going to change anything that I'm doing. You know what I mean? I'm not gonna change anything that I'm doing. I'm not I'm not we're not doing anything different here at legendary, because people are going to be buying in. It's already been proven people are going to be they might you know, traffic might slow down a little bit or sales might take a little bit of a dip. But get in the game long term. Don't compete like the month last month when you start and then this month and act like you've been doing it for 20 years. I mean, those of you who are just getting into this and this year if we have a little recession or a big recession, whatever. Understand that the traffic that leads to sales, they're going to fluctuate. They're just going to fluctuate and then it's important to your long term growth your year over year, month, over month or year over year, not your day over day. You know, sometimes we get to like micro on this and we want to. I'm not getting any, any sales in the last two days or whatever. Well, I can remember when I, you know, days and days and days where I didn't get any sales and I was getting sales I had started to get sales. That doesn't mean that you're in a recession. It just means that you know, people these are real human beings and I think sometimes we forget about that. And if you're looking at human beings like and I'm saying this is for anybody who's new and listening, like if you're looking at this business with an entitlement of a commission. What you're really doing is you're looking at people like a piece of meat and like they're just a $1 sign and not thinking that it's an actual human being on the other side who is not going to give you shit unless you give them something else. It doesn't matter recession or not, you're not going to win. You know, whether it's recession or not over the next year to whatever as the global economy expands and contracts like it's done for the last 100 years. It's important that we all stay consistent. Because what happens and this is what I did I started this wake up legendary show. We were doing it but Matt and I forgot he probably was like you should go live and I was like, did it and it was Ben Bosco. Excuse me, but in March 2020 of March, I was just like, No, yeah, let's do this. Let's do this. Let's go live every day. All right, well, we'll do it. And, man I'm telling you like we acted at the beginning of the last big world event. We acted. That's the definition of to do if you think the world or the economy or the marketplace is about to do some contract. You don't contract with it, you write when others are fearful and greedy. That's what Warren Buffett says and when others are greedy be fearful, right be concerned. Right. So as other this is a part this is how an entrepreneur wins. This is how you win in a market. If anybody is wondering what to do over the next year, expand as others are contracting because they're getting fearful. They're afraid they're scared. They're looking for leadership, they're looking for direction, they're looking for hope. And if you're there and can give that to them along with something that's solid, some educational plan. You're gonna crush it throughout this next year. But if you contract and get fearful along with everybody else, sorry. The world doesn't owe you anything. The world doesn't owe you anything either. You know what I mean? If that's what you try to do, and I'm talking to myself, I'm talking to everybody out there. I love this because I get to see things every day that remind me of the truth. And the truth shall set us free in our business. The truth shall set us free. We believe a lot of untruth or half truths about what creates success but as you've outlined today, very, very powerful in the few little nuggets that I've thrown into the real secrets are the real these are the secrets that you that you're willing to pay the big bucks for from Sadhguru or Goblin, but we just gave them to you for free. So use the call. Thanks for coming on and come back and see us any final thoughts or final words I want to share your ticket account with everybody as well so they can go and connect with you hustle with 30

Nichole: Alliance magazine by the way, nickname alright birdie, since I was born. I would just really encourage anybody who may be struggling to get back inside of your why get back inside of the uncomfortable space that drove you to make the decision to start affiliate marketing. We are used to feeling weak and vulnerable when we're in pain or uncomfortable and that can't be further from the truth. There is power there, strength there is grit and determination inside of that pain point inside of that uncomfortable space and to use it you have to take a step back and do it again. Do it again. Your followers, I have a very slow moving slow growing tic tac a few months ago that really hurt my feelings. Now I see that I have effectively narrowed down my target audience. And there's 3000 People not numbers, not followers. People are where I was a few months ago, and they're just waiting to take a leap. Keep posting, give them a reason to know, like and trust you and when they're ready. They will come back to you, keep going and back to their education. We're a powerhouse, powerhouse.

Dave: I hope you don't have to go back to the factory again. I know you won't if you don't want to know you know you your your spirit in your information, your wisdom and your ability to be able to now share with others because you've done the work Nicole is incredibly unbelievable, and you deserve and I'd like to just give you the utmost permission even beyond what you've given yourself already. To go out there and speak with unbelievable conviction and confidence. Because I don't care how much money you've made. If you were out there marketing, make money online or education. I would not care how much money you make, because you are a global leader. In your speech nothing but the truth. And I can tell that you've done the work by the thing that you're saying so seriously, you are a badass. So come back and see if you'd be willing for us. We'll get to the second round first and then we'll do a third if you're not sick of me yet. Absolutely. I'll talk to you later. Talk to you later. Bye. Thank you. All right, my friends. Hi, Matt. You're going to join us. We got Matt and we got Nicole on the show now. I didn't add myself but I don't know. Morning. Oh, how are you doing? We're actually wrapping up now. So get the hell out of here. All right, Nicole, I'm not gonna go out of here. All right, my friends. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go do some real work now. That I'm all fired up. This was we're at work, that's Papa Don. Viewing right in the viewing speaking and if you ain't filming you a word, right man oh man. Oh wow. Just got to marinate when we put her tick tock link up there. This was a powerful, powerful, powerful episode worth a read. And I'm telling you right here right now if you're listening to this, and you need a reminder keep this one on in your play deck. You know what I mean? Keep this one on your saved playlist. Because the things that she talked about, about how she progressed to the beginning of her journey and how she chose to view things to empower herself, versus disempower ourselves was just absolutely breathtaking, masterful, and amazing. And every interviewer on every show is wonderful, but I thought that one about the mindset piece and how she just there's a lot of gold in there. All right, my friends in there make her do something. Yes, please rewatch my boy. please rewatch as equals these rewatchs are so powerful. Such gold nuggets. Theresa. Thanks for being Gail. Thanks for being on Maurice. Thanks for being here. Sarah. Good to see you, bro. Spiros. Ruth, Ruth, good to see you. Tammy. I see you too. Nice to see you too. All right, my friends all right, Brian. Man, Kevin. Good talk, Teresa. All right. We'll see you're getting that edge your education will not fail you will not fail you in neither will your mindset you have inside you what it takes to be successful.

How To Stay Focused On Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: All right my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I'm excited to jump in to this episode this morning because I've got some fellow tradesman trades woman here on the line with me and I am super excited to hear how they have trend or are transitioning not transitioned but are in the process of well maybe just adding to who knows let's hear what their plans are. But they've made the amazing transition from HVAC, heating and air basically AC and heating contractor who comes in and works on your AC over to digital marketers online. Wow, Craig and Mary, welcome to the show you're actually live this time. Oh good. I scared him here a second ago and came on and said we were live before we're really live but trying to get you guys loosened up a little bit ready for the show. So where are you calling in from? 

Craig: North Carolina

Dave: Okay, nice. So tell me about your this this this I mean, what in the heck would bring you from you know, the trades doing heating and air all the way over onto the internet online and then eventually here to legendary marketer What were you looking for? And have you found it? 

Craig: Well, it's quite a story actually. We had been HVAC contractors for 25 years in Northern California. And between the pandemic and fires and the floods and everything that was going on out there. We were slowly going out of business. We tried pumping money in. We tried everything but it wasn't going to happen. And during that time, our son in North Carolina kept calling and saying, Hey, move to North Carolina. You can be with the grandkids. And so we finally shut down the business and moved here. And we were offered a job with one of his buddies by starting a trucking company. And so we're going to do that and then that falls through. And so you're I was on the internet looking for something and I came across Steven Droege and that's how it all started.

Dave: He's something else isn't he? Yeah, he's, he's, he's something else he was. He was our mastermind in December. I want you to think about this. Okay, think about this. Everybody who's listening. And obviously you know his story, Craig and Mary, but I mean, Stephen Droege, came to the mastermind in December of 2021. And sat in the background quietly with his pregnant wife. very unassuming, and quite frankly, I don't think he knew exactly what was gonna happen. I just know that he knew he needed to make something happen and did so much and achieve so much. I think a lot of ignorance is on fire. You know, it's not about having to know everything. Sometimes being ignorant is not a bad thing. Sometimes being ignorant is what we all are when we're kids and more playful and we're going 100 miles an hour and we don't have all these fears and all these limiting beliefs. But anyways, you know, before we learn too much, to where we get out there on tick tock and we start talking over people's heads. He took advantage of that early motivation. I call it ignorance on fire. It's where you don't know everything. You realize you don't need to know everything, and you just go like hell, and you don't waste a lot of energy overthinking things and you don't waste a lot of energy. You know, you know how it is Craig and Mary you guys have been in HVAC you forgot more about that business than a lot of new people know. And there's a lot of benefit when a young HVAC business owner or contractor comes into the industry, right? Because they're just, they're, they're on fire. As we get in the industry, and we know more and we have some success. It's sometimes honestly it can get harder because Steven took advantage of that early so I know that all of you thinking your first six months are going to be your hardest. But what I'm telling you is what Stephen Droege did, is he made his first six months his most impactful yeah and did so much in his first six months. He now has an income that's well beyond what I think he thought he could achieve. Maybe it's surprising to me, sometimes there are still things that are achievable. I'm like, Wow, is that possible? But in six months he went well. I think he quit his job, and is now full time at home with his wife and his baby. Came back to speak at the Orlando mastermind and did a wonderful job and shared and, you know, you can tell somebody who's ready for their moment because they seized it and they and he was ready for his moment. And in a short six months, he changed his entire life and is obviously changing other people's lives too. That's powerful.

Craig: Yeah, yeah. We followed his instructions. And he answered every question I had. And he told us to just start doing reels. And go crazy. Do four or five of them a day. And don't stop. And that's what we did.

Dave: Yep. Yeah, it's pretty you know, when I was looking at you guys's stuff, and it's real. It's real. Grandpa Craig there's your there's your I mean, it's talked to us about you know, coming in learning a new skill set learning a new business. What has this been like for the both of you? Well, we felt like we just had to dive into it. I told Steve from the beginning. We don't have any options. We got to be successful. We don't have anything else. And so we just dove in and at first we weren't very good. And we just kept trying and kept doing it and started getting good. And now we've got all kinds of people getting interested. And it's just amazing. It's blowing our mind.

Dave: It's amazing. You said we weren't very good and something like we kept doing it and then we got good. Now. Hold on a second. A lot of people make what you just said really complicated, like getting good at something is rocket science. But what you said was basically we sucked at first. We kept doing it, we kept practicing. And now we're a lot better and we're actually pretty good at this whole thing. I mean you made something that a lot of people really over complicated really, really simple. How'd you do that? Right there and you know what I mean by how others make this process very complicated because, well, what are people going to think of me and you know what, what? I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. How have you overcome all that? Or how are you wrestling with you? Surely you're human, you have those same things. How are you dealing with it?

Craig: Well, at first, I didn't even tell Mary about this. I just paid the seven bucks and went through the first four days. And then I realized, realized this thing was a little bit bigger than I thought it was going to be. And so I stopped, went to talk to Mary and said, I need your help. You got to do this with me. And so we started from day one and started over. And then we got going well, we're going through the 50 Day Challenge. I started going online and posting Bible script just to get myself my face out there to get used to talking and it really helped. And then by the time we got to the end of the 15 days, Steve told us just run with this thing. Just get going, do it like crazy. And we'll just see what happens. And so that's what we did.

Dave: If you keep it simple, it can be simple. I like how you went and got Mary. How did that feel to you Mary when he went in and got you to stop what he was doing. He had went down this path initially without telling you but then he stopped and he went to you any asked for your help and support and tell tell tell me and I'm asking this for a reason because a lot of us husbands struggle getting the support of our wives and I'm sure that there's wives out there who are women who struggle getting the support of their spouse, can you talk to us about how that fell or what that experience was like when Craig came and sort of solicited your support but in a vulnerable way. It didn't sound like he was like a woman over here. It was like Can you talk to us about begging?

Mary: I'll tell you, I dragged my feet like they wanted to. He's pretty gullible and you got to reel him in sometimes. But seeing his excitement and us realizing that this is our plan A and we don't have Plan B right now we got to just dig in there and do it. So as far as getting in front of the camera, I'm still rather like this, but you gotta get out there. You're gonna look silly. You're gonna have fun. And that's where we're heading right now.

Dave:  I mean, I'm looking at, you know, Grandpa Craig's channel here, but I'll tell you what, I'm seeing a whole lot of Mary on here too. You know what I mean?  I mean, I'm seeing a whole lot of Mary here and there. He's still in the show here, brother. Yeah,


Craig: We've done about 240 reels. And she's probably half of them.

Mary: Wow. Yeah, I didn't realize that.

Dave:  I did realize that. Well, what is this? What? Now you both have? So I made some money, right? Which, you know, always helps with motivation. You know what I mean? Because it's kind of like, I don't know how people stay motivated in in other things that that take four years, six years, then you gotta go do insurance, IPS chips and all this stuff, which is what people do in college and they go to internship, but a lot of people can get really impatient and just maybe a month or two of getting this up and running or even whatever. Um, how long did it take you to start actually seeing traffic leads in sales? And how long would you stay disciplined and committed? Were you prepared to stay on this track? Until you quit? Do you know what I mean?

Craig: He had the mindset of we're going to do it however long it takes, but we had so much money, and so it turned out right when the right we started getting paid was right around the time our money was running out. And so it just worked.

Mary: I gotta tell you, we were so excited over $2.80 dollars and 80 cents and then it comes out it proves the concept you know, the first few Commission's prove the concept, and then the bigger commission came in, and it was just like, that's amazing. And it works. And so we just got super excited.

Dave: Are you both also? It's wonderful, and you're starting. It seems to be working in the make money online space, which was also something that you were looking to do, so it makes a lot of sense. A lot of people think, Oh, well the only thing legendary teaches is how to be an affiliate for legendary. Do you know, for those of you who are listening who are just you know, maybe sitting on the sidelines and haven't gotten to the trenches and are getting done the work and getting the results that Craig and Mary are getting, a lot of times people sit on the sidelines and they just assume or they just criticize or maybe they're trying to sell something else so they take shots. Number one is we never asked anybody to be an affiliate for legendary. We're blessed and honored and grateful that people think that our training is valuable enough that they actually want to also promote it. That's about that's just all there is to that. But number two point that or thing that I wanted to say was relating to that it is really amazing when those first couple of very small commissions come in and you celebrate and you feel almost like it's like a million dollars, but it's only a couple of bucks. But it proves the concept now. But I want to ask you, do you see how these skills in these business models that we're teaching you both affiliate marketing but also how to sell information? Do you see how that translates and transfers over into so many different things? Not only can you use these skills to maybe market an HVAC business, but you can even package all of your HVAC 25 years of knowledge and you can have a a category you know, a separate channel or whether it be Tiktok channel YouTube channel, to where you are speaking specifically to HVAC contractors and tradesmen. And as a matter of fact Greg and Mary, I mean, test maybe test that separately on a second account, no rules that we can't have multiple accounts folks, we all can have multiple tick tock Instagram, these are free accounts people. It's okay. So why not test the concept you've already got all this expertise, that you know how to talk to those people. Why not say I've been a contractor for 25 years. I could show you how to do HVAC better, I could also show you another way of how to get out of that business. Or at least create side income in case that business ever goes down. Right. But my point originally was the transferable skills. So I want to ask you about that. Do you see how the skills transfer and translate into promoting any product out there or packaging your own? Knowledge or somebody else's knowledge into a course or coaching program program or an event? 


Craig: We definitely said it's a definite possibility we could sell on our knowledge on HVAC, although right now we want to focus on what we're doing. But you never know.

Mary: That's a great idea to thank you.

Dave: Well, what you're doing right now is affiliate marketing. And I love that answer. I love that answer. See, there's always you know, if we pay close attention to people that are rocking and rolling and succeeding, we pick up little clues about how they're succeeding in the minds that they're in. And as I was just going over that with you, your response was that's a great idea. Dave may be awesome for another day, but we're focused on what we're doing right now. That's I just want to validate you for being in that mindset because it is so easy to get distracted. And especially, I was just doing a fellow entrepreneur with lots of ideas. All us entrepreneurs have lots of ideas. How real I want to say this, Greg The reason why you are succeeding is because you are focusing. So in what you just said to me, it was proof of that. But how do you stay focused on a daily basis with all of these differences and even your wife said, Hey, this guy's a little gullible. He's a risk. He's a risk taker. You know, he likes a good sales pitch and He probably likes to give one too. But how do you stay focused Brother, if you are somebody who has a little bit of the squirrel, the shiny object syndrome and you're an opportunity seeker, how do you stay focused day in and day out?

Craig: That's definitely me. I've been in every MLM since they began. I was in Amway 25 years ago. I mean, so anything comes along. I'm always looking at it. But this thing,

Dave: I love the I love you. You're the older version of me.

Craig: Steve told me from day one, that I was gonna be a success and was gullible enough to believe him. So I just told him, You tell me what to do. I will do it. And then if I'm not successful, I'll come back and engage in it. Now.

Dave:  Yeah. So you're you're you're willing to stay on track and you understand from owning an HVAC business for 25 years. That if you're going to have any success at something, you've got to work the business day in and day out. You can't show up one day in your town and say, well, we're not doing AC Today. Today. We're doing plumbing. Don't you guys want some plumbing work done? Right? And it's like, sure the AC guy was about to call you for some AC maintenance. Now you're not right. Wouldn't that be weird? You know, from running that HVAC business. You gotta be in business. Those doors gotta be open. Those checkout pages got to be working 24 hours a day seven days a week because they may not be ready right now. But next week when that system breaks, or next week, when they're actually having a feeling that they remember. Remember that guy on Tik Tok that was in North Carolina and was sitting around Grandpa, what was his name? Oh, yeah, I'm ready to buy now. I'm gonna go look at that. Guy. Oh, I pull them up on TikTok Oh, shit. He's talking about Oh no. How's he into now? He's in the Amway. Oh, gosh. Follow this guy. But there's gotta be an element of consistency. Because that's how this whole business works. You're set when you're sending follow up emails. There. They're now following your page so they see content from you. People usually have to see a few videos or emails or hear from you a couple of times, just to trust that you're not a scam artist who popped up one time and then you're off. So you guys both of you are doing that consistently and are you getting are does it seem like from the messages and in the interaction that you're getting people are? They see that you are leaders even though you may not consider yourself leaders. They can follow your suggestions and they can take your advice in their doing so you feel like that consistency, despite the fact that you're not really experts at anything, right? Do you feel that your consistency is still winning over the trust of people and making them bold?


Craig: We feel like the consistency speaks for itself. We've got a couple 100 More than 200 reals out there. And anyone can go on our page and see them and we do training and stuff whenever it comes on. And we try to learn we're trying to learn at the same time as doing it. And so we want to get better and do more.

