On this episode of Wake Up Legendary, David Sharpe discusses marketing tips for introverts. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends? It's Dave Sharpe Welcome to wake up legendary and I've got a huge announcement. You saw that we emailed about it yesterday. Legendary marketer made the Inc 5000 list. We actually one of the coolest numbers on our list was the fact that we are the 63rd fastest growing privately held education company in America. And for us, you know, coming in especially being founded by a high school dropout I think that's pretty cool. You know, I really do that as a statistic that came from the Inc 5000. Then, you know, you've got to, you've got to submit all of your paperwork. It's really quite a thing. So there's no there's no there's no faking this, you know, there is no, they even make you sign certain logos to say or certain agreements to say that you won't alter the logos that they give you. Okay. And I'll pull one of those logos up right now. But yeah, it's a really exciting accomplishment for you know, our leadership team for our entire team are legendary. All of our BPA is all of our wonderful advisors who have worked, you know, so tirelessly day in and day out to help our clients oftentimes, actually take them through the challenge. You know, we have advisors here, who are who've been here for, you know, for five years. It's really something but yeah, I thought that step so we made the Inc 5000 were the one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. What does privately held mean? It means that we're not a public company. We don't have shareholders. We're privately held by a private owner, not a not a not a bunch of shareholders. We've never taken the company public. Of course, we don't have any investors. Through a bootstrapped company. And so yeah, it's a huge win, obviously, for our team. But most of all, I want to, you know, congratulate all of our community because this is a huge win for our entire community. It's a huge win for you know, me personally, obviously, but yeah, I share this with each one of you who has ever, you know, entrusted us with even a penny and even a second of your time. We appreciate it. And it's just the beginning. So with that being said, let's welcome today's guest. She's an introverted daycare owner, okay. And I got to meet her briefly before we went live. I'm excited to talk to Lisa, welcome to the show. How are you?

Lisa:  I'm great. Thanks. How about you, Dave?

Dave:  Well, I'm great. I'm great.

Lisa:  Thank you for having me. And I also want to congratulate you on that accomplishment, because that's amazing. And it shows you that if you put in the amount of work that you have in your community it will go somewhere.

Dave:  Fabulous. Well, and you know, the coolest thing about this is because we're an education company, because we teach and because we share every single idea that's made us successful. You know, we get to really share how we got there. I mean, it is our product, so it's kind of cool that we also have a lot of people who are succeeding in their own ways, maybe not clients in our community that are on the 5000 list, but they're succeeding in their own ways. They're having their own big years. They're having their own big accomplishments, and today, we'll talk about yours. So tell us a little bit about how you got started with your legendary story, if you will.

Lisa:  Okay, so I was back in October of last year, and I'll try to make it as simple as I can. My daughter was leaving to go to England and she knew a bit of anxiety that I was going to have to work very close and she decided she thought it would be good to download tick tock. I had no social media, no Facebook, no anything. Okay. And, like menthol, what are you doing that I'm never going to look at? So of course she was gone and about mid October I thought off and I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs. So I started to look at TikTok and I came across a gal Stacy law, and it just happened to be the right time. moment and I followed her for about a week. And then I just decided I really, really really need to save for retirement. I mean my husband and I both work as an entrepreneur by nature myself, so I have my own business. But the minute we stop working, the money stops coming in. We do not have any pensions or access to any of that fun stuff that some patients have. And I really started to get worried about it. So anyway, I really I within three days, four days, I $7 Challenge went right into it. Christmas came so I kinda didn't do very much even though it was in the back of my mind. And it was about mid January. I finished the course and knew the only hang up I was going to have was myself. And it's because I'm an introvert really. I know it looks like no I'm not but if you knew me, I'm in a back corner somewhere. I don't say boo to anybody. I'm just probably like, I mean, I didn't have Facebook. I figure if something gets bad enough out there. Someone's going to come tell me I just you know, like, I'm just that's just who I was. So to be doing what I'm doing today is just I mean it's an accomplishment for me as well because it's taken me outside of that and I get to help so many people. Anyway, and I haven't, I haven't looked back so yeah.

Dave:  So your daughter downloads TikTok and are you paying her a royalty or something now? sometimes they can actually help us and that's true with my 18 month old son I mean, you know where my six year old daughter a lot of times if I you know just if I humble myself enough to hear what the what the little guys have to say or or in some cases the big guys if you've got bigger heads, you know a lot of times they actually have your best interest in mind. And they actually, in different ways as they get older, bring joy to our lives in ways sometimes we at first can't see or don't understand.

Lisa:  Exactly, no. And this is quince. This is the second time she has done something like this so if I back it up to 2013 when they originally graduated, and she was going off to start her forensic psychology journey. At that point, she had played two hockey teams. We were in the arena, you know, eight days a week. So I mean, it was just nonstop so we were always busy and I was at home with her at the time. And she's the one that actually put an ad on Kijiji that I was going to start looking after children because she thought my anxiety would be through the roof when she was gone. And I needed something to do and I'm like you did what? Anyway, I absolutely have to say I'm grateful and I'm very blessed that I absolutely do love what I do. Is that foreign in today's world right? 

