Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What’s going on my friends? We’re going to have a powerful conversation about a couple powerful topics. This gentleman was a full time financial service employee and has figured out a strategy to grow his or a I would assume it's gonna apply to anybody who will find out about a Facebook group in 60 days or less JT, welcome to the show, brother.

JT: Morning Dave. How are you?

Dave: Good. Tell me where you're calling in from.

Jt: I am just outside London in the UK

Dave: All right mate. Well cheers. Where is Australia? She is

Jt: Australia. Mate you can get away with get away with that there

Dave: You guys call each other mates and there's a few other things that you do that are you look at your diaries, we look at our calendars. You know, there's a few differences but I've got a lot of UK friends so I'm pretty used to producing all that. So how the heck are you in Why are you here? I mean, you're in financial services. Does that mean you are getting rich on the European stock market and all that? I mean, I just see doctors and lawyers and you know, stockbrokers and financial service planners and people and all this coming into online marketing and I just thought that this industry used to be for people that couldn't get real jobs, couldn't get real careers. And now we see all these people here over the last 10 years since I've been doing this from all these legitimate careers coming in and making this new career. Talk to us about why that is the situation for you. So from my point of view, Dave,

Jt: I left school and went straight into a job. I didn't do the college and video University. Got no degree. All I've got is high school qualifications . It's probably the best way to set it for you guys in America. For me it was financial services. It's all online. So I've done it for the last 25 years. I've grown through the organizations that I've been with when I'm a long term employee for some of these. So I am still doing it. I'm not, I haven't quit the nine to five, I'm still doing the nine to five. It's just the way the economy is at the moment. The inflation that is going on, especially in Europe at the moment, is covering those extra extra costs that we're all incurring the house prices over here. Certainly ridiculous and like the mortgages that you've got to pay off some of that, etc, especially when the pandemic hits. Yes, you take a mortgage holiday, but you still have to pay it back at some point, etc. So that was one of the reasons I got into this and they actually bought the course back in July of last year. Like a lot of people and a lot of people you've probably spoken to quite a few times as I sat on it. I actually sat on it until October. So actually didn't start the 15th day until October of last year. And God Do I regret it.

Dave: Hey, man, well, wow, what a unique What a unique perspective that we get to hear this morning. Every day. We get to hear real stories from real people of what's really going on out there. in people's lives. So thank you for sharing that JT because, you know, for a lot of us in this industry, we had a good 2020 and 2021 Financially, everybody came online. And a lot of folks in our community, maybe are thinking well, is it all over? It is , you know, because we're always afraid we miss the boat or we're always afraid that just because it's not going to for whatever reason we're going to show up to the party and they're gonna say there's no more party. But what I'm hearing just as I suspected, and just as I've seen happening in multiple up and down terms in this industry, is that when things are good, people spend money because they got it when things are rougher. People come here because they need extra money because they need to get by so they need extra skills. Now whether you go back into the make money online niche or you go to another niche, the bottom line is when inflation happens, or recessions happen or whatever, what what humans typically do is exactly what you're talking about pay down debt, invest in themselves to try to try to either make more at their current job, get a different job or start a business.

JT: And I was exactly the same. Last year I was doing okay, I can go and download something off of Canberra and put it into Etsy and make some money there. And as I told my Facebook group only this week, yep, I lost more money than I actually made for it, so it didn't work. I end up doing online surveys that everyone says oh yeah, you can you can make money you can make a bit of money. Yes, I made money through the surveys. Was it what I'm making predictions very well known when via and so and being honest, they become too personal. So you can do all of what everyone's saying out there today as a side hustle. But comparison to what affiliate marketing is nowhere near close.

