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Matt: Hello everybody welcome to another episode of wakeup legendary It's Wednesday, September 14. My name is Matt if you don't already know me, I'm the CMO, the Chief Marketing Officer here at Legendary, and we are live. We go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern. And we call it Wake Up Legendary because we want to give people in our community an opportunity to wake up, not Fox News or CNN or on you could call you on fake news, whatever, but you can wake up with somebody who's inspiring who's having a lot of success. You can see what they're doing, you can listen to what's driving them and use it as a little bit of motivation and inspiration for yourself. So let’s welcome today’s guest. Good to have you on. How are you?

Steven: I'm fantastic. Another beautiful day in Michigan. How are you doing?

Matt:  Yeah, good here. We're finally getting out of the hundreds. So it's like man, it's like 79 degrees. So for people who haven’t met you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Steven: Yeah, I started this journey, just like December. This has been about eight months in the making nine months now. And if you guys don't know me, I'm Steve. I run a company called Cash Flow Marketer. I started with Legendary back in October and did nothing with it until December where I wanted to live in mind, and there we were, you know, we were real quiet. We were sitting in the back of the room. And I just decided that they broke through a board that day. I was making $15 an hour if you can believe that. I worked from home but it was not fun. I was making hundreds of calls a day. And I told myself that's it and as soon as I left the event, I got to work. I even got to work during the event and 16 days later, I walked away from my job and haven't gone back since. And I've been fortunate enough to earn a lot of different awards and build an amazing business here and most importantly, have more time spent with family and more time with our son all the time in the world. 

Matt: That's super cool, man. Hold on. Our echo echo kind of just goes in and out and then that's okay. We'll get the mute thing. So actually, Can you unmute yourself? I'm gonna just control the mute action on my end. But if you mute yourself, then it won't let me unmute you. So it's like a whole damn thing over here. But anyway, yeah, I mean, when you sat at the mastermind, and I just, you were so unassuming not that it was a weird thing or anything but it was just like oh man, I wonder what this guy's up to you know, and it was easy. Just run basically spread data that mastermind and go crazy so that was cool. I think for me watching you go from that place to speaking with a lot of conviction at the mastermind was really cool too. I felt like you were you had a ton of conviction and a ton of energy and excitement and not just conviction but clarity. Like you were really clear about hey, here's exactly what I did. Here's what I thought was awesome. I'll come speak at masterminds to people who are you know, beginners or just starting to figure things out? They might be five or six years down the road, and they've lost touch sometimes with the moment somebody starts and what are the important actions and I think you hadn't lost touch by that point in that mastermind. You still haven't lost touch with that now. But that's that man. That's just such a really powerful experience to hear somebody speak to people who need to know their mate right now. And yeah, that was just super cool to me. And I thought it was a unique experience, such a rare experience. But doing that all so fast and having such explosive growth. What was that like? I mean, what was that? Like? What were some things that you did that you felt like were keys to your success? And then also like, what were some things you wish you maybe hadn't done or maybe would do differently?

Steven: I've made an eight month eight month journey. I'm going to start there because I think a lot of people talk about their successes and how they did it. It's important to track traps. If you're learning digital marketing, or digital marketing moves, fast, as late stuff at the mastermind previously that I had shared with others, some of the top elite believe and so what I'm about I'm about to share with you. It's going to be the most impactful Wake Up Legendary entire year. So here's what I need to know to know I want to start by saying the most people out in the marketing thing. I felt I learned about sales. So sales lead sales. If you don't know what a sales funnel is, this was one of the biggest mistakes I made just recently.

