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Dave: Hey what’s going on my friends, it’s Dave Sharpe and welcome to Wake Up Legendary I'm back in the saddle after as you all know, this last Friday, my beautiful wife and I were at an undisclosed location, getting a little bit of personal growth in doing our thing, you know, and it's good to be back home going to spend the fourth with our children and you know, try not to blow ourselves up here with some of these fireworks they sell in Florida. Pray for us. All right, my friends. Well, we've got a returning guest. You know, I always say, hey, come back and see us. Well, if you've watched the show for any amount of time, you know that we've we've actually had people come back and see us again and this morning is no different we're going to be talking to we're going to be talking to Sean and he's going to be talking about this as well as other things doing this one thing transformed his business and for months lot to learn. Sean, welcome to the show, brother.

Sean: How's it going? Oh, thank you. I appreciate that. Good to be back.

Dave: Good, good. Good. How are you doing?

Sean: I am on cloud nine. I got no complaints. 

Dave: Tell us why.

Sean: Life has changed rather well ever since I think okay, so look, we get real already. We're going to start off that way. Last time I saw you I think I was just finishing my first month with you last time I taught and that was when I was working that job. I was just killing myself from the inside. My wife's father was currently on his deathbed. I was seeing mental health experts and a psychiatrist during that time too, because of everything that was going on with work, family, all these issues. And so when I saw you it was kind of at that very, very beginning stages where like, this thing could possibly change things of all the crap that's going on in my life right now. And man, life has changed. It was four months ago. As of two days ago. That was four months on the dot and I was able to quit my job by the second month. Unfortunately, my my, my wife's father did end up passing away very, very unexpectedly. But it allowed me to be here, right for my wife, and for my kid and for her mom. Which I would never have been able to do with a previous job. It's allowed us to cut ties with California, because the only reason I was staying here was because I was doing my apprenticeship. So we're actually in escrow right now for our house. We're going to move to Colorado. It allowed me to get a job offer in Colorado, which was unexpected, which while leaving the nine five, it allowed me to still do this because they got in touch with me through seeing this and they offered me a very lucrative position. That doesn't take away from what I'm doing here. So it was just like, holy crap, man. My life has absolutely done a 180 mental health wise. I'm like, on a better road than I've ever been in my entire life. My marriage is awesome. My relationship with my kid is through the roof. I have too much time with my kids. Like too much. I'm handing them off to my wife, you know? No, I have no complaints. No complaints. I'm helping people left and right now it's just insane. Like so crazy.

Dave: Let me unmute myself. That's incredible man. It's a testament to how how fast we can change our life. I was I was scrolling Facebook the other day. Just checking out a few of my friends that I that Merle Merle, you talked about mental health and you know I gotta be careful with with too much scrolling and too much personal posting on social media because that can can affect my mental health. That's why why I mainly only do business stuff on the internet and I don't try to impress friends and family. And why don't really make posts for friends and family and people who are not business related. Because that can help and just be a huge distraction for what you know to show everybody what I'm doing what I'm up to so I can keep up with the Joneses on No, who cares. It doesn't matter I'm I'm happier and I make way more money when I don't focus on making social media posts for friends and family and people that I'm not doing business with. But what I was actually going to say was that one of my friends Eric wory had a huge you know, health transformation. He's an he's an older guy. So it was pretty impressive. And I was I was really happy for him and proud of him of what he did in six months for himself because he's always as long as I've ever known him. Been a chubby guy but an overweight guy you know, and and adorable adoring everybody adores him. I mean, he's a he's a he's a he's a lovely guy. But he wanted to he wanted to lose weight and so forth. And he did and he did all that in six months. That was just a couple of weeks ago. And now you hear this morning talking about things changing so fast and six months. Did you ever believe that was possible?

Sean: No, look, you know, I always tell people when they reach out to me that was the goal. The goal was never to leave my job. The goal was never to make five figures or anything like that. My goal was very simple. I already plan on mentally being in that job. Until retirement. My goal was to simply say, can I get to retirement quicker? Can this help me get to retirement quicker? And I think I think because I didn't put so much stress on saying like this has to be my way out. Right. I think it allowed me to really enjoy the process and learn about it and educate myself. And you know, 200 to $500 extra a month was like more than enough for me. I was like if I could do that with one hour a day because I was killing myself during the 16 hour 24 hour shifts. I was like if I can do that and one hour a day. 500 bucks in one hour. I can do that. I'll be awesome. You know, I'm like, No, I would have never thought what was possible now, within one hour. Like I'll be completely honest, when I kept on seeing people say I make this much an hour to two hours a day. I was just like, You're lying. You're doing eight hours or 10 hours. Realistically one hour is going to give me this but now that I'm in it and I'm literally doing one to two to three hours max a day and I'm making stupid stupid amounts. I'm just like, wow, to do okay. Look, you could pay me $30,000 To think that I would do a $30,000 month, but I just did. And I didn't. I don't work nearly as much as I do. You know, I mean? So that's what I talked about. When I speak to people. I'm like, I'm passionate and I'm adamant about this because you have that same thought process as I had in the very, very beginning. You're thinking exactly like I thought and I just want to make sure that you don't chase those results because I always tell people I didn't chase those results. Those results happen because I just simply opened myself up to the idea that this could help me in any way shape or form.

Dave: Now, you focused on the process and not the outcome.

Sean: Exactly the process. If I can't understand the process, how am I ever going to expect the outcome? Yeah, yeah, I mean, yeah, so I always tell people

Dave: Well, there's just this huge expectation like you said that people are gonna have a million view tick tock and a $30,000 month in the first month and if they don't, then either something's wrong with them or something's wrong with what they're doing.

Sean: Yeah, exactly. I think. I think the biggest problem with people is they put too much pressure on themselves at the very beginning. Which complete, which you're already in and up pressure as it is in the beginning. You know, like eight times out of 10 the people that reach out to me are dealing with issues like I had in the beginning. Rarely do I find somebody that's successful that wants to do this, that says I'm making more than enough money, but I want to have more. It happens, but more times than not it's almost like I'm a stay at home parent or I'm working three jobs I need to change. And I always tell people, “Look, you know, you need to enjoy this process because if you put too much pressure on it, you're gonna hate it just as much as you hate your current job. Yeah, so if they can do that life changes now.

Dave: What is the thing that you started doing? You know, if you were to say this one thing transformed my business in four months. Let's talk about that a little bit. What is, let's give people some tips and let's talk about some of the things that you focused on, to try to help avoid some of the distractions and pitfalls.