Dave: No, no, it's not, it's really not. And it's, it's been some time. It takes some time for some people to see that and to realize that you know, specifically just because you know, specifically just because when you come into this industry when you come online and you start getting interested in making money online things or courses or education guess what else happens? But tell some people's story and they don't even realize that I know their story. They don't even know their story. Because you're, here's what I mean. Sometimes you come into the internet, you come onto the Internet into a new place and things start happening before you even realize what's happening. So let me tell you what actually happens. You get interested in, say, building a business online. All of a sudden you see a video on TikTok you watch it. Now guess what TikTok is showing you more of. Exactly. So now all the sudden you start seeing all this stuff and you think all businesses, all gurus all training all business models are created equal. And we also think not you JT I just want to try to help people identify what happens sometimes when we come into this industry and why we get lost. You know why we go off on a track that you know, where we lose time and money. Another situation might happen where you got somebody like me who's trying to aggressively sell, because that's what marketers do. I'm trying to aggressively convert but I'm also trying to be realistic and tell people it's going to take work, tell people it's going to take effort. Go live every day and have real ass conversations where I can't hide our customers can't hide. This is real talk. But you know what? Not everybody in this industry plays to those same standards. So we've got people who show up in your Facebook inbox, people who show that you subscribe to their list, people who you're now seen on on TikTok videos, and they're promising you the world that you have. And you know what we're suckers, human beings are suckers. So we say, Oh, sounds better. sounds easier. Gonna go do it, right? Because we just that's what human beings do. It's a phenomenon. It's nothing that we can help last year when things were going really great. I made investments. I bought what I felt the euphoria of spending. So I'm not I'm not I'm saying this stuff relates to me too. It's a phenomenon that happens in human beings but in order to now come back and actually succeed with your online business, you have to cut out the distractions and you have to begin to learn the difference between excuse me, I'm gonna get real high level very technical and very professional use with these next terminologies. You have to have a built-in bullshit detector. You know, you folks are looking to go in business, you didn't just fall off the turnip truck, you know, so we have to use some common sense and look, we've all got taken, we've all got off track. But just realize that everything out there is not created equal and everything doesn't deserve your time. Just because they make a claim that you can make six figures in six months or whatever it is. So do you have any experience with that JT because obviously, you know, just in these last few years, the amount of people that come into our Facebook group that are trying to just literally these folks are leeches, they're their dogs. They're sharks. They're the bottom feeders of the industry. And we got to be aware of them and we got to know that they exist. Not everybody is our friend. That's probably the worst place to find them. So not only the DM but the friend requests that come through over Facebook, that these other people will try and attach you to them and I and I've, I've considered deleting that Facebook group. I just want everybody to know that like I'm not I know these people are out there. And it's like, for me as a leader, instructor or facilitator, it's my it's my job to try to create a safe community and that that is, you know, that is what we tried to do with that Facebook group and unfortunately, but we have to get used to folks, this is capitalism. We have to get you to, I can't shield you. Nobody can protect you. Nobody can protect me. These choices are going to be in front of us our whole career. And we have to learn how to say no and how to set boundaries. We have to learn that just because somebody hits us up on a Facebook group, we don't have to respond and then go into this big long explanation. You don't have to explain, you know, talking to you JT just everybody out there. You have to explain yourself to any Jackass who showed up in your private message who wants to slow your business down by distracting you and taking you off on some BS, you know, coaching rabbit hole. And so I think the time is even more important now. If your money is tighter for you know, if you're affected by what's going on out there to be even more, you know, make sure that you're learning from spending money with and not getting sucked into people who are gonna waste your time and waste your money. And there are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing. That's just a fact Jack. 

JT: And to be honest they've done the U turn as well. And you know the ones that are there. They weren't on TikTok. They weren't on Facebook. They weren't putting videos out to guess what they're back on TikTok. They're back putting videos out. I saw the main two that you know Dave as well that you had previously that when you did your video previously that he popped in and popped off. He's now doing live videos. We have another one just to promote their own calls. So see it all the time and be honest with you. And I see also and this happened to me probably two weeks ago now. When you become very stable and very focused and people see that you're attracting new people. They want to be you and I got close. I didn't get hacked. I got cloned on Instagram, and I had to go back to Instagram. I got everyone that's good on my site and a lot of the legendary guys that I'm connected to as well through all the other platforms. Back To Me Arts at all. Yep, JT. We see there's another account trying to impersonate you if you know it's not any report etc. So if we've got this community it's great because actually we back each other up we see a cloning there. We get rid of it. And Instagram was great for me because actually one of the tricks of the trade is Dave. Hopefully throughout this conversation, I'll try and drop some tricks of the trade for you guys. On my logo that I've got from the UK. I actually put the TM next to it and if you guys don't know, the TM is an unregistered trademark but with the intent to register. So I've done that on my logo. So any of my posts that I put out on Instagram who has my logo? What if you can clone my whole profile? You've cloned my logo at Indian central station so I went back to Instagram and said actually someone trying to take my trademark took my copyright information, and it stood more than actually someone trying to impersonate me. So tips of the trade there they've actually held might help someone else if they're seeing that.

Dave:  You have basically trademarked images in your profile. Image is what you're saying in your profile picture? Like that would be like me using the Legendary well that's actually registered trademark. That'd be like me, using my face and putting TM next to it?

JT: So you've got the legendary Yeah, if you mix it with the intent to be rich that the Legendary no one else has gotten it. And you say, well, actually, you're gonna put a T-shirt up on a post and said actually, I'm gonna, I'm gonna build that T-shirt. You go actually, no, that's mine. Because if you see that logo, it's got TM next to me. 

JT: Yeah that’s a simple thing like that is that TM it will certainly strengthen the case ahead with Instagram and I would recommend to anyone, yes, just setting up your brand your business and that but any logos or anything you're pulling out there as your business. Make sure you just put the TN next week. I'm not sure if that's the same in the US whether it's the same trademark, but I certainly recommend that equity lawyers, everybody, you know, yeah, it's a great idea. You can do a little bit of research and figure out if that's something that will hold up in your part of the world, but seems to be holding up for Instagram. They seem to be responding to it right there. And it was a personal, personal email as well from Instagram, which is very unusual. 

Dave: That's really cool, man. So you have that going right now on all your profiles. You got the little, the little you do that.

JT: So if I'm putting up a post, so if I'm putting up a design image, I'll put it in the top pocket that there's an image and when that person just completely cloned my whole profile, they took every image as well.