Matt:  Sorry about the audio guys. We'll get him back. We'll get him back. You guys thought you were the only people in the world with techie issues right. We'll get him back on because I'm excited to hear from Steve about what's been impacting his business and what failures he's had and what things he would like to do differently, but it could be where we played around with a lot of the audio and a lot of the stuff so we'll get him back in he's gonna come back and on a laptop or something. We'll find out. We'll see what he comes back on. But Steve, yeah, when he came to the mastermind and spoke he came down to Orlando and literally just months after his experience and he, man he took off he set some record that we've ever seen in terms of just leads in sales and he's been consistent ever since then sometimes when people take off and have a huge round of success. It tapers off a little bit over time and he hasn't really tapered the ordering system which is maybe more impressive than anything else is that level of consistency over time, and he's a beast of a marketer. One thing that I'd like to do, here's what I'd like to do for you all to type in a question that you might have for Steve and as he comes in, when I think might be cool, is sharing a few of the questions that you wonder about. Well, you know, Steve, you've you went out and this isn't a full income disclaimer. Most people who purchase any sort of training online aren't going to earn six figures online. But Steve has and he's set up a successful online business, what would you like to hear from? I mean, what questions would you have for him? What kind of things are you wondering about his success and what he's done to achieve that success? I'd love not just for me to have my questions out for him, but also for you guys, as well as excuse me, type them in the comments if you've got any. Keith wants to know what's his routine for staying motivated and keeping the fire alive? What's the most important thing that's contributed to your journey?  How many niches did Steve start? What was the current use? That's a good question. Let's let's when he gets back in here, and let's ask him a few of these questions. Let's see. Let's pop over here. For Steve, what was the biggest lesson you learned at the beginning of your journey? What is your favorite platform? What platform was he successful on? He had a lot of success on Facebook. Maybe we can talk a little bit about that too. What does consistency look like? What's his daily routine? Oh, that's good. How long did it take to get your first 1000 subscribers? tools and apps? Are you following the strategy? Are you posting your TikToks on other social media platforms? How do you keep yourself motivated especially? Well, I think the thing that is part of Steve's success and some of the success that I see from people who come to our masterminds is what Steve did is take exactly what he boiled down. He kind of sat in the back and he was just sitting taking notes throughout this mastermind that we had. And what Steve did was he kind of boiled it down to an action plan. Boiled down, what do I need to do? He got a real action plan in place and he said, Okay, look, here's the thing. I know exactly what it is that I need to do. I know exactly day by day, I need to create X amount of video pieces of content. I know where I'm gonna get my inspiration for that content. I know what's worked in the past. And I'm gonna boil it down to an action plan and then he actually just stuck with it for about 90 days, said hey, I'm gonna give this a real hard shot for I don't know if he said he was going to commit to 90 days, or 180 days or what it was but yeah, How did he conquer audio problems? Yeah, I mean, good. Question. We're about to find out I hope. Well, let's see. Can we get a copy of his action plan? You know? We probably don't have that one. Like he I mean, he probably doesn't have that like scan or something, but maybe we could unpack exactly what it is that he did. He definitely is omnipresent. That is for sure. He's all over the place. He's creating content everywhere.


He didn't really enter in a special mentor program that was a secret Mentor Program. He had purchased our mastermind so he really just went through the blueprints. And that's how he met. With that. I think How did you ramp up and sustain your video production content machine, man, I mean, he just went after it. He just went after it. This is too good to not hear it right. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, we'll get through the techie stuff. stuff. is easy. The more you're in this industry. The techy stuff that eventually becomes easy. I shouldn't say that. It just is easy, but the techie stuff is, if you'll eventually figure that out to the point where it doesn't seem like or feel that heavier, feel that overwhelming. You'll eventually push through that. So I wouldn't worry too much about the techie stuff. You'll eventually power through it. But let's see here. Let's see if we got it. Let's see if we got it. Bang. Steve, what up?

Steve: Hey, hear me better?

Matt:  Loud and clear. Fantastic. Loud and clear. Let's see. Hang on a second. Can you go to your video settings down at the bottom and just make sure you're on 1080. Either of those will work out we're rockin and rollin man. The audio sounds beautiful. All right. Love it. We're back as Navy we're back, Steve I threw an audible in and here's what I did. I actually asked if I pulled our entire audience here. And I said, Hey, what do you guys want to know for Steve and I got lots of questions. And I'd love to do a quick fire question session with Steve if that's cool with you.

Steven: Awesome. I love it. All right.

