Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Good morning we are live. We have a great guest today. Every day we bring on a guest for the day. It's 7am as far as training, and we like to unpack a bit about their strategy and also just allow them to tell their story and what it does is it helps people relate different stories to their own life experience, giving them a little bit of hope. Give them a little bit of inspiration. And yeah, and it allows for people to sit and watch and feel the stories from people just like them, which is a really powerful thing. So if you all who are live with us can give us a little hand clap emoji in the comments. And welcome to our guest for the day, Andres. Did I say that right?

Andres: That's right. How are you doing?

Matt: I'm great. How are you?

Andres: Good. Thanks so much. I'm so happy to be here. It's kind of surreal, because I wasn't. I can't believe I'm here and I'm very happy to be here.

Matt:  Very happy to have you. Tell us a little bit about your story and your journey. was born in Colombia. Now you're in the US but tell us a little bit about you know, where you grew up and moved to the US and how you found us and, you know, tell us a little bit about your story and your journey.

Andres: Unknown Speaker  Yeah, so um, I came to America when I was 17. I actually am a drummer and musician. So I got a scholarship to go to music school in Massachusetts. So I ended up there. I'm 41. Now I have a son and my single dad. Unfortunately, his mom passed away when he was like a baby, you know, so he was robbing me like a single dad. And I've been trying to do the music thing and it didn't work out for me to be in the restaurant business for like, until not that long ago, you know? And this was when I decided you know, I need to do something about this. Like I'm killing myself here working so many hours not making enough money. Take care of my son and everything. So I learned about digital marketing. I've been doing this for almost like two years but I just found out about Legendary about it over three months ago. And did find it before because I know it is what it is right? But I was kind of like partying on our platform. That was really I didn't really get much out of it. And then I came across Andrey you know, Andre, and I'm really Yeah, yeah. And then I was like, Whoa, like, Who is this guy? You know, and I started following them. And I'm like, Well, I kind of want to be like, you know, so I, I get in touch with him through an email, you know, and that's more how I kind of learned about legendary. So I took this 15 day challenge and I mean, he was amazing, like the stuff that he just learned with the challenge. I'm like, oh my god, I learned so much more in like two days. That's what I've been working on for the past like almost three years, you know, so I definitely went in there and now I'm actually working on the blueprints you know, and as we speak, so I'm still kind of like in process but I've been doing some online stuff on the side. So that's kind of like I'm still working full time. You know, I work for my learning ambassador at Amazon and I'm also a drum teacher. Part time and I also played drums with my church some of how I do it, but then I'm doing my online business of course.

Matt:  You're finding the time. Wow. Like you're Yeah, you're finding the time you're discovering pockets and pieces of time that you can just really cool and congrats on that. That's really what a journeyman is, but a journey. Lots of different lots of different things to pull out from that. And is that your little one in the photo behind you?

Andres: Yeah, he's a little bit bigger now than he was when he was like, two years old, but I still picture and I you know, it's so cute.

Matt:  You know, you've been there and I love it. So, so you've you dabble and kind of play around. With some stuff for the last two years. You have a pretty big discovery when you discover our challenge, that's for sure. And so what I'm interested in is what got you looking around for something online. If you're, you know, working in Amazon, you're doing a bunch of you're doing a few things. You've got a lot of things shaken. Was there a moment where you were like, hey, I want to do something online or was it just random that you know you happen to find Andre and his and his like Instagram or TikTok or whatever you found?

Andres: Yeah, so this actually happened a little bit like during the pandemic because I was working in a restaurant. Remember that whole word? Close everything and then I was at home for you know, like unemployed and we went back when they opened back again. And he was working at the restaurant, and he just really didn't feel like I didn't want to be doing this. This was kind of strange. And they call him like, I gotta find a way out. So learn about another platform, and I was part of that platform for a while. I wasn't even doing tick tock I can't believe like, reintroduced to like tick tock so that's when I learned about legendary and, and then I took the challenge, you know, but he was kind of like that's why he said like, I wish I knew about legendary before, I would have been like, probably way ahead of the game right now. You know, so there was some sort of wasted time in that way because it's like the tools that I was using were not working. And I thought they were working for all the seminars. Suddenly, only he was going to spam and it was like pretty much literally just restarted my whole thing with legendary you know, I got like clickfunnels and started doing the whole thing again, my emails are actually working now. So I'm like, Alright, cool. Working so it was kind of like one of those things that you kind of crush against a wall like, Oh my God, I've been putting all this work and I mean, I did do a little bit of things. But really, I couldn't use that term a lot more wisely. But I guess we all start somewhere right? That's the first exposure that I had to the online world.

