How To Use Pinterest For Marketing


In today's episode hear why you shouldn't sleep on Pinterest. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Hey there, my friends. Good morning. Welcome. It's Tuesday August 9, I have guest hosted Wake Up Legendary for Dave this week as he's on a little bit of time off and yeah, typically we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern and got something strange here. We'll go live at 10am Eastern and Dave will host most days, all host Wednesdays and we've been going live for about two and a half. I mean we've been doing Wake Up Legendary live for a while on Facebook. But we've been specifically going live since around the time of early 2020. Just to bring you inspirational success stories of people who are killing it online and to show you that it's possible for people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Just normal people though not celebrities, not billionaires, right? Just normal everyday people and, you know, if you go around if you're newer to our community, and you're wondering, you know, is this thing legit, are these people legit people? The first bit of evidence, I would say that, that points in our favor is the fact that we get on with a new client five days a week and have a waiting list. That's like three weeks out. We only scheduled people three weeks out; we could schedule people two months or three months. out if we really want it to. So that is a bit of our you know a bit of our Mo is we don't hide from our clients. A lot of times people will sell somebody a product in the run and hide because they're scared of what they'll think about it. We've actually chosen to bring people on the show and invite them on. So this morning, if you all can give a little hand clap excuse me, hand clap. A moment. We'll go with allergies today. For Juanita

Juanita: Good morning. How are you?

Matt:  Good. Just that I was so unexpected. I'm a little shaky. I've got some vitamin water so will, will, will hydrate as you bring us into your story but you're all the way from Colombia from Bogota, which is the capital write offs. Tell us a little bit about your journey to coming online to bring us into like your world like tell us a little bit about you know, like, like, not just how you find Legendary but tell us a little bit about you and your story.

Juanita: Well, good morning. I'm very excited to be here. I always wanted to be in the show. Actually, since the first time I saw it, I started the training and everything. I said someday I'm going to be on that show and I'm super super excited. I'm from Columbia, South America. I live in Bogota. I am a mom. I have three kids two are my husband's and one is mine. I decided to be a stay at home mom after working 14 years in an OP services company. I worked in human resources there. And when my little girl was born, I decided to quit. Because I really wanted to stay with her. It was going to be the only time that my only chance of being a mother. So I decided to stay. So by now she's eight and I'm starting to feel you know like I mean for 14 years like I paid for my state cipher for my university. I paid for my stuff right now. I'm depending on my husband, of course. And since the lockdown things for him had been me learning a bit hard so I wanted to give my family you know, a little bit of faith. I don't care for them and you know, help him a little bit more than being just around right. So I came up with the Legendary with a TikTok. I think that the girls are from Colombia actually, but I don't think she lives here. And I don't know. I mean, he was by the time I was trying to find what I could do but I wanted to stay here with my daughter as well. And suddenly that Tiktok came and I just signed up right away. I mean, I didn't think about it. He was very strange. And I saw everything I said, Oh my God, this sounds amazing. I mean, it's maybe too good to be true. But I mean, really, I thought it's $7 I mean, what can I lose, right? So I just bought the training and they started and oh my god. I mean I was I couldn't believe all of the information that you have given me for Senators was like amazing so By day three I decided to play by the blueprints because for $7 Jackie notice what's going to happen if I pay if I buy the blueprints I mean I'm gonna be you know, full of info information and I mean it's not gonna stop coming right? So I decided to buy in. I mean, it was like I didn't have the money to buy the blueprints. Actually I had to. My mother gave me half of the other stuff with a credit card because I mean, that amount of money in my currency is a lot, you know, where Columbia person so I decided to do it because really, I mean, for some reason it sounded right. It sounded like like, was something that I could do and I mean, I was going to be good at it. And I was going to be in the show. work you know, so I don't know it was very strange that the feeling that I had that this this was real

Matt: Fascinating. There's so much there. I feel like you find it? Did you find when you dove into the blueprints did you get the information you needed? Was it what was the expectation and then did you feel like we delivered on that expectation or how is that then diving into the blueprint? And just for everybody who's here? Those are just optional training that are additional that are offered in our 15 Day Challenge. A lot of times people hide the fact that they've got to sell more stuff. It's like yeah, of course we do. We're a business and we want to offer better, more in depth training. And we're not going to give away all of our secrets for $7. Although we do give away a lot. That's kind of an absurd thing and the price point should match the value that's in there. That's how commerce should work. It's why people don't sell T-shirts for $1. It's not, you know, anyway, yeah. Tell us a little bit about that.

Juanita: Oh, of course. I mean, you exceeded my expectations, you'd exceed my expectations with the $7 course and you exceeded the expectation with the blueprints. I mean, the amount of information we had the trainings that we have with you every Thursday I mean that's like having no and you know the community and all they ask that you do that you including in the blueprints I mean without paying more you know the train more trainees that you that you deliver there. I mean, it's amazing. It's amazing. I mean, I go to that course almost every two days and see if there's something new and something else or maybe something nice and I want to learn more because I really want to learn a lot. I mean I didn't want to start my business without knowing everything. So this is why for me, it was very important to get the blueprints and to really feel like you know 100% sure of what I was doing and people will come and ask me if I could tell them, you know, tell them why and how it is done and everything. So I like to know a lot and study a lot. So that's why and this has been amazing. I mean, it never stops.

Matt:  Super cool. Super cool. And this was like this was totally new. For you. Right? Like you didn't do some drop shipping thing before like a lot of our people who've come through our training. They've paid like they've tried little drop shipping things or lots of different training. They've tried eBay, Amazon, FBA, all of this different stuff. You haven't tried any of that.

Juanita: It was my first time doing something online. And I can tell you in detail right because I've heard about you know making, you know, like in answering interviews online, things like that. I've heard about it but I heard that you don't make you know, like a lot and so I never really tried you know, I never really thought it was possible. And I didn't know what affiliate marketing was. I didn't know it existed at all. So for me, I mean jumping into this was like a whole new world that I never thought was possible. You know.

Matt:  That's so cool. And evil. I mean, you've already made back that investment, which is cool. I mean, the amount, whatever investment whatever you want to call it. You know the price that you've paid for your education with us you've you've made back and then some for sure which great congratulations. It's a great start. And I feel like you're just getting started but man, how did you go from just learning to earning as we call it? How did you go from learning and then going into I'm gonna now be a business owner and take ownership and actually get started and start building a business like what you started creating content on on video content. How did that go?


Oh, my God, that was very hard. But actually, I decided after the killing a day, after that day, I say okay, I have to do this, you know, and I was, I mean, I'm very shy. I don't like to do videos of myself. I mean, it was something that I never did in my life. I had picked up for my dog and my cats, you know, but I mean never for myself. Never. Matt:  Did you actually run it to account for your pets? 

Juanita: Yes I have. But that was as long as I knew about tic tac, you know, I mean, there was no way and um when I saw these videos of people doing Tito's I was like oh my god, you think I can do that and and I don't know it just something clicked after taken in a day and decided okay, let's do it. It was so hard because I don't know what I did but I decided to do the video and talking which I was very scared to do because, you know, English is not my first language. So I did everything in the first video. Everything I thought I couldn't do. Oh, it was very hard. I spent like two hours making the duck thirsty. I mean, it was so hard and I was trying to cover my face with with letters and everything because I didn't want really two people seeing me it was so so complicated and unscary and I did it and I posted and that first video got like 4000 views my first video so I was like really? So as soon as I did that video, I was like, okay, I can do this. And wow, people are watching and they like it and oh my god. I mean it was amazing. So of course the second video was a little bit easier for me. And well now I make videos every time I'm anywhere in the world. I mean I've been on vacation right now for a month and a half. And I never stopped posting and then there was every day posting and doing a video where I was walking with kids or whatever and I was making a video and I mean your your mind changes with this with all this training with all all the things that you get your mindset, everything changes and you use thinking all the time you're thinking about, Oh my god, this is a good thing that I can do a video about, you know, and is amazing how your mindset changes. And well for me starting this job he was I mean, taking me out of my comfort zone. I mean every level and you were actually like me and my mom because it's scary. It's confusing. It takes you out of your comfort zone. You have no idea what you're doing. You are not, you don't know if you're doing it right or wrong, you know, but you do it because you're a mom or you have to, you know, to do it yourself. Their child depends on you. So, for me that was exactly how this felt, you know, and I wanted to do it for me. I want it to be successful. I want to do it for my family and for my husband. For my daughter, you know, so it's been a right actually.

Matt:  Yeah. No, I mean, you're obviously crushing it but that's such a funny thing when you go on and like 4000 human beings watch this. Are you kidding? Me? How long ago did you start that?

Juanita: I started my detox in March at the beginning of March. Actually, I got 1000 followers in a week. So I was like, oh my god so me. It was amazing. I couldn't believe it.

Matt:  Crazy. So did you? You've also got followers on Instagram. Like I think we've got over 1000 followers on Pinterest.

Juanita: Well, one of the things that, you know, it's been said in all of the training sessions is that you have to be omnipresent. So I decided okay, why not? Let's give it a go. And at first I just started with Tiktok and Instagram because you could post on both of the platforms together. And he's he was you know, it's very slow, you know, it's not it's not as good as picked up and I decided on the Okay, let's let's try Pinterest, you know, to see how it's gonna go. And oh, my god. Dangerous has been amazing. I mean, I couldn't believe I mean, Pinterest for me was looking for ideas for my daughter's birthday. That was Pinterest for me. That's what I thought about it. And right now I'm like, Oh, my God. I mean, people really look for things in Pinterest, you know, and about jobs and about I mean, I didn't know it was like that. And the first thing I did is it has more than 100,000 impressions. The first Pinterest I put there. So I was like, wow. And there was a video in TikTok. It didn't resonate at all. I mean it was very low views, you know, but on Pinterest it is and I still see people cleaning and saving it and I was like, Oh my God.


Matt:  Yeah, that's funny. Well, it's a beautiful lesson in marketing. And for everybody who's listening. I want you to leave us a little comment. If you're ready for a gold nugget. Just say I'm ready. And I'm going to drop a little gold nugget that you are wanting to be already doing. But I want everybody here to know the secret about what you just said. Which is and here's the word. The word is omnipresence. And the reason that we're sometimes confused as marketers is because it sounds like a really tricky, confusing marketing term or something right? But the truth is, if you're posting one single video on your TikTok, you're taking that video, right and then you're putting it on these different platforms. So it's one piece of content that you're present everywhere on social media. If somebody wants to follow you on Pinterest because they like Pinterest better, they're gonna go follow you on Pinterest. So what's happening though, is different algorithms might be triggering or firing at different times or better uncertain days. And we don't really know why. Like, we can pretend to know why, but we don't really know why we're not. We might be good marketers, but we're not geniuses. Right? And, and so taking a video off Tik Tok and then putting it on Pinterest or something, or putting it on Instagram or putting it on Facebook reels or YouTube shorts, all of those things. Taking that and doing that lets you get enough content into the algorithms into the social media world where one of them might just randomly pop off and get 10,000 views or 50,000 views, just totally random. And the problem that most people run into is they're only creating content on one platform because they think that platform is the hot platform. And then Pinterest gets hot and they stop creating content on the first one, jump to Pinterest or jump to another one. And the truth is it doesn't work well, you can tell me from my experience, it doesn't take that much more work to take that original video and then go post it across multiple different platforms. Am I right or am I wrong?

Juanita: You are completely right. I mean, every platform, I mean, I mean, I mean YouTube, I mean, Facebook, I mean Instagram.

Matt:  Everywhere, right? Yeah, you're all over. The place. And after the first couple, you know, repost that you do. It starts to get a lot easier and faster, right?

Juanita: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Matt:  And then you're also replicating all of your results. I mean, you're spreading your brand, you're spreading your content suddenly here on, like, every platform all over the place. Which is kind of cool, because think about it. You're only like five or six months into creating content on the internet in general and building your brand. Like that's a pretty cool thing.

Juanita: Yeah, no, you didn't see these and, like, I tell you, I never thought I would do it. This is like, wow, I mean, I had that many followers. I mean, and you start to stop thinking about the followers, right? Because at the beginning, I was like, No, I want to be in 1000 You know, and right now I'm like, I mean, I created content because I like it. I created content, because this is fun. You know, I had so much fun making videos right now. Sometimes I just mean I made a video on and when I went to post it. Oh my god. Remember on a post that and and I posted and I just laughed so much because I couldn't believe I posted something like that. But I have fun. I have those videos. I mean, it's amazing. It's really funny but it's cool.

Matt:  Cardio, you're amazing. And also your outlook on this is so refreshing. Because I hope you hear I just hope everybody hears the energy of and you keep using this word fun. And sometimes we just get so locked into this like oh, what is everybody gonna think of me? Oh my gosh, I hope people don't make fun of not even make fun of me, but I just I'm just so worried like maybe I'm going to be seen as a loser or as like, or as somebody who's not good enough for you know, like, I don't know, whatever it is for people or you know for me it's it's usually like, oh, people are gonna think I'm not good enough for you know, I'm ugly or my teeth are crooked or something or you know, but honestly, like the people who really start to come in to their video content or just content in general, even written content on blogs, and are just like, and I'm gonna have fun with this, you know, and screw in. Anybody might think of me. Forget about it. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna have fun with this. What a great word, man. I love that there's so much freedom in that there's so much like looseness it feels loose, right? I'm a big sports fan. I played sports and I'm not a big sports fan, but I like to play sports and I grew up playing sports. And there's this: there's this sort of unwritten rule is in team sports where the team that that a lot of times this happens around like the championships where the team that's really tight. Like they're, they're nervous and they maybe don't have the sort of real bond with their teammates, but they're really talented. They're really talented and they're really good. But they don't really have the sort of looseness, right, like maybe in the locker room. They're not listening to their favorite music and they're not kind of like you know, like like, like making jokes with their friends on the team, you know. And then the other team who maybe just slightly less talented or something, maybe they don't have the all star on their team. But they've got fun music bumping in the locker room before the game. They're focused, but they're also you know, like, they're loose, they feel loose, then they get out on the court. It's the big moment the lights come on. And they're they're loose, they don't have those butterflies that are like, you know, killing them and they can actually shoot and then a lot of times that team is the team that wins because they're loose and they feel good and they're having fun and they're they remember that this is this whole journey is about having fun and enjoying yourself. And I get that energy from you and that's really cool and inspiring to me.

Juanita: Thank you Well, at the beginning it wasn't fun, right? Like I told you my first video was two hours and I mean, oh my god

Matt:  Money to start your business and I mean, you had a lot on the line, right? Yeah,

Juanita: Yeah, but I wasn't under pressure. You know, I mean, I mean, I think everybody at the beginning is like, Okay, I wanna make some money. You know, I want to see money. I mean, you know, and, and suddenly I said, Okay, no, it's not about the money. Let's have fun, you know, and let's do that. Let's do this and things are gonna come you know, they're gonna come forward, they're gonna come maybe two weeks, maybe two days, maybe four months, you know, I mean, it's gonna come you know, but if you if you are consistent and if you do it and if you keep doing it and you're having fun with it, and you know and feeling that you're trying to help people that they're showing people what, they're, that this is real. I mean, the results are real, you're gonna it's gonna happen to you, you know, it depends on on, I don't know, on a lot of things, but it's gonna happen. And I happen to have this thing in front of my wallet.

Juanita: Seven. I have these here. I don't know if it's backward. So. Wow. Yeah. So that's what happens every time. Every time that you are on a journey like this. You're You're, you're gonna want to give up at some point, right? But no, I have this in front of me and I'm not gonna keep up. You know, I'm gonna crush it. I'm gonna you know, and it's gonna happen.

Matt: That's all it is happening. It is.

Juanita: It is happening. It is happening. And it happened. I mean, and the funny thing is that the moment that I have more commissions, you know, it was when I was on vacation, I was like, Oh, my God, I know. What's this? You know, I'm on vacation. And I'm making in one day, I made more than I'm making at my previous job in one day, I mean, I was like, Oh my God. You know, I really couldn't believe it. For me. That's amazing. And I mean, I'm proof that you can do this from anywhere in the world. I mean, at the beginning, I thought that maybe I was at a little bit of a disadvantage, because I'm in Colombia, you know, as far as my followers were, of course from South America, and then you know, I started spreading a little bit around the world. And I think you heard me a lot of times for your Thursday's webinars. Me telling you how I can get out of my soul You know, because you see what is happening you know, I just, I'm just being consistent in a post posting, I'm giving my best, you know, so it's gonna happen. It did.

Matt:  So cool. Yeah. And, you know, I feel like, oh, that image or that photo that you held up there that was that's such a powerful image where, you know, somebody's digging and digging, and digging and digging. This close from the miracle on our on our, we did a virtual ashram and this past weekend that I closed up the mastermind by saying, you know, you're probably this I said, somebody this effect, you're probably this close from a miracle from a huge breakthrough from doing something that you never thought was possible. You're probably this close and you'll never hit that miracle, the difference between that miracle happening and not it's just hitting the Post button, just hitting going in, recording some content, writing blog, post, whatever it is, and hitting post and doing that consistently. Day. After a day of mobility through you know, what people are going to say of me, what are people going to think just hitting Pope's, and that's really where the miracle happens. And when people start to believe that and see that that's, that's really where the miracle happens. And so, man, such a great story and such a great sorry, such a great inspiration to us in our community and your energies and credit. Do you ever go live?

Juanita: Well, I have gone live three times. But with the three differences I mean, there's our Facebook community inside legendary that is amazing. And at the beginning, I heard that you have to go live after the courthouse, you know, like, okay, but it felt very strange to do it by myself, right? So I wrote a post and I asked you guys if there is any mom that wants to do with me so we can support each other? So I did this. I did this with two moms at that time. And it was a little scary, you know, to go live with somebody because it's like this you know, you're talking you're you know, sharing stuff. And I have done like portlights with another period from Legendary. Also, we contacted the Facebook group, and he has been very nice. We had been trying to do it like a weekly thing, you know, but since I went to Vacation saying we stopped , it was pretty nice. We went to live with him like three times. And we did like for an hour and it was good. But I've never done it by myself. I tried to do it once by myself. And it feels so weird. I mean, it was like oh my god and no, I people don't come you know, and that's Jesus. So I really really enjoyed doing that with somebody else.

Matt: It's great. Yeah, yeah, no, that's a great idea. It's great. That's brilliant. It's honestly brilliant. And oh man, I think more people should capitalize on that. That's really powerful, that's so powerful, but also, you know, just going live in general, but I don't know if I say this to everybody. Mostly saying this to you because I feel like you have infectious energy. And I just I think that that energy really translates well to going wide like Amy forgot her last name starts with an age but anyway, Amy, she goes live a lot and taught at our Mastermind and I just think sometimes you get that you get that energy that's sort of infectious where, you know, you start you start going and you get the hang of it and it can do a lot for your sales. Going live just for everybody who's here. You know, a lot of times when you create content, it's seen as this piece of content that's out there that just you know is somewhere out there in outer space. Right and to the to the you have to think through the subconscious of somebody who's sitting there looking at your videos, right? And they're scrolling and they happen to come across one of your videos. Great. That's awesome. They discovered you right? But the truth is in the unconscious of our brain, we're a little bit like how long ago was this created? Is this person still around? Like what? You know, we start this isn't something we actually think about but our brain is sort of doing a scan like is this trustworthy? Is this not like what's, who is this person? Do I really think they're first? Do I trust this person? You know, in our brains doing the human brain thing? And even if we decide that we trust somebody, and we're like, Hey, this is kind of cool. It's really cool. We still have a lot of doubt right? But man, if you hit the Go Live button, and suddenly it's like, we're alive. And this person I saw doing a video before is now over here and they're live for me on my screen. Holy crap. Like now this is real. Now I'm like looking and staring at a real human being. It's a way different experience, which is why so many people who go live regularly make exponentially more sales. And this is true not just like in our industry. This is also true in e-commerce. Like I've seen and heard interviews of many people who sell for instance, like T shirts and what are some other little like kind of trinkets and stuff that's totally different than selling education. Same thing, they'll go live on Tik Tok and talk about their product. They made a little dog toy or so they you know, like they made this indestructible dog toy. They go live and they like they'll frickin play tug of war with this dog. And they're like, look, this thing will never break. This is 125 You know, pity and this thing is never gonna break and people are like, Oh my gosh, like I got this thing you know, and there's a little, you know, they're like, go to the link of my bio and purchases them from my website, you know, and they sell like hotcakes. And there's just something about the live element. I'm just telling you, so I think with your energy and sort of your passion and your fire and positivity, you'd crush it at the start up.

So you're still crushing it either way, but you know push through that little that little fear that is kind of weird in between moments and try a couple different times of the day. You know, go live for 30 minutes and have something kind of pre planned that you can talk about. You know, and then try a different times. of the day and see if one of the times of day really kicks off because sometimes that can help to and then and then yeah and and just talk with people greet them as they come in say Hey, how'd you find me you know like, what's what's up Lisa? You know, and just have many conversations with people. It's, it's, I wouldn't worry about not that many people being in there when I sign by the way, here's my last thing and then I'll stop ranting when I sign onto a live and it's like me and two other people. I actually get a little excited because I'm like, sweet like I can actually just message versus straight up. They're going to read it. Like they're going to read it and they're probably going to engage with it. So, you know, we view it as, Oh, I'm a loser. But the truth is, like most people in their smaller lives, they're just excited. They're they're like, Oh, this is cool. Like, hey, I remember seeing this vs video a while back and or they don't and they're just like, Who the heck is this person? And they're just like, Okay, what do you talk about you talking about making money online? Oh, yeah, all of that stuff is BS and you're like, Oh, great. We can talk now, let's do this. Or are there like, yeah, you know, I hate my nine to five and I wish I could, you know, work online but I don't have any tech skills. And I don't I don't really create videos. You know, I've only got a channel for my dogs. And I only oh my gosh, no. You know, so there's, there's ways in the same light where you're like, Hey, I'm going to make this fun. You'd have to take that approach and apply it to your lives. That makes sense.

Juanita: Okay, okay. Some things that I tried. The first time I tried to do a live show by myself. I tried to give a little course, you know, where he was like how to be an Amazon associate and how do you know, and I did that and at the beginning I got some people there and I started doing that. And it was kind of fun. You know, I mean, to teach something because it did not feel like everything about me or something else. So, but then I stopped.

Matt:  I'm gonna write something here on my screen here in just a second and then I'm going to show you this. Here's, here's a way that you can play around with this. And for everybody who's stuck around into minute 40 of this live, I'm going to give you a really bomb ass strategy around going live. And I hope you're ready for it. So when you go live on tick tock or something like that. Here's one of the best ways this is gonna play a second. So let me go live and I'm gonna just get a hold of this up to the screen so you can see this, but I'm gonna do a green screen effect. Have you ever tried doing a green screen effect when you go live?

Juanita: Yes, we put the green screen effect and I put in the back my, my TikTok you know, profile so I can tell people okay, just here, you know?

Matt:  Genius. Yeah, so what I was gonna say is you know something like this like a green screen where it says you know stay at home mom starts online business in two weeks. Here's how. You know since you're an affiliate for companies in the Make Money Online industry, that would make sense, but you could also do you know, brand new, brand new unbreakable dog chew toy lasts for years, you know or something. My challenge to you would be to use a really strong copy in your live and put some sort of headline above you know, that's really polarizing or as people are scrolling. They're like, whoa, that's crazy. thing that jumps off the screen at them. stay at home mom making money while on her. Do you say you're on vacation? Just traveling around?

Juanita: Yes, we were on vacation for one month and a half? Yeah.

Matt: Stay at home mom takes 45 day vacation and makes money all from her tick tock all from her social media. Here's how right I mean, what a great inspirational story and headline and as people are scrolling they're going to stop I mean, they're going to stop and and or don't put here's how instead they asked me anything. Right and ask me anything. Stay at home. I'm making money online, while on her 45 day vacation or you know, something like that. And people are gonna come up. First thing they're gonna say. They're gonna say that's bullshit. I know. You're gonna get tons of engagement. And people are gonna start flooding in, they're gonna start flooding it and you know, you can do something like Amy does, where she holds up an iPad and it's kind of like hey, look, I got trained and I I figured it out. And here's a little bit of the training that I've done right and in this is like, actually what I do is I went through a full 15 track 15 day training, started my own business, blah, blah, blah. But getting that really good copy is going to be the difference between she was like a 7000 following. If you've got 1.5 million followers, it's easy to get people in your life with 7000. You're going to need a tiny bit of really good coffee. And what will happen is people will sell coffee. And I talked earlier about the unconscious mind and how people perceive our marketing. They're going to see that marketing and they're going to be like, dang, you know what some people are going to be like I call BS majority of people in the back of their mind are thinking Damn, that was a great headline to their thinking if show that good of a headline. She probably knows a little bit more because I am so intrigued right now. Right? And that's and the third part that communicates unconsciously to people is that, dang this, this person probably can lead me to where I want to go. And that's why that's important. It's not just to grab people's attention and it's that being able to grab somebody's attention that weighs in that compelling. It tells them hey, this person has really put in the work to build a skill and they're there. They believe in themselves enough to put out a headline like this to get my attention and now I'm here to list here. Here we go. Like let's see what we can say. That makes sense.

Juanita: Yeah, totally.

Matt: Just ranting but I just have seen it so much where people build a consistent monthly income after they get to 1000 or 5000 10,000 followers, and then they start going live and a lot of times it was an algorithm that usually happens when people go live for a long time. But um, yeah, any thoughts or what what? What are your thoughts on some of that stuff?

Juanita: No. He's amazing. Of course, always. Everything that you say is going for me, you know, I have like, this is my book, where I'm in my notebook I think, you know, 1000s of notes of everything that you said and are the courses and everything and I go back to them and I mean, that's cool. That's all that's true. And I'm gonna do it because, you know, I already have done the first step and you know, I can do 3,4,5,6 Whatever, you know.


Matt: Oh, boy. Totally. Yeah, cool. It is @marketingmom101 The best place for people to find you.

Juanita: Yes, cool. You can find me everywhere as @marketingmom101

Matt:  I love it, which is a genius handle. What? What would be any final words or bit of advice that you would have for people? Let's say they're just getting started online. What final bit of advice would you have for those people?

Juanita: Oh, my advice will never stop. Be consistent. It's gonna happen to you. Just keep going learning and when you feel that it's not working and just go back to the training and see because the answer is there. I mean, maybe it's your copy, maybe say you're the way you're, you're approaching your teeth dog. So you know. So the answer is in the course. I mean you have everything you have yet everything there to be successful. I mean, so maybe you need to retrain yourself, you need to go back and read you know, and I mean, that the course is cold. I mean, you don't know what you have for that. $7 is something that I would never expect any company to give me and will not keep up. That's my advice. Really don't give up. I felt that I was gonna give up at some point. Because, you know, but I didn't I didn't. This is my best advice right now. Don't give up. It's gonna happen. You just need to put on the work. You need to learn. You need to learn new skills. You need to get yourself out of your comfort zone, you know, and, well, it's not comfortable. That's fine. Sure. You're out of it. It doesn't mean it's not gonna work. I mean, probably you're gonna be as amazed as me of what's been happening.

Matt: Totally. Well, cool. Thank you so much for coming on. I'll put up your social media handles here for people. And anytime you want to come back, just send us a message. We'd be happy to have you back on the show.

Juanita: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I was really nervous but really, really happy to be here. I mean, it has been amazing. The first time I had an interview was really, really amazing. And I really appreciate it. I appreciate you guys. Because you have given me so much so much as a mom, as a wife, you know, I mean you have given me a really, really, really amazing education and mindset. 

Matt: Thank you so much for the kind words. That's right. Nice. Thanks. All right. I'm gonna let you go and send us an email if you'd like to be back on the show. Okay, thank you. You're welcome. Bye bye. Are you good finding Juanita at marketing mom one on one and when she goes live on Tik Tok this week. You can, you could, you could join her Tik Tok live and say Hey, I saw you a week of legendary Nice job going live. I just look for the pressure on people. I'm just kidding. If he doesn't ever want I'll never know probably I don't spend a lot of time on tick tock and I don't watch a lot of stuff on tick tock but go give her a follow and give her some love like you know if you see one of her videos and you like it, give her give her a like to to say hey, you know, amazing video or something and and give her a little boost on her channel. So it's if you're just listening, it's marketing mom 101101 Tick Tock Instagram Pinterest you name it. You can find Juanita on all those. We'll be back here again tomorrow, same time, same place. 10am Eastern. I'll be hosting the remainder. I'll be hosting Wednesday Thursday. Joanne is going to host on Friday. And we'll wrap up the week. So amazing, amazing interview. I feel inspired by Juanita this morning. I hope you guys do too. We'll be back here tomorrow.

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How To Build Community And Trust In Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends It's David Sharpe here and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This is an exciting morning. We have somebody back that's been on the show before. This guy really impressed me last time he was on with and he has held his time that I've known him. To my knowledge he got started with little to no experience. He'll confirm that for us. And he began to get into the industry and add a little bit of creativity and do a little bit of critical thinking skills, which means that basically he owned the fact and the idea that he was the boss. He was a CEO that owned the business. And although he went through and has been a part of our community and obviously has gone through education, anybody who's successful has to be a student who took the bull by the horns and has built himself at least the last time I talked to him had built himself a pretty cool new career and had got this business had carried him through some tough times as well. And so he's a pretty dynamic guy. Really excited to have him back on the show this morning, Paul, Welcome brother. How are you man?

Paul: Hey, what's going on? Dave? What's going on? Ever all you Legendary people out there? I'm happy to be here today. That's for sure.

Dave: Dude, what is going on man? It's been like a year since we've had you on last and we've talked catch up man kit just just give me the nutshell of what 2022 Anyways has been like and sort of what you've done since the last time we talked.

Paul: Eye opening empowering education. Oh, just absolutely trying to level up every aspect of who I am and how I can serve honestly. And I think this year has been me focusing on a deeper connection with the audience and it's been working out for me and I'll talk a little bit more about that later.

Dave:  Cool. So give us your story. How did you come on, how did you get into this industry? How did you connect with legendary and let us know who Paul is a little bit for those of those who don't know.

Paul: So first and foremost, I'm a student of non traditional education. So for a long time, I've been trying to figure out a way to buy back my freedom, if you will. And I always thought that was going to be through some online business or whatever it was. So yes, I have tried a lot of things online. Nothing took me to a point to where I was competent enough leaving my $80,000 a year job and education with you guys and the education that I continue to get from you guys has set me up to where I will never have to go back to another job because I have a skill set and I know how to monetize that skill set now. But I'm doing very well. It seems like every time I learn something new, I find out more about what I don't know. So I try to tell people all the time in this industry that if you're getting into it to learn something right now and only apply that then you're probably going to fail because dynamic information is always changing and moving on the internet. So that's what I love about legendary so much is that education is always updated and it really pushes an envelope on what you actually teach people. 

Dave: I was just reading that this morning that there's niches or markets, if you will, that are more mechanical, meaning that they don't change a lot or are more consistent, I guess would be a better word. And then there's markets that are dynamic, meaning that they change, they evolve the online business online marketing space, make money online, whatever you want to call it. The niche that I've been in for over a decade has certainly been dynamic because things change, right things get hot, then they get warm, then they get hot again, then they get cold but something new pops up and it's dynamic. It's always changing. That's good and bad. You know everything has pros and cons to it. But what you said is really true. It's there where you have to make sure that you look at the big picture. And what I found is that if I understand the big picture of what's going on then I don't get lost in the platform, whatever hotness, trendy stuff that's going on. And I think that's a bit of what you've begun to master: you've begun to master value creation, education based marketing, messaging. That really touches on the pain points in the motive, the motivation factors, and what are those are the motivation or somebody wants to have a great life in whatever market it is. No, it's that they want to eliminate pain most of the time. Right? My wife's back, they're getting an IV right now. She's not getting an IV because she woke up today and felt great and was like because she was feeling a little under the weather and she wants to try to get rid of that pain. Human beings are so you discovered something we talked about last time which was going live and doing these micro webinars okay, this was a year ago you were doing these on tick tock basically you are going live but you kind of called them on micro webinar which I loved and we've titled today show that you know you're doing we said doing this one thing consistently has built community and trust and 393,000 followers is still this micro webinar strategy still. 

Paul: Absolutely. So it's very unique for me, and we all know we're at the whim of these networks and these platforms that we go on and we do our content. I want everyone to understand this. At the end of the day, you can see something working for another person, that only platforms depending on the audience that you are getting. It might not work for you. Then I see people getting frustrated when they start to make content or they get into any space of marketing. And I think that deeper connection of being able to resonate with your viewers and communicate with them. And connecting with them going live will shape what you need to do on the server. In my opinion, when I go live, I am over-educated and everyone tells me not to because people are going to try to leave and try to figure out on their own you're going to fail and think things don't work for me. My audience needs to see they need to feel they need to have a really Crash Course of what's going on. I sometimes like to say I over-educated a lot sometimes. But the amount of people that messaged me on Facebook or message me on Instagram, they're like, Dude, I made money doing this one thing you told me or I did this in most cases, I don't make money off of that. It keeps me going more than the money. I feel like that passion. Helping somebody from zero to one is almost better than helping somebody from one to 10. What because you start something and kick something off. The moral of the story is that when I do my micro webinars, and I've learned different strategies over the time, I take people from not knowing nothing, the process of where my story is, where I was at, where I'm at now and how I got there. You know all through that. You know, you do all the little cool webinar tricks you learned over the year. It's hard to live because they are set to stay there. Right but for the people that value the beginning of being there or hear what you're saying they stick with you and I think that's how I gained my followers. If you look at my page, you might not see a post in the last couple of weeks and people are like Paul's not even making content. What is he doing? Well, I'm connecting with the people I have. I don't need more followers. I need to connect with 1000 Strong followers I need I need 10,000 strong people loyal followers and I think that's what a lot of people when they're making some of the content or after thinking about followers more than that deep connection and I think live webinars, micro webinars helped me out a lot there.

Dave: Well, we do a micro webinar every morning here. I mean, I mean and I love what I want to point out a couple of things. First and foremost, the fact that you named something and when you name it, you can kind of write it's like Paul's micro webinar strategy. You know what I mean? So I want to point out first that until you name something, it's sort of like discovering land, right? Do you think that we all know the answer to this right? Do you think Christopher Columbus was harshal to America? Books? No. Real Okay, hold on. We got Legendary. This is just the cat that came here and put a flag in the land. I mean, you know what I mean? I'm not saying that either. And then obviously with violence and so forth. But that's a that's a that's an analogy to help us understand the point that many people claim many mountains climb many mountains, but it usually gets named after the person that plants a flag in, in somehow names it or creating you you almost take ownership over something all these these strategies love fishing formula for example, something that I teach in the in the affiliate marketing business blueprint is Is it is it is something that I designed to take ownership over the formula into into create something that was proprietary. That's a big, big, big whole episode. We could talk for a long time just sort of naming and claiming things, creating little strategies and giving them little names because they're easier for people to remember. And if you just use that that's why if you notice in the in the in the in like our video sales letter in in LA like I'm not harping on billiat marketing because in in you you all like many of people, I saw one of somebody make a post the other day who hangs out in our user groups in said he's a friend of mine. He just got it. He got it wrong, that a lot of people are getting their Tik Tok account shut down. A lot of people aren't getting it. It's an equal amount. of platforms because they're using robots to say this person says this word more than three times flagging. And if we just go out and we make sure little videos with with no real creativity and we say affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing I'm doing affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, and you get flagged, we get our account shut and then we're like, oh, this doesn't work. And it's like no, that we never said that. This was called the spam machine business. And as all that is verbalizing spam like that. It's just verbalizing spam. It's not typing spam. And what you're describing here is not only of course, you actually named your TikTok live, which everybody else has called TikTok live, and you named it something special and specific to what I remember from our conversation a year ago? 

Paul: I'm still going back to my bread and butter and it's honestly and I think a lot of people need to hear this for a lot of people that same things don't work and all of that stuff. It's not that but creativity like they say, you have to think outside the box. And at the end of the day, you're not trying to make money. I know that sounds crazy. You're trying to have an impact and where you can go out there and present something of value where people value that more than the money they have in exchange. for it. So for me when I provide so much value, there's people that come into my DMS all the time. They can pay you for coaching or I can pay you for this and all this stuff. And I'm like, I'll try my hardest to do coaching with you but one of the things about affiliate marketing that is really appealing is I can make content I can learn and I can go out there. 

Dave: People want to come in and want to be mentors and they want to do this and that's fine. I mean, but the beauty of this and then I see people coming on Wake Up legend there and they're like, Oh, I wish I would have signed up from under Paul or under this guy. And I was like, this is an MLM. I'm not gonna come and do a little powwow. He's living his life. So what we have to really get out of this is this, you know, this idea this this, I think it's just a limiting belief that I need somebody sitting next to me to explain things. What I need is to develop my focus in my consistency and my discipline. To go through just a few simple videos not on tick tock, but inside an organized course like it Legendary. You do that you will know 99% More than everybody else out there. But what everybody wants to do, is they want to work really hard. Not work, to not learn right to the money. Yeah. And then complain about the results they didn't get from the work they didn't do.

Paul: Absolutely. Man. It's interesting. Like I said, they'll contact me and I said, look, the internet is an amazing thing because you can go out there and learn from something that's awesome. And then at the same time, people that you think are doing well and mimic models find the pieces of the puzzle that you might be doing, you know how many email lists I'm on and I'm like Ooh, I like how they worded that copy. Or I have a spreadsheet and I literally say I don't like to follow in multiple different niches because I have faceless TikTok pages that do other things for me, and things like that. So I've been able to do stuff like that. 