Dave:  Yeah, she had the idea and sort of got the ball rolling on your daycare business as well as really interesting. And really cool. Wow, what a connection that you have with your daughter There are around these various businesses that's really, really unique.

Lisa:  Yeah, it's just you know, life happens the way that it does and we're I mean, most moms and their children wouldn't be but we're really really really super close. So you know, yeah, I think I'm thankful every day one for having her as a daughter, but also from what she's opened my mind up to because of the generational gap, you know, I'm stuck back here somewhere and she's bringing me along with her a little bit. So yeah, she's helped me with this business as well. So, I mean, she hears the FaceTime go off because I'm stuck with something technology, you know, and she's like, No, and she's walking me through

Dave:  Wow. Yeah, I think we're all we're all like, Man, that sounds like just a great daughter to have.

Lisa:  You know, we all have our moments, right?

Dave:  Yeah. But you're obviously a good great mom and you've you've taken which is such a missing piece that we often overlook. You've taken that feedback that your, that your daughter has given you and you've listened closely and then you've taken action on it. And that's really really, especially as an older person. You know, they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but you know, we know why I never believe anything that I say or that I hear ever, such as those sort of you can't teach an old dog is because I get to talk to people like you who who disprove them every single day. You can teach an old dog new tricks, right? That's not calling your dog or not not trying to call you a dog but

Lisa:  ya know, it's 100% True. And I'm also blessed because my sisters and I have two younger sisters. And we've gone through the Peter Tom's, you know, School of Business and you know, hard knocks. We were in our late teens and I had already read Rich Dad, Poor Dad or the Seven Habits of Successful People by Stephen Covey. I mean you know we also grew up in a family business. So entrepreneurship is in my blood. SaltStack right. But you hear so many people talking about mindset. And that was not going to be a challenge for me because we've been taught since we could talk that you can do anything in this world. You want to do it if you want it bad enough, and you're willing to put in the work to do it. So so like I said, for me, the hardest part for me was going to be getting over my shyness and being able to put myself out there and it was February 2, I remember the day I had made all these, you know, videos, deleted them, and I was doing all this stuff and my my sisters. We're just like my cheerleaders here and they're like, Just do it. Just do it. On February 2, it was like just hitting the send button. The Post button. I'm like, Oh my God, what did you just do? Anyway, it worked out. And I'm having a time with it now. So

Dave:  Oftentimes, the thing that we can be the most scared of is, is the thing that we fall in love with and get addicted to. You know, I've heard the story over and over again over the years, you know, I was so afraid of them or you know, just a various just a list of fears and they're all oftentimes related or you know, afraid of introvert afraid of what people are gonna say afraid not the family gonna say there's not a lot of like, super money. I mean, I've had a guy one time who was and that was his reason why he was like, Okay, I can't I was like, Alright, I don't have anything for that Sorry, bad career choice. That's what it was. He was at a mastermind Believe it or not, he was out of town and he actually still bought the blueprints that came to the mastermind and was not just, Hey, I'm in the FBI. I gotta, I got a, I just can't get on video. I was like, damn, okay. You know, like, I get that not too much back and argue about that. You know what I mean? No.

Lisa:  Right. And I mean, they're right. And it also shows that there's so many people that can do this kind of stuff, and you don't have to show your face. Yeah, you know. I know like, I didn't want to take that ask but I figured, you know, if you're gonna do anything, you have to do it right or don't bother doing it at all. We've always been taught, you know, the 10% or don't waste your time or anybody else's time. And I mean, again, that's just the way that was instilled in me at such a young age that there's other people that don't have that so I totally can relate to being you know, nervous and shy and putting yourself out there, but you're not going to grow. If you don't push the envelope a little bit more every time in my opinion.

Dave:  So, gosh, you wrote so much on your thing, you get information. It's hard to pick through things like what's been useful in your journey you could share with us that we could learn from, I mean, just hearing your experience, of course, is the most powerful because it gives people the, you know, the they can identify more than anything, you know, so So I love more than anything to hear just the real raw truth of what you're dealing with internally and mentally. What else can we learn from you? I mean, what happened as you posted that first video, you realize you were still alive? No blood splatter. Still got all your limbs, you're still intact, even emotionally you're like, Okay, I'm still here. I don't I don't have a broken heart. You know, there's nothing so you're like, I'm okay. So what happened next?

Lisa:  Well, it did take me a little bit. I did it. And you know, it was a little bit of relief after the shock wore off. And then I just got myself to a point that I had to at least post three a day. So in the beginning, I didn't want to get stuck just in the learning part of it. Because that did happen a little bit. So I was posting it. And then I got to a point where I'm like, Okay, I think you've got this almost, you know, it's not perfect, like you're okay with this now. Then I had to start learning. And I went back to the 15 day challenge, you know, watch Steph, when I set up my funnel, I did it step by step. So thank you, Steph. I think you know, I just put the pieces together the best way that I could, however, not being technologically inclined, you know, I did have those struggles. But there were some days that it took a little bit longer, and I got frustrated. But at the end of the day, if you don't quit, you'll get there. And as I progressed, you know I've reached out to a few people as well. Kim and Michelle because she's Canadian as well. So I had reached out to them a couple of times and asked a couple of questions and I realized I know I'm a legendary Facebook group a lot as well. That to me, the support there is amazing and growing up in a family business. If you don't go out and figure it all out on your own guy down the road isn't going to come up yet. I know it's old school. I know it's brick and mortar but that's the reality. 