Dave:  And that's what I had before. Gotcha. Gotcha. It's crazy, dude. Crazy. These people are out here. We don't have to come up with anything, we don't have to come up with you know, it's like it's like I'm not a legal person. I'm not a person that likes to go after people or even ever have to worry about this stuff. You know what I mean? Because like I have never in my entire life, tried to impersonate or scam somebody out. of something like posing as somebody different or taking somebody's money and then not, you know, then disappearing or whatever or like it's just It's beyond my even ability to relate to it. Because it is half the reason why I'm mostly defenseless towards it. Most of the time, I don't even know how to defend myself against this stuff for most of the time. Because I can't even I don't even know that it's coming. It's like and then you know, once we see it, we have to get the troops and like, what are we going to do about this area? You know, I mean, and we do this sort of stuff all the time. And I've got a couple of stories. I won't waste time and go into them right now. But yeah, it's important. I think the big takeaway from this conversation when we're talking about Facebook groups anyway, so we're going to hear in a moment is that everybody doesn't have your best interest. in mind. And also the amount of time that you can waste. I think one of the things after you post the content, how you decide to interact and what you do can really be the big whether you waste tons of time. Or not, because it doesn't take making the piece of content duty. You have to do that. But then once you post it, how we come back in or act with people in the comments, how you have to admit that's what takes all the time. And so I'm interested to hear some tips from you about how you manage your Facebook group and what you do in your Facebook group to keep it I guess in tip top shape to try to both help it convert to help it be a tool of conversion for you. But also, how do you not become a time suck to you and how do you not create a breeding ground for just a bunch of other people to sell their crap in your face?

JT: Complete complete nonsense. So let me tell you, as you know, I'm on nearly every platform so even even had a Clapper recently. I don't know if you've come across that one Dave. Clapper is another one very similar to TikTok.  

Dave: I knew that he had another TikTok coming right behind the old day. I know people are thinking TikTok is over, it's like there'll be another one around the corner. Don't worry.

JT: It's there, but it's not very strong. So just bear in mind. So for me TikTok is still the platform. I'm using the first one that I'm going to create. I personally don't interact within TikTok at all. I may, someone may comment on one of my videos and I'll go back to it. But what I do have in TikTok is the bio link actually posted back to my Facebook group doesn't go to my website. It goes back to the Facebook group and it goes back to the money worries Facebook group. So if I really took it, I'd have two profiles on Facebook. I've got my own followers, my own page I've got JT money worries UK as their associated to that I then have my money worries UK affiliates.

Dave:  So you have a business page. And then you have a Facebook group that's connected to that business face to face.

JT: Profile page is probably the best way not to worry about the UK, just IT says my page with a bit of my personal details within it. 

Dave:  It's a fan page, right? I mean, yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yep. Yeah, I mean, it's just like, because you can only create two types of pages on or great three things in Facebook right? You can create a personal profile business page or a Facebook group, right? I don't. I don't want to let you off here but you created a business page. You created a personal profile. Okay, got it. Got it. Okay. But you created a personal profile that you use for business purposes is what you're saying. 

JT: And the reason I do that is because going back to that conversation of how to go databases, you don't want your friends and family linking to you. And that's how you're getting the attraction. You want this to be a business of such so this is me. So this way I can tell my story about myself. So you'll see on here, I've told the story about how I'm promoting what I'm doing etc. I might put on there what someone might suggest, giving people that early mindset because what they're gonna do, David, they're gonna follow you before they're going to interact with you. Right, right. So if you'll see at the top of this page, they've got over 5000 followers because they're following me so the good thing is, guess what they're following me. So every time I'm posting on my profile page here, like having 5000 friends, they can see every post that's coming up.

Dave:  I think the biggest like one of the biggest things that Facebook did on your personal profile that changed the game, it'll let you do a pin post.

JT: I agree. 100%.

Dave:  It's because now you can take your absolute best post whatever you want people to your call to action, and it's just right there. It's the first one you can know what I mean? Leave it there, let it build up engagement. I would even if I was you. I would even say leave me a comment below and let me tell you something about yourself as well. Just kind of this post right here super blowing up. That's just maybe you've got to distract you but that's that's one thing that just just came into my head. Just because this is such an important post right here at your pinned post at your top post. And you just want all the bells and whistles firing off on this thing. But anyways, back over to you because you're here to tell us what you're doing. 

JT: So as you've got in front of you in a moment, like this, this is me. This is my personal page for the businesses such promoting my growth, but as I said, so you've gone from a tip top real you've come across you've seen the grid and you want to join the group actually, you can see my name on JT money where as you get great, I'm gonna go and I was gonna follow you. So I'm gonna follow you for a bit longer. They will then start to see all of the reels as well because my rules are starting to come up on that JT money worries UK on Facebook. 

Dave: How do you even find the friggin reels man? They got him hidden, you know what I mean? Can't even see somebody's reels. It’s crazy how they're, how they've kind of it, they're showing them they're pushing them but making them a dominant part of your profile yet you know what I mean yet? They're not like making them easy to find right on your profile. I feel like they're just really testing them and dialing them in and because they're going crazy. I mean reels. Whenever you go on Facebook, you're seeing tons of reels in your timeline right now. 

JT: And to be honest, Dave, I haven't done real since. Well, I last spoke to Matt in February. And at that point I hadn't done Facebook rules. It was just science that came over to the UK at that point. I pulled off that call with Matt and said give me a month. Let's see if we can get it in the column in March. I've started to take my TikToks Put it on Instagram, put it on Facebook, real videos go viral all at the same time and I had a weekend face to face. The air was manic. It was just a comment off the comment. I'm interested in it. I want more information. Right y'all.

Dave:  Listen closely. So that's all I'm saying right now y'all better be listening closely. 

