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Matt: What’s going on everybody Happy Wednesday. It's May 5 We're here live. I got a guy Logan sitting on Deck. I can see him like he's down there in the waiting room. And we're live. So, if you're here with us, if you're here live with us. We've got Julius in the house Casey, what's happening Casey? Good to see ya. Jim is in the house as always, Mark,

what's going on, William. I imagine Mark right here screaming at a screen, Matt!

Jolene, what's going on and good to see you. Hey, if I'm coming through if you can hear me okay if it's loud and clear and there's no weird internet interruptions or anything. Hit the little Like button, give me a thumbs up, let me know that there's lots of people who are here who live with us, and you can hear me okay the audio is clear, I'm not going in and out my connections, not bad, anything like that. If you are newer or maybe this is your first time tuning in, pumped to have you here. If you don't know who I am, I'm the Chief Marketing Officer here at Legendary so typically we go live on these wakeup shows, five days a week, Monday through Friday, and Dave will host most days and I host Wednesdays typically, everybody says they can hear me just fine so rock on. And, yeah, we bring on guests, people who are affiliate marketers, digital marketers coaches, consultants, people who have been through our training, people who haven't been through our training, most of the people have been through our training or found our training somehow online. And, and then we just do a little interview and just see what's up with them, and it's pretty rare I've, I've been in this industry for a long time, I started. I first bought a Google Ads course, and started selling some high ticket travel products in 2010-ish, so about 11 years ago and have been just around the industry for a long time, it's pretty rare to have, actually, to have a company actually interview their students. And the reason is because most people sell a sort of digital education online, they're worried about results and they're worried that their stuff doesn't really work or whatever. But in our case, we like to just kind of put it on display, and let the market decide if they, if they like us or if they don't, so I'm excited to be here, and I know that this interview today is going to be really interesting Logan's started in like pest control and doing door to door sales and I thought his analogy of, of doing basically online door knocking as opposed to being a door to door sales that was fascinating to me so let's, let's Logan, without further ado, and for everybody who's here live with us. This is actually live this and that we don't actually pre record these, although that would probably be a more efficient way for us to do this and probably you know maybe more reliable, but we actually do get on at 10am Eastern, we actually do go live, and, and I've got Logan here with me so Logan's gonna come on if you all can greet him with a round of applause or, you know, give us some clapping emojis, or give us some fires parts or something, give us something fun and Logan, what's going on?

Logan: Hey, what's going on. I’m originally, Wisconsin, but now I live in Idaho. Okay, cool.

All right. So you're out in Idaho. Let's see what oh ClickFunnels is in Idaho, I was like,

I used to live in Boise, and I would go by Clickbank and ClickFunnels all the time.

Try brick by. You actually got your start by googling some marketers over there. It’s booming. Matt: Yeah. So tell us a little bit about yourself, so bring us into your world of, you know you were doing door to door sales and you can take us back as far as you want but you're doing door to door stuff pest control stuff, tell us about that. How did it lead to affiliate marketing?