Paul:  I'm in business, I'm in business. I tell them a little time I say look let me model what I'm doing on micro webinars. Awesome. And I'll get in. I can go into literally my Facebook Messenger and obviously we know how that works. If you've ever been on Facebook and found a name for yourself, even at a small level like myself, but um, I just really try to help those people out and I'm like you're you're literally seeing everything that I'm doing. And there's people within legendary that are using the micrometer webinar and I think I'm not going to mention but one guy is doing great and he's just like, he always messaged me and checks up on me and I got a few people and I promise you we got like this tight knit community that is just like Man, this has an impact. I make no money off. But the conversations and stuff that I get in those messengers. Let's go do what I do, because there's 1234 people out there that's going to resonate with this and there's times I'll lie to people. There are 1000 people and the more numbers that I have, the more people that are not aligned with the vision that I have for them. So like I said, I have a small group of people that are really eager to learn the things that we are all trying to teach and show people that they can really monetize and learn and move forward with freedom in their life. And freedom is one of the most important things for me, as I live in Oklahoma now. Originally from Michigan, I lived in Seattle and lived in Atlanta. My mom is in Tennessee, my brother is still in Michigan. So for me, I can just get on a plane and have a place out and I pay for a room in Arizona Scottsdale where my first cousin is so I'm all over the place. And if you guys really are ready to level up your life and you're ready to take action, think about the education first and separate yourself from the results and fall in love with the process. If you guys can follow them. I'm looking into cameras and I want somebody to really resonate with this. If you can fall in love with the process of doing these daily revenue generating tasks without looking at the revenue. Then you can just fall in love with this. I go live if I make no income at all that week or whatever it is. A week later, somebody messaged me about that live that I did and it changed their life. I had a guy come on he was like man, I saw you a year ago I've been looking for you all over and this person is in a system and now things are moving. So don't think about the money so much, disconnect yourself from that and fall in love with the process. It works. The education is grand, if you will. So yeah, hopefully they can understand that.

Dave: Well, it's it's, it's difficult to convey your experience, you know, in your experience has been something that it's hard to relate to. It's hard to believe that somebody would quit an $80,000 a year job that's even possible that day. So we're all dealing with our own limiting beliefs. Is that possible? Could that be possible for me? And was there ever a time when you had that doubt when you had that skepticism right now you seem so confident you seem so you know sure of what you're saying? What sort of mental struggles if it wasn't that was it something different? So we know that you're not just a bionic man who's gone through this with these.

Paul: I think I probably can tell you what I think, I think more than the next person because I was really good at the job that I had really, really good at, like, probably managing him when I work. I don't like necessarily saying that I work because some of my stories are bad and I believe the company is a great company. But the individual training is what kind of moved me out of that position but I think that I was so good at that job and at times that I was so happy it was like who do you think you are wanting more like where do you think you're in? And things like that? Every now and then the thoughts of grandeur like I want more and I want to accomplish more so I can have more access and impact people's lives in a positive way. And even if that's just my family's life, that's awesome to me, so I feel it's selfish. For me not to go out there and try to get as much impact as I can because I think it's my duty to do that. So yes, like I said, we're on Wake Up Legendary. I love limiters companies, absolutely amazing. I actually saw you a long time ago before I actually got into payments and things like that. And I wasn't sure if it was my Avenue. Drop Shipping was on the mind and creating your own program and all of this stuff and then of course obviously we know short form content has helped a lot of people out that don't know the struggles of people like myself had before short form content came here. So I was already doing lives on Facebook and promoting other offers and things like that and getting one or two on there and trying to spend money on ads and figuring out what converts but honestly the part of it is I know the process. I've known the process and it's been validated through educational programs like legendary throughout the years that I've had, but I've never had the confidence to say hey, I'm gonna throw $1,000 $5,000 at these multiple different ads that I have across these platforms to see when this one sticks so I can scale that. I never had to convert someone who's spending this money, I have expenses. This is not going to work for me. There's another when I doubled down on organic content and short form just up my message was clear. My understanding of what I had was clear. I just didn't have the reach. So a lot of people are getting into it now and they're complaining about their videos and all that kind of stuff. And I'm like, Guys, you're getting 200 views on every one video. That's a lot. You're getting 1000 views of all your videos, you get 10,000 get 100,000. I have four or five videos where there are a million plus views on now, if I did it all over again, I probably wouldn't even care to make that type of content. But it just got views and a lot of people in there weren't interested and it changes your audience and a lot of people are not understanding that on these platforms is when you go viral. It will change the ideal customer to a bunch of people that might have been looking for the easiest ways to make money online. You see the videos a lot of people are doing like free ways to make Well, anybody who wants something free is probably not going to be the best buying customer they say you can get a person to purchase something one time to pull out your credit card over and over again. Now mind you, this is all with good intent to get them something that they're looking for. That's going to work for them. So I don't want anybody to watch this and think like oh, they're just trying to make money. No, you're looking for something, content that you resonate with. You purchase something that is going to help you solve a problem. That is where money and impact is transit, that the transaction happens in my opinion. 

Dave: That’s how they'll pay, they'll pay attention. I mean, that's not a new lesson, a new concept. I mean the best way to help your client is to charge them. But Dave, yeah, because nobody, nobody values it's it's one of those that is an oxymoron that whatever you would call it it's one of those contradictory principles where yeah, if they don't pay they don't pay attention. They just don't meet I don't pay for I mean, because it's just I take for granted. It's like the beach right over here. I mean, how often do I go to the beach that's two miles away from me. And Paul, how often do you think you are some of your friends go to the beach in Oklahoma? 

Paul  I like to tell people all the time, they're like, Oh, I'm gonna get a gym membership and they go to like 10 gyms or they go to look at the people that are in there. No offense to everybody on their journey because everybody starts somewhere but it didn't go to equinox and go to lifetimes and you're in big expensive gyms where you're paying $107 in there. Those people are going there because they're paying attention to their diet, their exercises, and everything like that they hold them more accountable. And when you get a coach or you buy something of real value you're not going to be like man, I spent all that money I'm not going to be you're going to anchor yourself down and it holds you accountable because no one wants to waste money. So I think

Dave: Usually, this is the most important part. I pay that person because I want to be held in an account because it's not here. I'm giving you this money. So now you do all the work. Come and knock on my door. Get me out of bed, give me some breakfast in my stomach getting to the gym and that's the philosophy or the mentality that a lot of us have, for some reason in this particular industry. And I think a lot of it is because there's so much out there online that's promising something for nothing. And of course we get this fantasy that that magical something for nothing does exist. And it does. It exists everywhere and you still haven't done anything with it. You know, just like you said, I can go and watch Paul and learn everything he's doing. If you watch me and learn everything I'm doing. But what do we want? What are we really looking for when all this opportunity and all this information is out there? We're looking for something we're looking we're waiting and if you can answer that question, you can crack your life wide open because what you'll probably realize when you open up the safe inside the safe side of Pandora's box to realize what you're waiting on you'll realize the shit you're waiting on nothing to fear and yes, nothing. Just little beliefs and so many of us when we finally you know jump in or put something down whatever it is I see people walk away from an abusive relationship. They're like why did I do that so long ago, where they started with their own business and things start really cranking and they're like, the only thing I wish is that I did this 20 years ago. I mean, we hear that all the time. And so you know it's a thing it’s the craziest part of limiting beliefs and I think mindset when it comes to a lot of this stuff for people, they really need to work on that aspect of it because one you're worth it yourself, your family or whatever it is and I think that if people really understand that they can sacrifice enough things right now for instant gratification purposes. Like just sacrifice that stuff over the long haul. You will be able to accomplish anything you want to do. This isn't rocket science. This isn't anything that's too crazy. We all got 24 hours in a day. Yes, we have dogs and families and different things and jobs and stuff like that. But we have to make some sacrifices along the way to get what we want out of life. It's not going to fall in our lap. You gotta put the work in. You have to understand your education and skill set is the most important part of all of it. So hopefully I helped somebody out and maybe you had an aha moment on this live and it'd be awesome. 

Dave: Yeah. I mean, that's the hope and one of the reasons why I do what I do here on the show every day. First, you know, we had gone to live here with other members of our team. Occasionally one of our clients would come on but in the beginning of the crisis that happened in March of 2020 I'm not saying the word because I don't want Facebook to flag the video. Understand to understand, I don't want to, I don't want to see people just go on live and they're like, saying, and then what do they get the second they say that word you gotta be warning under your thing about the safety of other medicines and stuff. And it's like, Oh, I gotta be smarter than the computer. You know. So that's why I'm not saying that word and I'd recommend all of you be very very conscious of the words that you know are getting flagged all over social media because they're trying to cut down on misinformation and just don't even say it. Just keep that out of your content. And if you want to describe it due to what he did during the crisis that started in 2020 We all remember that right? Well, I decided to go live and it was a commitment on my part to come out from daily duties, running and operating the business to also creating content. That's not easy. You know, people think that it's just easiest, not It's not easy. It takes work and commitment. But now we've been doing it for two and a half years, five days a week and one of the reasons why we still do it. One of the reasons why I still show up every day and we've got a team of people behind the scenes that are here with us every day as well. Joanne, Roxy, magic winner all right there. And the reason why we do this every day is not only because it helps our marketing, right? It helps our marketing as a company. Surely don't you think that having the spokesperson of the company going live every day would influence people to be like, is pretty legit. For sure. The guy's not even editing what he's saying. It just isn't right there and he's done it.

Paul: Different shapes, sizes, knowledge bases, backgrounds, all telling their story. If you can't find one person to resonate with to get you to move. I want to


Dave: But I want to, here's what I'm getting at with talking about going live first and foremost. You know about our micro webinars right but I called it the Wake Up Legendary show. You see how we did that. You know, it's the same kind of concept. Instead of saying we're going live every day, we call it something right so turn what you do into a name I used to do because I was early in my recovery back in 2009. And I used to watch the show intervention. It was about people getting clean. And I used to do a month of calls every Monday that was called Marketing intervention. It was just giving them a good weather name, right? Yeah, I borrowed something from the TV show. But I actually set all of that to say that the number one way to change your mindset is to get in a different environment. And the reason why I've continued to the show every day is because it absolutely does help sales. It helps. It's a major part of our marketing plan. Now, however, I know that if somebody listens to this on a regular basis for an extended period of time, their mindset will shift because your mindsets are broken. You've been hanging around with broke people broke minded people who would rather co misery with somebody then and then brainstorm solutions and look at what they're grateful for it then find something to work on and people to build with they'd rather and that's what most people I mean even Sebastian Maniscalco, whatever, he's a great comedian, my wife and I went to the show. He's an Italian guy. He's like, Hey, I just got to have something to complain about. 

If you live your whole life you see the world through shit colored glasses, look, you know, don't that's going to reflect in your decision making. It's going to reflect in your risk taking. And if you want to really have a massive shift in, you know, in conjunction or parallel with the action that you're taking, because you can't just sit around I don't believe you can sit around in, you know, I've listened to anything and just a million dollars, it's going to show up on my bank account. You have to do it in parallel with the learning and the doing, but if you listen to people more often have a powerful outlook on a business opportunity on what's possible on getting money. If people think making money is hard, you're going to begin to believe that making money is hard. If that's what you listen to, if you grew up around people saying we can't afford this money doesn't grow on trees, blah, blah. Blah. You're gonna grow up with a lack mentality towards the endless supply of paper they can print and in, quite frankly, the abundance of money that's in the world and a lack of, you're gonna think there's not a lot. You'll be afraid to take tips, you'll be afraid to take gifts from people, you'll think you don't deserve them. Right? This is how some of these things you won't want to do good self care for yourself. There's a lot of ways that things continue to show up but I know how to fix it right now, no matter what the problem is, begin to listen to me if you don't wanna listen to me, that's fine. Like this guy will get shit because there's plenty of other people that will but find somebody you can listen to and be clickbait to make sure they're being honest too. Because if they're just bullshitting and they're preaching a dream, living a nightmare they're talking about something that you don't really do or don't have experience you're going to get and there's a lot of those snake oil salesmen out here on the fence. But my recommendation is give this a try. 90 days listen to wake up legendary every single day. And if you like it, if you begin to feel a shift then go listen to an under another 90 days if you don't find somebody else. But do something every day to where you're putting an hour ish of hard core, not from people who are not you know who are not frayed, who are not in my talk about me every morning, we have somebody on the show, who maybe was afraid but nowadays, more and when we see people doing when we see people doing it in combination with listening to what they're saying then it really really really will change you know a lot of confidence in give you a lot of belief that you don't have but you really have to get off of social media. Stop the scrolling osis, stop the endless rabbit hole bullshit in guile and say look, this is where I'm gonna fertilize my mindset. And then I'm gonna go take action


Paul: 100% I there was one thing that I used to do was slow reader for anybody out there. I don't know if I'm a slow reader now, but when I was younger, I felt like a slow reader. I bought a ton of audiobooks. I'm talking about Rich Dad Poor Dad. For our work week, I bought a ton of audiobooks and it is listen to audiobooks all day long working out, driving in the car even sleeping because I've heard the subconscious mind is working even when you're sleeping so I used to put on my monotone reading things and just emerge myself with a lot of people that have done more than anyone in my surrounding. Now the internet makes it really easy for us to connect with people. But back then when I started thinking about stuff, I was just like, let me read some of these books of people that are putting in their knowledge base their expertise, their like successes condensed in this book, and if I can consume a lot of that I probably trying to change my mindset knowing like, hey, these people have unique stories all the same and all have accomplished great things. So listening to this is more powerful in my head than that because I can find a way why Timothy Ferriss became successful and I can't I can find a way but all the people that you guys bring on here and I see this it's absolutely amazing that you guys sent me an email and asked me to be on here I got tagged online of somebody watching my video of the last time I was on wakeup legendary. And to me, it was like one of those things that happens to me like it's for a reason I don't want to get spiritual or whatever it is, like a sign but I'm just like, and it's super cool. 

Dave: I've never seen you know what the buyers and all that they don't even message you don't even message you know, I've never talked to this person. And many other people are following you and never even said anything and never I mean that's that's that's really the power of conversation and the difference between audio book in free flowing conversation from entrepreneurs and high level thinkers and stuff like that is that you get all the body language and the emotion and tonality and you get all the other contexts that you don't get in an audiobook. And I personally have such a hard time with reading or listening to audiobooks. It's why we don't have a huge book club here at legendary while we're not always reading, and we make one or two book recommendations and it's like because if you can just be we can get you thinking at least have one book on your nightstand and you pick it up but the rest is really hearing conversations, listening people listening to how they think that the problem with audiobooks and I don't think audiobooks are you obviously sit use them back when there was not all these other resources? You did? Still use audiobooks. I'm not saying they're bad but in turn, it's it's it's what is the purpose that I'm trying to use them for? Am I trying to gain knowledge or am I trying to gain confidence? And most of us have more knowledge than confidence? We have a we have Okay, we have usually by the time somebody gets to legendary a lot of times they've already gone somewhere else. Look at you, you know that you even said that. So it's not now we may make it simpler. We may say it in a way that they understand versus somebody else. But what we need is confidence. We need confidence in you to know how you get confident and how you get around other people who are confident. Have you ever been walking around with light and probably people do this when they're walking around with you, Paul, but I don't know. I've been walking around with a couple of my buddies who are big dudes, and I just feel a little bit more badass when I'm well. I wish a mother would know because my man, they're acting out. Not me. Not me. I ain't good shit. I'm scared. My buddy, you will knock your ass out. Right and you just feel a little bit more confident right? When we're listening to people who are confident about what they're doing. And even if they're not confident about what they're doing, they're willing to take the risk. Absolutely means you listen to those people over and over and over again. You act and you think differently. Why do you think that? You know, somewhat obsessed with all mob and mafia? One of these kids that grew up in New York in these families. I mean, they're just kids but they get around these older gangsters, who just everything every word comes out of their mouth like religion, etc. Everything these mobsters say you're gonna think was written in stone somewhere on a pyramid somewhere because they say with confidence, and then you got kids growing up in these gangs and in these awesome. We're looking at what's happened and I don't want to get too crazy, but the power of words, boldness in people, endures in our country. Look at what's happened. Okay. If we don't want to get political about right now. Look at what happened back in the days with some of these. These lunatics look at what's happening and you know, words are powerful. And when people speak with confidence it gives you confidence. And of course, we have to make sure we're listening to the right people. 

Paul: So that's when people don't understand that those words are really synonymous in a way that when they did that, it was the point when you write a word out in your spelling it when you speak it in cast spells. So in my opinion, if that sounds too crazy to people, you have to understand that you will move mountains, the things that you say in negative ways and positive ways. But only on top of that. Dive in right now in psychology and copy like crazy right now. That's my thing, right? And marketing psychology and copyright now I'm diving deep in it. But anyways, I tell people like when I'm in my live like people they're like, Well, how fast can I make money or how can I do this or something else like you're thinking about the wrong thing. I tell people and this goes on to what you're saying. To Be confident enough to make money you have to be competent about what you're doing to be confident. If you're not competent, aka you don't have any indication, the understanding of the skill set, how are you even thinking about going out there to make any type of income? Because you're going to leave here from what I teach you and you're gonna run into a problem because you're not confident, competent about what you're doing. So how is this possible? You have to be real comfortable and competent about what you got going on through education to competently go out there. And just another C word for the sake of it to consistently do these things to to create the revenue for yourself. Be confident, per se be competent, be competent, and consistently take action on the things that you learn. And that's one of the reasons why I usually have a computer because I'll watch a YouTube video and I'll watch the training video. And I'll pause it and I'll implement it. I don't consume that information and be like, Man, I learned so much today. Like I just, that's awesome when I run this over.

Paul: So for me, I'm just like made, learn, implement learn implement.

Dave: Yeah you got to, well, you actually haven't learned it until you implemented it. Can we? Can we be, can we just back up and be even more honest. You've not learned it. You've not learned it? Unless you've done just because you went and sat in the class. This is a big, I believe this is this has been laughed out of, of education in educating us on how we get educated. Just because I went and sat I mean, I've sat in so many classes I didn't learn a damn thing. Think about learning from every video I've ever watched, every class man I've had, what I used to have people that menu been here for a year you ain't learn shit sharp. If you know many times I've had that thing from all these mistakes you've made Abby sharp it's it's it's it's a lot well, I'm not learning anything just because I heard somebody talking about something. Or oh, I heard a dude over here talking about this man. I'm somebody who's sitting next to somebody in the restaurant who is a stockbroker now. I'm gonna listen in. I'm gonna go make some pics right I mean, that would show us real quick how much we don't know after you know we lose our s and usually that's what we do. No matter what we do we get a little bit of false confidence. When you know and then and then we get humbled. A lot of times they'll come back. This really you know, Paul and I, mainly me as being sarcastic this morning. You'll need to be in the industry for 10 years. And you know, here's the thing, nothing's changed except the platform's folks. In over 10 years, nothing about what Paul said with the competent, confident and consistent by the way, you all should write that down because that was like those three C's are absolutely true and powerful. And if you just focus on becoming competent, developing your confidence and being consistent just write that down and just wait at the top of your computer. It will remember it's sort of like the thing that Papa Don said a couple of years ago on this show, he said, Look, there's an I've always heard it called income producing activities, but Papa Don made it even more simple. Terrifying, really terrifying writing. You didn't say reading? He said if I'm writing, speaking or filming a video I'm not. I'm not thinking. I'm not. I'm not I'm not making my own. I'm not crazy. I'm not doing anything that's eventually going to make me any money. I have to be done. That was what he called his deep work. Similar in terms of simplicity and power, is what you just said, with the competent confidence, consistent. There's nothing that is left out of that competent, learn, confident. Listen, surround yourself with people who are confident, become obsessed, block out anything and everything, you know, not rudely but for sure. Really, really like hanging out with your most miserable friends, stop hanging out with your most negative people. I mean, maybe you need to set a boundary with your negative family members for six months, whatever it is to get you to a place where your mindset is not built. On a house of cards. For sure. 

Paul: I'm almost getting chills that you're gonna make me go back to the drawing board and just like start really, really crushing it because I mean, I go hard, and I do my thing. And there's other things that I have passions about and I try not to spread myself too, in a lot. Yeah. I really appreciate that.

Dave: I said, you know your limitations though, brother. I mean, one of the things that I like about you is that you know your limitations. You have your priorities in order. It's what it seems like anyways, unless you've totally got me fooled, which I'm a pretty good reader of people. I think that you've come to a similar place in life as I have, which is look, we've had some fun, we've we've done some things but now it's time to really like not waste time. And I don't have time to waste with people who are not not moving in the same direction that I move in. And I don't have time to waste doing things that are not ultimately going to move me closer to my my, my goals, which at this point it's it's it's ironic that you said don't because every business has to be healthy has to be bringing in revenue. If I was making a lot less money that I was making than I currently make. I would still be really excited about doing this, you know, about doing what we do. And I think there is really something that's important about shifting your focus to this desperation in total focus on money in shifting it to listen, get excited about like, let's try to let's get excited about helping people and then when they are helping and that sounds really lame before anybody has told you that you help them but the impossible the first time that somebody messaged you, Paul, and said hey, man, what you said like, like it helped me a damn in your change. Thank you was that tell me can you just before we wrap up, could you talk about what that experience was like in comparet You know, your first big day of income because I think they might be different emotions or reactions, but I'd like you to describe what it was like when you started started getting those messages because that's really the currency Isn't it, brother when you when people were like this is changing my life. All thanks, man. Like what matters?

Paul: It's crazy. Because as humans we develop and I remember first when it was coming in it was awesome because I wasn't really thinking about the money. I mean, I had people coming in be like, Oh my gosh, I had no idea this exists. I've always wanted an ebook. I didn't know how to do it or I had wanted to learn this type of stuff. You made this so simple and so clear. I feel confident to go out there and do this. They like to use these different terminologies and they get advanced and they say things that discourage me because I know nothing about it. That's a huge flaw on our part and we want to try to sound smart. Right? Yeah, when you want to sound smart, you are alienating society. Because you never know if you don't have a good rapport with who you're speaking to. AKA on these platforms that you're just making videos, then you're probably pushing away the people that are likely if you have a bunch of people that understand that terminology. And maybe those people are already at places that you're at, and you can't do much. This for the moral of the story is I had a person reach out to me didn't purchase anything from me or anything like that. But I'm about to be an affiliate and he went on to Amazon and did some things and I was like, Hey, man, you can do XYZ and this will work out for you. He came along. Three days later, he left a comment he said hey man, I can't believe you absolutely changed my life. This guy's a big farmer's hat. He lives in. In Texas somewhere. He used to be a voiceover actor. And he came on and he made a video as I did. I think he said he made 124 sales in total. A product I told him to do a review for because it was unique on TikTok, and in 24 hours, he made 100 Assam sales. So he came back home. How can I pay you to learn more about this? I was like, Do you have all the information at your fingertips? But this is the type of education that I went through to learn more about this interest. And that natural segue and him and me providing value he he valued that education he didn't stop there and say we didn't even create value. And we're getting it from the product. So another one that was really an idea. I'll have these moments where people have high ha moments in my lives and a screenshot and I just asked them I said hey guys, do you mind if I screenshot some of these positive things you guys are saying to make? Great, they're like Yeah, absolutely. Paul, you're the best, you're this that another and these people are just coming in, waiting 20 minutes into a live a person is still in my live I know they're interested, they're engaged. We have that like know and trust factor being established on Air India, all of these different types of testimonials, if you will, of people that have least heard it so now I can use these in my marketing. I can say hey, this is what the people are saying for my wife. You can come join me on my live video. It's powerful because it's there, there's no lie. These are random wonders. For me when I wasn't making money, and I was getting a lot of those. I would tell my partner I would just be like hey, look, I know I didn't make that much money. But man, I feel great that these people are like saying that I helped them like their Zero to One is happening. It's happening right now. So for me reporting, like I said before, earlier in this video to take somebody from one to 10 and that's why I've been really hesitant on working with people that are in the industry thinking that they need my personal help. Do the exact same thing that everybody else is mimic model in look at things so yeah, the impact over Income Statement sometimes is

Dave: It's humbling. I don't have any money. But I promise you, you will feel better. about those things. And let's say if you had all the money in the world, it wouldn't matter. The money that impacts you moves you about this. You will never get income without it. You will absolutely get income with impact 100 So, so it's almost like you've seen these pictures or memes with like an all someone or an animal that a maze or whatever, they you know, the door is right there. And they don't go out. You know you've seen these so it's similar that a person can come into this industry in just go from thing to thing. To think of just looking for the magic button. But that will never happen even though that's exactly what you're focused on. Which is weird because isn't that what the law of attraction is if I just poke us just say there's no weeds in my yard enough times. There's a Lamborghini in my driveway. There's a Lamborghini in my driveway. But if we focus or if we do enough edutainment, which is exactly what we always talk about in teacher education based on seen edutainment not just going out there in just randomly going up and signing up as an affiliate. Everything including legendary and then just going out there and just spamming not that but going out there and you know using using a connection based selling edutainment and getting people to say this is good stuff man like hey, like this is if, if until you start getting those type of comments, don't even make an offer. Gonna I mean, I've watched this guy, the liver King that built up a massive following on Instagram and he did his whole funnel.


Paul: Recently I was just looking at his stuff. I'm like, this is making like $3 million a month. If not more, I bought a jet even. You can write that off as business.

Dave:  People think people are down in the comments arguing about whether the guy's on steroids or not.

Paul: He has all the attention I tell people all the time and if you can capture the attention, and you look at any of these people that are making content and blowing up on whatever platform whose short form content is, you can do this.

Dave: With the livre king. He never sold a single thing for a while. And that back to my point is that oh, you got people who are like, this is really good shit. Like what you're saying is helpful. They're never going to buy anything from you. You see what I'm saying? Like until what? And that goes back to what should I do? On my TikToks and my Instagram's in my Facebook for free. Why should I give it away for free? You should give absolutely everything away for free that you know, I charge for that. No, because if you this is so valuable for free, your best thing is that you know they're going to be like holy shit that was valuable. Like I want to buy something from you just because I didn't. I can't imagine what's in your pain if that was so until you get people saying those kinds of things. figured out how to deliver good enough quality to create a reliable stream of income. Now, does that not mean that you're not going to get submitted here? Yes, you're going to do that. You're going to have videos go viral. If you never figure out like if you never try to deliver value to people to a point where they're actually saying this is valuable stuff. And you just try to take a shortcut. I'm not worried about no edutainment, I'm just trying to burn through accounts and just do duplicate stuff and just bam you will you will get results. We all have a hard ass road. You're constantly fighting to get your accounts back. Your constant, I mean, this is what folks do. This doesn't happen when you're when you make that shift to say, look, it's not going to happen overnight. But I really want to become a student of this so I can help people. It's kind of like a doctor and nurse. Do you want the person who's just gone through the class like just to get through it operating on your body? Oh, the same way that somebody doesn't want to buy something from somebody who just is half assing it? People have too many choices out there. And it is all it takes is a little little bit of effort and a little bit of effort. Not a lot doesn't amount of effort. I don't I'm looking at you right now. Brother your skin is looking out for you like you gotta I mean to me? Well, right. You don't look like you're killing yourself over there. You know what I mean? is putting forth a little bit of effort. 

Paul: Like you said education. You'd be intentional. You guys everybody that's watching right? All day probably would say he wasn't a brainiac from what he said earlier. But yeah, man. This is not rocket science. It takes diligence, it takes the consuming and being a student of the game and you guys have this you Wake Up Legendary every single day. Think about that when you get up like what are you worth, you know, and you can accomplish anything that you can and I think that platform is one of the best platforms for a newbie or a person who have been veiled for a while to get into a system between the Facebook pages on both of the Facebook pages between this age between the education and the co founder talking to everyone every day almost for 20 years. Stop it. Don't talk to me about another program. I was talking to somebody else about another program. This is the place to be and I love it man. I'm obviously going to develop myself but extremely grateful for being able to stumble across this or should I say intentionally search for this and buy a car.

Dave: I really appreciate that man. It's so good to see your face again and connect buddy and I hope we'll do it again real soon, man. Let me know anything that I can do for you. All right. I appreciate it. Alright man, talk to you later. Thanks.

Paul: See you guys.

Dave: Wow, that was a good one. He's a good dude. We got a lot of those people in this community. We have a lot of those people in this community. So keep your head down. Keep working. Keep striving. Don't give up. Right before the miracle happens. There's so much opportunity and so much excitement in this and it's all we try to do every day is convey that to you. So yeah, we'll be rather so go out there be legendary today do something that's going to move the needle for your life you deserve it. Be Legendary.

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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what’s going on my friends, it’s Dave Sharpe and welcome to Wake Up Legendary I'm back in the saddle after as you all know, this last Friday, my beautiful wife and I were at an undisclosed location, getting a little bit of personal growth in doing our thing, you know, and it's good to be back home going to spend the fourth with our children and you know, try not to blow ourselves up here with some of these fireworks they sell in Florida. Pray for us. All right, my friends. Well, we've got a returning guest. You know, I always say, hey, come back and see us. Well, if you've watched the show for any amount of time, you know that we've we've actually had people come back and see us again and this morning is no different we're going to be talking to we're going to be talking to Sean and he's going to be talking about this as well as other things doing this one thing transformed his business and for months lot to learn. Sean, welcome to the show, brother.

Sean: How's it going? Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. Good to be back.

Dave: Good, good. Good. How are you doing?

Sean: I am on cloud nine. I got no complaints. 

Dave: Tell us why.

Sean: Life has changed rather well ever since I think okay, so look, we get real already. We're going to start off that way. Last time I saw you I think I was just finishing my first month with you last time I taught and that was when I was working that job. I was just killing myself from the inside. My wife's father was currently on his deathbed. I was seeing mental health experts and a psychiatrist during that time too, because of everything that was going on with work, family, all these issues. And so when I saw you it was kind of at that very, very beginning stages where like, this thing could possibly change things of all the crap that's going on in my life right now. And man, life has changed. It was four months ago. As of two days ago. That was four months on the dot and I was able to quit my job by the second month. Unfortunately, my my, my wife's father did end up passing away very, very unexpectedly. But it allowed me to be here, right for my wife, and for my kid and for her mom. Which I would never have been able to do with a previous job. It's allowed us to cut ties with California, because the only reason I was staying here was because I was doing my apprenticeship. So we're actually in escrow right now for our house. We're going to move to Colorado. It allowed me to get a job offer in Colorado, which was unexpected, which while leaving the nine five, it allowed me to still do this because they got in touch with me through seeing this and they offered me a very lucrative position. That doesn't take away from what I'm doing here. So it was just like, holy crap, man. My life has absolutely done a 180 mental health wise. I'm like, on a better road than I've ever been in my entire life. My marriage is awesome. My relationship with my kid is through the roof. I have too much time with my kids. Like too much. I'm handing them off to my wife, you know? No, I have no complaints. No complaints. I'm helping people left and right now it's just insane. Like so crazy.

Dave: Let me unmute myself. That's incredible man. It's a testament to how how fast we can change our life. I was I was scrolling Facebook the other day. Just checking out a few of my friends that I that Merle Merle, you talked about mental health and you know I gotta be careful with with too much scrolling and too much personal posting on social media because that can can affect my mental health. That's why why I mainly only do business stuff on the internet and I don't try to impress friends and family. And why don't really make posts for friends and family and people who are not business related. Because that can help and just be a huge distraction for what you know to show everybody what I'm doing what I'm up to so I can keep up with the Joneses on No, who cares. It doesn't matter I'm I'm happier and I make way more money when I don't focus on making social media posts for friends and family and people that I'm not doing business with. But what I was actually going to say was that one of my friends Eric wory had a huge you know, health transformation. He's an he's an older guy. So it was pretty impressive. And I was I was really happy for him and proud of him of what he did in six months for himself because he's always as long as I've ever known him. Been a chubby guy but an overweight guy you know, and and adorable adoring everybody adores him. I mean, he's a he's a he's a he's a lovely guy. But he wanted to he wanted to lose weight and so forth. And he did and he did all that in six months. That was just a couple of weeks ago. And now you hear this morning talking about things changing so fast and six months. Did you ever believe that was possible?

Sean: No, look, you know, I always tell people when they reach out to me that was the goal. The goal was never to leave my job. The goal was never to make five figures or anything like that. My goal was very simple. I already plan on mentally being in that job. Until retirement. My goal was to simply say, can I get to retirement quicker? Can this help me get to retirement quicker? And I think I think because I didn't put so much stress on saying like this has to be my way out. Right. I think it allowed me to really enjoy the process and learn about it and educate myself. And you know, 200 to $500 extra a month was like more than enough for me. I was like if I could do that with one hour a day because I was killing myself during the 16 hour 24 hour shifts. I was like if I can do that and one hour a day. 500 bucks in one hour. I can do that. I'll be awesome. You know, I'm like, No, I would have never thought what was possible now, within one hour. Like I'll be completely honest, when I kept on seeing people say I make this much an hour to two hours a day. I was just like, You're lying. You're doing eight hours or 10 hours. Realistically one hour is going to give me this but now that I'm in it and I'm literally doing one to two to three hours max a day and I'm making stupid stupid amounts. I'm just like, wow, to do okay. Look, you could pay me $30,000 To think that I would do a $30,000 month, but I just did. And I didn't. I don't work nearly as much as I do. You know, I mean? So that's what I talked about. When I speak to people. I'm like, I'm passionate and I'm adamant about this because you have that same thought process as I had in the very, very beginning. You're thinking exactly like I thought and I just want to make sure that you don't chase those results because I always tell people I didn't chase those results. Those results happen because I just simply opened myself up to the idea that this could help me in any way shape or form.

Dave: Now, you focused on the process and not the outcome.

Sean: Exactly the process. If I can't understand the process, how am I ever going to expect the outcome? Yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, so I always tell people

Dave: Well, there's just this huge expectation like you said that people are gonna have a million view tick tock and a $30,000 month in the first month and if they don't, then either something's wrong with them or something's wrong with what they're doing.

Sean: Yeah, exactly. I think. I think the biggest problem with people is they put too much pressure on themselves at the very beginning. Which complete, which you're already in and up pressure as it is in the beginning. You know, like eight times out of 10 the people that reach out to me are dealing with issues like I had in the beginning. Rarely do I find somebody that's successful that wants to do this, that says I'm making more than enough money, but I want to have more. It happens, but more times than not it's almost like I'm a stay at home parent or I'm working three jobs I need to change. And I always tell people, “Look, you know, you need to enjoy this process because if you put too much pressure on it, you're gonna hate it just as much as you hate your current job. Yeah, so if they can do that life changes now.

Dave: What is the thing that you started doing? You know, if you were to say this one thing transformed my business in four months. Let's talk about that a little bit. What is, let's give people some tips and let's talk about some of the things that you focused on, to try to help avoid some of the distractions and pitfalls.

Sean: I think my biggest thing was getting communication. Communication was my biggest thing. And look, I understand that a lot of people, they look at this, and a lot of people are already stepping out of their comfort zone. When they start something like this where they go like, well, I don't want to be in front of the camera. That's tough enough as it is or I don't want to speak or I don't. And half the time. I always tell people you can do this without ever showing your face in front of a camera. You can do it without ever saying a word. You know, I mean, there are ways that we are taught within the challenge or anything like that, that shows us different avenues that we can go down that never require us to show your face, never even require us to say our name. But at the end of the day, people do like to put a face to something that they're trying to believe is right. So for me in the beginning stages.

Dave: Think the question you can ask yourself is do you like to put a face to a name do you like you know, fires up who are listening saying, Well, I want to try to do this as anonymously as possible. That's fine. And then Shawn, there are those ways and just think about it. You want as much success as possible, right? And you want that with the least amount of uncomfortability Okay, well, just if that's what you want. Just remember who you like to do business with? You know, do you like to put a face to a name? Do you like to occasionally know the person that you're sending money from? So just for those of you who are listening, just keep that in mind. But Shawn, you're, you're you're not ending there. You are continuing to interrupt?

Sean: Well, I mean, I can piggyback off that. And at the end of the day, when people go, I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know how to do it. Okay, let's think back and think what got you involved in this? What got you interested? What did you trust about this enough to move forward with it? And if I look at that, I go okay, well, you know, I think we talked about this last time I saw you. The first video I saw speaking about this was super sketchy. The person in the person's video that I saw, I did not trust at all.

Dave:  When you were out there like on wherever you saw the first video that talked about our training here or whatever it was, yeah.

Sean: At the end of the day, like I didn't know that person. I didn't follow that person, that person's positive vibes or page and everything that they were saying on the screen. I was like, rolling my eyes right? But at the end of the day, I always told myself “What will it hurt? If I just learn more about this? What will it change will change my life? If I don't learn about this? No. Will it change? Does it have the possibility to change my life if I do learn about this? Maybe? So it wasn't them getting me involved in this, it was me being able to move past my insecurities. Click onto the next page and then find your video. And then once I saw your video, I was like, Okay, I trust this guy a lot more than whatever got me through the bucket door. You know what I mean? 

Dave: That's powerful. The acknowledgement of the trust, right? Yeah. I wonder if we could just come back and talk about that whenever you finish. This because the the being a trustworthy affiliate or influencer or or just person out there is something that you you can help you can be more trustworthy so we can come back and talk about that but, but you know, you you're thankful you got to the page and you actually heard the message and heard the sales video ready before.

Sean: Yes. So I had to think about that and say, okay, in the beginning stages, what I was doing for what was I doing? I was probably doing the same kind of video style that got me somewhat interested but it was still kind of like, man, you know, I bet there are people looking at me feeling the exact same way that I felt about them. I would always try to get them to go into my DMs and in the beginning stages, I was typing everything out, taking everything out, taking everything out, I was like, Ah, this is and then what would happen was I will get into that mode where I'm like, Man, I'm becoming the thing that I ate, copy and paste, copy and paste, right, like waiting for a response. And I was like, this sounds so automated, I hated that. I absolutely hated it. So I did this thing that required more time, which was alright, whatever, I don't care. I started doing audio messages. I am okay. I am such a believer. I'm taking this personally. It shouldn't be personal. This should be absolutely personal to you. Yes, it's a business. But if I'm going to put my name behind my recommendation, I need to stand by it. If I'm going to tell people that this card is really, really great. I need to be able to drive if I'm going to tell him that this training program is really, really great. I need to put myself through it. You know what I mean? So if I'm going to tell the person Hey, you should at least look at this challenge and go through and blah, blah, that I need to make sure that they understand that I went through it myself. And that's something that I wasn't getting. When I saw that video. That person never reached out to me when I reached out to them. And I could have easily been one of those people that said, You know what, you're not reaching out to me, you're fake. It's a scam and I walk away. Right? Because so many people do that. And in my mind, I'm like, I cannot, I can't let that happen. I need to make sure that at least understand what this is before they walk away. So my goal is very, very simple. And I think we talked about this last time. I do not have a goal of making affiliate marketers. I could care less if you want to be an affiliate marketer. One because the training doesn't just go over affiliate marketing. It goes over affiliate marketing, goes over one on one coaching, it goes on scaling up a business you might already have. So I made sure that I talked to everyone and not say I'm only going after affiliate marketing. Why? I know gym owners, personal trainers, real estate agents that could still use this training to scale up whatever business that they have, without even caring about affiliate marketing. How do I get that across? I threw away all the copy and paste stuff. And I base it off of a very very personal thing. You can come to me with all the questions in the world when I say reach out to me, and I will look at it and say look, let's put that on the back burner. Let me get to know you first. When I'm going to talk about this, What's your name? What do you do? Where are you from? What goals do you have that made you want to reach out to me? Those things alone will open up all the doors you're muted.

