Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  What's going on everybody? Happy Wednesday it's August 17. My name is Matt and we live. We have an awesome guest lined up for today. I'm excited about a student's college student and we're going to talk to her about her journey to coming online. Why she's chosen to build a side income and I'm excited to dive into it if you're new or you're listening to slash watching for the first time ever. First of all, we welcome you to go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern, so it's 10am Eastern. I'm looking up at my clock at 7am Here I am more I'm in Arizona. So we're on the West Coast. We go live and we bring on a student or we do a little coaching or we do some sort of inspiration motivation. we unpack maybe a marketing strategy. Maybe we'll do a Q & A but we typically will go live with somebody from our community who's got an awesome story to share with the goal of sharing how people have gotten started making money on the internet with a new online business or maybe growing an existing coding business or something like that. Through the core four ways of making money online which is we have branded the core four business models, which are affiliate marketing, selling digital courses, events and Masterminds, and coaching and consulting. And those are business models that we consider business models that allow premium prices so you can make more with every customer that you refer or every customer that you generate if you've got your own business or you've got your own courses or whatever. So without further ado, let's bring on our guests for today. And if all of you who are living with us can give us a big hand clap emoji and he says he's already ready. He's got his claps ready for the interview. He was ready for it. But give us some hand clap emojis. Let's bring on Tiffany. Hello. You are up in Canada, right?

Tiffany:  I am Yes. I'm in Alberta,

Matt:  Alberta. Okay. The sizes of like Alberta or British Columbia or what are some other ones like Saskatchewan or something? Those things are huge. Like you have, I don't know, like five provinces or something and we have do you have five Is it five?

Tiffany:  Honestly, I don't remember like grade nine social studies but I think there's definitely more than that.

Matt:  We don't have to get into it. We don't have to get into elementary school but they're massive. They're huge. Right? Are you like, are you way north? Are you closer to the United States?

Tiffany:  I'm pretty close to the United States. I'm kind of around like the border, kind of just a few hours away. Awesome. Yeah.

Matt:  Well, I'm pumped that you're on the show and I'd love for you. Tell us a little bit about you and how you got started online. And also you're still working through a degree in veterinary school. I don't know if I read it. But tell us a little bit about where you're going to school for and then also just tell us a little bit about you and how you found legendary and why you decided that now is the right time to start an online business.

Tiffany:  Sure. Um, so I guess I've kind of always been kind of like an entrepreneur at heart. So you know growing up I did like lemonade stands and like, you know, I've always kind of been that kid. So I kind of always knew that I wanted to go a more non-traditional route when it came to making money. Like I've never really been a fan of working for somebody else for the rest of my life. And so I kind of took some time after high school and I opened my own house cleaning business that I did with my friend for a little while, which was good, kind of like choosing our clients and stuff. But I mean at the end of the day, that's still kind of trading hours for money and I knew that I wanted to go back to school for something. So I find I decided a few years ago that veterinary medicine was kind of the My end goal. I really wanted to get into that. So I needed a way to kind of pay for tuition but also not have to waste all of my after school hours working, because that doesn't really work out very well. Yeah, so I started looking into ways that I could make money online. Probably like 2020 ish. You know, when things started shutting down, I was like, Okay, I'm gonna look online. This seems kind of the best routes and so I never really settled on anything but I kind of just took in what other people were doing and I I'd seen that affiliate marketing was a thing and that people were doing that for a while but I never really decided to like go for it I guess until I think it was March of this year that I took the 15 Day Challenge and ended up taking the blueprints from there and I was kind of just like okay, I'm going all in with this. This is probably the best way to get me debt free through veterinary school. And so I kind of just went all in from there. And so it's been a few months now and it's starting to pay off and so things are starting to work out pretty well.