Matt:  We're gonna keep you on your toes. Let's see what happens. All right, bang. Here we go. I'm curious about this. What's your routine for staying? motivated and keeping the fire alive every day? Do you have anything? What's the secret sauce, Steve?

Steve: Oh, man. It's an amazing question. You know what? Number one, it's my son. More than anything. I wake up every day with the ability to wake up every single day and see family. It's a constant reminder of this mission. And then that's just what gets me started getting fired up every day. Once I get in here and actually start interacting with our community. It's the people every single day. Once you build your community, you start building people, core people who rely on you. You can't quit on them. You actually have a sense of accountability from the people who are expecting your best from the people who are relying on you to build those relationships. You can't leave them hanging were the two things that really motivate me every single day. Wow. That's cool.

Matt:  I love it. How when you are first getting started, how do you go? How did you get followers?

Steven: You know what? So I'll tell you exactly how I got followers and then I'll tell you what I do nowadays because there's a massive difference. I started in December, mid December after going to the weight of legendary and I had zero followers. None of you knew me in December. Even fewer people knew me in October when I signed up for this but forget every day hasn't. Every single person starts with zero followers. So if you're thinking you need a big following, you don't know if every single person started zero at some point even the biggest people like the Kardashians started at zero. And answer your question. I started off, I left the legendary and some of the advice that was at the master was make three to four videos every single day. That was how I started out. I poured out content. I researched three to four videos every single day. I did that for about seven months. Up until recently I made almost 900 videos since then. She knows I'm not telling you guys to do that. Because I realized that that approach isn't isn't the right approach. The thing is that you don't need volume with your videos to build followers. What more people need is not volume but value. The difference between what I used to do and what I do now. What I used to do was focus on a sales funnel approach. I was focused on finding a big group of people here getting them subscribed, having a little bit of a smaller group, helping convert even a smaller amount you know forms like an upside down pyramid. And I used video three to four videos a day to reach that massive group of people to get them subscribed email to start converting sales and realized what happens when you focus on the sales funnel upside down approach is that you end up with a very transactional relationship with your leads so mad if I could I want to take I want to take a little bit extra time I want to show you an example of this. Yeah, so I have a class here. Let's say I've got this class and I've got this water bottle. Let's say this water bottle is leaking. These are all of the leads that you have right here. This is like your pipeline. And then the little tip of the water bottle here is your sales funnel. So I started out and I was trying to reach all of these people, this big pool of people filling up the water bottle and curator. You're filling up your pipeline with people. What I would do is I would funnel them through like this into the glass and this class right here. Think of this kind of like this is kind of like the people who have purchased from us. These are the transactional people who have actually made a purchase. So you've got your class. These are the people who have bought from you. But here's the issue- the water can't go up and back into your pipeline. That's extremely important, because this means the people in the class, they're just there. The problem with that is that they're just stale, stagnant. You're not getting it, you're not delivering any additional value to them. And so you're out again and you're off looking for new leads. Again, you're off paying money for paid ads, you're doing more videos to reach more of these people. That's the wrong approach. You're reaching these people you want to take to be able to take these people in the class who have already purchased from you to be able to recycle them back up into your pipeline. Yep. What's really important about this is that the way I just described is not a sales funnel. It's called a flywheel. And the flywheel design for marketing is pretty. It's about the most cutting edge marketing that's happening right now. And its marketing is moving in a direction where you no longer are running people through a funnel to get a transaction to go back to strangers and try to sell them again. What you're doing with a flywheel is you're taking the people who have already purchased from you. You're engaging with them through conversation, then you're delighting them and giving them so much that they're actually going out and they're telling their friends about you they're telling their family about you. and word of mouth is actually starting to fill this up for you. Sort of mouth is filling it up and purchasing it for you and it empowers you it allows you to be able to work less, you get to work less because you're delighted customers are going out and they're telling all their friends or telling all their family about you and their friends and family are going out purchasing from you. They're joining your community. They're engaging with you. So you actually have to do less work than people who are focused on that sales funnel, people who are focused on constantly going out and getting new leads. It's not about going out and getting new leads. It's about engaging your existing leads. Only creating content that attracts people. I mentioned a flywheel circle. It starts up here to attract people with your video content, for example, and then you're going to engage them in actual conversations. really find out their pain points, find out their struggles, and they're going along the flywheel. You're going to delight them with the solution that you have. So I want you guys to write down and remember that I want to attract people with your videos with your content. Your goal is not to create a video on what you're not selling them on your offer with your video. The only thing you're doing with whatever piece of content you create a blog or video is to attract them and you attract them by giving them so much value upfront. Create content to start conversations with people. That's the only reason to create content. So I started off to recap three to four videos real hard. Now, I create maybe one video a day and I'll only make content. If it is valuable. And I only make it to start conversations with people. 

