This past Monday on Wake Up Legendary Dave Sharpe sat down with Em Walcott to talk about her journey of growing a successful digital marketing business. 


Em started out in a career as a private practice recreational therapist. She loved her job, but kept feeling like she had to choose between her career and her family. She was burnt out and felt like she had no time for herself. She had to make a choice to either continue down that path and put all of her time and effort into a job that couldn’t give her a life she wanted, or to move on.


Em left her job as a therapist and knew she would need to start doing something else to supplement the income she was missing. She signed up for the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge and started her digital marketing business. 


Manifesting What You Want And Making It Happen


Em knew she wanted to be able to bring more money into her family and had faith that she would have success with her business. Part of starting an online business is staying committed to it and manifesting the success that you want to see. When Em began to manifest her success she started to see results and kept seeing results. 


Creating small goals for yourself to accomplish is a great way to manifest your success. You have to want more out of life and take steps every day to make that happen. Write down your goals and make sure they are clear and attainable. When you have a goal you want to achieve it becomes easier to stay focused and motivated.  


Be Authentic With Your Audience 


When Em started creating videos on TikTok she saw that the people who were building the most connection with their audiences were the people who were just being themselves. Your audience is not going to connect with someone who is fake. You don’t have to worry about looking perfect or having a perfect background or setting. Your audience isn’t perfect so they won’t connect with someone who is perfect.


Be willing to be vulnerable with your audience. Tell them why you got started online and what brought you to digital marketing. Share about your everyday life and be honest. If you aren’t feeling 100% your audience will relate to that because there are days where they feel like that too. When other people see you being honest and vulnerable about how you feel they realize it’s okay for them to feel that way too. 


When Em started making TikTok videos she started having fun making them. Everything she said in her videos were her true feelings and she had never had an outlet like that for her emotions. The best part was that her audience related to and understood how she felt about leaving her job and moving online. 


Creating digital marketing content isn’t about how good you look or to show off for people, it’s your opportunity to show them who you really are and connect with your audience. Being authentic with your audience shows them that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes but that they can take action in their life to change their situation instead of feeling and staying stuck. 


Utilizing Your Community


Em shared with Dave Sharpe that she wishes others would utilize the online community we have like the Legendary Marketer Facebook group. There are so many people that helped to encourage and uplift her when she started. The others in the Facebook group helped show her that she was just like everyone else and that everyone was sharing the most authentic version of themselves.


Part of being authentic in your digital marketing business is building connections with others. Building a connection and community with other people will help you to learn strategies from other people just like you and be able to celebrate your wins together. Digital marketing isn’t a competition and building your community will give you the opportunity to learn and connect with other people in your niche.


Learn To Trust Yourself  


Em shared with Dave Sharpe that this is one of the first times where she feels like she can really listen to her own intuition and trust herself. She shared that its important to show up every day for your business and trust your decisions and be proud of that. You are the one who’s running your business so it’s important to trust yourself in the decisions you are making and be confident.


Sometimes it might feel hard to trust yourself with your business when others don’t understand it. Instead of sharing what your business is when people in your life ask, you can share with them what your goals are and find sometime that they will agree with you on. That might be wanting to go on more vacations or spend more time with your family. They might not understand what your business is but they will understand your want to bring more into your life. 


Manifesting what you want, being authentic with your audience, utilizing your community and learning to trust yourself are all great ways to help bring success to your digital marketing business. Staying true to yourself and being focused and motivated will help you grow your business and your connection with your audience at the same time.


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