Dave: What did I say that piqued your interest, right? What was it? I mean, just those are those questions that would make me stop and be like wow, nobody's ever asked me this before. You're absolutely right. Whenever I ask for info or reach out to somebody and many many years on the internet, it's always a copy and paste message back.

Sean: Well, those three questions alone Where are you from? What do you do? And what are your goals? Those three questions alone will automatically tell me how serious you are. I'm investing my time already to send this audio message. The amount of time that I'm going to invest in this conversation is all dependent on you. Not me right so that 14 seconds I just spent can turn into a 10 minute response on how you do right. So the more time and effort that you put into that the more time and effort I'm going to put into you. It automatically lets me know how serious you're going to take this and it allows me to steer you towards the direction because once again, I think people are pigeon holing themselves thinking that they have this is only about affiliate marketing when it's not those requests that will allow me to know okay, you're a doctor. 

Dave: And we  explain that in the training, but the problem is the prop I know you know, and that's why we just have a $30,000 month Okay, in I'm feeling I'm feeling my blood boiling a little bit here, because it's everything you know, is available for everybody else but you know the bottom line is, is that all the people out there who are affiliates, and they just signed up to be an affiliate and they're the ones who, who make us all look bad. They're the ones who have never gone through any training and just want to get to a quick buck. And well, I understand your feelings of desperate pain, those of you who are doing that, the reason why you Maybe nobody's listening to you or you're not getting engagement, or nobody's opting in your email list isn't growing. Nobody's buying from you is because I mean, I'm gonna say it to you like my dad said it to me, David, you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground and you're out here trying to be the man, you know, basically, you know, I wanted to go off and start my own construction company. And do you want to know I went out? I bought my first truck that was a gray F 150. And I went out to the very first job to bid on it. I was gonna leave my dad behind. And or not behind but just go off on my own. And I have my first job. I go out there and I'm the guy who's walking me through the house. It was an investor and I tried to go grab the garage and then it fell and I put my hand out to try to grab it and it cuts my hand wide open and the damn guy who I'm giving an estimate to has to go drop me off at the emergency room. No shit. And that's what I feel like a lot of us marketers online are like. It's like we just want to go out there and be the man or be the woman and I get it. I really understand that. And when we do that, and when we don't go through the education when we don't, you know just it only takes like a little bit of time to invest to go through just our training here. And you would be armed. Every single one of you looks at it like a cost. And instead you try to avoid it and be a part of what we're doing. Just by kind of hanging it out outside the club in like trying to sell something to people as they're coming in the club instead of actually go by in the training and going through it to learn what's inside of it so you're better equipped to not look like I did, which was look like an asshole out there. I mean, I literally was just like, you know, Dad, I just don't want to learn about the trade. I don't want to. I just want to go out and sell. I just want to go out and be the man and he was like you go be the man's son. And you know I called him from the emergency room. I'm like, Dude, I just literally almost tore my thumb off on this on this garage door. He's like well can't say I didn't tell you. 

Sean: Finger  in the socket moment.

Dave: You know what it is. The irony is sure there's a little frustration for me, but at the end of the day it is actually everybody who wants to shortcut success. Just makes it so much easier for people like you who are out there who have invested a bit of time to know what the hell you're talking about. No. I mean if you're going to be an affiliate for legendary and that's all you know, you're gonna really focus on that out there, which is fine. It's not the only thing we teach or talk about how to do but if that's what you're going to do those of you out there Yeah, understand that we just don't teach affiliate marketing as matter of fact I rarely even mentioned affiliate marketing on the external sales material. I mentioned freelance digital marketing, because affiliate marketing has such a, it's such a common terminology that a lot of people might hear it and automatically just block you out and just pre judge you and say well, I write affiliate I've seen that heard that before. You know, people are looking for something new. They want to try something that they i I'll never forget. I've had somebody in and in a workshop one time and I was teaching in talking about affiliate marketing. And I said the word freelance Digital Marketer and she was like, Oh, I like that, you know, as if I'd like to, you know, I like the sound of that. You know, sometimes we're like, well, it's the same thing that you're doing. You know, it's nothing. It's just you're freelancing from affiliate marketing to potentially creating your own course, to running a coaching program or taking on a you know, a soccer coaching client or maybe doing a virtual event or a live event. You know, maybe you do one, maybe you do what you free, you know, the beauty of this business is it does allow us to create multiple streams of income within the same business. But again, all of these things are things that so many people Shawn and it's unfortunate because a lot of them are out there trying to do affiliate marketing and some of them are affiliates for us. But as all they've seen is other affiliates, who also in many cases don't know what they're doing. And it's just a copycat. And then along comes a cat like you who's like, gonna go through the actual training you know, and you just go out and dominate. And I mean, we see that a lot, actually. I mean, Andrea, I forgot. I forgot her last name, but showed her water or something like that. Yeah. She's from Peru. I mean, bro. She's a beast. I mean, there's several people and even at the last mastermind, there was lots of clear evidence. You know, you go through the training, and then you take action on what you learned. And I'm talking about, like, really, there's nuggets in all of our training, all of our training, and the majority of people won't even complete the challenge. Let alone get into the blueprints. But, but, you know, it was real evident at the at the mastermind as well as it is, you know, right now, in this moment with you is that, you know, when you go through our training it's You're such you're such a different marketer standing next to somebody who's just fit hasn't gone through anything is confused don't does it know which ways up doesn't know where to start? How does that sound familiar to a lot of people who still don't know where to start? That's what people that are common still don't know where to start? Well, if you buy the blueprints, there's an actual link that says Start Here. You know what I mean? I mean, and a lot of times we buy stuff and then we don't even look so I don't know I'm ranting here, but there's so much around what you just said. And even the fact that you know, remembering the person that you were exposed by, you know, whatever affiliate that was and how horrific they did it, but you continued on anyway. And I just wonder what comes up for you as I'm ranting about this.

Sean: Well, I will say this, like when you talk about when we all take the blueprints, it's all the same information, but how we perceive it, how we take it and how we go ahead and distribute that. That's completely different. So since I started this, I have spoken with some of the top earners with Legendary on phone calls on Zoom calls, and this and that, and the one thing that I realized is that we all have a different way of creating content, but it all stems from the same education. Right? The problem I'm seeing is that the top earners are taking that same education and making it their own. But the majority of those that are failing or that are stuck, are taking the tidbits of those pieces of information, right. And they're just making it the same as everyone else. The majority, the masses, the masses all look the same. So you're not making yourself stand out by any means. You're not doing anything that's different, but you're expecting exponential results. Right? Like, you're not asking yourself, What am I doing wrong? How are they doing this? You know, I mean, you're just simply saying, Well, I'm doing everything this person is doing. And I'm not getting those results. Why am I not doing it? Obviously, there's something on the backend that you're not realizing. And the problem is they're not going back into the training and trying to figure that out, or show you where that's at right here. I want to just show you a story that I illustrated with but you're about to say something else, they're not going back into the training or you're similar or they're just not simply trying to find a way to make the message unique. And this is why I made it very clear. Always try to put yourself in the position of the person that you're trying to get because you were that person you were and that's what I try and keep on pounding into people. When I spoke to them, I was in your position four months ago. Oh, you have questions about the training. Fuckin ask him. I was in that position. Those questions that you're having were in the back of my mind. The skepticism that you're having right now. I have this exact same stuff. I went through it and I am now a result of the products that I put myself through. Right. I am not a teacher, I am still a student. But I'm a fifth year you're in you're just coming into the door, you know, that sort of deal. And I think that's the problem too, is that people are trying to be teachers, when they haven't even enrolled in the fucking classes. You know what I mean? So why should I trust you? At the end of the day, you need to ask that question not why am I not getting these commissions? Not why is this failing? Why are they not trusting me? What is happening in that communication that is not allowing them to trust me? And if you're saying well, I'm doing the exact same post as that person, why? What are you not offering? Are you not getting on a phone call with them? You don't have to, but it could help or you're not telling them to reach out to you in the DMS. So that's my thing is I can create the stupidest video with the dumbest hook in order to get a million clicks hopefully right I can make the most insane fucking video. But if that million clicks can give me some people to reach out to in my DMs. That's where I'm shining. That's where I make the connection. Right. And people don't understand that they think that clicks equals commissions. Clicks don't equal shit. If you look at myself, and I tell people all the time, they're like, you're only getting this stuff because you have a large following. No, my following is diminished. I said this in the last video. My following has dropped exponentially since I started this and my viewership is down traffic, but that's because I had a different niche when I jumped into this retarded i only I started Yeah, it's not like I started in this and then just went to shit. No, I went fitness and then I went into this. So of course everything is gonna drop for me. Right? But the thing that makes me stand out is you'll have you on the same channel. And I completely refurbished this channel, right? So it was gonna take a hit and it still takes it but now I'm starting to balance out. But you'll have people with 10,000 followers getting 30,000 views. You have a guy like me with 160,000 followers get 1000 views, and you're wondering what I am doing differently? I'm talking to these people. Like, I'm getting the message very, very clear. And I make it so I'm transparent. When I speak to them in the DMS or I get on a call with them on a zoom call.

Dave: People trust you so much more when they're so honest and just just very transparent. And give us some examples of what that looks like. Like what's an example of something you're going to be honest about in there? Oh, really super honest that probably other affiliates are not.

Sean: So one of the biggest things that I get is like Okay, so let's say someone is going to make a big investment. They're at that stage and they're just like, Oh, I just don't know, I don't. There's just so much now, and I'm like, Okay, look. I've done it too. I didn't. I was at that stage. Right. The things that you have to realize when you cross when you cross into the next level, well, hey, I'm gonna take this seriously, you know, I mean, and now where do I go from there? The first thing that I have people do before they even click the Start Here, like you were just talking about, oh, let's start here. I don't even say before you even do that. Get out a piece of paper and write down every single doubt that you know is going to pop up in your head. Every single thing that you're going to tell yourself that makes you want to fail that tells you that you're not going to be able to complete this every single thing right off the bat before you begin step one, and then come up with an answer that you know is going to go ahead and squash that something that's going to get you to the next day. Right. So that's the very first thing because I'm having more success than I've ever had, and I doubt myself every day, delegate that right? Like right here you can, I'll be okay, if I don't have a 30,000 month this month, and say I have a 20,000 month, right? I'm gonna be like, is it? Is it diminishing? I only did 20,000 This month I did a lot more or less. Like really come on. I feel like the bigger picture but at the end of the day doubts creep up on your mind. No matter how successful you are. You're either gonna have a fair view or fear of failure, or fear of success. And you got to go ahead and say I'm five rather than a full computer success. I'm having such great success. I read through that every single day. Right? But I have them write down all the doubts in their mind. I haven't written down the answer to it. And then once they have that doubt I say all right, now let's write out a realistic timeframe. How long am I going to do this? Before I actually throw in the towel here? I mean, and I told him, I tell him all the time. I said I did the list. I did a one year timeframe. And I didn't give a shit if it went 11 months and 29 days. And I have made an improvement on that last day and then in the 11th hour, I don't give a shit. That was my sign to say alright, it's worked. I did you know I mean like, Let's go forward from here.

Dave: They, so I just want to point out the difference between those of you who are listening to this are going to use this to go make money with and those of you who are going to prolong your success. There's going to be two things you want three things you can do with this information. For example, Sean was just talking about you know what he talks about with maybe a new lead or somebody who's getting ready to actually buy something from him and start a process. So some of you are like, Oh, that's great, cool information. Sean's a cool cat. Some of you are thinking man, I really wouldn't wish I was Sean's customer. And Shawn could I could do that with Shawn, that maybe that's what I'm missing right now. Right? That's, that's one. That's one third person going. Wow, that's a really powerful way to speak to leads and customers and that's a really powerful exercise and that's really valuable. Maybe I should, maybe I should go and implement that. You know, they've actually gone to try that. And that's not to say that you shouldn't go and follow Shawn and you shouldn't go in and be a part of his life and support him and allow him to support you and who knows where the future will take you. But in this moment, when you listen to wake up legendary, and these different marketers are coming off and they're, they're giving these tips like Sean's doing right now. There's a couple of things you can do with it. And I just, there's some of you who are still in that mentality that you know, it's just it's something outside of myself or someone outside of myself, who's gonna make the difference in my success. And there's nobody outside of your success. There's not a mentor. There's not a guru, a guy or a girl who you're going to run into who's going to be the missing person. And they're gonna make everything better. As a matter of fact, Shawn and many of our guests each morning probably say and do a lot of things on the show that maybe they might not have done with the customer because they're sitting here talking about it. You know what I mean? You're maybe not doing everything with every person, right? So if you're listening to this, don't think that the grass is greener on the other side. Get out of that customer mentality and get into the Creator mentality. And out of the customer mentality. You This is not for customers. This is not for customers. This is for creators in these tips. We want you to go and use them. We want you to go and implement them. And that's just a simple little mental kind of tweak that if you're sitting here listening to Shawn and you're you're thinking and I can care less go learn from Shawn as much as you want, but he's giving gold away that you can be implementing today. And that's what I think is so powerful about what we do. Is that unlike your typical college or I know, in a lot of careers, you have to have an internship and stuff you have to go in and kind of practice this stuff and maybe you're gonna get paid for it one day, maybe you're not. Well any of you could go and try what Sean's talking about now to gay and make money with it. You don't have to wait, you don't have to do an internship. You don't have to. I don't have to sign off on your paper or sign anything or say you completed certificate or any of that bullshit and most certificates are just some bullshit thing that somebody invented to try to make it some industry standard that you go through and get their stupid certificate, life coaching certificate, this certificate that certificate this degree that degree none of it matters. Because there's people like Sean who just rose up like the phoenix from the ashes or guys like me, who, you know, crawled out of a dusty construction site over 10 years ago and started slinging information products and courses and the beautiful part was I was not actually the one who had to do them at first I just learned how had to learn how to be a somewhat consistent and trustworthy affiliate. So I would love to talk about that just for a second. How can we help people look and seem and sound more trustworthy? I gave one tip which was go through the damn training and actually know some shit know what you're talking about. What? What's something that you might suggest or something that you did or changed and you're like, Damn, that's giving me a bit more trust than I used to. 

Sean: Well look, okay, so I said it before. If you have 10 people that are offering or that are talking about the same thing, right? What you are going to try to look at makes you choose one of them, and they're all doing the exact same thing. You're kind of just closing your eyes. And hold them right. But let's say one of them offers a free free call. And other ones don't. Like that one's gonna be a little bit more or a little bit better, a little bit more intriguing, right? So that's what I have to look at. I say like, okay, well what makes me stand out, what makes me different? Yes, I do the audio messages. Fine. Maybe some other people do all the messages. I don't know. Right. But this is something that we talked about in the training. What's your lead magnet? You want an email? Why? Why should I give you my email? Right? What are you giving me in order for me to give you my information? Right. So I created a free ebook. I took the training. And I did a cliff notes version of a section of that training that I took, and I said, Okay, what, what was I most confused on or what did I find most valuable in that training? And how can I go ahead and just condense it and make it something that intrigues people to want to know more about that training? I am not trying to take all the training and make it into an ebook, because then I'm just giving it away for free. And I'm not getting anybody to take the training, we got to show that the training has value. So I'm going to take a little bit of that training, put it into my own words and try to explain to a person why I find value in what they just taught me and why they're going to find even more value when they take the training. So one of the things that I do when I talk to people at the end of it all I said this before, and I make it very clear. I do not care if you want to be an affiliate marketer or not. My only goal is that when you make that decision, it's because you are not educated on what that is so that you can walk away from this because you know what it is, not because you haven't been told or taught what it is. And that was the biggest issue that I was seeing. That is the black eye of affiliate marketing is that people are not communicating enough on why education is important. They are simply saying, These are my results. You can have them. Well how do I do that? By this? What is it? I want to be that person that says these are my results. You can have them. Well, how do I do that? Let's figure that out. Where are you at in your life? What is it that your goals are? Okay, well, you know, I understand you probably don't have the time right now or you just you still don't know if you want to do this train. Understandable. $7 is a lot for some people. I don't think so. But at the end of the day, a person will fight you for $7. So okay, look, I have a free ebook. At the very least I want you to at least get that free ebook, walk away with something. Walk away with some sort of knowledge. Because I guarantee you if you read that ebook, it's going to intrigue you. Either you're going to be intrigued and you're gonna want to know more. And then that gives me the opportunity to say look, that ebook is often the training that I took. If you think that the ebook is great, wait until you check the training. The more you're going to read it, you're gonna be like this seems like a lot of work. I don't know if I want to do this. Fine. You just made a decision because now you're educated on it. Not because you're lost, and no one's talking to me. If that happens, I've done my job. That's it. That was my job. My only job was to get you interested or not interested. And that's it. I don't want to sell you on something. It's not my job to sell you. All right. That's your job. They don't, that's your company. Right? I get you into Dave's club. I'm not the one serving drinks and playing the music David. If you want to walk out of that club, it's not my fault. It's Dave shitting. Music choices are shitty drinks, right? So you have to think of it like that where it's just like stop trying to shove shit down my throat and just talk from the perspective of the student that you are and still are. Because you are a student. Right? Yeah. And that's it. You're just trying to say hey, these classes are really great. I learned a lot from them. What is it? Why are you not believing me? Don't ask the person why they don't believe in right? Start asking them questions. Why would a person not believe me? And how can I get them to at least trust what I'm talking about? Yeah. I want to get on a call. Do you need to write a book? No. I mean,

Dave: Yeah, that's unbelievable. Unbelievable value right there. And I go over that specifically in the blueprints how to build a lead magnet. What are the different kinds of lead magnets you can build? Get? You're right, I mean, people you know, we all all of our stuff tends to look the same because we just copy each other and that's, that's, you know, we just look at what everybody else is doing and that oftentimes in a community becomes the strategy. Everybody thinks that's the strategy well just watch a Wake Up Legendary and just copy people. And it's like, you know, that's fine. That is one way to go about it. But let me give you a little hint. Little those of you who are on the fence, this July 4, maybe you'll do something really nice for yourself in going by our Blueprints, because it's not certainly not going to change my life. But I know it will change yours. And so consider that but first, let me show you what's inside of them. This is a tiny little freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass of what's actually back there. But how do I get somebody? Trust? That's what we're talking about. Right? And Shawn, just give up gave a great a great tip and now I want to give a tip on that. And then we'll bring this airplane in for a landing. So this is in the section of the fishing formula in the blueprints. And this is where this is a small section of the chum section of the fishing formula. And there's eight sections to the fishing formula. And it's a it's a system to be able to go through and make sure that it's essentially a system to sell anything to anyone, but it works really good for affiliate marketers in in the in this I made it specific to affiliate marketer, so, Chum the Waters but don't give the whole boat away. All right. So what we see out here is we see a lot of you know a lot of people who you know, say they want to be an affiliate for Legendary go take you know right on their tick tock profile. Go take the 15 Day Challenge Dave sharps great Legendary Marketer, blah blah blah blah or maybe say they're over here promoting, you know, the shoelace company or, I don't know, we'll keep it information based maybe they're maybe they're over here promoting this coaching program over here on fitness coaching. Well, this fitness coach over here. He used to do the same Shani, fantastic and then he found an affiliate anyways. Whatever you're talking about, most people will go in and say the whole thing and it reminded me a lot of when I was in network marketing and MLM I used to go and advertise the name of the company and the product I was selling and the person who was the CEO, the founder, I used to announce that just to the whole world. And actually, I thought the solution to all my problems was to put a wrap on my car kind of like this and actually drive my truck around as like a moving billboard for the company. And what I realized was, that was the stupidest thing I could have possibly ever done. Because the person who's sitting in traffic, who just looks at my big dumb wrap on my car and says let me just Google that company or product and just I'll do my own research. That's exactly what they did. And I got left with the bill for the car wrap. And they got a nice little chuckle at how much of an asshole I was for doing free advertising for this company while they just googled it from the comfort of their own car, right. I didn't know anything about, you know, trying to get somebody to give me their information, calling me any sort of a lead magnet. Just none of that clicked for me. And what a lot of people don't realize in this industry is that you're whether it's tick tock YouTube, Facebook, wherever you're promoting, your whole offer should be more blind than then then specific, at least on the front end until you get their email address. And the reason why is is because you need to brand you not the company or the product you're promoting on the front end for the simple reason that I just gave that people are not stupid. They Google things every day they go Google all kinds of things. I mean, come on people.


Don't pull up your search history. Look at all the kinds of crazy shit you've searched over. The last however long people are not it is not a foreign thing for somebody to use that search bar. So they will use that search bar. So you have to be brand new. What does that mean? Well edutainment I talked about that in another part of this section. What edutainment is okay but you want a brand you with edutainment and again if you tell them what it is you can guarantee if they don't go research it they're at least going to prejudge it right but you know, at least they're going to research it and maybe the if you're an affiliate, they might find another affiliate, right you have to get the email address in the best way to do that is actually not by giving constant you know, in like, like annoying calls to action to go and just, you know if you say Lincoln bio Lincoln bio, they're not going to opt in more because you said that more times. Like that's not how it works anymore. The reason why people do things people are not stupid is because they're curious, and what this whole blog offer setup, no matter if you're an affiliate or but especially if you're an affiliate, right, you don't want to give too much away. Remember this slide, Chum the Waters but don't get the whole boat away. It's sort of like when you go on a date. If you lean in for a kiss and start on zipping your pants in the first five minutes. Shawn, how do you think that's gonna go I mean, unless you're there and it's a transactional sort of thing, but I mean, if you're there on a day, okay, if you're there on a date with a woman who you asked at a coffee shop to go out, you're going to take her to dinner and you lean over to kiss her and drag her to the hallway and start on zip in your pants. You think she's gonna slap your face nine times out of 10 Probably. Yeah. You know, and I mean, obviously we can. We can talk about a lot of different scenarios, but I mean, come on. You guys get the analogy. It's like this whole process is about a little bit of teasing tantalizing. It's about a little bit of curiosity. It's about a little bit of finesse. It's about delivering value. In getting them to actually like you and think you know, what the hell you're talking about, before you try to tell them to go do something or or give you something, you know, but the most important thing from from this, you know, last five or 10 minutes is the idea of building trust through branding you as the main, you know, as the main Attractor Factor, not the product or the company or the owner of the company or any of that let them learn about all of that, after they opt in will do if what am I going to talk about? No, there you go. Right now we can get into actually creating some content that's probably going to work once we've taken all that off the table, right? The whole here's what I'm promoting, here's why it's great. I mean, that's just features and benefits. That's facts, and they sure do tell. But stories in value sell like teaching. You know what I mean? Because if I'm teaching you then you're learning. But if I'm describing facts in detail, your buyer defenses are going up because you know what pitch is coming. I've already engaged you intellectually, so you're not even in your feelings. But again, stories teaching hearables now you mix that with trending sounds in visuals that we can use from the internet. And you got Shawn here who, you know, went through the training just had a $30,000 month and there's a few nuggets on how to get more people to trust you. What comes up for you, buddy?

Sean: Well, I mean, you kind of hit the nail on the head on that one. It's you. You trusted the training, right like because you went through it, but at the end of the day, no one knows that they can trust the training until they go through it. They have to trust the person recommending the training. The people need to stop worrying about Oh god, it's gonna sound horrible, and you stop worrying about your date. All right, man, you start worrying about yourselves because he leaves me out of it. I'm just trying to live over here. Although worried about me when you wrapped your car. I'm not going to trust your recommendation. I'm automatically going to think you're a company man. Right? I'm not a Legendary employee, right period. 

Dave: Like I’m not listening to your third party validation. And that's exactly what we've called it in. Marketing all these years is your affiliates. And other people that are out there who offer testimonials and validation are third party validation. That's sort of what it looks like you're onto something there.

Sean: So you have to make that very, very clear when you start talking about Legendary everyone's gonna be like, Oh, you sound like Are you under contract because I'm like that No. This is a huge thing that happens. People get to a certain point in their training and then they come back to me and ask me questions, which is fine. I love that. asked me questions. Why? Because I was where you're at when you have those questions on that day. Do you not think I had those questions on that day? Like, the only difference is I didn't have someone to reach out to. I'm that person to reach out to now and I make it soak clear. You will have questions. This will be a lot of information. You need to go ahead and make sure that you are there to answer any questions that that person has during this you're helping to facilitate additional purchases as well. You are the trust circle. Do you not understand like I needed people to understand that you are the only thing that is keeping this person from moving forward or not. You are that trust you are the battle buddy the trust buddy wherever the fuck you want to call it. That's what you need to be for sure it is your contract. 

Dave: You’re advocate or ally in a sense is what you're what you're acting as right?

Sean: Yes

Dave: You're like oh, you're like a like a so like, it's like the buddy system in a sense. You know, you're acting as their body in their interests and you're on their side. And you don't want it to appear. Like you're on some other level, like secretly you're a mole and you're really trying to convert them and get them to buy no matter what yeah, you're their buddy and you're letting them know, you know, this is safe, keep going. It's okay, do what's best for you. This is what I did. And all that additional communication after they buy the initial product that you're offering and or doing and sometimes people don't even come back. It's beautiful. When you offer yourself, people. Just the offer oftentimes is enough. Just them knowing they can go to you. But what you're doing here and it's so beautiful because it's towards the end and you really have to listen to hear this nugget man but this is the best one you've dropped today. It's facilitating those additional upsells or premium price purchases, that if you're an affiliate, you want to connect with companies that are going to have other additional, more advanced programs that you can earn more commissions on. And by maintaining that relationship or at least keeping that line open like you're doing and correcting anything that I'm saying if it's wrong, but by keeping that open, you're helping to facilitate those additional purchases.

Sean: And here's a big thing too. When I say that I'm honest and transparent and stuff like that. Anyone else if this was just about money, right? And people ask me questions, should I get this? Well, what about this one? What about this product? What about that? If this was about money, I would be like, get it all? Yeah. It's so great now. But at the end of the day, when I went through to get the training, I didn't get every single upsell. I didn't get every single product. I got a handful of things, you know, but I can't talk about something that I never got. So I'm never going to recommend that. Right. And it's not to say that I'm going to tell them not to get it. I'm simply going to say these things are very, very, they're like supplements, you know, you have a good diet. Not only that, you don't need protein shakes, but it's a great supplement. It's there to help you when you're in a bind, right? 

Dave: By the way, great analogy.

Sean: Main thing is to just get you through that seven hour training because I know that that has enough value in it within itself. When you start asking me about all these other things, I will be very honest and be like look, I got these couple of things. They're very, very helpful, especially if you want to move forward and scale up. They're going to be extremely helpful. At the end of the day. You don't need them though. All about this business. I didn't get those. I can't speak to them. All I know is that these are great, great supplemental things that I know can help you out, but they're not needed. All I care about is that you go through that training first. Do you not think that if they hear that they're gonna be like, Oh, this guy makes money off everything I buy and he's telling me that I don't have to buy certain things. I just have to buy what I do not want to buy for $100 to send it off. Okay. They said no. Okay, perfect. Yeah. I mean, you need to stop thinking when you start thinking about the dollar value and every single thing it's going to show you might not try to make it show you might think that you're not having it show it's kind of bucket show. And when you stop wearing about the dollar value, the trust factor is going to be there and when you can actually have people trust you. It doesn't matter what you recommend, you can recommend a $20,000 product. If they trust you, they are more apt to invest in that because they trust you. I can talk about the product and be like Oh $20,000 The more value it has and must go with them and the price tag, like that sounds car salesman style, right? But if I say look, I am a I am a result of that product. Well which one doesn't matter. I'm a result of that education. Whichever one you want to get is up to you. And you can ask me questions on it and I'll let you know if I got it or not. But at the end of the day, all I know is that I am a result of this education. And this education has allowed me to leave my job, be with my family and have over a year's worth of savings in four months. do this, do that at the end of the day. Do you want those things if you do, this is how I did it. This is where I learned and I will help you every step of the way because I know that even though there's great value in what you're about to buy, I still know that I had questions when I was starting off Why would I not still offer my help after you just invested and a huge thing. Do you think that makes me look better when I go get them? And I walk away? No. That is another reason why this whole industry has a black eye is because people walk away and they leave them and they say good luck. You know why? Yeah, for sure. I want you to succeed. Why would I not want you to succeed? Your success makes me look better because I'm trying to say that this education system works for your success. That's it's my billboard, to say look, I just told this person it works. They're successful. Believe me or not, we're winning. And you're still spinning there. And I mean, we're winning and it's fun too. 

Dave: This is your back office. And this is the stuff that you've bought, like you've bought all this training. Yeah. And that's that, you know, it's rare. Man. It's rare. It's rare that you actually get somebody who is, you know, putting their money where their mouth is. I have always been with affiliate marketing and it's not Garin. It's not mandatory that you do this. But for me, I have always enjoyed personally promoting products that I did have transformation from and that I did go through. The reason why is because I've always been a personality. Affiliate. I've just, I've always been the spokesperson of my own campaigns. I've never used, you know, a pen name or anything like that. And I've always used my face and my story. It's always worked the best but where was I going with that? No, I was just I was just I was just, oh, I was talking about actually buying the thing that you're marketing man. I mean, and that's actually owning it. You know, being willing to put your money where your mouth is. You know, I've done this in several different ways over the years. I told a story the other day about how I went to a Tony Robbins event and my wife sitting right here I called her and I was like, I'm gonna buy the, you know, this big thing from Tony Robbins and it was like 15 grand and I just wanted to buy for me it was about the act of investing in myself. Which gave me so much more confidence and conviction to go and market, other marketing and personal development courses, which is what I've done for over 10 years and never done anything besides that. Always sold the core for business. Model always been in that business one way shape or form. And I got up on that stage, bought it, dropped 15 grand with Tony, went to a couple of the events, didn't even go to all of the events, just couldn't get to them all. But just that act of investing in myself gave me so much conviction and I see a lot of people over the years. Who I mean, yes, it's financial. They can't afford it. Right, which is, again, I don't want to minimize I don't want to minimize your pain or what you're going through but I don't ever say that about myself that I can't afford something but people can't come up with the money, whatever to buy the training, but they want to be affiliates of ours. And the challenge with that is it's I can't force anybody to pay to play to be an affiliate. But the challenge with that is that you lack conviction, you lack that internal conviction that you sense in what you hear with Shawn that he has when he's been talking this morning. There's something that when you're asking somebody to do something that you've also done yourself, there's a real you can really look somebody in the eyes. And when you've not, when you're asking somebody to do something that you've not done yourself, but you're out there making a stand every day about it. Like there's a difference in running a campaign you're not the spokesperson and we talked about doing that in decade in the day and there's camp, but if you're out there and you're verbally vocalizing or, or showing your face and and showing up every day out there and you're saying, hey, go to this call today. It's called do this and you've not done it. It's not a requirement that you do but I'm just saying there's some conviction in there that's missing, because you're asking somebody to do something that you're not willing to do. And here's just something that I'll offer everybody is that it's been such a development and leadership for me to never ask somebody to do something that I'm not willing to do. And whether that's an affiliate of a customer, whether that's somebody that works here at Legendary, whether that's my children, just never asking somebody to do something, and there's so much more conviction. There's so much more trust you combine that was what Shawn was talking about, with just that, that honesty of, hey, look, you can buy the blueprints you can buy that you can buy that look, I don't care. I just want you to do that. And there's a little key to that. I did it just keep going through and complete what you've just purchased, which is the challenge, right? And then you combine that with the conviction that you have knowing that you have actually bought it, gone through it and done all the things that you're out there talking about. It's really a combination to get rich in this industry. Because people who don't get rich are people who have who don't who don't have that congruence and what they're really I call it and I used to call it this in network marketing preaching the dream and living a nightmare, right? It's kind of like that incongruence that you're preaching. Whatever you're preaching out there, but you're not doing it. You're living a different way. I think you combine that with what everything you said today, Shawn, which was unbelievable and I think somebody's going to be a lot more well on our way to, you know, getting friends and influencing people out there and ultimately getting people to trust you. What final thing would you add to put you know, kind of wrap this up for volume two of our series.

Sean: Like, everyone keeps on saying step out of your comfort zone around like that. I can't stress enough what that means, but for different people, it means different things. For me, the way that I would do it is the very first thing that I would do right now is to try to open up your communication. You really work on your communication. It's going to play a role and how your content is created, how you present your content and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, once again, like you really need to take a moment and reflect and remember why you're doing this. And a lot of us say it's for the money, but it's not about the money. It's what the money would give us. Right? So for me I was making stupid money in my previous job. But that was taking such a toll on my life. Now I'm making money with this, and it's giving back to me so much. My other job took away from me and gave me money. This one's giving me money and giving back to me, right so you need to remember why it is that you're doing this and have that be the thing that you're trying to present. Have that be your message. It's not about how much is in your bank account. All right. For me it was because I want time with my kid. I want to fix my marriage. I want to not feel like I'm gonna blow my brains out. That was what it was for. Right? If you can remember why you're doing this because everything is an emotional base, right? Even getting the blueprints. That is an emotional decision. And this is why I'm an advocate on why you should get them Dave was talking about. I can't afford them. You need to figure out what you need to do to candidates you can afford. Right? Because you're not putting yourself in a hole. You're opening yourself to a whole nother emotional window that you can present to people because you're asking someone to do something that you're not even willing to do. Bullshit. I will never ever go off your recommendation. But if you are willing to walk through the fire and be in the trenches with me, and show me that you're succeeding, I will be next to you every step of the way. You are someone that I can trust at the end of the day affiliate marketing is all about trust. That is it. Affiliate marketing is not about recommendation. It is about trust. And that should be your number one goal not getting followers, not getting commissions. It is building trust. Period. Trust and that should be your number one thing that you ask yourself all the time. Oh, I didn't get a commission or where did I fail? Why are they not trusting my recommendation? I think it's the blueprints you know, but I'm asking them to get the blueprints. You know, I mean, you need to figure out how you build your trust.

Dave: Yes. Start with your simple things, start with the simple things and look at friends we're not you know, if you're tuned in and you can apply this stuff to any business I mean, you really can you can apply this to any sales and marketing scenario. You can apply this by going into our blueprints and applying it to a different niche going through our challenge applying it to a different I mean, we will meet you wherever you're at, continue to talk every single day, five days a week publicly with people like Sean, which this was wonderful and dude like Matt was sending me screenshots of your what you're doing and I mean, you're really you're really cranking. I mean really everything that Sean said. I didn't know but I validated and verified throughout the show just on our team. It's mind blowing, bro, it's mine. Not that I was like But Matt was like sending me stuff as kind of on fire. I mean, you're on fire man. You're on fire in your earning. what you're earning is matching. It's exceeded for Christmas sake. Which is exceedingly sort of like you're growing but I feel like your incomes exceed that which is such a powerful testament of how fast money can come into your life. When you focus on you and not you know which everything that you said this morning is such evidence of that, especially that which I don't want to say too much to overshadow that last piece that you just said. And so I'd like to end with that. If you're not getting sales, ask yourself what is not trustworthy about me? Why are people not trusting my recommendations? It's such a powerful question about self assessment, self awareness, self evaluation. If they're not trusting me now I would that question can decide now what can I do? Go back to training. watch somebody else not listening to what they're saying but watching what they're doing. Right. There's lots of different ways that we can learn from each other. But it's such a powerful question what a mind is not doing to get people to trust me. And it gives me all the focus that I need to have which is on what I can do, not what somebody else could do or what else I'm missing. What's all that shit is a distraction. What am I not doing? You know what Shawn, the beautiful thing about it is, is that overlaps in all areas of my life. My wife trusts me today so much more than she used to trust me. Why? Because I figured out and worked on building trust and that had nothing to do with how she acts and everything to do with what I do. What I say, how I act. She's no different. But she trusts me 10,000 times more today than five years ago, because of what I've done. And what I do every day to this day, my kids are the same way for everybody. And it's so powerful and empowering. Forget about powerful, empowering thoughts and if you feel intimidated by it, you're like, oh wait, I can't be responsible for all my success. Just sit with it until it empowers you until it's something that you look at and you go Thank God I got this. I've had it this whole time, son of a bitch i i could have done so much more. But who cares about the past? You know, what can you do? With that sort of empowerment today? You know, in Shawn, you're proving what you can do with that sort of empowerment today, transforming your entire life, financially, all the way from marriage to kids jobs. I mean, you're doing the whole you're doing the whole deal and it's a beautiful thing to watch so let's get our volume three you know in the in the mix man in this

Sean: I love it. I want to be here all the time with you man.

Dave:  Hey bro, I love having you on it's it's really really really valuable this morning and if any of you want to go what would really be cool if somebody really wants to get to know Sean is scroll down through our wake up legendaries is fine episode number one. Do you remember how many months ago we did that? Was that like what three or four months?

Sean: That was three weeks because I was just finishing my first month. I was at the end of my first month so that was probably near the end of March.

Dave: So I mean just to be able to see what and that might even be interesting for you to go back and watch. See how his competence, see how his conviction has grown. Right? See how he's maybe less. I know I was full of shit. When I first got started. I was just And what I mean by that was I was just trying to be everybody except myself. If you go back and you look at my very first interview, you can go to YouTube, you can type in MLSP David Sharpe, you'll see an interview from me 12 years ago when I was the member of the month of this network marketing training program that I was an affiliate for and went through their training as well. And and I finally settled in like to my authentic self you know after some time and and I see that starting to happen with you and not that not that you I was younger and really I was in my early 20s When I started in this or my mid 20s So and I had just been, you know, homeless and addicted not too long ago, so I was way out of my element. You know what I mean? I mean, I was hoping nobody was going to figure out who I really was. You know, talking about trust disappearing. One instant, you know, but I just realized all my flaws and my mess was a real message that I could use in my market at all like what I thought people were gonna run in wanting to look at the dirty junky. I don't want but they're like, Fuck, this guy's awesome. You know?

Sean: Do you think that they're going to trust the guy that's had the perfect life telling you that you can have the perfect library to dig in until they can access the guy that used to be a convict went through the hard times, everything like that, and then they're like, come on. 