Tiffany:  Yeah, cool. That's

Matt:  I like the sort of underbelly that there's, there's like this entrepreneurial fire that you've kind of always had. And it's interesting too, because not only is there an entrepreneurial kind of flame that's been there, but I think that's pretty cool that even being in your early 20s You're in your early 20s. Right? Yeah. Being in your early 20s and starting that cleaning business. You were even like, you were men like, hey, this isn't actually entrepreneurship like well, it is to a certain extent, right? You're kind of carving your own path, but you're even you're even connecting down to like, I mean, there's a lot of people who who own businesses like that plumbing businesses, or their contractors or whatever, and they're like, Yeah, I got my own business, you know, but in reality it's like, no, you're dictated by anything outside of the world, when in reality, like in online businesses is true time freedom to a certain extent, but there is nobody who's like I need you here at 8am to mop my floors. There's nobody out right which is the beautiful thing. How did this is just a total curiosity question but how did the cleaning business go? Did you feel like it was successful? This is just we don't have to get super deep into it. But I was just curious, like, how did that actually pan out? And turn out? Were you guys pretty successful?

Tiffany:  Yeah, I mean, we were we, I mean, I'm still kind of doing it a little bit. I'm kind of in the process of transitioning out of it right now. But I did it for a good I think two and a half years. Mainly my friend and I were doing it together. And we built up a pretty good clientele and it was going pretty well. It's just, you know, at the end, it was always supposed to just be like a temporary thing and it's kind of gotten to the point where I'm like, Okay, I I don't want to have to go to school all day and then come home and go clean somebody's house.

Matt:  Right got it. It makes sense. And ever since about June or July like you've you've taken this sort of new online business that you're setting up and you've started to generate a good amount of leads and sales like I'm sure you've got leads coming in every day. Right?

Tiffany:  Yeah, pretty much those days.

Matt:  Yeah. Are you just posting on social media? Do you have a blog? Do you like, what do you do , how's the actual business other than running and what do you do on a daily basis?

Tiffany:  Um, well so far, I've only really gone through with TikTok toe going through the training, I know that that was kind of like the hot social media to start with. So that's kind of where I started and I'm kind of in the process now of branching out. I haven't started any other accounts yet, but I definitely have a plan to branch out to other social media.

Matt:  Yeah, well, your TikTok is going great. You're almost at 10,000 followers. I mean, yeah, you're doing really good. Like you're doing really really well. That's that, yeah, congrats on that. I mean, congrats, but you know, not that it's luck. I mean, congrats on putting in the work and it's a lot of content. I mean, you got to do you got to be dedicated you got to be committed. You've got to like you got to really attack it. Was the whole content creation thing new for you? Was it like I've never done this before? It's brand new, or you have created content for other businesses.

Tiffany:  I've never created content before for businesses. I mean, I've had like my personal social media. I mean, I I've been on TikTok before. I usually would like to see videos of my dog and stuff. So I'm not like I wasn't completely new to the idea of creating a tiktox But this was the first time I started actually posting with a purpose. Staring my dog on the internet.

Matt:  Right, right, right. Totally. And, you know, the funny part is we'll give your social media handle to everybody later on, but I was just scoping and doing a quick look through your social media. And it's funny because you've got the same video that you've posted twice. That has the most views on your entire channel. Isn't that kind of funny? I don't know how long ago that video was? Let's see July 9, and yeah, you originally posted that in May. Okay. So one time. That's cool. Yeah. And then you decided that yeah, what made you decide to repost it?

Tiffany:  I mean, it was doing pretty well. I think it was, like, my most viewed and liked video I had. So I was kind of just like, Okay, let's see if I post again if it has the same results and then I'm pretty sure I got more likes than I did the original time. So yeah, twice as much. Yeah, like maybe I'll post it a third time at some point. See if we can triple it like, I don't know.