Logan: Sure. So if it's okay with you, I'm actually gonna go one step ahead of that. So I've got a bachelor's in recreation management. My dad's a CEO of a YMCA and so I was like oh well I guess I'll just do that since I didn't really know what else to do. So I got a job at the YMCA and my dad got me a ton of connections and that's actually how I lived in near Boise and I opened up a new branch YMCA, I was a membership coordinator there. And I did that for a year and I realized I hate being told what to do. I hate being unappreciative. And I love my staff, I mean like, I didn't want to work there for 20 years before I started making good money like my dad, you know. Yeah, every day I'd come home, and kind of like YouTube, how to make money online and all this stuff every day and he was like, that's where I first learned about Filip marketing and that's actually where I first learned about legendary, You know back in the day brown days and the old school that was like three or four years ago but yeah, I ended up just so my buddy, my good, my good friends, he did door to door sales and I said, Dude, what is all this about was his commission stuff and he's like well just come out and give it a try so I quit my job got a new home and went all the way back started training. Then I started doing pest control sales so I would recruit people. I train them, I go hit doors all day, every day for like six months out of the year for Siri West Sacramento, and like 110 degree weather. And I am without my wife so it sucks because, like, it was hard. And then the next year, like I'm a kid trying to find a good vehicle to get what I want out of life basically. Yeah, it was cool because for six months, I busted my butt but then six months like I could just do whatever I wanted, you know, which mostly ended up being recruiting and training people, but just let you know I became a regional so I oversaw ATF sales reps, and we'd go every summer door to door, but last year with coke well first of all the job itself, just so everybody knows, like some people love it some people don't like. It's very mentally and physically draining, you're not going to the door, you don't know it could be, you know, anyone behind the door and they can hate you, they call the cops on you, you know, it's very unhealthy and almost in my eyes. And so not only that but I was like, I have a one year old son so he was born in February, and the first part didn't see him at all. Like I'd leave an ad I'm gonna get 10pm And I was like, Dude, I don't even know who my son is really. And so, with all that going on and then COVID hit two of my via two branches where they were doing pest control and sales reps, one of them completely fell apart, of like 50 sales reps quit. And so just my income got slashed by like 70%, I was like geez, I gotta figure something out because I'm not happy over here either. And so, back towards the end of July, I took the 15 day business challenge. I already liked you guys started watching guys a ton on YouTube and I've always liked legendary. And I was like man. I wonder if I can apply this to my job now, so instead of knocking doors and, and so it's funny because I brought my 18 year old brother. So we're like 10 years apart. He's right out of high school and he and I decided hey let's try this out for Pest Control and so we use all the strategy strategies that we learned there and we were just making sales online at home while the sales reps were busting their butts. We're just having fun, actually hilarious. 

Matt: What do you mean, what types of strategies and stuff?

Logan: So the maximum both the good and bad thing about pest control and the difference between like what we can do here on like TikTok and YouTube and all that stuff, it doesn't wear local company so I'm basically an affiliate for the local company here, and it's called Insight and so anytime someone signs up I got a commission, a fixed commission just like any affiliate company. And so all I did, I had to work with more locally and worldwide so I'd use Facebook groups locally, I'd go on the Buy Sell trade the garage sales, everything out of every little city near me, and I would just I would just use the lead generation strategies in the copywriting to Hey, like spiders, ants and wasps so my, you know like some like that, and say hey if you guys want control let me know. And then I'd, you know, I would do my exact same pitch on the door but online. Just the messages so

Matt: I love it. That's super cool. My brain goes a million places, it reminds me of this guy. So, so there's this guy, his name's Joe Polish and we know. He basically took, you know, strategies and copywriting and direct response marketing and applied it to his carpet cleaning business. And same deal just door knocking constantly going door to door to door to door, just took that basically went online with advertising and sales letters and you might have actually done some like direct mail stuff too but just exploded now he's got a whole marketing mastermind that people pay. I mean, I think for him, it's like $25,000 for his mark, or his like Kimmer what he calls it anyway, just funny how the skills are so transferable and hilarious. It's crazy. And the cool part is is like sometimes people are like, it people are a little bit hesitant or they're or they're nervous about going into like, like, sort of, More, more like physical services, type things, like, like I think about air conditioning, handyman services, Pest Control stuff like that, like, But the cool part is is like 95% of businesses and those industries suck at marketing, no clue how to get business and you apply any good marketing strategy in those industries, and we’ll have a line out the door forever, because they're so easy to market that people just don't know how to market them.

Logan: You can literally reach out to probably, it's a thing like window washing machine going up here in Idaho, there's a lot of snow like snow blowing and like it gets heavy heavy snow. If you can, if you can find the CEO of any of those companies a lot of times they'll pay you a high fixed commission, like upwards for pest control it's upwards, usually rookies start around like 30% and it goes all the way up to 50 or 55% Sometimes, and they sign up for the year so you get, you get the value on the whole year and so one thing I do like that's cool is a lot of people are like, Oh man, I have to promote courses I have to promote this or that there's a 1,000 things in this world that you can take from this challenge, and promote them people need to open up and widen their perspective a little bit because that's how I got started, and obviously I promote Legendary because I love it, and software is now I'm affiliate for a lot more things but it can just, I like it because whenever I'm talking to people and teaching people it's like you don't have to just on the doula courses you can do whatever you want.