Sean: I think my biggest thing was getting communication. Communication was my biggest thing. And look, I understand that a lot of people, they look at this, and a lot of people are already stepping out of their comfort zone. When they start something like this where they go like, well, I don't want to be in front of the camera. That's tough enough as it is or I don't want to speak or I don't. And half the time. I always tell people you can do this without ever showing your face in front of a camera. You can do it without ever saying a word. You know, I mean, there are ways that we are taught within the challenge or anything like that, that shows us different avenues that we can go down that never require us to show your face, never even require us to say our name. But at the end of the day, people do like to put a face to something that they're trying to believe is right. So for me in the beginning stages.

Dave: Think the question you can ask yourself is do you like to put a face to a name do you like you know, fires up who are listening saying, Well, I want to try to do this as anonymously as possible. That's fine. And then Shawn, there are those ways and just think about it. You want as much success as possible, right? And you want that with the least amount of uncomfortability Okay, well, just if that's what you want. Just remember who you like to do business with? You know, do you like to put a face to a name? Do you like to occasionally know the person that you're sending money from? So just for those of you who are listening, just keep that in mind. But Shawn, you're, you're you're not ending there. You are continuing to interrupt?

Sean: Well, I mean, I can piggyback off that. And at the end of the day, when people go, I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know how to do it. Okay, let's think back and think what got you involved in this? What got you interested? What did you trust about this enough to move forward with it? And if I look at that, I go okay, well, you know, I think we talked about this last time I saw you. The first video I saw speaking about this was super sketchy. The person in the person's video that I saw, I did not trust at all.

Dave:  When you were out there like on wherever you saw the first video that talked about our training here or whatever it was, yeah.

Sean: At the end of the day, like I didn't know that person. I didn't follow that person, that person's positive vibes or page and everything that they were saying on the screen. I was like, rolling my eyes right? But at the end of the day, I always told myself “What will it hurt? If I just learn more about this? What will it change will change my life? If I don't learn about this? No. Will it change? Does it have the possibility to change my life if I do learn about this? Maybe? So it wasn't them getting me involved in this, it was me being able to move past my insecurities. Click onto the next page and then find your video. And then once I saw your video, I was like, Okay, I trust this guy a lot more than whatever got me through the bucket door. You know what I mean? 

Dave: That's powerful. The acknowledgement of the trust, right? Yeah. I wonder if we could just come back and talk about that whenever you finish. This because the the being a trustworthy affiliate or influencer or or just person out there is something that you you can help you can be more trustworthy so we can come back and talk about that but, but you know, you you're thankful you got to the page and you actually heard the message and heard the sales video ready before.

Sean: Yes. So I had to think about that and say, okay, in the beginning stages, what I was doing for what was I doing? I was probably doing the same kind of video style that got me somewhat interested but it was still kind of like, man, you know, I bet there are people looking at me feeling the exact same way that I felt about them. I would always try to get them to go into my DMs and in the beginning stages, I was typing everything out, taking everything out, taking everything out, I was like, Ah, this is and then what would happen was I will get into that mode where I'm like, Man, I'm becoming the thing that I ate, copy and paste, copy and paste, right, like waiting for a response. And I was like, this sounds so automated, I hated that. I absolutely hated it. So I did this thing that required more time, which was alright, whatever, I don't care. I started doing audio messages. I am okay. I am such a believer. I'm taking this personally. It shouldn't be personal. This should be absolutely personal to you. Yes, it's a business. But if I'm going to put my name behind my recommendation, I need to stand by it. If I'm going to tell people that this card is really, really great. I need to be able to drive if I'm going to tell him that this training program is really, really great. I need to put myself through it. You know what I mean? So if I'm going to tell the person Hey, you should at least look at this challenge and go through and blah, blah, that I need to make sure that they understand that I went through it myself. And that's something that I wasn't getting. When I saw that video. That person never reached out to me when I reached out to them. And I could have easily been one of those people that said, You know what, you're not reaching out to me, you're fake. It's a scam and I walk away. Right? Because so many people do that. And in my mind, I'm like, I cannot, I can't let that happen. I need to make sure that at least understand what this is before they walk away. So my goal is very, very simple. And I think we talked about this last time. I do not have a goal of making affiliate marketers. I could care less if you want to be an affiliate marketer. One because the training doesn't just go over affiliate marketing. It goes over affiliate marketing, goes over one on one coaching, it goes on scaling up a business you might already have. So I made sure that I talked to everyone and not say I'm only going after affiliate marketing. Why? I know gym owners, personal trainers, real estate agents that could still use this training to scale up whatever business that they have, without even caring about affiliate marketing. How do I get that across? I threw away all the copy and paste stuff. And I base it off of a very very personal thing. You can come to me with all the questions in the world when I say reach out to me, and I will look at it and say look, let's put that on the back burner. Let me get to know you first. When I'm going to talk about this, What's your name? What do you do? Where are you from? What goals do you have that made you want to reach out to me? Those things alone will open up all the doors you're muted.

Dave: What did I say that piqued your interest, right? What was it? I mean, just those are those questions that would make me stop and be like wow, nobody's ever asked me this before. You're absolutely right. Whenever I ask for info or reach out to somebody and many many years on the internet, it's always a copy and paste message back.

Sean: Well, those three questions alone Where are you from? What do you do? And what are your goals? Those three questions alone will automatically tell me how serious you are. I'm investing my time already to send this audio message. The amount of time that I'm going to invest in this conversation is all dependent on you. Not me right so that 14 seconds I just spent can turn into a 10 minute response on how you do right. So the more time and effort that you put into that the more time and effort I'm going to put into you. It automatically lets me know how serious you're going to take this and it allows me to steer you towards the direction because once again, I think people are pigeon holing themselves thinking that they have this is only about affiliate marketing when it's not those requests that will allow me to know okay, you're a doctor. 

