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Dave: Hey, what's going on my friends, it's David Sharpe here. And welcome to wake up legendary this morning. We have somebody who is experiencing more than just financial breakthroughs, as I have experienced from this industry as well. So I can very much relate to that, that it's not just all about the money for me, but I've transformed and in a sense this, this industry has, in a way also saved or given me a life I can very much so relate to our guests this morning. So please help me welcome to the show. Bree, how are you? Good. How are you? Thanks for having me. Hey, you're very welcome. I think you're calling in from the same state that I'm in. Is that right?

Brie: Yes, I am in South Florida. 

Dave: So, um, you know, tell us a little bit about what you were looking for? What, what, what, what, what drove you or brought you online? And then how did you either come across legendary or are you looking for something when you found us?

Brie: Right? So long story short. i In November, I quit my job. I was a club manager for private country clubs. And it's a very challenging and defeating job mentally and physically. And I just came to like a cracking point. And I was like, I can't do this anymore. I can't live like this. Right? Like, it's just, I was extremely depressed and I quit and I had no idea where to turn. I was on Tik Tok. Actually, as she was on your show, Shannon, who did phenomenal. I actually have something about her video. I just like, reached out to me and I was able to relate to her which was one thing that I took from her and brought to my own is being relatable to people. And so I messaged her and I explained and she was like, This is great, blah, blah, give it a try. So I started it and the first video, I was in tears. It was literally the intro video of your story. And I was hooked since then I spent every single day studying watching videos, educating myself and kind of experimenting. 

Dave:  I love that word experimenting. So have you ever now the reason why I love that word is because Bri Have you ever done or operated a business before?

Brie: No, that definitely is not. And it's a big learning experience. I actually did. I started in January. And I made a TikTok. And I had this idea of like, just didn't work out. I actually was reading through the legendary Facebook and I was an extremely great resource to take advantage of even just reading through comments. And so many people, like my first account, just failed horribly. The second one always goes better. So I'm like, Okay, well, I don't feel as bad anymore. So I ditched that tick tock and I started a brand new one with a whole different outlook and ideas, and it just happened to work well, for me. 

Dave: Sometimes when you just start over and just, you know, just just just kind of start from scratch. Sometimes it's easier to build a home than to try to remodel something that's already existing. And, you know, I think that's a good analogy for a lot of our social media. A lot of us have social media accounts that we've had for a long time or family. And so a lot of times, the smartest thing for somebody to do is just start a new profile, just start a new profile. Now, there are times as well, where you may be marketing on any platform, whether it be paid or organic, it makes sense to just go ahead and start a new profile. It's also not a crime in any way, shape, or form to have multiple profiles going at multiple times. I mean, real big marketing agencies and so forth, may have, you know, hundreds of accounts that that's, you know, that they're and you know, and they have access to them all inside of their either Instagram app or their you know, and so it's there are no rules. And I think that's one of the biggest things that it's difficult to communicate to folks is because we do have so many questions when we come in, right? We do have so many questions. But the word that you use to experiment, as long as you're, as long as you're setting up the pages, the way that we show you the way that you're generally writing, copy the way that we teach you, there is room for experiment. And that's, that's what we're we're I get so crazy, both excited and frustrated. Because I, it's so difficult to communicate that you literally can do anything that you want, and there's no rules, you can totally experiment, even outside of what somebody says. Even me, and I just wonder how are you? Open Space? Or is that something?

Brie: Yes, I do. I know, in the training, there was a lot of don't reinvent the wheel, which I love to try to do. So that's hard, I really do have all that open space. And there are no rules. And that's very hard to stick to and I like to say my greatest success are the videos that I did not reinvent the wheel, I found what worked for other people, but I did end up putting my own twist to it that makes it my own my own style. And those are the ones that did the absolute best for me when I didn't try to go too far out of the way to create my own work, it  just didn't work. Like the people have done that succeeded at it and my own methods didn't work.

Dave: So I want to talk just a little bit briefly about all the emotion that came up for you and how you felt so you know how you felt so moved or inspired or seen right by the video that I created. You said that you felt felt, I would assume you felt real seen and understood. As a matter of fact, you wrote to us that you felt no one ever understood your kindness and sort of felt like you're alone in the world. And I think a lot of people can relate to that. I certainly can. Talk to us both from your experience, but also as a spin off marketer. Why do you think that I talk to people every single morning because I want to stay really intimately connected with what's going on in people's heads that I'm marketing to. So it's almost a bit this is a masterclass every morning to learn about people's psychology ology and how they buy and what moves them in sales material right marketing material so are you able to go back and sort of reverse engineer the emotional appeal that is copy in the you know the angles that I used in it was real I was showing videos of things that I've done stuff like that, but are you able to go back and some what is dissect or analyze that process and now say what can I say about that into my marketing?