Dave: It is all inactive as well of revealing, learning how to be more vulnerable and learning how to get comfortable sharing those parts of myself and they actually make people feel closer to

Sean: Rather your struggles or your strengths. I think people need to start realizing that your struggles are your strengths, people resonate with people that are having hard times and in getting across them are rising above them. You need to stop hiding your story and make that your main appeal. There is a reason why you got started in this. You need to share that because you're going to find that other people are going to be like I'm in that same situation or worse. How are they getting this and I'm not what so that they'll start asking what am I doing wrong? What am I doing that needs to change? Not this is a shitty service and they got me No, it's like, there are people in worse situations doing better than me. So something's happening with me. And I need to fix that. I need to figure that out. You know, I mean, so that's what we need to that's that's I can't stress that enough. It all starts with you. Stop pointing the finger and start realizing that something's going on with your message and you're not getting it out in your way. Stop trying to be like everyone else and start being, you know, emotional here. Don't my kids shoes, microphone drop,

Dave: Throw there's to break a window, throw the hat. I mean, golly, you know, I mean, I'd be fourth out there to Americans. You know, let's have our Legendary Monday shot thanks for coming back, buddy. Let's do it again real soon.

Sean: I appreciate it if you haven't heard of it before. All right, man. We'll talk to you later. All right, take it easy.

Dave: All right, my friends. You heard it here. Saw it here and witnessed it here. Once again. The man with the plan is back. Sean Wow. What an episode. For real that was just really really a hater. And definitely, definitely, if you want some entertainment and some inspiration, go back and watch Shawn's first episode, where he came on roughly three months ago, he said and and yeah, follow his journey. Yes, yes. You helped me. You know what, you helped me today by being here brother. Be Legendary my friends. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here. Happy Fourth Americans, peace.

How To Use The TikTok Algorithm To Grow Your Online Business


Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? It's Dave sharp. Welcome to wake up legendary in this morning we have somebody who, at one time worked in a supermarket. Okay, and then went on to do a little bit of university work over and I believe Australia they call that uni, loves the gym, loves working out his family's why, and in a very short period of time, as you can see he has gotten serious about his education. We'll figure out what that means. To me. That means when I got serious about my education, it just meant that I stopped looking at businesses like opportunities in jumping in and just hoping to make a quick buck without developing any skills. That's what that's what it means to me about getting serious about my education. Because at the end of the day, nobody's going to come. I'm not entitled to a job. I'm not entitled to a high salary, even if I go to college. That's the cold harsh reality that we find out when we become adults. Because as children, I just had the expectation. Well, gee whiz, if I just stay in school, get a degree I'll just get a job and I'll just be living the dream and when I became an adult, I found out that wasn't quite true. But you know my story. Let's hear Kristian’s. Welcome to the show my brother.

Kristian: How's it going? Hi, everyone in the chat.

Dave: Well, they're gonna be much better after talking to you here for a little bit of time, man. So are you calling in from Australia? Is it was I right about that

Kristian: Australia, in the middle of the night.

Dave: So it's like 10 or 9pm or 4pm now. Tell us your story. What brought you to Legendary How did you find us? What were you doing before this?

Kristian: Oh, to start it all, I was obviously going through the process of the system School University, picking a job, which periodically tended to a nine to five on the holidays and vice versa, casual during school periods and ologists I got to a point where I was not satisfied with with what I was doing is just repetitive, monotonous. And then also some of the friends I made in my university classes. They started to get jobs in the industry and then 2021 is all stressed in their mind that ready and I'm sitting there thinking, do I really want to be doing this for someone else? If I'm going to stress myself out, I'll do it myself at least but that's not the point. And then your curiosity Bekins I started to look for ways to break free and it was a long journey to start. I started looking into affiliate marketing on YouTube. Didn't get much out of that and eventually one day I'm TikTok. Earlier this year, I found you guys through who was actually but since then my life has definitely changed.

Dave: For the better or for the worse.

Kristian: For the better for sure. The education you guys have provided is just ridiculous. Honestly, the value just flipped upside down.

Dave: Tell us about the education experience because I mean, there's a lot of folks who, of course, don't buy our training. Our offers. Our training programs are really pretty simple. There's not 1000 different things that you have to know, basically we just say, hey, look, there's an appetizer here. And then there's a WAG Gu filet mignon. That's what we do. We serve wagyu filet mignon and we serve you know, a wonderful appetizer that's gonna get you somewhat full and, and in some people, you know, they come in, they take the challenge, they don't want to eat the steak. They don't want to stay for the meal and get into the blueprint. That's okay. Maybe they really don't have the resources or the resourcefulness I understand. What do you mean by the education you got seriously about it, it changed your or whatever other words that you've said it's changed your life for the better. Talk to us about the experience and maybe give us something to compare it to, just so people can understand that. What you mean by the education, you got serious about it, and it's then produced XYZ results in your life as a result of giving us a little bit more context my brother.

Kristian: What like Millennials are skeptical investing in forces and information online? And, boy, was I wrong? I'll tell you that for sure. It's a long period of time where I was constantly just looking for the free option and trying to get value out of nothing, but to be fair, you can be as intelligent as you want. Smarts from school, but school doesn't hate you. Obviously, endeavor in the online space. And if you really want to succeed, you're going to learn from someone who's already done it, the greats like yourself, safe time. By time I don't mean by three, four months, years on end. I spent it was close to a year and I got nowhere and within two months through the blueprint, so a month and a half it's been of my knowledge has excelled and not only it's not only is the content you guys provide, it's the inspiration to educate yourself beyond it now started looking into different resources, such as books that are pure content from like minded succeeding individuals as opposed to just the free options, you know, YouTube so it's definitely if I can recommend time to invest it's it's always now don't wait. I don't have the money. I don't want to spend the money sorry. 

Dave: This it's certainly going to save you time and it's going to make your money I mean when people say things like what you just said about you know, learning from greats and stuff like that I still like awkward and people think them wonderful surprise me can do something for long enough that I become really good at it. And then I learn how to teach it because it is a skill to take up really complicated but online marketing there's there's there's moving parts and make that something simple that people can understand. But I really feel like that because I have the same attitude that you do. I am a student so much in my life. And I have that same philosophy that you just described, which is I would rather pay someone more more than I even planned more than I even budgeted more than I even expected because if there's somebody who I know really knows what they're doing and can help me get to where I want to go without all the I'm sorry, guys, if you're watching this and your kids around but all the BS all the bullshit, you know, the fakery or people pretending like they know what they're talking about, or people who are teaching things without lots of data and experience to back it up. And you're right. There's a lot of that on YouTube. Man. There's a lot of that and all these freebies, and we have to be real careful about where we spend our time because it's not for me, I don't really care at this point in life. And I really do mean this whether someone buys education, invests with me or goes somewhere else and gets serious, it changes their life. But I just know there are so few at least in this industry. There's so few really, really solid places you can go to learn everything you need to learn and they'll be there to continue to coach you and grow with you and talk to you live. I mean, you and me right now have never had a conversation, except right here live in front of hundreds of people. And I'm willing to just because I have nothing to hide. I'm just a marketer. Who's trying to improve as well. And so YouTube can be a very frustrating thing and especially these other people who are on the internet, and we get stuck in a vicious cycle of you know, it's not always us that wants to have shiny object syndrome. Sometimes we just get sucked into the marketing and all you know before we know it, we come online that we're on, subscribed to a 100 email list. That's why it's really important to cut out the noise. And so one of the things I've done is like really trim down all my Facebook, all my email subscriptions to where I don't get hardly anything or see hardly anything that's wildly toxic or distracting. How have you managed to block out distractions and now that you're clear about where you want to learn from and who you want to learn from and who you don't? How have you put up blinds or built walls to guard your focus?

Kristian: It's a bit of a drastic measure and I've got my brother thankful he's very disciplined. We've just cut out through social media consumption less it's consuming content, like our own content, but we don't watch any content. So we just completely cut out any apps we used to use prior to deletion. You'll have Instagram TikTok with the main apps we function on. But we don't sit there scrolling or focus if we want to reward ourselves with the sort of instant dopamine as we call it. We might celebrate with a movie at the end of the night or some YouTube videos that during the day we just stay focused and either we learned from ourselves through your course or we read books, educate ourselves, continue to educate ourselves. Because at the end of the day, time, probably the only asset you can't get back. You can always get your money back, that's why you invest your money. It's going to come back to you one way or another way the next three months kind of come back and whenever we come back generation I don't want to sit around and wasted I've spent enough time in university in school I want to focus now even if it takes me two three years, at least lived less than my life.

Dave: It's amazing. I ask how old you are. I'm an old fart here. Dude, I am a grandpa right now. Like seriously, dude. I used to be a young kid. Like for real now. I am straight up a grandpa. But, man, the older generations as I've been growing, you know? Growing up, have always looked down or not all not everyone, but as if like kids are dumb or don't know what they're doing. And I'll tell you, man, this new generation, your generation and young people today are smart. They're they're tech savvy. They get what we're doing here. They're European and also intelligent, compassionate. You're deep. You're not just a, you know, superficial person. I mean, the generation is I am really, really just inspired and impressed and what would you say to other young people who maybe have not you know just seen and explored what all their options are yet you know and there may be there may be frustrated in life a little bit with kind of come into this. They're hoping to come to this climax and it's, it's not climaxing. It's not happening. They're just, you know, it's like shit, where's the top of the mountain and I'm getting frustrated when they're on vacation. But what would you say to the other young people who are feeling frustrated about what they've been told, and maybe it's not panning out the way that they thought or hoped?

Kristian: I think this might be a bit of a harsh reality, but I think it comes down to the fact that I was in the misconception as well as thinking Oh, I get wealthy quickly, quickly. People do create wealth within a matter of months. It's all the mindset you need it into the right mind space focus. It's hard to break some of the old bad habits and I was there. It took too long to break bad habits but it's later like it's not everyone knows what they want to do in life. Just going to put pen to paper sometimes, just even journal your emotions, thoughts, and some clarity. And then once you've got an expectation or direction to head into, try to eliminate like we discussed any bad habits or distractions. put the effort in because the effort will reward you. It might take weeks, it might take months and as often as much of a saying but people go oh this person got lucky overnight. Lucky overnight. It's not so much that they got lucky overnight. They may have been preparing for months for him. And that would have been that one night where they, you know, credit instant wealth. So much. So the efforts, the background work, and a lot of the time people look at other people's highlights online and compare themselves to where they work, but they don't see the grind they went through. It's important to focus on looking efficiently, productively and staying in the right mindset. That's advice I can give, I guess in that respect, and it's good.

Dave:  Do you think that same advice applies to older people as well? I mean, is it really just the same formula?

Kristian: 100% 

Dave: There's some older people who are thinking, yeah, these young bucks they got the world in the palm of their hands. I think somebody even commented that and it's like, Well, do you believe Christian that an older person in their 50s or 60s could have or 70s or 80s or 90s or however old I know some some kick ass people in their 80s and 90s. So I don't want to offend you folks, but you think that they can also change in a matter of months, have a breakthrough and then learn this? Not just it's not just something but you study and you learn it just for a short period of time commit to that. And do you think that no matter how old somebody is, it is actually a reality for somebody who's older to to get this and succeed in and are you seeing that out there on the internet, older people, a wide range of different ages of people in races and religions and all this. I just want to make sure that the other folks who are older and so forth, speak to that and give your honest opinion about what's possible for people even if they're older as well.

Kristian: I think it's a lot easier to talk, I can relate to the audience a lot more I find that generally a lot harder to relate in the easier categories of understand oh man, now I said I'm dad now because I can find that your three went through the hard yakka whereas I'm young man 21 So I worked for a little bit yes and went to uni but a lot of people can relate to me a lot of people have gone through those hard yakka years and 100% people that are running. What are the Australian hardware years?

Dave: We'll put your we'll put your we'll put your TikTok up here in a second. But I want to talk a little bit about it. It's amazing. It's amazing how simple this really can be. And I think there's going to be some correlation to what I'm about to show and then of course, we'll talk about your account as well. You know, every single one of these pieces of content is probably not that you didn't sit down and pray and meditate and it came to you. You went and learned it somewhere. What I mean is, I'd like you to explain what the strategy is that you're using here. But I saw a little bit of similarity there between, you know, the Snoop Dogg strategy and your strategy. And of course, if we go over here on Instagram and we look at, for example, let's look at Lewis Howe's account. Here's another guy who's, you know, invested a lot of, you know, a lot of effort, and doesn't seem to be doing it as much anymore, but he sure used to repurpose a lot of other people's content. Now, he's clearly doing his own interviews and stuff. But back before he did his views, you can dig in here and see

Matt: That he repurposed

Dave: A lot of other people's content. Somebody else that did a lot of that is Jay Shetty. I don't know if you've ever heard of him. Have you, Kristian. Jay, really, he repurpose is as you can see a lot of these other videos that are like feel good videos and stuff like that. You know, viral viral videos, just other videos that are going viral on the internet. You know, that everybody's just kind of, you know, snatching and grabbing and stuff like that in using that as content to sort of, you know, you know, mix in with I guess your own content. But, Christian, let's talk about let's talk about your, let's talk about your ear tick tock and kind of your strategy and how you know some of those other the concept of repurposing either ideas or literally other people's content is either true or untrue. You toss them often how you now came to this kind of what you're doing now, which seems like there's a bit of a pattern or a theme to what you're doing.

Kristian: So, when I first started out, I was close to starting. Yeah. And I had no idea what I was doing. whatsoever. And then for a little period, Oh, brother, I made a joint account together, mucking around a little bit, didn't get fired, and had about 1000 followers in two months. And then eventually we started our own accounts. And this about the time we bought into the blueprints, invested into the blueprints, and we started getting the ideas from you guys to start to look at content that's already doing well and mimic it if possible. And what we started to figure out was that that is a starting formula. Find content that's doing well and not necessarily the copier, but see why it's doing well analyze it if it's a because usually with this account, I do just text on screen takes for them to read through it by the time they read through it's played through two or three times so they'll sit down and watch it and watch it and watch it and watch it. That's one form of taking advantage of the algorithm. 

Dave: The reason why that is, is because why Kristian? Just for folks who don't understand or don't know yet why getting people to watch your videos all the way to the end or even sit there and re-watch your videos will help you on TikTok, TikTok love your videos and boost them up and show them to other people. Why is that Kristian?

Kristian: Well generally obviously ticked up on people to build the app longer. The longer they are on it, the more they'll push it out. So if you have your video shorter, people will watch it more therefore they'll push it out more because at the end of the day tick tock wants to actually help your videos go viral because now obviously in the run through there enough value in your videos to have them watch all the way through or watch multiple times. TikTok will reward you for and push your content out there for getting more views, followers likes, etc.

Dave: The brilliant strategy that you're using is you're basically creating a piece of content that has text on it that takes longer than you know, the seven or eight seconds the eight seconds that the video is so somebody has to sit there and watch it and rewatch it and rewatch it over if they want to read everything that's on the on the thing, which which which tells you gotta think we're the algorithm TikToks algorithm is a computer folks, it's a robot. So you have to be smarter than the robot. You have to be smarter than the computer. It's not a human being, you know it's just basically all it's saying is okay, people are sitting here in my chat room saying Yo, so I'm going to show it to more and more people. And that's how videos go viral. It's just that simple. And so you know, this is a brilliant little strategy to get maybe 3,4,5-10 views from the same from one person you know to say to TikTok. Wow, people are watching this video over and over and over again. So it's a really, really, really smart thing that you're doing here. The majority of your videos are between five and 10 seconds with texts that take longer to read. So they have to sit on it and let it play a couple of times in order to read everything. I see that as sort of a theme on this page, especially I think I've made a video and I've done a couple of talking videos.

Kristian: A lot of videos have been controversial so if you click on say a video with over a million views. I used to get very confused. I tried to mimic the content. And I want to understand why but sometimes a controversy isn't necessarily the text on the screen. There was a video I wanted to mimic. There was a quote there. Go ahead and this gets so many views and I made a video on it. Just put the quote on the screen, a political episode of seconds in mind Flucht and I'll see their thinking What Why did not go viral. It went viral. So this guy and it's odd use a similar formula and it's worked for me in the past. Sometimes it's the backend. The backend clip there was a funny clip. There's two brothers, one of the brothers was screaming in outrage as a joke. People were caught I looked into the comments and people were commenting on that and meaning or not forward with some more videos like this one in the comment it's constantly getting its especially if you do talking videos or text on screen, one provide value but you also want to look at a point where you can provide some controversy where people can talk about in the comments, different points. And while they're obviously talking in the comments, your videos are still playing in the background as well. So

Dave: You know because as a marketer, and as a perfectionist, I always compared and thought my stuff wasn't good enough and so I needed to have better camera equipment or I needed to, you know, it just wasn't good enough. But the truth is, the simpler the content, the better and any time in the history of my career where I just got it out and didn't try to overproduce it. It's done just 10 times better than when I tried to be super fancy. So talk to me a little bit about your thoughts on the simplicity of this and how simple really. It is these days and I didn't say it's easy. I want to be careful with that but it is simple. If we can keep it simple. You know, we don't even have to overthink it like right here. This is the theme. You know this is obviously how to text like an alpha and so you've got mindset masculinity motivation. So it's not even you know in your call to action right now to build your dream body. So it's it's, it's not even specifically about you're giving yourself enough room to also you know, kind of create content on different topics as well. And I love that too because so many people come in and want to just immediately jump right back into the make-money online space, but you can very easily give yourself two or three clicks here other content that's what you did. How did you come up with that Kristian? Well, it's, it's obviously a simple thing, but it allows you to kind of talk about multiple things and obviously so many more ideas can come to that and in they sort of also somebody who's interested in motivation is also going to probably be interested in making more money. So also could have probably been interested in mindset, right? So it's not like those topics are so far away from each other. Could you say a little bit about that?

Kristian: Generally, obviously like you just started yourself people in that similar mind space will be looking for content circles in their bubble. When it comes to something like TikTok in the way that app is designed, you know, I've tried longer form content, I've had multiple accounts, and I've got a second account as well, which is more finance related on site hustles or finance related content. And I find I get a mixed review on that. A lot of the time I'll get some long form content that will blow up but I get it as often as I would with shorter form content, because it's not like YouTube people don't come on here are my favorite YouTubers posts. I'm gonna sit here and watch his 15 minute video. We're just scrolling there for your page. You don't hook them in straightaway. Give them a reason to watch now and just keep on going. And when it comes to longer form content if you don't hook them in throughout the via continuous content isn't the best thing you can do because obviously going to get better results. If you can find areas where you can interlink between different topics. It can also benefit you in the long run as well because you'll find audiences in a masculinity. People who want to be more masculine strive to be a high class high value successful male so they'll look into the finest aspects as well want to motivate them I'll be motivated, fitness wise, they might be motivated financially. I mean, dating wise, I want to attract you know, attractive women, etc. How do you become more high status, high class, finance motivated, etc, etc.

Dave: And also, you know, how somebody who I just hold on for too much? Because obviously, the content is going to be coming from you or ideas that we're interested in or things other things that you're learning about, you know, you want it to be something you can talk about. So for somebody who's maybe an older person who doesn't have who has maybe grandchildren and who enjoys going out fishing a lot, you know, maybe it's like, you know, side hustles grandchildren fishing, I don't know it's, you know, or or, you know, come on, what would you think, you'd come up with some ideas bear with me for people who would might be might not be you know, your age and maybe somebody a little bit older. 

Kristian: The best way is to be relatable. So whatever you still want to produce is entertaining, relatable with your audience. So there's different ways my best advice is obviously of your passions or whatever you want to post content about that show up on TikTok and you can filter through you can have the look most like in the last three, six months, etc. And just look at what people in those niches are doing. And you can start to mimic the content posts in those aspects. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to travel to find ideas you can literally be whatever you're passionate about. If you can find a way to bring people on the journey within its training, or entertainment as you call it, time it and that's exactly what this.

Dave: We were chatting yesterday, Bree and I. And she was talking about how she's taken things to the next level. And it really is about the personalization, and she actually credits a lot of how personal she gets in her email follow up and so forth. As well, you know, but it's true, you're right, you really the thing that we need to focus on. It is sort of twofold. You know, it's what is interesting in what people want, that is something that is important. And the second thing is, what can I do? How can I get them to delight them and provide them value, right, what stories? What experience do I have? And you know, this is a great example of what people want, they want results they want and you can even get more. You can even get more results oriented with your bio up here, but this at least tells people what you're going to be talking about on the page. But something like you know, build massive confidence and become the, you know, a man's man. Get inspired, you know, like those would be more results driven. Out here, but I think the point is, is that what you're saying and I've said this over and over again. Don't be authentic, try to tie in your personal experience and knowledge to what you're talking about if you're going to be putting on your content, but I think what you've proven here is that it's not necessary. I mean, you don't, you don't in this strategy, and this is what so many people want to know and want to hear nowadays on TikTok. I actually think the better strategy is to have the text on the page because so many people are consuming content and give them a range, watch, give them some value, they’ll stick around, they’ll watch.

Kristian: The one thing I like to do with the connect to connect with moments because I don't you know, build the story necessarily through the video itself, but connect with my audience. I'll respond to almost all my comments. You'll see some videos have maybe 1015 comments, some videos will have hundreds of comments and I'm sitting there trying to respond to as many as I can. And I follow back. More regulars, the way they connect with them. They DM you probably have calls as we build an audience and sort of like building a report testimonials for your boys for a brand or for business you've got when they come in common with a lot more. Thank you. I appreciate you so much for your tips. And then when people come in and click on the comments, because people are curious, I'll see if the video is doing well, check the comments and see what's coming. Who's commenting? I think they are. Thank you so much for these tips. I appreciate you so much or you've changed my mindset on this or you've changed my life in this aspect to helping people so I'll follow along on the follow up. And it's not the end of the day. It's not just for the followers. You know, it's helping people and people you provide value to like yourself, will always come back and see you back in other ways.

Dave: You know, the comments section is a wonderful place to learn. You know, for me, the comments section is a wonderful place to learn. It's a wonderful place to figure out what people's objections are. That's what I can learn from the comments. Usually if people have objections, it's a common objection that you're seeing over and over again and you think that it's like something that's really stopping people from buying or taking action? No, I have something I can do. I need to focus my content on playing a problem to overcome that? If you know, I can learn a lot about what's keeping people from taking a lot of time. You'll just see real simple people commenting. How do I get started? Right? People just it's not usually people don't have massively complicated questions. It's usually just things like, how do I get started or, you know, what, what exactly are you selling or think, you know, simple questions that just we forget because we start learning and then we're talking about more complicated stuff. Have to remember that the board and You're not thinking super complicated things if we got to make sure we don't talk over their heads. What are your thoughts on that? 

Kristian: 100% agree and it's important to like, like you said, grant yourself back to the norm because once you're in a process where you've been learning for so long, like $100,000 I don't want to sound like I'm being overly content but $100,000 now doesn't seem like a lot to me. I've achieved it on a couple of counts on how to grow followers, but to a lot of people they'd be confused for a long time. How to achieve this. How do I get sometimes like they'll tell me on Instagram channel and wake lead off messages that call. Thank you so much. I grew so many followers in this amount of time. And it's like you said that they don't understand. They don't understand the level that you have worked towards. So you have to just sometimes be plain simple English. To basics for them.

Dave: And also now, once you begin, I'm speaking to all of you out there who are who are listening, then when you go to turn around and actually start marketing. You have to remember that to No, it's such a simple success. Clif Bars and when I look back at my extra we're like, yeah, I found Legendary somehow I don't really remember who like I challenge all of you to pay close attention to what, what worked on you and Christian I'm not, I'm not it's just something in the past just in the future, like we just like, and I know you do this, but because you've now got experience. You're paying more attention to things that are working on you too, right? Because you're like wow, it's like that works. You know, we also realize that we are our customers. No, it's not that we don't have to be your customer.

Dave: What are the things that worked on you? You know what are the things that drew you in? What draws you in? How have you started to look at the world differently Kristian, you know, or the internet or making money differently since you've been doing this and remind us again, exactly how long like when did you take the challenge get started? With the blueprints and begin really being serious?

Kristian: It's been March I'm pretty sure mid to late March. Like I said, it's taught me value wise that the longer you wait to invest the longer you procrastinate and put off longer your dreams they're going to be waiting and that's that's something I've been learning now. If you really want to get big, get your dreams, you have to stop putting in the work. It takes time to build up the habit and it takes time to get there. In a matter of months, if you can, if you can put down to focus. I've been fortunate in that I've had the time to do it. longer than two hours three hours a day, but you can put down four or five hours a day or maybe even three, four days or you will progress you're not going to like oh now seems to be too much.

Kristian: They will always come back. And one thing I say to a lot of people is if you invest even in law for lower cost products, if you invest this much now what is the absolute worst that can happen to a lot of the time people will say nothing.

Dave: It's education, the most important thing. Some shitty paper really has no value anyways, some shitty paper that some person invented or some government invented that we're all pretending has value. But you know what you know, no one has no paper in what you know, and make you think what you know can keep you alive. What you know keeps your kids safe, cash now might even pay somebody but that doesn't guarantee they're going to keep you safe. But you know, it will make you money and what you know will keep you safe. And I even said that, you know I'm sitting here right now and I'm going back through them editing some of the some of the you know the sales video and their sales sales samples right in that video. I refuse to just pump you full of hype. I'm not going to give you the typical hyped up claims of making money or earn six figures in six minutes. Because it's finally time for you to realize that becoming successful requires the right information from the right person in the right environment. And it also requires an investment of time, energy and some capital from you. Right. So if you're just going to look for the next hottest flavor of the week that will tell you what you want to hear leave go right now, because there's plenty of snake oil salesmen, right those lies that get in the 15 day challenge before anybody ever spends $1 here as a marketer on training and education and, you know, it's it's amazing how much how much I thought, you know, at one time as well that, you know, a few $1,000 Was I thought that was you know, I thought that was the most money in the world. I remember when I had $1,000 a week online I was like I am rich, you know, but as we really were listening to Clickfunnels talk about you know, he just battled and he's battling brain cancer right now. Dave Woodward, the CEO of Click Funnels. So everybody keep him in your thoughts, prayers, anything that you know, spiritual that you do for his recovery. He's fighting. He's battling. He had surgery and I believe he's recovering. He was talking about the Beatles. He did a live show and he was talking about the Beatles and how they used to say things like let’s go write a swimming pool, let's go write a swimming pool because if I put the work in to go write the song, it's going to occupy a swimming pool with it. Or they'd say, Let's go ride around the house. Or let's go ride a private jet. And it's like when I realized that this because remember, I was just talking about cash is trash in this is the most valuable thing that we have. It's like those skills that I learned money from that time while I realized that that's really not a lot of money. Now that was also my point. And what I was saying was that a couple of books can structure matter. Here you know, or at least it's getting full. I mean, I can even drive a car on half a tank of gas. I don't need to be totally full for me to get the thing going, you know what I mean? Once I got this thing, now all the sudden I can use those skills to let me go film a swimming pool. Let me go so let me go. Go record a G Wagen. Right click go let me go over here and write a Rolex. Let me go, let me go over here and film next year, but I'd like to definitely go with that. 

Kristian: The greatest asset of all time is your brain. If you can educate your brain and grow it with skill, knowledge, it's only going to benefit you. It is an expected perspective, like you said, you know how to write up a Rolex or quarter house. The average person won't know how to do that because they're not investing in their greatest asset, their brain, so the more you invest in your knowledge, the more you know to start making money online or doing whatever you do, that's the defining thing. It definitely is your knowledge.

Dave: This is your second TikTok account and I just wanted to put it up because it is more of your kind of side hustle. Is this one a new account or has the other one just grown faster?

Kristian: I started roughly about the same time but this was a Can I put less effort into it. I only posted one other kind of post 234 times a day. I've been trying this more like my test trial in terms of talking videos, textbooks want to as well just get it rolling in terms of finance, and everything. Everything is I think through your own experience as well. can be taught a lot and I've mentored a lot through you and through the education you've provided and the inspiration as well which is a lot better than signing up for some previous online courses. And they've given some education but they're gonna give you the inspiration whereas through legendary and yourself, always giving the inspiration to take on upon our own learnings and sometimes it's not so much just information by paralysis as I'm reading a lot of mine theory just how to do it and you learn from your videos in May Dave: So, do you and your brother Wow, you guys work together and you really a lot of the stuff we work on together where I am today 

Kristian: because of him for a 16 year old he's very disciplined. So we're grateful that I've, as my brother's always, somebody who has made but where we are today is because of the work we've combined and interdependency helping each other out and growing.

Dave: It's rare to find a 65 year old man who gets credit like you give credit who builds and lift other people up who you know, most people are and I was thinking about this morning because I was driving by a i was i have a Jewish family that lives by me and he's a rabbi and he they have a temple and they rented a or they bought or something a police car to park in the in the driveway because there's so many dangerous in weak people out there who want to hurt people. And I thought that was so sad. I’m sad that my friends and neighbors have to live in fear and I'm angry about it like I want to. I want to do something about it but I am doing something about it. I'm speaking out and I'm trying to do my part here. Business. But the reason why I said that is because people act out of anger and they act in violence in the act in their mean and they're toxic. I mean you see this even online when people are mean and they understand that your success is a result of mentors and a result of the help from your brother and your younger brother. And I just know that you're going to be a massive success because you have that attitude. And you don't know that you don't have to win with Manila jin or but with violence or anything like that as a young man you know. It's this and also this the heart you know the heart. Where do you think that is my you know, this humility and this outlook that you have on life that I think we all can learn a little bit from?


Kristian: As funny as it sounds it is from is it was a period of time where he went through, he had a very big change in mindset changing lifestyle to clean up his diet has become a lot more discipline for a 15 year old’s vision on life, on time progressing I had ambitions but didn't have the discipline to get there. And frankly, he's a newfound discipline. Fortunately enough for me to be his brother forced together and it's helped me grow in realizing it's not so much luck. Said are people who act out of anger or are trying to bring other people down. They are the weak people I encourage instead of criticizing. One thing I've definitely learned from my brother is sometimes like any other human being you know, you get frustrated sometimes you can't control your emotions. And instead of us fighting and beckoning back to remind ourselves you know, be grateful you have yes we're not super ultimate billionaires living the lavish lifestyle yet but ourselves be grateful there is people in a flick of a moment we want to switch positions with us is it's always grant everything comes with a grid. That's when everything comes down, I'm trying to bring people down or worry about things in the future and misplace your thoughts. And energy. Not in the present moment. You're never going to be happy. So the best thing to do is just focus on right now. Be grateful folks right now you're here alive. You're breathing important things without your health. Life is nothing.

Dave:  I think we're going to end it on that my brother it was a great message to end a Friday on even though you know I mean, Friday doesn't particularly mean that evening. What is CQC getting random anyways, man, it's a great a great message because we're going to take a two day break from the wakeup show like we do every week and give everyone a chance to catch up on other episodes that you didn't you know, you didn't listen to if you want to listen to this one with Christian, but tell your brother that we said What's up obviously sounds like a fantastic young man and I'd love to meet him and maybe have you both back on.

Kristian: Thank you so much for having me on the show. ever so grateful and appreciative you know, to be in the presence of a great individual like yourself, even though you said it was waiting to be called something like that. But you've achieved your successes and you've worked really hard. 

Dave: Alright my friends, there you go. There it is. Not to learn. Aren't they so valuable? They are so valuable. I have to make these lives more valuable than things that other people are out there paying for or charging for. And because our students here are gracious enough to come back and share with us how the training is in many cases, even taking it way beyond what you know what, what we say is possible. It's just that the goal of teaching something comes and takes. We had that conversation this morning. Kristian came in just lit himself on fire and made it happen. Now that you can learn something from somebody younger than you and learn something from somebody else who just got started, just keep your eyes and ears open because you never know when the next thing that you need to know is going to pop up and here's the other thing that comes back. If you're new here. Watch these wakeup lives every day. I guarantee you if you go through our education here and you also watch these lives of what used to be students you're well on your way to success. It has been proven so many times over and over again. I love to stand here and get pumped up and I think it's somewhat motivational, but who cares what I say. Look at everybody who's doing it right now and some are doing it quicker than others and slower and that's it doesn't matter just as long as you're taken. Alright, get out of here. Have a great Friday be Legendary. We'll see on Monday.

TikTok Techniques To Grow Your Online Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe, CEO of legendary marketer and your friendly pilot this morning flying through the friendly skies of the digital marketing world. All right, get your seat belts on. We have a gentleman here. Well, Bill I'm gonna go ahead and bring you in. Welcome to the show, buddy. How are you?

Bill: I'm good. Good morning. Everybody.

Bill: Well, you know what, here's my backstory. So you know, you can probably tell I'm a little bit older. So I'm a little bit far in the game. So I'm part of that generation of, you know, get off my lawn and you're not gonna see me on camera ever. So I spent 23 years in the military after college. Thank you. retired colonel, engineer. And after that, I went into the corporate world working in mining and manufacturing, kind of taking some of the things that I did in the army and applying it in the corporate C suite. And so, I would say probably well, when we went into lockdown in 2022 or 2020, in March, you know, I was strictly working from home in my position and started kind of doing the you know, maybe there's a little bit more I could do on the on the side for me, kind of taking a look at what was going on in the in the economy and kind of working with some of the folks that I did in my company and seeing what was out there as well. And some of the things I could do on the side. And then probably two things and I kind of came across affiliate marketing in that timeframe. And I kind of got into that whole analysis paralysis where it just kept reading and reading and studying, you know, that's the whole engineer and me. And in November of last year, my position was deleted. So I went from being employed for last, you know, almost 30 years to unemployed, and what do I do now? Well, so I had been having, I had been studying the affiliate marketing space, and, you know, I came across Tyler wise, you know, in my readings and whatnot, and he's the one that actually went through to join legendary marketing. So I purchased the program and jumped in probably in mid December, I think it was last year and kind of went through the 15 Day Challenge and jumped into the blueprints as well. The other thing I was doing at the same time as as I was kind of going through some kind of job search and what do I want to do next and kind of really got to that point after studying all that is, I really don't want to go back to the nine five

Dave: How many people do you think have had that realization over the last six to 12 months?

Bill: I would say quite a few. You know, at least most of the family and friends that I talked to about it. They don't want to go back to the office even talking to some of you know, some of my former co-workers who are still there. They're like, I never want to go back to the office. And I'm like, I don't blame you. You know, I personally work better from home than I've found or you know, working on my own. And so I just you know, I continued to work on that but at the same time, talking with some kind of job counselors working on the resume and getting LinkedIn all up to date. You know, the whole standard package, I guess you could call it focus on branding, you know, all that kind of stuff. And in this kind of set. I just decided that hey, I wanted to really start my own gig. So I started my own business consulting. And at the same time, I was jumping into Legendary Marketer as well. So my path is probably a little bit different than many here in the community because basically focusing on starting two businesses at the same time. Yeah. The business consulting is taken off. I mean, I even have my website setup for it. When I signed on with my first client, I've been doing that solidly since the beginning of March. Well at the same time, I'm also getting the marketing off the launch pad as well. And really getting in and getting stuff on TikTok and Instagram and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. So, you know, in that, you know, of course that's the whole mindset of you know, a guy in my position of putting stuff on tick tock you know, I'm watching everybody else my kids on it, and here I am, you know, trying to trying to get myself on on social media like that when I'm always like, I really don't want to be on social media. So, you know, it's been quite a quick road. So trying to do two things simultaneously has been challenging, but it's been a great challenge because it's mine. And I really enjoy it.

Dave: That's really something that's really something. I love that last part. It's a challenge but it's your challenge. And isn't that isn't that special? Isn't that something and why do we why do you why do you feel? Why isn't everybody excited about their own challenge? Do you think Bill I mean, I can see that you're getting in and you're going after it and you're, you're you're both using these skills to build an affiliate business, you're also doing consulting. That's fantastic. You're going after this. And those challenges that are popping up no doubt. It sounds like you're you're you don't love them, but you're grateful for them because they're there. They're your own challenges to help you build your own business. What do you say to people or what do you think we could say to people to get them to see that? Even more, you know, the challenges that you're going to go through are blessings in disguise they're teaching you, giving you valuable experience , making you worth more than you are right now. Because you know, because you're going to know how to navigate them. And that's valuable experience in life that you can package and sell. Just like we teach here. You can package and sell that valuable experience. Right. You have to get some of it. How can I mean, you said something I said something? I think we're making our point here that these challenges are valuable, and they would just say more about the part where you said I'm grateful for the challenges because in their mind I just think our audience could benefit from that.

Bill: Sure. So a couple things. First of all, I think you know, the reason why many people do i mean you know when we kind of talk about you know there's there's the 1% and there's the 99% 1% are going to make that decision to change their lives and 99% don't and I think the 99% is more about fear. Fear of taking that leap. You know, honestly when I when I retired from the military and was looking at you know, what am I going to do next you know, trying to translate, you know, a lot, a lot of my counterparts will turn around and go right back into some sort of defense contracting job or something that, you know, with the military, instead of breaking out of it and doing something else because there's that comfort, right? It's what I know and how do I translate that out into the civilian world? I took the leap. And I think it's, you know, there's that fear portion of, you know, not wanting to kind of, you know, the fear of fear of failure, right. So, so, and I see that a lot when I talk with my counterparts, you know, they're still in or, you know, working, you know, I still live near a military base still. And, you know, they go to work every day and kind of do the same things they did when they were in uniform and I hear the same complaints and I'm like, why don't you change it up? Right? Well, I'm afraid, you know, and, and we were trained to go fight wars and whatnot, you know, and they're kind of ready to jump out of that world. Well, I took that leap. I made that decision to get away from government work and go into the civilian sector. So, I think there's that fear portion, that people don't want to do something on their own. And then the second thing is, you know, in the military, we look at challenges as opportunities. Or at least that's the way I was raised, you know, it's not always a, you know, a pain point. It's an opportunity. You know, we're, we're trained as leaders to go, how do we seize the initiative and move forward? And I look at it as an opportunity. Yeah, there. It's a challenge, but how am I going to overcome that challenge? So that's one of the reasons why I like to own it, it's mine. So that's the reason why I decided I didn't want to go back to the nine to five. I was in hell or high water. I was going to make that difference and make my own business go my way.

Dave: I mean that perspective of I'm gonna own this challenge. This is my challenge. Don't even come over here and try to take it away from me. Because I want the experience I want and I want the self confidence that I'm going to have when I complete and dominate that finish line or that completion point. And a lot of people don't, I would assume that something is the teamwork having each other's backs along with that, that completion, confidence in confidence. Building you experience a lot in the military. I've experienced the same thing though, even though I wasn't in service in entrepreneurship. You know, business is a lot like being careful here. Talking to a military man seems a lot like war, except there's no violence. There's no competition and I would love to take the other one out. And there's all types of strategy and everything else, right? Or there's just ignorance on fire where you just run into wherever you're going and you just hope like hell, whatever you're about to do works out. I don't know Bill, they sound pretty similar to me.