Matt:  Right? I've seen people do that where they post it like four or five times and just every time it just does super well. It's really

Tiffany:  Yeah, I don't know why it's not like it was one of the first videos I made so it wasn't like the best quality or anything, but apparently people just liked that one. So they want it well,

Matt:  The other cool thing is, you know, like TikTok only shows your videos on the free page like usually for a couple of weeks, right? So, I mean, if you wait a month or two and repost any of your videos like there's a good chance it's just gonna get sent to the same exact, like throwing it in the washing machine again, it's gonna it's gonna get thrown in the same algorithm washing machine again, tumble around and get a bunch of views. And then and then do it again in a month or something like that. That's yeah, it's super smart and the reason it's super smart is because that video is what we call a growth style video. And there's a lot of people out there who are kind of naysayers about these types of videos. They're like, Oh, well it only helps grow your channel. But if you follow those up with going live or with or with other videos that sort of unpack more in depth strategies, because those are usually they're almost like clickbait in a sense because what you're doing is you're really trying to hook somebody in right? So total clickbait but what it is, if you're giving it's just really good curiosity based marketing. And that very first video, regardless of what niche it's like, you can do this in dog training. You can do this and weight loss for sure you can do that weight loss or relationships or dieting, any any sort of niche. You can do this sort of curiosity based, really like a big promise in the beginning of the video that people are like, whoa, interesting. This is fascinating. And I think you just did a really good job with that video. It's really impressive. So yeah. And when you post those Have you ever tried going live or what's your experience on TikTok live? Have you ever tried that?

Tiffany:  I have. I've gone online a few times. Honestly, my experience with that has been a little bit questionable. I don't listen more, tell us more. I mean, I think TikTok just got a little confused on like, who to show my life to To be honest, because I think I've gone live twice and both times it started with like a few people asking like genuine questions on the live and then it turns into like, I think it's part of being like a younger female on the internet, but I'll get like the creepy guys in the comments and it turns into people asking me my like relationship status and I'm like, Okay, this is not the direction I wanted this to go.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah, I got you. I got you. You know, creepy guys. They're kind of all over the place. Let me pull something up for you. Here's how to solve that. Here's how to solve that and be able to go live if you're a younger female. It's getting creepy dudes.

Tiffany:  Any advice? Yeah, well,

Matt:  Here's some advice: when you go live you should put in the Notes app here. Let me let me know I'm gonna pull this open real quick. Have you ever gone on a live show where people are using a green screen behind them? Have you ever seen that? Yeah, I have.

Tiffany:  Okay, so how to lose 10 pounds fast and now all right. So what you had to is so bad

Matt:  So many typos. All right. I probably wrote only fans here but I'm just joking. I would not put the word only fans on your live just unclear but it would be something like this. Alright, so let me AirDrop this to my computer. And I'll share my screen with you real quick. What you do is you type on your note. Do you have an iPhone? Yeah. So type on your notes app, you would type in like a bold headline, and it would say some really great attention grabbing headlines. So for instance on this one, I just for example sake I just put your screen

Tiffany:  window. Oh sometimes this doesn't work. Well. Let's just see if it works.

Matt:  Baby Come on. Yeah, I think I tried this before. Let me open this in Google

Tiffany:  Chrome. For here I'll just show you on my screen grab on my phone if that's cool.

Matt:  So basically what it is, is I typed in my notes app. I'll hold it up to the camera and it might be a little blurry but you'll be able to see it. So I typed in my notes app How to Lose 10 pen 10 pounds fast and no I don't have an only offense. Combining a couple of things. One an intention and attention grabbing headline to a little humor and curiosity. Right. I wouldn't put only fans because you might get blocked or somebody might report it. Yes, I'd be a standard word. Yeah. So instead though, what you can do in those lives is create some sort of attention grabbing headline, like, how to finally get your dog to stop barking immediately without punishing it. Right? So you take something they really want and then you juxtapose it with something they don't want to do to get that result. How to get your dog to stop barking at the mailman without having to shame it and cause it to feel bad or make it without making your dog feel like a piece of shit. Right? Because they don't want to make their dog feel bad. They don't want to punish their dog but they need to get their dog to stop barking at the mail. And what it'll do is as people are scrolling, it will only attract the people that you're after. Right? So rather than just going live and I've got me and my background behind me and it's just like people don't know what the hell they're tuning into. It'll be right above your head. I've seen people do this with politics where they put up I'm a leftist, I believe in you know, and they put like universal health care. No guns like all this stuff. I probably just got our whole Facebook Fan Page banned. And then it'll say debate me right what agree on the live debate me right. So I would put that you know if I heard you channel 9500 I go live with like a headline right above me. And I would say the best side hustle for 2023 is to get ahead of the game. If you don't believe me let's debate right or if you think if you think you know you probably don't or something that's like it's not what you expect, or it's not drop shipping MLM or Amazon FBA. Here's what it is right? And make people come in and be like, what is it what is it what is it and then start engaging people Yo what's up Carl, you know what's up, Sara, whatever.