Dave:  What other things would you think would be valuable for people to hear from you guys today?

Craig: Gosh, I don't know. Just our main theme is consistency. And every day whether we're sick no matter what, we get up and we're gonna do at least for reals no matter what. And that's our focus. We may have something to do with the grandkids. But around that we're going to get our reels out. And you know, it's just whatever it is it is and we're just going to keep pushing. Yeah.

Dave: Mary, How about how about you? What do you see in what people should know from your perspective, you've got a valuable perspective of having your husband come to you. And then now you getting involved in I mean, what got us such valuable experience? What could you share with other folks who may be listening in and maybe they're, I don't know, maybe they can take this to their spouse and say, Hey, see, I'm not trying to hurt our family. I'm trying to help. It may seem like I'm a little erratic, because I think a lot of people deal with husbands or wives or just partners, like Craig, like Dave, who we are. We do seem sometimes like we're erratic right are starting a bunch of things. How do you support somebody like that? Mary, how do you support somebody like that? And how, what experience would you give maybe to somebody who's a skeptical spouse loves the spouse, doesn't want him to get her in, doesn't really want to waste a bunch of time, but ultimately still wants to support their dreams and doesn't have a whole lot of other options. You have such valuable experience as just I'm just like, what could you share with us that might be helpful?

Mary: Well throughout the years you get to know your spouse and they go down a road that maybe is too gullible, you know, you reel him back in. If you do spot this in your spouse their desire to actually go through with this suggestive file and you'll see like the pride in his face for actually doing this for actually going forward and making something of this it is so exciting to see how excited he is every morning and make these reels. I just want to help them.

Dave:  Really, Craig, I mean you really got it made rather. You're really you know, you're surrounded by family. You went to you and you encountered a tough situation, like many of us did. Maybe not to that extent of business and having to move across country with chill with your kids, but man, you guys are figuring it out and doing it and now you're not sitting around saying what happened or you're going I just man, so much credit to you for doing that and for getting out there and making it happen. And thank you for your Yeah, I mean, I'm just really inspired by your story and I know so many other people are so we're gonna send people to your TikTok. @grampacraig 

Dave:  We'll go check it out, man and follow along on your journey and come back and see us in a couple of months. Would you too and let's keep the conversation going.

Mary: We'd love to all right. I'll see you.

Dave: Okay, Craig. All right. See you Mary and tell your family that we said hello as well and be well be safe and be legendary stay legend.

Mary: Thank you. All right. See you guys.

David Sharpe  

My friends. There it is. Once again, you know another amazing story. Go and check them out at @grampacraig over on TikTok and Grandpa Craig Marketing over on Facebook. And man I mean, wow. Move cross country to have to completely relocate with absolutely no plan and to not know what or where money's gonna come from. But to still have enough wherewithal to still be you know, in those moments, those are where we break down or we break through, you know, it really is like wow, this is it. This is the moment you know what I mean? This is where I need to act, and they acted, they acted well. Craig acted secretly. And then he came in and he shared it very vulnerably and honestly and wow. Look at the partnership, look at the support. Look at what's possible. Sure they're having their apps probably going to experience a lot more financial success if they stay on this path, who knows what's possible, but also look at the relationship and look at what it can do and has done for them, their love for each other. It's just magical what this business or a business can do. If you go into it and you're in, you know your limitations. See with Craig and I've done this too. You know, for me a big business with a like, for example, being a contractor might have even been too overwhelming for me personally, because it's a lot of equipment. It's a lot of things to take care of. But online marketing, affiliate marketing, it is a manageable business. All I need is a laptop in a cell phone, and I can do it and he's done it. He's doing that. Right and Papa Don's doing it at 78 and so many other people from young to old are doing it because they got in and they went through the training. They took if they needed support, they asked for it. They asked for it. There's just so much to learn when we talk to these people day in and day out, and we listen to how they did it. How did you do it? Well, I didn't have any other options. And I was at a moment where I was gonna break down or I was gonna break through, you know, I mean, he didn't say those exact words, but that's exactly what happened. And yeah, he and he went and did something even if it was wrong right. He took some action. That's what my dad used to say to me on the construction site, do something, son, even if it's wrong. Well, you don't know what's right until you start trying things. Just so happened to try something that was right. And then he said, Mary, I screwed up. I didn't tell you. You know what happened. But I want to tell you now I need you to write in and I mean, the magic every moment is an opportunity to create magic depending on what choice we make. What choice do we make? We are so powerful pieces to design our life. We are in control. I know that and I'm not trying to say play god. I'm just saying we're in control of these powerful choices that Craig and Mary have made, and it's possible for any one of us to do the same thing. So keep up the great work. Of course, Craig and Mary and all of you have a Legendary day. We'll be back here. Another episode tomorrow. Same time, same place.

How To Find Time To Create Content With A Busy Schedule

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Well hello there my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary this morning. We have a former office manager with a master's. We just want you all to know that she has a master's degree. We've put it in the headline here: needed work-life balance and she has maybe finally found it. Let's hear from her. Cintia, welcome to the show.

Cintia:  Hi, thank you.

Dave:  How are you?

Cintia:  I'm good. How are you?

Dave:  I don't. I don't think you have enough time for me to tell you all about it. I am awake and alive this morning. And I was saying to my wife as we were about to go live. You know, my wife has also got a master's degree or HR and stuff here at Legendary. And what was the other similarity? She has three kids.

Cintia:  I got two so yeah,

Dave:  I was like am I talking to my wife here this morning? But anyways, it's not my wife's right there. Here you are. So tell us how you found legendary you know what you were looking for? And have you found it?

Cintia:  Yes. So while I guess starting maybe last year, I started seeing some friends of mine. Well, I stopped working about two years ago because I was overly stressed with my kids and the office was too much because I couldn't do too much at the time. And I also started to have a word balance because work life balance because I couldn't have that. And a friend of mine from Brazil because I'm from Brazil. He was always posting on Instagram, you know, because he was working with affiliate marketing. And I'm like, Okay, so let me check that out. What is that about? And I started talking to him and he explained to me what it was like okay, but I'm leaving us I gotta find something here ya know, cuz to to make it work here

Dave:  In Brazil, an affiliate marketer who is from Brazil and currently lives in Brazil.

Cintia:  Yes, yes. Yes. So so that's how it always started and I started looking for for ways to learn here because I know that the way they work in Brazil it's kind of different from here like the the strategies I mean, the goals same but you know so that's how I found legendary started looking no Instagram and I didn't even know how to talk at the time to be honest. Because I'm not going to be posting stuff ever. So yeah, so that's how I found engineering. I'm like, Okay, so let's give it a try. And here we are.

Dave:  So what's happened since then, give us some milestones or achievements or some things that have happened in a positive way since you started. Yeah, so

Cintia:  I started I think I took the 15 Day Challenge back in December. I kind of procrastinate a lot to be quite honest. You know, to put everything into place and I'm like, Okay, let me let me make sure that this is going to be right. I wanted to still have my life and at the same time, you know, do my work on the side. So I kind of you know, we started putting out together and on the website and all so I started posting I think back in March, but like one here one video here one video there wasn't much and one a day maybe. And then I was like okay, but I started to see results within a week, even though I was posting like once a day. And I'm like, Okay, I think this can work. So so. So that's what everybody sees, right? So after maybe a month, yeah, it took me like a month to start, like by mid April I would say I'm gonna go full speed with this. And I started like three times a day. I'm like, okay, I can do it three times a day. But let's go for it. And so that's what I did. And I started to see better results. And so I see that mostly you know, if you're consistent with everything that you're doing, and that's when you start to see it actually work out.

Dave:  Yeah, I mean, just like motherhood right like when you when you when you parent your children and you're there day after day, they begin to trust you. It's an amazing thing, you know? I mean, it's like if we think about just children, if we came and popped into the house every couple of days and just were like, Hey, how are you doing? I'm gonna make you dinner real quick or whatever. Then we left for a couple of days and then we came back. We wouldn't you know, that's not the way to build the strongest bond and relationship with our children. I think we would all agree with that. Right? And so, you know, human beings out there on the internet or adults, they work the same way there is somebody who's there every day. On this planet of 8 billion people, there is somebody who's willing to be there every day. And so it's a small price to pay. But it does take creativity. You can fit it into a small amount of time. But it does take creativity and it does take some dedication. So you're finding the time, how are you managing your time? I mean, what are some of the things that you're doing or that you started doing that are saving you most time with two small children? Yeah, so

Cintia:  Basically, because they go to school in the morning, so that's my golden time. So I drop them off, and I do my stuff in the morning, and then when they go to bed, I also do some stuff. So that's basically how I tried to manage it. Of course, you know, during the day if you have any time you know, to respond to somebody here because, you know, people are asking questions and they need help with whatever. But mainly what I'm doing is like in the morning, and then I can take care of them. I can not change their schedule. I'm gonna keep doing whatever I'm doing and at the same time I can manage my business. Yeah, so you know, just record stuff and you leave it in the drafts and then you edit later. And you go from there. So that's

Dave:  Really just within a couple. I mean, didn't What did you say about April you said you would procrastinate a little bit, but when did you finally get through the training and start marketing.

Cintia:  So I got through the training. That's what I said it was like back in December that I got through the training. But for me to actually put everything into place and build the funnel and the emails and all it took me like a few months to get everything together. And to finally start, you know, working on it.

Dave:  That's the time in which you said you procrastinated right.

Cintia:  Yes, yes, yes. Well, I started procrastinating since I met my friend in Brazil, because last year was like mid last year. And then I started searching and you know, and then I came through legendary by the end of the year. Yeah.

Dave:  Yeah. It's interesting. It's like imagining, thinking about all that time. You know, I know I get into something we get interested in. And yeah, we look back and we're like, wow, like I've kind of played around with this idea for a year and look at how far I've gone in just a month when I really committed. So you know what, knowing how powerful this is, knowing that you can take some training, learn the ropes to get out there and actually then build a business that is as big as you I mean, you can obviously see if you put full time into this, you would get a much bigger result. But you're you're putting lit you're putting in the minimum amount of time that you are the maximum amount of time that you have with other things that you got going on and your kids but now that you know how powerful this is, where do you plan to take this is this just something that is for you going to bring in some extra income which is is nice, do you do you plan to build this into something bigger? Talk to us about now that you know all that research or conversation or procrastination period is over.

Cintia:  Now I want to put full speed on it. Absolutely. Because when you see the results like the you know, bigger results are like okay, so you know this can change things and I've talked to many people that are with legendary too they took the training I think they spoke to Camila other brazilian girl one time so been talking to them and I see like everybody like is the if you put in the work, you can really get results and I started for myself. So it's not something that just oh, you know, I'm gonna do it once a day. No, you have to commit. And that's what I did. Not long ago, but yes, I decided no, I'm going to commit to this and I'm going to make it work. And, and it's working. Yeah. I, you know, I want to go from here. So

Dave:  It's working just like it's working. Just like we said that it would work right. It's amazing. And we know that it works because we do it. Look at this. I talked about this yesterday because I recently won a contest with ClickFunnels. I didn't even change anything. This is just my personal account. My Dave Sharpe affiliate account here at legend is still marketing, still making things happen, is still bringing in traffic and is the number one affiliate of Click Funnels as of last month. So you know, it's it's it if we do it and we teach it because it works. And this income for me, you know is an additional This is in addition to my ClickFunnels. affiliate income is in addition somewhere between 30 and 50,000 a month. I can't even remember off the top of my head what it is, but it is truly that. I mean just that one as I sit here you know I'm serious. It's like you know, I have several things that have worked like that over the years, several, you know, several different products that I've promoted. And I have, you know, even even after, even after I stopped promoting those products, I still was in some cases still getting commissions and I know that that is the case for a lot of people as well. When they sometimes run into difficult situations. And they really need that income. Thankfully, I haven't been in one of those situations where, you know, my affiliate marketing income, you know, basically like saved my life thankfully but what sort of things do you want to do specifically with Do you Do you want to travel more? Do you want to move to a different house? I mean, if you think, why am I doing this deep down inside? What is your answer?

Cintia:  My answer. I went to give more to my kids. That's my answer. Housing wise and like a bigger house or, you know, they went out and I want to be booked to travel to Brazil more because now prices are ridiculously expensive. So I want to have the flexibility to do whatever I want without worrying about the financial side of it. And also I can, you know, take care of them at the same time. So that's my goal right now. Yeah,

Dave:  That's incredible. Yeah. You know, sure, that stems from your own life and wanting to give your kids better than what you had in something different than what you have.

Cintia:  Absolutely, absolutely. I think all the parents say they kind of go missing.

Dave:  Yeah. And with craziness that happens in the country in the world, like what happened this week out in Texas. I'll tell you what, you know, obviously that hit from what it appears that hit a Latino neighborhood. I mean that's that even when I was looking at the pictures it looked like everybody standing around you knew it was Latina. And I thought you know, wow. The opportunity that I have, first of all to have been born in this country, but also to have this information I have this knowledge for and I'm speaking for me specifically for English doing my first language to have, you know, to have stumbled across some information on the internet that helped me to succeed and all that and I look at you, and I look at folks in this country who have come from other countries and who have especially now those folks in Texas that that community I'm sure is rocked by that. But I just look at folks like you, my Barber's from Cuba. I love his story and I just think about how hard it must have been and everything that you've been through in your family. It's just people who are in America whose English is not their first language and they were born somewhere else. They came here for opportunity, man and I don't know your whole story. At some point somebody either you or somebody came here from Brazil, right? You did. Looking for opportunity, right looking for a better life for you and your kids. And I look at a lot of people, by the way. There's a lot of people in our community and I just met one of them. From Peru, what's her name honey? Andrea, Andrea from Peru came to our mastermind event and I got to meet her. Do you feel that a lot of the things that you've been through and already overcome have given you now the tools to be able to do this too?

Cintia:  Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Because when you get here it's like you know when I got here 12 years ago, I guess Yeah, 12 years ago. And when you arrive it's a different country. It's the language, it's sort of different even though you know I started English in Brazil. It's completely different. It's another language . You don't know anything when you get here. So people don't understand you and you try to explain things and it's like it's a little messy in the beginning.

Dave:  And I'm sure that all in your confidence too. 

Cintia:  Absolutely, absolutely. And you know, it took it took some time, you know, to get used to everything and you know, to gain respect from people when and you know, I got heroes young, but at the same time, you know, you still have to to to get your place and to you know so yeah, it definitely definitely

Dave:  It's up to you. I mean, I can't imagine I'm maybe you came with family, right but by myself this story is incredible. Are you serious?

Cintia:  Yeah. Yeah, I graduated in Brazil. And then I was like, Okay, I'm leaving. I came to us and I started our training program. And I was 2121. Yeah. So yeah. So I got here and I was doing training stuff. And I stayed from there. I never went back. So

Dave:  The reason why one of the reasons why I bring this up is because we all have something that we've overcome. We've all you know, we all have incredible things that we've done and achieved and learned. And I asked you to really power or just touched on two really powerful points, right. Why are you doing this? And what have you been through already that demonstrates that you can do this? If we all ask ourselves those two questions today, why am I doing this? And what evidence do I already have that I can get through anything that I can do anything? Let me tell you something. My friends, if you've come from another country, and you've learned another language and you have survived for this long, you can do anything my friend. You know, for those of you who have golly, we've all been through so much stuff. I mean, we all have things that we have overcome. That is your story. Now whether you choose to tell that story out on the internet and use it for marketing. You need to know that story in your heart. You need to know what you've overcome and you need to know who you are. You need to be able to see what looked back, what have I been through? And can I do this? Do I have evidence that I can get through things or do I have evidence that I can't? And I guarantee if every single one of us looked at what we've been through and what we've overcome we would really truly be impressed with ourselves in confidence, instead of critical when the bar goes up in comparing ourselves and tearing ourselves apart or down. You know I often say if you talk to me the way that I talked to you, I would have a real problem with you. Because I can be hard on myself. You know what I mean? But wow, if I was you Wow. I hope you feel a lot of confidence and I hope you feel a lot of dignity. Because you've got an incredible story and you've overcome a lot to be where you're at. And isn't it amazing to know that each and every person who's listening to this has that same story you can have just how powerful of a story if you really look at it. Like that. Look at this. Christina says, you know, I arrived nine months ago, and I bought the blueprint, I'm creating my funnel now. I mean, I don't know where you arrived from Christina, but I'm assuming you are from another country. And I just love to look at what other people have been through in what they have done and can do, because it also makes me look at what I'm dealing with and say I can do this, if that's what they have to deal with. I can do this right now because I'm the type who has to get motivation from wherever I can. So,

Cintia:  mindset, right. It's all about the mindset. Because sometimes when I was procrastinating like all those months, you know, I'm like, I don't know. You know, I was always in an office and doing, you know, HR stuff and office stuff. So it was me, the computer and the employees, okay, but it's not something that you put yourself out there. So you know, you have to shift your mind. Okay, so, if I'm going to do this, I'll have to come in and I'll have to, you know, change a bit a little like something's because many people were like, Oh, I don't want to show my face and it's totally fine. But when you see what he can bring to you. Once you change your mind and you're like, Okay, I'm gonna commit to this, whatever, whatever people think or do not think you know, it's my life so nobody's gonna do it for me right.

Dave:  I see that attitude a lot with immigrants who have been through hell is that you know Yeah, I you know, people are either gonna like it or they're not but you know, I've, I've done enough to get to where I'm at right now. And I at this point, you're not going to stand in my way. You know, one person or one person's opinion or five Pete ‘s opinions. What do you say to people who are really caught up with what other people think and so much so that, you know, they're hiding, they're hiding in their homes and they're hiding in their offices. They're there. If we think about it, folks, it's not just the internet. If you're somebody who's afraid to put your face out there, it's not just the internet. You probably have that pattern in other areas of your life. It's not like you're super fearless in real life, but then on the internet, you're you may feel uncomfortable, but you're we carry those we carry those things over. So what do you say to somebody who is really caught up in, you know, what other people say? Even there you know, hey, I just I don't I don't want to damage my reputation. I mean, whatever their reason is, whether it's first, let's start with this one first when somebody says hey, you know, I don't want to. I care too much what other people think and you can tell that that's really what and I think that's what most people's issue is. It's a real true fear of rejection. It's a real trophy, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not making fun of everybody. We all have it. But what do you say to somebody who deals with that and have Have you have you dealt with it at all and

Cintia:  That's why I procrastinated all these months and I was trying to convince myself okay, you know, and sometimes when I actually started putting things you know, into work and everything else, I saw a difference and I started seeing a positive outcome. of it from family friends and everybody that knew me. So it was kind of surprising because I'm not like I said, I'm not the one that is going to be on the internet posting on my personal Instagram, Facebook, you're not going to see anything basically. Because I was never like the one that is going to be posting I was always sleepy, you know, private about my life and everything else. And when I started doing this before, like, okay, so Oh my god, it doesn't even look like you. You're still going and like, that's not what goes inside. So I have to work through it. And it's like a mind shift. There is no other name for it. Because you really have to understand that it's not going to happen sometimes like I said, the results can be much more positive than what you think. You downgrade yourself. You're like, oh, but I'm gonna put myself out there and they're gonna think better of me. We're making fun of me and it's not the case. Maybe most of the time this is not the case. 