JT: It was the most manic weekend. It was certainly worthwhile because you can go to my dashboard and you'll see the peaks and the memberships and the followers going up. But the good thing about having this profile on Facebook Dave is because they get to see the notifications because they get to see the rules because normally Dave is actually when I've got a story. I'll put my real Insta story on this profile. on Facebook. So not only am I getting those notifications daily from me when I'm posting my get that notification as well but which is great. It's back in front of them again. But after a time they then go okay, I want more information. I want to be more in love with an audience and when I go, this group comes in. Dave: Okay, okay, let's just pause right there because I mean, man, I just want to recognize the, what do you call it? What do you call the omnipresence of you so far? If they found you on TikTok. Now, you've also got them on Facebook, right? And there's just just, however you get them there. I just want people to sit back and just think for a second. How influential and powerful Do you think that is? When somebody goes to a different social media platform and sees the same video from you, it doesn't even have to be a different video. Just to say they're like, Wow, this person's everywhere. They know what they're doing. JT, do you agree with that?

JT: How many times do I get that comment? I've seen you everywhere. You're on my feed everywhere.

Dave: To me it's crazy. It's crazy. All right, so hopefully that was a note that you took. Now let's move on so we've found them on TikTok. Okay, we've we've we've you know, there click in their, their their interest. Oh my gosh, we've come right to your Facebook group. Okay, now in the group. Take us through sort of the indoctrination process which which really, folks is how do we bring them into our world? A lot of trying to confer you know, on day one, your your your think your it's this is not prostitution, folks. This is long term marriage. This is dating this is courting This is human beings that want to be you know, want to be treated with dignity, want to be educated want to be interacted with and that's quite frankly, that's really to the no offense to those out there who have to do sex work as their profession not even really trying to throw stones at you. But back over here to the matter at hand which is we're dealing with human beings. So JT, they've clicked on your TikTok. And what the heck Hold on a second. Is this a Facebook group? What's the strategy next and why are you looking to try to bring them into a fake group before you even take them to a landing page or whatever? This is a different strategy. This is a unique strategy. And and you know what, it's a beautiful thing because here's somebody who's testing and tweaking and trying things out. And here we are, have the ability to learn from them. And I just, there's no one single way to skin a cat in this industry. But I'm sure as we go through this process, we'll see a lot of the principles are the same. So IT continues to take us through the process.

JT: So David, this is the Facebook group. So they clicked to make a join. So they're jumping, they're going to have questions. So you put up your free questions that you want to know that information about that person join. Where did they find you is the first question so I asked, actually, where did you find me? Was it taken to the wicket? Was it Instagram? Was it an organic growth, but you have to remember Facebook has its own algorithm as well. So if you've got a community within your group that's talking and making questions, etc. That's going to push your group in front of people that are interested as well. So not only are they coming from other social platforms, they also come from within Facebook as well. So I'm asking that question, ask him what stage they're at because you still want to know that you might get started, it didn't work or actually this completion, completely new or you might have the experienced ones that just wouldn't know how to have a Facebook group sort of thing. So I'm asking for that information. So like anyone else, is this the standard or personalized questions that I've put out there? And then let them into the group. Again, I've got automation set up so they have like a few, like, hopefully most of us as an affiliate, we've got automation in place by again, as long as most of the questions are answered, Facebook's gonna let them into the group. It's gonna make sure that there are ways that you can go back and check those questions if you want to.

Dave: What automation Are you? Are you saying you're automatically approving people? 

JT: Yeah, if they get the right answer, if they answer the questions correctly, they if I get the information I need within their Facebook Scott, the administrator that systems automation women settings now.

Dave:  Oh, they've got that automation setting within the group right in the Facebook platform. Yep, exactly that. Oh, wow. Okay, okay. And that's back in your group settings. Get it? It's really wow, that's, that's, that's interesting.

JT: And it's starting to decline people as well.

Dave: Like, where is that at? 

JT: Right to the top. It's like an admin assistant. It's called on the left hand side of the panel. Again, it's tweaking it though. It's like what works for your business as such. So like you said, babyface, and there's people you want to localize. Don't answer it quickly for you and get them out straight away.

Dave: Well, how do you know what you mean if they don't? You're talking about as they're coming in? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. As they're coming in. Okay. Yeah, that's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. So back over here, where were we so many people that never too many pages. I don't, I don't even get started. I don't I mean, warmed up until I got this link up on my computer sitting in front of me. That's when I get fired up and I'm ready to go to work. I gotta, I gotta have enough distraction to get focused. You know, that's what most of us entrepreneurs would tell ourselves. Okay, so we're here. I noticed also, as I was collecting an email, is there any automation that you have set up? That's putting them in email auto responder, are you collecting and manually subscribing them to your list from right there? Why are you asking for their best email?

JT: So I'll tell you something. I started this originally with group convert if some of you affiliates would have known about this. So there is a tool that you can get called Word convert, which you can import and have as an extension on Chrome. I didn't like it, to be honest with you. But for me, I found that the majority of the time people didn't give me your email when they joined the group. And they will do everything else. They won't give the email and I thought okay, this, this doesn't work for me. This gives me a problem in that automation is not working as well. So what? Pause, pause, pause, pause, pause.