Tiffany:  Or, or

Matt:  As I know the number one business to start in 2023. Ask me anything or debate me right or and even just give them instruction. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to debate me, right? So anyway, just just a thought because what it'll do is the creepy dudes who are just tuning in thinking like, oh, maybe you know, this girl is just out here like trying to recruit people to get them on her only fans subscription or something weird like that. Or maybe she wants to find a life partner or something. Instead well, like there are some creepy ass dudes on there.

Tiffany:  Yeah, you're not.

Matt:  You might do Yeah, anyway. We don't have to go down that road. But I mean, God only knows what some of those guys are thinking. So anyway, that's just my two cents because and the reason is because I see a lot of people who get started and have a following of a couple 1000 5000 10,000 and man Do they really start to crush in terms of lead flow and in terms of sales when they go live? Because it breaks down this whole barrier. You've got 9500 people who are like, I want more, I want to learn more. I want to see more. And then you know, those people are whether you believe it or not, they're ready and willing to see somebody go live and be like, oh, you know, I wasn't sure maybe she was a paid actor. Maybe it was like, you know, she's just making these videos or whatever. But now like, oh my god, she was living like this is real. Like, it brings a real factor and I see it in terms of sales and stuff. Anyway, does that make sense? What do you think when I say that?

Tiffany:  Yeah, no, that makes a lot of sense. I think I'll definitely try that background thing. I just think it's just like an inequality thing. That's why I've just held him back from doing it because I had a bad experience the first two times and I'm like, I don't want to do that again.

Matt:  Sure. No, I totally get it. You could also play around with having a moderator that can help sometimes just to kind of keep things under wraps but honestly some of that engagement. Yeah, it can be mitigated through the headlines and if you write that headline the right way. The great thing is their algorithm. Only because I've seen this many times work, their algorithm will really start to quickly dial in that live so if you spend 30 minutes to an hour just sort of answering questions or talking about things like, Hey, here's what I'm doing. If you spend a little bit of time doing that, the algorithm will just lock in and start to feed you people who are like them, and its algorithm on the live end of things is super powerful. So once you get into the creepy, TikTok guy world, you're screwed, right? But if you get into people who are actually in your niche because they see your headline and you've got the right maybe put one or two hashtags in it in the description, then you start to really feed that algorithm the data that it needs lead off the live by saying hey, you know and lead off the live by saying quite a few of the keywords that might be in your niche. So now it's like also hearing kind of learning what you're actually talking about. You're giving it a headline that might be able to actually scan the headline and learn, you know, figure out like, Oh, this is like making money. Who else is who's liked videos, who's made money and just it's gonna throw that on there for you page. So anyway, utilize that as much as you possibly can because there's a really powerful part. Everybody that I've given the advice to go live to who has gone live has seen an increase in sales, who's consistently done it a lot of increase in sales. It's just and we've even had some of them come on the show like two months later and they were like Yeah, Matt told me I had to go live. And you know, now they're at $5,000 or $10,000 in earnings and it's mostly just because it's not because I told them to do it or anything. It's because they actually just frickin did it, you know, and actually work and effort and so anyway, yeah, I get the anxiety piece though. I actually understand I'm different like I don't have you know, girls banging down the door when I go live on TikTok or anything or on Facebook. So I don't have that element to where I'm worried about, like creepy dudes watching my life or anything but I get the anxiety that that makes a lot of sense. I had a lot of anxiety when I first got started.

Tiffany:  Yeah, I'm definitely more of an introvert too. And it's like, going to live with random strangers is not really something that's like in my comfort zone. So I think I definitely just have to kind of push myself and just do it.