Bill: When he just moved, we call if we don't know what the situation is, it's called a movement to contact you and come up against it. And then you figure it out.

Dave: You move until you contact something, right?

Bill: Yeah, exactly.

Dave: I mean, in what you could contact a bullet in, in entrepreneurship, it seems like the fear that you just described was very real for military men and women. But there's no bullets here, man. There's no There's no, there's no there's I've not seen blood yet. Even though we all say Blood Sweat Tears. I've seen a lot of sweat. I've seen a lot of tears, but I've yet to see a single drop of blood from anybody sitting behind their computer or on their cell phone. You're using the Hey, it's my challenge to overcome your fear. I would invite all of you to come up with a perspective that you can use that will help you overcome your fears. Because I agree with your bill. There's 99 point something percent of people who will live their entire lives in fear and always second guess everything and will never do anything unless they have somebody sitting beside them. You know, some sort of authority figure who is going to tell them that it's okay or or in a tell you that is one way to live life. That is one way to live life. There are a lot of people who live life within those boundaries, right? But I was just reading a quote from I was just reading a quote yesterday from Steve Jobs, man, the late Steve Jobs, all right. And some of you may have seen this or know this, but it was a speech called here's the crazy ones. He said, Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. This is the gentleman who invented the iPhone. The ones who see things differently. They're fond of rules. They have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can do is ignore them. They change things they invent, they imagine they explore, they create, they inspire. They push the human race forward. Maybe they have to be crazy. How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art or sit in silence and hear a song that's never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels? We make tools for these kinds of people. While some see them as the crazy ones we see as geniuses, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. What comes when you hear that?

Bill: I see. See what I was talking about earlier, it's the challenge of opportunity or opportunities of challenge right? You know, we live a very structured life in the military. But you know, when you're in a combat theater, there is no structure because we have a saying the enemy has a vote. So your best laid plans you know, will go to crap on first contact with the enemy, but you need to plan and that's the important thing is to think of how you're going to build your plan. I don't see that any differently than running my own business. You know, whether it be marketing or consulting, right, you know, I've got I had built it and you know, as I've come up against, you know, different challenges. I see them as opportunities to excel. And how do I overcome that? So yes, you have to kind of take a look at bras to talk about that, as you know, you know, think outside of the box. You know, does that put us in a different or larger box? Are we actually outside of the box looking at the big picture?

Dave: Well, I say and I think and believe that. As a business owner, your income is only capped by your creativity, right? So the higher your creativity goes, the higher your income goes. Now creativity consists of the things that you just said, the things that you just described, right? Like trying things, different things, being willing to have a plan, make a plan, and then adjust that plan. Make another plan making you know a pivot, which is exactly what we do every day in life. And there's also what you just described, a military has to do under attack or in war. I think that every I mean, even a football game, even a basketball game I mean when you are out there on the field, you have to adjust to the right business. It is no different. And so creativity, the higher your creativity goes, the higher your income can go and to be creative. It's really just about trying things, it's really just about taking risks. What are some of the things I want to molten clients and what are the techniques that you've used? But you know, I want to know, also, what are some of the examples of things that you've tried that work that you were like, wow, like, holy crap, is there anything like a video that you recorded that you just thought of? And I'll never do anything or you didn't edit it or there have been? Have you seen a pattern of things work out despite you?

Bill:  Well, you know, like I said earlier, you know, kind of like trying to get over that hump of putting stuff on TikTok, if you go back to I mean, I left everything on tick tock that I started out with. I haven't deleted any videos so if you go to like the very first portion of my profile, you can see just how rough they are. Here I am trying it, you know, so, you know and you know, I've looked at a lot of others in our in our community that have already out you know, input there, have been out there for a while so I started looking at their stuff to kind of guide me into know okay, how do I get going with the same right you know, I mean, you can you can look at it how rough that is. So, you know, we talked about I just got to that point where, you know, we talked about how ugly cells are, right?

Dave: Yeah. Thank you for bringing that up. You're right man ugly does sell and as and you ain't talking about face people. So Bill ain't talking about his bug. Okay, even though that's a mug only a mother can love. Same thing right over here. But we ain't talking about how you look as a person we're talking about the page or the in this case, like the thumbnails or whatever. And even the production level nowadays, ugly in low production cells.

Bill: I mean, I've had comments, you know, so a lot of a lot of the feedback I get, you know, is usually in the I'll get a message like, you know, I was in this day and age, you know, you can put out stuff that looks like that with, you know, the tools that are available, etc. And I'm just like, look, this is my genuine self out here. Right? First of all, it's getting over the hump of putting it out there especially you know, at my age so to speak and my place in my life because if you think about it, a lot of the folks in my position are figuring out how to wind down now they've been working you know, in I five or done something else where true or is that just something you? Have you been telling yourself? You know what I mean? Because I just wonder if that's actually true. Like do you have do you have do you have because I actually think the majority of people your age are freaking out are kind of going Oh crap. Like I don't have, I mean, I even know people who thought they were prepared for retirement and now realize that they weren't there looking at the amount of money that they have. I am there. saying to themselves. I actually have to live less because I don't have enough money. So I'm just saying that I think my personal experience is that people are freaking out at your age. They're not, they're not winding down, but that's just my opinion. Yeah, well, let me

Bill: Let me kind of clarify that winding down. Please. You know it's when I say winding down is yes, they're looking for retirement, you know. They've been in the working world for however long you know, in whatever capacity. So the winding down piece is like, you know, how do I get out of the working world? You know,

Dave: So probably not, maybe not pushing themselves as hard as maybe you are to, or getting as uncomfortable as you are, in order to do something that really is actually not harder. But there's just a little bit of uncomfortability here at the beginning. Right, right.


Bill: So that's kind of how I turned to you know, that's kind of my focus is, you know, I want to go into this, you know, this portion of my life, not having to worry. Yeah, and that's, that's that's kind of the message I keep trying to push out whether it be through the social media or my contact with others, because, you know, there's kind of two groups that I'm trying to appeal to, well, first, it's my group, you know, hey, you're trying to wind down and just like you said, you know, we're freaking out because we realized that I mean, my 401 K that I had from my own company took a 23 plus percent hit the last one, right?

Dave: All your retirement is 23%. Last, right. And here's this time that you're supposed to, and this is what I think we're what you were saying and where I think that this is marketing to show it's like society says that we're supposed to be retiring at 65 or whatever. And everybody walks around and acts like, oh, yeah, retirements coming up like this is and everybody believes that. Well, this is supposed to be when I do get to wind down and relax. This is when I should start. And so meant. Lee we're going Oh, okay. retirements going on, but but in our gut, you know, freaking out because and I'm saying I have relatives that are all in this. I have a lot of people who are a bit older than you are, but are in that place where some of them did okay. Some of them did okay for themselves, one of my uncles and aunts owned an insurance agency, but I'll tell you what, even as with an insurance agency, okay, they are not freaking out, but they're, they're not balling. Out here, throwing, wiping their butt with you know, $100 bills over here. They're there. They're there. They're selling V. They're mounting budgeting all this kind of stuff. So, yeah, and people are in the people. We have to know our audience, too. We have to know our audience and the majority of people for all of you who are sitting around on here, and who are thinking, well, there's nobody else out there who's who's kind of who's going to be interested in this message or there's nobody else out there who's the majority of people that we meet that come to our masterminds are a lot of them are our you know, people that are in their 50s 40s 50s and 60s, not people in their 20s 30s and 40s are 20s and 30s. Predominantly, there are some younger people but there's a lot of people who are older, because they realize that they don't have what they need. And so it's crazy, man, it's crazy. It's crazy. Also, when you think you have what you need and then all of a sudden stock markets go down things. I mean, look at this economy. You think anybody really has their nest egg? Do you think anybody's really feeling safe right now, with wars and dictators and pandemics and I mean, we're living in a crazy world and as a military man and survive survivalist not in the form of prepper but just in the form of a new are a man who is trained to survive it's a scary place not particularly because. I mean, if you're a young person who comes and you have plenty of time that it's so far off in the distance that you can, you just won't have to worry about it. anymore. Let me tell you something that time that day, that moment where it is a prop where it is a reality where you are worrying about it is right around the corner, right around the corner. It's a lot, right Bill? Yeah, I would say it's actually

Bill: Right now I'm going to here's why. You know, time is gonna go by faster than you really think. And before you know it, you know when you thought you like you know, I was talking about the whole Alice's promises over the last year and a half you know, don't wait start now and that you know, that's that's kind of how I try to message my you know, my stuff is is such that, you know, I'm trying to, like I said, appeal to the my group as well. Don't wait to start and it's never too late. To start. And then, you know, the younger groups out there like my sons who are, you know, just finished up their second year of college. You know, I've been talking to him about what I do, you know, but don't want to blast them with it, but they've asked questions and they know that going into the nine to five world is gonna have to support them doing additional things. So they see the world as well so that there's that group that you know, you either want to escape toxic nine to five or add something to you  know, increase your assets. So, that's kind of how I tried to set that messaging that, you know, to help you guys out so, you know, it's been a great opportunity for me, and it is for everybody, you just have to get over that fear, jump in and go. 

Dave:  This is a picture of our recent mastermind. We just got the photos back the other day. So, you know, you can see here in the picture, just the diversity of people in this community here at legendary, the age ranges, right. You know, these are the people, these are the folks that we're that we're working next to that we're marketing and communicating out there on the internet. It's real people with real life challenges, real fears, real, you know, real, real things that they've overcome to get here. I mean, people who have stories just like each one of us, you know, and, and they, you know, it's amazing when when you come and you actually look, it's not just, I mean, it's people from all walks of life who all had a similar thought, which is, I want more freedom. I want more. Basically, it's all about freedom. I mean, as a military man, I think that probably would resonate with you. Right? Yeah. But as an entrepreneur, that resonates with me as well. You know, when I speak to each person, regardless of their age, they want, they want more freedom, more freedom, freedom, meaning that I don't want somebody to tell me what to do. I don't want somebody leaning over my back. I don't want to have to answer to somebody for every little thing. I want to have some creative freedom, and I want to be able to make more money so I can spend more, you know, it all boils down to freedom. I want to transition a little bit over to your, your, your consulting client. What techniques did you learn that you use to help you close your consulting client that maybe you could share with people to give them a little bit of a different perspective on how they can use these skills and tools?

Bill: Well, you know, it kind of goes back to you know, one of the things that you say in your introductory video, you know, on our on the sales page or the landing page, right. It's you know, we're always trying to sell something, we're always selling something, and that really kind of clicked with me. You know, as I was looking through that, you know, that initial video that kind of stuck with me, as you know, as I was starting my consultancy, at the same time and so it kind of really helped that kind of clicked me into really focusing on you know, what, what's the message and the value proposition that I'm bringing to, you know, the my consultancy side of things, and you know, because you know how many business consultants are there in the world? There's millions, right? So what you know, what's gonna make me different. So that really drove the messaging portion of you know how I sell myself and then gaining clients. So, so that, you know, from the affiliate marketing side, I researched the market and took a look at, you know, who else was in the space, you know, what I was doing? And then it also helped me kind of work with a lot of folks that were currently in that space, of, you know, kind of jumping in and using that to help set things up. So a lot of the skills that I learned through, you know, even the 15 Day Challenge kind of helped set the foundation for a consultancy. Yeah, and you know, eventually you know, as part of, you know, the tools and the techniques that we have in legendary marketing for, you know, selling a digital product, or, you know, setting that up and selling it, you know, these are things that I was like, wow, these are potential opportunities that I can kind of incorporate into that consultancy going forward. So, a lot of great tools and techniques and I love the fact that it's constantly updated when I look in our back office, like I went back into it, you know, just I think last week to look at something and I was like, oh wait a minute, it's changed. And that's it. That's that's also a you know, let me let me throw out some great advertising, you know, for the program, and this is what I tell everybody, you know, and the reason why I chose legendary marketer is the fact that you guys still do it. It's not just hey, it was on a product, you know, get in, you know, Sally a couple of videos, and, you know, a couple spreadsheets, etc. It's the fact that, you know, you folks still do it. And when it doesn't work, you figure out how to make it work. And then we get the, you know, the benefit of that and I'm using that you know, as I go forward and you know, both the consultancy stuff and and the marketing as well. So, that's the main reason why I went with legendary marketing versus all the other guys out there that are, you know, putting out videos and digital products. You know, these are real people. You know, I don't drive a Lambo. I'm like, I personally don't want it, you know, that. That's not my freedom, you know? So I mean, like, Hey, I rotate built for Lambos. Why buy a $2 automobile that you can't drive faster and 75 miles without a ticket, right. Great your garage. So, I mean, if you want to drive a car fast, go to Germany and drive the autobahn. And then my wife took me to Vegas and we did the track out there where you can drive the Lambos and all that kind of stuff. It was a blast. It was a blast. We liked all the cars that were on the thing and went home and yeah, I've got the opportunity.

Dave: Renting is great. We also love to rent vacation homes. You know, instead of going and buying vacation homes, it's a novel concept. Why the hell do I want houses all over the world when quite frankly, I don't know what the heck's going to happen in that part of the world? I don't, I mean, it could be flooded, it could burn, it could be I mean, seriously. I want my investments to be compact, you know, I want them to be and I would rather be more at this stage. My investing strategy is a little bit different. We should have an entire call on investing strategies because it's, it's, you know, once you start making money, the question is, again, going back to the Cashflow Quadrant with Robert Kiyosaki and his whole thing, you know, how do you really become a true investor and make your money work for you? But again, that's a whole we could go down that rabbit hole I want to say you know, ClickFunnels just sent us this bell because of our number one affiliate status there a click funnels. Congratulations, not as a company. Just just you know, we have affiliates also who are sending you know, who are affiliates of Click Funnels and affiliates of and all these different things, but we are also doing it we are also sending our own traffic, doing our I mean, it's I've been doing this for 12 years in one way shape or form. Affiliate marketing and combining the core four is the only business model that I'll let her run for the rest of my life. I'll never do another business because there's nothing that's easier than this. There's nothing that's simpler than this. There's nothing that's more low overhead business, and there's nothing that I can make a sale for today. I can make a sale today, and I can deliver the training later. They're nothing else except, you know, I can pre launch and say, Hey, we've got these bottles coming out in a month and a lot of people do crowdfunding, right crowdfunding. So yeah, I raised $100,000 from 100 people, and now I gotta take that $100,000 And I have to go make a bunch of crap. And then I have to ship it out to those people and hope they don't get pissed off. They take so long, whereas I can go out to my email list, or I can go out to Facebook and I can run a few $100 worth of ads or whatever and I can host a webinar, or I can go live on Facebook. And I can say I'm doing a training next week where I'm going to show you XYZ it's $37 to get in by now. I'll teach you and I could make 100 sales or make two sales or five sales or 10 sales anybody? You know, I was thinking about going last night. I was thinking about the fact that every single one of us that's I mean in a country that has an economy and has stores where you can buy I'm not talking about people in third world countries, and I am sensitive to people who do not have some of the blessings or a lot of the blessings that we have in America. I am sensitive to that with saying that I am going to now say that everyone, everyone means minus the people I just said everyone has the same opportunity to go out and make money on the internet. Everyone has the same opportunity. And no one can tell me no one can tell me that any type of person makes more money than any type of person. It doesn't matter if you're white, black, Muslim, Christian, old young. It is literally because you can find your target customer and you can find people who will buy from you. You can find them and you know why else it's the playing field. It is low because all it takes is a cell phone and a laptop. Yep. You don't even have to have both really but it's nice to have both. is All it takes is those two little pieces of equipment that if you don't have it get a cell phone and a computer you need it to be a part of this world these days. A laptop and a cell phone now think back on bills. Think back a couple years ago or a couple of decades ago or whatever, and tell me honestly tell me honestly. Did everybody have the same opportunity? Was the playing field leveled? Or has the internet changed the game and are things in your opinion? Is there opportunity? It is what I'm saying. Do you agree with that statement as well? Does this have the internet and these simple business models that we figured out how to do? Have they changed the game and can you honestly look in that camera and say anybody with willingness and resourcefulness can succeed in completely building a life that is totally different than there is right now in a better way. Do you agree?

Bill: I totally agree that if you have a smartphone, you can run your entire business on that smartphone. And you know, case in point, you know, I just got back last night from a week in Maine, on vacation, where I'll tell you what, anybody that knows me knows that the cell phone connection there is rough. Like in my mom's house where we stayed you know, if I was standing on a tippy toe with my arm, you know, up in the air on top of a roof. That's how you get a connection in her house.

I was able to connect, you know, with my systems and everything I needed to do to check. Heck, I even posted a tic tock video right from our deck. Yeah. So it's, it's possible in some of those, you know, those places that you can't mention in the world and believe it or not, there's still kind of activity in parts of the world. You know, where you can reach out and touch the world from, you know, an internet connection. And that's all you need. Yeah, so you know, running it from a phone, you know, an iPad or you know, a tablet or a laptop or both whatever the technology is and connects to the internet. It's way easier now. And I remember when the internet was just taken off. Yeah, yeah. 

Dave: Back when you can go back just for a second. You remember when you joined the military and back when you were a young man, where you're not that you still wouldn't have gone to serve the same way, but just talk to us a little bit about the options, right, how how, how the and I think it was an honorable choice. And again, I'm not insinuating you wouldn't choose it again. I'm just asking where the options are a lot less than they are now. Oh, yeah. Very much. 

Bill: I mean, because I mean, when you think about the expectations back then, you know, we even talk about some of our, you know, our slight females, you know, we were screwed. The whole belief system is, you know, you go to college, you get a job, and then you go out from there, you know, millet the military was a job to some, you know, it's really a profession in my opinion. It's not a nine to five job, it's 20% that you put yourself on the line every day. But you know, to your families in that job, they're a part of that as well as that career. They are everybody's everybody's in it when you're a military, I can imagine.

Bill: So yes, the options I think we're a lot more limited back then. In the sense that the internet was in its infancy you know, back then, and you know, nobody really knew what it was like, if you had a 56k baud modem, you know, you were like, King of the Hill, you know, and but nobody had email anything was still you know, phone calls and, you know, using snail mail or not the whole nine yards. So in today's world, Holy mackerel, you know, gone from, you know, a snail to lightspeed, you know, over the past several years and you can't beat it.

Bill: So, yeah, I would definitely say the options are much better now than they were back then. I mean, because even when I was back then looking at it, you know, just outside of, you know, I go to work. I'm gonna find a corporate job. And then I'm gonna retire. Right. But our entire life yeah, like, it's just that simple.

Dave: And you're just going to, you know, so yeah, yeah, like it's just all going to fall in place. So here you are. This is going to be one of, if not my last question. Here you are. You're a retired military man. You have little experience outside of that. Right. You have a family and you're an eligible intelligent guy well experienced and now you come in and you get on in you run in and across, you know, our content and my video and our president with you know, a you're presented with an opportunity to buy some training and learn from a guy. I'm not a millet, I'm not a veteran. I'm younger than you. I'm ex homeless. I'm a recovering addict, all these kinds of things. What that screams to me is just I don't know humility. I mean, what is your mindset when you're now in this chapter of your life, and when you're going back, you're buying training, you bought our Blueprints, you're going through this training as if you are a young man going through school? I mean, how is your mindset? Can you talk to us a little bit about your mindset around investing in training, then going through that training, learning from people who may not be somebody who you ever imagined you would be working with or learning from? I don't know. Can you just talk to us a little bit about just the mindset you're in now, buying training or investing in a following lead and learning a lot of things all over again, or for the first time at this phase in your life? Yeah.

Bill: So I kind of look at it this way, when I lost my job, it was like, Jesus, I'm starting all over again. What should I do now? So there's an introspection of you know, going forward, but just pack it in now with what I gotta figure it out. Or, you know, go back to what I know the easy part. That's kind of the foundation that I use in my introductory video. You know, on the landing page, it's like, I could start all over again, I could go back to nine to five or I could make the decision or finally just do something for myself. It was kind of like a turning point. You're talking about pivoting. This is a huge pivot. Like I could go back because like if you think about it, did all of this employment No, I use some of my unemployment money every week, you know, to buy the training. You know, I'm still paying the bills and you know, making a house payment. And I'm like, okay, so I can either invest in myself finally, do it myself. Finally, finally. Right. You know, I was invested in everybody else. If you think about it, there was, you know, the United States government or country or, you know, in the corporate world in my last position.

Dave: Or my family and the neighbors family, keeping us safe, right. I mean, that was your that is your that is your job, essentially, right? I mean, in one way, you're keeping your family safe, too, but and I still do that,

Bill: You know, now it's more from a financial standpoint than it is from you know, putting myself on my mind and not letting harm come to our country. Right. So, you know, at this age, the body just doesn't recover quick enough. And you know, the body just does not heal quick enough to get back in the game, so to speak. So it's definitely time to do something different. And so it's like, Okay, now it's time to do something for myself. And like I said, I was researching the snot out of it, and you get to that analysis paralysis. just faking is like, okay, $7 is not a big, big amount of money to get into it. You know, and, you know, I studied some of the others that are in the same space as you are, and I'm like, Oh my god. How do we get past the whole scam and get rich quick and the whole thing and you know, when you said straight up this is not a get rich quick scheme. It's work and I'm okay with work. i It doesn't bother me. Getting rich quickly means you're out of a lot of money and you'll just drop it by the wayside because it's not going to get you where you want to go. Because you're not building anything long term.

Dave: And we have to really be clear about what scam is. I mean, somebody made you a promise for a product or service or something in return for your money, and they did not deliver it and in most cases, they took your money and they disappeared with it. Legendary marketer is an education company, an online school for online marketers. And if you buy the train, and you don't use it or go through it, you don't get scammed. You simply bought something that you didn't use, sort of like when you go to Walmart or wherever or wherever the hell you go and you buy a shirt and you bring it home and you don't wear it. And then six to 12 months later or whatever you give it away to Goodwill because you never wore it. You didn't get scammed. You bought something that you didn't use, and we do that every day. And that personal responsibility is something that's really difficult for a lot of us to take on. But I'll tell you, for me, the quickest and fastest thing that I always like to do in any nation is try to own a ship, try to take responsibility for things especially if I was in any way part, you know, responsible for them not going as planned. Because now I've taken away everybody's criticism. I've taken away everybody's help. Nope. Nobody can tell me because I'm owning it first. And it's it's it's it's the way of the warrior. It's the way of the entrepreneur. Then we solve problems. We are a lot like service men and women who run to problems instead of running away from them. So, Hey, brother, it's been great to chat and say your service and thanks for your wonderful story and by the way, Bill came on this morning. And just to recap, you got an email from Roxy, who is on our team and you know invites guests to come on the show. And actually because they've had success and because they've because we want to hear from them and learn from them. Right. And Bill got that email and humbly just thought that Roxy was checking in on him to make sure he was gonna be at the show watching. So he goes up, you know before, right whether you thought you were just going to be watching that is and you were okay with that. That's the best part. Right. You showed up. 

Bill:  And that’s the biggest thing. Just show up. Just show up. I mean, that's the topic of one of my TikTok videos. You know, it has nothing really to do with affiliate marketing. It just showed up. That's, that's the biggest thing right there. You know, and nobody can take that away from you. That's the opportunity.

Dave: Showing up is the majority of the battle. I mean, without a doubt, I'm coming up with all the analogies today. I can't imagine why but yeah, man, you're never going to win the battle if you don't even show up right. I mean, I mean, let's, let's take a look at the Ukraine situation. I mean, guys are going at it. I mean, they're staying there and we got Americans that are going over there too. And all kinds of from around the world are doing are going over there to help and and they're showing up but imagine, you know, before that, remember when the Taliban invaded Afghanistan recently, in 2021, they took over and what are their president do what did the President of Afghan Afghanistan do? left the country? Doors right, open the doors, he left the country, you left the country, right. And the minute that you leave, you know you give up, walk away it's you know, there's it's half the battle is just showing up, just opening the computer, just sometimes staying put. And you know what, that's what I respect so much about Zelinsky. The President of Ukraine is that I'm sure they prepared but had really no idea what was going to happen, who was going to support them what but he decided to stay and what happened inspired an entire country to stay as well. And he showed up he didn't know what was gonna happen. He didn't know the world was gonna get behind him and all this stuff. But he did and I find the same is true. It's this again, we're comparing apples to oranges. So this is in no way shape or form. It's just an analogy for the analogy purpose. But entrepreneurship uses a lot in some respects because it's sort of like we don't know what's going to happen. We don't know who's going to rally around us. Until we make the decision to stay or to show up. That's when we get to find out how great the gifts are. Our entrepreneurship is not one of those deals where you get to find out all how great the gifts are before you start. It's not that kind of deal. You don't just get to say Oh, that's awesome. Oh, yeah. No, because I know exactly what's going to happen. I have to get started. You have to shoot the show up and probably overcome a few challenges. And then the benefits are to open up and the people start to rally around you, usually your audience, your customers, people that want to and you know things start to start to happen from there. And once again to remind everybody we, as entrepreneurs working on the internet, get to do this safely from the comfort of our homes. We just sweat and tears. Usually no blood, usually no violence. We can do this safely. Also, nobody can deem non-essential. Ever again. Nobody can send you home and say you're not enough. And also, there's anything else that you want to protect yourself from, whether that be you know, viruses or whatever. Stay home for your business. Stay home and work on your business. Spend time with your family. It's a pretty good gig. It's all the things that we've always wanted, but you're right we got a suit up and showed up to get the benefits. They don't come first and then we go win suit up because we got some sort of upfront signing bonus from the NBA folks.

Bill: Okay, so like I said, you know, I got off the plane after spending a week in Maine on vacation. And I can tell you for the first time in my life that this one week of vacation didn't actually come in April. I was able to enjoy relaxing and doing whatever I wanted without worrying about, you know, a phone call. An email coming through that I had to look at and then had to act on. I actually was able to relax, because I own my own business for the first time in my adult life, and I was like, you know, it was pretty amazing. Even Even my mom you know, because we went up there to celebrate her 80th and in she even said something along the lines of You know how brighter and clearer you know, it wasn't weighed down with something back at the office or what you know, also part of that freedom, you know, well, Mama knows her boy is it home safe. He's out of traffic and all the others are at home with his family. There's no better place for a man to be. There's no better place for a man to be than at home. And that's the lie that I believed for a long time was flying all over it just letting you know traveling speaking on stages all this bullshit, man I want the money nothing. You know what, I don't even want the money. Keep the money. I just want freedom. I don't want the Lambos, I don't want the bullshit. I just want the freedom to be able to stay home and be with my family. And I want that clear. Arrested. look on my face too, man. So keep up the good work, brother. Hey, thanks for your service, man. And thanks for showing up today. Appreciate you having me on.

Dave: Buddy. We'll talk to you later. 

Bill: All right. Take care. Everybody. Bye.

Dave:  That's Bill my friends. You can follow him free from nine to five on Tiktok. He's got some affiliate marketing stuff going, sort of business consulting stuff going. Pretty cool. Pretty cool episode. Pretty cool story. A lot of nuggets in there while we can walk away and learn from on a random Thursday. I mean, if this is not, like just the coolest, most valuable information in this. Like I don't know what I mean just learning from our students and our clients that are taking the information and not doing anything with it. You know, they're not extracting translations into multiple languages. They're just, you know, reading, they're just watching and they're just doing what we say in the training. And so if you haven't taken the challenge, go ahead and get on in online builder Get started with the challenge I'm sure you already are. And if you're considering enrolling in any of our other programs, specifically our Blueprints or blueprints, flagship program, we don't have tons of you know, lots of different courses and multiple different you know, the $50,000 mastermind, that we put all of our energy into the blueprints to make it the best, most robust and often updated as needed. training curriculum that you need to be able to win and succeed in this business. The biggest challenge that we have honestly, it's just getting people to watch it to just go through it. That's it. So if you can do that, you really really have a good chance. So Alright my friends, get on out of here. Be well be Legendary. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. And thanks again to Bill, what an incredible episode.

How To Use Paid Ads To Grow Your Business


Dave:  Hey, what's going on my friends this is Dave sharp Welcome to wake up legendary. And yeah this this morning we're going to be talking about how pay the ads help this gentleman grow his business extremely fast listen a couple of housekeeping things as you're on this live if people are messaging you friend requests and you you know they are eventually going to try to pitch you some sort of something most likely be careful of that as you're watching you know as you as you come into our community or any other community online on Facebook, be careful of those people who are going to be looking to prey on naive people and pitch their wares and so forth. For the most part, ignore most people who are reaching out to you because they're looking to sell you something and you need to be focused on your business. You know, buying the right training from the right people uses your gut and then gets into action. And that's exactly what Edison did. So help me welcome Edison to the show. What's up my man? 

Edison: How's it going there, Dave? 

Dave: How's it going? It's going Excellent. My brother. Where are you calling in from? I am in upstate New York about 50 miles off of New York City. Okay, okay. I had a family that was from New York and I used to go up there every summer in New York state, New York City. But welcome, man, and tell us a little bit about who Edison is so everybody can get to know I see you have pictures back there. You must have a family, you must have a whole life. Right. And that's I think what sometimes we forget when we're dealing with people on the internet and we're talking to them and we're marketing to them is that we all have families while regular people and that's why I love to talk to people each morning. Because you know, they humanize this whole business for us. So tell us a little bit about Edison, you know who you are and how you found legendary.

Edison: Well, first of all, thanks for having me on here today because it's my privilege to be here. I've actually been here since inception, but I've been in the digital marketing realm since 1997. Before he was even called Digital Marketing. Back in the day when people didn't even know that the internet was gonna be a thing. You know, it was a fad. But you're absolutely right. Everything is about family. All these pictures here are special events we've had over the years that hang them up on the wall there to remind me of why I'm doing everything that I'm doing. I have the bar back there by the way, a mini bar. And that's so that you know, sometimes I want to forget some of the things that happened as well. So sometimes I want to remember these people, sometimes I want to forget them.

Edison: That's the tagline real life, right? But no, I've been doing this since 1997. We had a small advertising firm, my dead wife at the time. We grow it over 20-25 years. So my kids are grown now. You know, when they're both out doing their own thing. My daughter is working. She's a vet tech, very proud of her. My son is an entrepreneur, extremely proud of him. He's doing a lot of things that I didn't even imagine could be done and he's actually doing it. So it's all about getting your family through and giving them as much as he can and then teaching them exactly what it is that they need to aspire to so that they can do it themselves as well.

Dave:  So with the digital marketing experience that you have, and all the different things that you know and that you can do, what led you to legendary What were you looking for, and have you found it?

Edison: Yes, here's the thing, okay. You know, the shiny object syndrome, you go around and do all these different things. My main focus over the last 25 years or so since before 97, but I'd say 97 for the web. My main focus was helping small business owners, right. Small business owners retail locations, they need the internet more than anyone else, and they're the ones that like to find it the most right? So I found my niche with a small business owner. However, as you know, any service oriented business you're trading your time for money. So yes, I can scale up by hiring more staff. You know, the more work we get and the more staff I need and you know, scale up that way. What attracted me to the legendary pretty much any affiliate program out there is you can actually promote something and you can promote it as hard as you want or as easy as you are. And what I mean by easy is just put up a link somewhere, throw traffic to it every so often and forget that it's there. And every once in a while you get a check. I mean, like you know, I mean I don't get a physical check of course, but you know, you get to your paypal saying hey, you got a whole bunch of money here. Over the years, I've learned to do that with programs that supplement anything that I do. So my focus is my business and that's where I know, that's my bread and butter, right? That's what pays my bills. That's what pays the mortgage. That's what pays everything right. The affiliate part in my case, is that I used to call them Monopoly money. Because it's like the extra stuff that you get, you want to go on vacation and you know, they say, Hey, let me see what I can promote out there. Throw a couple of dollars in here, you know, because I do a lot of paid ads. So a couple of dollars here. Let's see if I could get a three to five return on investment and whatever we make for that amount will go on vacation as we had to actually do that with my daughter. We had to go off to spring break. And I used to say okay, whatever I sell this weekend, that's the money we're going to use to go out and to wherever we go and right. And sometimes you used to be like just 500 bucks and sometimes you'll be like, you know, not much.

Dave:  I want to I want to share something that you you shared with that you wrote into us when we asked you to come be on the show you said and I hope you don't mind me sharing this but I I think it's important because a lot of people whether you need extra play money, or in your case, when you you know Are you okay with me sharing about the divorce and what you did for your ex wife and yeah, yeah. So. So you wrote that, you know, in 2007, you were divorced and gave the company that you were just talking about and its residual income to your ex wife, and you started from scratch.

And everything was fine until the pandemic shut down 75% of your new clients and you wrote in if it wasn't that you dabbling in affiliate sales over the years, the pandemic would have wiped you out. And so you said the Commission I had built up from companies offering email marketing services hosting domain registrations online education helped me get through a very difficult time in the world. Now I'm restarting in business and it's starting to look great and I just, I just man, I thought that was really powerful. It's because Absolutely. If you want extra Monopoly money, as you said, or vacation money, but it's also we never know when something's going to hit when something and we don't know what it's going to look like. And it's last thing that we all went through was completely out of the blue. And Edison because of your previous affiliate marketing experience and the income streams that you have that carried you through and there were so many people that didn't have that. And I just wonder before we move on if you'd speak to Yeah, you talked about the vacations and all that but if you would speak to how important it is to have backup skills, savings and even income coming in because you don't like you said you didn't predict what happened, right you can you talk about that side of this business and how it's your HSS it saved my HSS as well. Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, thanks for bringing that up, because I was gonna segue into that because it's great to have monopoly money, but you need it back in 2017 You said 2007 But it's 2017.

Edison: Yeah, we built my ex wife and I built a beautiful business. We did very well. We put the kids through college, the whole nine yards. But in 2017, we divorced and one of the things that I did was I gave her all the residual income, all the hosting accounts, the websites, anything that had to do with maintenance, anything like that. That's the residual income. That's what I had been. That's what I strive to build over time. I was in a good place to do that. So you know, I handed it off to her so she didn't have to worry about paying the mortgage or taking care of the bills and all these different things. But then, because I felt that it was easier for me to start all over. When in reality, I was already making money online with the affiliate programs affiliate.

Dave:  I know we can't really talk about numbers here but it was enough that and with a proper disclaimer, which is that your Edison is about to give some numbers in no way shape or form. Should any of you take these numbers as that's exactly what we're promising that you're going to make in this business, but please give us numbers now that we've given that disclaimer. Alright, so from affiliate money at that time, I was only making about $30,000 a year, which you know, some people make that part time working somewhere. Some people make that full time. Let's be serious, but that allowed me to have a cushion, let's say so I can give away the entire company and still not be flat broke and really start from scratch. So I started a new company from scratch, which was the marketing side of things because I wasn't going to start competing against my own ex wife at the time. So I started the marketing side of it. Things were going fantastically well until 2019 with a pandemic hit. And everything just came to a screeching halt because my niche is small business owners and the small business owners, the one that suffered the most in this pandemic. I mean a lot of businesses suffered but they really, really, really suffered so about 75% of my income just went away. Again, the affiliate funds that I was getting was enough to carry me through all that so I didn't have to hit. I didn't have to go into all of my savings. Because I got into all of my savings and haven't been completely depleted if I didn't have some type of income. And you know, I still had a few clients, you know that they were you know, that survived and was still paying, you know, some bills but a failure. If you don't have a person, call it a Plan D and they call it whatever they want. I call it supplemental income, whatever you're focusing on. You have to do something to bring more money and you have to decide whether you're going to use it just to go.

Edison: You have to have something that supplements what you currently do because let's say you're working somewhere nine to five, and you're like go I mean nowadays they're hiring everybody that the writers,

Dave:  You know, I agree. I agree that if you have a nine to five, you should have you should you should be you should always be Well, I hate to say the word should. But yeah, supplemental income is an extra income side income can be helpful if you have a job. But what if you're a business owner like you are now Edison as a say you have an affiliate marketing business and you strive to do this full time can you speak a little bit to people how they start multiple things, and how having multiple things as an entrepreneur is very different than having multiple things if you still have a job, like if you still have a job and you have a side hustle or you're doing something that's that's that's very different. But if you have multiple businesses, meaning that you're trying to run an agency and do affiliate marketing you're trying to unless it's a business model that goes really close, that works really well together like the core four ways to sell information, you can sell a course and also do affiliate marketing. It's not a big deal. But I just want to make sure that that that I want to just delve into the details of what you said a little bit more, because there's a lot of new people who think Well, absolutely Edison, who's been in the business for 25 years, says I need to have lots of things going on. So as they're trying to start their affiliate marketing business. They're being marketed to a bunch of other things and before they actually have anything up and running. They don't even have the business started yet. They're in the mindset of multiple streams of income, but ain't got the first stream and if that makes sense. Can you speak to that?

Edison: Yeah, absolutely. And just to clarify everything. One of the things that helps any individual is first of all, let's differentiate two things. If you're working nine to five, and you have that job, right, once five o'clock comes around, you could show that off. Right, right. I mean, you know, you didn't have when you're an entrepreneur Dave, come on, can we really turn this off? We're constantly thinking about it, whether we're, whether we're working on it or not. We're constantly thinking of our business. Alright, so first, that's the big differentiator. So when the entrepreneur you're doing many, many things, so when you start doing the multiple streams of income, he was my secret. This is what helped me and I'm sure it can help many people. I always chose an affiliate program that's going to supplement anything that I was doing. Okay, so for instance, I offered domain registration hosting, web design, right. So what goes with all that? You need to do SEO, you need to do PPC, those are all services right? But which affiliate programs use their email marketing systems, right? So I became an affiliate for an email marketing service, right. Hosting outside of I don't have my own servers to put the company on and let them do it. So I went to a company. I became a reseller for their servers and now there is an affiliate program. Online education like this legendary marketing is one of the biggest things I loved about legends.

Dave:  It's how I became the number one affiliate of Click Funnels because we sell education about how to build internet marketing and for the past six or seven years, how many over the years we've been in business. I have been sending customers over to click funnels to get a funnel set up. And so that has made me and again, another big fat ridiculous disclaimer that this is absolutely not guaranteed for any one. But I think my affiliate income with ClickFunnels is somewhere between 30 and 40,000 a month, something like that, maybe up to 50,000 a month. I can't remember but it's literally a side income as you're talking that I was able to earn without doing any extra work because it is a what's the word Edison it is a it's like it's something that they already need in this business. Yeah. If I was a golf coach, what would I want? If I had clients coming to me 10 A day 10 A day, okay. Or five a day. I got five clients coming to me today. If I send somebody into the pro shop after a lesson and they spend $1,000 on golf equipment, do you think that the trainer out there should get a commission for sending them in and telling them everything that they need to buy? Absolutely that probably doesn't happen. But the beauty of affiliate marketing is that you get paid for everything you do and then you keep getting paid. Over and over again. It's all about getting paid per action and then getting paid basically. The beauty of affiliate marketing is you're literally splitting your profit partner with the company, you're getting 3040 50 60% of a sale, which in many cases is more than an owner. That more than the owner of the businesses a lot more. So Edison I, I'm, I'm so thankful that you brought this up that affiliate marketing doesn't just have to be a primary business. It can be something that you're using to sell your customer additional picks and shovels as they continue on their journey to mined gold in their industry. Right? Absolutely.