Dave: I just want to point out the wonderful, beautiful critical thinking that you did right there. You know, this is really important because when you run into something that is not working out the way that you envision, got to adjust, you don't raise your hand and wait for the teacher to walk over to you. It's game time, baby. I mean, it's up to you whether you're putting food on your table. This is the mentality we have to have as a business owner. You knew this completely and did with your freedom. You're right. You have the utmost permission from every human on this planet, to take unbelievable action to just change the shut up and test it a different way. That's a very professional technical term. JT I just wanted to point that out. Everybody listens because you're testing you're finding out what's working for you, specifically with your customers. And also, here's the other thing. What do you enjoy? You don't want a business that you hate. So you're also testing and tweaking How can I get this to work without me having to be there clicking buttons every day? Can I automate this, right? So that's what I'm hearing that JT is doing and I just want to point that out to everybody that JT doesn't have any advantage over anybody else to do these things except the critical thinking aspect. That's just you got to adjust and you got to give yourself permission to change things up. But back to this, so people were not giving you their email address and you were looking to get their email so you could then also hit him up and say, I see what you did there to get a ton of extra free training. Is that the tweak that you made?

JT: So when you're on a welcome but once you're in the group, I would welcome you like anyone else. You do a welcome post. So within my welcome. I actually put two hyperlinks so I do the training one day that you've I think that's when you've seen them. Sorry, I can't see you. Your screen is clear at the moment but you do get the welcome post with the training. But you will also get a link that says come and download my free ebook. And guess what, clicking on the ebook, which is in my funnel, gives me their name, email address, so they've not signed up to legendary at that point. But guess what, they're now in my email funnel sequence and starting to get my emails on a daily basis to promote Linder. And that's that.

Dave: This strategy works. It's transferable. So if for some reason there's a therapist sitting on here that wants to figure out how she can spread her message or he gets more clients because we all now realize therapists and clients would actually do our therapy at home on our computer via zoom. So they can now get clients from all over the world and this would work for them too. I just want to point that out. But you are about to drop a big nugget. So that's when they start learning about your product and service. What else were you going to say? 

JT: So on that work note and this, this is where our groups fail. However, groups will just do here, welcome mill, a little picture of welcome. And I think that the start date, and that's where we still had that email.

Dave: Can you approve my request? So I can see the type of posts that you're talking about, you know what I mean? Because what you're saying and I just as you're doing that, I want to try to speak this back by the way, I'm gonna stop sharing how many people are getting value from this like massive ridiculous insane valley to be here in the content? Give big JT some love. Come on. Now. People spread it's not being selfish with your love. Oh my god, you can't keep it unless you give it away for God's sake. So I am seeing I am playing a strategy here. It corrects me if I'm wrong, to make sure that we get the email because you're bringing them over. It looks like hey, just come join my Facebook group for more free value. But then in those questions you're asking for the email. Maybe they don't. But then on that welcome post, you're also going to have a link to download that ebook. And in order to download that ebook, they got to enter their email. So that's the second shot and that's what I would call a contingency plan. And why do we want to have a contingency plan at all times in marketing? Because we should count on people not doing what we want them to do? Not doing what we want them to do? Because if we could just get what we want them to do all the time. Well, we'd all be gazillionaires right? And so you've built these contingency plans because you know, JT most people are not going to do what you either instruct them to do or what you ask them to do. Because people don't like to do what they want to do, right? So they're going to give you and this is to realize they're going to give us their email, and they're going to give us their money or give whatever we're referring to. And they feel like they're getting more in return than what they're giving. And if you're not getting emails, and if you're not making sales, then for some reason people don't feel like they're getting more. They feel like they're it's like an even exchange or maybe you're getting more and you have to figure in a JT I think what's beautiful about this is you're really trying to show them hey, I'm gonna give you more before I ever really asked you for anything. And I think the beautiful thing about kind of, you know, having multiple places where you're asking for the email address as well as you don't have to put on isn't putting so much pressure on somebody to give you their email at one place. You can do more soft calls to action rather than hard calls to action that make me think the truth and you tell me what you believe about JT and then I'll go back to sharing my screen and we can go in and look at the post. But I think that the people who are doing the best nowadays with affiliate marketing are ones who are giving hard calls to action and always hard slamming. It's the people who you never feel like they're selling. agree with that.

JT: I try so hard not to, to get to a point of Yep, I'm promoting I'm sitting in front. I'm a lot of what I get from my communities. You'll see Dave in here is polls, etc. And I run with the guys and and even I'll put the question out there is have you got started Have you taken the 15 Day Challenge? And the best thing about this is because these leads are then coming off the back of my funnel or back of my sales funnel. new take on it, Dave. So actually anyone that comes through here that's downloaded the ebook. On my Facebook group. I've got a tech so I read that leads are coming over.

Dave: Yeah, you've got a tech guy talking about you're an affiliate for legendary and you say you put a tag so you can see where they came from in the legendary back office.

JT: Not in my own self. So in my sales funnel system I've created so because this is a separate funnel that I'm using I bill come through an associate that tag as well. Yes, we could go scroll to a yellow one day for that. This is probably that is the welcome post. 

Dave:  And by the way, by the way, tag everything if any of you are feeling overwhelmed by that comment or confused, don't worry. It's a very simple thing that is not important at first but as you start to have as you start to drive traffic from more than one place, like say you're driving traffic from Tik Tok or in you're driving traffic from your Facebook group, little tag on the end of your link where it'll show up in your tracking software in your affiliate back office. So you can know that sales came from TikTok or Hey, man, I've been doing this over here on Facebook and I don't see any sales coming from Facebook. It's just a way to know what's working. And it's a very simple thing that I'm recently single you're able to do it in what ClickFunnels What is it that your system that I added is one that I Oh, is it click funnels? Is it? Any one of them does it but don't worry about it. Right now if you're new and don't get on in a rabbit hole. So here's your welcome post and we know that the welcome post was composed. Well, you've you've you've welcomed or tagged everybody who recently joined the group as and take us through now we've gotten the visual of what you were talking about before. Yeah,

JT: So Dave, it's giving them a bit more history about me. And then there's MCMC. There's two ways to go and get your free book. Here's the hyperlinked. Evidence check. One is P go there's more. information within the guide section here. Guess what, that's my free ebook. Don't make it or anything like that. But even if they didn't read the blurb within that welcome post, they just saw your picture in color because it mirrors the website. They can just click on that picture, because it gets what you said. Right to the website. 