Matt:  Yeah. Well, here's, here's a here's, yeah, I just think there's an element of I think there's an element that you know, embracing I found this lady named Brene. Brown, and she talks about how she has this book called The Gifts of Imperfection. And so I always assumed that A lot of people don't think I'm an introvert. But I actually just hate being around people. Like you, just like, I like it for a second but it's just mostly like when I can live in my internal world a little bit. I have a little FOMO around people like I don't want to miss out on funny stuff or cool stuff. But the truth is I'm not really fed by people by being alone, and being in kind of solitude. But here's the thing. I've told this to a lot of introverted type people, and I'm curious what you think but I think in many ways, introverted type people tend to communicate better through media. So there's some ways in which extroverts have this sort of natural casual energy that's charismatic, but I don't think so to a lot of people or maybe it's just most introverts, I don't know. But I don't think a lot of people communicate trust. I think that you are extroverts. What are they trying to do a lot of times when they're talking or communicating? They're trying to get their needs met like their social needs, right? But an introvert if they're stepping out and communicating, it's usually because it's meaningful and it's so meaningful, in fact that they've actually gone onto social media and started posting hundreds of videos, because it means enough to them, that's pretty important. Or they're now sitting there live and, you know, they're this awkward introvert but they've pushed through it and I think introverts have this sort of special energy, sometimes not every time. There's some look, there's just some introverts who are just awkward. There's some extroverts who are just awkward to write, but there's definitely an introverted energy where people are like, I just feel like I can connect to this person. Like Stacy laws, a good example of that. And we've had lots of people, lots and lots of people who are total introverts who go live on TikTok, the girl who went the fastest that I've ever seen to six figures. She would go live at least once a day for a couple of hours. So introverted. Like she would create videos like three to five videos a day. She worked at a grocery store and Sarah Grom worked in a grocery store went from six figures to six figures in 90 days, about 90 days, which was crazy. I've never seen that fastest that I've ever seen in my whole time. 12 years of being online, and, and goes and she would go live and people would just get on and just be like, God, you're just so real and relatable. Like it's like it's just so different. Like I just have to sign up just to find out like, what is going on? And there was nothing exciting. She's kind of in pajamas, like in a totally average apartment, living room or like at her kitchen table and just like, hey, I'm working on my marketing today. Like, don't join me live, ask me anything. And she would just sit there and kind of work and answer questions and it's, it's really powerful. It's really crazy. But anyway, I would just encourage you to back to Brene Brown, I'm ranting, but back to Brene Brown where she said you know a lot of times in our book she says your your imperfections are often your gifts are things that we think are our weaknesses are actually gifts that have benefits that would outweigh if we were perfect because that's the human experience. So you know, I would reframe or I would encourage you to reframe some of that introversion talk that you've that we've learned into sort of, you know, hey, this might be my best strength that I have. This might make me the most money of any skill that I've built is just who I am, because that's a really powerful reframe. Does that make sense? Yeah,