Edison:And this is something that I've been teaching small business owners, especially the ones with the retail locations, they don't realize they have a retail location they have foot traffic coming in every single day. And they have stuff that they don't sell, but they couldn't become an affiliate for and just have a sign there with a QR code that goes somewhere and the person buys it. That's supplemental income that is not costing them anything extra.

Dave:  Your email autoresponder series, the emails that you send that go out to somebody, you can write as many of those as you want. That's what sometimes I don't think we remember is that, you know, you can write 10 follow up emails, you can write six or you can write 600. And you can continue to find products that, you know, a lot of times it's the marketers responsibility to figure out an angle of how that product might tie in. Or sometimes you have to point out why the person might need the product. But because sometimes we don't know we need something until somebody tells us we need some bread. That's how the marketplaces work. Hello. But, you know, Edison, as soon as somebody gets on my email list, maybe I might sell them or market them my core offer initially whether it's my services, maybe it's a course, maybe it's my main affiliate offer, but they're still on my email list. And I can continue to market to them over and over and over again, while delivering value in my emails. And just making subtle recommendations for them to go grab other products. And it truly does the work once and the email, and that's the closest thing or one of the closest things that you come to true automation. It's true passive income because you did the work. Say for example, you paid the money and set up the paid ads which I'd like to transition and talk about a little bit with you. But the beauty of how you really make your money with paid ads. Is not or nowadays anyways. is not on the initial sale. All the big companies know this and all the companies that you see advertising understand this, we understand this as well. We're willing if we're selling a $7 challenge to spend 40-60 upwards of sometimes $100 for a sale for a $7 product. What the hell's wrong with your bath, Dave? Because we know what each customer is ultimately worth over, you know, a year's lifetime value. And those additional emails and stuff like that, that go out add to that lifetime value. So talk to us a little bit about that from your perspective and how you've used paid ads here with you lately to drive sales.

Edison: Well, I use a lot of paid ads for my clients and I'll give you a few examples. I have an attorney that we do content marketing for him because he needs to be in as many places as possible. And it's extremely expensive for attorneys to get high ranking on Google let's say, right, so we are doing interviews on a weekly basis posting the let's say the videos up to YouTube and posting it to his website. But then we do pay that so we send targeted traffic to those videos. So now he gets all these views and the people that are watching his videos then see that he they need his services and they go to their website we capture their email box in the follow up although you know sequence here you're gonna love it because it talks about this you're gonna like that because and then we just don't say you're gonna love this gonna say if you know someone who's in this situation has just forwarded this email to them. So pay that and email marketing. They go hand in hand like you mentioned, you have to not just throw money at sermon money or ads to go to a landing page in the funnel and that's it. You have to also capture that information so that you can do all the sequential email marketing for I have a client that we send out an email every three days for a full year. And in there, we can change the PS with what we sell the product and the PS because it's all valuable information. And the PS is what gets them all the affiliate sales and he has the grossest, his firm, they grow this audience and get some more business, his core business but then he's selling affiliate products on the back end. And again really an attorney and=

Dave: Attorney is using his selling products as an affiliate to his customer base or his audience. That's the end you've set all up is that what you're saying? Yes, the

Edison: The attorney right now is doing content marketing, right the attorney we're doing all of this with throwing money at their videos and the YouTube videos. We don't go on to the YouTube video to their website and we capture their email address, for instance. That particular client is not doing affiliate marketing. Right now. We are growing a base and one of the things who's going to do is we're going to get together with other attorneys that are not of the same discipline. That then they can do. They're gonna have a network of referrals back and forth and referral is different things. It's pretty much affiliate marketing, marketing, per se, it's not like you know, you're gonna go and sign up.

Dave: More referral marketing, but it's the same thing. It's the same thing. Affiliate marketing is you're sending somebody to a business and you get paid for the referral.

Edison: Exactly. So back in the day, we used to call it viral marketing. Now the color of affiliate marketing, you know, like digital marketing used to be online or you know, internet marketing so it's a Potato Potahto type thing. But getting back to paid ads is the fastest way you can know if something works. Okay, if you want to know that, you know that. Legendary for instance is like with legendary, I've thrown money, email, paid ads and everything else. And I learned that right, right, because what happens a lot of people throw a couple of $100 Couples of $1,000 at an ad and say, Oh my God, this didn't work. But they got a whole bunch of names right? They got maybe one or two sales, but because they didn't make enough to at least match what they spent. They think it didn't work, but they don't do the back end. Like I said before, they don't do the sequential automated, automated response emails that go out to then continue to add value to that person so they can see you or send authority and they can see you're someone who can help them because that's what we're doing. We're helping people, your educational products, or people that are looking to start an online service or an online digital service to offer their own business write their own core products. It's not just to sell Legendary, it's to learn how to use the internet to use this great divide and now we can sit on our laptops and just do it all day long. I wouldn't take it to a beach though. I wouldn't take my laptop to the beach. I guess there is sand in there. I tried but it doesn't work for me anyways, but I could take it anywhere else. Okay, I'm going on vacation to visit my daughter in Tampa and she's right by your office. I'm going to visit you if you want, by the way. And we went well, I took my laptop and I don't have to worry about work. All of my clients are 100% right now. All of my clients were pre-pandemic, I will go to my client's office and this and that. But post pandemic is also what we're doing right now.

Dave: Even if you're doing paid ads, but you set your funnel up, you set a you know, even a minimum of five to 10 emails that go out and get you started whatever you can always right I'm going to show you something here in a second. It's going to blow you all's mind in terms of I'm going to show you an affiliate marketing campaign that is going to blow your mind and in show an example of exactly what we're coming out with these email follow ups over months and even years you know but gosh, this is this is really this is really important. Because there is there's just there's so much there's so this whole business is a really simple, simple, simple simple model, that if there's only a couple of tools that you use, meaning of a funnel builder and an email auto responder, those are the only two tools that I have used in that that one needs to be successful with internet marketing. You don't need a WordPress blog, you don't need anything, everything else you can use. You don't have to own it. You can just use it, you can rent it, right you can rent the real estate, in most cases for free to set up your business which is insane to me. We can just go and set up a storefront on tick tock on Facebook on YouTube on Instagram for free. That's the free side of the business. So every so no longer does anybody and Pinterest already Carolina and Pinterest and several others Right. Or if I would have an email list we could just email out But I digress. I digress. Edison we can set up shop in any one of these. These malls tick tock instagram, youtube for free. And if so, we want to spend money. Just turbocharge we can with paid ads. And I am just having a moment right here where I'm just realizing how good this is and every single morning I love to get excited and resell myself on how good this is and how much opportunity we have in front of us. So I make sure that I keep going after it every day. And don't get complacent. I promised I would show that campaign but I just want to get over to you. If you have any thoughts on this. So we're talking about paid ads. We're talking about making those work. But we have to remember that any of us can set up an email TikTok YouTube, Facebook and have a free storefront. We can grow as big as we want in that even before we get into paid ads Edison, how different is this than when we were marketing back 10 years ago and especially how much easier is it before we even get into the paid ads conversation just with what we can all do? For low to no cost?

Edison: Oh my god. I can tell you as someone who has been around for a while. Back in the day. We used to have let's say direct marketing right? We used to have to create the postcard right then if it was just a simple postcard design it gets printed, mail it out. Wait to get a response together. Hopefully


Dave: They would have to mail a check back and then mail whatever information books, tapes, whatever. Think about that. It feels like the crud, the crotchety old man who was like, back in my day we had to walk miles both ways uphill. You kids got a good stop, complain. You know get off my grass while you're at it. So let me show that campaign. As I said, I want to show a visual of what we're talking about here with these follow ups. You know, I showed this in the blueprints, but I'm gonna give you all a little bit of a taste of what's in the blueprints if you don't own them yet. And also, if you do own them, I'm going to show you something that you may not have seen. It's in the phishing formula section where we talk about follow up. What else can I sell them for more money, okay. And this particular marketer who we found is just an affiliate marketer. I thought this was such a great example because he's not affiliated with us. He may have been a student at one time, who knows that would be cool. Maybe I learned from him I don't know or her but either way this was a this is an example he had in the blueprints and it's about a you know somebody who sells woodworking plans and as of right now, I've been on this email list let's see older than a year so I've been on it for more than a year. I've likely been on this for a cup for two or three years. Okay. He's away, as you can see, right. Okay. Oh, wait, let me go back to two bucks. So just this morning at 7:17am. And let me make this a little bit bigger. I can see. I still got an email. I subscribe to this email, literally, like two to three, maybe even four years ago, but he anyway every single day and you can look at what 26 May 20 May. Let me get out of the way so May 24, May 23, May 22 May 21. To on May 20. May 19. May. This is how you run a business. This is how you run a business right here for free. See single day and email goes out and originally the offer for the local marketer who was running paid ads and that's how I got on their email list. Originally they were selling, you know woodworking plans to build sheds and things like that and what they found is you know, should all things that might relate or be of interest because we you know, you know to people who are also interested in building and making piddling in their garages and etc. But look at all of the medicinal plants of North America, right? The most powerful remedies growing in your area. So what this marketer is assuming is that hey, maybe because this person likes to do their own piddling, they're a DIY or maybe they'll want to make their own home remedies for things growing the food are growing, you know, medicine in their yard or whatever. You know, it's like a 3d printer. What is he promoting here? Make sure you are connected to WiFi and click the link below so you can always click through. It's like a 3d printer for wood DIY and he turns a regular piece of wood into a coveted work of art see this guy has gone out and done to other and he's found them on Clickbank this offer looks like it's from Clickbank but he's found another offer that he thinks or she thinks would be relevant to the people on your email list. And, again, Edison, I've been on this list for multiple years. And here is an example of somebody who runs their business like a business takes us to really similar markets and sends an email every day even after multiple years. And I just can't imagine what this person's lifetime value is. Gotta be really high because they're doing follow up in a way that we all should be doing follow up.

Edison: Oh, absolutely on a daily basis and to send out totally there and I'm pretty sure if he goes through those emails you may find him asking for feedback. So what else interests you? You know what, what troubles or struggles or challenges you may be having? Because that's how you get more. What else to sell people. If they need something, you go out there and find it. And they'll get it and you'll make some money.

Dave: Yeah, no, it's very simple. So give us the story. It's not simple but it is simple. It's not easy, but it's simple. So let's talk a bit about low paid ads. Are you mostly doing your paid ads and comfortable on Google or Facebook? Let's jump back over there because that's titled The show here today. And let's just talk just a little bit about kind of getting a campaign set up and running and how would somebody get started? Wanted to test 2050 $100 in paid ads in your eyes.

Edison: Alright, the very first thing you have to know is you have to know first where your target market live, right? We know that Facebook and Instagram if you want you're going to advertise on the other. So if they're mostly there, and that's the right audience for you, you go there. I stick to Instagram and Google okay because Google has YouTube they have 10 different ways. I have a client tell you that he's a septic tank person. And Google has this program that you only advertise on symbols on one of these devices, right it shows up here. They click on it and they go directly to their phone and someone on the other end, of course has to answer it. And he's paying about maybe $20. Isn't that when they click on it and they get a call before every dollar and you probably get 10 of them. You've probably spoken for 100 hours to get 200 hours back in service. The lifetime value there is 6000 hours if they have a major issue when they go to know what it is. Your budget should go according to how you're selling first of all, it is simple if you want to do the simplest thing on Facebook, you just boost the net right? But when you boost the ad, you're adding a boost.

Dave: Pillar post, like from your fan page.

Edison: That's the easiest thing to do. However, it's gotten a little pricey when you start selecting demographics, you know male, female and everything else it gets a little bit pricier. However, if your message you should still target but if your message will only be read by the person who's interested in that particular thing. That's what you need to do. You need to pass your target market first, understand your avatar and understand who they are targeting. What else is done while their challenges are everything. Pros and cons of your product mostly speak about the benefits right and not the actual details but if you want to start off with a $5 a day budget, posting on a post store that will have something actionable in there. A lot of people do something that doesn't have an actionable thing because they want to get engagement and they want engagement because they want to show people that they have a lot of people following them liking different things. I do a lot of paid ads. If you go to any of my social sites, my personal ones, your posts here and there because I'm always working on paid ads. I could reach a million people with the right budget with a paid ad and have to put it organically naturally. My budget started off organically. Start off with five bucks 20 bucks a day, whatever it is, but you have to look at a number of hours. The next thing is instead of boosting and it was still on Facebook every step of boosting went into the business era where you can create all of their ads, you know That's where you start developing all of that. And that platform is always changing. My thing is I show these video videos and I tell people how to do things and then Facebook goes and changes. I'm like I'm looking for that button that is not there anymore. So become familiar with the platform. But most importantly, I'm trying to portray because that's what's important. test different ads, see how we'll go and see it. Look at it, go to your competitors, go to see which ads they're going to, just go to the Facebook library and you can find out all the ads any of your competitors are running. See wasn't bad, because they actually tell you these things. Don't copy it outright. Don't do that because that's right. Frischmann copyright infringement a lot of things you could get in trouble.

Dave: I first started running paid ads back 12 years ago, but actually use company logos and all kinds of charter infringement clinics started getting a bunch of cease and desist letters from companies. You know what I shot first. That's the important lesson from that story. I shot my shot. And I got those heads up. I got sales and I got leads and motivation and then I got in a little bit of shit because I got some cease and desist and I was like, That must be the boundary. And then I came back here and I kept going, you know what I mean? 


Edison: To answer you know what the beauty is educating people on these things now so they think thank you and I made because man I gotta put in the times myself because you and I we go out there we get things done. 

Dave: And as an entrepreneur, you gotta let go. I want to point out just real quick, you know, in our business blueprints, I have a tool with multiple post examples that I give of the easiest way exactly what you're talking about here. If we go into the business blueprint, and we go down here to the Facebook funnel, we go to the Facebook friends campaign, these campaigns a lot of stuff that details the specifics back here in this education. And for those of you who are looking at exams, will I even link to the post here? I link to a given example of the post and I like to post here. You can see that I linked to it right here on this page. Okay. But it's it's it's so that that does exactly what you are that you're describing here as well as examples of where I've run these exact campaigns. I give you the templates I give you the ad copy to post. Again, I link directly to the actual Facebook posts so you can see it. And then of course I give screenshots and stuff as well but you can see there's a similar way depending on what you're doing to do Facebook ads if you're just getting started. And I love that you brought up the boosted posts thing because on Facebook right now, if you've got a small budget to get good quality leads because you have more time than evening. spend on your business right now. Then absolutely you can boost a post tell them below, four wins and nation and you take your five you're Texas and now all of a sudden you've got all this engagement you're you create a frenzy. I give you all the company give in you can you know you can put it to action in different niches if you want. It is interchangeable but I just want to remind everybody that the exit polls and that training is right there in the blueprints and if the series is about it, then the beauty is that most of what we teach in the blueprints is free. It's organic, but there's a couple of different places that we teach running paid ads. And I just love that you brought up the sibling list kind which is also the examples that I that I have back in there in the book which just boosting a post and not even really we do teach the business management game in a day and we do teach how to run a folks in the business blueprints as a cut. But you know, a lot of times we prefer that people start out ethically and then begin to sort of use paid ads as a way to kind of boost or a way to throw gasoline on the fire. If you're a seasoned vet like Edison, and you've gone back in you know how to navigate different platforms find a good fit, but it can be a huge disservice if you're now I need to go learn everything that he knows that he's learned in his 25 year did marketing and things that I'm just that I'm not going to get. So where? What other advice have you found to be the simplest to get started with you mentioned the boosting posts. Do you want to say more about that question mentioned another one that would be really that you think is simple or simplistic to get started with?

Edison: Well Google, believe it or not has made Google Ads they've made a call when you first sign up and they're doing this right now but they're giving you like a $500 credit $500 But they've made it so that simple. They have the ad there's a little button they say advance or so and in the simplest way possible do is answer their questions. And you just follow along. And you can have either a banner advertising a search ad or a phone to phone ad. You could have a video ad that's the least expensive thing you could do right? And video ads. And you could do it through Google ads or YouTube ads as well. But I like Gary and I advertise on YouTube but through very simply I go into the non of that stuff but if you're just starting off, start off with email so you can start a brand new account. When you do that. They'll walk you through it. You want to do it, you want more reach, you want to get conversions. People call me on the phone. You want to know that whatever it is they give you the options. It's that simple. They've made it very simple.

Dave: It is that simple. But we as human beings like to talk about what is the simplest and how to do and oftentimes are afraid to go in there and take a look at somebody who's with us with a flashlight. Tell me your experience with that shit and why you think that person nowadays thinks that they need a mentor or somebody that likes to show them how to do it. I'm not trying to throw stones at you or criticize but there is a very different approach to entrepreneurship and I'd like to know your perspective. As a 25 year vet who's been you know, who's been who's who's had hardships, but that had to pick yourself up in, in literally if you don't make money, my brother, your family has how many? How do you approach things? For example, if somebody wants to run paid ads, they need to reach out to you and have you fly out to their house and sit next to them. They need to hire you for one hour of coaching. And that's that's fine. They could . It's a capitalistic world and I listen for coaching for paid ads. I'm not saying don't do that. But what I'm getting at Yeah,

Edison: I think that the word that comes to my question is really accountability. One thing that I've realized was last year, they're not suddenly going into your portal by the way, I steal stuff from what you guys are doing because you guys are just rocking. 

Dave:  So today that's what that's what people do is we go and to learn some stuff and so they learn from me but thanks for coming here because I'm learning from you and continue with accountability.

Edison: Works in a different way than a file I get into Legendary and I see that you are doing something that has to do with you know, like the blueprints okay, I love that program. I mean, if someone doesn't have it, they need to invest in it. But you take people step by step there. You can either tell someone listen, I'm going to do this thing and if I don't do it, I'm gonna look like a total fool, right and then just follow the steps in there. Or you can hire someone else to do Hey, you haven't done this. You haven't done what you say you're gonna say and then you're wasting your time on that because that's what a lot of people do. They start doing the keeping your hands busy thing, right? It's like Oh, but I read this book and I saw that video and I did that. But what have you done today to make a buck? Every single day you have to do something that gets you closer to your financial goals as possible. Right. And we talked about finances right now we're not talking about health or anything else, right? 

Edison: Exactly. And you're going towards something or away from something right? So if you have your goal, right, and you're accountable to yourself that if I'm going to make $100,000 This year, right. And what am I doing today right now? Is it taking me 100,000 hours or is it taking me away from the $100,000 is reading this book here that has nothing to do with anything that I want to get me closer? Maybe it is because you want to read something you know, like to just zone out and then you know, like disconnect from the world. That's perfectly fine. You're

Dave: Likely if you're coming through legendary and you've read Rich Dad Poor Dad, do you not need more books? Oh, it's down. Yes, absolutely right the book reading in the YouTube inspiration video watching you know, about one here in the morning to get to go and I mean we got a lot of people on our team that watch a lot of inspiration to garden. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the Endless Aisle. I'm, how's your business going? Well, I'm waiting for a book to arrive on Amazon. Yeah, I asked how your business was. How many sales did you make? Today? Wait, whoa, Amazon. I gotta get started because I wanted to get into this book and really read. You know what, what, what he thinks.

Edison: Now, we're live in that instant gratification world. It's like YouTube. is bad at the same time because YouTube you go to any video how to make money right but they tell you do XYZ but they leave out a couple of things that maybe you know you that you should have known because

Dave: Books are a great leader to their course. I mean, folks, listen, wake up. And let's really look at this from creators, not consumers. Authors are starving, struggling and broke for the most part. So what they started to do is smart nup and all the business all the marketing books, anybody who's got half a morsel of marketing DNA in their body has picked up on the fact that books you can't get rich selling a book. You can't make money selling a book. It's simply a loss leader and it's simply a question of a person as an expert these days. That's it. It's not a moneymaker. Unless you're Dwayne The Rock Johnson and you're gonna sell 20 million the first day he's probably made a few but you and I are not going to be even great authors who sell a lot of books. Don't make money, like musicians don't make money on their music. They make it on shows, they make it on deals, they make it on other things. We have to understand that even if we're going and we're reading books and getting trained up and all this, that they're likely the loss leader, the front end that's their 15 Day Challenge. And for lenders what I tell people a lot is Look we got a 15 day challenge for seven bucks and then we got the blueprints and that's it. I mean, there might be a few other one off programs somewhere we got a marketers club but we got two flagship things. There's not any upsells you're not going to be spending 30, 40, 50 Nobody's going to come to you and buy $5,000 worth of coaching from a legend. We're just not going to do it. We're just not going to do because we know that that that the end of the day you can either get results or you can have and you can read endless books in be constantly taken into other people's sales funnels, and buy their programs and enroll in their things and be a lifelong student where you can get results and I am actually thinking Edison of stripping down more and more of our education and more. Because I think the problem nowadays is not that there's not enough, it's just that there's too much information. And we overcomplicate things we refer to God about as people as a people how to figure shit out. And that you know, so what we need to do is we need to tell people and we need to get people back in that sort of mode of look I have of realizing that if somebody is for you, it's a disservice to you. The best scenario is that you learn how to do it. And you go out there and you do it and you fail or have a challenge and you come back and we reassess. We watch the tape over what we can do on blueprints, coaching calls and all these kinds of things. You're actually going out there and you're taking action. Papa Don said a couple of weeks ago on our wake up pledge scenario, if I'm not filming, if I'm not speaking somewhere or writing this is to human beings to other people, then it's likely just busy work that's not really going to bring in any money and as a real true 25 year event. Even this, every moment that we sit here on the show is out of something that we could be doing with our business. How do you protect? How do you value your time? And how do you ensure that you don't waste it on bullshit or people that don't deserve it?

Edison: Well, one of the things that I teach my students because I teach online and offline everything else. It features a weekly calendar, and then the weekly calendar. Some people can't stick to this, but I showed them how they can and this is what you do. You say Okay, first of all, what's my blueprint? What is it that I'm trying to accomplish? Right? What are the 1235 things I need to do every single day that if I do these things, I have to go out and do anything else. But if I accomplish these five things, three things attend to whatever it is. It can take five minutes, it could take five hours. But if you accomplish those things, the rest of the day is yours. What are those things? And then I say Okay, put it on a weekly calendar. And say I'm going to blog. Monday, going to research. Tuesday, I'm going to blog on Wednesday. I'm gonna video a Friday, whatever it is, but every day you have to have some type of activity that you're doing that's getting you closer to what a financial goal is. Whatever. That amount is. And then you have to monitor it. You have to look to see if what you're doing is working or is not working. But if you write it down, okay, that's the you know, the brain dump is you took everything here, you throw that piece of paper, you hang it up. I have a whiteboard right here that tells me everything I need. To do. Because I have so many projects and they say Oh, I gotta do this by this date. But if you just put a calendar a white paper, I mean like I have on my wall here I have something that is like this to this day, but get it from here on somewhere else and then just say all I need to do is this test. And it's very important. Something you just said, which is let's see if we can get from all of this information to something more concise, right? That's the key. And that's a good way to look at things because what I love about everything that's in legendary is that you have a lot of different things so I can go anywhere. But if you have let's say an area that says hey, are you a beginner, medium or advanced and then in there and then you say okay, if you're advanced, these are the actions you should start implementing right away and then just concentrate specifically on your medium. just starting out, you know what the internet is all about? This is why you're you know, this is what you're gonna do. If you may want to do that, like Netflix, for instance just start doing if you want to watch a 30 minute show 60 minutes show a 90 minute show down by how much time you have on your hands. You know and if you need to watch I love people say Don't waste your time on Netflix watching football and all that stuff but you need downtime you know you need your brain to process stuff. So yes, you still need that. So it doesn't mean you're not gonna do the things you want to do. You're in business for yourself because you want to do the things you want to do. The minute that you don't have the tower. Why are you doing all this? Why are you? You know, like going out there and getting things done. You know, it's just you have to live the lifestyle you want to read. And that's the bottom line. Accountability to yourself or to someone else. Some people it works better if you're accountable to yourself, some people a lot better if you're accountable to someone else. Okay. Some people blast something on Facebook. Well, I'm gonna do all these great cigarettes. But then they didn't do anything and then they feel terrible, right? Tell a couple people don't tell the world. And then after you accomplish it, say hey, this is what I did over the last year, you know? So it's not better to speak from accomplishment than from what you're proposing to do.

Dave: And I love this comment that was shared by Letty Letty. He said I bought the blueprints almost when I had not put them in action. It's ridiculous on my part to need to get through the trauma of intention and learn it instead of being scared of it. Hey, man, I really relate to that. Here's what I would recommend to anybody who's feeling like the information overload is hurting you. Unsubscribe from all the things that you don't want when you when you go on to Facebook if you if you want to keep Facebook in your life or on Facebook right now every time you go on to Facebook, unfollow people stop taking in stuff you don't want it when I realized that, that I can unsubscribe from all the noise the emails that I've opened in a long time. Why am I still subscribed to them because I liked them. No, it's not good enough. Now. Why do I still follow this person on Facebook? Why am I still on this platform? Why do I still look? Why do I still have this app on my phone? Why do I still take calls from this family member? I mean when we start protecting our eyes and ears. Our life changes in all this extra time and all this extra data that we have suddenly opens up. How do I know how I can still Dave you're speaking to don't like your pontificating as your way is the best. I do think this way is the best. I do think that really taking control of your time and setting clear boundaries and letting others know that you're not a real serious person. You're like cutting people off, not taking their calls, letting it go the message of closing your door at home and missing time and saying family don't come in. I mean truly protecting your time in protecting your precious brain space. Because if you've cleared all this stuff that you don't want that you're constantly taking in, that's taking up valuable brain space and energy each day. You'll have more space and the energy for these few things that you want to do are training that you want to go through and then implement. And it's a wonderful thing my friends. If you have to get extreme, get extreme. If you have to get you know, if you delete every single app off of your smartphone except I mean, if you have to leave Facebook off your phone I mean come on, get radical, get extreme about your own life. And this is what I'm yelling from the rooftops every day to people. And it's it but it's not just here. I was talking to a family member in town last night who runs a program for multiple universities. It's their legitimate college programs. It's just that colleges actually hire outside companies to come in. Which is really interesting. So her company comes in and teaches the programs and she was explaining that the same exact attitudes are present in the universe, not just here. So we as a people, we as a people. It's not just internet marketers. We are not dummies, there is not anything wrong or broken about us. All human beings struggle with the same things whether they're in college, or whether they're over here trying to learn as an entrepreneur. This solution to it is what I'm talking about. It is cutting out distractions, getting clear with how much your time is worth and setting a jury. So you have more time and space and energy to be able to actually trauma or excuse me go through the training in the information and not feel traumatized by information overload what say you Edison?

Edison: Now Absolutely 100% You have to concentrate on yourself. You have to concentrate on the things that are going to get you to where you need to go. And when you need to know only you know where you want to go and the distractions, just distractions. I use Gmail the same way you do and one of the things I have that I love on the top, he says you haven't opened this person's email in a while. Would you like to unsubscribe? Yes, they do. They're making my life even easier now. But every so often I heard I go in there and I go and see what happened. I opened it in a while. What doesn't interest me anymore and I just delete, delete, delete and then just completely unsubscribe to those.

Dave:  If you're not looking at our unsubscribe from our stuff, not sure why you would but if you're not looking at it, then unsubscribe from it. I don't. It's not gonna hurt my feelings. There's 8 billion people in the world if one or two of you or tour 1000 of you. Unsubscribe tomorrow. Yeah, you're right. I'm done with this guy. Guess what? Cool, good for you. Because you cut out something that you're not focused on. And now you can be more clear just don't put something else in that place. But gosh, listen, and I look at your space so your space looks clean. Even is this office in your home that you're sitting in?

Edison: Actually, we just sold my home. I had the whole thing after the divorce. 

Dave:  Here's where I see a clean work environment so I can see if you have an office in your house. One of the first assignments we give the blueprint business owners is clear your space clean out your because I can't you know all these things matter my workspace how many distractions are there? How do I keep my space? How do I exist? How do I keep my email inbox? If I allow clutter everywhere I look I am also going to be overwhelmed. So it is really active purging a lot of that work, of adding extra layers of skin that you don't need. So you can focus on the things that you deserve to be focused on. Not that other people want you to be focused on.

Edison: And one thing you'll know that says I'm only half the things out that that I want to focus on myself just like you said, have my family here and the pictures. I have bookshelves here. So grab one of them and refer back to it or something to that effect. I have the bar right behind me because I chat on Friday, right? I mean, just the things that I want in front of me. My desk is nice and neat sometimes because it gets a little overwhelming but then you get back to it and you say okay, I gotta stop. I gotta put everything away. I got to purge like you said and now let's, let's get going again. Because we all falter one way or another we filter. The way we stopped doing what we're supposed to be doing. We started doing other things like you said, I got rid of all these emails and I unsubscribed but now I subscribe to twice as many. Don't do that. Okay, and if you do catch yourself, all right, usually, monthly checkup or quarterly checkup, right? You change your oil in your car every three months or every whatever number of miles right in the oil. You put it in, right? Why don't you do the same thing for your brain? Okay, give it every three months. See what's going on, what's working, what's not working. If you have your goals written out and you are clear they're all right. First of all, don't change your mind on them all the time because some people don't. They know I want this for now. I want this for now. And you have to change that and try to stick with something every three months every month or every two or three months. Check to see if your

Dave: Forgot about that goal and you've done five others since then. That's a great point. I mean writing now, if you're somebody who is constantly switching gears now I really do write things down as well. I actually use even a simpler system. So it's weird. And I put them right there. I put them right there. I put them right there. I've actually got five up now and use Trello. We do use Trello as well. We use Slack but I tell you what, the real simple stuff and I love that because I get to see what if somebody who's easily distracted then absolutely writes down. What you're going to do and be focused on over the next 12 months. And then you can look back at that every day and see. Hey, doing that. Hey, Am I still on that track? I love that. You know I'm not a big right journal. But I am willing to do whatever it takes to change something. And so if I was in a position where I was constantly switching, I would totally do any and all of these things. So I want to challenge even those of you who think that some of these things are silly writing stuff down, hanging it on your lawyer. I would just challenge you to be uncomfortable and realize that your absolute best thinking got you here and that ideas are good. And that's a humbling thought. It's like my absolute best thinking got me into a situation in life than I am right now. Okay, let me be me. Let me open it up a little bit more and be open to some new ideas. And not just which is another thing that I see a lot of students do. Just constantly seek out new saviors and gurus until maybe I'm the one who treats me the way I want to be treated and tells me what I want what I want to be told and or TV is a way that I think I should be taught and what I would challenge you to do and this is what I have to somebody at the recent event asked me Dave, what are your what's your morning routine? And that's a great popular question for entrepreneurs. I said I wake up every morning. I look up at the sky and I asked the universe and God to help me not wake up today. And that's my morning routine. That's my morning routine because I get up and I have a busy brain too. And I do all the same things that everybody else does. But there's nothing I'm not willing to change. That's what is required. And you know as we wrap up and bring this in for a landing, my final words and then I'll pass it to Edison for years. For those of you who are looking to make a real change on this fight on the 27th of May 2020 to be willing to do whatever it takes to change. There's a gentleman who's BPA here, Taylor, he was an affiliate of ours, another customer of ours and marketed well. He sold his to buy training.

Do I recommend that bed? No. But he had a friend and said hey, would you be willing to or No, he's not just by training but to to invest into his business. His mother had cancer and he went on to, you know, earn money and be with her and help her and, and he sold that bet man he sold that and you know when I think about that story, that's the guy who is willing to do anything to get uncomfortable change. And none of us have to fly it but it's a little bit of uncomfortability to sit there and if we find ourselves on Facebook scrolling and say you know what? Let me let me disengage from this. This is the trance I'm in right now. And let me get back refocused and or let me spend 10 minutes just unfollowing people because I can even make a new right decision once I've just made a wrong decision if I somehow land on Facebook, scrolling or tick tock and I'm scrolling. I'm needing to say okay, I'm transient out, right. Let me get back on track and I can get back on track. You know, and so that's my that's one of the things that don't leave people with this morning is be willing to do whatever changes in Edison I know, from 25 years in this business, divorces giving all business to your ex wife to make sure that she was okay starting from scratch, building it all up, going through that what you went through with losing all your clients through the pandemic continuing to be here teaching and training. It's just another day at the office for you at this point, because you've been through it and you've seen it's not to say that you don't feel and you're not a human, but I see a man in front of me who has been through a lot of stuff and understands what it takes to get back up in keep going in the pursuit of happiness in the pursuit of of winning, for yourself for your life for your family. And so that's my message for everybody here to wrap up and thanks for being a great example of that for us this morning. What say you wrap this up and bring this plug in that's been flying for one hour. 17 minutes in for a landing.

Edison: Absolutely. First thank you for having me on today. Dave. This has been one of my pleasures. One thing I need to emphasize to everyone is you definitely need to understand that you are worth everything that is coming to you. Right so if you want 100,000 A million dollars worth it. You got to believe that you're worth it first of all, okay, once you believe that you're I can lose everything and I have lost everything on three different occasions. I know that I'm worth it and kids are worth it and my family sports, but mostly worth it and I know I can just get up tomorrow. Money Money is just an end to a means to an end. Okay? Money is just getting you to the place that you want to go. I'm all about lifestyle. How do I want to live? I'm in this place here. I love it. That's all I need. I don't need any more money. It's just gonna get more things that I can help more people. It's going to help them. I recommend helping with all these things. So that's your reason. You have to know you have to know your workday. You have to have accountability. And you have to have a plan more than anything else. A plan. You know how many people don't have a plan when the small business owners don't have a plan. That's why 80% of them fail. Okay. One of the things that they always teach small business owners have a plan, create a blueprint, something that you're going to

Dave: Plan which is what we try to work with people on as the challenge is building out that business plan. It's so funny that you say that you have a plan.

Edison: That's exactly what you're teaching people to do is exactly what people are doing. If they just follow your instructions. Legendary. That's all someone needs to succeed. Well, they have to believe that they can do it First of all, but then follow them and know that you can do it. That's what I'm gonna leave everyone with right now.

Dave: Yeah, it's true, man just following the following instructions. I'm not good at that either. It's why I didn't do well in school but you know, entrepreneurs allowed me to follow a few instructions. Go out there screwed up a little bit you know, kind of have my fun and come back and and not you know, don't get kicked out of school. I don't get you know, I don't I just I get to come back and do it again tomorrow here in business and that's what I love about this. Thanks for the conversation. And you know everybody, follow and connect with Edison on Facebook there. And we'll talk to you later brother. Come back here for another follow up okay with you if you have time.

Edison: Absolutely. Well, thanks for having me on Dave.

Dave: Keep up the good work, brother. Samia. All right, Brian. There it is. happened Friday. We went way over today. Thanks for those of you who are still on. Yeah, really good stuff and get out here. Have a fantastic Friday. Do something really do something really powerful for yourself and your business status? And yes, decluttering your brain month is everything it really is. Jim. You all have a great day. Have a great weekend. We'll see you back here on Monday for another episode of Wake Up Legendary. Peace.

One Easy Way To Find Your Target Customer

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends this is your boy Dave Sharpe. And today we are going to talk to a stay at home mom who wants a way out of the middle class cycle. I wonder why she wants out of the middle class cycle. I thought that was the American dream. Emily, welcome to the show

Emily:  Good morning. Thanks for having me.

Dave:  You're welcome. Where are you calling? In from?

Emily:  I'm in West Michigan, the Lakeshore Michigan outside Grand Rapids.

Dave:  I gotcha. Well, that's great. We love our Michiganders.

Emily:  Yeah, Michigan, the end. I mean, we love it here but we really like warmer states better. like to travel the Florida

Dave:  Yeah, I am saying that we love our Michiganers as I'm sitting here and you know, the Florida sunshine down here. So come on down. So some of it. We just had a mastermind in Florida and I think everybody would agree that the Florida sunshine is worth the travel

Emily:  weeks, beginning of this year just because my husband does concrete so it's slow. And we have family down there. And I don't know why anyone chooses to live anywhere cold.

Dave:  So tell us why you want out of the middle class cycle. In explaining to us what that is, what that means to us specifically. I mean to most people that sounds the same as the American dream. You tell us. Tell us your take on that and what sort of led you to legendary?

Emily:  Well, I feel like me and my husband I've kind of always done everything right. My husband is a veteran. He was in the Marine Corps. He got out

Dave: Thank Your family for your service. 

Emily:  I will tell him he got out and he tried college. And to be honest, I mean, the view on veterans nowadays and I'm just like, No respect, and he was like I don't think anyone has ever worked here. You know, I've worked since I was 12. And he was like, I just can't do this. So he started concrete, which is hard work. He was working 80 hours a week. I went to college and got a degree. I'm a recreational therapist. I work with kids. They have severe disabilities in the pool. And yeah, we just weren't, we both got great jobs. And yet somehow it was still tight all the time. No one ever told you that they're like, get a job. Great. In reality, it's like, yeah, are we blessed? I mean, I'm never gonna not be thankful. But when you're stressed constantly about making ends meet when you're doing all the right things, something feels wrong.

Dave:  Yeah. There's nothing noble about being poor. And our morals are poor. And I love that coming from somebody who has, I mean, look, it's it's it's like, you know, sometimes I also look at my children. And I look at, I look around and I say, I'm grateful. I'm grateful for what I have. If I had no money, zero money. I'm grateful for what I have. But there's nothing wrong. There's nothing we have to break this stigma of poverty Being noble, you know, like in I think I even see it when I get to give somebody a tip and they don't want it. They don't take it. Now, that doesn't happen a lot. But, you know, it's almost like well, I can't accept that. I don't know if it doesn't sound like you guys had that issue. And that's why I'm pointed out because your husband came out, he got a job. He looked around, he said, I'm not going to stick around in this forever. And if you have stuck around in a job forever, doesn't mean you're a bad person doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. But he went out and started his entrepreneurial journey. Yeah, so like in you know, you're doing one a week you're at home mom a little bit of your entrepreneurial journey because you also want to contribute and be a part of how just taking care of the kids right mom but also contributing, being productive. My wife's like that as well. And helping out with income and do you will do anything you got to do for your home and for your family. Right?