Dave: And we  explain that in the training, but the problem is the prop I know you know, and that's why we just have a $30,000 month Okay, in I'm feeling I'm feeling my blood boiling a little bit here, because it's everything you know, is available for everybody else but you know the bottom line is, is that all the people out there who are affiliates, and they just signed up to be an affiliate and they're the ones who, who make us all look bad. They're the ones who have never gone through any training and just want to get to a quick buck. And well, I understand your feelings of desperate pain, those of you who are doing that, the reason why you Maybe nobody's listening to you or you're not getting engagement, or nobody's opting in your email list isn't growing. Nobody's buying from you is because I mean, I'm gonna say it to you like my dad said it to me, David, you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground and you're out here trying to be the man, you know, basically, you know, I wanted to go off and start my own construction company. And do you want to know I went out? I bought my first truck that was a gray F 150. And I went out to the very first job to bid on it. I was gonna leave my dad behind. And or not behind but just go off on my own. And I have my first job. I go out there and I'm the guy who's walking me through the house. It was an investor and I tried to go grab the garage and then it fell and I put my hand out to try to grab it and it cuts my hand wide open and the damn guy who I'm giving an estimate to has to go drop me off at the emergency room. No shit. And that's what I feel like a lot of us marketers online are like. It's like we just want to go out there and be the man or be the woman and I get it. I really understand that. And when we do that, and when we don't go through the education when we don't, you know just it only takes like a little bit of time to invest to go through just our training here. And you would be armed. Every single one of you looks at it like a cost. And instead you try to avoid it and be a part of what we're doing. Just by kind of hanging it out outside the club in like trying to sell something to people as they're coming in the club instead of actually go by in the training and going through it to learn what's inside of it so you're better equipped to not look like I did, which was look like an asshole out there. I mean, I literally was just like, you know, Dad, I just don't want to learn about the trade. I don't want to. I just want to go out and sell. I just want to go out and be the man and he was like you go be the man's son. And you know I called him from the emergency room. I'm like, Dude, I just literally almost tore my thumb off on this on this garage door. He's like well can't say I didn't tell you. 

Sean: Finger  in the socket moment.

Dave: You know what it is. The irony is sure there's a little frustration for me, but at the end of the day it is actually everybody who wants to shortcut success. Just makes it so much easier for people like you who are out there who have invested a bit of time to know what the hell you're talking about. No. I mean if you're going to be an affiliate for legendary and that's all you know, you're gonna really focus on that out there, which is fine. It's not the only thing we teach or talk about how to do but if that's what you're going to do those of you out there Yeah, understand that we just don't teach affiliate marketing as matter of fact I rarely even mentioned affiliate marketing on the external sales material. I mentioned freelance digital marketing, because affiliate marketing has such a, it's such a common terminology that a lot of people might hear it and automatically just block you out and just pre judge you and say well, I write affiliate I've seen that heard that before. You know, people are looking for something new. They want to try something that they i I'll never forget. I've had somebody in and in a workshop one time and I was teaching in talking about affiliate marketing. And I said the word freelance Digital Marketer and she was like, Oh, I like that, you know, as if I'd like to, you know, I like the sound of that. You know, sometimes we're like, well, it's the same thing that you're doing. You know, it's nothing. It's just you're freelancing from affiliate marketing to potentially creating your own course, to running a coaching program or taking on a you know, a soccer coaching client or maybe doing a virtual event or a live event. You know, maybe you do one, maybe you do what you free, you know, the beauty of this business is it does allow us to create multiple streams of income within the same business. But again, all of these things are things that so many people Shawn and it's unfortunate because a lot of them are out there trying to do affiliate marketing and some of them are affiliates for us. But as all they've seen is other affiliates, who also in many cases don't know what they're doing. And it's just a copycat. And then along comes a cat like you who's like, gonna go through the actual training you know, and you just go out and dominate. And I mean, we see that a lot, actually. I mean, Andrea, I forgot. I forgot her last name, but showed her water or something like that. Yeah. She's from Peru. I mean, bro. She's a beast. I mean, there's several people and even at the last mastermind, there was lots of clear evidence. You know, you go through the training, and then you take action on what you learned. And I'm talking about, like, really, there's nuggets in all of our training, all of our training, and the majority of people won't even complete the challenge. Let alone get into the blueprints. But, but, you know, it was real evident at the at the mastermind as well as it is, you know, right now, in this moment with you is that, you know, when you go through our training it's You're such you're such a different marketer standing next to somebody who's just fit hasn't gone through anything is confused don't does it know which ways up doesn't know where to start? How does that sound familiar to a lot of people who still don't know where to start? That's what people that are common still don't know where to start? Well, if you buy the blueprints, there's an actual link that says Start Here. You know what I mean? I mean, and a lot of times we buy stuff and then we don't even look so I don't know I'm ranting here, but there's so much around what you just said. And even the fact that you know, remembering the person that you were exposed by, you know, whatever affiliate that was and how horrific they did it, but you continued on anyway. And I just wonder what comes up for you as I'm ranting about this.

Sean: Well, I will say this, like when you talk about when we all take the blueprints, it's all the same information, but how we perceive it, how we take it and how we go ahead and distribute that. That's completely different. So since I started this, I have spoken with some of the top earners with Legendary on phone calls on Zoom calls, and this and that, and the one thing that I realized is that we all have a different way of creating content, but it all stems from the same education. Right? The problem I'm seeing is that the top earners are taking that same education and making it their own. But the majority of those that are failing or that are stuck, are taking the tidbits of those pieces of information, right. And they're just making it the same as everyone else. The majority, the masses, the masses all look the same. So you're not making yourself stand out by any means. You're not doing anything that's different, but you're expecting exponential results. Right? Like, you're not asking yourself, What am I doing wrong? How are they doing this? You know, I mean, you're just simply saying, Well, I'm doing everything this person is doing. And I'm not getting those results. Why am I not doing it? Obviously, there's something on the backend that you're not realizing. And the problem is they're not going back into the training and trying to figure that out, or show you where that's at right here. I want to just show you a story that I illustrated with but you're about to say something else, they're not going back into the training or you're similar or they're just not simply trying to find a way to make the message unique. And this is why I made it very clear. Always try to put yourself in the position of the person that you're trying to get because you were that person you were and that's what I try and keep on pounding into people. When I spoke to them, I was in your position four months ago. Oh, you have questions about the training. Fuckin ask him. I was in that position. Those questions that you're having were in the back of my mind. The skepticism that you're having right now. I have this exact same stuff. I went through it and I am now a result of the products that I put myself through. Right. I am not a teacher, I am still a student. But I'm a fifth year you're in you're just coming into the door, you know, that sort of deal. And I think that's the problem too, is that people are trying to be teachers, when they haven't even enrolled in the fucking classes. You know what I mean? So why should I trust you? At the end of the day, you need to ask that question not why am I not getting these commissions? Not why is this failing? Why are they not trusting me? What is happening in that communication that is not allowing them to trust me? And if you're saying well, I'm doing the exact same post as that person, why? What are you not offering? Are you not getting on a phone call with them? You don't have to, but it could help or you're not telling them to reach out to you in the DMS. So that's my thing is I can create the stupidest video with the dumbest hook in order to get a million clicks hopefully right I can make the most insane fucking video. But if that million clicks can give me some people to reach out to in my DMs. That's where I'm shining. That's where I make the connection. Right. And people don't understand that they think that clicks equals commissions. Clicks don't equal shit. If you look at myself, and I tell people all the time, they're like, you're only getting this stuff because you have a large following. No, my following is diminished. I said this in the last video. My following has dropped exponentially since I started this and my viewership is down traffic, but that's because I had a different niche when I jumped into this retarded i only I started Yeah, it's not like I started in this and then just went to shit. No, I went fitness and then I went into this. So of course everything is gonna drop for me. Right? But the thing that makes me stand out is you'll have you on the same channel. And I completely refurbished this channel, right? So it was gonna take a hit and it still takes it but now I'm starting to balance out. But you'll have people with 10,000 followers getting 30,000 views. You have a guy like me with 160,000 followers get 1000 views, and you're wondering what I am doing differently? I'm talking to these people. Like, I'm getting the message very, very clear. And I make it so I'm transparent. When I speak to them in the DMS or I get on a call with them on a zoom call.