Dave:  So yeah. Wow. So absolutely. We all agree that we all deal with that. And so what you're saying, you dealt with it, too. That's what had you. That was the main thing that was broken was making you procrastinate, and you actually had the opposite. response from were you more concerned about family and friends or were you concerned about strangers?

Cintia:  No, I guess so. It's strangers. They don't know me, you know, I think from what I've experienced and what I've talked about, wherever they know because that's where I judge them in a way you know.

Dave:  I'm trying to think back to like when I first got started, was I more worried about what other people thought are my friends and family but no, you're right. Like we are worried about our friends and family more than anything, because those are the people whose opinions hold weight in our lives in their words.

Cintia:  Exactly.

Dave:  So yeah, gosh, you know, that's very true. So, so your family responds more in a positive way is what you're saying. They were actually yeah. You know, we've never seen this side of you before.

Cintia:  Because it's funny because I'm like, I didn't do much HR work you know, so I was like training and stuff but okay, that's fine because you're used to it and, and you know, it's one on one and you're with them and the employees and it's fine. I was fine at that time. But when I had to put myself in front of a camera, I was like, oh my goodness, if you see my first video, it's like, I know you're doing but then you know become more comfortable.

Dave:  Right? You just relaxed I think here's it here's what here's what I think. And I just just came up for me. I think being able to be in front of a camera is a damn near necessary skill moving forward.

Cintia:  Yes.

Dave:  I think just simply because what if we all go into another lockdown How are you going to communicate with people at some point? I mean, it's, it's not like a science fiction novel anymore, folks. We just were in some lockdowns over some crazy stuff. Okay, I'm not even gonna say what we went through because I don't want Facebook flagging the video here but we all know. So while we're sitting in lockdown, the next time the lockdown happens and quite frankly, there were billions of people who were sitting in the lockdown this time, who said, Oh crap, now I can't make money. You know, I actually and that's why so many people came on the internet and got started with Internet marketing so forth over the pond. Almost said it got flagged there. So yeah. Pancakes. But so, so Wow. So friends and family, man being afraid of friends and family. How do we deal with that? That's when you really it's really that we're afraid. You know, we're afraid. Here's how I deal with it. Okay, I used to run from everything and hide from everything and be secretive and all this kind of stuff. Because I didn't want to deal with things. I didn't want to deal with people and I didn't want to deal with their opinions or I didn't want to. I just didn't have the tools to be able to deal with them. Here's what I do now. And I've been doing this for quite a while. I try to just go ahead if I have somebody who I really care about their opinion sit them down and ask for their support and let them know that I'm really vulnerable and sensitive right now. Wow. You're not giving me tough guy advice right now. This sounds like soft stuff. Feelings and shit. Yeah, it's amazing. So I go to my friends, like I go to my loved ones. Now that I care. I go to my wife. I say I'm about to do something. You might think it's a little crazy, but I really need your support on this one. Because this is what I want and I'm just as uncomfortable as you are. But I need your support and so now what I do is and I see a lot of people doing things like not even telling their family, not even telling their spouses not and and I just really think that when we're avoiding something, it's a real opportunity to grow. That's where your moment to change your life is when something's really uncomfortable and you avoid it you change nothing, you do more damage but when you face it so you know I've been trying to do that. I've been trying to do that for some years now in my life. Go to people and ask for their support, you know, be a little bit more vulnerable. I tend to get my needs met a lot more when I do that. versus, you know, kind of automatically assuming people aren't going to support me or, you know, just make the biggest thing is just making stories up in my head about what they're gonna do or say. Instead I just you know, I just, I just try to communicate with people and let them know what I need and how I'm feeling and it works. It works fairly well. I realized

Cintia:  I think in our mind, it's the story, it's totally different. We think the words in our mind you know, like what people are gonna say but once you actually talk to them and explain whatever it's going on. It's the response. Usually it's totally different from what we made up in our mind. It's yeah, it's much better I guess.

Dave:  It's always much better. It's always much better. And I grew up with a couple of people that I watched just make things up in their head all the time about situations instead of you know, we always a lot of times we pick those things up from people around us that we grew up with if we're somebody who is always pre judging situations or pre judging people that you know, pre judging what they're going to say or what they're going to think that's pre judging. And a lot of times we'll pick that up from a family member that we grew up around, and you know, we're working on that a lot at the mastermind in that limiting beliefs that we may have picked up somewhere along the way. What did you grow up with? Or what did you pick up along? The way that you're aware is a limiting belief that you've been or have changed?

Cintia:  Definitely the judgment. And I guess that's one thing that was keeping me you know, from starting, because what other people are gonna think what, how are they going to judge whatever I'm doing week, and honestly, I think we judge ourselves much more than people are going to judge us or we tend to judge people for whatever reason, in Brazil, I think the culture is a little different, and people are more judgmental than here, from what I see. Maybe Latin America in general, I would say. So I guess that's a big thing. Because we're always worried about what people are gonna think, what they're gonna say, how they're gonna look at us, you know, in kind of way, and once you, you really understand that that's not going to change the outcome or whatever you do. And you're like, Okay, you know what, let's just do it because, but it's a mindset change. You have to change the way you think. Because otherwise, you're just blocking yourself from something that can be great. Just because of the fear of judgment. And that's, that's how I see it.

Dave:  And you're talking about an entire culture, not just a parent. Who influenced that you know, or planted that seed. And that's really what you want to ask yourself if you're if you're trying to be successful in your life. Now with a business. You may have seeds that were planted that you need to go in there and pull out of your garden that are keeping you from being successful and a lot of it is just mental seeds. You know that that was a great example of just calling a call center in general. People are really concerned about what others think and it's, it's, it's, that makes a lot of sense to me because most of the time people who grow up in small towns and communities, that those are the only people that you have, so you don't you know, in, in, in in past generations, when when travel wasn't as easy, you know, people didn't travel they were with their community, their village their town all the time. And so it was really, you know, I can understand why people in certain cultures may be really concerned with others thing because they don't want to get you know, but the truth is, is that we grow up now you grew up and you realize that the world is a big place, and that you know, what you grew up around culture, people you love, but place a place. You want to go to a different place. You got up and you moved in. That is also a really empowering thing to realize that as we become adults now, and I'm talking about even for some of you who are 3040 5060 70 that you can get up. Yes, I do have developed. You can get up and you can move. You can do something different and I don't mean just move physically. But for you, you did move physically and you came to America, you also I'm sure with internet marketing and are doing something that you know, is also a big change in Brazilian culture. I only know a few Brazilian marketers, you know, it is different there. I don't know exactly how but I know it's different. Yeah. So you're also doing something different than today outside of Pebble Brazilian culture, right? So you're really stepping outside, you're going to hell with it. Right. But, gosh, a lot of people you know, just really have a difficult time just having a conversation with their spouse, maybe just during this with their spouse and so what advice do you have for somebody who's just trying to take a small step to gain the support of other people in their family?

Cintia:  I think first of all you have to understand within yourself and understand that, like I said many times, whatever you think it's much worse than whatever, it's gonna be the outcome. And, and trust in yourself because that's the only person that you can really trust. It's yourself because you're going to take the actions you're going to do. So once you have them, you change your mind on how you think. And even though everybody has their fears, and everybody has, you know, their limitations on like, you know, mindset wise, I think that's the first thing you have to deal with. That changes your mindset, the way you're thinking about the home environment that you live in and the work related personally. And that's that's the first step I think, to to change something because that's what happened to me at least, I had first changed my mind and then to put everything you know, to start something new. My background is totally different from whatever I'm doing. 

Dave:  It is a big shift. But I want to zero in on the advice you gave in, in the perspective that it's never really as bad as we make it out to be. It's not. It's not it's never as hard as we make it out to be. It's never as easy as we make it out to be. It's never as good. It's never as bad. You know, it's always usually somewhere in the middle. If I go to my spouse and I tell her Hey, I'm starting new businesses. I'm going to get trained up. I'm going to spend a few $1,000. I'm going to invest in myself. Yeah, I mean, she might be like, Yo, what the hell, you know, she might have a surprise, shocking or shocked, or even a negative reaction. But that doesn't mean that now all of a sudden she doesn't support me, it just simply means that I'm bringing news to her that she didn't expect. So I mean, all kinds of little tools that I've learned over the years to even back up and just simply asked my wife, do you have time to give me five or 10 minutes right now and talk like, do you have the mental space right now to do that? Because a lot of times I'm just bringing questions in topics to people at the wrong time. And they just react like it's it can be things that are that small, but we can be so sensitive and you know, so there's little tiny tools that I can use all the one that I just gave an example of that can help me to get the support that it can help me to win friends and family and influence people. And so I think that's that's, that's, that's really important, but I also love what you said about trusting yourself. It's so true. There really I mean, even your spouse, even your partner if you have if you're married or you're in a relationship they are I mean you still have to be a whole person to have a don't make a hole in a relationship anyways. Two holes in trusting yourself and certainly when it comes to your business and if you have kids or whatever, really coming to terms with the fact that nobody's coming to save you or me. They might send us a couple of checks throughout a year-long lockdown, but we all know that's not enough.

Cintia:  And even when I first told my husband that I was thinking about it and you know, I don't know anything about it, I mean, he knows what I'm doing, but he doesn't understand exactly, you know what it is? So he was like, okay, you know, whatever. And then he started seeing Okay, so okay, you're getting results. Okay, so wait a second. Let me understand what you're doing. Let me let me try to you know, it's it's funny because

Dave:  We all have the chance to go from, you know, wherever our, our, our, whatever our status is, you in our friends and family circle, we have a chance to elevate that status. And what I mean by that is right now you just may be another friend or family member within your circle that nobody really looks to for anything, any advice or they don't really look to you as an example or they don't really look up to you're just an average person. And let's all just come to terms and be honest with where we're at in our families. I mean, where we're at in our friends circle you know, if we're, you know, are we, you know, we all we all if we're honest with ourselves, it's, you know, it can be a tough pill to swallow. It's like yeah, I'm, you know, I'm not contributing. I'm not leading. I'm not nobody's looking up to me. Nobody's looking for anything. I'm not, you know, so you have a chance with this business to elevate your status within your friends, family and community circles because it's not about becoming more powerful. It's becoming more influential. It's, it's, it's in with all of that with that success, which is financial success, and also, you know, popularity or whatever, if you grow your social media channels. There was a lot of a lot of a lot of people will treat you differently, the respect that you've always wanted, you may finally get it and the reason why that people will start to respect you and people will start to trust you more is because going back to that piece of advice you gave because you started to trust you more and you started to use stop relying on them to be there for you and you started being there. For yourself. And you save time. Yes. You're in your status raises even right, your husband now all of a sudden is looking going Hey, what are you doing? You become more interesting. You're more of a leader. You're more of a somebody that people look to as a more serious person. And so, I don't know about you, you all folks, maybe you've never experienced what it's like to go from non influential to an influential person, but I have I know what it's like to that nobody wants my opinion. I know what it's like that people think that I'm just totally screwed up. You know? I know what it's like. And now, it's amazing. People come to me and they want to know they want business advice. You know what I mean? They want to talk about life. They want my opinions. They don't bring just any bullshit to me because they know that my time is valuable. You know what I mean? If people are calling you with Jack, salute bullshit, and it seems like they're, they don't respect your time. They don't. They don't respect your time. And guess what? They're never going to respect your time until, like you said, trusting yourself. They're not going to respect your time until you respect your time. Exactly. That's exactly right. So well, what would you add to this, this powerful conversation? What would you say to somebody who may be sitting on the fence right now who's skeptical or who may be going yet? What would you say to that person who's brand new? Maybe they're that kind of getting started procrastinating?

Cintia:  Wow, yes, just do it. Basically. Because the longer you wait the longer you delay your success in any way you think of personal or business or I think one action you can change it all, basically, and you're going to commit yourself first. Commit yourself that you're going to do something and go through it. Go through it. Don't know how to overthink things. Just sometimes we're getting too much in our heads and and I think that's the biggest problem because once you start thinking and overthinking and that's when you start procrastinating and start you know, delaying everything that we're doing.

Dave:  So you see this right here. This is a bad neighborhood. Yeah, I try not to. I try to not go in there alone. Yeah, I tried to go in there only with a buddy. You know, a buddy system. It's a bad neighborhood up there. I mean, seriously, I can really get myself in trouble with my own thinking. I mean, I can sure think that I can creatively think my way, you know, solutions and creative marketing stuff. But I can also go down some pretty serious rabbit holes. They get me in a lot of mental trouble and a lot of mental stress for no reason. And so yes, this it's so important, but my friends, don't overthink it. It's the key and it's the curse. It's the journey. Getting is about for me it's the same way that the journey of getting clean from heroin, like I did back 14 years ago. I gotta connect my head to my heart. I gotta get out of my head and I got to get into my heart. I'm a living, breathing emotional person. And I can't ignore that part of my body. And that part of who I am. And yes, our mind mindset mindset mindset. Most of the things that we need to do with our mindset are simply unlearn a lot of the things that we were taught that's holding us back in terms of mindset that first year, be aware of when you go to do something and you don't want to do how do you feel ask yourself where do you think that came from? Who did that come from? Who gave you that? Do you want to continue to think like that anymore? Well, you don't have to, what can I do about it? Well, I'm aware of it now. I can walk through it instead of stopping the first year, I believe, I believe without a shadow of a doubt, and I wouldn't be doing this if I did not believe that within six to 12 months if somebody comes in and goes through our program and is a part of our community. And actually listens to everything that we have to offer including wakeup legendaries in six to 12 months. They can be a much more powerful and profitable version of themselves and radically change their life. Six to 12 months. Do you believe that?

Cintia: Oh, yes, absolutely. Absolutely. In a few months I already saw a lot of changes within me. And the community you see, like everybody talking and everybody's helping each other and it's, it's, it's, it's amazing.

Dave:  It's cool. Keep up the great work and come back and see us round two and I'll let you go. I know your time is valuable and precious. And yeah, keep up the amazing work. Keep adding in writing these chapters to your story. It really is. It really is a cool story and you've got a great you know, you've got a great thing going here so keep it up. Okay.

Cintia:  Thank you. Thank you for having me. See, you see you.

Dave:  Alright my friends, you can follow Cintia at Insite, Saito marketing. So let me spell it out for you. Ah, Insights marketing in Saito marketing my friends. Wow. You know what a powerful episode once again where we get to hear from somebody who overcame odds came I mean, it's just you know, even at the mastermind I looked out and there's so many different people of all ages from all different walks of life, you know, cultures backgrounds. You know, occupations that people did either before this or even while they're doing this. This is really, really something and it's really, really possible and doable for anybody who wants it and anybody who's willing to commit to it, just like Cintia said in this episode today. So get in there, get serious, go through the training, invest in yourself today. Make a big decision. Have a defining moment, have a defining moment in your life, to where you can draw a line in the sand and say, Okay, I've made a decision and from this day forward, I'm going to get serious and I'm going to commit, always a good day to get started, or start over and that way. All right, we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here. Be Legendary. Peace. 

How To Create Content While Maximizing Your Time

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Leslie, Tell us about the experience with the mastermind, how you found Legendary and what you experience has been like since then.

Leslie: I gained a lot of traction after the mastermind. I had like 600 followers during the mastermind and I got to 1000 on New Years Eve. Now I'm at 28,000. I had a lot of fun with it. focus on so I was like, Okay, I'm gonna focus on the business and just kind of, you know, go from there. So that's when I actually started really focusing on it in January.

Dave:  And so what happened in between January and now what happened after that?

Leslie: So I in January was when I was doing more of the backend stuff and like creating the funnels and doing what I have right now. And I started posting consistently right off the bat I was posting two to three times a day even though I didn't really feel comfortable and then I just kind of pushed myself to eventually start making videos where I was talking on camera and I think I did that within the first two or three weeks. And as soon as I hit 1000 followers, I went live the next day. So I've just been kind of pushing myself through the process even though it feels uncomfortable.

Dave:  Yeah, so what do you think? I mean, what was that big lol that happened? I mean was that do you think that was really that life was busy or do you think you ran up? Do you think you ran up against a little bit of discomfort? Do you think that you did, did you get the blueprints and then you didn't go through them? So you actually still felt like you didn't know where to get started? I experienced that with a lot of people.

Leslie: This lesson I had gone a little bit through the blueprints but I didn't fully, you know, set everything up, you know, for the business to run. It was just more like something new. Not wanting to fail and then just you know, doubting. And then also, I didn't tell anybody that I was doing this. So I didn't really have anybody supporting me. So it's just me that I had to, you know, push myself.

Dave:  Okay. So what has changed? I mean it's obvious that you started taking some action and you really kind of, you know, you mentioned that but what has changed? I mean, what do you think has thrown you into this? This state of taking action and now getting results? 

Leslie: focusing on what my end goals are. So like why is it that I'm doing this? It's not just for the money, it's to live the lifestyle that I want to live. help anybody in the process that wants to either start the online business or just you know, get started with something you know, even if that's soon for their confidence, or try something new.

Dave:  And what do you think was standing like was it was it if we were to be if we were to try to be more, you know, descriptive with what was you feel was really at the root cause of you getting started and then kind of stopping or you know, drifting away for a little while. Do you believe that? Do you believe it was really all mostly up here? Was it mental? Was it emotional? I mean, more than that, it was your capabilities, right?

Leslie: Yeah, it wasn't my capabilities because I knew I could do it. It was just me just kind of doubting myself and having to put myself in a position where I have to fail and where I have to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Dave:  Yeah, and I mean, define failure. What does failure even mean? I mean, basically put yourself in a position where you could succeed. I mean, because there are so many bumps along the road. But I mean, we throw failure around like it's a loose word, but I mean, when do you ever really fail, you know, when you quit, but how do you, you know, fail, but is it a fake fear?