Matt:  What do you mean by that?

Steven: I mean that when I create a piece of content, I don't I don't create any more sort of cryptic secret, you know, oh, find out what this is. It's not valuable enough to me. I create a piece of content that solves a problem right there on the spot. For instance, I created a piece of content just recently, and it's the seven places to promote your affiliate links to actually make money. Instant it's an instant piece delivers instant value and starts conversations in let's say comments on Facebook. From there. I find out each and every person's pain point. In my community. We have a system if you're not having conversations every single day with people, if you're not asking them, What are you looking to achieve, what are you looking to accomplish? What are your pain points and you're not finding these things out? That's why you're not. That's why your business is not growing, because through meaningful conversations you're not building enough connections with people. You're not engaging with enough people every single day. When you give people an interest in others and you get them results. Everything else ticket sales take care of themselves. People go out and talk about you. They rave about you. You don't have to buy advertising. You don't have to work really hard. You just have conversations all day basically, in Messenger and you build a business off of having conversations and building relationships. And it's so much more meaningful to connect then just drive them through a sales funnel, send them over to an affiliate link and then on to the next stranger. 

Matt: That makes sense. I mean, even to a certain extent it is. I mean it never really has been people are always going to turn to that model. What so when you're out there when you say first of all creating value solving a problem. Give us an example that like they like let's take like a niche of like, like, if I'm if I'm gonna fill it like I'm a like, I'm a digital marketer and I'm in the weight loss niche. And I'm creating videos and engaging with people. Give me an example of kind of like a piece of content I could create that would solve a problem. I think that's why those are your words, solve a problem. And then when you say engage with people, let's define that for the new people to our community who aren't sure what that means. What do you mean? Engage with people? Because I think that that's a valid question. What would you walk us through that process?

Steven: Okay, so you're in the weight loss niche. The first thing I'm going to do is, I'm going to go out if I have no, I have if I haven't had those conversations if you're brand new, you can go out to Google and use tool free tools, such as one called SM look up what people are asking about Google. What sort of questions are they typing into Google? What are the most popular questions? One of them is probably how do I lose weight quickly? You do from there if you write down that problem hot that question How do I lose weight quickly? And then you create let's say a video, video, then teach somebody a quick tip to lose weight quickly. Teach him something about you know, some simple like ketosis. Teach him something that gives them an instant result. Maybe you tell them you know what? This one exercise helped me lose 15 pounds in 20 days. Give them that video. Instantly. And then that starts the conversation. Got it. From there. You want to do is as you start all these problems in video, people are going to come to you and they're going to ask you questions when they're asking you questions. Take note of what questions are getting asked the most in that niche. And then what you want to do is create an actual document, let's say like a PDF solving that looks right up front. Tell them exactly what to do. Make it so good man. You can do this in a Word document but make that document so good that people think I should be paying money for this right now. CAC, the value stack, actually solves a problem. Don't leave them hanging at the end and say oh, if you want more information here, head over to my funnel to actually solve problems. When you engage, what I mean by engaging is simply conversations. Now the headline for this video for the event. For this video, I had said the 50,000 year old secret to make money online. That 50,000 year old secret I was talking about in his language. A lot of things change in marketing, a lot of things change in life, conversation and human connection does not change. That is something that is necessary in business business is people yeah and engaging just means having conversations with people every single day. Trusted in them. It means whether it's through messenger if you prefer the phone, if you prefer email, wherever I would say email is the best personally. Having conversations every single day with people engaging with people, if they've reached out to you see you as an authority. They see you as an influencer even if you only have authority and an influencer. And it means a lot when you reach out to them. And you engage with them and you influence the authority, actually ask them what's going on with you and how can I help solve your greatest problem? They tell you your greatest, their greatest problem. You create a solution for it. I just need to lose this weight, create a solution, go research a solution right next to them and say hey, you know what? I have this for you and I want to give this to you. I want you to have this. This will help you solve that problem you're having when it solves that problem. When you know a well researched thing, you create it and you help them solve that problem. Tell everybody about where they're gonna go. If the person for instance wants to lose some weight because they have a wedding coming up in six months, and they lose that weight and you help them do it and tell everybody at that wedding, about you, about your company, about that product. They're going to share everything they have, they're going to spill it all people are saying hey, you look amazing. How did you lose that weight? Wow, you look great. Oh my gosh, it was Matt Hetzel and his weight loss program that changed my life. You need this guy and I've had amazing conversations with him. He's like a friend to me. You can reach out to him and he responds. He's kind of once. They will talk about you and rave about you as promoters and when you have an army of promoters people promoting you for free. Less to do less work your promoters go out and they tell other people about you and the virtuous cycle begins again. Because then they tell someone about you. You solve that person's problem. And then that person goes to people and it's not their problem, and they go and tell people and that's how you start to work less, learn more, and deliver a ton of value to a ton of people. Every single day. You work less and earn more and you get to deliver value, what I mean what could be better than having that sort of impact on people. And still get to do the things you want with the people that you love the most.