Dave: People trust you so much more when they're so honest and just just very transparent. And give us some examples of what that looks like. Like what's an example of something you're going to be honest about in there? Oh, really super honest that probably other affiliates are not.

Sean: So one of the biggest things that I get is like Okay, so let's say someone is going to make a big investment. They're at that stage and they're just like, Oh, I just don't know, I don't. There's just so much now, and I'm like, Okay, look. I've done it too. I didn't. I was at that stage. Right. The things that you have to realize when you cross when you cross into the next level, well, hey, I'm gonna take this seriously, you know, I mean, and now where do I go from there? The first thing that I have people do before they even click the Start Here, like you were just talking about, oh, let's start here. I don't even say before you even do that. Get out a piece of paper and write down every single doubt that you know is going to pop up in your head. Every single thing that you're going to tell yourself that makes you want to fail that tells you that you're not going to be able to complete this every single thing right off the bat before you begin step one, and then come up with an answer that you know is going to go ahead and squash that something that's going to get you to the next day. Right. So that's the very first thing because I'm having more success than I've ever had, and I doubt myself every day, delegate that right? Like right here you can, I'll be okay, if I don't have a 30,000 month this month, and say I have a 20,000 month, right? I'm gonna be like, is it? Is it diminishing? I only did 20,000 This month I did a lot more or less. Like really come on. I feel like the bigger picture but at the end of the day doubts creep up on your mind. No matter how successful you are. You're either gonna have a fair view or fear of failure, or fear of success. And you got to go ahead and say I'm five rather than a full computer success. I'm having such great success. I read through that every single day. Right? But I have them write down all the doubts in their mind. I haven't written down the answer to it. And then once they have that doubt I say all right, now let's write out a realistic timeframe. How long am I going to do this? Before I actually throw in the towel here? I mean, and I told him, I tell him all the time. I said I did the list. I did a one year timeframe. And I didn't give a shit if it went 11 months and 29 days. And I have made an improvement on that last day and then in the 11th hour, I don't give a shit. That was my sign to say alright, it's worked. I did you know I mean like, Let's go forward from here.

Dave: They, so I just want to point out the difference between those of you who are listening to this are going to use this to go make money with and those of you who are going to prolong your success. There's going to be two things you want three things you can do with this information. For example, Sean was just talking about you know what he talks about with maybe a new lead or somebody who's getting ready to actually buy something from him and start a process. So some of you are like, Oh, that's great, cool information. Sean's a cool cat. Some of you are thinking man, I really wouldn't wish I was Sean's customer. And Shawn could I could do that with Shawn, that maybe that's what I'm missing right now. Right? That's, that's one. That's one third person going. Wow, that's a really powerful way to speak to leads and customers and that's a really powerful exercise and that's really valuable. Maybe I should, maybe I should go and implement that. You know, they've actually gone to try that. And that's not to say that you shouldn't go and follow Shawn and you shouldn't go in and be a part of his life and support him and allow him to support you and who knows where the future will take you. But in this moment, when you listen to wake up legendary, and these different marketers are coming off and they're, they're giving these tips like Sean's doing right now. There's a couple of things you can do with it. And I just, there's some of you who are still in that mentality that you know, it's just it's something outside of myself or someone outside of myself, who's gonna make the difference in my success. And there's nobody outside of your success. There's not a mentor. There's not a guru, a guy or a girl who you're going to run into who's going to be the missing person. And they're gonna make everything better. As a matter of fact, Shawn and many of our guests each morning probably say and do a lot of things on the show that maybe they might not have done with the customer because they're sitting here talking about it. You know what I mean? You're maybe not doing everything with every person, right? So if you're listening to this, don't think that the grass is greener on the other side. Get out of that customer mentality and get into the Creator mentality. And out of the customer mentality. You This is not for customers. This is not for customers. This is for creators in these tips. We want you to go and use them. We want you to go and implement them. And that's just a simple little mental kind of tweak that if you're sitting here listening to Shawn and you're you're thinking and I can care less go learn from Shawn as much as you want, but he's giving gold away that you can be implementing today. And that's what I think is so powerful about what we do. Is that unlike your typical college or I know, in a lot of careers, you have to have an internship and stuff you have to go in and kind of practice this stuff and maybe you're gonna get paid for it one day, maybe you're not. Well any of you could go and try what Sean's talking about now to gay and make money with it. You don't have to wait, you don't have to do an internship. You don't have to. I don't have to sign off on your paper or sign anything or say you completed certificate or any of that bullshit and most certificates are just some bullshit thing that somebody invented to try to make it some industry standard that you go through and get their stupid certificate, life coaching certificate, this certificate that certificate this degree that degree none of it matters. Because there's people like Sean who just rose up like the phoenix from the ashes or guys like me, who, you know, crawled out of a dusty construction site over 10 years ago and started slinging information products and courses and the beautiful part was I was not actually the one who had to do them at first I just learned how had to learn how to be a somewhat consistent and trustworthy affiliate. So I would love to talk about that just for a second. How can we help people look and seem and sound more trustworthy? I gave one tip which was go through the damn training and actually know some shit know what you're talking about. What? What's something that you might suggest or something that you did or changed and you're like, Damn, that's giving me a bit more trust than I used to. 