Leslie:  Yeah, it was just kind of a learning process. So I think what I mean by failure is, you know, not succeeding at it in the first place, but just kind of learning from that process.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's scary. I mean, anytime we do something new, you know, whether it's a job or a business, or a relationship, but for some reason, starting a business and coming online has a different set of overwhelming things that come along with it. You know, when you get into a brand new relationship with a new person. It's not certain that there's a lot of distractions and so forth out there. But really, the challenges are more just with that one direct person, right? It's like, oh, how do we coexist together? How do we live together? What, when I came online, I didn't just have you know, there were now all a bunch of things that I started to see. And so I had, you know, things coming from lots of different people. And I had to learn how to cut off those distractions and really focus and I had to define what focus actually meant to me. How have you dealt with all of the many distractions? Do you try to juggle lots of different things with lots of people or do you really keep your inbox clean? Are you really trying to focus on, you know, creating content versus consuming content, basically how do you not get sucked into the distraction monster?

Leslie: So in the beginning, I would get distracted, but I have gotten better at just keeping track of what it is I want to take care of. So like, so to do lists, I've been really helpful and just writing everything down. And if I get distracted, which I do sometimes, you know, it happens. As soon as I realized that, okay, I got back to what it is that I'm doing and just kind of brought my focus back to the important part like what it is that I need to focus on and why I'm doing this.

Dave:  Yeah. And the distraction can be big, right? It can be like, it can be, oh my gosh, every day I log on to my email I Love You know, it's the first thing that I check when I log on, and I spent 45 minutes chasing rabbit holes of other people's marketing agendas that can be one way that I get distracted. So for me personally, I keep my inbox really, really clean. I don't just have and this is just something that I wouldn't expect everybody here to, you know, it wasn't like that. At first I subscribed to 50,000 different email lists. But for me, I had to really think about it well, if I'm getting up and spending 30 to 45 minutes, just simply checking my email and seeing what everybody else is doing and then I get sucked into maybe something that they're doing. I just lost a lot of early days, precious morning time. So how do you manage your time? I mean, how do you know what day looks like for you and how do you fit in little pieces of recording content or things that you need to do?

Leslie: So when it comes to recording content, I will batch create content. And so recently, I posted a video and it's been performing pretty well. I'm getting a lot of comments on it. So I took all those comments, made the video responses and I have them all drafted. So I have all that ready to go. So that helps so yeah, I just batch create content, I'll try to do at least 20 videos when I'm creating like in like one session or one day and obviously that ready to go.

Dave:  So a lot I mean in I would assume that if you're if you're batch creating even in one day 20 pieces of content. You don't have a whole lot of time to re-record every single video 50 times. How did you were you ever that person who was like, Oh, that's not good enough. I need to re record that 20,000 times in do you still do that? Or how did you stop doing that?

Leslie: So now, if I re-record something, it's because I said a word wrong or there's some weird noise in the background. So probably like the most that I'll re record something is maybe three times at most, which isn't too bad compared to in the beginning where it would.

Dave:  Add up that can still add up if you're doing but anyways, you went from a lot more to three and now working on less you know, it's either between zero or three is what you're what you're not going to you're not going to stick around on one piece of content or one section of one piece of content for too long.

Leslie: Yeah, because I would do that in the beginning and just kind of get in my head but in the end of it the more time you spend on something like it's, it doesn't really matter. Just put it out there and let people you know, watch it and if they like it they like it. They don't, they don't.

Dave:  Yeah, I mean, there's an element of being strategic and there's an element with advertising. It's not just posting videos on TikTok, it's even the biggest marketing firms in the world. There's always an element of luck. There's all in an element of throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping that something sticks sure you try to use good principles you try to you know, include a good hook or good story good call to action, but at the end of the day, you don't really know which piece of content is going to take off. And usually it's the simple one. It's the one you didn't think was going to do well. And a lot of times it's because when you created that, you just did it and you didn't overthink it. And it was natural or it was just something about it that connected with people. Have you noticed that when you don't overthink it, that your content does better?

Leslie: Yeah, that happened. I just posted a video on Monday that's performing better than my recent videos and that one took me less than a minute to make.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah, that's been the case time and time again, throughout my career is that I'll spend tons of time on something like an email or you know, a video that I'm recording and you know, then I might make another version or redo it and just throw it together or whatever. And it's so often the one that I just that I just naturally did that I just didn't overthink what is your current challenge right? Now with creating better content? Let me give you an example. Like a lot of times, there's people who are really smart who start creating content and they and they talk over people's heads. You know, they use words that are, you know, complicated or that a lot of people might not use or they just like that can be a challenge for me is to keep things concise. And keep things simple and speak at a fifth grade level so everybody can understand what I'm saying. That's an example of something in my content. That that I try to work on and be aware of. What's something that it's hard to tell somebody? If your business is not taken off? It's because your content and your marketing is not interesting enough. That's hard to say. But it's something that we need to say to each other because we have to keep getting creative and being creative. And we can't just rely on copy and paste or somebody to do it for us. We have to eventually take the skills and then apply them. So what is something that you're working on with your messaging or your content that you feel is like I'm aware of it and it's hard to do but I'm working on it.

Leslie: I think for me right now I'm in the process of trying different things on like, like different editing techniques, the one that I'm putting the videos together I have a lot of videos where I would just be sitting in one spot and talking so I started trying doing videos where it would cut to different clips of me doing different things or in different location locations and I can see that those are performing a little bit better. So for me, it's just trying to make the videos a bit more engaging and not just be in one spot.

Dave:  Nice. Are you doing all that within the TikTok app? Yes, so

Leslie: I did try using other apps for editing but I just mainly use TikTok

Dave:  It's amazing that you know, we don't even have to as you know content creators and marketers even go outside of that app. There's enough to learn there's enough to use right inside of that app. That's cool. And I know exactly what you mean you know, the what we've always called jump cuts are sort of the or what we used to call jump cuts. You know, it was not always popular. The quick cuts to, you know, in cutting out the space in between, you know, that became really popular as people's attention spans got shorter and shorter and shorter over the last few years. That kind of content, and now short form content, the 15 seconds to click Content is the content that gets consumed the most, because it's shorter. So what are you are you like, I don't know what your experience is or how much you if you had any experience before this, but as a young person, looking at this what we're doing here looking at this opportunity, are you like freaking out a little bit at like, how big of how exciting it is how cool it is that you I know you I think I heard you say you dropped out of either high school or college was in college. Yeah. Okay. So, I mean, that's obviously a thing that normally in past years, you'd be like, an outcast of society. frowned upon, drop out, you know, yuck. Go over there and stand in the corner. But, you know, now it's like the whole entire game has changed in all I mean, let's just be honest people. There's a lot of people out there, who went to college and are very successful, but there's a whole lot of people who dropped out of college and started companies like Apple and Facebook, and you are what a huge tech company. I'm a high school dropout. It's been proven that you know, those things are not necessary to succeed. But here's my question. As a young person, even with the experience of being that outcast, are you excited as hell about like, Do you see a big future with this? Is this just a bridge to something else for you? Can you share with us what you see?

Leslie: So yes, I am when I first started getting into this, it was just more to like, make some extra money, but then the more I got into it, it's like, okay, like I can actually do something with this. And see, I get very excited because I know what I'm capable of, and I know what kind of life I can create myself by doing this. And eventually I'm going to be you know, working on my own offer and just helping people get started with the online space and build their confidence and just things like that for new content creators and business owners that you know, are doubting themselves or just need help getting started. 

Leslie: Wow, society just conditions people.

Dave:  I mean, you can literally do anything and I believe that over the next few years, this style of business of Congress of, you know, our economy as a whole is moving more towards this one to one moving back to a say like a mom and pop. But it's not much. It's just person to person. Like what we're doing and what we're teaching, whether it be an affiliate, directing somebody the way that we teach or whether it'd be like you just mentioned, somebody wanting to learn something and seeking out somebody that they relate to on social media. Yeah,

Leslie: I think also because not a lot of people can just sit in a lecture and learn that way. Some people need one on one mentorship and coaching. That's me. I can't sit and learn or teach myself I need help. I need step by step training just because it takes me a little bit longer to retain information.

Dave:  It's also Who are you learning from? I call it writing. I call it the right information, right person, right environment. It's not look like the person has to be relevant and the person has to have relevant experience. But the game has changed so much that if a professor was teaching business 10 years ago, and he's teaching it today, you better have a whole lot of continued education because the game has changed. Right information. I mean, the information has to be relevant. I mean, we're we're we're doing Wake Up Legendary. We're doing all these different things, because we want to talk to people today who were doing it and then the right environment I mean, you know, college classrooms, all these kinds of things, oftentimes inspire learning oftentimes, they don't know, does home inspire more learning. Lastly, a lot of people are so used to going into a class and having somebody stand over them, and therefore they turn in their assignments and do their work because of that. How do you hold yourself accountable to actually get things done? Because I see a lot of people buying training, and then not going through it, and then wondering why they don't know where to get started or So how have you held yourself accountable to go through stuff to then apply it without somebody literally, you know, saying, where's your homework? 


Leslie: For me to do lists helps because it keeps me organized. But then also, I just think about my goals. It's just my end goal. Like why is it that I want to do this and thinking about how I hated my last job and not wanting to go back to a regular job. So I think that kind of helps. keep me focused on you know, the important things and what it is that I want to achieve. 

Dave: Yeah, it's interesting. You know, there's a, there's a, there's a, there's a little bit of a conflict that I've begun to have with the way we throw around the word mentor in this industry. It just opens up a lot of doors for people, for example, to come along and just say, Oh, I'm a mentor, you need a mentor. And then all of a sudden people get, you know, kind of taken down in rabbit holes and they end up buying, coaching from people and mentorship that they don't really need and what I find is a lot of people like for example, Leslie, we literally just had a mastermind in Orlando, and there was 50 people let's It was between 50 ish people sitting in the room. And everybody who said I don't know where to start, or I don't know what to do. They had just simply not gone through the training. That's nothing they didn't do anything bad. But we I'd like to bring some awareness to the fact that before everybody goes seeking out another savior, another mentor, another guru, you know, and you do your own training, or you're considering for example, buying in our Blueprints. Go through the training because you may not need what you think you need, and I'm speaking to everybody here. Lastly, not just you, I certainly want your opinion. But I'm going to be beating this drum so hard every day, because again, people are stopping themselves from getting started. Because they're like, I need somebody to come here and sit, sit down with me and kind of show me how to do it in what I find from my experience. 10 years working with people is what they're really saying is I want somebody to come and stand over me and point and tell me exactly what to do. So I don't have to do any critical thinking, or I want somebody to do it for me. And that's not entrepreneurship, I'm sorry, sustainable and long term. And you never learn anything. If you do it that way. And so I'm going to be beating this drum, people are going to be like, Dave, I'm just so tired of hearing this. But you know what, I don't care. Because being in this industry for 10 years and watching people may, you know, say they have the same reasons why they can't succeed, and then actually being able to talk to them and see in here and you didn't go through the white hole. The question that you have is answered right here. Let me show you right in the affiliate marketing business blueprint. And so what's your opinion on that and what comes up for you as I rant about this, go through the training, and learn how to apply like an entrepreneur, rather than hoping and praying that somebody's going to come along and be that perfect person who's going to make it all make sense for you?

Leslie: I would say for them to go through the training and see, you know, and try it out and like, you know, implement the stuff that they're learning first and see what kind of results they're getting. And then from there, if they want some extra help, then they can go for it. But even getting the extra help, it's just all on you either way. Whether you get that or not.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, you could sit on endless one on one sessions with a new MIT mentor every day. And again, what you do with that information after how you continue that's what matters. You know, that's what matters. It's kind of like I went to physical therapy yesterday. And, you know, I've got another appointment next week. But you know what? I previously had my last appointment over a month ago and I didn't do anything last month. I didn't do any of the exercises. You know what I mean? Like I didn't do any of the stuff you're supposed to do at home. And guess what she asked me so how's your shoulder? I had COVID and like it just hey, works. I had more things that came up and excuses than results for me. That's me. I gotta own that. And so she said, Where's your shoulder? I said it's exactly where it was when I came in here a month ago because I ain't done shit. That's a little


Leslie: A bit every day to like sometimes I know it's nothing. Nothing at all.

Dave: But it's so liberating to just own that too. That's another thing that I talked to the mastermind about was just being honest about if you've done shit or not, if you hadn't done anything, just say I haven't done shit. You look so much cooler. Just saying I haven't done anything and that's why I don't have results other than trying to make up some shit or blame somebody else. That's the way of the entrepreneur. That's what I had to learn that this road is not about me finding blame. It's about me, the exact nature of my actions and web done and really own and then it's like radical honesty and kind of self responsibility because why? Well, because I had a job I always complained about somebody else being in control of my not my life. So now that I have it, I can't complain about it. 

Leslie: It is different from the last job that I was working at. I was a supervisor at a warehouse so I had a boss working above me and then I had employees working under me so it's kind of in the middle. But that was a very stressful job for me to have. So now I am just coming out here and just you know, not having to deal with anybody working under me. Or working above me. It's very different. And that is why you have to hold yourself accountable. There's not going to be anybody there telling you what to do.

Dave:  I know and it's like, sometimes it's you know, people we complain, no matter where we go. It's like, you know, we really got to learn how to turn, you know, dirt into diamonds, you know what I mean? As an entrepreneur, it's really about looking at every situation and saying, you know, hey, I'm the ultimate one who's in control here and I'm gonna like I have a choice to make this absolutely the best I can make it or sit around and complain. And that's usually what people do. They hate standing around and they complain. So make sure everyone that we don't treat our business like we did our job. You know what I mean? And that's one of the reasons why I always tell people if you still have a job, work that job like get your business because how you do one thing is how you do everything, you know, work it hard until you get to leave it. It sounds like you've left or you quit your job and you're doing this full time now?

Leslie: I quit my job before I found out about legendary because I just could not take I could not take it anymore. So I quit my job before. But I was still getting income from the military. So that kind of helped me out of it. Yeah, and right now I just kind of helped my dad or his shop, here and there. So that's just a little bit of extra income that I get. But yeah, I'm not working a regular job at

Dave:  A lot of stuff for hot rods and, and bikes and stuff but so yeah, you don't want to work for pops though. You want to branch out, you want to cut the umbilical cord. I can tell you're not as somebody who wants to hang out, you want to go, you want to spread your wings and travel around the world and you want to do what you want to do. 

Leslie: I've always been interested in business actually when I was in college. I was going to college for business.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. What's your dad think of your journeys and choices and everything? Can you support it? 

Leslie:  Always all about this. I have a bunch of siblings. So my dad's all about, you know, pushing us to be better and make our own, you know, make our own income and because my dad's not the type to just hand us money. He wants us to work for it. So yeah, ever since I was young, I've always just been kind of working for myself during the military, after the military joined, joined a university and the reason why I did the military was to help pay for college because I knew my mom couldn't help and then my dad wouldn't just hand me the money. I had to do it myself.

Dave:  Well, Tara said thank you for your service, and I do too. Lastly, is there anything else we need to know right now before we talk to you again in a couple of months hopefully. 


Leslie: For anybody that is just kind of interested in doing this, I would say you know, just go for it and don't think anybody or anything wants you back.

Dave:  Even yourself, but you know, we are mostly the ones who hold us back I have I have had a lot of make believe people and voices in my head that I tried to say there the reason why I'm not going to do something, but really all the voices are just me myself and I Yeah, it's always just me talking myself out or me. You know, fair enough that somebody is stopping me somewhere, you know, but it always just comes back to me. It always comes back to if there is a will there's a way if you like you said stay focused on what you want, and not what others say. We did this exercise this winter. You know, we broke through a board, you know, that had some sort of a limiting belief that was like holding us back. And on the other side of the board was what we wanted, you know, and it's kind of like if everything that you want is on the other side of something somewhat difficult. Or you not going to go on through that thing headfirst you know what I mean? Yeah, I'm not standing around on Facebook or wherever. In complaining about it. I'm not I'm not going to stand back in everything that I want. Everything that I want is on the other side of an uncomfortable, semi difficult moment, never ever in the history of mankind, past or into the future. That there was ever a moment where a person's obstacle suddenly just magically disappeared. And everything was handed to them. I know every single human being that's walked this earth has suffered through for what they want, have sacrificed. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes shorter, but every person has had their own journey and had to walk in and what I love watching people walk their journey in glory and with courage and with creativity, and that's what I see you doing so keep up the good work. Thank you. All right. We'll see you back here maybe in a couple of months if you'd be willing to keep sharing with us. Yes, that'd be awesome. All right, Leslie, tell your pop. So we said hello, as well. Thank you. Again, keep up the great work. And we'll see you hopefully in a couple of months. All right, come back and give us an update. All right. All right, my friends. Whoo. There it is. That's a bad thing to say from the 90s. You know, I'm a 90s dad now. All right, my friends there it is, though. For real Thursday, Thursday. Where are we on May 19. Wow, we're coming up on 50% of the Year. I just like to, you know, occasionally get up above the weeds, you know, because so often we're down in the weeds of the daily grind. What time is it? What day is it? But occasionally, you get to pop your head up and say, Where are we at in life? Where are we at this year? And we're about halfway through this year 2022. And here's what's going to happen. Okay. Hold on a second. Let me get out my crystal ball. Okay, here it is. Here it is. Okay. I am going to rub my crystal ball. Okay, I'm rubbing it. Yes. It's a it's a large roll of toilet paper, but we're pretending that it's a crystal ball. And I am rubbing. I am rubbing my crystal ball. Okay, I have it. I have it. I have the future. I've seen the future before and I have the future again. Here's what's going to happen. The rest of 2022 You know, people stock portfolios, we're moving into what seems like a little bit of a recession, right? Because we had such growth, right? All through 2020 and 2022. Now that doesn't mean everybody did but just the main economy, you know the stock market, Wall Street, which we know is not mainstream. But anyways. Now 2022 is here and guess what, internet marketing in those of us who are marketing online, got to take advantage of all that growth. But here's what's going to happen. As I rub my light crystal ball. What's going to happen in the future is that things are going to be corrected and they're going to go back down and guess what? Once again, people are going to need opportunity. They're going to need solutions. They're going to need to access things online, just like they did when things were up. And guess what we're going to do? We're going to capitalize on that. Like we have capitalized in this business model the core for affiliate marketing, or selling courses, coaching or events. We've, we've capitalized on recessions, and we've capitalized so the rest of 2022 as the recession looms in craziness happens out there on Wall Street. What's going to happen on the internet, and with those of us who have prepared to get lucky, what does luck mean? It means preparation meets opportunity. And we're going to shift our message slightly to, hey, things are down out there on Wall Street, but guess where they're not right here on the internet. You need to create your own economy or whatever niche you're in, you slightly shift the message and guess what?