Matt:  Yes. And that's how you experience all that exponential growth because you're focused more on what you said. Something about getting people's interest or being interested in them. And that goes to something that Dave often says which is focused more on the interest stated and less on being interesting. Like people always want to be like, oh, I need to be like the Kardashians or something you know, like oh, I've got to do something crazy. But the truth is just being really interested in what people actually are, what are the real problems that they want solved and how can you be the solution to that? Me earlier this week said that on Monday, we had a lady who's been coaching in the well, she's in the kind of parenting niche. And so she does coaching with moms to declutter their houses and she's got a really successful business in that coaching industry. And she said, How can I? How can I? What problems do they have? How can I solve them and how can I show them that I'm the one to solve it now, right now? Yeah. And, and I like how that leads into the whole conversation piece. Especially for people who are newer, and they're a beginner, right. So the reason I think that's so important, I'm just expounding on what you just said. But the reason I feel like that's certain is as you get started, and you're getting moving you are actually wondering how do people word their problems? How do people state their problems? And if you get into conversation with 10 people guess what, you know, you go back to your marketing, and your videos and your funnel and your all of your emails and everything can actually take that language from your conversations and put it into your marketing. And now suddenly, you're speaking the same language as a normal person rather than using marketing lingo, like industry lingo, that no one really understands. Every industry has their own kind of lingo. They use it. But now you're speaking normal people speak like normal. You said the word. Yeah, and normal spoken language or normal type language. Man, I think that that's so powerful. So as you're as you're starting out, and you're creating content that solves people's problems, and they're bringing them into conversation with you, here's the nuts and bolts piece that I think a lot of people are wondering which is if I go out and create a piece of content, how I gave watches my video.

Matt:  Get to engage with me to reach out to say something to me, like what do I do? Do I? Do I say something in my video that it's a call to action? Do I put something in the comments that says hey, here's what I want you to do. How do you Steve communicate to your audience and say if you basically if you'd like to learn more, I can help you. Here's what you do next. 

Steven: Well, the structure of a successful video, basically it's four parts. You have the hook in the beginning of the problem. You're addressing how to solve the solution but he's gone particularly well.

Matt: Actually. I'm glad that he got booted there for a second because the hook for those of you who are newer, you might not know what a hook is. A hook is a beginning where you bring somebody in and you sort of capture their attention. Then you've got the hook for the problem, keep going.