Sean: Well look, okay, so I said it before. If you have 10 people that are offering or that are talking about the same thing, right? What you are going to try to look at makes you choose one of them, and they're all doing the exact same thing. You're kind of just closing your eyes. And hold them right. But let's say one of them offers a free free call. And other ones don't. Like that one's gonna be a little bit more or a little bit better, a little bit more intriguing, right? So that's what I have to look at. I say like, okay, well what makes me stand out, what makes me different? Yes, I do the audio messages. Fine. Maybe some other people do all the messages. I don't know. Right. But this is something that we talked about in the training. What's your lead magnet? You want an email? Why? Why should I give you my email? Right? What are you giving me in order for me to give you my information? Right. So I created a free ebook. I took the training. And I did a cliff notes version of a section of that training that I took, and I said, Okay, what, what was I most confused on or what did I find most valuable in that training? And how can I go ahead and just condense it and make it something that intrigues people to want to know more about that training? I am not trying to take all the training and make it into an ebook, because then I'm just giving it away for free. And I'm not getting anybody to take the training, we got to show that the training has value. So I'm going to take a little bit of that training, put it into my own words and try to explain to a person why I find value in what they just taught me and why they're going to find even more value when they take the training. So one of the things that I do when I talk to people at the end of it all I said this before, and I make it very clear. I do not care if you want to be an affiliate marketer or not. My only goal is that when you make that decision, it's because you are not educated on what that is so that you can walk away from this because you know what it is, not because you haven't been told or taught what it is. And that was the biggest issue that I was seeing. That is the black eye of affiliate marketing is that people are not communicating enough on why education is important. They are simply saying, These are my results. You can have them. Well how do I do that? By this? What is it? I want to be that person that says these are my results. You can have them. Well, how do I do that? Let's figure that out. Where are you at in your life? What is it that your goals are? Okay, well, you know, I understand you probably don't have the time right now or you just you still don't know if you want to do this train. Understandable. $7 is a lot for some people. I don't think so. But at the end of the day, a person will fight you for $7. So okay, look, I have a free ebook. At the very least I want you to at least get that free ebook, walk away with something. Walk away with some sort of knowledge. Because I guarantee you if you read that ebook, it's going to intrigue you. Either you're going to be intrigued and you're gonna want to know more. And then that gives me the opportunity to say look, that ebook is often the training that I took. If you think that the ebook is great, wait until you check the training. The more you're going to read it, you're gonna be like this seems like a lot of work. I don't know if I want to do this. Fine. You just made a decision because now you're educated on it. Not because you're lost, and no one's talking to me. If that happens, I've done my job. That's it. That was my job. My only job was to get you interested or not interested. And that's it. I don't want to sell you on something. It's not my job to sell you. All right. That's your job. They don't, that's your company. Right? I get you into Dave's club. I'm not the one serving drinks and playing the music David. If you want to walk out of that club, it's not my fault. It's Dave shitting. Music choices are shitty drinks, right? So you have to think of it like that where it's just like stop trying to shove shit down my throat and just talk from the perspective of the student that you are and still are. Because you are a student. Right? Yeah. And that's it. You're just trying to say hey, these classes are really great. I learned a lot from them. What is it? Why are you not believing me? Don't ask the person why they don't believe in right? Start asking them questions. Why would a person not believe me? And how can I get them to at least trust what I'm talking about? Yeah. I want to get on a call. Do you need to write a book? No. I mean,

Dave: Yeah, that's unbelievable. Unbelievable value right there. And I go over that specifically in the blueprints how to build a lead magnet. What are the different kinds of lead magnets you can build? Get? You're right, I mean, people you know, we all all of our stuff tends to look the same because we just copy each other and that's, that's, you know, we just look at what everybody else is doing and that oftentimes in a community becomes the strategy. Everybody thinks that's the strategy well just watch a Wake Up Legendary and just copy people. And it's like, you know, that's fine. That is one way to go about it. But let me give you a little hint. Little those of you who are on the fence, this July 4, maybe you'll do something really nice for yourself in going by our Blueprints, because it's not certainly not going to change my life. But I know it will change yours. And so consider that but first, let me show you what's inside of them. This is a tiny little freckle on the pimple of a gnat's ass of what's actually back there. But how do I get somebody? Trust? That's what we're talking about. Right? And Shawn, just give up gave a great a great tip and now I want to give a tip on that. And then we'll bring this airplane in for a landing. So this is in the section of the fishing formula in the blueprints. And this is where this is a small section of the chum section of the fishing formula. And there's eight sections to the fishing formula. And it's a it's a system to be able to go through and make sure that it's essentially a system to sell anything to anyone, but it works really good for affiliate marketers in in the in this I made it specific to affiliate marketer, so, Chum the Waters but don't give the whole boat away. All right. So what we see out here is we see a lot of you know a lot of people who you know, say they want to be an affiliate for Legendary go take you know right on their tick tock profile. Go take the 15 Day Challenge Dave sharps great Legendary Marketer, blah blah blah blah or maybe say they're over here promoting, you know, the shoelace company or, I don't know, we'll keep it information based maybe they're maybe they're over here promoting this coaching program over here on fitness coaching. Well, this fitness coach over here. He used to do the same Shani, fantastic and then he found an affiliate anyways. Whatever you're talking about, most people will go in and say the whole thing and it reminded me a lot of when I was in network marketing and MLM I used to go and advertise the name of the company and the product I was selling and the person who was the CEO, the founder, I used to announce that just to the whole world. And actually, I thought the solution to all my problems was to put a wrap on my car kind of like this and actually drive my truck around as like a moving billboard for the company. And what I realized was, that was the stupidest thing I could have possibly ever done. Because the person who's sitting in traffic, who just looks at my big dumb wrap on my car and says let me just Google that company or product and just I'll do my own research. That's exactly what they did. And I got left with the bill for the car wrap. And they got a nice little chuckle at how much of an asshole I was for doing free advertising for this company while they just googled it from the comfort of their own car, right. I didn't know anything about, you know, trying to get somebody to give me their information, calling me any sort of a lead magnet. Just none of that clicked for me. And what a lot of people don't realize in this industry is that you're whether it's tick tock YouTube, Facebook, wherever you're promoting, your whole offer should be more blind than then then specific, at least on the front end until you get their email address. And the reason why is is because you need to brand you not the company or the product you're promoting on the front end for the simple reason that I just gave that people are not stupid. They Google things every day they go Google all kinds of things. I mean, come on people.