Matt: Dependently realizing that, you know, I can't be working out, you know, at a restaurant and 10 years from now it's gonna kill my back. You know, it's just so tiring going home after like 2am in the morning. So overall I think a lot of people have that. You know, a lot of people have that feeling of maybe wishing I would have found it earlier. We have a lot of real people come on the show and say something like that and say something very similar, which is like I wish I would have found this earlier. But the truth is, it's like, you know, you know, Gary Vee. Have you heard of Gary Vee? Gary Vaynerchuk for short. I don't even know how to explain Gary Vee. But anyway, he's kind of a he's kind of like a motivational speaker. He's written a lot of books on social media marketing and stuff. And he's always talking now about how you know 40 or 60 is the new Ford is the new 40 basically, like, you know, what your your 41 I think you put it in our questionnaire and, you know, he's like, Look, if you're, if you're just turning 40 It's basically like, you've got a brand new start. It's like you've gotten ahead of you. Back in the day that used to be, you know, basically past middle age or like, you know, a little bit past middle age, right. But now it's like you've got you've got another half life or more ahead of you, you know, it's like, there's so much but we get a lot of people who come on and we're like, geez, I feel like so much wasted time but the truth is, is like, you know, you could have discovered it at 75 or something, you know, it's all about how you kind of conceptualize that and I'm really grateful I found a digital marketing and started building skills early, but man, there's just so much time there's so much there is and then there isn't right there. I'm sure you understand that with a little bit of time. What was what was so you found us a few Yeah, just just a few months back. I was kind of looking at that like January or something and something like that. Yeah. And you come into one of our masterminds soon.

Andres: I think so. Yeah. Because I signed up for it. Next one, so I'm hoping to make the next one, you know, and I mean, North a few hours drive.

Matt:  Yeah, it should be in the first week of December. Somewhere around there. Look, I'll be there.

Diving into the blueprints, and actually from the time that you started in January to diving into the blueprints, it's interesting to me and exciting to me that you're already creating content you didn't. I didn't get an email from you asking permission to do anything. You're already just going. What was your thought process? Did anybody just tell you just hey, just go just start. Or was it just like some blueprints and you're like Okay, it's time to go. 

Andres: Pretty much that and we know you already kind of had something going with my YouTube channel. I also have a blog that I have been doing some like writing about digital marketing and stuff like that. Quiet. Literally, I just pretty much started following Andrei. Like, I was literally trying to do what Andrew was doing. And I just started doing it and started posting for like four days, every day, you know, and I'm still kind of experimenting. I have like three phones. One is about to be banned. So I'm working on my copy, you know, One more strike to go. And, and I'm actually going right now through your copywriting course because I've taken almost all of it but you know how you take notes and everything. So copywriting for me, I think that's what I needed the most because I was not doing a great job with the copywriting at all I was like, and that's probably why today you get a system that actually works to make money go here, or we might link stuff like that. And so I'm trying to incorporate in my story more of being more authentic and who I am instead of just kind of like trying to sell something. That's why the copywriting it's been amazing. I mean it's like that's a great course you know, like thank you for for that he's like you really dissected everything is like oh my god, this is so valuable. I needed that. That's what I was like. That's, that's probably gonna make a huge difference on my coil. 

Matt:  Yeah, you know, you know, one thing that Yeah, you're welcome. And that was a fun course to create. All of marketing is copywriting. And what I've been learning a lot more over the last couple of years is that even video is just copywriting. It's craft and concrete. For instance, let me show you this guy real quick because this is so funny. This guy, have you seen me talk about this guy at all?

Andres: A few days ago actually because I haven't missed that show. I watch the show.