Dave:  He looks at that as an advantage like this sucker down here can't figure it out. So I think that's how a lot of people feel about me. Do you realize that nobody's like being successful is the fact that you figured it out on your own or at least figured some of it out on your own. And in how, how important is it that tip people are self-reliant and can figure some things out, you know, one of the one of the things that i i That's so prevalent in this industry is people want you know, a mentor and a coach. And that's what they say, but sometimes what I find out from their actions is that they want more than that. And, you know, man, can you talk a little bit about why that is why that's not the smartest thing to do both short term or long term. Well, from my experience, and yeah, and how have you, how do you view the figuring out and Could you say more about that because I think that what you said about the guy down the street, not going to come and help you and how that's just kind of half I don't think a lot of people know how business works. It's like most businesses, this community that we have here is not normal, where people are willing to help but you also have to be careful because they're willing, they're they're selling stuff and all this and you have to navigate it. You gotta have some street smarts and you gotta wake up. But if you want to make more money, you have to be a little bit more savvy. And in learning to not be taken advantage of and also learning how to for lack of better terms, as you said, figure things out.

Lisa:  Absolutely. And I do have that business background, you know, family business, it was back in 1959 that it started, I went to my dad and then to Austin. So, you know, I know a lot of people don't have that. So they're not going to have that experience. But I can tell you what I'm doing with this in such a short amount of time. And I know the times are different, but what I'm doing with this versus the traditional stores. I mean, it's night and day, nobody is going to come do it. For you with this. You've got unbelievable support. And I know there's people that will say no, they don't think it or whichever. But generally those are the people that aren't doing any of the work either. Right. And something different

Dave:  to sell to sell. Exactly, exactly. That's what a lot of people do if you're watching this and you're wondering why people are writing articles about us that are negative, or why people are in our Facebook groups in their private messaging saying legendary things or later. Here's why this legend has grown through our own bootstraps, hard work and effort to a large Inc 5000 company that gets lots of traffic and a big community. And so it's simply a marketing tactic to try to throw another person or company under the bus and get you to come over and buy whatever they're selling. And a lot of times, it takes a while to even be able to see how marketers are interacting and operating on the internet. A lot of people think that's a legitimate review. That's as if it's true journalism, a true unbiased thing. It's like, no, there's affiliate links all throughout this article there. They don't even know us, they've not even bought our products. They're just talking to me. And not only knowing that helps me to navigate staying away from you know, to see through some of the bullshit for lack of better terms, but it also helps me to understand how I can strategize my business once I start kind of picking up a game, if you will.

Lisa:  Yep. Yeah, it's people and I think people get hung up on what they don't do if they don't think they can do it. They don't want anybody else to do it. You know, like an analogy. If you know, you'll get these comments, you know, on your videos, or whichever and I generally don't cater to any of that. But if there's some that I really think they're not necessarily trying to put malice in, you know, I'd like, do a video reply. And my thing is, you know, Nova Scotia, of course, you know, we're on butter. It's like the crabs in the bucket. You know, every crab is trying to get to the top so he's pulling the one that's almost at the top down, because he wants to get to the top so people don't necessarily try to, you know, be mean or anything, but they're just like, that's not going to work because they can't make it work. So they don't want you to succeed and make it work. But if you put your time into it , anything. Again, I know that's my background. I do believe if I have the willingness to do anything I can do anything. So you know, you have to try to open people's minds up. You have to try to get them to change their mindset, which you know, like you said earlier, you can't change teaching old dogs new tricks, but some of you just have to hope. The other thing that you were talking about too is you know, getting extra help and stuff or people knocking something. You have to be smart, you have to do your due diligence. And you'd said something about somebody you know, making a comment in a blog or doing something. People take that religiously. Just because you're reading something does not mean that it's accurate, right.

Dave:  So anybody can start a blog and write an article, by the way,

Lisa:  absolutely. And, and I'm not knocking blobs or people that do them. I'm just saying we all have to be really smart. And I think what's helped me is I've always been if you find something and you wholeheartedly believe in it, I mean, and I did my research it's so much easier to be able to present it can't tell somebody to do something that I don't believe in. I will come across as authentic. So with my people, if they asked me a question, you know, I'm straight up if I have the answer because I'm still fairly new with this, even though I've made some successes. I'll straight up say, Look, you know what, I don't know that but I'll find out for what you know, and I think that resonates too. I'm finding that so many people today are desperate. That they just don't know where to go or what to go. But if you can really find somebody that, as you say, likes to know and trust, then that's more than half the battle. Yeah. And so I use it that way.