Don't pull up your search history. Look at all the kinds of crazy shit you've searched over. The last however long people are not it is not a foreign thing for somebody to use that search bar. So they will use that search bar. So you have to be brand new. What does that mean? Well edutainment I talked about that in another part of this section. What edutainment is okay but you want a brand you with edutainment and again if you tell them what it is you can guarantee if they don't go research it they're at least going to prejudge it right but you know, at least they're going to research it and maybe the if you're an affiliate, they might find another affiliate, right you have to get the email address in the best way to do that is actually not by giving constant you know, in like, like annoying calls to action to go and just, you know if you say Lincoln bio Lincoln bio, they're not going to opt in more because you said that more times. Like that's not how it works anymore. The reason why people do things people are not stupid is because they're curious, and what this whole blog offer setup, no matter if you're an affiliate or but especially if you're an affiliate, right, you don't want to give too much away. Remember this slide, Chum the Waters but don't get the whole boat away. It's sort of like when you go on a date. If you lean in for a kiss and start on zipping your pants in the first five minutes. Shawn, how do you think that's gonna go I mean, unless you're there and it's a transactional sort of thing, but I mean, if you're there on a day, okay, if you're there on a date with a woman who you asked at a coffee shop to go out, you're going to take her to dinner and you lean over to kiss her and drag her to the hallway and start on zip in your pants. You think she's gonna slap your face nine times out of 10 Probably. Yeah. You know, and I mean, obviously we can. We can talk about a lot of different scenarios, but I mean, come on. You guys get the analogy. It's like this whole process is about a little bit of teasing tantalizing. It's about a little bit of curiosity. It's about a little bit of finesse. It's about delivering value. In getting them to actually like you and think you know, what the hell you're talking about, before you try to tell them to go do something or or give you something, you know, but the most important thing from from this, you know, last five or 10 minutes is the idea of building trust through branding you as the main, you know, as the main Attractor Factor, not the product or the company or the owner of the company or any of that let them learn about all of that, after they opt in will do if what am I going to talk about? No, there you go. Right now we can get into actually creating some content that's probably going to work once we've taken all that off the table, right? The whole here's what I'm promoting, here's why it's great. I mean, that's just features and benefits. That's facts, and they sure do tell. But stories in value sell like teaching. You know what I mean? Because if I'm teaching you then you're learning. But if I'm describing facts in detail, your buyer defenses are going up because you know what pitch is coming. I've already engaged you intellectually, so you're not even in your feelings. But again, stories teaching hearables now you mix that with trending sounds in visuals that we can use from the internet. And you got Shawn here who, you know, went through the training just had a $30,000 month and there's a few nuggets on how to get more people to trust you. What comes up for you, buddy?

Sean: Well, I mean, you kind of hit the nail on the head on that one. It's you. You trusted the training, right like because you went through it, but at the end of the day, no one knows that they can trust the training until they go through it. They have to trust the person recommending the training. The people need to stop worrying about Oh god, it's gonna sound horrible, and you stop worrying about your date. All right, man, you start worrying about yourselves because he leaves me out of it. I'm just trying to live over here. Although worried about me when you wrapped your car. I'm not going to trust your recommendation. I'm automatically going to think you're a company man. Right? I'm not a Legendary employee, right period. 

Dave: Like I’m not listening to your third party validation. And that's exactly what we've called it in. Marketing all these years is your affiliates. And other people that are out there who offer testimonials and validation are third party validation. That's sort of what it looks like you're onto something there.

Sean: So you have to make that very, very clear when you start talking about Legendary everyone's gonna be like, Oh, you sound like Are you under contract because I'm like that No. This is a huge thing that happens. People get to a certain point in their training and then they come back to me and ask me questions, which is fine. I love that. asked me questions. Why? Because I was where you're at when you have those questions on that day. Do you not think I had those questions on that day? Like, the only difference is I didn't have someone to reach out to. I'm that person to reach out to now and I make it soak clear. You will have questions. This will be a lot of information. You need to go ahead and make sure that you are there to answer any questions that that person has during this you're helping to facilitate additional purchases as well. You are the trust circle. Do you not understand like I needed people to understand that you are the only thing that is keeping this person from moving forward or not. You are that trust you are the battle buddy the trust buddy wherever the fuck you want to call it. That's what you need to be for sure it is your contract. 

Dave: You’re advocate or ally in a sense is what you're what you're acting as right?

Sean: Yes

Dave: You're like oh, you're like a like a so like, it's like the buddy system in a sense. You know, you're acting as their body in their interests and you're on their side. And you don't want it to appear. Like you're on some other level, like secretly you're a mole and you're really trying to convert them and get them to buy no matter what yeah, you're their buddy and you're letting them know, you know, this is safe, keep going. It's okay, do what's best for you. This is what I did. And all that additional communication after they buy the initial product that you're offering and or doing and sometimes people don't even come back. It's beautiful. When you offer yourself, people. Just the offer oftentimes is enough. Just them knowing they can go to you. But what you're doing here and it's so beautiful because it's towards the end and you really have to listen to hear this nugget man but this is the best one you've dropped today. It's facilitating those additional upsells or premium price purchases, that if you're an affiliate, you want to connect with companies that are going to have other additional, more advanced programs that you can earn more commissions on. And by maintaining that relationship or at least keeping that line open like you're doing and correcting anything that I'm saying if it's wrong, but by keeping that open, you're helping to facilitate those additional purchases.

Sean: And here's a big thing too. When I say that I'm honest and transparent and stuff like that. Anyone else if this was just about money, right? And people ask me questions, should I get this? Well, what about this one? What about this product? What about that? If this was about money, I would be like, get it all? Yeah. It's so great now. But at the end of the day, when I went through to get the training, I didn't get every single upsell. I didn't get every single product. I got a handful of things, you know, but I can't talk about something that I never got. So I'm never going to recommend that. Right. And it's not to say that I'm going to tell them not to get it. I'm simply going to say these things are very, very, they're like supplements, you know, you have a good diet. Not only that, you don't need protein shakes, but it's a great supplement. It's there to help you when you're in a bind, right? 

Dave: By the way, great analogy.