Brie: Yes so going back to the whole like emotional part it and why it moves me how I put that into my marketing was like I said I was working at private clubs and it's it's rough on you people are very mean and so that's my kind of felt like my kindness has always taken advantage of and then hearing your words how'd they touch me? I figure that that's the route that if you can connect with me that way that I can connect with other people by sharing my own story and so yes I said I feel like kindness is overlooked and I'm misunderstood when you don't really didn't really do it in my own marketing just because I feel like that should be more light and entertaining. So I like entertaining and educating. But it is for all of the people that opt in to my page that's when I really I got down and

emails were very descriptive into my own story and they were extremely personal to be completely honest probably a little too personal but I I'm open book and I like to share those things because that makes it real and I think because people started receiving my emails that's when I started getting greater success because I was opening up like you might see this girl on TikTok. She lives in Florida and has a great life but like you get in, see the emails there's a whole different side of me and I think that's going to be like oh my god like I get that it's easy to put on the way and they were really trusting me my greatest success can you do.

Dave: Absolutely and think about it from this perspective as well as as as everything that you just said which was complete like spot on we we need to capture someone's attention long enough to capture their heart and mind right we can do that in second videos on tick tock it's hard but you can do that in lives but it's hard to tell your story in 15 seconds and myself for somebody else so it it's difficult to tell your full story and connect emotionally somebody in 15 seconds but you're right it's entertaining it's educational enough you know really is all you're doing is you're just you're just really it's kind of like fishing that's why I call it the fishing


formula in the blueprint because it's like there's a bait a piece of bait in somebody just is like swimming by and I Oh, I'm hungry. I'll take that bait and it's like hey, you know now I can't stop watching it you know now I want more of it. You know? It's fish don't want Like the boat our customers ideally do want to come in to vote because they because they want more of what we're doing it takes time to expose people to you to your full story and to your to really connect with them emotionally longer than 16 seconds and even though we live in a in a tinder in a tinder connect with people than 15 seconds despite what what your fathers may have taught you out there young men it takes long connect with people Problem 15 seconds so we have to offer them something that's valuable enough that they'll say yes I'll give you my email in exchange for that. So we then can bring them to me yeah you know capture the their hearts in their minds which is exactly what you said I go into more depth on my bridge page well the beauty about it the reason why we can go into more depth on that bridge page it is because if for some reason they have to leave or if some reason they X out because of whatever reason we have their email address followed back up with them. And so I just am fascinated when I hear use which is that process was exactly the same process that you experienced as a buyer and it's important go back and dissect that because we can learn a lot made that this what I just told is exactly what you did you where you were you David Sharpe  

We've got time for you to watch a 20 minute sales video and if you leave Shannon can follow back up with you. It's just that what happened is exactly it's just, if you ever doubt the market. So are you imagining that they have a lot of the same struggles as you? How are you learning to really relate to them through your speaking so um yeah I just kind of feel the way that I feel and they just don't want to say it and I feel like that's specifically why.

Brie: I didn't want to show in my videos I didn't want to. I like to talk to people who really care, like if they read it they know Oh, they understand. But essentially I just kind of, I'm just honest and open with my own self and then whoever follows and agrees like I'm I guess I don't specifically go out and find the perfect one. I just say what I'm feeling and that works really well for me. Somebody said act like you're on FaceTime with somebody, you know, which is also kind of psychologically trying to train yourself to do it but I just kind of kept to myself that it just, I kept recording and this is I don't really know how this helps me but I got like one of the little green lights. So like when you're not holding your phone for some reason that made it a lot easier for me to just handle more natural when I'm like back here so it's not as forced in my case and awkward

Dave: That is such a good tip because I really, really also do much better when I'm not holding them plus and also the phone's not shaking around. You know what I mean? Like even if you're not a shaky person, like a lot like just the shaking of just your body. I've spoken about my microphone several times. It sits right there. There's some fancy thing that has buttons on it and stuff. One day I just plugged a couple of things in and it worked and I was just like, holy shit. Don't touch that again. Is just kind of like my point here is that I love that tip and low production simple solutions, right? That's what is winning right now. There's no need to overcomplicate or even think that you're not capable. Because just maybe a simple tweak, like putting your phone on a little tripod or setting it there might help you to be more relaxed. There's so many simple solutions for the problems that sometimes we feel like we can't get through or have you come up against anything so far in your journey where you were, like, close to quitting, but you didn't and what was that experience like?