Dave:  It's one of the reasons why I just try to go live every day here on this. And it's kind of like you know, who else is doing that? Who else is willing to do that? I mean, name another fortune five or an inc 5000 company where their CEO is going and I know I've been fishing a bit lately and I vacationed last week and I'm going to be on vacation next week but Sorry, I'm living my life or to write. If it ain't me, it's Matt Hetzel, our chief marketing officer, if it ain't him, if it's our marketing manager, Joanne. I mean, come on. It's, it's in. We're talking to real clients every day. And that's one of the reasons why we do this. And it's one of the reasons why we hear from our clients and students that going live every day is so impactful, and here's why I believe that it is, okay. Here's why I believe that it is. It's not particularly because you're gonna get in front of a bunch of people in that moment and make sales in that moment that may work that may happen but it's because all the other dingbats that they're out there listening to are just writing whispering, because they're scared, and they're proud of what they're doing. And so when you go live, and when you say hey, this is me, sweaty armpits, ain't had a shower today. My damn hat on the floor. It will yell rant rave. Bullshit son of a gun. This. I mean, look. You take your reel. It is what it is. I'm not hiding. I had a guy come over here with an advisor on our team, and he's up from South America. And he came in and came over here and hung out with me for the day. And you sat right here on this couch right here. As I did. We just did some of the mastermind and everything and you know he's just told he just was like, this is exactly what Dave says it is and nothing more. Because I don't, I don't want that I don't want any one of my team members, anyone from the Inc 5000, anyone from anywhere if they want to come anywhere, rest anywhere. All racks have been paid all the time. That's why I'm such so me because all my taxes are paid. All the shifts taken care of and I'm just here saying look, this is what it is. It's not perfect. Find but but either do it here or or go out there and explore and guess what if you do go out there and explore. We'll be here when you get back or when you want to come back you know what I mean? Right?

Lisa:  And I think people you know, they not that they just jump on any bandwagon but people are today so desperate

Dave:  Really true, and there's empathy that I have for people, and I could feel the empathy that you had when people are desperate, they are confused. And oftentimes they don't respond to this sort of transparency. They want to go over and start as they want to, you know, somebody will tell them sweet little nothing bullshit lies like Oh, you like legendary this and that and all that, you know, you're gonna get no support. Come over here and we'll get it and it's just bullshit. It's not a timeless skill. It's not good, solid principles. And, and so it's hard for somebody who's in a desperate situation to, to sit and say, I trust in this. I'm going to learn the skills. I'm going to be in this for the long term, you and so what do you say to people who are in that mentality?

Lisa:  Well, I think that ultimately at the end of the day, I do respect the fact that, you know, some people, you know, can't even get their $7 Right now, however, the majority can at least and I mean, if you're willing to go buy a specialty coffee, or a fast food combo for $7 You'd be able to spend $7 to be able to get some training and information to see if there's something that you're you know, want to pursue or not. Because once you actually take that training, there's so much information in there. You won't be having to listen to the naysayers or anything else because you've firsthand gone through it. You've seen the value in it in just 15 days. I mean, day three. I mean, I'm not joking. Over here. Everybody learns differently, but I sat at this table every single day. I wrote I stopped it I go I mean, if it was a 30 minute video, it took me two hours, but that's just that's just how I do so Stefan force day three, I was there for a day. But anyway, but if you go through it, it doesn't matter what anybody out there there's Oh, there was no support. Oh, that's no oh, that's the worst. Because if you you'll see with your own eyes shame and

Dave:  Right. Stop listening to people, right. See it in our own eyes. Why? God, just get in the groove, just see it. Touch it. Feel it, listen to it, hear it with your own eyes. And I'm going to tell you something you're gonna go holy shit I actually understand what I'm getting excited right now that I know what that guy was talking about the scene or if you know here's my other challenge. Let me go way left field. If somebody hears the same example, if somebody you and Johnny are talking shit about Sally over there, they only say in a real you know what? Nobody can go near her. Okay, and you're like, Oh, wow. And then guess what? You go and you live your life for five years. Is it you know, we're here ignoring her all this kind of stuff. And then suddenly you're in a waiting room one day and there she is. Right? The bitch? Yeah. Because Johnny said so. Right. But you get to talk about beautiful and wonderful and nice things and you want to make that drastic difference when I listen to somebody, and I don't go and see the experience, it doesn't matter whether it's a person, place or thing. No Never because guess what month can I just get real for a second? Absolutely mom fuckers out here want to all tell me what to do with my magic, but they ain't got no abracadabra themselves. You see what I'm saying? Absolutely. Yes.

Lisa:  People People. People get so hung up on and you know, a lot of times I've said this on some of my comments as well. A lot of times it'll be family, you know, that will display or whichever. But you know the big thing with this is that I think they're doing that out of pure love in most cases. But still, they don't know they think they

Dave:  Will they not know you're right, not even know who's supposed to have and we grow up thinking especially our older relatives. They do not have our best interests in mind, right? The truth is, you have been very blessed and lucky with your family members. I would say that is normal. The majority of people the only reason you should listen to Uncle Bob or your dad is if you want to stay broke.