Sean: Main thing is to just get you through that seven hour training because I know that that has enough value in it within itself. When you start asking me about all these other things, I will be very honest and be like look, I got these couple of things. They're very, very helpful, especially if you want to move forward and scale up. They're going to be extremely helpful. At the end of the day. You don't need them though. All about this business. I didn't get those. I can't speak to them. All I know is that these are great, great supplemental things that I know can help you out, but they're not needed. All I care about is that you go through that training first. Do you not think that if they hear that they're gonna be like, Oh, this guy makes money off everything I buy and he's telling me that I don't have to buy certain things. I just have to buy what I do not want to buy for $100 to send it off. Okay. They said no. Okay, perfect. Yeah. I mean, you need to stop thinking when you start thinking about the dollar value and every single thing it's going to show you might not try to make it show you might think that you're not having it show it's kind of bucket show. And when you stop wearing about the dollar value, the trust factor is going to be there and when you can actually have people trust you. It doesn't matter what you recommend, you can recommend a $20,000 product. If they trust you, they are more apt to invest in that because they trust you. I can talk about the product and be like Oh $20,000 The more value it has and must go with them and the price tag, like that sounds car salesman style, right? But if I say look, I am a I am a result of that product. Well which one doesn't matter. I'm a result of that education. Whichever one you want to get is up to you. And you can ask me questions on it and I'll let you know if I got it or not. But at the end of the day, all I know is that I am a result of this education. And this education has allowed me to leave my job, be with my family and have over a year's worth of savings in four months. do this, do that at the end of the day. Do you want those things if you do, this is how I did it. This is where I learned and I will help you every step of the way because I know that even though there's great value in what you're about to buy, I still know that I had questions when I was starting off Why would I not still offer my help after you just invested and a huge thing. Do you think that makes me look better when I go get them? And I walk away? No. That is another reason why this whole industry has a black eye is because people walk away and they leave them and they say good luck. You know why? Yeah, for sure. I want you to succeed. Why would I not want you to succeed? Your success makes me look better because I'm trying to say that this education system works for your success. That's it's my billboard, to say look, I just told this person it works. They're successful. Believe me or not, we're winning. And you're still spinning there. And I mean, we're winning and it's fun too. 

Dave: This is your back office. And this is the stuff that you've bought, like you've bought all this training. Yeah. And that's that, you know, it's rare. Man. It's rare. It's rare that you actually get somebody who is, you know, putting their money where their mouth is. I have always been with affiliate marketing and it's not Garin. It's not mandatory that you do this. But for me, I have always enjoyed personally promoting products that I did have transformation from and that I did go through. The reason why is because I've always been a personality. Affiliate. I've just, I've always been the spokesperson of my own campaigns. I've never used, you know, a pen name or anything like that. And I've always used my face and my story. It's always worked the best but where was I going with that? No, I was just I was just I was just, oh, I was talking about actually buying the thing that you're marketing man. I mean, and that's actually owning it. You know, being willing to put your money where your mouth is. You know, I've done this in several different ways over the years. I told a story the other day about how I went to a Tony Robbins event and my wife sitting right here I called her and I was like, I'm gonna buy the, you know, this big thing from Tony Robbins and it was like 15 grand and I just wanted to buy for me it was about the act of investing in myself. Which gave me so much more confidence and conviction to go and market, other marketing and personal development courses, which is what I've done for over 10 years and never done anything besides that. Always sold the core for business. Model always been in that business one way shape or form. And I got up on that stage, bought it, dropped 15 grand with Tony, went to a couple of the events, didn't even go to all of the events, just couldn't get to them all. But just that act of investing in myself gave me so much conviction and I see a lot of people over the years. Who I mean, yes, it's financial. They can't afford it. Right, which is, again, I don't want to minimize I don't want to minimize your pain or what you're going through but I don't ever say that about myself that I can't afford something but people can't come up with the money, whatever to buy the training, but they want to be affiliates of ours. And the challenge with that is it's I can't force anybody to pay to play to be an affiliate. But the challenge with that is that you lack conviction, you lack that internal conviction that you sense in what you hear with Shawn that he has when he's been talking this morning. There's something that when you're asking somebody to do something that you've also done yourself, there's a real you can really look somebody in the eyes. And when you've not, when you're asking somebody to do something that you've not done yourself, but you're out there making a stand every day about it. Like there's a difference in running a campaign you're not the spokesperson and we talked about doing that in decade in the day and there's camp, but if you're out there and you're verbally vocalizing or, or showing your face and and showing up every day out there and you're saying, hey, go to this call today. It's called do this and you've not done it. It's not a requirement that you do but I'm just saying there's some conviction in there that's missing, because you're asking somebody to do something that you're not willing to do. And here's just something that I'll offer everybody is that it's been such a development and leadership for me to never ask somebody to do something that I'm not willing to do. And whether that's an affiliate of a customer, whether that's somebody that works here at Legendary, whether that's my children, just never asking somebody to do something, and there's so much more conviction. There's so much more trust you combine that was what Shawn was talking about, with just that, that honesty of, hey, look, you can buy the blueprints you can buy that you can buy that look, I don't care. I just want you to do that. And there's a little key to that. I did it just keep going through and complete what you've just purchased, which is the challenge, right? And then you combine that with the conviction that you have knowing that you have actually bought it, gone through it and done all the things that you're out there talking about. It's really a combination to get rich in this industry. Because people who don't get rich are people who have who don't who don't have that congruence and what they're really I call it and I used to call it this in network marketing preaching the dream and living a nightmare, right? It's kind of like that incongruence that you're preaching. Whatever you're preaching out there, but you're not doing it. You're living a different way. I think you combine that with what everything you said today, Shawn, which was unbelievable and I think somebody's going to be a lot more well on our way to, you know, getting friends and influencing people out there and ultimately getting people to trust you. What final thing would you add to put you know, kind of wrap this up for volume two of our series.

Sean: Like, everyone keeps on saying step out of your comfort zone around like that. I can't stress enough what that means, but for different people, it means different things. For me, the way that I would do it is the very first thing that I would do right now is to try to open up your communication. You really work on your communication. It's going to play a role and how your content is created, how you present your content and all that stuff. But at the end of the day, once again, like you really need to take a moment and reflect and remember why you're doing this. And a lot of us say it's for the money, but it's not about the money. It's what the money would give us. Right? So for me I was making stupid money in my previous job. But that was taking such a toll on my life. Now I'm making money with this, and it's giving back to me so much. My other job took away from me and gave me money. This one's giving me money and giving back to me, right so you need to remember why it is that you're doing this and have that be the thing that you're trying to present. Have that be your message. It's not about how much is in your bank account. All right. For me it was because I want time with my kid. I want to fix my marriage. I want to not feel like I'm gonna blow my brains out. That was what it was for. Right? If you can remember why you're doing this because everything is an emotional base, right? Even getting the blueprints. That is an emotional decision. And this is why I'm an advocate on why you should get them Dave was talking about. I can't afford them. You need to figure out what you need to do to candidates you can afford. Right? Because you're not putting yourself in a hole. You're opening yourself to a whole nother emotional window that you can present to people because you're asking someone to do something that you're not even willing to do. Bullshit. I will never ever go off your recommendation. But if you are willing to walk through the fire and be in the trenches with me, and show me that you're succeeding, I will be next to you every step of the way. You are someone that I can trust at the end of the day affiliate marketing is all about trust. That is it. Affiliate marketing is not about recommendation. It is about trust. And that should be your number one goal not getting followers, not getting commissions. It is building trust. Period. Trust and that should be your number one thing that you ask yourself all the time. Oh, I didn't get a commission or where did I fail? Why are they not trusting my recommendation? I think it's the blueprints you know, but I'm asking them to get the blueprints. You know, I mean, you need to figure out how you build your trust.