Dave: Right I mean, it's yeah. So how do you pack all these people? How do you get all these people? Can we show people that real quick? How would you do that?

JT: I can't show it to you. Because I mean that mentors can see it but actually, as an admin of a group you have an option right at the top of your groups and it was called on your own Legendary one. There is a drop down set members right at the top of the cross you're going across the sea you've got your discussions etc. Should have one Yeah, members. I do. Yeah. And then normally if you have new members there your first bit is say welcome new members, and they're already automatically tagged you don't have to do anything.


Dave: I guarantee you somebody on my team knew that. I didn't. And it's just it's just these platforms are making it so easy for us to do this now. What are we going to do JT? I mean, are we just going to take us with for ourselves I guess so.

JT:  That's the basics and that's how I've grown Facebook. That's how I got two pages that I don't use every morning. And then in the evening. wheels up on the videos are there and I let the system do what it means. When I look at the rules in the evening, I'll see that people have gone in and downloaded it and to be honest, that welcome posts, they only send it out once a week, like 20 members every week, new members and it's a simple cut, paste hyperlink. It's there and then you just see the free downloads GM members, everyone in the sales funnel.

Dave:  And it's just different, it's different. It's a different it's a different approach because in the first one using a Facebook group there's there's there's quite a quite a lot of people in our in our community that are doing using a Facebook group. It's been nice to see how and why and have you explain why you've done things that you've done. And also to hear how simple it is to maintain it once you've got it initially set up. Right I mean, you just even said to yourself or to us just moments ago that it's a welcome boost. A lot of it's copy and paste a lot of the same kind of stuff over and over. And I mean ultimately think about it. What you're really looking to do is you want to be suited, you want to be active and welcome that kind of the people who are going through or who are going to be you know, because people are the hottest when they find a new source worse than their hottest in the first couple of days. Their hottest in the first couple of weeks. And after that they pretty much if they haven't bought from you by then they're super cool. So to cover much interaction from you, or even that have interaction from you before you start them to buy stuff. Everybody else is just trying to get them to buy stuff. They're like, well, you know, what happens is their buyer resistance, that buyer defense mechanism that we all feel when we feel like somebody's kind of pitching gets lowered. And people actually hear what you're saying and hear the tension. Because and because they're not JT Do you know what I'm talking about when you feel when you say somebody's high pressure and you there's not a single thought that you have in your mind except Get me the hell out of here. Right? Oh yes. We've had a few of them. And we can create that feeling on the internet with somebody to know what they do? They don't have to awkwardly try to figure out a way to leave this. So basically to cover your kids ears. This guy you know and then just one swipe of the slide. So here's a way to be different. Here's a way to be different. Here's a way to add a little value up front. What else can you tell us or teach us? That's working? What did we mainly need? We want to, you know, try to try to deliver more value to our prospects as you're doing as well to push him on a platform that you're comfortable with. So here's an affiliate starting out pushing to suddenly you're comfortable with I was comfortable very much. Look if you look at my Instagram it's completely in the past. I don't know what Instagram has done to the elders, but it's completely great that you don't look at Facebook. Everything's going viral. It's great. I've even got videos going viral. There's a way because I see the follower account that I get plenty of likes, etc. So it's where you're comfortable. So yes, I know. Some of the videos I just want to post to people. But in order for them to go by. If you don't feel or you feel that actually you're getting lots of messages and comments and saying oh please DM me let's do we go with sem over to messenger and have that conversation or like I've done push them over to a group and then that way we push content in front of them. And it doesn't have to be the same to date. You will see my profile page content is different to the group content because the group content is I'm nurturing those content. I'm actually giving them more information. I'm giving them more history about themselves and legendary earlier. A couple of posts recently as well and I had one in particular said oh this is a complete scam. When I did a poll. I took some of the information found on doing my own insight and Legendary. It's actually posted back to the people that said it was a scam in the parliament. So it's done within the group. So that's all I can say to people, try to be where you're comfortable. Don't just try to be Oh, I'm gonna go on TikTok on the ark to get a sale. It's not going to be that easy and push it to somewhere you want to make a response to

Dave:  I love that. I love that. Where were you before he started getting online? That's another question that you can ask yourself, can I help you find that answer easier? It's like what? Well, I was just standing next to my mother in law. And, you know, she starts showing me all these different things. She's got built on Pinterest and I'm like, holy crap. And you're really well versed in this right and it's like finding a platform that you're comfortable in. Because that way you can get it easily and all you're doing is you're going from being somebody who's consuming and just there to take and be entertained to now you're just moving to somebody who's serving and adding value and it's just a different platform. It's just somebody asked you to, you know, stop singing in the classroom. inaccurately. Oh, I don't know. Take the wheel and tell us where it's just. It's no different. I think that's the point that I'm trying to make here. People get this is another fear that folks have JT. Well, I don't. I don't want to go through the awkwardness of a Facebook group with just a couple of people in it or what about those people that come to my Facebook group and there's they're the first ones there and there's nobody. I don't really want to deal with that awkwardness. How did you deal with that and what's your response?