Lisa:  Right? If you don't want to, I'm just keeping it real.

Dave:  I mean, you can take all the principles and the values from what my father taught me about work ethic. He taught me about craftsmanship. He taught me about doing the right thing when nobody's looking even if the customer wasn't there. You do it right or you do it again. Right. But I could never make any money with him. Don't assume anything. I was broke. I was so broke. I couldn't afford to pay attention. And I had to get away from him and I had to go out on my own and start seeing and experiencing life in other people and my eyes three and I blew myself away by what I could do.

Lisa:  Absolutely. And again, I know I keep going back. I really have been very blessed and my sisters and I say it every day. There's a very instant knit family, and we're there every second for everyone. Doesn't matter if there's a birthday we celebrated if there's what doesn't matter. So but the other primitive is with dad and growing up in a family business. You know, you can listen, hear, hear what people are saying, you know, be respectful, but it doesn't mean they know anything that they're talking about. So take it with a grain of salt, failure, diligence and figure it out yourself. Right? Because what if you do listen to somebody and then in five years from now you are the light comes on and you're like, oh my gosh, why didn't I do that five years ago. I'm upset that I was introduced to Stasi law last October. And even though I was slowly doing a bit of the training and learning, I sat on it till February. And I mean, if I could have that time back Hindsight is a great thing. So I tell people that as well. You know, just go for it. You know, go for it. You'll see through your own eyes that the community support is there. I mean, I think the Facebook group that you have is fabulous, because you're so used to people trying to not let somebody else get ahead and here you can post a question and your answers from people all over the world that don't even know who you are, but they want you to succeed. And that to me is not

Dave:  How do you deal with the people on these platforms and we even have them in our Facebook group that when you post something they pose as if they want to help you but really want that eventually there'll be some sort of, you know, some business opportunity sort of offer that comes eventually. Within a day or two usually. How do you deal with those people? Because we've had a lot of people, fortunately and I'm only talking about this because I want people to be able to look out for this. That's it. I want people to be able to know that every single person unfortunately even on Facebook, we have and I have to say this because I don't endorse. If somebody gets into our Facebook and tells you something private message. It's free . I don't own that group. It's on Facebook. So how do you what I'm asking is how do you know who's going to waste your time? How do you know that if you're legitimately asking a question, and somebody responds to you you've got no, no somebody you've got a connection that you've made in the industry. How do you, how do you navigate that connection because we're still we have to move through each step of our business with each person. The eyes wide open, we have to be aware we can't just believe everything we have to trust but verify. So how you go through getting help and and you know knowing knowing how far to take it with somebody knowing who's got children have you tried what you're going to implement in what what not once you've learned something, you know from us or some random person in our Facebook group or whatever

Lisa: I think you said you have to have open eyes. I think that in order to first, you know if you're getting that kind of engagement in a group, I think if you're asking a question and someone's providing feedback to you, you still have to be careful with it and see what's gonna be best. The other thing too is if they hit you up within a couple of you know, texts or emails, and they're trying to sell you saying then they're not really necessarily there. Like I know a lot of people like I mentioned a couple of names earlier, and they're fabulous people and they do have some things to offer which are amazing. But when I was introduced to them and went looking for them, they didn't come looking for me and then say, oh, I can help you with that. You know, sign up and do this. If somebody's doing that kind of stuff. In my opinion only. I would stay away from it because then they have their business. I think that's what really excited me a lot about it as well. I'm kind of a nurturer, my background, you know, obviously, look, I look after children. You know, my grandmother told me, I was probably about 12 years old and she took both of my hands and she said, Lisa, whatever you do when you get older you do something with really young children are really old people. I'm almost ready in the next couple of years to take some of my time with this helping me of course to start volunteering in senior citizens' complex or hospitals, because there's so many people there that have nobody to go to. I think the big thing is, you know for me doing this, I have an opportunity to present to people and if it's something that works for them fantastic and I'll help them in any which way that I can and if it's not for you can help so many people help themselves because you can't do it for them. That's the other thing. You know, you were saying something earlier, you know and getting outside help and everything else. If somebody does it for you, you're never going to learn and that's generally not going to be successful. You want to do the steps yourself in order to progress and be successful and keep moving on. So you just have to be smart and if somebody's approaching you, then chances are they are doing it for themselves and not for you. Right so yeah, really, ultimately for me this was a way to try to save for retirement because we don't have pensions. My husband is, you know, almost six years younger than me so I keep joking with them that you know, I'm gonna because Mom and Dad always went to Florida through the wintertime because it can be pretty nasty here in the snow to the job site. So, you know you have six years to catch up. So my mom and I were gonna go to Florida and you know, for the web anyway, but you have to be able to have an open mind, you have to be like I want to be able to help people. So it started out that this was retirement money, but as I started to evolve, I realized the more I can help other people, I'm helping myself. Yeah. And I think that's important too.