We continue to see growth. And we continue to be in a business model and in a business that thrives and has an opportunity to grow no matter what's happening out. There. Real Estate on Wall Street, any of that because why people are always looking for opportunity. And all you do is slay li shift your message just a little bit. You'll see a lot of people doing that, a lot of smart marketers doing that. Talking about and in and sort of getting what they're talking about to what's going on in people's lives. And we'll continue to capitalize my friends. There were a whole bunch of people who through all the last cycle of growth we had through 20, mainly 2021 You know once we kind of came out of that 2020 shift, but we had growth in 2022. All the people who had got started thought that they had got started then, so they could capitalize on that. And in this next cycle, whether it goes up or whether it goes down, will cap out because it's just a small shift in messaging out there and your content and stuff. All of you who get started right now who begin to build your own business and build your own economy are all going to be banking. You know, whoever is your home, you're gonna be thankful that you did that and you got started. And I promise you, I promise you the absolute best time to get started was last week. The absolute second best time to get started is today. See you tomorrow. Peace.

How To Turn Negativity Into Productivity

Below is the transcription for this episode:

JoAnn: Hello everyone and welcome Happy Friday Welcome to wake up legendary. For those that don't know me my name is Joanne I am a part of the marketing department here at legendary marketer. You may see my emails on Saturdays when they come out when we do a recap and all of that good stuff. But I am so excited to host today and we have an amazing guest. I can't wait for you to meet him and learn about him and all of that good stuff. Before we jump into that, if you are someone that wants to be a guest on the show, you have seen success in getting you some nuggets of knowledge to share with our audience. We would love for you to fill this out. Just go here legendary backslash featured, and just answer a few questions and maybe we'll get you on the show soon. So be sure to do that for me. So without further ado, please welcome Chris.

Chris: Thank you for having me. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be here. I'm very excited to be here. Yeah, well,

JoAnn: I'm so excited to have you so share with us your backstory. What were you up to when you found legendary and how did you find us?

Chris: So luckily I actually found you guys like probably 95% of us out to find legendaries for TikTok. So one day, I was actually home during the Florida pandemic. Scroll through tick tock every day to see what's going on out there. And I came across a video I clicked on. It took that 15 day business challenge to the next step and yeah, here I am. I kind of like morphing myself into an online marketer. I work construction. So this was totally new to me. I didn't know how any of this stuff works, but you guys actually really gave me the step. by step guidance and showing me exactly what I need to do the formulas and the tools. And yeah, thank you guys for that because you guys really like changing my life in a totally different avenue that I don't even know existed.

JoAnn: So you're working construction now? I do not. Okay, so I'm a marketer. 

Chris: I'm all in here. I'm all in.

JoAnn: I love it. Awesome. Okay, so we were doing drop shipping. That was our first adventure.

Chris: That was my first online adventure. So I was really into flipping. So I would buy resale flip, go to yard sales, flip it around and stuff around the house. I just went to the eBay Facebook market page. And I kept saying to myself, There's got to be an easier way so I'm dealing with shipping or products and dealing with returns so and so then I kind of got involved with drop shipping. And that's a lot of work. I mean a lot of work for a little bit of capital and a little bit of return, which is not great. A great place to first start out like the online community and see how it all works. I highly recommend giving it a shot but when I got involved with affiliate marketing, I kind of just ran with it and never looked back.

JoAnn: Oh, I love it. What do you think the biggest difference for you between those two models was?

Chris: So I can't say dropshipping. I mean, I wasn't having as much fun as I am with affiliate marketing because I really, really enjoy editing videos and making videos talking on camera. I just like that approach a lot more. And instead of always copying and pasting stuff in the description and uploading pictures of barbecue grill or whatever I'm selling for dropshipping but I just like the whole dynamic of like the whole digital marketing world on how really, you build your own brand. You are your brand. So I really enjoy that and I believe that there's there's a lot more to capitalize on in this industry than then to dropshipping

JoAnn: Right so when you found legendary hawk and the 15 day business builder challenge were you like all in started day one that day? Did you take some time? What was that process for you?

Chris: So I was I was all in I was I was the I jump in and I just said to myself if I'm going to do this, I'm going to commit every bit of energy into this and and, and one thing I've always I've always seen in a lot of people's tick tock videos is are fake certificate and stuff like that. So I always saw that and I envisioned holding it. I just didn't visualize everything. And it took me a little while to get started to be honest with you. I did the 15 day business challenge. I wasn't I wasn't making money by day 15 or anything like that. I was still learning the whole process and after them 15 days are still more of a process to learn. So if they're if they're, I would say three months of me giving it pretty much every day. Then I started seeing success and I started seeing things like everything actually starting to fall into place and I'm actually working.

JoAnn: Right Okay, so we have that three month period. Yes. Where you have to just kind of Oh yeah, blinders on walk us through that process because a lot of our viewers today will watch the recording or in the middle of that and they're going so give us your tips for your business.

Chris: The best tip I can really give you is just don't give up. If something's not working, give it a week, week or two if it's not working you want to change up your strategy. Obviously I was going in on things where I thought I thought it was going to work, but I had to retract from that and actually take a look around and realize, okay, this isn't working. I need to move on to something else. And that could be you tweaking your Tik Tok videos and the way you're looking at the camera and anything like that. But one thing I really recommend for new people that are past that 15 day business challenge and you're trying to build their brands. You want to have some kind of an offer that helps people get involved. You want to actually teach them exactly how to do affiliate marketing. So you want to actually be you really want to be a coach but you don't have to be the coach that everybody probably sees online. But you just want to give valuable information to people and you want to be sincere and honest with people in the best possible way.

JoAnn: Right and that that's really that's the key right there is absolutely showing up as your authentic self. Yeah, yep. bringing in people that are like you that love your personality. Yes. Easier to make content than right it is

Chris: It isn't it comes more naturally and it's more fluid and it just comes natural to you.

JoAnn: Right. So I saw you also have a Facebook group too. So yes. Did you start that in this process and journey? Did you start it like right out of the challenge? Wait a little bit.

Chris: So I did wait a little bit. I waited a little bit, just because I still really wasn't sure what I was doing. So it was all kind of like a learned thing and I would drink on Facebook Lives I would watch people's videos. So I was always doing research on how I can do better? How can I do better because this isn't it? You can always walk up the steps. So I would actually say within probably six months so it took a while for me to realize that I should start a Facebook group. And so I would say about six months I started pulling traffic off the Tiktok and seminar group and given valuable information, making YouTube videos and showing people how to set up sales funnels in and talking about the 15 day business challenge and things like that just given knowledge that help people to really succeed with their online journey.

JoAnn: Do you feel like you build a stronger connection with your group members than what you do on TIkTok? Is that the reason? For you?

Chris: Yeah, it's definitely more of a personal touch. Because, I mean, people reach out to me, we'll chat. So I always kind of refer to them as anything that they're looking for. They'll reach out to me, Hey, I'm having a hard time sitting on my sales funnel. And I'll say oh, here take out this free video. Check it out. Tell me what you tell me what you tell me what you think. So yeah, it's definitely a whole different approach on Facebook than TikTok. And when I realized that the whole different the whole there's a whole different approach from TikTok versus Facebook is really when things started kind of falling into place for me.

JoAnn: Okay, so where do you spend more time

Chris: you know, so I mean tick tock is a tremendous, tremendous way to gain organic traffic. And I know it can be hard when you're first getting 10,000 followers because you're not really pressing TikTok Not really throwing out too broad or broader, a broader audience, but starting out can be kind of tough, but I didn't say honestly, I would say my Facebook page, like right now developing an ebook that I'm going to literally give out for free in my Facebook group, that that kind of just helps people exactly showing you exactly how this whole process works. And it's going to be totally free. And I'm very excited for it. So I'm probably going to have it in my Facebook group this coming weekend.

JoAnn: Right. I love it and I hope people are really as our audience is listening right now if you can really understand what's happening. So he's you're very you're you're making changes. You're constantly adjusting, tweaking, making changes. And you know, there are some people here. Oh, you can't change, you can't do this, but it's not like a big picture change. It's small. little tweaks. I'm going to add this, maybe now for the next three weeks to my TikToks. I'm going to have a little bit different hook or a little bit different style. So it's not these huge, massive changes where it's like starting over from zero every three weeks. Exactly. Tiny little adjustments that you're along the way and seeing how it works.

Chris: Exactly, exactly. That's the whole thing. I mean, I started from Tiktok, Facebook or Facebook. Now. I'm moving on to an ebook.

JoAnn: I love it. That's awesome. So fun. Very cool. I love that you have a Facebook group and you're directing them. So are you talking about your group at all in your videos or is it just a link in your bio and all of that good stuff?

Chris: I am talking about my Facebook group in my TikToks Or yeah, I'm sorry. I'm talking about sorry, my dogs barking everyday kind of things. So yeah, so yeah, I do talk about my Facebook group and I get all my traffic, most of my traffic from TikTok into my Facebook group, just because I just want to give free guidance on helping people.

JoAnn: Right. Do you ever feel like you could give too much information?

Chris: Yes, absolutely. I do. I see that in a lot of TikTok videos too. Because but I don't want to. I don't want to bash that at all because people putting too much information out there actually made me realize the changes that I need to make. So that kind of thing helped me elevate but yes, you do want to draw a fine line of giving a little too much information. So you do want to watch what you're saying. So because you're going to send you're going to send your audience to work really different than where your endgame really is.

JoAnn: Right? As Dave has said, even this week previously, don't be the hunter be the hunted? Right, exactly. Three to where they're weak. What is he saying? What is this person talking about? Let me look into this more. Absolutely. seek you out. Right. Absolutely. Yeah. And that's, that's, I think, a hard concept. For those starting out. Right. I've gotta go hunt. I gotta go find my people. But really, you want to door them in?

Chris: Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. You want to create that hook that Fishel? Dave talks about the fish that you know you're fishing for?

JoAnn: Are you going live?

Chris: Yes, I am. So not as much as I would actually like to go live but I've been pretty focused on things right now, especially with affiliate marketing. So if they're after this weekend, I definitely want to go live a lot more. Right now I might be doing a live show once a week. So I would like to do that a little more than what I am doing now. But like I said, I kind of have all my eggs in a basket on one thing.

Chris: Going Live is a little bit more of a struggle because you kind of I mean, people come out with questions and you might not even know the question, but um, so it is a little harder because you're kind of it's raw. It's raw content. I guess. It's really what it is. It's not prepared. It's not written out. It's raw. It's all raw. Yeah.

JoAnn: So you kind of feel like I have to be ready on the spot. One of our guests I love was really one who was struggling with it. I have to have a lot of people. What do I do if there's just one person and we had another guest that came on and it was just an amazing mindset of, man. If there's one person, imagine how much value I can give that one person like, coffee shop, yeah, friends, figuring things out and just helping one another and going through that.

Chris: Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, that I mean, I've been in plenty of lives where there's one person watching or nobody watching. So yeah, absolutely. It's all about just given the value and, and helping that one person out one person at a time. 

JoAnn: All right. So what is your next goal? What's your next pretty business? We have an ebook. Yes. Yes. What's after that? What's looking forward to that?

Chris: So I'm really going to promote that after this weekend. I'm going to really press that I want to start doing Facebook Lives and I want to start doing more blogs and things like that.

JoAnn: So what's gotten you interested in blogging?

Chris: I'm just building character, my character, my brand and I didn't realize that really, the major thing to this is building your brand yourself. So that's, that's like the number one thing that I'm really trying to achieve now and, and really go all in on this

JoAnn: Right as you build your own brands, or business?

Chris: Exactly. Yeah. You don't want to, you don't want to sell, like you're pressing something you want to like, like you just want to you don't want the same you don't want to can't do what you want.

JoAnn: All right. Oh, a lot of people are loving in the comments if you're having an ebook and stuff, which is great. Awesome. So tell us a little bit more about that. What's been that process for you?

Chris: So I really kind of gave him my all on that. Like doing a lot of research on best things like the right thing, what not the right, what they put in how to really how to set the whole thing up. So I've been like the past. I would say the past three, three weeks to a month I've been really like this . Given this my all I am a father of two and I am married so I obviously gotta make time for them. So I like to wake up early, like to be up before everybody 435 o'clock and I like to put in a good two hours before the family starts waking up. And so that's when I get the juices flowing. And I drink a cup of coffee and I just really dive into it. And then when everyone's sleeping, I'm right there grinding. I guess you could say so yeah, so pretty pumped about it.

JoAnn: Okay, so you're working full time on your business at home. Yes. We have a wife, two kids. Yeah. How did you make that transition to where you are? It sounds like you're pretty structured with your schedule. Yeah. Is it not? Is it all over the place?

Chris: I mean, anybody who has like two little kids, no, you're all over the place. So you try to keep his structure. But, you can only hold that structure for so long. But, I always say to myself, if, like, I mean with things in your life and things come up, there's always an opportunity for you to do better. Like, if you want to be successful, you have to give up sleep. And I can't I can't stress that enough because my best working hours are when people are still sleeping. So yeah, one of the things that I like to do is to do three videos a day. I like to hit up. I like to get them done around four to five o'clock in the morning. Work on the ebook, and then throughout the day, I like the posts given all throughout different times, but yeah, things can definitely be all over the place.

JoAnn: Yeah, I think it's not necessarily to lose sleep. It's fine

They want to do all the things once their kids are asleep. Yes. Right. Yeah, it's really diving in and really looking at yourself. Most optimize the time of the day, right? All in for those two, three hours.

Chris: Absolutely. Yep. fully commit to it. And yeah, I mean, everybody waking up early might not be the thing for you. You have to figure out what works for you. And what's best for you.

JoAnn: Right? Definitely. I definitely I could not be working at 3am Or

Chris: Yeah, it took a while. I was not a morning person. I used to sleep until 12 o'clock and Yes. Huge adjustment but you gotta ask yourself what your goals are and where you want to be in life because you're the You're the writer to your own destiny.

JoAnn: And love that you read on your questionnaire is to stay hungry. Yes. You mean by that? Explain that to us.

Chris: Like putting in the hours, waking up early, staying committed to it. Just because you read one bad comment that somebody wrote about you. I mean, turn that negativity into productivity. Don't Don't let somebody take you away from your dreams or pull you away from your goals just because they're pouring their negativity and their lack of knowledge on you. Don't listen to it. Don't listen to anybody. Do what's up here. Follow your heart. Follow yourself and I mean, you'll thank me later. It Doesn't sound ridiculous. But yeah, just to stick to your heart and follow it.

JoAnn: Yeah, that was huge. So how do you turn negativity trolls making comments into productivity for you? What does that mean?

Chris: I will work harder. You go harder. If somebody says what you're doing is a scam or something like that. I then step up my game by giving more value showing them exactly what they need to know, to realize that this is 100% legitimate. This is a legitimate business model that a lot of people are doing and they're making a lot of money doing it. Right.

JoAnn: Okay, so, you you're almost like

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. I'm a person who likes to envision things and when I envision those things, I feel it with my hands. So I really I really I'm a really I guess you could say driven kind of person like this is this was all new to me. Back in July I thought July so and I realized this is something that I really want to succeed with. And this is really something that I want to do with my life. And I want to teach my kids exactly how this all works. Right? Give the internet an option. Not giving up is not an option. I'm here for the long game.

JoAnn: Right. I love that. Love that. So a couple of people are mentioning and I think it's important to bring up how do you handle negative comments? Because they're always going to come up. It's just a part of our life. On social media and it doesn't matter if you are a bazillionaire you're gonna have negative comments.

Chris: You know, it's funny though, because like I'll, I'll be sitting on a couch and talking to my wife and I'll read a negative comment and not sound ridiculous. I literally laugh about it. i You got to because unfortunately the person giving you that that negative comment is this narrow minded person. So you can't, you can't fall into a trap. It's just a trap and you can't fall into that hole. You got to laugh about it because unfortunately I mean even the videos that we make are all tick tock . Yes, it can be grimy sometimes but fix it, make it sound better, make it look better, work on the way you're speaking. Look at the way I said you're talking to the camera. Just just laugh about it because it doesn't mean anything. negative comments,

JoAnn: It's just it's really more about them. Exactly. Your limiting belief and you know what, I don't want to do the work. I feel absolutely changes in my life. Yeah. I don't want to hear about anyone else. Absolutely. Because I want to stay stuck.

JoAnn: Yeah. And if anything, it's like thanks for adding to my comments. I've read in my engagement for helping me out in that way.

Chris: That's a great thing too. When people write in your comments. Tick tock is going to press you to a broader spectrum of people on tick tock. It doesn't matter what they say. I mean, they just see it. They see it in the comments and then they think that's engagement. So use that negative comment thing and to your advantage.

JoAnn: And if you do reply , tick tock no with their comment. Yes, it goes even further. I was even on my for you page. Reply comment. Before the actual one. Exactly. That's what went viral.

Chris: Absolutely, absolutely. Use their negativity to your advantage.

JoAnn: Exactly. Yeah, because they shouldn't control your future. Your destiny. It's some random person. Absolutely. Online you don't even know, don't make decisions for your life. Exactly, exactly. And if you stop posting stop creating content

Chris: Absolutely. Give it your all 110% every day and turn the negativity into productivity.

JoAnn: I love you, I love your whole mindset because he just has to keep going. Absolutely. Absolutely wasn't overnight. Not wake up money falling from people think this, you know it and it's not that it's really learning.

JoAnn: I have a long standing saying the day you stop learning is the day you stop succeeding. Absolutely. Absolutely. And now you're stuck. There's always something changing. Right? Not online space. Absolutely. You can do this today what you did, right. A year ago. Absolutely. Three years ago, it was a totally different market online.

Chris: And I'm noticing right now that big shifts in the way things are going right now I can definitely see like there's a shift just literally happening. I would say within less this month. This whole thing just kind of stays on top of keeping learning.

JoAnn: What do you feel the shift is that you're seeing?

Chris: I would say that. I mean, there's more. There's more. There's more social media platforms that people are bringing their business to. So when I first got started there weren't any Instagram reels there weren't YouTube reels. It was all a tick tock so now that there's even a broader community where you can really kind of target more.

JoAnn: Yeah, it's just you just need to be ready to make those small pivots.

Chris: Don't stick to one thing, right?

JoAnn: And be stuck like this is it I'm doing than only this and I'm not changing my opt in page. I'm not going to adjust any of the copy. I'm not going to try different types of videos. It has to work this way. So before we go today, what is your one piece of advice for anyone that's starting out with the challenge of starting out with this journey to help them just keep going and all that good stuff.