JT: Had 55 Up until January doing micro that and then I got off the phone. I made the reels. I push the wheels out; they are pushed to compensate differently. And that glue could be attracted to push them freely in front of them. So that's why I've done with the welcome post.

Dave: So the free download you're saying?

JT: Exactly. Have to be an ebook. It doesn't. It's what you feel there might be a whole list of hooks for your niches such that you want to help them grow in their videos, etc. Whatever works for your members and for me it was an ebook about what's whilst you're now a member of my group, so when you do get chance and I know you're used to when you do get a chance to reason you would ask Dave if you had the choice so would you mind putting some comments so those questions with questions they would ask you. Dave: Where's that? Oh, all right. Let me see here. To start all over again, what three things would you do differently? Three things. Man, um, what I think I would do is create a bigger success. As an affiliate before I went over to create any of my own products or jumped over to do no other things. I think I would create a bigger success story with an affiliate as an affiliate. I think we undervalue and underestimate the success story in order to create a success or just have to stick with something longer than most everybody else sticks with us as the people that create success stories. So that would be one thing I would do differently. I don't know that I would do much else give me a piece of advice would you give to any new business? Just start collecting contact information. Don't be like me. Don't be like me, where I started my journey out. collecting email addresses or collecting business cards. This was what I actually handed out business cards every day. I said, Oh, I got the marketing secret. I'm going to collect them now. We've got probably 1000 in there that you know that I never made me a single dime. I learned how to win. I learned the power of being able to communicate or send a message to dozens or hundreds or 1000 people at a time. And I could send whatever I wanted. I can really put in the effort to write a powerful email. I could get the promotion to where I'm gonna offer an additional bonus if somebody buys this affiliate product. And I don't have to do anything except write a note to people who already know me and subscribe to my email list. I just and they've already proven that they want to buy this type of system so I'm gonna put a little effort, write a bit of a creative message and maybe offer something additional. And maybe those people that are just sitting there that I had their email address, we'll go and buy something that would give me money to pay a bill, buy a diaper, put gas in my car. I don't know. College education was when a high school dropout got arrested several times before I was 20 because I was an addict when on drug treatment. As a teenage father I still don't know my ass from a hole in the ground in many respects. But this, this ability to communicate one to many folks, whether it be via email, whether it be on your tick tock. Are we even awake to understand and realize the potential to put a stupid little 15 second video that I recorded on my damn phone don't even have to be on fire. For God's sakes, and then just bust the son of a bitch and millions of people. I mean, JT I could do it from my basement. I could do it from a sewer under it. All I need is a phone on us, a little bit of gun and maybe desperation or whatever the hell gives you up and going. So that's the piece of advice that I would get any business whether you're a fillip marketer, whether you're selling courses or coaching or pens, or whether you're the gumball, hot dog, stand right corner of the street, collect people's information and constantly communicate for eternity as long as you're alive with that cover says if you treat them right, if you serve them if you add value to their lives, they will support you they'll pay your bills who don't have to worry about recessions or anything else. These people pay your bills, and it's a load of no cost somewhere asleep. And that we sit here on our damn you know, hold on looking at BS anyways. Wouldn't I want to try to give myself and my family a better life by using these simple tools and the strategies to collect contact information and stay in touch with your prospects? 

Dave: The other piece of this is one other piece of advice that I got. Don't quit before the miracle happens. I got this. You know 12 Step JT when I was clean, I'm like, Hey, I can't do this anymore. Man. This is crazy. This is tomorrow. I need to get hot. I don't clip in the miracle conference. Dave doesn't quit before the miracle happens. They said and I stuck around to them being clean off of something that was going to kill me and I could not stop doing and we have to apply that same rule. Don't quit before the miracle happens, don't quit before the miracle happens. Because on the other side of this struggle is overwhelming a beautiful life that you've always had, but you didn't get it for free you son of a gun. So you're gonna have to stay in there and go through a little bit of pain. Do you agree with that?

JT: Completely. Yep, it's the banquet and you will get there in the end. 

Dave: Let’s do a follow up EP number two, what is the final piece of wisdom or advice you have for anybody listening? Or listening? Get started. Get started.

JT: Do what I did, don't buy a course and let it sit there because I've got plenty else here. We've probably got plenty in our group that bought the course and not started and are still sitting on the fence. Just start if you have bought it. If you haven't bought it go and buy it and that's all I can say and then come on come have lunch with people we are so and personally I'm so happy to help you with it.