Dave:  A beautiful way to maintain a positive healthy mindset is to be of service every day and go out as Warren Buffett says and delight the customer right delight the real there's so much in delight those three words they are not you know, there's no mix. There's no mincing words. delight the customer. Don't delight yourself. Don't because in delighting the customer, you will delight yourself. Even if a customer is a real Frankie I mean, if you delight the customer, what you'll do in you in you put your ego down see most of us men and women, we never get rich because our ego is bigger than our bank account. Write that down, everybody. Sure, I'm broke. Or I don't have the money I want because my ego is bigger than my bank account. And here's what I mean by that. Hey, I'm embarrassed I feel silly doing this there's your ego. Right? You know, Mr. Eight. Well, are they true? No. Why did they bother you? There's your ego. Right? Right. You know, my family's going to think that this is dumb or they said it was a this or that. Why? Why do they matter? Are they paying your bills? No, exactly. Yes. It's your ego. And the same thing when you get an honoree customer mad and they want, right? Yes, the worst thing to do is come in and puff up and tell them why they're wrong and get defensive and all that stuff. Even when you're self LED. The number one killer of sales is your ego. It's when you challenge people. That's why I call the I never confrontation is not in my playbook care for invitation where I just heard I mean, a caring way being honest with somebody. That's what I have. I have to put that word there. Because confrontation when I start thinking that I that's that's not the place that's going to make me money. So my ego kept me broke for a long time. It was much bigger than my bank account. And when I when I shrunk my ego when I just when I just worked on ego reduction activities and ego reduction, you know, behavior and responses meaning that if you know normally something that I would have got defensive about or offended if I just take an extra breath when I feel that happening in an extra pause, and I just tried to respond back now into this, this this I'm starting to deflate my ego a little bit because my ego wants to rant and rave and gets offended it gets me it's it's not appreciated. All those things come from ego and as we think account you agree

Lisa:  100% You attract more bees with honey. You know again, going back and I'm going back a bit now because I can still at a young age here my father saying you know you're going to get I mean, if you reach out, you're going to get somebody that's just not going to be nice, and it doesn't matter how good you are. It's going to happen. And he'd always say to us the customer's always right, even when the customer's always right, if you've got 10. So I'm telling you how dating works. I know we've got funny money in Canada, but you know if you've got that purple bill going across your counter, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. The customer's always right. Yeah, yeah.

Dave:  Ego Well, it's just a simple thing that people say, Well, no, you're always broke people who will say that yeah, I'm a customer's not in that because now they go the customer was always right when you were just in Walmart. But now that you're in a business you want to be right and see that's what I know when I'm the paying customer. And when I do desert when I'm the one who's giving the money, and I gotta recognize when I'm the one who's providing the service for the money

Lisa:  100% And honestly, that can make or break a business. In today's world, you know, again, you know, growing up the way that we did, I think the buck somewhere stopped at my generation anyway, because it's like, we were always taught what can I do for you? That generation sometimes today are more like you know, well what are you going to do for me? And we have to be able to bridge those two because you really it's really about what can I do for somebody else? And you do? Yeah, there's going to be times that you know, your ego is gonna go up here, you just have to talk to it, because it's not going to serve you. So if it's something that's not going to serve you, why have it in your life?

Dave:  Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. It's, it's, there's a lot of others that are being dropped on this call this morning. Yeah. So tell us about your platforms. You're working on Facebook tick tock. I noticed you had multiple tick tock handles. So talk a little bit about your strategy, vacation there. Give us the nutshell version of how you've begun to market on what platforms?

Lisa:  Well, I'm still learning so Tiktok was the first one. And I had to break down in March and get Facebook because I realized people don't know me from a hole in the wall. So if I'm not able to connect with them, other than just in a, you know, five to 15 second video, there's going to be no value there. Really no need for people to have an outlet if they're struggling or if they have questions. And then you can build that trust up and then if they get to a point, you know, you've built that they have no issue with you, because they know you're genuine. You know, I'm going to straight up tell somebody, this is how I would do it. But that's just how I would do it. Or you know what, I don't know that answer. Let me let me figure it out for you and get back to you. People appreciate that right, because you're winning real you're not trying to have that ego to play it off that you know everything that you're talking about because everybody has to start at zero, you know, so I started with tic tac I had to face Facebook for them. To put some videos on Instagram However, I've now been introduced, which I have to really set up now is the repurpose I also can get it on all platforms. So that's kind of where I'm going with that because I know you're trying to get to everybody and the only way you can do that is to be everywhere. Hence that's kind of where I am right now. I did have zero followers. I mean, I'm at over 6000 And I think the other thing that took me a little bit to realize when you first start it's like oh you want to get that million followers you know you want to you know your go viral. And I know that has advantages. But again, for me growing, it's been the follower than it is about the quantity.