Brie: Yes. So with the little defeat that I have for my first one, like I said, that was it. It is a little embarrassing. I mean, it's not really because I mean realistically, it's literally not embarrassing at all, but


Dave: You felt embarrassed.

Brie: I did it and it did feel really bad and I felt embarrassed.

Dave: But I just want to say that I do things that are embarrassing or that I'm that are it's I mean, you know, it's I just want everybody to know that it's actually I actually try sometimes now to embarrass myself because it's like if I can take that I can take anything and in now not by being vulgar or not by but just by doing silly shit just by you know popping up on the on the on the on the camera every day in the same shirt and people not knowing whether I've actually washed it and taking a shower or not and then actually saying that so people think to him, does he really not take showers or do his laundry? And I'm going to leave that up for your imagination but my point here is that you know that this is all just an experiment anyways. And here's the cool thing about our initial embarrassing content is we act like it's going to be the State of the Union address and the entire world is going to get to watch it and it's like, no, just you know, one person in India, you know, one person in Indonesia and two people in New York City saw your first video it's like get over it. You know what I mean? I just ranted. Sorry. You said the first one was embarrassing and I asked you how you overcame a situation when you wanted to quit?

Brie: Yes. So more. So the second time I was in the process of driving from Florida to Ohio. I was going through a lot of things going on at that time. So I was just kind of down again. And I kind of neglected my page for about like a week. And for some reason that gave me so much like hidden anxiety that I can't go back on what I want to say, like if I go back I pushed it off like oh my god, like what did I do? Like I just worked it out. Just get on your computer like what does it matter? Just do it. What did you miss or hurt yourself for not going back? I don't know why that bothered me so much. But I went back and then I made sure I was consistent every single day after that. And that's when things started really escalating for me.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. And it's hilarious too, because we do really, truly hold ourselves to this presidential level. Don't we?

Brie: No, I didn't. I was very disappointed in myself. I only posted like two videos one day I'm like, oh my god, like gaming was more than that. It took me some training. I actually scheduled out my day and my content so that way I could stay on track with myself. And not get behind. I don't feel like I have to give up because I'm too far behind. But realistically, it's your own page. There are no rules or guidelines so rarely are you ever behind.

Dave: Never never I mean I know I know guys. Yet. They're out there though. It's either just a couple of guys who I've known recently in the last couple of years who you know made tons of money in affiliate marketing and built up huge YouTube channels and then just would disappear and not post on him for like 6789 months and then come back and post one video and you know, if you can do that you can do that. More. It's easier to do that. Once you've got some consistency. You've got some traffic flowing and you've got an email list you can work with. But yeah, the truth is, from a business standpoint, it's not smart to not show up and open the doors of your business 365 days a year. From a business side, man, it's not the smartest thing in Adel, from a short term to a long term. It's an unnamed matter. You know what I mean? Long term it does not matter one bed if you miss one, five. It doesn't matter. of showing up to your business. Yes. Yes. Is it going to hurt you next year? No. It's not. And I think that's one of the things it's difficult for us entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs to do is to rise above the kind of week or month and look more long term. What's your experience with that has been that also difficult for I mean, sounds like you've had challenges like that, because I think that's the mindset that we're in when we are frustrated. And thanks for sharing that with me. But what are you, what are you focused on? Are you focused on the long term? Are you focused on what I am going to accomplish this year? Do you have something that you're aiming for? What are the milestones maybe that are milestones for you that you've already set in stone or things that you're aiming for? That maybe you haven't down and put up on a wall but you're aiming for?

Brie: Yes, so actually, I really I'm really glad you asked that. So if we're thinking long term. I mean, when I went into something like this, I was thinking long term because I was like I'm never stepping foot at a job ever again. Like it's my long term and my mindset was going to do this and you're going to make it happen. There's no other choice. So that's the mindset I gave myself with the skills that I learned from the training and courses that I took, I actually was able to get another marketing position certainly in my marketing and sales. I specifically got into every case as well as an actual job but I'm doing the same thing for both. So yes, it's really fun. 

I have the dream job and I've always wanted a brand new, huge company. It's amazing. So I have a long term and I have my tube. I have my own business and I have this one and the company and they've all seen my tech talk and so they're alright, like let's do that for us. Permanently and it worked out extremely well for me and I couldn't thank you enough for being your everything because I would not be here today without learning everything that I did both which is my problem I'm having right now.