Steven: You got the hook, bring them in capture their attention, as Matt said, you've got the problem that you're addressing you want to use the exact words of the people who have already messaged you whatever the problem is, with how you're going to solve it the solution and then you've had the call to action at the end of the action. You should be that your community is already asking you for so if they're if they're saying to you How do I get started? Make your call to action to get started with their exact words back in the call to action to get started, just leave a comment to get started. DM, send a DM simple stuff. And if you prefer it. People are just gonna naturally you know, social media, people are gonna naturally reach out and say, hey, you know what, I heard you say that and I wanted to know more about this. Can you expound on it? Can you tell me a little bit more? On top of that it's almost a natural flow. So don't don't obsess over the call to action. Don't obsess over the wording, just people do. That's what a call to action is. Make sure that you solve a problem in that video. And that content spends most of the time solving that problem.

Matt: Yeah, I think that that makes sense. I think I think it and that's such a beautiful thing. I mean, if you can really solve somebody spawns in man, that's powerful. Because if you can do it once, then people are going to have more and more belief, a deeper level of belief. And I think what's the word? I think here's a powerful word that comes to mind as you explain this is the word certainty. Meaning when people have certainty, that is basically the holy grail of marketing. When somebody feels a level of certainty when you solve their problem or use of maybe they don't have one problem, but you solve one of their problems. And you're like, wow, that I was just somebody wondering this. I haven't been able to solve this. And I feel like he just solved my problem. Yeah. Now could he solve more problems? No, he wants now he's got for instance, a product or something. Wow, interesting. I have a level of certainty that you know that he's already solved my problem for free. There's maybe something else and then boom, they purchase and again level of certainty, is now you're solving multiple of their problems. Anyway, I just think that that's a powerful idea and a powerful man. 

Steven: So it is in a lot of niches out there, where you guys will see life come to you. They've already seen a lot of other things online about that particular thing. Most likely, you're probably not the first person they've seen. And in my experience, a lot of people doing affiliate marketing one niches out there. They're really not delivering a lot of value. Post on that sales funnel I mentioned earlier, how do I get the most leads and get to build an email list and drive down as many conversions as I can down here. And then once people buy from them, they don't hear from them or even at the top, maybe someone reaches out and says, Hey, you know, how can I lose weight coming up in six months, and that influencer that person never responds to them, forwards them over to a virtual assistant, or sends them through an automated bot. I wanted to tell you guys this too, is that through this journey over the past eight months, a huge mistake I made. I set up a very intricate artificial AI bot system in our community and Facebook Messenger actually us I used a program to set it up is pretty complicated led through all kinds of trainings and things it was called the cashflow bot, and what I found from doing that for about a month and a half was that engagement not only dropped, but it came from a very bottom unit. And it showed people were angry. It didn't work. Well it was very mechanical, you know, somebody would reach out and say, it would say screw screw you you're you're a scam or whatever they say. And then the bot would reach out to him and say, Hey, this is Steve. Great to you. How are you doing and what can I solve for you? It just didn't didn't make sense. There wasn't a human connection. And so the mistake I made was trying to make it more efficient for myself and for our business. The expense of our prospects at the expense of everybody in the company. I went to make it more efficient for myself with some automated systems that just did not work well. So if you're thinking how can I automate this as much as possible? It's good. Don't Don't search for all the don't try to make your life simpler. Prospects' lives are really difficult. Because if you remember that attractive, engaged delight, you're going to cause a lot of friction. In those three things. You're going to cause a lot of friction after you attract them. Engagement is going to cause a lot of friction and you're not going to delight people, which is going to stall your business growth. So you have to have those conversations with people, those genuinely interested conversations with others. And don't seek to automate things so much and make your life so convenient that you're hurting people who you could be helping.