Tiffany:  I mean, I think I've definitely kind of noticed that too. Like with posting on TikTok like I really don't like posting just like, you really like the clickbait kind of videos like it. I don't feel good about posting just that. So I definitely try to mix in kinda like like real things like I post videos where I'm just like, talking about how like, I had a bad day and like the things that got me through it and like little like, like life tips and I think that mixing that in with the like typical like affiliate marketing kind of content definitely works a lot better to build people's trust. Like I find on videos like that. A lot of people those are the videos where people are actually commenting asking me like what I'm doing and like for more information like those are the kinds of videos that people actually want to, like, learn more with because they see that you're actually like being authentic and not just out there trying to take people's money, which is what a lot of people seem to assume when you post like, other types of videos.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah, totally. Of course. That's so well said. And people really gravitate towards those two style videos, but the introverted mistake would be to say well it's all about those videos, right? And that's what a lot of people have said. When I started teaching people how to do these growth style videos, people were like, some people some some people were like, oh, you know, no, you're not actually you're not actually really teaching anything. It's not real value. It's not going to make you any money. You need to just be real with people and teach people real stuff and like, the truth about like, the truth about marketing is there is some element where you're just trying to drum up some curiosity, right? I'm not talking about misleading people, but I'm talking about drumming up an idea for people like imagine the possibility that's really the core of marketing is saying a phrase like imagine that you live in a world where this is possible, check this out. And that applies to so many different niches like in the weight loss niche. If I just said something like, imagine if it were possible that I could show you a diet and exercise. Exercise your team that's actually doable, that you can lose 10 pounds over the next 90 days. And you feel the best in your entire life, or something like that. I'm just giving an example. But you could do that in any niche, but you're sort of just opening their mind. For a lot of people that might not even work. It might not even be the right solution. But that little spark is marketing. Because now they might go on to find the right solution. Your solution might be the right solution. Who knows. But that little spark will eventually they're going to hit follow and something inside their intuition says you know there's something here maybe there's something here I'm gonna hit follow and then you know, their baby starts crying in the next room and they totally forget about it. But you know what, they're scrolling through the next day and they find another one. I forgot about her. That's interesting. I'm gonna keep thinking about that, you know, and then and then they gotta drive their kid to gymnastics and then they're like, oh, yeah, totally forgot. Then they're sitting in the gymnastics and they find you again, and now you're alive, right? And they're like, oh my god, like this fucking burst. But that growth style video was the moment that little tiny spark ignited and so many markers. They go on TikTok and try to create content. They try to teach everything all at once. Let me know exactly everything that you need. Let me overwhelm you with all of this information. But that's not how to get into the human psyche, the way into the human heart and mind is different. It's through entertainment, it's through emotion, it's through connection and attachment, and there's so many different things. So those Yeah, I just the entrepreneur, the introverted lie would, you know, say something like you know, those growth videos don't matter. But the truth is to be a really, to be a to be a mature and sort of developed entrepreneur. You have to see the moments, those little moments of Spark and intrigue and know why they're there. Know why you're doing them. And if you see the strategy there, which is to bring in as many people as possible, and then filter them through what you would consider more of an authentic sort of storyline and an authentic journey with them. Then you see those and you start to spend more time on them. To make them even better and more curated, so you can get a huge following. And then you hone your craft on conversion. So it's traffic, and it's conversion. And that to me is a piece that I think a lot of introverts miss because it feels I totally get it. It just feels so superficial, right? Yeah, it just feels like there's nothing real about it at all.

Tiffany:  Yeah, I think something I definitely had to get over as well. Because I mean, I've always kind of thought that I mean, like my strategy going into it was I wanted to create a balance of like intriguing people and then giving them some value. And so I kind of honestly tried to alternate my content really where it's like, I'll post a video where I'm like, like kind of just marketing promoting the challenge or whatever and just being like, this is what I'm doing. Go to the link of my bio, and I'll post another video where I'm like, you know, like, this is how it changed my life and like this is about me and then you know, I think people will come in and see one of them and then go on your page and see the other kind of video and be like okay, so I can relate on this girl. I know what she's talking about. I feel her and then this is kind of her call to action. This is what she did. So maybe I should go check this out.

Matt:  So luckily,

Tiffany:  yeah, like that's really been my strategy going into it. And I think that's where I think that was kind of the best thing that I decided to do is just commit to the balance of it.

Matt:  Sure. Yes, that's that was so well said that was that was that was a tiny synopsis. That was like, you know if I could just pull that out and try to go teach that to everybody I would. That was a great little clip. Thanks for sharing that. That was that little, you know, once you get into that groove and you start to discover who you are, discover what type of content you can create and what type of content feels good and such a great place. To be in just because it's like, you start to get a little bit of flow. And yeah, I can even just tell from this live right here. Like there's just sort of a real element to you. Like, I even feel like for me, I come across a lot of times people don't believe that I'm an introvert because I've spent so much from basically from 2010 Check this photo out. This is such an embarrassing photo, but we're talking about being real and raw.

