This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Kelle Roberts (@buildingyouonline on TikTok and Instagram) to talk with her about her online business and how she got started. Kelle is a high school entrepreneurship class teacher with a mission: to teach her students how to make money online.

If you’re someone who wants to learn how to make money online but have no idea where to begin, this interview is for you.

Kelle is an entrepreneurship teacher for high school students, and usually teaches her students how to start up a brick and mortar type business in her classes. Everything from what type of business to start to who the target customers are and how to attract them is taught in Kelle’s classes. One subject her students found a particular interest in over the last several years has been how to start a business and make money online. Kelle’s answer? Just like most people, she didn’t have one. 

That didn’t stop Kelle from finding the answer, though. After countless hours of research and dedication to providing a good answer for her students, she came across Legendary Marketer and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. Eager to learn, she invested, and not just for herself. She decided to take her Legendary journey and turn it into a legendary lesson for her students that they will never forget.

Kelle spoke to her students about what she was doing and learning each day with the 15 Day Challenge, and after day 2 she was ready to purchase the Blueprints. She felt as though this was a small investment to create an online business, especially because of how much money it takes to create a brick and mortar type business. This was an investment she felt was more than worth it to make.

Kelle has always been the type of teacher that isn’t afraid to try something new and fail at it. She likes trying out new things and reflecting on them. “I’m not afraid to go out on a whim and try something new, especially if it benefits my kids,” Kelle said. When she first began her online business journey she had already told her students that she likely wouldn’t make any money doing this. To her surprise, she was wrong.

Kelle students made it a goal of theirs to get her TikTok famous and she now has over 55k followers on her account. On the day of her very first commission that she earned, she came into class beaming, excited to tell her students that it did actually work and she had made money. She learned how to monetize her content and taught her students how to do the same.

Knowing What To Do Once You’ve Caught Your Audience’s Attention

When she spoke to her students about who her target audience should be, she decided it should be educators. Many educators aren’t happy with their education system. She had just been through two of the most difficult teaching years of her career during the Covid-19 pandemic and was hoping she would get a pay raise like the school districts around her, but she did not. She wasn’t alone in her disappointment, and many other educators felt the same. 

Kelle had done online work before, such as MLMs, and the last four years she had been working a part time job at a sporting goods store. A lot of educators and teachers nowadays have to work a part time job along with their teaching job to be able to survive. But Kelle didn’t want to just survive, she wanted to be able to go out and live her life.

She loves her teaching her students, and says that Legendary has given her a lot of empowerment. “Education is in a place where it needs a lot of help and I’m just trying to show kids what they can do to better their lives without having to spend a billion dollars at college,” Kelle said. 

She told David Sharpe that because she is an elective teacher she has a lot more creative control in her classroom and has the freedom to introduce new things. She wants to teach her students things that will not only apply to their lives, but will apply to their education as well. “If they can’t see the fact that it benefits them in some way they just aren’t going to be interested in it,” Kelle said. A big part of that for her is being able to show her students that there are other career paths than just going to college and getting a degree. 

Finding The Time To Create An Online Business

When Kelle first started out in her online business she wondered how she would be able to fit it into her already busy work schedule. She found it to be surprisingly easy. She was able to do this around her full time job and be successful at it, at the same time. “You do have the time, you just have to prioritize it,” Kelle said. 

The internet has become a part of everyday life for most students and children, and they will find information online whether they are exposing themselves to it or someone else is. That’s why Kelle feels it’s so important to teach them these things now. We have to talk about the things kids want to talk about and things that are relevant to them,” Kelle told David Sharpe. 

Being Your Most Authentic Self In Your Business

Kelle creates a lot of conversational videos on TikTok, and is more comfortable doing videos like that so that she can show both the positives and the negatives of her online business and her career in general. She talks to her students a lot in her classroom about these subjects as well. Kelle tells David Sharpe that it's important to show both sides to everything so that she is being as authentic as possible to her followers and also her students. 

Students and children are looking to connect to adult figures that they feel like they can trust, and her students won’t be able to trust her if she isn’t being her most authentic self. She teaches through storytelling a lot of the time and enjoys storytelling in her content. She feels like her viewers and students can understand her content best if they have a story to relate to it. 

Her student’s values and opinions matter to her and she stops class regularly to talk to her students about important things like getting an apartment after high school and other real world skills and information they will need. 

Kelle doesn’t usually view herself as an emotional person but recently she has found herself opening up and getting emotional in her videos. She shared with David Sharpe that her father had recently passed and that her online business gave her the opportunity to be with him in his last few weeks of life. 

Not only did it help her create the income she would have missed out on with her teaching job from taking the time off, it also became something that she was able to bond with her father over. They spoke a lot about her online business and gave her an opportunity to make her father proud before he passed away.

Kelle told David Sharpe that even though she has three college degrees she would have never been able to do the things she has done with her online business in the education world. This has given her more opportunity and inspiration than she ever would have imagined. Would you like to learn more about building your own profitable online business that you can do from home? If so, I recommend you watch this free video which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to learn how to earn money online from home.