Matt:  Yes, I pull them up. I pulled them over. Yes. This guy is holding it. It's all just a copy. Like if you look at the headlines, he's got top five benefits to quitting junk food. How to burn fat without exercising or eating less. This is one of these is a copywriting headline. Let me see if I can send a little bit lost that one it's right out how to let me find it. Let me find it. I'm not going to find it. It's Oh yeah. Outside or eating less. This is a this is a really great headline that has worked for as long as I've been in copywriting but this has actually worked for somewhere around the last like 100 years of copywriting I've read old copywriters books from the 50s 60s 70s that are that teach people how to advertise and this how to and then you insert What What benefit are they looking to get? Right? So if you're trying to sell something to somebody how to insert benefits without the thing that they hate, right so without what it is that the people who want to lose weight don't want to do well. They don't want to exercise more and they don't want to stop eating what they're already in love with. To eat. And it's just a it's anyway, his whole channel is just videos where he reads an attention grabbing headline. He looks straight in the camera and he reads a script. That's it. It's the whole channel. He's got 500,000 followers and he's got a I mean you already know this but he's got a Keto product that he's promoting, where if you follow his entire link through his funnel it's just a Clickbank product is a clickbank affiliate marketer, right? And a lot of times, the myth is that people assume I have to tell my story, and I've got to build my brand and I've got you know, all this stuff like that. That's over half a million followers. And probably getting a ton of traffic. Honestly. You don't really get to 536,000 followers without a really massive amount of traffic coming from that. But he's just an affiliate marketer who's just using great copywriting headlines, and then is explaining, hey, here's the top five, five healthiest foods of all time. You know, here's five foods to heal your body, whatever. And I think people underrate that kind of copywriting headline and just keep it really simple. But you've got that hook is so important. And like you said, the copywriting element of that is the ability to write a book your you also write a blog, the ability to write a blog post and grab somebody's attention right in the beginning of that blog, man, that's because Google sees and understands how long people sit on your blog post. And if they keep scrolling, they're tracking all of that. They're tracking how long somebody sits on there. Do they scroll? Do they hit the back button to go back and look for something else? Which tells them oh, this blog didn't really answer their question, right. So throughout your anyway, sorry. Thanks for letting me rant there. I've learned throughout your experience of creating videos, was that new for you? Have you done like social media that way?

Andres: Never. I mean, I've been doing some YouTube videos in a long, long form, which I'm still working on. I've got over 1000 subscribers. Used to be 1600 and have been able to actually monetize it also, which is good. Yeah. But the TikTok likes short content stuff, I've never really done that before, and I'm still trying to learn. I mean, I haven't really been doing it. I know we're supposed to be more like how to do stuff. You know? I've been doing more like those kinds of fast scans to like 15 Second, not even like eight seconds, five seconds. beaters just kind of like not talking too much. But just kind of like putting in like headlines, you know, like the words and the captions. It's kind of like on and off because I had a tick tock account before and I wasn't really doing much with it. I was going to the gym and then I would post literally no nothing really much and I was not really trying to get any followers. And so I started a new one that started growing kind of fast, but then I feel like when I got those two strikes, it's been growing super slowly, like just getting three followers. Once you know also. So I started unknowing. But it's getting a little bit more views than this one but then I'm not getting any followers you know, so I I'm still trying to like but then when I post those same videos on Facebook, on my Facebook page, then they do a little bit better like on average between 501,000 views. And I've been getting a couple of obsessions like, sending them a message and some of them reply but not many. So I'm still trying to list these new strategies totally new to me, you know, because before I was pretty much just kind of like doing YouTube and wasn't really doing social media was just kind of posting the wrong stuff. And also, I was just pretty when I did a YouTube video. What I would do is that I'll get the thumbnail and put it on my Instagram and click on there to go to my YouTube channel. But it wasn't really working that much. So it's kind of a cluster going on right now that I'm trying to get a better direction. Or know if I should maybe start a new brand account and take like a fourth one I know some people do and like they have like a lot of them. 

Matt:  I think people have quite a few of them. But also, you know, here's what I'll tell you. Content will always win. So I've seen people go up to over, like over 800,000 or something like that on TikTok, and then get a quote, Shadow banned. And when they get shadow banned, it basically means for anybody who doesn't know what that means here means the algorithm. They probably got so many spam reports or people reporting their content or something that now they're the algorithm the the app, the TikTok app, they're no longer showing their videos to new people. So they're not really growing their channel anymore. And but they just kept going and kept going and kept creating great content and eventually got that channel to start moving again and started collecting more followers and stuff. But I think people see shadow banning or a channel being dead as like a final thing as a thing that's over. But every time that I've seen that sort of be a final thing, it's usually because of the content itself. It's not usually because it's like it's all over now. You know what I mean? It's usually not that it's what it usually is, is that the content itself there's not good hooks, there's not good teaching or edutainment, education and entertainment and they usually don't have good clear direction on what ended somebody. It's sort of like, like, you know, I saw a girl who had a massive following. She would go live every day, had a six figure online business and TikTok channel went down, lost her TikTok channel and then wasn't really able to recover because it was sort of just a flash went really high and dropped off. And I was like, hey, the content there, you've got to step it up. Like you've got to really create content that's hyper engaging, and you can usually get channels back so I would put a lot more focus and emphasis on really crafting every video to be like, fast paced and educational, entertaining, and see where that takes you. Because yeah, you can create more channels and you can create more stuff, but the truth is, is that if you do really focus in and get that humming, get that content humming and you create a few videos that are rockin and you can also go live all of that will help the algorithm and eventually it'll sort of sort of like a train when it's just starting on the tracks. It takes a little push for the first to start moving and then okay, we're greased We're rolling. Here we go and it's and then it becomes a little harder to stop because it's just moving so quick. Does that make sense?