Emily:  Yeah, that is very true. I mean, it really started for us kind of during COVID Because my husband was not essential. And so he and I were stuck at home for eight weeks and for us, it felt like we didn't have any control. And I've worked since I was 12 years old. My husband always worked. And I was like, This is crazy. Like there's no way that we both are home now. 90 We like being home and we're kind of like how do we make money and be able to like, exactly, Well and then I found that was just like, honestly, when I saw legendary, I kind of started under the guise of like, Oh, I know the power of the email list. I should do this for his company. And then realistically, it was like, No, I want to do this for myself. And I see the value in this so let's just go for it.

Dave:  Yeah, so what, what , how is your physical therapist kind of the category right even though you have a nice specialty with disabled children, you work with them in the pool, your physical therapist, right?

Emily:  Recreational therapists

Dave:  Okay, what is it okay for a professional like yourself for any other professional out there to come into the online world? Is that okay? I think a lot of people feel like I'm going into some dark world and you know, I'm going from what I'm supposed to be doing over here, which is following my path and keeping my job and even if I keep my job and I'm still doing this over here, is this over here? Okay, this internet marketing stuff. Is it weird or is it a scam? In my opinion, like, understand, can you Yeah, people who also are professionals, or who may be wary that oh, gosh, now I'm going over into no man's land over here on the internet and I'm venturing into it almost like we're going into some sort of a bad neighborhood or doing something wrong. Can you show how you can talk about how you view internet marketing? Is it something that is a legitimate career for you now? Do you see it being an actual career path, or is it just a hobby? Talk to us a little bit about from a professionals perspective, doing something like this?

Emily:  Yeah, I mean, I think the biggest thing for me is that I perform better now. Doing something where I am passionate about where I feel like is my own thing. I was nervous at first, but honestly, I feel like yes, that the online world is very different from being in my practice with my clients. But I also feel like there is this connection piece, being a professional and being someone like that who wants to connect with other people. I didn't think I was gonna get that online. But I do feel like I am vulnerable. And that's one of my biggest things is I put it all out there and you find people that completely relate to that and want the same things. And honestly everything that I do, I can move that into my profession, it kind of goes back and forth, if that makes sense. Like I do better at my job now. I have something where I feel confident, and I feel passionate about and you lose that sometimes your profession and to know like, okay, like I can feel good about something again, and that's really exciting. And that makes everything else more exciting.

Dave:  I really do understand that. Also, I would imagine it'd be hard for me to sell information if I can push that aggressively. You know what I mean? But man marketing to parents, families with disabled children, I don't know if they reach out to you or you reach but that's like how you got to sensitively grow that business. You've got to and so I can imagine having an extra income would help me be more present with those clients because they're not my only source of income. And I'm not solely relying on that work to pay my bills, that's just something that I'm guessing, does that ever come up? This work becomes more passionate or with your clients. It's not about the money whereas over here, you will either already be or you see in the near future with your online business, being able to replace income and make obviously even more and then you get to decide do I still want to work with my clients that I've worked with in the pool? And if so, now, I would imagine your two are either there or fantasizing about the day that you really can. You really can run that recreational therapist business light you want to run it and or scale it or grow it or do something else but it's not. The other problem with being a female we all read about it and being a social person is the challenge with that is still if you don't show up and do a lesson you don't get paid. So you may own the business you may own whatever you are Doctor therapists incorporated or whatever. But if you don't show up and do a session, you don't get paid. And that is the other very big difference. It's the difference. Your husband may be running into that challenge. It's kind of like how he gets himself off the job. So the internet is also in the business models we teach are really, really fairly quick to get into a position where they run 24/7. And they are , they're making things happen even when you're not standing over them which does not exist in your recreational business. Even when you're planning to take emails, all that kind of stuff. You're not getting paid, you only get paid for the time in the pool, right or at the employment 100%.

Emily:  And to be honest, I work with busy families. And I also work with kids that get sick very often. And so my whole thing has changed dramatically. But that's exactly why I can only see so many clients in a day. And I can only do so many sessions in a week and a month and to be honest. And now where I've kind of moved to as the clients that I've kept I've had for years and years and years since they were two years old. But other than that, when you are constantly feeling like you're trying to die, right? And you're in a job where you are giving so much of yourself. I mean, truly I connect when I'm in a session with a kid I have to be fully there. It's hard. When you are wondering about like, what, what are we going to pay tomorrow or I need more clients paying like, right now I come home and I've tried to show this a lot because I think this is a big thing with affiliate marketing and just online marketing is I fill it in my little gaps throughout the day. And something you can't do with anything else because if you're doing that with other jobs, a lot of times you're like, forget where you're at or it takes you another extra hour to remember where you're at start again with this. It's running, I can check in. I can do something for 10 minutes, I can come back to it. My clients, I can't do that. I was there for an hour. Nothing else can happen. And so I really found that yeah, it completely is passion work. For me, but that does not pay off and will I ever leave that no because I love it. But something's got to shift there for me. And you're doing something about it kind of showed me that I can work with a lot of kids but I can only see so many in a day but it really opened my eyes like whoa, there are kids all over the country, that there's this online space that is there. 24/7 And if you really work hard, you can make it work in any setting. Really. I've kind of started even just starting with you guys thinking about different things like when wheels are turning in like we're here in here. This kind of like just the logistics of how you can make this work in any setting. 

Dave:  You know it's it's even as a recreational therapist. Did you use any digital tools for them to watch or use when they were home or anything else before?

Emily:  Yes, so a lot of my kids are actually nonverbal and do not have fine motor movement. So they are pretty much that bound. And since obviously COVID happens we kind of go in there. So I started I was one of the only therapists in Michigan that did this, but I started creating videos and I would put on YouTube and they would be like guide videos. And a lot of parents were like, can you please send this to someone who sells my friend who has a son at home? Can you please send that and so really, I wasn't getting paid, but I was working a lot because I was creating a lot of videos. And that kind of piqued my interest of like, okay, like we need to be prepared for the future or there's a lot of kids that are home where I can get to the masses by doing online. You know, kids that aren't getting reached.

Dave:  Yeah. And that's that's where I was going and you know, just just even if you know, even if it's not, even if you're just testing it first and that really is what everything is is just testing by the way. None of us know how anything's going to turn out when we try a marketing test. Just so all of you know. Yeah, so everything's a test. But even if you took videos and just began to build a YouTube channel or or you know even a membership site, because that would really know and, and now all of a sudden, for you know, there's just so many different things you could do. Obviously you could offer it for free if your other business is taking off or you could there's so many different things you can do. We're not here to brainstorm that but I just love that I just love that is is something that even that fits into this we can apply these skills sure you want to take off with affiliate marketing sure you want to grow that and there's so many things that you probably see you can do but just over here with your existing business almost every existing business job or knowledge that you have can be packaged and sold, packaged and marketed, packaged and offered for free as a lead magnet or free giveaway for something that you are selling and every industry every profession has that every category in which knowledge is required or needed. Whether it's I love this recreational therapy for disabled children, get out of here. I mean talk about a niche under a niche under a niche that is perfect. In your husband with his Congress. I mean there's so many youths nowadays, people are, you know, before they call a local business before they call Mr. Local concrete or plumber. They actually go a lot of them anyways go on to Google, first of all, and they do their own research, and they see who's around town that's worth given a call to and a lot of them will also go on to YouTube and they'll do their own research in Oh What if a client in your neighbor or in your town came across your video on YouTube? Because so even these these skills apply to every profession, they they restaurant, every contractor should be building an email list and not getting

Emily:  That final. Like I got that started and I started to learn that and I actually implemented it first with my husband's business. Yeah, that's awesome because I'll just like to send out, you know, emails like keeping them on the email list. And I think this is a big thing for like being a part of legendary too. Like, I don't remember who said it. But like if you're in someone's email list a year down the road, they might be like, hey, like worth I remember that email that I got about making money online. They're gonna go there to look at that first. And so I find that really interesting. And we've had that too with the brick and mortar with the concrete. And I think it's important to like the topic that you touched on like niching down. I think people get really afraid of that. And I was afraid of that at first like, am I going to be too specific when I started? I've just felt like the more that you niche down. Like the more you find your target audience to sell one brand because you can go live all you want if you're full of people that really are not there for that. You're honestly hurting yourself because then you're not getting any, you're not getting any audience to respond to you. So I just like to think that a really important point is don't be afraid to hone in on who you are. Who was that target person because I was my target person.

Dave:  So when you're when you're creating content in your you're working in the make money online niche right now, creating and creating content about big financially free making more money, you know, how, you know being poor is not noble, a lot of things that we've been talking about, you know, just financial literacy, education, you know, different different making money online ideas, and and how are what are some examples of you niching down or being specific on that channel or on that page? Is there a specific type of person that you're talking to? What type of stories are you telling? Are you telling stories that are going to attract a specific type of person?

Emily:  Yeah, I mean, also, when I first started, I thought it was kind of easy for me to be like, Okay, what videos are out there and you can make money remotely that I could try to do and figure out and try it on my own. Make cells. I had one I was struggling to get 100 followers on Tiktok. And I'm one video that's now sitting close to 500,000, which was wild. And what I realized from that though, is those are not my target people. So I took a step back and I was like as much as you want this to be a sprint, it's a marathon. And no matter if you have 100 viewers or 100,000 Viewers, you will need those to be specific. So I said who is your target audience? I am a man who wants to be at home but needs extra income. And it's so taboo to talk about. And I make people so uncomfortable with it sometimes, like, yeah, man, like we struggled this past month, it saw and people are like, whoa, we aren't like that. And I'm like okay, well 99% Of America is so yeah. So really just being open and honest and vulnerable and sharing that online. Really, I think it resonated with people saying like, it's okay, like, it's hard sometimes to pay XY and Z or we can't go on vacations. You know, we can go on vacations. We have also during COVID Our daughter got a medical diagnosis and we do MRIs every three months and I'm a blue collar. Medical insurance plan. That's very expensive. 10s of 1000s of dollars. And I think that resonates with people's medical insurance, health insurance, medical bills. Everyone deals with that. And why. So I think really hitting the pain points as we've talked about before, but not just saying pain points relating to your worry. And then also I found like, showing the hopeful side of it to showing the positive. I've been in this for less than two months and I feel like I'm doing pretty good with it. But sharing like, hey, we just went and loaded up at Costco because of this side hustle. The little things like narcotics driving it, which hopefully I'll have that to share. But literally being like I can go to Costco I can go on a date night with my husband because of this opportunity. I think that's what people want to see.

Dave:  That's what people relate to. And I've been saying that and also practicing that now for several years. As I sit in front of this camera with a very blank wall behind me and very, I mean pictures are sitting on the floor. It's just very because it doesn't matter. Nobody gives a shit. Nobody cares, cares. People care that you're here every day. People care about what you have to say. But they don't care where you say it from. They don't even care how I mean your delivery but like they don't care about much else. The more the more real it is, the more relatable it is. One of my favorite stories was a pair of brothers who made money and took their parents out to dinner. Everybody's always looking at the one of the biggest, one of the biggest mindset, you know, challenges and you could call it limiting beliefs, but I think it's just that people don't know how to get around it. Especially if you're in the make money online space, right? Or you're calling into a niche for the very first time and you don't have results in that niche. How do you position yourself as somebody worthy of listening to? You've given us some context there and talked to us a little bit about how you do it. But say more about that specifically and what would you say to people did you struggle with that? Do you still have that thought in your head or have you completely as you just described found a way of viewing this I found a strategy, a messaging strategy and a content strategy that allows you to talk about your real life without feeling inauthentic, but a lot of people feel like they need to have big results or some results making money etc. Before they can work inside of this niche and spin talk about financial literacy and talk about the topics and promote these products

Emily:  That at the beginning to because I'm gonna be authentic and I'm not gonna lie and I'm not gonna say things that are not truthful, you know? And so I was like, I just wonder like, No, you see that is out there that makes people skeptical on anything out there. And I really went into it saying like, I'm gonna be honest, this is what I want. I've never been bold enough to say this is what I want this month. I want it four figure month for me. And that that for me was a big thing and I don't think people want to say that because they're like, Well, what if it doesn't happen? You're right. If it doesn't happen, I will be transparent in the next video take guess what, then I happen this month gonna happen maximum. So I think that's really important. And I I really think too, there's so much to talk about. Honestly I talked about like what would it look like to stay in the life that I'm in now? Well, that medical debt is drowning. You know, it feels like you're drowning. I want to be able to go get a second opinion for my daughter. So it's like I talked, I talked about what, what would change in our life. If we are able to become financially free. So budgeting and how important that is, no matter how much money you have, you don't budget you're not going to do anything with it anyways. So I think that's important. Another thing to do is I just think the knowledge piece of it. Now someone asked me one of my like, is this recession proof and things like that and I'm like, education is actually the one of the number one recession proof things and on providing you as a way to become more educated. Well,

Dave:  I don't know. What's recession proof, folks? Because yeah, sure. This is going to be a question that's going to start coming up. We've got a lot of these are all just excuses. Usually and this is one of the things that we have to be honest with people about is that you can come up with any excuse that you want about your limitations or the world around you and how it's not going to be possible for you to do something because of whatever is happening but there are people still making and shipping shit out of Ukraine. Okay, and they're in the middle of war. So I'm going to tell you something on planet Earth. Anything is possible. You know? Yeah, you know, I love that attitude. It's just kind of like, you know, I'm going to tell you what I'm working for. I'm going to tell you what my goals are. And I'll be transparent whether I hit them or not. I saw this just in a completely different niche. One of my buddies or somebody who I've become friends with online, started a clothing brand, real nice, high end stuff. He lives in LA. He's got experience doing it and he's rich. He's a guy who's designed a lot of jewelry and a lot of clothing. He's rich. And he did. He did a one year anniversary hoodie drop, and he had 200 to sell that were 500 apiece. Alright $500 For this hoodie, it was a nice hoodie and high end. You know, he's trying to go into Gucci, you know, sort of realm, you know, but anyways, he's got a big following on Instagram. I mean, he was even going to give away a Rolex right if he sold all 200 and like me, I don't need another watch like honestly, I've had an addiction to watch it for a long time. I don't need another watch. I was like, oh shit, maybe I'll win the watch. You know what I mean? Like if he sells out all 200 Shit, I'm I got a chance to win the watch. Right? That's pretty cool. Half a percentage chance. Right. And you know what? He even extended the contest even to an extent because he didn't sell out. within 24 hours. He extended the contest to 48 hours to sell out. Guess what? He still didn't sell out of all words that this happened right on his Instagram right in front of the public. And you know what he did? He just shifted once again and said, Hey, sell out. I'm gonna give the Rolex to every single person that bought a hoodie. I'm gonna do a Rolex giveaway at the end of the year. So I'm still giving this watch away, but I'm gonna move it to the end of the year. And he just adjusted. He was just honest. He said I didn't sell out. It wasn't a big deal. He adjusted and said I'm gonna give the watch away. Every order is a submission and I'll draw a winner at the end of the year. And it just dusted. He just didn't hit his goal. But I still the way I looked at it as somebody who is watching total consumers, total onlooker. said this guy's got to call homeowners. This guy's awesome. audits is what I was saying, this guy's not bullshitting because I know if he tells me he didn't hit his goal. This is a straight up guy. And I actually really appreciated that.

Emily:  I actually like a lot of my comments that people are like, you know, people want a kind of whatever they want. And before I let that bother me, but I've kind of said well, no one's paying my own bills. And I'm just gonna keep you know, I'm committed to this. And honestly, every time that I directly respond, whether it's a video, and I said, Hey, you know, like, what have you tried it and has it not worked? Do you feel like you know, every single time the response is always Hey, thanks for responding. Yeah, that's exactly what I meant or not. A 10 response is like, hey, you know, I appreciate you actually like hitting that hat on. And it's like, it takes that like, No, someone said something. Now I don't feel that because when I see that I'm like, okay, like they want to know more about it or they're skeptical. Answering that was hard at the beginning for me, but now it was like, be super honest about it and realize the response is way better when you do that. I encourage

Dave:  Well look at how athletes after a game loss, like you can learn a lot from press conferences. Like what is the right way, what are some of the things you can say in attitudes you can have if you fail, that still get people rooting for you. And I want to break it down so everybody knows what I'm talking about. Watch the NBA playoffs are happening right now. Watch the press conferences because they're little mini bite sized pieces of content. And what you'll see in the plays of the losing team is you'll see a lot of humility. You'll just see we didn't do a good enough job. We just could have done better, we didn't do well enough. They don't get up there and try to hide in bullshit. They just say we didn't do a good enough job. We didn't hit our goal. We need to do better tomorrow. We're going to do better. This is not you know this is not good enough that I'm not happy with this. But we didn't, we didn't win. We didn't win. They outplayed us and we need to come back with more attitude tomorrow if we want to beat this team. It's not a Yeah, we still won't, we didn't win. We still played well, didn't we? We mean come on. Like Didn't you see that dunk?” There's none of that defensiveness like let's know they just deal with our humbleness in their own way what happened in the game and just have a, you know, a good attitude about moving forward. And as entrepreneurs we can view ourselves as professional athletes of entrepreneurship and it's okay to get out there on the field and go and set goals and talk about goals and anything people want to see. I mean, we are the Olympians of life. We're the entrepreneurs. We're the people that are going out there taking the risk putting our money on the line, putting our children in harm's way seriously when we go out there and we put ourselves out there on the internet for everybody to see. That's putting it on the line in people, people like that people want to see that we are the Olympians. It's okay to go out there for all of us and leave it on the field. And then in the press conference after if we didn't hit our goal, talk about it, own it. People don't care about the goal. They just want to watch the game you agree

Emily:  I get a lot of people who are like they don't want you to know everything. I'll be honest, like I get emails sometimes. And I'm like, I don't know the answer to that. Let me check with some other people and I'll get back to you. And that always too is really respectful to me, I use the Facebook page. I've been using that a lot lately. Like hey, does anyone know the answer to this and it is just because I don't want to give them BS. I want them to know that oh, no, you have a question. I don't know it but I'll figure it out for you. And I think that more encouragement to as I'm like, oh well she could figure it out. I can probably figure it out too.

Dave:  I love saying I don't know when I love I love I love Well, I mean it's the most it's the it's the most it's a tool in your toolbox. You know it's a tool in your toolbox. It's that no one should feel pressure to ever talk to another human being that you ever need to perform. Or you ever need to have the answer for somebody. I mean, this is something that we just weren't taught enough in school about self esteem and about, you know, we all grew up with a lot of kind of previous generations that's just like, you know, how to fake it till you make it and I think a lot of them were surviving, you know, but now we know that we're mostly safe unless a crazy dictator invades our country. And we don't have to, we don't have to be so afraid of people. If they ask us a question, and we don't know the answer. One of those knowable and probably the thing that is going to get them to buy from you, is for you to just be unbelievably honest, you should always be honest. And just say exactly what you just did, Emily, I don't know. And the reason why I love I don't know is because I don't want a single person to look at me as I have all the answers. That's way too much pressure. I want to get on the internet. I want to clown around a little bit. I want to create a little content. I want to do my best. But I don't want to make it seem as if I have all the answers. I want to empower people and instill confidence for them to buy the product. The other big tip here for marketers is the product has to have all the answers. So if you're constantly creating content that's like I have all the answers in trying to position yourself as the person with all the answers, well, why the hell do they need to buy the product? So needs to be the thing with the answers. And we ask if we're doing affiliate marketing, or even if we're creating our own course we need to basically in a respectful way say those answers are in the training that's why I create that's why it's created and I'm so I had a guy that I really liked. Maybe he's watching this he emailed me the other day because he was on wakeup legendary he asked for a phone call. And as much as I want to talk to people, and as much as I want to please this particular person, I have to guard my time. And I have to say I prefer email or what is the call about and I can prepare for it. But I don't have time to just jump on the phone for 20 minutes anytime throughout the day because I have a kid family. Yeah. So what's coming up for you as I as I say the the is I talked about this and it's just kind of piggybacking on what you've already said. But not needing to know the answers and pointing towards the training, or even a sales video or webinar or whatever you're promoting to sell the product point towards that for this thing with the answers. Never yourself it's no fun to be the expert of experts, because then you also put pressure on yourself that you can never fail. Do you agree with what I'm saying? And

Emily:  yeah, I'm for that as someone asked me the other day, well, how did you get your systems running? And I was like, well, I guess I could go like I know there's a bunch of YouTube videos telling you exactly how to do a Weber ClickFunnels. I'm not there yet, because I don't have that time commitment yet to learn it fully other than what I learned through the course. So mine was very

Dave:  No need anymore. I've not learned it any more than what's in the car seat or I don't know all the little bells and whistles on the damn thing. I mean, to be honest,

Emily:  In my video I was literally like, I don't have time and I don't. I don't know what to tell you. I haven't taken the course because that's the only way that I know how to do it. And she literally messaged me the day after she's like, You're so right. I've been asking numerous people to explain to me how to do it. She was like, why don't I just take the course and I don't really know how to do it. I'm like, yeah, it's copy paste. And she was like, why do we make life so much harder? I'm like, Oh, I don't know. I've been trying. The more people I meet, the more people that I see. I

Dave:  asked him What did you do? What did you do? Didn't Matt have a secret call with you and reach out and do everything for you? Did he fly out to you, did I and I don't know about it. What did you have? And they just say you know what? No, I just went through the training. And I just learned it for myself. Now I just learned it on my own because I don't know if Tom Dick or Harry over here that I met in the Facebook group actually has my best intentions in mind. I mean, so did you buy a truck? Are you buying training from me? Or are you buying training from Tom, Dick or Harry that you met in our Facebook group who's been going to try to pitch you some $5,000 coaching program that you don't need? Folks by the training go through the training. There's no secrets except this one ready? After I rewrite?

Here's the secret of people who are succeeding, simply went through the training and the people who are struggling or lost. Some of them even bought the training. But here's the key. Wait for it. It didn't go through. They didn't go through it. And I know that because I know I'm harping on this and I'm gonna let it go eventually. Maybe maybe not. But we got a mastermind in Orlando. And every single person who is lost in the room on the blueprints hadn't gone through and I'm telling you that you know, it's like it's like your goals. You know, the things that you want to achieve are on the other side of just a little bit of focus and a little bit of effort and instead it is so hard to constantly be asking a bunch of people how to do something. It's not the way it's not the way when I need a contractor when I need somebody in life. I don't go on Facebook because nobody knows because they're all going to send me their brothers, brother's wife's nephew who's going to come over like Beverly Hillbillies. I mean, I do my own research. Yeah, I want to talk to people. I want them to come to my house. So folks, if you want to be successful, you have to take just that shit in your life and do it yourself. Stop trying to get somebody else to do it for you. And you're right Emily, that is one of the most common things that I see too, is just people trying to get somebody else to do it for them. And there's also this big, false belief that in order to be successful, you need a mentor. And I'm going to tell you something. There's a difference. Between a direct and an indirect mentor in all my life to get to where I got I use indirect mentors, meaning that I watched videos and I listened to tapes and audios and CDs. I did not have direct access to high level people. Sit down and show me anything. It is possible. You all do not need to go hire an additional coach who you pay 1000s of dollars to set shit up for you. Yes, you won't need to do it. You want to know how to do this correctly. You can afford the blueprints and get them and go through them. If you can't, then you know what Guess what? You're stuck in a situation where you need to figure it out and be resourceful. You don't have the resources and you know what somebody needs to say that somebody needs to say that in this industry, that it's not just come in and it's all we'll do it all for you and you just need the right mentor and all this because this is all the stuff and look I'm not saying that we don't we can't use each other as long distance mentors and we can't learn from each other. But stop making people your gurus and expecting that if you find the perfect person. They're going to help you set it up perfectly, and launch you into the stratosphere that they're going to take your money in. Do it yourself, get educated. Go through the training, hear it with your own ears in your own eyes. Because here's the other thing that happens to Emily, when it gets when it goes through somebody else. They always screw it up, sit in a circle and whisper something in somebody's ears and see what it comes back to you as with just four or five people in the circle. It always gets no water now or changes once it goes through other people. That's gonna say to

Emily:  remember that you can go back you always have it like I would sit there sometimes like so frustrated because I was not getting like one thing working right? And I would just get so frustrated that I go back and watch one little piece of video and I was like they tell you how to do it, right. They're like, Why was I so like, No, I soaked all that in. You're not gonna soak it all in. Like that's why you have it. So it's like really going through all of that stuff as much as you need it. That's your answer. When you ask someone else to give your answers. Take the time to go through the information again.

Dave:  If I came on this live stream every morning and I was like, oh, buy my crypto course or I was like oh, buy my course or whatever. Or buy my gambling course. I'm gonna show you how to count cards and when I look I'm the worst at those things. I would lose all your money gambling crypto with a pink all the wrong pics burn your dinner. There's like one or two things that I know how to do really well. One of them's market online specifically with affiliate marketing and that course has hundreds of millions of dollars in sales worth of strategies, copy examples, funnel examples, exactly how I view and think and there's a difference between people who can do and people who can also do and teach all of you if you've bought that course and you haven't gone through it, you're doing yourself a disservice. And if you're on the fence, consider it. You know you hear it every morning and there's such a common question. Did she buy the blueprints? Yeah, you know, these every person that I talked to who has the resources and who wants to be serious about this has bought the blueprints and they've likely bought other stuff as well. It's not just you know, these are people that are constantly investing in their education themselves because they realize to get out of the place they're in. They need new knowledge and new skills.

Emily:  Yeah, I agree with that. I mean, I think once you really get into it, and you're excited about it, like I'm already like, what's the next event and just because I enjoy it, I thoroughly enjoy it and I relate with a lot of people that are doing it and for me, it's like it's a long game. It's not a short games, like you know there are so many opportunities to keep learning and to keep growing and I'm not going to grow unless I learn and really do the work myself and I've seen that a ton like just all around work on every aspect of it and it will grow it is a marathon it's not a sprint.

Dave:  This is so true. Fall in love with the process, you know fall in love with the process. I said that yesterday fall in love with the process because if you think about Michael Jordan, or any of these other athletes and they miss the game, that's why they went back and and there's something special about being in this game and you know what I'm talking about you You're, you're in business, there's a certain excitement about it, you're getting engagement, we're opting in they're buying you. You can feel that you're on the brink of something big with this business as you're growing. It and it's kind of picking up steam. It's exciting. So if it's not exciting to you and you're sitting on the sidelines, we understand why it's not exciting. Not as exciting on the sidelines, as it is on the field in the game. So get in the game. Emily thanks for your time. I know your kids are at your neighbors or whatever. So I want to be respectful of your time. And hopefully this was worth your time today. I know it was certainly worth our time. All right, well tell your husband we also said hello and you guys keep up the great work and we'll see you in Florida sometime soon. Okay,

Emily:  definitely. Thank you so much. Alright, see Emily.

Dave:  All right, my friends. Go and follow Emily on TikTok at AM. Em the DMMM the ANTHEM the DMM and then she's in the affiliate over on and that's just her That's just her her. Her hands are her you know what you type in Instagram and Tiktok you know what the hell up talking about? Christmas sites. All right, my friends. You guys have fantastic goals. dogs cats in everyone and everything in between who's you know, tuning into the show. I know some of you are tuning in. Dogs and cats, hamsters and rabbits. They're all welcome. Hopefully they're learning something. We'll see. you're back here tomorrow for another episode of wakeup legendary and my friends. If nobody told you today, you are amazing and have unlimited potential that you have not tapped into yet and I'm so excited to hear and see what happens when you do. So keep on going. Don't give up on this journey. This is not about giving up on this business. It's about not giving up on yourself. Okay. This is an opportunity to yes earn money but also build yourself up and step into your full potential to me that's an exciting exciting goal. Way more exciting than making a bunch of money. Because you know, I know what I can do with money if we talked about a lot of it today. But man, what's cool and if we want to keep it related to money, if I step in and become the best version of myself, imagine how much more money I could make, you know, in just man. That to me is exciting. So stay in the game. Stay on the field. If you need to step off the field for a moment. Get some water, catch your breath, but don't still for too long. Don't go on the injured reserve list and not come back. Don't go in the market or protection program where we don't hear from you for a stay in the game. Let the momentum pick up. It will not quit before the miracle happens. We'll see you back here tomorrow. For another episode. Get outta here. Peace.

The Technique To Convert Leads To Sales

Below is the transcription for this episode:


Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe, it's your boy. It should be Captain Dave. Today is an exciting day because it's Friday and we also have an 18 year old who's going to be talking to us today. First of all, 18 Wow. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. And, and they're going to be talking to us today about how we go down in the DMS Gabe Welcome to the show.

Gabe: Ain't a day. Thanks for having me. You're welcome.

Dave:  You're welcome. So we'll talk about your marketing strategies here in a little bit, how you've been using, you know, private direct messaging, what you're doing what you're saying you know, how you're making the most out of every opportunity, that's that's, you know, when you're new, and especially when you're young, you probably don't have a big marketing budget. You got to make the most out of every opportunity out there. In a minute. So tell us a little bit. Changing your soul brought online integration, owning it. For 40, like 50 hours a week and the like, I always knew that's what I didn't really want to do for the rest of my life. So since I was young, I used to like, Oh, he's like searching YouTube videos like how do you make money online and stuff like that? One day, I actually downloaded TikTok just for entertainment like no I didn't really think about making money online or anything. And then I ran into a live from Calvin Hill. And he showed me you guys and I was like, Yeah, I want to do this.

Dave:  Nice, man. Nice. So what is different about this than other things that you've done? I think Did you say you were flipping or did you say flipping burgers or tried a little bit of drop shipping and it didn't really work out for me. I made like, I made a couple of 100 bucks and it was nothing sustainable. You know? And I mean, you're lets, let's be honest, you're 18 Right? It's not like it's not like you have it's, I mean, you're smart and you're probably more savvy than a lot of us. You're probably more savvy than I am in a lot of areas but I mean, drop shipping has some complications with it in terms of sourcing products, and it's a physical product that actually has to be mailed and shipped all the way around the world. 

Gabe: Yeah, that was a huge thing by Legendary for me. It's like digital products. are insane. Like

Dave: It's crazy, how much easier, how much simpler, how much faster. It's just that everybody gets their products. Immediately. You get paid faster. There's, you know what I mean? There's just not all of those roadblocks that you have with physical products. Yeah.

Gabe: You don't have to do all the customer service and everything.

Dave: Right. Yeah. with it. If you start any other business that is not affiliate marketing affiliate. Marketing is the only business that you only have to do the marketing. That's it. Every other business Amazon, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, like local SEO marketing, you know where you like to go out and prospect local businesses and offer to do their SEO services, social media, marketing agencies, all these different you know, all these different business models even even MLM to a certain extent. But all you know, because you gotta go out there and service products and get products and all this kind of stuff. But all those business models

Dave: You got to do one thing. Let's go out there and market. Yeah, and that's something that you've figured out how to make the most you figured out a strategy that works for you. Let's talk about that a little bit. You know, are you marketing on TikTok? Is that where I think I think you have two accounts.

Dave:  Many people's accounts, get flagged videos, get you know, flagged or taken down and that's the price that we pay. Don't get attached. Don't get emotionally attached to your TikTok channel, especially when it's early. You know, when it's a young channel. You have a channel that you lose, you lose it. It's got 100,000 followers. That sucks. Nobody's going to tell you not to be mad about that. But usually when you've got 100,000 followers or whatever the more established accounts are, you have a better chance to challenge it and actually get it back. And even if you have that many followers, you have a pretty big community. If you start bringing new accounts, you can build that up. way quicker than you go first. Yeah. So what you mentioned you want to talk about like utilizing direct messages to make sales and to make the most out of every lead opportunity. He explained to us a little bit about your kind of strategy so we can understand the direct messaging tips that you have, but also help us understand the big picture. So we know how they even get there in the first place. You know what I mean? 

Gabe: So basically, I posted a video on TikTok and I say if you want to learn how to do this, you comment, right? And then if they comment, I reach out to them, right? And then when we get in the messages, I basically like to talk to them, I tell them what affiliate marketing is, I get to know their story, their pain points and things like that. And then when I see it's a good time to talk about my offer, that's when I talk about it.

Dave:  So I mean, the bottom line is, it's a strategy to where you've got more time than you've got, you know, money. And I say that just because sometimes if somebody has more money than time, they might say, you know, hey, let me let me figure out how to run some paid ads or something like that. But in this case, your approach really is just I'm willing to spend as much time as I need to with people in the DMS to have conversations and then eventually, hopefully open up a transition point where I can talk about my offer and that's the mentality that you're in right now.

Gabe: Yeah, and mostly when you're in the DMS like don't worry about like the money just worry about helping the person out and the money's gonna come

Dave: Like, yeah, so what are some examples of some of the things some of the videos that you might do if you can think about one that did really well? That you might be able to say, hey, that you could give us an example of how you ended up telling them? Post a comment down below, you know, what did you talk about? And then what did you teach them with, for instance.

Gabe: And then under the ice a comment ready? If you want to learn how to make money online. And then I will do day two, the next day, day three the next day, every day, I would pretty much close that.

Dave:  And when that was obviously and that was just 12 Different people 12 Different marketers you were showcasing or what was it?

Gabe: No, it's just like 12 is just like a random number of like, I'm just like, how many people I'm just saying, like I'm looking for 12 people. It doesn't really matter if it's over 12 or 12.

Dave:  I got I'm looking for 12 people I misunderstood you i i Very much so no that that that strategy or that you know, looking for looking for 12 people today looking for one person looking for five people. It's yeah, I mean there's the power of that strategy when you say you know I'm looking for this is not for everyone, that I'm only looking for a few people I'm looking for a limited small group, a test group. The power of that strategy is that you don't look desperate just for everybody listening. I'm just explaining to people because this is something that you naturally saw and kudos to you. But I want to make sure that everybody is clear about the kind of angles, marketing angles, and it's what Gabe is doing is sort of a takeaway strategy, you know, it's like, Hey, I'm only looking for two people today. I just recorded a video and I want to share it with people. I have a video that, you know, I went through that changed my life and taught me about entrepreneurship and online marketing, and I'm looking for 12 people today who are interested in, you know, earning their first dollar online that I have time to work with and share this training with. Comment below if you're interested. You know, and now all of a sudden instead of saying, Hey, anybody, just anybody who will pay me any attention, just I'm looking for a million I'm looking for as many as I can get, you know, you know, come and get this training. It's awesome. It's going to change your life. It looks a little bit more desperate, rather than if you're like, Hey, I'm looking for two people. You know, it looks like there's real scarcity there. So scarcity, urgency. You know one of the things in and I'll even ask you about this game. One of the things that's important is what are you doing in your marketing to make them act now, instead of later? You know, I mean, obviously, one of the things that you're doing day by sea is you're making things only where there's a limited amount of spots, and so somebody will want to act and make sure that they get one of those spots if they're interested. Well, are there any other urgency or scarcity tactics that you're using to get people to take action instead of procrastinating or put it off till tomorrow?

Gabe: I think that's really the only one to be honest.

Dave:  Yeah, and that's fine. Yeah, no, it's totally fine and that makes sense. The strategy so early in the game you know, you're gonna play yeah, you know, a lot of you are trying to just sell to everybody. You know, anybody who will pay you any attention who will listen but if you think about all the brands that you know, that sell over retail that are so hot that people stand out in lines outside of the stores, thinking of luxury brands, like Rolex or like Gucci or like a tech, Felipe, you know, these are all watch and clothing brands that they make a limited supply of them. And so, when there's a high demand in a limited supply, guess what frenzy happens. People go crazy. They want it. So how can we all this is a question that we all can ask, How can we have people lined up? You know, I know one lady. She only opens up an opportunity to buy from her at certain times throughout the month or certain times throughout the year. So in you know, she'll, she'll just create free content and free value, you know, 70 80% of the time and then for you know, you know, a three or a five day window, she'll open it up and say okay, on these dates, I'm opening it up to buy from me or buy through me. And here's all the extra value and the bonuses that you're gonna get. If you buy from me so she's making that's another example of how she's making, you know, both selling digital courses and also doing affiliate marketing. She's using exclusivity and scarcity and kind of urgency. So there's a lot of different ways that we can get people to take action. And if people are not taking action, and you're you know, and I'm speaking to all of you listening, if they're not taking action, ask yourself, Am is this just something that I'm offering something that they can just come back and get tomorrow the same exact way? Because if it is, there's absolutely no reason for them to act today. They could just do it tomorrow. So, you know, every day is a great day to offer a little extra incentive. That's only good today. Throw in a little bonus that's only good today. What kind of bonuses, what kind of things could we include? Anything, you know, a YouTube video that changed your life and talked to you about how to invest your money once you start making it. An additional training that you record, have a small PDF that you write up in there are a little script a little template that you use or that I mean there's so many things in the toolbox and guess what you can repurpose them way this extra bonus if for anybody who enrolls today, see game then you can really say at midnight This is going away. This is gone. But guess what I can do the same way that I repurpose. And I am dumping gems right now. Elizabeth it's just they're coming out of my mouth just it's friggin diamonds. It's just unbelievable games going crazy. You just can't really tell because of the cool cat over there. But look. Now you know how we repurpose content: we take a TikTok video and then we take that same video and put it on Instagram when we put it on Facebook. And then we even take it and bring it back in two or four weeks and repost it again. Don't you think? I can repost my little gifts and bonuses and so forth. Don't you think I can reuse those the same way. See once I create something once I know, kind of create and build something.

Dave: Guess what it is? It's an asset. It's like a piece of real estate. It's an asset that you can reuse over and over and repurpose over again especially if it works. Now you know you got something that actually your target market is interested in. And you know, you can then create split new little bonus little things off of that as well. Again, Gabe, tell me what comes up for you when I say this. Our income is only limited in this business. By our creativity or lack thereof.


Gabe: Yeah, that's actually really cheap. I actually only really started like getting good quality leads and actually like making a decent amount of money when I actually started implementing the strategy because like, I started in January and for like the first three months I only made one commission. And that's when I wasn't using the strategy but like, I started like changing out my content style and like thinking about new new strategies and like new things I could do that's when it actually started working out for me. So yeah, that's very true.