Dave:  Right? Yeah, yeah, for sure. I mean, a couple of 100 Really, really quality people can support, you know, a simple lifestyle if you're just providing value to a small audience or a small niche. Joe asked as a new affiliate, how do you answer the question? So how much have you made with this? And I want to give that to you. But I also want to first say that you have you chosen how do you how much money have you made but what I mean what do you it's that's just kind of a general it's almost like a question that I have to wonder Have you actually gone in and really looked at what niche you want to want to work in Tokyo seen more people on the show in the morning who have done taking these skills into multiple different niches so you guys can see different examples. But I would challenge each one of you to really go through the training, all the training that you can afford, right? That we only sell an appetizer in an entree here. It's not like we have 50 different things and there's always upsell, it's just, it's just an appetizer and entree, but go through and really pick a niche job that you're promoting legendary. I'm talking to everybody that was well, don't just automatically think that just because you see one person doing something, that's what you should do. That's a little bit about what we were talking about before going through the training, get the juices flowing and make sure that you pick a niche that resonates with you because that might not even be a question that might not even be a question it's you may go in and say hey, you know what, I really act like me like I like watches there's I can create watch content and then find affiliate offers. I like fishing, I can create fishing content. I mean, there's so many different ways that I could monetize these skills that we have, however, if you are in the online space, I just wanted to give that little bit of information for anybody who's new that there is a process in which we teach where picking a niche is important. And yes, you'll be in multiple niches. We recommend you start with one and really kind of build up so you get the skills that you need, but then we do have people to transfer over into different niches So, how would you choose my niche if you're promoting various online education offers like legendary or maybe software something when you had zero followers? Did you get that question? How much money have you made? And how do you answer that?

Lisa:  You know, I've not actually had the question specifically either people have asked, Have you been successful? Because I really believe as far as I'm concerned, the dollar amount that I've generated in the shortest amount of time is significant and I've been promoting like legendary or any of the packages that would be able to allow you to set up your own online business like I know that kind of stuff. I'm also like I said, I want to help people. So I haven't really honed in specifically whether it would be with children, but they're born that way but I started with one but believed in the legend. It was so powerful for me that okay, I'm going to learn this one. I'm going to perfect this one and I'm going to present it and I wouldn't change anything about that. I think the big thing is my results might not be Joe's results, your results, the guy down the street's results. So people shouldn't get hung up on that. But what I'm missing is I have gotten my investment back on gazillion times so far and that doesn't mean I'm making millions of dollars. But I am very happy with the progress and I have made so an example with my we were on vacation there a couple of weeks ago and something went and one of the in the truck and, you know, wrapped up the truck in and we have the urge business you know it was $1,300 and here's business account pay for it. So, you know I've been able to do the fourth year and have that on there and the sky actually beyond in today's world is the limit. Right? So you know, don't get hung up on somebody else's, you know, because I find a lot of people do that in the beginning like oh my gosh, that person just had, you know 2000 followers now they got 12 Why do I only have one you know, it'll all come just be you. Help whoever you can help. It will evolve and it will happen. It is just the way you know and they are all a month from now six months from now. But whatever you do, don't quit because the one minute you quit that next day wasn't gonna sell. In my

Dave:  I was out on a boat yesterday. I was on my boat yesterday with a couple of friends. And I had a guy we were fishing side by side almost on the boat. And I'm just killing it. I mean I'm bringing up fish after fish. Okay, yeah, yeah, this guy did not catch a single fish all day long. Okay for a little No, I'm sure maybe a couple of little ones or whatever, but immediately thrown back and I mean he just and I said, Hey, dog, you know sometimes. Later, you're getting it and sometimes you're watching it. You know what I mean? I mean, they can't be your day. Is my day. You know, today is my day. So don't mess it up for me, man. I am so and I know that you know, I think so. So going back though, specifically to your response. You know, I haven't really had that question. I mean, I find that a lot of folks. It was a great question, and we appreciate the question. Yes. But I do find a lot of folks who, you know, have questions in their heads and I had to start about what somebody might ask me, like the big scary questions that I'm really afraid of, like Game Changers game Enders. You know what I mean? Like, if somebody asked me, I'm on money, follow, I'm gonna have to come clean. And if you know, it's just like you said you haven't really had the question. You know, I've never had it for me, because, you know, similarly, I figured out how to tell stories that were particularly all about money. I mean, when people show green to show their entire business, all their marketing is just about the screenshot and they get to talk about how much money they made in every post. Honestly, awesome. This is not the most powerful marketing. I've been doing this for 10 years. I've done it every way and for the past five years, the only place the public has seen me is right in this chair. I don't even put them on me now because it's because I gotta stay focused. Yeah, and people have seen me. They don't know what I got, how much money I got that much. Made. They don't know what I got on my wrist. When I got to my driveway. Nobody knows nothing about me.