Chris: If you're 100% serious with this and you want this success and you want to make the income that you desire you dream up, don't stop. Keep going one step at a time. Learn something new every day. It doesn't even have to be every day, it could be once a week. If you have a full time job and you have a full time family, once a week challenge yourself to learn something new every day in the industry that you actually want to achieve. And don't stop. Just keep going forward and be hungry like we originally spoke about being hungry every day and don't give up because you can literally be one video away from going viral. You just have to keep going. That's it. That's all that's that's that's all it is. Just keep going. Yeah.

JoAnn: So we'd love for you to go follow Chris. Please note this is not a spelling error. This is just how the profile is spelled @sidehustleswithChris. So that way you'll know you found the right guy to give him a follow go comment on his videos. Let him know that you saw him on Wake Up Legendary and just really support one another, build each other up and help each other out in the community. And it's just been great having you on Chris.

Chris: Yes. Thank you for having me. I'm ecstatic to be here and it was a great time.

JoAnn: So we love updates. I love updates and repeat guests. So you don't have to wait for us to reach out if you've hit a new milestone. Knit something new you want to share with our audience even if it's small. You need to be like I have now made a million dollars. Yeah, a goal on your journey that you would love to share with our audience. Please reach out. We'd love to have you back on.

Chris: Definitely I hope they thought you guys did on my successful real how my ebook goes.

JoAnn: All right, be sure to follow Chris. I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, a killer weekend. Be sure to check out all this week's episodes of wakeup legendary if you missed any. And we will be back on Monday. Have a great weekend. Everyone. Bye.


Best Tips To Overcome Doubting Friends & Family

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Hey what's happening everybody, happy Tuesday. I am guest hosting this morning for Dave. And we've got an awesome show lined up with a really cool guest. So I'm very excited to hear from him all the way from the UK and I think it's probably early afternoon for him but it's early for me 7am For me, but if you're newer and you're just tuning in for the first time, maybe you've never seen one of our episodes before, a couple quick things and then we'll dive into our guests for the day. First thing if you'd like to get a quick text message reminder, every time that we go live, you can text the the number on the screen here it's 813-296-8553 you send a text message, the text message, say WUL and I have my phone in my pocket, and lo and behold, I just got my text message for the day. Boom, there it is. And it just lets you know hey, we're alive. Come join us. And we don't sell through this text message platform. You're not going to get a bunch of messages throughout the day. You get one text message on Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern every frickin day. And that's it. There's no other ulterior motives or anything like that. The funny part is we're actually charged based on how many messages we sent. So we don't even really want to send you more messages because we're going to go over our limit and then they're going to charge a bunch of money and it's just not worth it. So we're only going to send you one message a day. All right. And also if you want to get any merch you can hit B legendary dot shop right there. You can get legendary hats and shirts and gear and all kinds of cool stuff at lead at so if everyone in the comments could give me a little hand clapping emoji or some sort of like party maybe like the streamers emoji or some sort of celebratory something. Let's bring on our guests for the day. All the way from the UK. Alex, what time is it over there?

Alex: It is six minutes puffs three in the afternoon. 

Matt: Alright, so we're you're I don't know where Birkenhead is. Where is that?

Alex: So it's literally just over the water from the famous city of Liverpool. And you know where the Beatles are from? Yeah, yeah. It's literally only about a five minute drive. So my accent probably sounds a little bit similar to sort of the Scottish accent as it's called. But no, I I say I'm from say so. Yeah, I'll come back.

Matt: Cool, right. All right. Yeah, you were throwing me off a little bit, but that makes sense. No, I got it. Alright, so brace any do your 22 Okay, so super young. Bring us into your world a little bit. Uh, how did you find Legendary? What got you looking for some sort of way to make money online? Or did you happen to stumble upon it or were you looking for it?

Alex: So I'd say I've been looking for a way to make money online for a few years now. And I've tried loads of stuff so I tried like the crypto I tried you know, invest into shares or tried Forex futures, even tried a little bit of real estate. And so I've been loving them for a few years. And after my last sort of one successful venture into cryptocurrency, I've still got some so to say but, you know, I started doing the futures and stuff and then I sort of got an advertisement on affiliate marketing. I'm asking now well, it wasn't Legendary it was with another company. And it got me really excited. You know, I don't know about webinars and I was like, sort of, I had my card ready to go. I was like, right, you know, get me signed up. I want to know more about affiliate marketing and so I stopped doing that and I told a few people what I was doing, and I was doing it out alongside were, so I was a process technician until just before Christmas. So I was doing it sort of after work on the weekend, but it wasn't really progressing as fast as I should. have been. And it was, you know, this sort of affiliate marketing training course it was with sort of, I'd say they're probably a bit of a competitor really won't mention them, but they specialize in organic Facebook groups, which I know a lot of affiliates still do with legendary. And at this time, I didn't want no one at work and none of my family to know what it was doing. And I had a mindset block. My confidence wasn't there. And you know, I had a lot of people at work on Facebook, so I didn't want to do it. But I think so. You know, one thing led to another. We are tasked to sell my business and sort of just talk a little bit of a back foot with it. And I started looking at YouTube and you know, I'm a soccer, football copywriting and, you know, a lot of other affiliates probably are and I just started doing different things and you know, with a shiny object syndrome sort of kicked in, and it was then that I stumbled across legendary. So obviously, a lot of YouTubers have got the big plaque in the background. And I was like, What is this plaque everyone's got. So I looked into it and then that's when I started promoting Legendary and did the 15 Day Challenge and the rest is sort of history. Awesome. I also I

Matt: Wanted to just say, you know, you might call it shiny object syndrome, but to be honest, at 22 years old, we should probably stop using that term. I think it's just called Curiosity. You know, just curiosity and like just feeling things out. It's sort of like when I visited when I've when I visited Italy and went to I think Florence and visited a few museums about Leonardo da Vinci and and the you know that in some of the museums they would say, nowadays, you know, Leonardo probably would have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, because of all of the different things and inventions that he came up with and never finished. You know, everything, everything that you walk into his museum and it's all these models and things from these crazy inventions that no one had ever thought of flying machines and all kinds of random crap that like he developed, you know, some of the blueprints for it. He got 70% of the way through and quit and just got bored and was like, Alright, I'm on to the next thing. And you know, nowadays, it's just interesting how people are like, you know, we sort of overdiagnosed things, you know, shiny object syndrome. It's fun, it's like a fun marketing term. You know, but I think sometimes, you know, with people, I just feel like I stopped using that term for myself because I was like, I am that kind of person. I'm not nearly as brilliant, not even remotely close or as brilliant as laid out. But, you know, I'm curious. I like to dabble and try things out for a little bit. And I find, you know, after trying 10 things, I kind of find one or two things that really stick but so, anyway, that was a little side tangent, but you know, just, you don't have to feel you have to feel guilty or shameful or something for starting something and then quitting. Dave has been on this big, big rant. I don't know if you've heard him talking about it lately about how, you know, just learning how to start something is a really valuable skill. And he's got little kids who are trying to teach them basically how to just start things. How do you start things and find something new and start it without knowing anything about it? 

Alex: I was just gonna say I sort of beat myself up about it, to be honest, you know, when you're, you know, you sort of take your foot off the gas a bit and I was sort of thinking about it to sort of raise it on, you know, to speak about it on the podcast, and I was thinking a good way to sort of look at it is, you know, if you look at your week's performance, and you might not have done as best as you had last week, you've just got to zoom out. It's like looking, say the footsie 100 or something, if you look at you know, the week, then you know, you might go down and next week you might be up but if you zoom out you are on the journey, and you've got to enjoy the journey like the man or the woman who enjoys the journey and the walk and will get further than the man or the woman who enjoys a destination. So yeah, you've got to out like that.


Matt:  Yeah, zoom out, get a little perspective, you know, not be so you know, I don't know how to see it, but just not so hyper obsessed with just today and right now and zoom out and see a little bit bigger. That's, I wish you know, I wish I could have done that a little bit more. Back in the day because I started when I was about 20. You know, 22 or whatever. And 10 years later, I you know, it's just 22 Feels like a different life. To me. It doesn't even feel like the same life. It's so long ago, and I'm 32 and most people were like, you know, middle aged like 60 years old. Or something or like to do like you're an infant, your baby, you know, and, and so I think that that helps give a little bit of perspective. I think, you know, beating ourselves up when we're young, like it's just I don't know what it is if it's nature or nurture. I don't know how we do that. But I would do that too. And, and feel like I should be you know lightyears further than where I was or whatever. So it's just kind of like, I don't know, I feel like at every age at 50 you're still able to reinvent yourself. And have 20 3040 good years, you know, like, I just think the game has changed a little bit in that arena. And I like that perspective. Just say just zoom out a little. That's a good therapy thing like just zooming out a little bit. Give yourself a little breathing room here.

Alex: And Hong Kong pretty much I think the hard thing for affiliates or as well like it's a sort of mindset block is you know, we have got an audience. And you know, when you take your foot off the gas as I said before, you sort of my thing you know my audience are waiting for the next video or the next batch of contents and you know, when you if you follow a routine, you've just got to think like, we'll be back and we'll be there again and you know, you've got to sort of lock right Well, I haven't give off but there's there's more to come and I think you've just gotta remind yourself and trust that you know you will return to it and it's something crops up. Just don't beat yourself up about it. Zoom out.

Matt:  You know, totally, totally what I'm so you get started in this training and you're it sparks even even I don't know if it's a competitor or what I don't there's so many different people out there that it doesn't really matter but you basically it sparks something in you right so what the per and and you know lots of people start our training and don't do anything and for some people was just the catalyst for them to try to look or find something online or for whatever reason, it just didn't stick and it was just like the it was just like this This got my wheels turning so that training did that for you. Right? It sort of got the wheels turning a little bit then you discover legendary and, and and you start what like what's your experience as you're going through the challenge? I'm curious what you thought about, you know, days one through 15 of the challenge and what that process was like. Was it meaningful to see some of the tech setup? Was it meaningful to have some of the mindset stuff? Was it everything combined? Like what was your What was your takeaway?

Alex: So I want to say first of all, the education is absolutely top notch with the course and you know, I do promote it very honestly when I'm promoting and you know, speaking to people in direct messaging and the rest of it, but on a personal note for me which you know, my affiliates might not the same story was because I went through this or the course I was looking for sort of the offset. My idea was I wanted to be able to send my audience or my followers to a community where I know they'd be nurtured and they'd be looked after properly, like, I couldn't imagine anything worse than, you know, promoting a product and then getting all these problems back. And that's the beauty about affiliate marketing is you don't have to handle customer complaints and all the rest of it, but you have to say you're still sort of liable if you send people down a route which you don't believe in yourself. So I knew as soon as all sat in the challenge like I was sort of sitting the challenge thinking of where I affiliate links because whilst I was ready to promote the course it's a cycle. When out when, you know, my experience with the challenge was you know, this is exactly where I want my audience to go and and know that, you know, they'd be receiving great training. So yeah, I did learn a lot from the challenge. But for me, it was just the confirmation that yeah, this is what I want to promote and this is a good community of people.

Matt:  Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. And it's definitely not a it's definitely not a requirement that somebody, you know, be like, hey, I want to sign up as an affiliate for your company or whatever. Not at all. In fact, a very few people who come through our challenge, sign up as an affiliate probably. I don't know this for sure, but probably in the range of like less than 5% probably much less than that. I just don't want to call it something I'm not sure about but I know for the amount of people who purchased our challenge in a month, we do not have that many affiliates. Not even close. But yeah, I feel like finding something and that's usually how it goes right? They kind of learn the business model and they look around and they're trying to find something that they enjoy and feel good about. Right? The main thing is like, what you just said is I didn't want to like, you know, send people who follow me to just nothing or something that's bad or something that's that I don't believe in or feel good about. or something. And then you know, what typically happens over time. People sort of people sort of get laid, right? They start taking action like you if they start making a little bit of money like you have. They begin to understand the logistics of content creation and lead generation and the business sort of comes together. And then you know, what happens is they either keep going down that route, which is cool, or they start selling their own product or they start coaching or they start consulting. And they stick in the four business models, usually in our core four business models. And, but what they, what I find at least is that they typically sort of find their legs and find what fits them best and that process takes a little bit and during that process, and sometimes people will give me feedback or say about our company, you know, oh, I just felt lost after I got done with the challenge or Oh, I felt but the truth is, is that like really discovering somebody's entrepreneurial fit and discovering somebody's entrepreneurial drive and motivation and and what's going to really feed them takes off takes time. It takes energy it takes hearing different voices listening to audiobooks, listening to trainings like the the the thought process that somebody would purchase $7 Challenge $7 And somehow magically just poof, like, I'm suddenly a perfect entrepreneur and I've got my business all set up and I'm running a business I think that that's a little bit misguided, as good as our challenge is, it's $7 You know,

Alex: I struggle with that to be fair, because obviously, you know, sort of promoting the course to you know, my audience saying like, you know, how great it is and all the different things that they'll get on the course. And about people sort of say, the $7 seems a bit too, too small the price and questionable about the price for the amount of value that they get in the course. And I sort of have to say, Well, yeah, it is hard to believe but they trust me and then, you know, sort of back it up again and reiterate what they'll get. So, you know, $7 as well, in the UK, it's like five pounds, so it's even, it's even cheap. It sounds even cheaper in the UK. I'm like, yeah, it's only a fiver that's what we call by pounds like a fiver. So it's, you know, it is hard to sort of justify the price because it is over, over and over given and and yeah.

Matt: Yeah, I don't know I've even struggled. I've personally struggled with that before we've had conversations about raising the price. Maybe we will someday but I, you know, to me also, I feel like it's a quick explanation to somebody where, you know, it's just like, hey, look, we just want you to get a taste. It's really like, you walk into a restaurant and you get an appetizer, right and the main entree is our business blueprints and our main course, you know it is maybe like our affiliate marketing business blueprints or something like that. But the truth is, it is like for people, I think for people who just want to get a taste of what exactly is going on? How exactly would I build this business? How exactly are people without any product without any coaching or without any sort of physical or digital product of their own? How are they starting to make money? This is crazy. How does this freelance digital marketing thing work? And I think for seven bucks, it's, it's, it's a little bit crazy. I feel like sometimes that we get refunds, we don't get a lot of them, but I just think to myself, I'm like, Man, I can't imagine the amount of value and stuff that's inside of that course. Somebody can look at it and be like, Nope, that was not worth $7 You know, a little bit like, hey, like, have you seen the things that you bought for $7 in the last year like, it's insane. We should probably just raise the price because it flakes honestly, we should probably raise 10 bucks or something. So it's more in line. But I think it is real. I think that that is really what you said about you knowing the price being too low and this sounds like this. I feel like it almost sounds conceited or something but there is an element of this which you're kind of hitting on that. It can feel like too low of a price. Like it can feel like it's like the price and the value and whatever else doesn't match up or align. But I think it gives I think it gives room for people to try it out and get a taste and then also just see just just also just kind of see what other upsells are going to be available and and it sort of it honestly leads the mind to think oh, there's probably more for sale here. There's no way they're actually going to make a business out of selling something for $7. And anybody who has any business sense at all would be like, of course there's obviously going to be more things that they sell and offer like any good business. A T Shirt Company doesn't sell a single t-shirt, they probably sell 50 of them. And when you go checkout, they're gonna offer you upsells on their socks and on their hoodies. And, you know, that's how businesses run. But anyway, so through your journey I'm really curious about your journey of getting into content creation of producing some digital content because I actually I feel like your content itself Alex, it looks really good, like your content is well produced and you came on here feeling a little bit nervous, but that feels different to me than what I experienced in your videos because you're some of your editing and some of your cutting and stuff like that, like you do a really good job and I'm going to tell everybody who's watching right now, in just a couple of minutes. I'm gonna put his TikTok up so you can go watch his videos, but so just hang tight until we do that. But doing your stuff is so good. Like how have you just learned those skills by yourself? Was it just a lot of time working on it and do you do most of your editing in TikTok? 

Alex: So when you know we'll go back to the 50 and challenge that quick and when was going through the 50 and challenge you know the was your video actually, you know when you were saying the you know the recreations strategy and you know, pick the virality the viral videos and sort of recreate them and sort of, you've got to put your sort of personal spin on them and I say to everyone, you've got to be creative. And I think with my videos, I'm sort of still sort of trying to find a style so I enjoy the longer form videos more and more of like, how to and step by step. So the thing with my channel is I'm also showing people how to do other side hustles so I'm sort of keeping it open and keeping the options open to my audience and saying yeah, affiliate marketing is there and I do and, you know, recommend everyone to do affiliate marketing because, you know, there's so many benefits and I just say it's, for me, it was my personal choice. But I sort of say well, you can do this as well if it's not for you. And the problem with that is I probably don't have a lot of you know, it's not a majority affiliate marketing audience. So, for example, my most viral video, I think it's about 800,000 views. That's nothing to do with affiliate marketing and I sort of got that off tube and then sort of put a personal spin on it. I like to put tips in my content as well. So you know, given I do believe in given value, and I think once you give value and you're, you know, you build that audience and that trust element, then the money will look after itself. And I think a problem with a lot of affiliates coming into it. If I'm not it does definitely work and for all of you as you know, you can do this, but don't just basically show people sort of teach them as well and give that sort of how to elements, you know, it's all well and good. And I've tracked you can have a look on my page and you'll see I've sort of done a little bit of that as well. And there's nothing wrong with that. But you know, if you're teaching people then, you know, you're then you're gaining that trust element and you're building a tribe. 


Matt: That's really big. I hope everybody heard that that whole part about teaching people how to do something, giving little tips and tidbits and nuggets that is the one theme of content in short form video content that I've seen over and over and over again, goes viral. And it actually builds in some goodwill as people are watching your content. It's not just virality, it's engagement and then it's also just a feeling. You're conveying a feeling to somebody that hey, I'm gonna give you this for free. It's sort of like the Gary Vee thing. I'm gonna give you this for free and later on sometime down the road. I'm going to ask you to click a link or to purchase something or to enter your name and email address but first, give me a few tips. Right. And the way I always explain this is we do this thing called a decade and a day and when somebody buys our Blueprints, they can go and come live with us for seven hours on a Friday. And the way that I explain it is basically you know, starting somebody out with a quick hitting hook right bringing them in with a really powerful hook something to grab their attention. Whoa, wow. Okay, interesting. You know, I'm going to show you how that's a great start to a video. I'm going to show you how to do it and then you give them whatever you're going to show them how to do right. Now, if I was going to do something with dog training or if let's say I'm a dog trainer, I would say here's how to then I'm going to insert some sort of really emotional topic, right? Like, you could say, if your dog screams at the mailman every time he comes, right every time he shows up at your front gate. Well here's how to get your dog to stop doing that as soon as today. Right and then and then you and then you cut the video and you go to you know you and your dog out in the front yard and here's sort of what you do. But starting out with these How To videos. The first thing that it does is if you start the video with that, the very first thing that it does is going to get you the right audience. And some people have debated me on this. I completely disagree and we've got years of history now to show that they're wrong. But the reason that you should start with something like that is because the people who are then going to watch that are people who are interested in it, they're going to get a little bit of a learning lesson from that. If they're not interested in learning how to train their dog to stop barking at the mailman. They're gonna keep scrolling cat owners, they're gonna be like, I don't care. I don't have a dog. So they're immediately going to be on and the algorithms are going to start really sorting out right like who's who's in this dog training sort of interest level, right? And then you give them a little bit of Alright, now let me show you step one, step two, step three, and then you gotta be very specific at the end. You've got to say something like, Hey, there's a little Follow button right here and I've got a lot more tips. Coming your way for free. Right? They start following you and then you know a portion of that following will start tapping a link in your bio, and then a portion of those people will purchase whatever you're going to sell them or recommend to them right. So I think that style on that thing is really solid. Do you do most of your editing in TikTok?