Dave:  I mean, there's two things that as an affiliate marketer can really work in your advantage and like are really our big needle movers. And one of them is you know, using urgency and scarcity so you know, again that looks like hey, you know I'm making something available for you know, a limited time in the in the other thing is really using those those extra bonuses gifts or as some people call it because clearly aren't able to give you the the little extra that you give away that's specific to your target market that they you know, if you are in the in the in the weight loss space, you might say, Hey, here's here I want to give you a list of 12 foods you shouldn't eat, you know, if you're in the, you know, the parent, the parent, the infant space, you might say, Hey, here's here's three tips to get your baby to sleep through the night. You know, right away. I mean, that's very specific, you know, very, those are the kind of little gems that new kit as we say they're dropping, dumping gems here but slightly. Those are the little things and if you see even in our you know, inside of our marketing here at legendary, we have similar things. We have little places where we're giving away little templates and scripts and we're also giving people you know timeframes to take advantage of offers. And so it can really move the needle if I was to do a webinar game, you know, for example, if you were to go live, if you were to go live, if some of you are going live. Tell me. What do you think's going to make more sales? If I go live, and I and I and I just talk and answer questions or whatever for an hour and I just say, all right, a no go. We're done here and click the link in my bio, and go and check out that product I've been talking about throughout this entire life. You know, yeah, I can go tomorrow. exact thing. But clicking it right now, the advantage because there's no better time to take action and now you know, the big motivational speech. All right, here's, here's, here's, here's g number two. You know, I think I'm gonna do something special on tonight's live show since we've been here together this whole time. I am going to give away okay, I am going to give a way. My top 10 best video ideas along with the actual script for the videos, okay, that I used and I'm gonna link quickly for your convenience and these videos may be mine. They may be somebody else's. You don't know I'm not going to tell you that this is about.

Dave:  if you buy and you enroll in this product I've been talking about you know a few times here on this live if you buy tonight by midnight, I'm going to include this bonus okay. I can even say a few by by the end of the live show. I'm going to stay on here for 15 more minutes right now all the sudden folks now all the sudden your live is actually useful. You know, it's not just something where you're jumping on and you're just talking to people and you're just trying to build rapport. So hopefully they buy you're giving them a reason to buy. Now Gabe, what comes up for what do you think? Is going to be more definitely, definitely It is. So that's why you see a lot of offers out here when we get into offer creation. You know, which is when you have a digit when you want to create a digital course or you want to use one of the other core for business models that's not affiliate marketing. You want to actually sell your own course you know of a coaching program or event when you get into that offer creation, it's all about value stacking. You know, it's all about the product you're selling. And then what are you giving them extra and as an affiliate that it works the same exact way. You know some of you who feel oh well I can't compete with somebody who is you know, like you mentioned Calvin Hill or something like that. Well, first of all, there's a lot less people doing this than you think there is. There literally isn't is it just probably feels like a lot because on you all's it's like a little echo chamber of other people. But here's how you beat anybody. You make a better offer. You make a better offer. You just learn how to make better offers and include more value. Just like you just said game. It's all about value. So if I can throw in a little extra bonus or in again, where's it just, here's when you invoke your income is only limited by your creativity about pulling out sometimes a Word document or a Pages document and just writing a page of information that somebody would get value from.


Gabe: Right. Yeah, that's why that's why I actually love the shadows at the DM Saturday that I'm doing. Usually they'll just opt into your funnel. They like put their email in but like they don't feel like they got enough value to end up purchasing the product. But when they're in DMS I can provide so much more value to them and that's why I'm usually getting more commissions because of all the value of providing DMS.


Dave:  And the all and that is coming from your energy of just really just saying, Hey, what are you looking for? Right? What do you need? What do you want? How can I help you? Right? Is that your energy in the DMS when you first open up the conversation with somebody when they've commented say yeah, they comment on your video, like you said before, and your first message to them is what


Gabe: My first message usually means I can't wait to help you start your business, your online business journey. I asked them what they already know about affiliate marketing and then we just started the conversation right there.


Dave:  What do you already know about this? That's a pretty good question. I mean, simply because I want to respect your time and I don't want to. I don't want to tell you about things that you already know and it gets to the end and the question gets people talking right. Then that's really what you want. You want to be able to ask the questions and direct the conversation. You know a lot of you if you are going to use DMS and you are going to comment and look saying what I applaud about Gabe, is that you're taking action. Okay, I do believe that there will come a point to where you'll want to do less DMing and you'll want to, you know, scale your content more and stuff like that, but I applaud the fact that you're doing what you have to do to get started and get up and off the ground. I did the same thing. Right. I did the same thing but the process is really simple. And you really don't have to go and a lot of time. And I thought about people who get confused as to be an expert who's just yakking a bunch of knowledge and expertise. What you have to do is just simply get good at asking questions. And that was what you said, how do you kick the conversation off? Well, but might be another example of something that you might ask somebody that moves you further towards where you want to go and also keeps them talking and keeps them opening up.


Gabe: Pretty much talking about like, I would ask them why do they want to pursue an online income and like what are they what do they like don't like about their life right now that they want to change and things like that. It's like their pain points and things like that.


Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Hey, man, you're learning the real principles of selling early and and they work don't they? Don't they were when you just, it's not about it's not about hard slam dunking or some slick script. It's really just about and I'm just so impressed that at 18 you get this It's just about making people feel supported, right? Trying to identify what their pain points are, like you said and then, you know, just when they get off track because you know, people do people who don't have the life they want. If you talk to them, you'll hear why they're there. They go off track getting lost, you know, you're not focused. And so you're here as you're talking to people to say, hey, look, let's let's let's let's let's stay on track here. Let's What do you want? What you know, here's what I'll give you. I'll give you this added extra bonus or stuff or whatever, if you take action now. And it's sort of like this kind of compassionate guide. being effective and converts being persuasive you know, communicator is not being it's not about just eating in people. They'll take you there is all you gotta do is ask the right questions. They'll always give you everything that you need to work with. You just have to just ask questions.

Gabe: That's actually very true.

Dave:  Yeah, it's cool. The other thing is use the tools this is one thing that I'll say to you gave and I'll also say to everybody else who's listening, you know, a lot of times I will say, Hey, if you have a video that goes viral or something, don't, don't get, don't get caught up in the comments. It's just, you know, really figure out what are actual serious people asking and then create new content that answers that question. In helping keeps you creating new content. But in games case, you're really doing a strategy to where you're purposely telling people comment below. It's an it's a very on purpose thing that you're doing. It's not just a video went viral, and now all of a sudden a bunch of people in your comments that you're trying your way you're not wasting your time talking to people who are not somewhat qualified and I just want to make sure that i i say that difference because it is a big difference. You know, in you know what I'm talking about. The people who are commenting on a viral video are a very different type of person than somebody who's just watched a video, you know about your topic and then you say if you want more information, comment below and they've commented below. That's a that's a pretty warm prospect and is worth talking to, if you have the time to be able to do it. So what else could we learn from you what give us anything else? Anything else that we should know, as we bring this conversation in for a landing? I mean, what would you say to somebody who's who's getting getting started that maybe you didn't know before? And maybe you had some hesitation or fear or whatever and now you know.

Gabe: Pretty much. Not like some people like to start making $1,000 in their first week, but that's not how it is for everyone. So you're gonna have to stay consistent. There's gonna be ups and downs and you've got to stay consistent. I'm on my third tick tock account. Now, I got banned on my live, so we gotta keep going.

Dave:  Hey, man, I'm telling you, I mean, it's, it's hard out here. You know, it's the wild wild west. You know, this is entrepreneurship. This is just the stuff that a lot of people don't see, you know, and you're also doing a lot of messaging. That's probably another reason why you're getting your account banned because, you know, the TikTok robots think that it's like a spam robot or something. I'm not sure maybe you were doing a lot of copy. And pasting, like sending the same message over and over and over again. Were you doing any of that? Yeah. That will get you banned on any platform. But just so everybody knows, you know, if you're just copying and pasting the message overnight, you have to customize it a little bit. The other thing is on some of these platforms, they're not letting you like cold messages. Somebody who you've never messaged, you know more than like 20 or 30 messages a day is limited. Maybe having three or four Instagram or Tiktok accounts is not a bad thing. If this is going to be a strategy that you're going to use, that we teach the strategy and the business blueprints, we just teach it over in the Facebook section. Because it's, you know, but it applies over on Tik Tok. And it's just, it's about, you know, trying to find the most qualified people generating 20 to 30 leads a day if you can to talk to and sometimes even less, you don't even need 20 to 30 to make money. If you just have a little cheat day shooting and you'd be amazed by tiny bit of leads, what you can actually accomplish and how much you can earn and I think a a lot of people would be really, really amazed at what they could do with just a few good quality leads per day. Do you agree with that?

Gabe: Yeah, definitely. I used to think that I needed like 50 to 100 leads a day but like, it's not really like that.

Dave:  Yeah, 20 to 30 is even a stretch. I mean that you have good quality. 

Gabe: Yeah, it's all about the quality of the lead like you want to attack your target audience. So like, it just depends who you're targeting. Yeah,

Dave:  Yeah. And tTikTok is great. Because it puts you in front of new people. So you actually have a chance to, you know, you actually have a chance to get in front of people that you've, you've never been in front of before. So it's not like Facebook, where you've, you know, you're you're you're putting the same message in front of your good old warm, you know, you know, Uncle Aunt Betty over here, and they're they're seeing this like tick tock gives you a chance to put your content in front of more people. And then you can multiply those efforts because you can then repurpose that on multiple platforms. You know, on Instagram reels on Facebook reels on TikTok  shorts. It's just amazing you know, so if you think about it, if everybody could get to the place where they're generating and your only goal is five leads a day. It's like oh my gosh, I got there on TikTok, great, just do tick tock until you're getting, you know, five leads a day. And then you could multiply that by just starting to repurpose content on other platforms. You know, now you instantly go from five to maybe 15 or 20. It's just working smart, not hard to do direct messaging P for such people who are asking for information than people that you're just reaching out to. And we have it all the time in our Facebook group. It's like you know, the people like direct message our people they're coming into our group and message our people are like, Hey, I saw you or you know, join legendary and then start bad mouthing us and then want to sell their coaching and it's like, that's such a shitty business. But when people are reaching out to you, man, this is what it's all about. This is what we love here, too. It's what I love, because I didn't I don't do this every day . I don't want to sell a dream and be living a nightmare, you know? But anyways, man, congrats on your success. And come back and in a couple of in a month or two, maybe and keep us posted on your journey.

Gabe:  All right. Thank you. Thank you for having me, Dave. All right. Yeah,

Dave:  I'll talk to you later, buddy. All right, you can follow Gabe over on this profile. He also has a TikTok channel that we can share with you Gabes business hacks, okay, or excuse me an Instagram channel. So you can follow him on Tik ok and on Instagram on those two on those two accounts. And what a cool thing I was just talking about in writing some coffee and you know, talking about people who are 18 to 78. All who I've talked to a couple of weeks, people from that, my friends is pretty cool. So get started. Don't stop your training. Get the blueprints if you can. And here's the most important part. Go through them. Go through them. We're hosting a decade in a day. workshop right here today. For some of our Blueprints, students go through them. And my friends will be back here for another episode with another student. And another story and more tips on Monday. Get out of here. We'll see you there. Peace.

How To Convert “Followers” To “Customers” On Social Media

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Hello, everybody happy Friday is seven. And it's 702 where I'm at. I'm on the West Coast. I'm an early bird with 10am Eastern Time, as usual, we're live and it is April 15. And we're halfway through somebody posted recently and it's the 100th day of the year I think something like that. I don't know why that became a thing. Anyway, if you're new or this is your first time tuning in, welcome in. Let us know in the comments where you're tuning in from. It's always fun to see where people are tuning in from and where they really came from. We bring on a guest typically would bring on a guest every single day we'll talk about their experience. Their experience with our training or their experience with creating content or setting up funnels or basically turning themselves into a freelance Digital Marketer how they did it, and if they've got any good tips for us, and I've been screaming, kicking and screaming about going live on social media for a long time. I feel like maybe at least a few months, if not six months or so. Just because I've seen the power of it and the ability to turn followers into customers. By doing that is super powerful. It's been proven over and over and over again. And it just works and so today we've got a guy from Georgia watching a guy coming in from Georgia, his name's Phil and we're gonna bring him in. So everybody who's here if you can give me a clapping emoji just to welcome him in with like a virtual sort of round of applause to welcome in Phil.

Phil: Hey, man.

Matt: Thanks for coming on. 

Phil: I appreciate that. 

Matt: Yeah, of course, of course.

Phil: I can check this goal off.

Matt:  Yeah, it's a goal for a lot I feel like and I, I was I got really excited when I saw the topic for today and what you were interested in talking about because that's something that I always am encouraging people to do and to try and figure out and I'm really curious about how how you went about it and everything like that, but before we get into like strategy or whatever. Tell us a little bit about what you do for work and just how you found legendary and what got you looking at Legendary training?

Phil:  Well, my full time job is to run an HVAC supply house. So what that is, is where the guy that comes to your house and fixes your air conditioner, so and the air conditioner, so I've been doing that for about 19 years. That job was temporary because I used to be an IT guy for a while. So that was a temporary job that just turned into a full time job but that's what I do for a living now been there a long time and found legendary about June of 2021 but I just flipped in my kids want to take back worse just like everybody else. I wanted to check out Tik Tok. It was all about you know, the first thing that comes up with course is somebody twerking in my face. Not too happy about that. But after 20 minutes of going through all of this. I didn't. You don't have to just catch your eye for a little while. But that evening I started the first day I just saw somebody talking in their life about a digital marketing umbrella. Right. Which pretty much caught my eye because for me my whole life I've always wanted to be some somebody different, right? I've always wanted to have that thought and grow rich book in the back of my back pocket. I've always had that burning desire to be somebody else, right, not the norm. And I've tried things in the past. You know, I've been you know in the 80s I sold insurance right and I was recruiting people when I was doing stuff like that so and I was hoping that this wouldn't ever be something like that and I was so happy when I found out that legendary was Yeah, so it was happy with you know, those those were the weird days and all that kind of stuff. So I was glad that I didn't have to put soap in my garage and tried to sell soap for a living and potions and things like that. But he had been through all of those things. You know, I'm not a young chicken so I've seen it all. And when I became across legendary the first time I heard about it, of course I just wanted to go out there and kind of figure it out. I went on to YouTube, you know, spent two weeks on YouTube trying to see how everybody else was doing it. I just got more confused. So I just said, You know what, I just need to step by step. I’ve got to figure this out. I can't figure this out. I need to so somebody had the same gentleman I saw. I mean his life and went out there and had a little I saw him come out there again. And he said just go take a look at this video and see what legendary is all about. It gives you a nice little step by step process. And that's what I needed. And I started in June and then in June. Here's the funny part about this. In June, certain things that happened, you know, my mother went to hospital. I was going through the 15 day challenge, and I finished it but I couldn't remember a damn thing because my whole life. My life was just crazy. So I went through it twice. And then, you know after I went through thrice I really, really put my head down and just said let's get to this. I really was interested after day four. I was like man, man, let's just get this done. I know I can do this in the training that was just what I needed. Right? And I just put my head down and started going super cool, super cool.

Matt:  Man see you've been in and around our community even for a while now. Yeah, that's pretty interesting. Because there's a there's the longer I've been here almost four years, the longer I've been here. It's kind of cool because a lot of these companies they'll start up and disappear. Like education companies, I do feel like over time it's kind of cool to see how people are sticking around and kind of stand you know around our community. Maybe they'll come and go, maybe they'll disappear for a year and then wow, hey, you're back. Cool. I haven't seen in a while. You know, it's a new thing for me too in that way and I've really enjoyed that. Well cool. So you go on TikTok Whoa. So the transition goes from inside women and girls working on TikTok to us suddenly making content on TikTok. How's that going?

Phil: Well, you know my first video I made, I was on a vacation. I was at a friend's house on the beach and my first video was like right after my birthday in July, right. I started this in June, did something in July. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I just went out there and just did a couple of videos. tried to figure it out. You know, for me. If I do get that shiny object syndrome, I do get that fear of missing out. I do have a little bit of anxiety and I want to get things done. Right I want to just keep moving and moving and moving. And then you know sometimes you get to the point where you're like, Man doesn't work and it's not doing I'm not doing this well. If I'm doing this right. What do I need to talk about? And you know, I went through the Facebook community that Legendary had talked to some people out there. I made some friends. I couldn't believe that I had a community of people, which I thought was my competition. So you know, they wanted to help. And I couldn't, I just couldn't believe that. So I made some really good friends and people were helping me. And I enjoyed that part of it. And then it just I really thought you know, at some point you have to get your head anyway. Stop looking for your belly button. I mean, because when you look through the belly button, you really can't see where you go and so that's that's what it was for a little while and then once I did that I just said you really got to get moving. I really had to start making a lot more videos. I really had to figure out how this thing works. And I went back, you know that thing about Legendary and I was able to go back into these videos and just go through it over and over again just to help me relearn because I'm not a young chicken. Like I said earlier. I haven't been to school. And 35 going back to class, especially online, was a little difficult. So I'm not saying it was something that some people have it easy. For me it was a little hard. So I went through it twice and I love having that login. So I can go back here and go through it as many times as I want to, and especially that you guys updated all the time. And I was able to learn more stuff, especially with Pinterest, and all the new things that are coming out. And I'm able to build my business on a lot more things as you guys update which is awesome.

Matt:  Yeah, that's super cool. That's super cool. And I do feel like so. To me, it sounds like a lot of your motivation and stuff was just sort of self motivated. Do you get this kind of entrepreneurial type that just has that energy?

Phil:  Yeah, I've always had the drive. But it's the outside world you know that will kill your drink. You know, the outside world will always say that you can't do things and the outside world will always pick on you. Because it's not the norm but I don't want to be normal. Normal is boring. I want to be somebody different. I want to be able to do the things that I've always wanted to do. You know you only live, you're only in this world like this. I mean , your life is a flicker. It goes quickly. And I want to be able to do what I want to be able to do and legendary has given me is the vehicle for me to get to where I want to be so damn

Matt:  Yeah, that's super cool. I wanted your strategies that you mentioned in your questionnaire and one of the strategies I see you already talked about but it is people going live. I'm curious from the time that you started creating content, you got 90,000 followers, like there's only a small handful of people that I know that I've talked to who have that many followers. Going Live though, is a different beast than sort of creating 15/62 You know, bite size content pieces. It's a whole different animal. So one thing I want to know first is how many people showed up to your first live show.

Phil: One, he was a friend of mine.

Matt:  Okay, great. Awesome. Because the only reason I ask is just because everybody comes on Thursdays. I do these business blueprint webinars and I keep telling people you got to try out going live you got to try this out. You got to try this out. And people always comment about going to be one personal life, there's only going to be one person and I'm like, hey, look, everybody had their first day. Day one. I had zero people on my first webinar. David zero people answer so I'm gonna like there's no way to do it other than just to do it, but I just I figured, you know, you probably had like one or two people max you gave on the first

Phil:  It took a while for that one to get in there. I didn't know I mean, I was in my basement.

I didn't even have a light or anything I had like, the crazy looking light behind was very dark. And I didn't know what I was doing. I just talked, you know, that's what they say. They said just continue to talk and I wanted to practice and I'd rather just talk to nobody in practice than to somebody be nervous about it, but I did it you know, I went through it. I did it. And I got better at it. I'd rather do live Believe it or not, than the TikTok videos. I do the TikTok videos because I don't mind doing them. And I really like to get my word out there and I really want to tell people how things aren't authentic, my authentic self to people. But for me, life isn't exciting. Very exciting for me because I really want people to see who I am and really kind of show my enthusiasm towards this whole thing. I love to be positive about it. When people come into my lives they tell me that they know that I can explain things in a simple manner to them. And they thank me for being there. You know I'm not trying to be you know, I don't want to say that I'm the best at it but I really love doing it. I do it twice a day. Believe it or not. I do this at lunchtime. Yeah, I'm gonna go out at one o'clock in the afternoon during my lunch time. And sometimes I'm stuffing my face and I apologize when I do that. But I just want to answer people's questions at lunch time and I let them know that I do it at night 7pm Eastern Time and I'd say look, this is what I do at night. If you want to learn a little bit more about it. I went through a little bit of a presentation and a nice little webinar. I can teach you more about it and just give people as much value as possible. And it kind of resonates with people so am I you know the thing about it is when you go on these live especially me I go on for two, three hours, you know, you know, I guess the bearing can go on for four or five, six hours a day on this kind of stuff, but I can certainly see talking for that long. Yeah, and I do. I go for about two hours and I have to cut it down a little bit because I used to do it downstairs in my other office and it's right near the living room. And my kids would be screaming and yelling and stuff and my wife is like man look I'm gonna be with you gotta be with the family sometimes. So then they moved me upstairs to my bedroom.

Matt:  That's hilarious. You, I feel like that's so fun. Dave tells the story about how his first webinar had like zero people and he had built it up. And so he was like, shit. There's nobody here. I just got to the present so he's in the other room and she's out there and he's like, he's like, Well, he got baptized. Everybody got cut. Maybe he's just doing this big and it's funny, but we joke about that, but eventually people started to show up for that you market it and I feel like so here's like a trend that I've been seeing a lot not just in our particular group of affiliates, but I'm also in different e commerce places too, which is which is kind of one of the things that sparked the idea for me initially to sort of look at, there's people like Calvin Hill, we had this guy Paul, who you mentioned, he presented one of our masterminds calling it the micro webinar strategy and you know, back in the day, when you wanted to host a webinar or you signed up for a GoToMeeting or go to webinar account you paid $100 a month to just be able to go live for nobody to show up to your webinar. And you're like What the hell am I paying? For nobody's gonna show up anyway. And you know, you'd have to sign in on a computer and you'd have to, you'd have to manually, you know, admit people into the room, and then he says this crazy thing. People would do it, but now, I mean, it's just so easy. It's like, here's my phone, hit, go live, and just show up for people. And what I find. Here's, let me let me return back to this what I find really powerful and compelling to me is the fact that people who do that, almost always without fail, make more sales and more money than people who don't like it's an it's pretty drastic, like the rate of growth I see for people who do. I don't know if you do it seven days a week or five days a week. What do you do? I try to do it as much as I possibly can. It's crazy, but I feel like it doesn't seem crazy to me. I feel like that makes perfect sense. Especially especially in the early days where there's so much evidence that it helps the algorithm build your channel. There's so much evidence as well that it helps when somebody sees the difference between somebody seeing a 15 second clip and then seeing you live is like night and day you go from just this person who created a clip somewhere in outer space. I don't know who this person is now. I'm in real time with them and there's just something totally different about that.

Phil: I find that too. I find that what I kind of do sometimes is I'll put out a video I put out tick tock about 15 minutes before I go live and people that are in my following will see that and then when as soon as they see me go live they'll just want to come back in and plus I'll share out my life or a bunch of people that I have just met or that have you know spent a lot of time in the in the DMS trying to talk to people direct messaging people. And you know, I just keep telling them look, if you want me to explain more instead of texting me and I keep my fingers heard from people all the time. But instead of texting people I say look, I go live twice a day. You can see me at one o'clock in the afternoon. And I can explain things for you. You can come in and ask questions. You know, you can email me with questions. I just want people to have as much access to me as possible and be able to answer as much as possible anything I can possibly answer for them. Anytime you know tick tock is a great form of the algorithm is a crazy algorithm that gains over 60,000 followers in a month. So I mean, that was nuts. To me. It was just great. But like anybody says in the past, it's really not that this is a tip for anybody. It's really not the cloud, right? It doesn't matter how many followers you have. It's really the quality of people that you're reaching. I mean, it doesn't matter. I have a lot of followers that are there. I appreciate all those people that follow me. It's fantastic. But you have to remember that some of the people that are in there just might not be your avatar, right maybe not be the people that are interested in doing what you're doing. But it's nice to have those people and maybe at some point they will be and that's where the rest of your marketing comes in.

Matt:  Yeah. Because I feel like you know, I feel like building the audience is one thing, and we've had a lot of people build big audiences and stuff, but finding the combination. So one thing that I feel like that I've seen you do super well and I just wanted to commend you on this because it's hard to do I think, is you've done sort of like a I call it the promotion of sort of attention grabbing videos that are short. Some people would call them clickbait but the truth is, they're attention grabbing pieces of marketing and then which are designed to build followings, right? They're designed to get lots of engagement, build followings and help you grab somebody's attention when they're when their train of thought is just moving, moving, moving their scroll, scroll, scroll. I mean you got to come in and hammer on what's something that's going to school Oh, snap out of it, you know, and you did that really well. And that's part of why your channel is growing so well but you've also done something really well. You've the second part of the trio if you've mixed it up a lot with videos that are more personal. And so yes, you've got attention grabbing videos, but when people tend to do just the attention grabbing videos, it sometimes will hurt their channel because the people who are following them are like okay, I get it do like I get I can make money by typing you know, or whatever. And they'd never actually meet you. So you did that. And then the third piece I feel like is going live. So, you know, the way that I taught this a couple months ago to our Blueprints members was I was like, you know, you might have one or two of those attention grabbing videos, maybe they get 20,000 views 50,000 Maybe 100,000 views or something. And but you've got to be mixing it up with personalized content that helps them get to know you or if not you the business a little bit better. And then and then going live I feel like it's that final piece that really takes people from Wow, that was kind of an interesting video I've never thought about you know, whatever. I never thought that I could train my dog just by watching an online course. That's cool. That's interesting. Maybe I'll watch a few more videos about dog training on TikTok, and then they watch a video about hey, by the way, our dog training company, we have online courses or in person courses, blah, blah, blah. And then suddenly this dog trainer is live with his dog and you're tuned in and now you know maybe you thought initially some of those videos were scripted and they were fake or maybe he's not you know, maybe he's just making shit up about his ability to train dogs. And he's like, Hey, this is our first lesson with this border collie. And this is the rowdiest dog ever. I'm going to show you how to train this dog in just 30 minutes. We're going to go live and I'll show you and then it's like oh my god now I'm buying his course. For 500 bucks to train my dog because it all sort of comes together and I feel like that's kind of what you've done.

Phil: There's one video that I kind of opened up personally about when I was diagnosed with anxiety years ago. Right? And the story is, and I told the story of my life is that you know, I found myself laying on a bathroom floor thinking that you know thought wasn't gonna make it to Christmas. You know? When I was having a heart attack and went to the hospital and throughout the night, you know I was apologizing to my wife like saying, hey, you know, sorry, you know, I haven't been eating well. Maybe I'm gonna die soon, right? So eventually they come back and say look, you just have anxiety. And so long story short, I got on my TikTok one day and I just started talking about about my anxiety and telling people that it's it's rough sometimes and and that it just takes a little bit of time to get over it and I've been able to accomplish different ways of dealing with it and and I kind of related to my business. And I got more people talking to me and relating to me about their anxiety, thanking me for opening up and letting them know that which not only did and not only let the people know who I am and what I am and what kind of issues that I might have in my life. It shows them that I'm a real person, right like just out there just talking to anybody about a business and that brought more people into my lives and it brought more people more personable and wanting to talk more about what I do. So it was helpful in that manner. And you know, I really kind of didn't mean it that way but I just wanted people to know who I was in certain parts of my life.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. I wanted to. I thought it might be cool to put this up on the screen. I don't know if you can see this, but Kim just asked when you go live to the comments  really fast. So how do you keep up?

Phil: When I see comments go through. The first thing I do when I go into my labs, I just tell people look, I'm gonna go through a nice little training here. I'm going to talk to you about how this stuff works. And I'm gonna go through everything and if you have any questions, I'll be pausing at certain points throughout my life. And when I get to a certain point through my live, I will hear and I will answer certain questions. You can certainly put some questions in the question box, they can put it in and I can look that way. Or you can ask those questions When I pause. If I missed your questions, sorry if I missed your questions, I have an email address. You can certainly send me your questions to my email. But I'm here to train you and if you have any issues about that. Just ask me. I will . It's not like I'm ignoring them. I just tell people, I'm not ignoring you. There's a lot of people here. There's a lot of questions coming up. I might answer your question throughout this line as I go through it. So your question might be answered. But at the end, I have three points where I can stop. And I'll even switch back and maybe answer some questions as I go through. But a lot of them are questions that I answered throughout my life and that's kind of how I built to live a little bit so that I know some of the questions that people are asking. So I kind of put that into my little webinar if you want to call.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah, that's so cool. I like what so for your flow and for your formula, what you do, like let's say over the course of two hours, is there an outline you do? Are you teaching people certain things?

Phil: Look, you know, success is copying people who are successful, right? So I walk through all the successful people that do this, and you know, Calvin Hill is one that I watch and then there's Paul Griffith that I watched, you know, Paul, live free for Francis. And I've spoken to him and he's been a great support for me. I watch Amy, you know, a hair airs and she does a great live so we were all collaborative. We all talk to each other. And we're all good friends, and they've helped me and supported me when I've been down and out and these people are just wonderful at what they do. And I became more successful by watching my lives are just built around that and I put my own little flair in here just like anything else. And everything. You know what I was you know, throughout the years, you figured out that everything is really been done already, right? Things have already been done. I just gotta find what, what's your way of doing it right and you just find the successful people doing it and you just make it your own. So that's kind of how I did this.

Matt: It makes total sense, right? So you take the principles of marketing, direct response marketing, figure out how to market to people, and then you bring in your own flair, you bring in your own kind of thing, you know, whatever you bring in your own personality and once you get caught I don't know for me it took a long time. Before I started doing live. It took me a long time to get comfortable. In my own skin, I think I mean, there was a sweat fest on my arm. So then I'm like, Oh my gosh. But I do really feel like yeah, you touched on a few things, a great community of people who are super kind and willing to help anybody at any cost really, which is pretty unique. Especially in this industry. It's a really unique thing when people sometimes view each other as opponents or as competition or whatever. And, the people in our community don't really operate that way. They're really nice and kind and they aren't and I love them. Yeah, I think it fosters that you know, the more that that happens, it draws people like you who are drawn to that and also help people and I think that makes a lot of sense on your on your lives when you one other question that I had that was that I thought on your lives, especially in the early days, you know, when you maybe didn't feel like you had all the knowledge or that it was all perfected or something which I'm sure you still don't I don't think really anybody does. But when you were first going on there will ask What the hell am I supposed to talk about? I mean what do you just do? Just pick out one topic and just kind of start talking about it and rant and then maybe answer some questions?

Phil: Well, yeah, the people that I talked to said what I know about the most, and that's myself so people know about yourself. Right? So I set in my first couple of lives were like, what my life was like before I started the 15 day business builder challenge and what I was going through, and I would just say you know I talk about things like you know, I've always been the entrepreneur type and I just couldn't find the right way of doing of getting the vehicle to get to where I want to be. I've tried this, this and this and this and then all of a sudden, I came across this and and when this came up when I came across this, this is how it happened for me. And I would give general statements on that and I'd go through, you know, the course and how it's helped me. And people will say, Well, you're just selling a course and I would just say look, I'm just telling you what, what, what's what I'm going through. And let's own anything if you want to hear anything. To me. That's why I came out here and so but people will ask me that and I'm like look, this has helped me if you'd like to help you if you're resonating with I'm talking about it might help you too. And, and that's how I started. And then as I went through and I watched other people do their lives, I kind of wanted to form my own little. I want to be able to teach people. I wanted to be able to be more. I wanted to be more valuable to people because I saw a lot of people going into other people's lives. And I was like how are they getting hundreds and hundreds of people coming in? I can't believe it. You know, I got the two I don't mind and I don't mind listening to those two people and I in fact I turned it around. I don't make it a negative thing. I just turn around and say look, the less people that are in here, the easier it is for me to talk right to you. And we can have a nice little intimate conversation and I can answer your questions right away. So it's not a big deal for me. It doesn't I don't even look at the numbers anymore. I just try to talk to you like one person.

Matt:  Oh, yeah, that's good. Many people talk about speaking from stage and things like that. Hey, just chat with one person. Right like I just have a conversation and Dave's really good at that like at our masterminds and stuff. I mean, he's always just kind of talking with one person. Having a conversation with a single person is a lot easier than Yeah, that makes sense. How do you differ from somebody like Calvin to Calvin does a lot with crypto and kind of like higher he's just an interesting personality. I feel like his background is everything. He's kind of gifted in a way that it's just kind of not fair. You know, the average Joe.

Phil: My wife listens because I listened to him at night when I'm laying in bed before my wife again and she says that your man said look I like listening to the guy that guy's so in. I mean, the guy knows so much. I learned so much from this. You know, although I like crypto and the guy knows so much about that. I'm not into that yet. But when he does digital marketing, he starts talking about digital marketing. And he explains it so well and he just shows people how he's been doing it. It just resonates. I don't know. I mean, it's hard for me, I just know that eventually I will get there. I know that eventually the more knowledge I get about this business and the more knowledge I get from more people and the more I stay into it and learn more. There's no thing is just the more competent you get is how much more you learn about and that's how I mean that's with anything that you do. You know, when you're a baby, it takes a little bit to walk and when you start walking, you'll feel more confident and then you start banging into it then so you know just baby steps and that was a huge baby step for me. When I first got started with doing lives. I really wanted to perfect it so I kept doing it over and over and over again. And I started doing it twice a day and sometimes three times a day, you know, but you know, I have to regulate life with my family as well. 

Matt: I you know, I feel like I don't know, I you know, you said I'll get there eventually. I mean, I don't know I guess from my perspective. I'm just kind of like Dude, you're already there, man, like everything that I watched and certainly your earnings and everything that you're doing with just just thinking, you're kind of just on a really big upswing in the last kind of month, I guess and you're not just on the right track, but you're on an awesome track.

Phil: I often struggle with myself and with other people compared to somebody like Calvin or whatever. I'm just like, Look, guys, it's just not fair. But also, you know, you don't have to be Calvin, you don't have to, you know, that guy. Some people tune into his things. And they genuinely don't like it. You know, it's not their thing and that's okay for Calvin. It's okay for you. There's different audiences for different people. And you got to have some level of belief that, you know, there's an audience out there for you. 

Phil: I guess, right. He's a master teacher. And he's, he's mastered what he does, right? So, you know, for people like me, I get to watch people like him and learn from him. So, like you said, everybody will come into their own. Everybody does their own thing, then people, everybody, not everybody doesn't like certain people just like this business is not for everybody. Right? So you know, for me, when I go out there, I tell people, Look, I still have a nine to five job, right? I'm not the guy that makes 1015 $20,000 a month. I'm just a regular guy just like you. I do this business. Because it's a vehicle to get me to certain places of where I want to be in my life. So from nine to five, you know, I work from five to four in the morning. Afternoon, I'm sorry. And you know, so they people resonate with that they don't want they don't want I'm not going to you know, blow smoke up anybody's ass and just say look, this is that you can do this and make millions of dollars. Because I just tell people you don't even tell them in my life. So if you're in here and you think this is what it is, then you might as well leave because I'm not going to tell you that this is what it is. And in fact, I scare some people away when I tell them that. Look. This is a simple business model. But it's not easy, right? It's not easy. It's gonna take some work. And if you want to do this industry, it's gonna take some work doing it so nothing that's worthwhile is going to be easy.

Matt: It's good advice, but I'll leave you with the last word for everybody who's here, and this is typically the question that I asked but Carlos asked it for us. He said, words of advice, Phil, for those just starting.

Phil: I honestly think that you need to and this is what I tell some people that have gone through the 15 day challenge that I talked to. You have to get your mindset straight and you really have to really think that you can do it and you can take your blinders and get the people from the outside out. Right, get them out of your way. Because those people will kill your dreams. Those are the people that will kill your dreams. I said that earlier. And I really believe that doubt will kill anything that you want to do . If you believe in yourself you can do this kind of thing, right? It's gonna happen where you're gonna fail the 100 times I continue to fail. I went through this course thinking that I wasn't going to be able to do this right. But you have to keep picking yourself up and moving forward and moving forward moving forward. If you keep the competence within yourself, and you just keep failing forward. That for me, 75% of his business is up here. It's all up here. And once I get past that and like I said early to get your head on the button. Just just move forward and keep the goals in line and your lane. And because gotta have those goals because if you don't have your goals, you're gonna keep driving around the block and you're not gonna get anywhere. You have to have a place where you're going so you know, keep those goals in line. You know, my whole goal when I first started this and it still is, is I want to get my wife at her job. Although now she has changed her mind because you know, she likes her early beginnings. She didn't want to be there. But I still my goal is to kind of try and get her out of her job. And you know my also my goals are you know, get my, my investments funded and all that kind of stuff. And those are my little goals and I and those are the things that I keep in mind. And I have little things on my mirror right by where I brush my teeth just to remind me of things that are going to keep me positive for the day and keep me motivated. So the only person that's gonna keep you motivated as you really is my wife is very supportive. But you really have to keep yourself moving, motivated to move forward and believe you can do this.

Matt:  That's awesome. And I like hearing out kind of stuff from somebody who's successful as opposed to, you know, somebody who's just, you know, kind of doing this and doing that. I don't know him but you know, thinking about growing rich, you know. I like that. You know, to me, it's always really carrying a lot of weight and it feels really inspiring to me. When it comes from somebody who's like really going after it and making waves so that's, that's really cool. I appreciate that.

Phil: Thank you.

Matt:  We're gonna put up your TikTok and Instagram here for people to go give a follow and, man, please reach out in a couple months and we'd love to have you back on the show.

Phil: For sure. Well, thank you so much.

Matt:  Thanks. Alright guys, so what I would do if I were you is I go follow this guy on TikTok. Immediately. It's @makemoneywithphil l and I would go watch his lives. And if you're on TikTok, and you're listening to this, and you're like, Oh, I can't go live. I don't know. It was scary. I would go watch his life and I would rewatch this episode where he talks about, you know, my first live there was nobody there for quite a while and then one person came on and it was my friend which is the same story for everybody. And sometimes that feels overwhelming and it feels like oh my god, what would I ever do you know, but the truth is, you can have fun with it. You can just pay, it's not a big deal. It doesn't say anything about you. It just says you're getting started. You're figuring it out, and so go give him a follow and then make sure to let them know hey, you know I saw you on wakeup legendary that was a cool episode. Tell him something you took away from today's episode, but lift him up for and next time when you're on the show. And you're the up and comer and you're killing it. You know Phil's gonna come over plop on over to your profile and give me a follow back and you know, that's that's the way for communities like ours that support each other and yeah, so make sure to give him a follow make money with Phil it's on TikTok. It's on Instagram. Give him a follow on both. And we're going to be back here Monday. I believe Dave will be back on Monday but no guarantees. I'm pretty sure and take it easy everybody peace out. See ya.