Tiffany:  Check this photo out. This is from sci-fi. This was from stolen

Matt:  I guess I'll see if I can open this far andI'm just gonna share my entire screen and make this huge on my screen. This is not great. But

Tiffany:  okay, there we go

Matt:  It's just not gonna work anyway. I don't know why. I can never open an image. Oh, you know what, here we go. Here we go. I got it. If you know, sometimes people think that I'm like, wow, you're the most tech savvy person of all time. And then it's like I actually want to do something and it just never works. I'll put this in Keynote here real quick. Okay. I'll share this screen. But ever since like 2010 or 11 or something like that. I got started online and I would do webinars. And oh my god, it doesn't work here either. Okay, let's try this my last chance and

Tiffany: The anticipation has been built up. So now I really

Matt:  I want to see it. I know it's great. I don't know that we're going to be able to see this here today. All right. Can you see what you are seeing?

Tiffany:  I'm seeing an image of you on the floor.

Matt:  All right. Good. We made it. So there's a Mike's Hard Lemonade next to me which is, I mean, that alone is embarrassing enough. Then I've got a cheese stick wrapper. And then I've got you know, I've got pillows set up you can see there's pillows right and so what I'm doing, I have a little I have my drawing tablet that I still I think I might have upgraded and got a new one. But I still use the same strategy. I have my little drawing tab. And I would do webinars and this was like 2012 So about 10 years ago when I started doing webinars online and and long story short, yeah, I got started doing webinars as this like super introverted kid who was just like, all right, like I had this mentor who was just like telling me, dude, you need to do webinars. You've got to do webinars. You have to do it. And so I would stack pillows around so you know, now I actually have a decent microphone because I can actually afford something but on that day, it was like I was paying for a 600 square foot apartment 700 dollars a month and we couldn't even fill up a tank of gas. And it was like the most embarrassing, you know, humiliating days. But I think you know, for me, I sometimes just remember that day in that moment. And like, I remember my mentor being like, Dude, you gotta get on webinars. And you know, from those webinars flowed lots and lots of money, lots of leads, and lots of money. And that's sort of the reason that I'm always telling people like, hey, you need to make connections with people through your social media. You need to but you need to grow an audience because doing webinars to nobody, it isn't really going to do much good. Going Live to nobody and having no growth on your channel isn't going to do you any good. If you believe morally that what you're selling to people is going to make people's lives better, then it's a moral argument that you can make that you need. To get more people to your channel. Like it's better for the world if they discover this and it certainly is because I know people who are construction workers who are stay at home moms who don't have enough money who are trying to figure out how can I make an extra 100 bucks a month just to pay for gas or diapers or something? And man, if they knew that they could open their TikTok app and start a coaching business or start a consulting business and they can learn it by taking the training that you took, or whatever right even if you were selling something else entirely. Man, their life would be changed. So anyway, I know, I say that because people are like, Why do you tell people to go live is because going live changed my life. It was just in a different format, but going live since the beginning of time online since the beginning of the internet, once we developed online webinars in the late like early 2000s. selling online, it's changed completely and forever. And it just still exists today. But it's you know, obviously through many go live webinars on social media, it's easier than ever but yeah, yeah. What comes up as I say that?

Tiffany:  I mean, honestly, like, looking at that, like picture of you reminded me of when I was 12 years old, and I decided I was going to be a YouTuber, and I kind of did like Yeah, I think that you know, just, I think what you said about being an introvert as like, kind of a superpower is really real. I mean, I think like most of the people online that I've connected with, like the way that I found legendary in the first place was for somebody else posting on TikTok. It's always the people who seem like you can tell when somebody's uncomfortable when they aren't talking about something that they actually believe in like you like people know even through like a TikTok video like if somebody's talking about something that they want you to buy, and you can just tell that they don't know what they're talking about, or they don't actually believe what they're saying. Like, people know that people aren't dumb. Like, they'll call you out on it too. Like that's when I mean people will have any sign of weakness, people will comment because that's just what people do on the internet. So it's like, I honestly look at my hate comments a lot too, as feedback because if I have a video where I get a lot of people commenting like hate comments that I'm like, okay, clearly I didn't seem authentic enough in this video. So maybe I should go back and figure out what I did wrong in that video because clearly people didn't like to believe me or something. And I think being an introvert kind of benefits in that way where it's easier to tell when somebody or when you are uncomfortable, like sometimes I'll talk and I'm like, I'm kind of making stuff up right now. I need to get back to what is actually like, not equal here, like I'll get carried away and then I'm like, whoa, whoa, that's bullshit. I'm gonna I mean, I'm not saying stuff I don't believe but like, you know, what I mean? Like, you can tell when you're getting a little too carried away. And it's like, let me be more grounded in what I actually came here to say.