Dave: It just pisses me off, dude. That's all I mean. It really just just just aggravates me a couple of times. I've had somebody reach out and be like, Hey, I spent $5,000 with some asshole and now he blocked me on Facebook and then look at the problem with the internet nowadays is if some scammer and people need to learn what really escaped you don't know what a scam is. Do you really? A scammer is an asshole who takes your money and disappears. That's a scam buying a course on doing it with life. That life it's the same way you bought that gym membership and didn't do shit with it. Just like me. We don't get to cry over it. We've done nothing about something. But I've gotten pissed a couple of times when some Wes has come into our group. And you know, oh you know Dave to get all drums, hymns and mediums and stuff. And then all of a sudden when these people are good, they'll get you on Zoom or and then block you on Facebook after them get money so be cautious that pissed off but that's me I get PID emotional and I get I get you know I get I fly off the handle I process it or I need to process it I'm the reason why we're successful is because I fly off the handle, but I'm smart enough to know and got a lot of smart people around me and I and I never do anything without my support. I don't make drastic decisions about our business here because it's not just my business, not my business. This business. We all benefit from it and I'm blessed to be a part of it to be here. I get to do this everyday too. It's not just you guys who are benefiting. I'm having a shitload of fun too, but not at least not right now. unless something goes absolutely unless I feel that the large majority of our community is somehow unique. But we have to learn that everybody doesn't have our best interest in mind. And unfortunately, some times that was with a hard lesson and we do block the shit out of them we work so hard to try to keep this community safe people I know I played dumb on here but there's a lot of smart people and I am dumb in many respects on how to how to operate. But there's a lot of 80 Something people or whatever that work in legendary. We're working our ass off to try to make this Discord a spam fast. There's no place better than what we have and where we're at right now. And I need to realize the grass is not greener on the other side. This is how I operate. I got to be better than the competition. Be better. I gotta be. Look, I can't silence them. People are always going to be there. I gotta just be better than them. I gotta go out. So that's another when I see people who are attacking or whatever I know, like I got competition. And I don't even look at people as competition. Because it's motivating you know, it's like Oh for real. Let me show you what I do. And I think that's the spirit of life. That's healthy. And I think too, I think for me, I gotta remember that too. This isn't a game of run and hide. Citizens. Game of hey, we it's a competition and the more I look like a game on the left side, let it stress me out. Because hey, these girls are playing cat and mouse and look, I just got to catch up to the poor competitors who are infiltrating my community and shit like that. I can also switch perspectives, what a blessing. These are infiltrating and we're not, we don't have tumbleweeds, you know, so there's always a way to make a struggle. And there's always a way to turn a mess into a mess. And, and so I think that's what Moradabad says about me and I won't quit and walk through the group out because there's too much challenge there for medical knowledge there for our team. I want to take Facebook groups, at least our Facebook group and I want to try to get the most out of it. A lot. of Facebook groups, storms, total cesspools garbage, can we still keep our valuables even as it gets big? That's a challenge. Okay. And so, you know, I think that's a valuable perspective about marketing. It is the challenge that's my 15 day challenge and we had the 15 Day Challenge. Challenge. We're popular because entrepreneurs, there's something about us that when somebody says you can't, that really irks us, do you remember that? And when somebody comes or I'm gonna come in and shit on your house, oh I can fire it up. It's like, you know, so no, I'm not quitting on you. I'm not clean in groups. But I'm pressing the scene and I get the feeling I'm a real heap but I'm learning to look, way over. Good, good, always overcome, you know, darkness in the end and be snakes and there's going to be bullish. There's and there's going to be scammers on every platform that we go to. Voice is just got louder. Alright, JT, I'm done, Brother. I don't have any more to throw today. Thanks for coming on dude. And thanks for all the value and come back and see us in a couple of months and let's keep learning. 

JT: No problem. Thank you. 

Dave: Alright my friends very is JT Love it. Love All. All. All of you guys have a fantastic day at the other start to another beautiful week. Another legendary week? No. And remember that regardless of what's going on out in the world of you know stock market this that often times and this is what it's all about to me is about life design and creating your own economy versus being so affected and so low on this economy that is created, quite frankly, is screwed up. High winds and all kinds of stuff. And there you go. I looked at that mess. Because I was a high school been involved in normal society. I was in I was a recovering addict. I was a construction worker. I didn't really to internet marketing. And I took a look at society back in 2010 or so. No, I don't really want to be a part of that bullshit. That looks stressful to me. I don't want to I don't want to play that game. And I haven't. And over the last decade I've I've spent time creating my own. create my own economy and thankfully each one of you has that same exact opportunity and here's why. Is because the history especially being online and being something that people buy and bear and bull marks. You really can also benefit and make money yours no matter what the what the economy is like. So I also have picking and finding this industry. And I think many of you, you may not see all the rights right now. Just stick around and you're going to be absolutely blown away by how versatile this just made in a good example of that would be would be this. And I'll give you a little sneak peek. I'm remitters was planning class web around now. And you know, back before COVID We thought Amazon FBA dropshipping print on demand I mean those are some of the hottest niches when for Fortunately when all your products are coming from China and they gotta get here on a ship and your ships are backed up in the Pacific Ocean and well, physical products, businesses almost overnight. Digital products, businesses where the products can be instantly downloaded and even more know what essentially you're selling the tools that dictate dictation that people need not even know. It's just giving them the education. Now all of a sudden you have a versatile industry that is not dependent on supply chains, not dependent upon all these other things and somebody all the way around the world even if they're buying a product in the UK. Access digital download instant instant processing. Fast right and so, man, we're in the right place, we're in the right place at the right time. And I'm just, you know, we keep doing these shows every single day and be putting forth this effort for sure I do. Drop a message to everybody to take advantage of this time right now. You know, fishing yourself and getting a great spot for you know, the rest rest from 20 to 23. Who knows what the hell else is coming out. We're all in 2020 and 2021 and now 2022. But let me tell you something, the world's got something else coming and you're asking the physician to be able to get through it and afford it. And now is the time for this business model. What do you do here and learn about it? Or whether you learn about it somewhere else? I really don't just learn to be laid. Back here. tomorrow for another episode. Thanks, JT. Peace.