Dave: Yes. Start with your simple things, start with the simple things and look at friends we're not you know, if you're tuned in and you can apply this stuff to any business I mean, you really can you can apply this to any sales and marketing scenario. You can apply this by going into our blueprints and applying it to a different niche going through our challenge applying it to a different I mean, we will meet you wherever you're at, continue to talk every single day, five days a week publicly with people like Sean, which this was wonderful and dude like Matt was sending me screenshots of your what you're doing and I mean, you're really you're really cranking. I mean really everything that Sean said. I didn't know but I validated and verified throughout the show just on our team. It's mind blowing, bro, it's mine. Not that I was like But Matt was like sending me stuff as kind of on fire. I mean, you're on fire man. You're on fire in your earning. what you're earning is matching. It's exceeded for Christmas sake. Which is exceedingly sort of like you're growing but I feel like your incomes exceed that which is such a powerful testament of how fast money can come into your life. When you focus on you and not you know which everything that you said this morning is such evidence of that, especially that which I don't want to say too much to overshadow that last piece that you just said. And so I'd like to end with that. If you're not getting sales, ask yourself what is not trustworthy about me? Why are people not trusting my recommendations? It's such a powerful question about self assessment, self awareness, self evaluation. If they're not trusting me now I would that question can decide now what can I do? Go back to training. watch somebody else not listening to what they're saying but watching what they're doing. Right. There's lots of different ways that we can learn from each other. But it's such a powerful question what a mind is not doing to get people to trust me. And it gives me all the focus that I need to have which is on what I can do, not what somebody else could do or what else I'm missing. What's all that shit is a distraction. What am I not doing? You know what Shawn, the beautiful thing about it is, is that overlaps in all areas of my life. My wife trusts me today so much more than she used to trust me. Why? Because I figured out and worked on building trust and that had nothing to do with how she acts and everything to do with what I do. What I say, how I act. She's no different. But she trusts me 10,000 times more today than five years ago, because of what I've done. And what I do every day to this day, my kids are the same way for everybody. And it's so powerful and empowering. Forget about powerful, empowering thoughts and if you feel intimidated by it, you're like, oh wait, I can't be responsible for all my success. Just sit with it until it empowers you until it's something that you look at and you go Thank God I got this. I've had it this whole time, son of a bitch i i could have done so much more. But who cares about the past? You know, what can you do? With that sort of empowerment today? You know, in Shawn, you're proving what you can do with that sort of empowerment today, transforming your entire life, financially, all the way from marriage to kids jobs. I mean, you're doing the whole you're doing the whole deal and it's a beautiful thing to watch so let's get our volume three you know in the in the mix man in this

Sean: I love it. I want to be here all the time with you man.

Dave:  Hey bro, I love having you on it's it's really really really valuable this morning and if any of you want to go what would really be cool if somebody really wants to get to know Sean is scroll down through our wake up legendaries is fine episode number one. Do you remember how many months ago we did that? Was that like what three or four months?

Sean: That was three weeks because I was just finishing my first month. I was at the end of my first month so that was probably near the end of March.

Dave: So I mean just to be able to see what and that might even be interesting for you to go back and watch. See how his competence, see how his conviction has grown. Right? See how he's maybe less. I know I was full of shit. When I first got started. I was just And what I mean by that was I was just trying to be everybody except myself. If you go back and you look at my very first interview, you can go to YouTube, you can type in MLSP David Sharpe, you'll see an interview from me 12 years ago when I was the member of the month of this network marketing training program that I was an affiliate for and went through their training as well. And and I finally settled in like to my authentic self you know after some time and and I see that starting to happen with you and not that not that you I was younger and really I was in my early 20s When I started in this or my mid 20s So and I had just been, you know, homeless and addicted not too long ago, so I was way out of my element. You know what I mean? I mean, I was hoping nobody was going to figure out who I really was. You know, talking about trust disappearing. One instant, you know, but I just realized all my flaws and my mess was a real message that I could use in my market at all like what I thought people were gonna run in wanting to look at the dirty junky. I don't want but they're like, Fuck, this guy's awesome. You know?

Sean: Do you think that they're going to trust the guy that's had the perfect life telling you that you can have the perfect library to dig in until they can access the guy that used to be a convict went through the hard times, everything like that, and then they're like, come on. 

Dave: It is all inactive as well of revealing, learning how to be more vulnerable and learning how to get comfortable sharing those parts of myself and they actually make people feel closer to

Sean: Rather your struggles or your strengths. I think people need to start realizing that your struggles are your strengths, people resonate with people that are having hard times and in getting across them are rising above them. You need to stop hiding your story and make that your main appeal. There is a reason why you got started in this. You need to share that because you're going to find that other people are going to be like I'm in that same situation or worse. How are they getting this and I'm not what so that they'll start asking what am I doing wrong? What am I doing that needs to change? Not this is a shitty service and they got me No, it's like, there are people in worse situations doing better than me. So something's happening with me. And I need to fix that. I need to figure that out. You know, I mean, so that's what we need to that's that's I can't stress that enough. It all starts with you. Stop pointing the finger and start realizing that something's going on with your message and you're not getting it out in your way. Stop trying to be like everyone else and start being, you know, emotional here. Don't my kids shoes, microphone drop,

Dave: Throw there's to break a window, throw the hat. I mean, golly, you know, I mean, I'd be fourth out there to Americans. You know, let's have our Legendary Monday shot thanks for coming back, buddy. Let's do it again real soon.

Sean: I appreciate it if you haven't heard of it before. All right, man. We'll talk to you later. All right, take it easy.

Dave: All right, my friends. You heard it here. Saw it here and witnessed it here. Once again. The man with the plan is back. Sean Wow. What an episode. For real that was just really really a hater. And definitely, definitely, if you want some entertainment and some inspiration, go back and watch Shawn's first episode, where he came on roughly three months ago, he said and and yeah, follow his journey. Yes, yes. You helped me. You know what, you helped me today by being here brother. Be Legendary my friends. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Get out of here. Happy Fourth Americans, peace.