Andres: Definitely. Oh, sorry about that. Sound of a phone for a secretary? Oh, no, I definitely think I'm gonna keep working on that. And also I think it's my story. I've been doing more of my story. corporated more on my copy. I think that I just started literally doing that a few days ago. So to be a little bit more authentic, you know, and trying to pretend to make people believe like I'm this crazy successful person with a personal there's making a lot of money on my online business. And that's it. So I'm trying to come in more like a real guy that is still working but I'm also having some success and making money on the side with my online business. I'm scaling it while I'm sad. I didn't know you could do it. You know that kind of more like real life, I wasn't really doing that in the past, you know, and so I think that's going to have I think that's going to help you have a good impact. You know,

Matt: Absolutely. Well, and it is and when you do that again, sometimes what people do is they see growth videos differently than stories or sharing life sort of videos. Don't make that mistake, because people put a lot of energy into these growth videos and crafting them. What I mean by growth video is like an educational entertaining video that teaches somebody something and is geared towards growing your channel. But if you place a lot of focus on telling your story but making it compelling the best way I know how to think about that is how Dave does that sort of in his sales video for people when they purchase the challenge, right? He tells a story but he tells it, he unpacks the story in the journey in sort of a compelling way where you lean in, you're like geez, this is interesting. What I mean and he uses sort of big moments in his life where he had shifts and you know, he's obviously taken a lot of time to sort of hone that in and craft that in over many years. But think about your storytelling about your own journey in that way. Because when you tell it that way. People are really like whoa. And I see too many people in our community who downplay their story, and they don't want to they don't want to believe that it's a powerful story. They don't want to believe that it could really inspire somebody sometimes. And so when they post stuff about their journey or their story, whether it's weight loss or whether it's making money on the internet, or whether it's training their dogs, they don't tell it in a way that's like, Hey, I'm going to inspire somebody today. inspire somebody to take action that's gonna be meaningful in their life, whatever that is, whatever you're promoting, whatever. Not mine, whatever, you know, you're trying to teach somebody. So that makes sense. What are you working on and what's your daily sort of operation on social media? Creation on blog creation what's Where do you see this going? You're already monetizing YouTube. That's cool. Where do you see this going? Over the next three or six months.

Andres: So my main focus right now is to stay consistent with posting four times on TikTok every day. And then I repost those same videos on my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and YouTube shorts. I've been trying that I wasn't really doing the YouTube shorts but just kind of like trying it out and see how that goes. And just pretty much working on my digital market. And you noticed that I'm just wondering, you know, just kind of like really get that down that one, just that one thing. And what do you do sometimes he's like, if I have more time, when one day I will do a bunch of drops and all my three accounts. So I'll like web video and then I'll go to my art account and then I put it all the drops without any captions or anything just kind of like, like the video idea. And then I'll go back in and start working on the copywriting on each of them and then I have yours ready for like a whole week or maybe even two weeks. I did one record that I had for like two weeks, you know, but as I was progressing, I started realizing, you know what, that's not that great. You know, like, I don't really like what I wrote there, but I can still kind of like the corrections I already have like the video made and like the sound and all that. So I just got it. I have to change the copy, but at least I already had something made like a funny kind of stuff. So that's pretty much what my goal is really try to make some more sales like I try to step it up so I can eventually have the financial freedom and spend more time with my son and I know it's you know people are doing and people are having a lot of success here in legendary and that's why it's amazing just to see people that are like oh my gosh, I haven't seen that anywhere else you know, it's through you learn so much. You ask the question in the Facebook group and then someone will jump in and help you. It's like pretty advanced stuff. It's not like a simple question, but some advanced algorithm type of questions are really good ideas. You know, it's I mean, I try to help out there too. If somebody someone that's something that I feel I can help them I'll give him some feedback. But I mean, I'm not as advanced as people you know, they're pretty crushing. It, you know?