Logan: Yeah, totally. And I think one of the, one of the best realizations that I had and that I see people have is just, it's, it's almost like this sense of relief, a little bit because they'll they'll purchase something and they assume that they've because maybe they've come from network marketing or MLM or whatever and it's sort of a red weird feeling like I've got a recruit and do what you did and do it exactly how he did it or whatever. And then they end up getting into it and they just don't like it. And I'm like, hey you know what, like, like you might, you might, you might fail or it might take you longer to do something like pest control if you're, if you know if you don't have the model set for you. But if you're really into pest control you'll probably enjoy it a lot more and you probably long term have way more success, because, like you're actually like talking about something, you know, and you're pumped about it, you know, it's just, it's fascinating.

Logan: Well, and also, also you have to think like when I'm knocking on doors the coldest of cold calls, like interactions like they don't like me they I'm interrupting their dinner, whatever they hate me. And that's hard to take mentally, and as opposed to that where it's like hey guys, if you haven't, tons of bugs I'm giving a discount. People are like, seriously helping me out and getting to my house like it's a warm up warm lead, and just the fact that it's like my life becomes 1,000 times easier.

Matt: Number one, You've got people who already have a problem and need a solution, and then number two, you've got a huge portion of the public who loves a deal. Who doesn't love a deal, I know people who will buy stuff just because it's a deal, like, you know when I've got when I like, I, it's always just interesting when you move into a new house, and, and we're kind of going down the pest control route but cool who cares. It's like, it's like when you move into your new house you just don't know what you don't know right so like, so for instance like when we moved in there was evidence of termites but not active termites. Termites that had previously been cleared out but they hadn't really like cleaned the lines off the wall and everything or painted over them or whatever. And then there's also just little things like about the pool that I'm, you know, I don't get disclosed every single detail about the pool. And so, you know somebody, if I see a little ad or I see something in a Facebook Local Group or something about like, hey, you know for first time pool cleaning is 10 bucks right or it's it's 30 bucks, because that's a huge thing here in Phoenix, kind of like the snow thing up there, you know, cool thing down here, same deal, it's like, well shoot, I'll give it a shot. I'll see if I like the guy and my if I don't like the guy I think he's weird or I think he's untrustworthy, he's not trustworthy or something then, you know, whatever I'm only out 20 bucks and my pool got cleaned, you know, and I'm still actually pretty happy about it because I at least got some diagnostic done on my pool. Same with pest control it's like, you know if I got, if I got a great discount and then from the business end, you know, the business owners and they know for every $20 coupon that they give out. They're going to convert x amount, you know, whether that's 10% or 50% or whatever, those people into long term. In the long term, pest control services, so they just know like I can afford to pay this to an affiliate or to a you know a salesperson whatever is its Yeah, and then as the affiliate, it's like a, it's a huge win, you get to actually leverage the power of the internet. Yeah, especially like with that like if it's something you know and something useful even inherently like obviously pest control like that's a pretty big thing you don't want to be living with freaking rodents running around, you know like, it's, I don't know it's just fascinating, and I'm always these kind of conversations always excite me because it's, there's just this, there's this final gap of sort of creativity that I want more people to realize in their life of like taking taking skills, taking training and and applying a little bit of themselves to it, right just applying a little bit of sprinkling in themselves into the situation and like what am I actually interested in what, you know, what problems could I really help the world, and then going out to a company and being like, hey, I can bring you XYZ amount of leads. You can even do this with paid advertising right people. Yeah, people do. Totally. A lot of people do. Some people do it with SEO. Some people do it with paid Google ads. And, yeah, Facebook, exactly Facebook ads. I think Facebook ads might have been bigger when you could target homeowners, right so they remove some of those demographics and then. Yeah, just a couple. So, you know, it's just, I hope that people see that just because that's such a powerful takeaway and I don't know, essential fun, actually so are you still doing the pest control?