Dave: There's always a challenge, breathers always a challenge and like Bill, our guests last week, a military guy of 25 years or something he said something I'll never forget. He said my challenge and that's why I like it. They're my challenges, not somebody else's challenges and I take pride in overcoming my challenges. I don't have to overcome your challenges. I don't ever have to overcome my neighbors' challenges. I don't ever have to overcome my relatives' challenges and all that because that's codependency and that ain't none of my business. But I got to overcome my challenges. I like how you caught yourself right there. I'm happy to talk about your problems and challenges with you but you know what the truth of the matter is is when you get off of this and you go into your daily routine and you go handle those challenges that will do way more for you way more for your self esteem way more for your confidence than me sitting here coddling you are trying to tell you it's okay or saying that I'll do it for you or anything like that. None of that we need to need to design ourselves the same way that we want to design our lives and we have to make ourselves into the entrepreneurs that we need to be when our parents weren't, you know, champion makers. They they weren't they were just sitting there trying to raise a kid and keep them alive for God's sakes, probably, you know, if we want to win, we have to go out and learn how to win and we have to overcome our challenges and that's what I hear in new breed and that's why why you've been successful and that's why I know that this is just the beginning for you. So thank you for sharing this unbelievable message this morning. I absolutely packed if you will. What would you leave? Leave us with this more

Dave: We need to hear one last word from you. What would you leave us with this morning?

Brie: My last words I would have to say are and this is because I had to teach myself this is to live the life that you deserve. And I have put that in all at the end of my emails because I feel like that is so important, like understand my worth until I had to take a step back and see things from a way bigger picture and see more opportunity opened up many opportunities as well I should say because a lot of people kind of looked at me funny when I told them what I was doing. And then when they saw how fun and cool my videos were they're like that is amazing. Amazing. Like I love that. Like how'd you do that? And I thought it was funny. But it made me happy that you live the life that you deserve. And anyone tell you that anything you're doing is stupid because if it makes

Dave: If you're happy, who cares if anybody else is happy, you know what I mean? Like that's where I'm also there in my life right now worry with with a lot of you know a lot of people where it was just maybe the older I get it and thankfully that happens as you get older or has happened with me anyways, you know, I've I've you know, I went and I got the dad body you know I chasing around the kids. I don't have time for bullshit. You know what I mean? So it's like, I think also we both start to care less what people think. But also, we've got less time for the bullshit and time wasters and people who don't believe in our dreams are not going to support us and I think we start to realize what support looks like. It's not a family member who says they love us but shames us or criticizes us. It's somebody who says, Hey, you shouldn't have told me let me just say, Hey, I'm here to support you. How can I make you feel loved? Because love and support is an action word, right? And so we have a choice. We concern ourselves with these people and that's what's so great about it. I think this community has so many different people that I can connect with it. Even if you know I don't have entrepreneurs and people in my family or whatever that understand that not all are going to understand. They understand. They know who Benjamin Franklin is and they understand that language but anyway, a lot of friends I'm friends with in this industry, man. You know, it's amazing. My wife was like not in my business and not a part of my business when I first started and now she's full time we work side by side every single day in a different room. In the same house, you know what I mean? It's cool, it's a cool thing. So don't give up and I'm not speaking to you, bro. Just just everybody. Don't give up on your family. Don't give up on your friends. Just keep doing you and you'll see who loves and supports you just keep doing you don't give up on them yet. Even if it seems like they gave up on you or whatever. Just keep your eye on the prize and don't let anybody get you off track. It really takes a lot of focus. And somebody said yesterday, really putting the blinders on. And you've described that in your own way this morning. Breathe is just that focus and that determination and that willingness to experiment. And I think they used that word earlier. So thank you. It's been wonderful and honoring your energy is wonderful. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you later. So connect with Bree, she's awesome. And I really enjoyed that conversation as I do. Each and every morning. So give her some support. Give her a follow, see what you can learn from her. Add her to your network of people who are understanding and supportive of what we're doing here. Right. It's like there's a new friend that you can meet every morning and there's somebody new even if you don't watch the show one morning, which I don't know why you wouldn't but you know, there's a lot of friends you can make in this community. So if you're new here, don't underestimate it was just, there was so much in that interview. Experience, Min teen it which taps into the hole, which taps into the whole initiative versus entitlement thing I've been talking about this week. I mean, there was just a lot to unpack in that. And the biggest thing that I hope everybody walks away with each morning is just the fact that really you're seeing people who are ordinary just like you or you're just your parents, whatever meaning that tells faculty what to think that's so valuable.

Dave: So make a decision today to continue to go through the challenge if you're going through the challenge to invest in yourself and your education if that's something you feel compelled to do here or somewhere else, get into our Blueprints if you can, they'll change everything. For you, if you use them if you use them, my friend and come back for another episode. Tomorrow we'll see it'll be Friday. 10am