Alex: Don't know, I? At first what it was doing first was using an app called PowerDirector 365. And that's just basically it's a separate app and you know, it's quite easy to use. So I was using that. And I was fine. I was dropping a little bit of quality on the upload. So then I branched out to Adobe's Premiere Pro and started learning how to do that. But that's another sort of entity like that's another skill yet. You have to learn and eventually probably want to outsource that to be honest and sort of my sort of my videos and then sort of employ someone to say like, can you edit it and sort of familiarize themselves with my style of editing sort of thing. But I've started to learn the Premiere Pro, and you can edit and export that really well into TikTok and there's a lot of good easier photos on YouTubes around and I've recently purchased a you know, like a better camera rather than an iPhone. And so that's starting to show I'm still working it out and that's another thing you've got to do. You've got to learn some sort of thing so you know, you don't need a camera but you don't you don't need the best software. You can do it all in house. But I just thought you know what, I want to have a bit of fun with the medicine even though it does take a little bit of time. 

Matt:  What it was about the editing, it was about the editing stuff. And I feel like what came to mind as you were saying that too for me was when you start editing videos, right so for instance, you might take a training course like Legendary or something right? And you might start, you might begin the process of learning how to create these types of videos or create Jump Cut style videos. Then from there, and you can probably validate this but my guess is from that point of sort of learning the high level strategy and realizing oh my gosh, like there's there's content creators out there who are affiliate marketers, course creators, things like that. We're making so much money on the internet from TikTok and YouTube and things like this. That once you started creating that content, my guess is you probably spent a lot of time on YouTube and researching and watching different instructional videos on how specifically to do a little cut in your video or how to, you know, hyper zoom and you probably watched a bunch of other people's content who does that too, right? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And the reason for that is because Sorry, sorry to cut you off. I'll just finish my thoughts here. The reason for that is because entrepreneurship is just about being an engineer. It's about being a problem solving engineer who you figure out, Okay, I've got to figure out some way for me to be on this screen. And for this piece of content, be really engaging and capture people's attention. And now I've got to figure this out, and you start you know, you start learning how to Google and YouTube certain things to find what you need. And then you suddenly put together this video and the TikTok app, and you're like, alright, this looks cool. Like most posts, let's see what happens. And in your case, you get hundreds of 1000s of views. That's crazy.

Alex: Yeah. And I think, just off the buckle of you know, problem solving like this sort of industry and you know, getting into Marketing and Entrepreneurship, you comment against problems every day you know, like you may you know, the old saying, learn something new every day. Well, you know, you learn something new every five minutes and say when you're sitting at your desk, or wherever you are, keep coming up against problems, and it's so easy when you come up against a problem. You know, you've tried to fix it about three or four times and you still can't get your head round. I was doing something yesterday and I just couldn't get my head round. So it just ended up you know, walking away taking a few minutes. And so it's easy for me to come back and say, Oh, well, I'll do something else. Now. I'll do another part of the business which you have to cater to, you know, you've got to sort of have that resilience to just keep trying to solve this problem and, you know, use your resources use the forum and there's always people to ask and on the Facebook groups and that sort of things, and sometimes it might just say, you know, like I say put it on Facebook, you know, message someone you know, in the industry and we'll just give you a hand and you know, the thing about legendary is everyone is happy to help and if you're really struggling and you can't solve it on your own, you know, just just ask someone and I'm sure to find the answer.

Matt: Yes, yes. Yes. It was such a positive outlook on this whole journey, right. I mean, we've had, we've had so many people who purchased our products. And I've just seen this over the years not just that legendary who they'll come on, or though they'll come into the community and just, you know, I couldn't get any answers. Oh, I couldn't get a hold of this person or whatever. Right. But the truth of a lot of times and sometimes short, maybe they couldn't get a hold of somebody, but the truth in a lot of these cases, and what happens is that people buy something, and they have this sort of pessimistic or victim mentality, right? And so they're looking for ways in which they can be a victim in life or in business. And so they, they sort of create an atmosphere for themselves, where they're, they're more likely to be a victim or they're more likely to feel like a victim. So, you know, maybe they you know, let's say that you're my advisor, right? You're my business plan, advisor and I'm feeling this way. So when I want to reach out to you, I only send you one email, right. And I don't follow up at all. I haven't sent you another email for a couple of days, like hey, just just wanted to check. Do you have any? Did you get my first email, right? I only sent that one email and I didn't get a response. I don't hear back or you missed the email or something. Right. And I go and I feel like Oh, see, I didn't get the support I needed. I didn't know, and that's sort of a really good principle 10 years ago from a book called The Four Hour Workweek. And what he said is an entrepreneur bends the world to their liking, not the other way around. Right. You have to and I've said this to so many people that legendary people have purchased our challenge and immediately, you know, almost every single one of them will write back to me and say, I hadn't thought of it like that. That makes sense. And then they keep going, right? But when you understand that the world is in flux, things are moving and shifting. There are people whose minds can be changed. Facebook deactivates your ad account. Well, there's some human who wrote the code that deactivated your account. they can look back at it and fix your account even if they say it's final, I've had so many people write to me and say, well, they said it's final and nothing can be done. And I said keep pushing them, nothing's final in life. Nothing Yeah. Right. Like nothing's final. There's people who have been on death row who were you know, basically, they were sentenced to the death penalty who then eventually got out. Like nothing in life is final. There's always a way. And I think with that level, that's my takeaway from you. And your attitude today is like you gotta figure it out. 

Alex: Somehow you can figure it out. And I think when you know, we're starting off we don't have this mindset and we're not always trying to, you know, when we come up against a problem, it is easy to sort of go and grab a biscuit or something like that and just walk away and you know, forget about it, but you've got to, you know, your brain sort of doesn't like to be uncomfortable. And when you start off when you set up a business, it can be hard. And you can put yourself through a little bit of stress sometimes and you know, your brain might recognize that and say, Well, I don't want to get into that stress. So I'll walk away and that's the easy option, but like we should be saying you've got to just keep battling through it and you know, when you do eventually find a solution and you know the answer to what you've been trying to solve. You know, there is a real sense of joy in it and you know, that's a lot about the journey is that you get a real job satisfaction on getting stuff done. It's like when I worked in my old job, it'd be right as a process technician, so I'll just be my job to keep the machines running. And you have every answer in front of you. So you know, you don't have to press these buttons and occasionally do something else. And, you know, it's probably my brain sort of still getting used to the new problem solver. And the engineering as you said before. 

Matt: Absolutely. It takes a little bit of time, but it's a learned skill and you become really good at solving problems. What um, what uh, what for somebody who's, I'll let you have the last word today for somebody who's out there who's just got started. And they're sort of in that discovery mode that you were in when you were just sort of learning and figuring out this whole business model and how do I start this? What encouragement would you give to those people who are watching today and what would you say?

Alex: I'd say trust the process. Believe in the process, it does work. And off the back was saying before, don't sort of don't give into the shiny object. syndrome and don't you know, look for other other things to do, you know, trust the process, follow the program, you know, whether you're just starting off on the challenge or you know, you've bought the blueprints, it does work and just believe in, you know, as hard as it can get and, you know, it might take a few weeks or even a few months you know, everyone's different but you will get there. And you know, as soon as you start seeing results, then that's the ignition to keep on going and believe in yourself. 

Matt: Totally. I love it. Alex, thank you so much for everything today. And if you want to reach out to us you can hit me up via email, you can hit Dave or Roxy or whoever. Thank you for coming on. Thanks for taking the time. I'll put up your TikTok here and I'll let people give me a follow and find you on TikTok.

Alright guys, here's his TikTok. It's @digitalprofiting you can find him on TikTok or give him a follow, let him know you saw him on the show and hit like on his videos. If you see him pop up, give him some love. And someday, you know if you're on this show, and we're sharing your Tiktok you know he and everybody else here will do the same for you. So outside of that, if you would like to be featured on the show, there's a form you can fill out. It's legendary featured. And the reason that we're doing that is mostly just because there's a lot of people who come in our community. 1000s of people every single month 1000s and 1000s of people purchase our challenge training and there's no way to keep up with these people. There's no way I don't have any clue what most of you are doing on a day to day basis and your business or the results that you guys are producing. So we would love to hear from you. First of all, we'd love to hear what you're up to. We'd love to hear how the training has impacted you and if it makes sense. We'd love to feature you on the show. It's legendary It's gonna take you to a Google form. And it'll have a few questions. It's nothing crazy. It'll only take a few minutes. All right, guys. We're out of here for Tuesday, April 26. We'll be back here tomorrow. I'll be back here at 10am Eastern Time, same place. See you guys.

How To Overcome The Fear of Being On Camera

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt: What's up everybody, Happy Monday. It's April 4, and we are live. It is another edition of Wake Up Legendary. If you don't know me my name is Matt and pumped that you're here if you're live with us, our guests for watching this replay. You can leave us a little comment. Let us know where you're tuning in from. It's always fun to see because people tune in from all over the world, Europe, Africa. Just kind of all over the place and it's kind of fun to see where people are from. We are live and we go live every single Monday through Friday. At 10am. Eastern. We've been doing this show for quite a few years now. And we bring on people who have maybe gone through our training or have experienced some sort of success online or maybe unlocked a secret that we haven't yet heard of or something like that and mostly it's to give a little bit of inspiration from the day you wake up. Alright, sometimes I like to wake up on a bad day. I'll pull open my phone, and I'll open the news and I'm reminded that it's a terrible idea to open any sort of news app or something because the very first thing you're inundated with is just a bunch of shit. It's just terrible. It's like it's nothing but negativity. It's all the worst that's happened in the world. So we decided to do this show. As a way to start off the day and really have a piece of every single day. Be an inspirational piece of like, hey, I can do this, Hey, somebody else is doing this. I can do it. So today we've got another awesome guest lined up and every single day we bring in somebody new, somebody fresh, and with a story with a journey with, you know, a business that's making them money. And we want to share that with you guys. So today we're going to bring on and if you all can give me a little hand clap emoji in the chat. That would be awesome to welcome our guests. Julie. What's up? Hi. Hey, welcome in. Where are you? Where are you calling in from?

Julie: So I am in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Matt: Cool. You're in Baltimore. Tell us a little bit about you and your journey to starting online. Like how did you find legendary and what got you looking for a way to make money with digital marketing.

Julie: I guess a few years from 2018. My father passed away in May of 2018. And then I quit my job and I knew that other people could make money online. And so I was doing my journey that way and so I did drop shipping in Amazon or whatever and then that didn't work out. You know you just do one thing after another trying to figure out what your thing is. So then I discovered this last year when I was watching some YouTube channels. And I was actually very skeptical because I had so many problems with the other you know, the other ones and failures and so I just thought of this is going to be another scam or whatever that I'm not going to be good at. So um, it took me a while actually to do this because for one you know, I don't like being actually I don't like being on camera. And I don't even like not even Facebook to post stuff. I stopped doing that. And Instagram very little. I put my dogs there because I just don't want to put my personal information. So I think that was the biggest challenge for me like a lot of other people were not putting yourself out there in front of the public. And so I just watched people, month after month, several months and then I decided to just do it because I did a lot of network marketing, and I decided if I spent like 500-1000s of dollars on those programs, why can't I spend $7 for this one. I just did it and then I opened a TikTok account. I didn't know how to use tick tock so I have to say the few months in the beginning were very challenging for me because I am not tech savvy. And you know, I'm not using any social media. So I had to go and learn that. I don't get it. I mean, in the beginning it was awful. And I was so nervous on camera. You can see my face anyway, so it has been challenging but at the same time. Yeah, you go you know, you get over your fears and you know it has been developing me as a person to just say, okay, you know what, forget about it. Just do what you know. And yeah, it's mostly friends and family because you don't want them to find out but it's been good.

Matt: What a journey. It's like, it's so you're at 26,000 followers and, like, real like, whoa, kinda getting set up and getting going was like intense because you're not tech savvy, and you're like, oh my god, what am I doing? My family is going to find out that I'm a tick tock star like, Am I really going to do this? It's just because we like that it is such a common story that I hear, right? It's like such a common thing. And I deal with that too. Like I totally remember that. And I find it actually easier. Like just going about my day and living if I don't have to talk a lot about my work because people are, although right now, it's gotten a lot easier in the last couple of years because everybody kind of expects that somebody is doing some sort of side hustle these days. But back in the day, it was just kind of like man, I don't even know how to explain to you what I do. Like and I used to like to come up with these things like you know on Amazon like, well, I could get like a link and you know, share with people at Amazon. It's like a referral thing and they're like, oh, okay, I kind of get that but that's weird. I know. So you are getting on TikTok you got on six months ago. And you started posting? Was your growth slow? Was it fast? How did that go?

Julie:: I think in the beginning it kind of depends on what you're posting. You know, I'm sure that one typing thing that kind of blew up and I was like what is going on here? Yeah, I helped a little bit and then I did a lot of cut and pasting because I was nervous. And honestly I didn't know what I was doing. You know, you just go and you watch everybody else and you're like, Okay, this seems good. And I would spend hours in the beginning trying to figure out the best, perfect video and you know, a lot of it was just whatever wasted time. Yeah, and some of them it's good, but I mean, like in terms of like me wasting time because I wanted to be such a perfectionist, because my hair has to be perfect, whatever, but it wasn't, you know, but if you watch other people and they don't care. They only have been in there. I think together because I was on camera, this kind of insecurity kind of stuff.

Matt: Well and also it's just kind of like so I feel like in your realm and your world and stuff like I for me at least. You know, for instance that typing job thing. A lot of people have that response, like a lot of people are are like, Oh my gosh, this is just stupid. You know, like, why would I make that? But I think that so for instance, you're in the world of trying to sell products that teach people how to make money online, right? And what people forget, I talk about this all the time. What people forget is that you're so deep down the rabbit hole that you assume everybody has some sort of base layer knowledge, right? But a key ingredient to marketing is you must be able to sort of have people on a track and their minds are basically like a little locomotive and it's just sort of they do the same thing every day, same thing every day. And with something as big and significant as money or making income right that is a key piece of every person's life. They learn to sort of habitual eyes and this is the same is true with weight loss or relationships, things like that. And that style video that I'm talking about for the guests listening or watching that style video basically is like here's three typing jobs that can make you, you know, $1,000 or something. And people are like, dude, are you serious? Like this could never work or whatever, right? And you get a bunch of comments that say that right? My point is not, not necessarily that's the reason you use the hood Not that that's so powerful and goes viral for so many people and gets you a lot of followers is because it sort of tosses you know a big chunk of steel right in the train tracks of their mind. And the specific thing that it does for people is it snaps them out of this reality or just all I can do for income is my nine to five job. And they have this realization of like, whoa, like there's stuff online that people are doing that is making the money, right? So some people who comment like, Oh, that would never work. Sure, fine, whatever. But a majority of people aren't really even digging that deep. They're just having this high level realization of like, oh my god, like there's okay like, Sure, maybe this is just weird and whatever. But, you're telling me there's a way to make some money online? Like that's pretty cool. Like, I've never really thought about it. And that's the words. Those are the words that every good marketer can get someone else to say. Never really thought about it like that. Right? Now the sale is over right. I've never really thought about it like that. Okay, now, there's been a huge paradigm shift and it's just all about creating paradigm shifts. People are too worried and nervous. About what their people are gonna say and that but they also just don't understand that the customer journey starts with a big paradigm shift. And that's why I think you know, the formula on tick tock is so easy because really, you go out and you find other people's paradigm shifts that they've created for people. And you just kind of look at it, investigate and say, Well, what do they do? They're like, I could probably do something similar to this, or, Oh, that's the paradigm shift. So let me make a piece of content that's a little clearer. And you can make a few of those throughout your journey like you did and get to get yourself to 26,000 followers and then sprinkle in a lot more, right because I get great videos that are about you know, remote jobs, for instance, right or leg. Six, yeah, a lot of remote jobs stuff, which I think is cool. But you've also just got stuff about like, just like overview videos and like responses to comments, I think is one of the best things people can do. So I just wanted to say I think your channel looks like your TikTok looks really healthy. You just recently had a video that went to like 500,000 views or something. They're super smart, but I really want people to get it through their head. I mean, whether it's weight loss, whether it's making money online, whether it's dog training, right, like your dog is such a big part of your life. Create a big paradigm shift, even if it seems exaggerated to work, but exaggerating is so huge, and it's the first key piece to marketing. Some people think that's all just clickbait; it's not the exact definition of clickbait. That's wrong , it's a false definition. It's, it's, it's more so paradigm shifting. And in order to get somebody off the tracks or something that they've been doing for. 

20, 30, 40 years and have been trained their whole life. You've got to, you've got to, you've got to bring the heat. You can't just bring them some diluted nonsense that's maybe more realistic, but it's just boring and it's never going to grab their attention. You don't have to, you don't have to lay things out for people from day one. They're just going to be like Dude, it doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't do in the brain what it needs to do to snap them out of it. I don't know. Am I making sense? Sorry?

Julie:  Perfect. Yeah, definitely, most definitely. So what

Matt:  when you create those videos? Are you just kind of going around? Do you do a lot of investigation on other channels? Do you look around and sort of how do you how do you figure out what videos to create and try out

Julie:  something you know not? Well, it depends on the day and what I want. I do try to look at a separate tip from people that I've been following that do that and legendary marketers and you know what they do to succeed and try to, you know, tweak that to kind of I, you know, to my thing, but um, I guess I try to you know look at other people's and see what they do, and try to bring some fresh stuff because some things I think it's kind of stale and old, you know, and they keep using it over and I don't want to use the same thing over and same material.