Matt:  In our world, the only way we were able to really get those bots to work, and we ended up running into lots of issues with the bots. Facebook didn't love that number one. But yeah, the only way we were really able to get those to work I steal from you know, a small level of engagement to start, like just one touch that was really vague and and they like fun, basically funneling people based on another response into real conversations, using it as basically just a tiny little gate to push open. And that was really the only way but Yeah, same thing. It's like, you know, you're gonna get so many responses that are just human and not really conversational at all. I feel like you know, I feel like in my experience in my world, as I want you and others to create content that drives leads and solves problems and lots of people are really interested. I feel like there's this sort of hidden secret

Matt: That a lot of people who start out and really grow and grow fast, is they're willing to take the time to do type of engagement and there's a lot of people on here right now, for instance, who are like, No, I would take the time, I just can't figure out how to how to get people to respond to me. You know, and I think I'm being really straightforward and really clear. I keep getting these. I keep getting people, we keep getting people on the show, and a common theme that keeps coming up is the late layer thing. People keep coming back to the show and saying, I just learned to become really clear with people and your version of that seems to be I learned to help solve people's problems, rather than being cubed. And you know, rather than being sort of a little confusing or a little vague with my videos, I learned to become really clear with people and what happens in that case is the level of clarity that increases conversion rates. Yeah, I mean, there's, there's the people who are coming through our cloud. That's why a lot of times when people create long form content, but it's a little bit more vague and it's a little bit more kind of curiosity based like on YouTube. Since they dry they have high numbers of traffic, or actual conversions are very, very tiny tons of leads. Very small amounts of sales. So I just find that interesting. I find that really interesting. Because yeah, I don't know I think that there's a little hidden gem in there about marketing and about

Steven: Yeah, for you know, what I see in university too, in a lot of different markets, is I see people create content. So I do a lot of research. And one thing I see a lot is I see the piece of content, I go down and I look through the comments. And there are a lot of customers and clients complaining in their comments. You know, I'm here again, I've reached out five times. I don't hear anything. I can't stand this never responds. It'll be, you know, 10s or dozens or hundreds of comments that never respond to me. Never hear from them. They told me to comment when I come in and I don't hear from them. That's a great example of these people just sitting at the bottom and not they're not delivering any value back to the top. That they're not refilling the person's business and they're not delivering the value. They're just sitting there and they're actually hurting that business. You know, the funny words, but if they're not teaching with people, if you're not reaching out to them, if you're not if your comments are filled with your responses, for instance, then those people are just there, they're wasted energy, and that's where a lot of sales are lost. And that's where a lot of the help that they deserve. So I just wanted to add that little caveat.

Matt: That's good, man. That's really good. I don't know if I could have said it any better than that? Because the epic eggs are just going to wrap up our show because I just looked at the camera and I just said, I just said I couldn't have said it any better than that. And that was a great note to end on. Do we make it through all the different techie whatever bullshit, I guess what? Here's a little learning lesson for everybody who's here. Number one thing really matters. Yeah, Mike just said it. Like I said that was a total Mic drop. It actually doesn't matter, especially in the world of online especially when you're getting started, especially when you're just it's your first time doing anything online. Like maybe you're getting a real gym, meeting coach or, you know, whatever. Next week, we have somebody on who's who's grown at 9000 follower accounts. In the dog training niche and has lots of affiliate traffic and all this kind of stuff. Whatever you're getting started with doesn't matter.

Matt: The most important thing is to remember that the techie shit, the logistics of your funnel, all of that stuff you can work out as long as you focus on solving people's problems. And if you focus your focus and time and attention on that alone, man that isn't absolute, like straight away. That is the solution. So Steve, thanks for coming back on. We'll have you back on again, of course, in a couple months if you'd like to come back on and we'll get even more gold nuggets from you. As you learn and keep growing and keep building your business. You're about to hit another humongous milestone with us and that's cool. And you've got a rockin ‘business.

Steven: So I'm looking forward to now. I'll see you in December too, it’s going to be amazing.

Matt:  Hell yeah. Let's do it. Alright, guys. Let's see. Where can we follow Steve? Should we have people find you on Facebook?

Steven: You know, Facebook's the best. I prefer it because we can have conversations that way.

Matt:  Beautiful. Love that. All right. Thanks. A lot. Peace out. And I'll get people over to your Facebook. Thanks, man. All right, guys. Alright. Peace out everybody. Have a great rest of your Wednesday. We will see you back here at the same time like tomorrow at 10am. Eastern. Go find Steve on Facebook at Cash Flow marketer. And we’ll see you back here tomorrow.