Matt:  Right? Totally. Yeah, I resonate with that so much. All of it, what great advice to introverts and yeah, it really is a superpower. I wish more people would see it as a superpower for sure. Because it changes how you look at social media changes, you know, just like even just your level of belief in yourself, right? It's like man, you see all these people who are out there and you would just assume they have this extroverted energy and they're just nonstop reading and honestly most people that I know it's just an it's just everything's an anomaly. Most people that I know who are successful in the digital marketing world, their tech skills are almost nothing like ah, tech skills are horrendous, not horrendous, but they're pretty bad. Even Mine aren't that good. I know a lot like I can code some stuff or whatever if I need to, but not very well. My design skills aren't very good, you know, like all of this stuff. So same thing with like, connecting through video or connecting through social media. It's like most people who are most people who are really connecting with people through social media or through webinars or something. They're like, they're introverted people and they've got this sort of, I don't know, a special superpower, but to connect with people because that's what they do. That's what they seek; they seek a sort of real connection. Because if they're going out into the world trying for connection, you know, they because they're getting fed energy to you know, live better, whatever. It's because like, they really again, believe in what they're talking about believing what they're doing. So, all right, Tiffany, I've got my own takeaways from the show just from listening to you and I'm thankful for that. For people who are new, for people who are nervous. Let's talk to the introverts in the room, who are nervous about posting their first video or something, what would you say to those people and I'll give you kind of the last word on that. Um,

Tiffany:  I mean, I can't really speak for all introverts. I have found that a lot of us are kind of protectionists, too. And we're like, if I'm gonna do this thing out of my comfort zone, it has to be perfect. And that definitely helped me for a while. So I think that you just have to accept that your first videos are going to probably suck and you just have to kind of be okay with that. And start somewhere. So I think, just don't try and make it perfect. Just get out there. Take the first step, even if you suck at first, just like get out there and that kind of flows from there.

Tiffany:  Great advice. Super good advice. I'm gonna put yours like I already did put your Tiktok up here.

Matt:  Thank you so much for coming on. And in a few months if you want to send us back an email about how things are going and what's new in your world and life and everything. Do that send us a message. Let us know we'd love to have you back on the show. And just like give an update to your world and

Tiffany:  What's going on? Sounds good. I will. Cool Awesome.

Matt:  Best of luck in school university if I don't hear from you. And I hope we see you back on the show in a few months. Thank you. Cool. See ya. All right, so we've got her handle. Taking her TikTok handle is hustle to thrive. So it's a hustletothrive. Go give her a follow and and I keep putting pressure on people to go live. Maybe there's a secret buried in there. But go go give her a follow and then you know comment, you know when's your next live? Go comment on our videos. If you're just listening. It's Hu stiletto Thrive THrive hustled to thrive. Find Tiffany on TikTok also make sure you give her a follow and share her profile so that she can get up to 10,000 followers. She's almost there and that'd be a cool milestone to hit after coming on the show. So you know leave a little comment be like hey, looking forward to your next slide. All right. Have a great rest of your Wednesday, guys, I believe. Come back tomorrow. I think Dave is back tomorrow. I gotta check the calendar. But I think Dave is back to live with us tomorrow. Had a couple days off. He was on vacay. And anyway, so he's back and we'll have him back on. We've got another guest lined up. It's going to be a great Thursday. We'll see you guys have a great rest of your Wednesday. Peace.