Matt:  For sure, but I think a big part of Yeah, a big part of me, being community and stuff is community. It's being able to connect to a community and get questions answered and also see questions that maybe you didn't think about lots of things, lots of things. Even just, you know, a guy in our community recently, over 300,000 people in Instagram, you know, posts in our group, hey, my Instagram got taken down, and just for just for people like you and me and everybody in our community who's watching the show right now just to be able to sit in and sort of watch oh my god, what does a does a you know, 302 or 300,000 You know, $3,000 Commission earner, who loses their Instagram, what do they do? How do they get it back? What happens? What's their next pivot? What do they do next? Right. And be able to watch that and you know, we've had a lot of talk about, we've had a lot of talk about the back over the last couple of years, right vaccine, sort of like a vaccine, able to see all of that, you know, because what does that do? It prepares your body, it prepares your mind for what's coming, right. It's very similar in the way that that works for PTSD. If you're all out there, if everybody's just out there on their own, doing their own thing, no clue what to expect. No clue what's going to happen. At every turn every hurdle feels like a mountain. Right? But if you've got a community or you've got people who have started from zero, because everybody starts from zero started from zero at some point, and either taken our training or combined our training with other steps they've done or other experiences, maybe college or something, turn it into a big business creates a sense of certainty and a sense of hope that hey, you know what, I can do this, I can figure this out. And I think that that's cool. That's super cool. For everybody who's here who's new right? I'll leave you with the last word for everybody here for every minute, or is it sort of feeling out legendary marketer or just generally feeling out like, hey, I want to make some money online. I want to figure this out. What types of things would you say to them? And also, what do you say to those people? Because I'm guessing you talk with some of them from time to time. What do you say to those people and urge them to, to keep going and to and to figure it out and to learn and to grow their skills?

Andres: So the first thing, he told me that you're probably like in the best place where you're going to learn this stuff, because I've actually been in other places before and it's amazing just by, you know, I've seen this and just by going through the 15 day challenge, the amount of value that is there. It's unbelievable. I mean, so like you are first of all like you are in the best place like a great place to learn this stuff. And putting in the work you know, putting the Go go through all the training and implementing the training, not just like watching the video. So tip sometimes people just kind of watch it and he's like, Alright, cool. Like, you gotta go back and watch it again. Take some notes, just like I'm doing right now. Like rewatching some stuff and I'm actually applying it like I go to a meeting video then I go to my Instagram account and try to fix what I'm doing wrong. Where if you haven't done anything you haven't started just kind of start actually putting action now. And just kind of keep putting into daily work and then try to get a schedule where it takes some time. So it's not going to be lucky, lucky. I mean, different people have different results, but it does say that people are actually having good results. They stayed very consistent every single day, you know, so I think if you put in the work and you believe in yourself and stay consistent go brain because you aren't getting the best training out there. So you're going to be good, you know, that's kind of like my best advice to be part of the community. You know, like, check out all these shows every day. You know, that's what I've been doing too. And I've learned so much, like there's some shows that have learned like this or not. I was like oh my god and they started implementing something in my own thing because I saw someone talk about something in the show that I didn't even know that was like a thing. I'm like, Oh my God, there's something there. So I would try Washington part of the community and ask questions, see why our people are posting the answers. You're gonna learn a lot, you know, so just keep going. 

Matt: Oh, man I love it. And yeah, and constantly be implementing what you're doing. Jonathan said, you know, implementation. 100% if you learn it, and that's that's the main way that that takes us back to the beginning of the show. And you said I'm still going through the blueprints. And that's interesting because you've taken a lot of action as you're going through the training, which is the key. So amazing work, amazing work. Andreas, if you need anything from us, let us know. And also send us an email and a couple months and let's just have the check in we can have eventual love to have you back on the show. I'd love to have you meet Dave on the show. And yeah, we'd love to have you back. 

Andres: Oh, definitely. I'll definitely keep in touch. I'm still watching the shows and I gotta work on my copywriting. though. I gotta go and do some work.

Matt:  Getting there. Cool. You'll get there. You'll get to study people who have come before you. Study what they do and keep going through our training on copywriting. Go through it a couple times. It's a Patreon thing. And as you learn and hear other people's stories, one of the best ways to learn copywriting is to hear other people's stories. But hey, congrats on all the success. Keep in touch and let's have you back on. Yeah, thanks for having me. It's been a pleasure, great experience and thank you for the opportunity for sure. 

Matt: I'm gonna put up Andres. I'm gonna put up his TikTok right here you can see it on the screen. It's to make money with Andreas. With and then it's spelled a n d r e s you can go give him a follow let him know that you found him on wakeup legendary. Give him a follow and then if he goes live or if he's content hit the like button give him a little boost in the algorithm. And show him some love that way when you're on wakeup legendary. You know he'll do the same back for you. So, guys, we've got two more awesome guests lined up for the rest of the week Thursday if you can be really powerful. Join us live 10am Eastern on our Facebook fan page. You can also text here, text Wu l 281-329-6853. And you'll get a text reminder every single time that we go live, so you'll never ever miss a single episode of our show. That's a wrap for this Wednesday. Thanks again Andre for coming on. And for everybody who's here with us live see we'll be there till 10am Eastern