Lisa:  And they don't care. They don't need to like this 

Dave:  I like get on here and I talk for an hour transparently every day but in terms of what I have, or whatever. So I just yeah, it's such an irrelevant thing in probably people off then then not and one of the most powerful stories and then I'll let you talk was when I heard a couple of brothers one time best way or we first launched. We had a couple of brothers asian guys who can't remember where they were from. But they're their whole. They told me one day they were like yeah, like we took our parents out to dinner. And we had never done that before like we had and I think in their culture, if I'm not mistaken. Like it's pretty beat into you early on that you go and take care of your parents. You know what I mean? They don't live with you. If they are very ignorant to a lot of cultures, but I think that Asian culture is a bit more about moving parents in or whatever why anyways, they're there. They told me, they said we took our parents out and paid for the first time. And I said there's your story. There. There it is. And you know, that one story carried them through their first 1000 at first 5000 or first 10,000 Their first 50,000 And they're still around I forgot what their names are. Yeah, but that was the story and I really high says it's true and hopefully I pronounced your name right but he says it's true, Dave, I'm Asian. Thank you. So they took their parents out for dinner and paid. So it wasn't like they really spent that much money. But the act of what a story. And oftentimes when somebody's asking a question all they're doing is projecting their doubts and their lack of belief in themselves onto you and if you scramble that go, Oh, right. What I would recommend each one of you do is create a pre-record. You know how on Instagram, you can put your stories there or do your job. If you're getting that question a lot. Then record a simple little 15 or 30/32 video that highlights the story. Tell them if you're getting an objection a lot, tell the story just like you did or dislike them and say hey, I get the question a lot. How much money have I made? Well, I'm a private person and quite frankly, as it's just not it's not my finances or my personal business. But let me tell you a story to illustrate how this business has changed my life. That's the hit. That's the exact right way to tell the story. Well, business gave me an opportunity. Let's just say you made $0 . Well, I'm a private person. My finances are my personal business in my story. And in this app, it was 11 wall and the wall brothers. And so I got into this business 10 years ago, and you know what? I was working construction or whatever my story is and this business has finally given this old high school dropout a real career. And that's how it changed my life. And what I'm really most excited about is how you can find out how to change your life. And like let's just say that on Instagram, you know what I mean? You've got your you can so easily do this right? You can so easily let me just show you on tick tock you can pin video to but you can just go right here to your Instagram page right here. And you can create a highlight story in my mind, Money Story or whatever. Like here's my point, folks, is that whatever you're doing whatever you're scared of, put it right in people's faces to answer the question, right? I was so afraid of people asking me if I'd ever been arrested. If you'll find out about my drug history and the fact that I was a junkie at home. I didn't want anybody to ask me about that. Yet. What I did was I put it out there and I gave it to people and I put all my shit. You know, I try to hold the store and I put it all out there like I still do. And I took everybody's power away. And now I'm not scared of what anybody ever is going to say to me, because they're gonna say anything to me. I've already said publicly.

Lisa:  Right. And I think another thing to add to that, in my opinion, is the fact that you'll be surprised with what your story your what you insulation paper for, and because you're being honest and upfront with it and dropping that ego you know, your your dream team. 

Dave:  Learn from a regular person whose lives are too ahead of them. That's the economy. We're in right now. That's one of the reasons why I don't do sessional videography, and I don't do it because my conversions are down. Motion studio, and I talk about a multimillionaire and I talk about people just look at me and they, all of you, you know, be careful with people who think you need 20,000, 10,000 or 1000 million dollar success stories. There's going to be both positives and negatives to that and he got to part time and Rachel. I also thought, oh, I need to really show people how successful I am. And not only feel icky to me to do that, and it wasn't authentic, but it wasn't couldn't

Lisa:  Look a lot of times we'll see and feel intimidated by that. You know, you have to, if that's what you're, that's er, but for me, you know, I'm not trying to knock myself but I'm just plain Jane 52 year old now, you know, saw an opportunity to start to increase putting money towards retirement savings. Because it's creeping up pretty quick now. And you know, I, my reason in the end was more powerful than my fear. of putting myself out. That you know, I've done this 10 years ago not No, maybe not because like 100 gold like, Are you kidding me? No way anyway, but now, right? My WiFi is really close. And I'm nowhere near what I need to have in today's world. That's for darn sure I can tell you that. Well,

Dave:  A lot. Part two, I've got a call I was supposed to be on three minutes ago so I'm gonna bounce and and you do you just keep doing what you're doing and keep up the wonderful work it is. And I just cannot continue to watch your journey. Please come back and see us again on the show. It's really

Lisa:  thank you and and and I it all comes down from you know, you didn't have to go through what you went through to get to where you are and you're offering this to small people. 

Dave:  as well. Yeah. We aren't there anymore. I mean, let's just get hung up on the chain that 

Lisa:  Oh, no, that I'm not taking that. And you know why? You're just making me more reasonable and more authentic. You know, man, if they're going to do something like that, like in today's world that's just phenomenal. So anyway, I thank you for printing things out. And and

Dave:  Yeah, your daughter, I said how long? Well, I will certainly do that. Yeah, she's four hours ahead of us. She's probably wondering why I haven't been in touch with her yet. So.

Dave:  All right, cool. Well, we'll talk to you later. Lisa.We'll talk to you soon. All right, my friends get on out of here and make sure to follow her on TikTok @makemoneywithlisat. I got to go, see you tomorrow for another episode. Peace.