Matt:  Yeah, so that makes sense. It makes sense but also in what I typically tell people is in those until about, I'd say maybe until about 100,000 or so, really like when you're out 100,000 You can really, really get some traction and I think that a lot of people quit around that time or before that time. Not around that time. Most people don't make it there. But I would. If you're open to just a suggestion. I would, I would. I would push back on that just slightly and just say some of that stuff is over done. I think you're right first of all, but it's overdone for a reason. As long as it's still remotely currently getting views and going viral. It's a proof of concept on the platform and especially a proof of concept with the algorithm. So you know when I'm looking I'll look first for how many views we are getting a lot of views on these videos. And then the second thing that I'll do is look for a house . How recent are those views? Because if they're all hitting like a year ago and they all went viral or whatever, and it's kind of a similar style video. Well, I don't know. I mean, I could try it now. But what I really look for is like, are they getting lots of views currently? Because that's big, you know, that's a big sort of thing, maybe there's algorithm changes here or there. I don't actually think they've been that big with algorithm changes, but they happen. So you see you go out and you look at and sort of do investigative work. We call this you know, like marketing we call this a swipe file. Right. So most good copywriters. If you take a course online about copywriting or something, they'll have something called a swipe file, which is a big catalog of all their best articles, headlines, everything. And the way they instruct that is they basically say hey, look, here's, you know, for the last, let's say 10 years I've accumulated this big swipe file, and it should serve for you as inspiration not as a copycat but as inspiration. So that when you sit down to write a copy, you can take a look at this and get ideas and get sort of oh, that's, I can do that. And I think people here's what I think happens. Let me just spell this out as clear as I can. I think what happens is a lot of times when we start something new, we are prone to imposter syndrome. So not only is it in the online space that we feel that way, but just starting anything new, especially like business he would tend to feel and I see this every single day people feel this imposter syndrome, but it helps when you realize that skilled people very skilled and the highest paid skill people have humongous swipe files of ads and headlines and all kinds of stuff. So when you go a lot of times, in fact, there's a lot of offers that compete against us that use very similar or the same headlines as us, or very, very close. Why do they do that? Because somewhere in our swipe in their swipe file, they've got a little screen grab of our sales page and they're like well down as you guys have been doing this same headline for five years, there must be something to this right. And they piece together different things throughout it and it's like sure it's a different offer but they've used things and most people as they're sitting watching a sales video or something don't realize that but it's happening all over the place. And I think that it's part of growing your skill set. And if you do it with the intention of hey, someday I'm going to have 500,000 followers and at that 500,000 follower Mark, I'll have it all figured out to some degree and I'll make all maybe organic, just fresh, creative content. Because I will have created so much by that point and use so much inspiration that now I'm sort of in this place where I understand it better. And that's where people go from, you know, let's say Julie: park at 26,000 followers to like Calvin Hill at 1.3 million followers, right. So you used a lot of that inspiration to get himself to 200-300,000 followers and then he was like, damn, I got this figured out I can I can figure this out. Now I'm going to launch my own short video style. That's just me. And it took off anyway. Does that make sense?

Julie:  Oh, yeah. Perfect sense. Yeah, I guess I need to get to a point where I'm a little more at that threshold, where you're like, Okay, you know, like, I got this and I'm just gonna get it out. Yeah, but it's so much easier because they're on the camera all the time. And it's not, you know, some people are more private. They don't want to have everything on social media where people all over the world watch you, you know, it's different. Yeah, it's good. And bad at the same time because you don't know half the other people are more than happy that other people have other side worlds.

Matt:  Yeah, makes sense. I understand that very, very well. Yeah. And also, yeah, I feel like you know, no Matt:er where, or what stage of followers or whatever, like, I also feel like people just, you know, need permission to just be okay with where they're at in that journey. You know, Calvin, for instance, had years of content production and music production experience before he got on TikTok. So it was like, Dude, I have all the cameras I have all the lighting like I could set up from day one and just go you know, most people are like, Dude, I got an iPhone for sure I could shoot video on this thing. Yeah. Right. Right. That's me. Like that's super relatable, you know, like, I think I think a lot that's a majority of people. To hear that is refreshing, right? Sometimes, if we brought on Calvin Hill every single day here and just be like, dude, like, you're playing a different world than all of us. Others you know, normal humans. You're an alien. Right? It's amazing. It's important to hear what you just said there.

Julie:  I think it's like, I wanted to go online but I get so nervous even though doing this thing is a little unnerving. But yeah, because you're putting yourself out there and then you have to answer questions. I was so nervous. I just was like, Okay, I gotta go by. Like, that's it. I can't do this. You know, I have to get the courage to, you know, get warmed up on that.

Matt: Sure, but all the comments coming in are like, I can totally relate to this. And I think it's very true. But you know, the other thing that's really cool though, is you know, going live you'll sell more than you've ever sold. In your history as affiliate marketer especially if you get comfortable with it, but I just wanted to like whatever you are. It won't Matter to me. But I just want to say that basically, I just get the vibe I get from you that like you're kind of not a bullshitter and like, you're a pretty straight shooter and I just think that a lot of times online, people really appreciate that. Like people really appreciate sort of going online like like scrolling through and just getting somebody who's just like refreshingly honest, and it's just sort of like, hey, this person feels like somebody I would go out and get beers with like, this seems like a normal person, because you go on some of these lives on tick tock, and there's some crazy people out there like, there's some wild stuff going down, you know, and it's just like, Man, how on earth like, What is this place? And so, you know, I feel like number one I haven't got really, I know that you're talking about this nervous vibe or this kind of like anxious vibe, but I don't think I've got that and I would guess if we pull it the comments like I don't really think people are feeling that from you. Like, I don't know if that's created in your head or whatever. I don't feel that at all. I just wanted to say that like, I just feel like it feels pretty now. I don't know, like weirdly natural at least from what I'm experiencing.

Julie: Well, that's good. But yeah,

Matt: Yeah, I'm not making it up. Like I don't know. I wouldn't tell everybody that but yeah, I would say, you know, we were watching going live is one of the best ways to sort of take for instance, you got 26,000 followers, and some of those people just followed you on a whim because you made this one video about being a millionaire and you got 500,000 views. That's the reality, right? When they're scrolling through, and they're like, hey, this person made this one video. I've never seen that weird, millionaire video. That's kind of funny. And now she's online, like the degree to which you know, let's say 15,000 of those 26,000 followers are totally cold. Like they only watched that one video and they hit follow, right? For whatever reason. Maybe it was by accident. Maybe it is. Maybe they were just like this is cool, whatever. But those people are sitting in this cold category. And, over time, they're going to warm up but you've got to, you got to do certain things to warm that audience up. And when you start to do that, you'll find that your conversion rate, your click through rate, and then your conversion rates start to skyrocket. And it really takes this sort of L you know, this hockey stick curve kind of growth, because you're sitting on all these followers and suddenly now you're putting the work into really massage them and respond to comments, but also go live and sort of do some email marketing and now they're seeing you all over the place. And now you go from maybe a 1% click rate to like five to 10 and then you go from like a one to 2% conversion to like a three to 5% conversion. And suddenly those numbers start to really compound on each other. So anyway, I just wanted to encourage you with that because, you know, a lot of times, people don't realize the goldmine they're sitting on for instance, this guy Joshua just went platinum with us this last year. He said basically, he was sitting on about 150,000 followers on a huge email list. He built that email list from all this TikTok and he just said, You know what, I think I might be sitting on a goldmine started reengaging with really personal emails, just funny, witty emails, and lengthy emails about his journey online and all this stuff and his his income exploded. And he was like, I couldn't believe that I was sitting on this huge Goldmine this whole time. So anyway, just food, food for thought. I want to encourage you, okay, most people find it really hard to get 1000 followers. So you got 26,000. That's incredible. And then the second piece is don't underestimate the goldmine you're sitting on. Because, yes, you've made money, made sales, but it's only really like the pressure art. You know what I mean? It's only the very tip of the iceberg of what's possible. Especially even just from those followers.

Julie:  Yeah, I mean, you know, so there are days you know, there are good days and bad days and honestly, there were times when I did I feel like I can't do this anymore. I don't want to do it, but then I just kind of push myself and I feel like I'm in it also. I need to kind of tweak my marketing. You know, like okay, I got the followers now, and like you're suggesting I should do more live or things like that to get to the next level. And we always had to go to the next level in order to push ourselves. I think that's what we need, you know, and that's probably what I need to do. setting myself up. Got to do it, you know,

Matt: I like that. No, that that is so perfect. It's so perfect. And what was that? You know, ironically. Let's do this. I think this is a very great way to make this your first video. Let me see if I can make sure. Oh my god. Do you remember that? Do you remember your very first video on Tik ok? While we're sitting here talking about basically going through, you know, their thing. Isn't this like the most appropriate thing ever? To see how to defy it. Oh, it's great. It's great. I think this is muted.

Matt:  All that it's saying is start putting some pressure on. Get out of your comfort zone. Start getting comfortable out of your comfort zone. If you stay in your comfort zone. That's why you will fail.

Julie:  And that's where I was talking to myself. Yeah, I was posting about that kind of thing.

Matt:  Of course you were, it's real.

Julie:  I mean, yeah. Be comfortable.

Matt:  It's real. Start putting a little pressure on. Yeah, I mean, well, I don't know. I mean, you can say it's embarrassing. All day, but I'm kind of like shoot like, that's actually a cool raw inside look into, like, you know, the day one journey. And here's my first freakin video and the video is basically you psyching yourself up which I find pretty cool. Like, there's just a lot of people in the world who aren't willing to do that, Julie, that's so funny. There's a lot of people in the world who just aren't willing to do that. And, you know, like to try something like that right? And to be like, Man there might just be like people who think that I'm crazy. Like I might have lost my mind. But you know, you're on your own journey. It's cool and ironic that you know you're having these moments throughout your journey. Of like, I got to go to the next level and your whole entire journey was basically starting with that mantra that energy.

Julie: So that's where my next thing is, and I feel like I'm at that threshold. So like, you have a couple months this year that has been a little challenging for me, because a friend of mine, a close friend, passed away like a month ago. So yeah, a lot of different things have been happening. And then I think I think I got COVID I don’t know if you could get it twice but I had bronchitis. I couldn't speak and just kept coughing. So I'm just getting over that. So here we are in a zone, you know, or have it is gone. So, yeah, I feel like now this is where I need to dig in and just kind of go to the next challenging level two, my journey, you know, totally,

Matt:  Totally. And I feel like that whole thing for you like every time that you were saying, oh that's so embarrassing. I was thinking I was just thinking I would, for me at least I would replace that word with inspiring. I felt like it was very raw. Like that's super inspiring to me. And I also just you know why that is because humans are drawn, I think at their core to somebody who's like really trying something that's uncomfortable for them. There's something really honestly vulnerable about that. And I know vulnerability is kind of a buzzword in our culture, whatever but there's something really vulnerable about that. And I think everybody here listening and watching would agree with that, that like that is that is the rawest form because with most people who are like extroverted, for instance, or who really really like like the limelight, I'm mostly just like, Dude, I just I don't find you that inspiring. For instance, Mr. Beast, the most popular YouTuber in history. look him up, Mr. Beast. He's the probably most viewed YouTube viewer in history. And he's this young 22 year old kid and I'm like, Dude, your stuff's cool. I don't find him inspiring. Maybe his work ethic or something, but I don't like to me it feels like he's like not being super real or something. Something about like he's doing a bit and it's cool. Fine, like he does a great job but I don't know something about you and your story. It just feels different. And yeah, I think you shouldn't underrate that as like an embarrassing start. I would say it's and it's to me it's inspiring like, damn, yeah, you're right. Like you got to put a little pressure on yourself. You got to like, what's the next level? How am I going to level up next time? Like, what am I going to do? So it's cool that you're now coming on this show and you're feeling like you're at a threshold. That's really cool.

Julie:  Yeah, I think um, my other thing is, you know, to get through that is like you know, do the storytelling thing. I think I'm not good at my storytelling. Like, if I want to do it, I'm gonna just gush it out. So I have to, I know you have to, like give them piece by piece, you know, and just kind of like lure them in a little bit. Kind of stuff. So yeah.

Matt:  No, and that's a learned skill, right? I’m not here to really promote somebody else's course or anything but like, for instance, that's not like a natural thing. That's why people like Neil Gaiman, who is like an award winning author, I think, yeah. He's an author. He's and he's taught an entire class on storytelling, like writing like you take massive classes on storytelling. And it's just something that's learned over time. So, you know, you might say, I'm not good at storytelling or whatever. But you know, you should put the word after that. I'm not good at it. It's always a good way to sort of couch that in like, it's like an internal subconscious reminder to your brain, like, hey, you know what, like, we're gonna figure this out. We just haven't figured it out yet. And that's a powerful way to look at life. It's an empowering way to look at life because, you know, people walk around and say, I can't I can't, I can't, I can't. I can't, I'm not good. I'm not good. I'm not good. But using the word yet, is such a powerful three letter word that retrains your brain to be like, we're gonna figure this out. Like, we haven't done it yet, but we're gonna figure this out. For sure. And helps you push through problems and yeah, that's definitely Yeah. Totally. Christmas day. We're in April. What's the plan? What What? What are you excited about? What's what's new on the horizon? You know, what's your daily operation? You know, what are you doing for a daily marketing routine? Yeah, what's new, I mean, give people a little inspiration to leave the show.

Julie: So yeah, so definitely. I do go on TikTok just to find some motivation. He says to and before I will literally drown myself in tucked up because I was like, I would need to find the perfect video. But now I, you know, I'm there for maybe 1520 minutes, and trying to figure out then I write down what I need to write, do you know, on that particular piece, and then do take care of that, but I do like the fact that somebody did say like, do some batch work where you're constantly, you know, you for a short, you know, short period of time, kind of make several videos, and then just put it in, you know, saving in your draft. And I had several videos in my draft and so when I was sick, actually, it kind of helped with that, you know, process because they were old and just like, Okay, I'm just gonna hit the post kind of thing. So that is I think that's very beneficial and that helps a lot, so don't spend too much time and wasting time. On tick tock. I know it can suck you in because I've been there. But yeah, go in and get out. Make your you know, do your work and fun but

Matt:  Yeah, what we'll just do all of that work online, like, sorry, on your computer, because

Julie:, it's alright. To get copies and stuff. Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. Yeah. Well, cool. Yeah. I think I started doing my investigative TikTok work on my computer because there's no scrolling and it doesn't. It's not even remotely close to as addicting if you're just like doing it in a Google Chrome browser. It's so much easier. Well, and then, you know, the other powerful thing that I do is I'll go to like, well here like, I'll go to here. Let me show you this real quick. Here's basically my strategy on this is, you know about Sort For TikTok?

Julie:  I think you mentioned a guy one to one or two times.

Matt: Yeah. So there's this app on Google Chrome called sort for tick tock and it will sort all the videos by most watched the least watched. So you don't have to do any scrolling. You don't have to do any of that. You are just in Google Chrome and here let me start it. Okay, so you can see now it's spinning, and all it's going to do is sort this guy's dog training videos, but most watched to least watched. And it takes about 10 seconds or less. And so now you've got like these videos that you know, by definition, these are the most watched on a channel with 1.2 million followers. There's probably videos here that we can mimic or do something similar, right? So I don't know. And so you can do this in any niche. But what I typically do then Julia is, is I click on them, and I copy the address and I just put it into, um put it into a, like I put it in sheet, and I create this spreadsheet. I have a row that just says like, did I create this, and I'll put an X if I've already sort of created that one. Also sometimes I'll put the amount of views next to it, and then I'll sort it. So I have all of these channels, you get hundreds of videos in a Matt:er of like a day or two. And, and, you know, then I sorted by the millions of views or how many views and then I've got a cross bunch of different channels, these different videos, and the top ones are obviously the ones that are probably most likely to go viral. And I start to just look like how could I change this up? Could I make something similar, but you can batch all that work and you never really open the TikTok app once it's way more focused work. And then you've got this massive swipe file of videos and what you'll do is you'll start to see trends if you click on one, and then you'll watch it. Oh, that's interesting. And click on another and pretty soon that formula that people are using for virality really starts your brain starts to be like okay, I get it and it's not that hard for your brain to start sort of mimicking not as much the the content I think the contents important but also the flow the pace, the speed, all of that stuff. So anyway, just a tip. I think that using Sort For TikTok going into a spreadsheet and creating that spreadsheet is huge. A very, very powerful strategy for figuring out how to find viral content, how to get inspiration from different ones. And a lot of times I'll end up finding videos that are pretty much the same but people have done different stuff and it helps me get like oh my gosh, like that'd be cool if I actually changed it like this or change it like that or you know, whatever, and use the that type of thing. To grow your channel and in between that tell your story. Tell me about your journey. Explain why you're different. Explain what you're trying to accomplish, right. Use those kinds of viral videos, maybe a couple times a week, and then fill in with a lot more meaningful content to warm up your audience in the meantime. Okay. That makes sense.

Julie: Yes. It's been so helpful. Thank you so much.

Matt:  Of course, you're killing it. You're killing it. You're at 26,000 followers. Like if you can do that once on social media you can do it a bunch of times. The other thing is to start looking into reposting your content, right Facebook business page to all of these different short form content, you'll sort of multiply your efforts and that doesn't take super long either once you start to figure that out, but hey, look, you're on an incredible journey and you've already got a hot start. So just keep rockin and I think you know, things can really take off from here. Excited for you.

Julie:  Thank you. Appreciate it.

Matt:  Yeah, thanks for coming on to I think everybody has been like just I love this. This is so good. 

Julie:  I hope people get something out of it because you know, just to share that we are normal people. We're all you know, doing the same thing trying to make some money online and at the same time live our life and go through the woods or whatever it may be. 

Matt:  Cool. Well, thanks for coming on. Hey, keep us updated. I'd love to get an email from you in a couple months.

Julie:  Most definitely thank you

Matt:  awesome to see it's really our guys you can follow Julie on  TikTok @entrepreneurjulie very simple. TikTok handle the follow go give her a follow and give her some encouragement say Hey, I found you on Wake Up Legendary and you know, I heard about you and just wanted to give you a little shout out and say hi and you know, give her a little word of encouragement because someday it's going to be you on this show. And she's going to come back and she's a hi remember James I remember Samantha remember Vanessa and and she's gonna be like, dang, you know, I'm gonna go follow them back some love. So it's all sort of, we call it business karma. But you know, really it's just to encourage people and to say thanks for giving us value and yeah, so that is all we got for this. Monday, April 4. I'll be back here tomorrow and Wednesday. And Dave will return with us on Thursday, Friday, after his Yeah, after he's back. And yeah, we'll see. you're back here tomorrow at 10am Eastern peace.