Logan: Just a little bit on the side. Like, there's pros and cons to it because a lot of it is they, so like, you basically are selling someone a year long contract. And so you get the contract value and then you get a percentage of that. But the thing that I don't like about it is there's a lot outside of my hands like what if the technician doesn't show up, You know what, if they didn't do a good service like that and then also I'm out of money. And so that's why it's an awesome thing because people like that, tangible, they see the person they see, it's not like any question of ethics, and you're helping people there's a need, but digital products are awesome because it's just like, boom, you download it you get what you get and that's it and, you know, there's really, yeah there's a lot less guesswork I feel like. So it's been fun for me to kind of jump into this industry, as well and kind of help others, you know, promote things that I'm actually passionate about because, like, You can probably understand I'm passionate about Bug's Life. But I enjoy helping people and I enjoy that it was a good vehicle for my family and stuff but I definitely enjoyed helping people see the power online and leveraging what people can do and finding their passions and it's fun for me to see people's light bulb go off in their head like, wow, you know, maybe I can do something to actually enjoy, instead of being sucked into a job that I hate my whole life and you just think that's how it is.

Matt: Yeah, yeah, I love that. Yeah, I'm big, that's that's me too. That's what makes me tick is when those light bulbs start kind of being and people start to see that. That's always been a trick for as long as I've been teaching people in courses and helping mentor people in this space has always been sort of making that connection.

Logan: One thing that I might want to add to the order of our industries, doing door to door sales for like 15 or 20 years right. Some people are like, Wait, that still exists? Yeah, so those like whenever I, I've always loved the online aspect, like I said I found you guys like four years ago so even before I did test, I was like trying to always incorporate How can I do some of this recruiting, how can I do some of this sales online, and every time I would bring it up, people would shut my ideas down because it no just stick to the doors like just hard work grit, you know, put in more time. So I just feel like you, like you kind of set sprinkling that in creativity, if you kind of have a vision like I would stay up at night sometimes and just think, like, Man, how can I make this. The reason I wanted to name this online door knocking is because when I'm in front of someone's door it's just one person to one person. When you're online, some of these Facebook groups or when you make a TikTok video or YouTube video, I'm pitching or talking to or teaching one to 1,000’s or even hundreds of 1,000’s of people, it's just like so much smarter in this digital age if you're not leveraging that stuff, then in my eyes are kind of falling behind. Yeah, and I feel like a lot of people are just kind of stuck in the way especially maybe some of these older CEOs or business people can help them see what about like, maybe I'm doing this incorrectly or there's something out there, else that can help like you have a lot of power, a lot

of power,

Matt: A lot of power. Yeah, that's, that's one thing I did when I, when I first kind of fell in love with paid advertising and little bit after that basically I yeah I mean I started an ADS agency here in Phoenix, where I was doing that with, with, for instance, one guy was a fitness instructor had six locations, and couldn't drive a lead to save his life he hired three different social media agencies who, you know just posted and created cute content never generated any leads form. So, you know, after working with me, his review was, you know, I told myself, I'll never hire another marketing agency ever again. After my experience with those. And within just two days of mastering my ads, I had, like, not only leads people signing up for a free session, but people who actually then went on to pay me money, and I just was shocked. and I was like, that was it for me right, like having gone through, basically, I would say that my training hasn't been much more than sort of training that we offer for instance like in our traffic university or like it, you know, a Facebook ads course, it wasn't that complicated. I was like dude just frickin target people in Phoenix, have a great video that talks about what you do and what and let people sign up for a free session, and that dude. The crazy part is for CEOs or for people who actually do the business, closing people in the long term, like physical fitness is, that's nothing for them, they don't even, for him it was like, I asked her I was like well how many of these do you actually close like I want to know what percentage and he was like, it's pretty rare that I don't close, like I've seen like nine out of 10 people come in for a free session end up. I was like, down so I think for most of these people, they, they live, eat and breathe their business, they know it inside and out, it's all they know that's why they're in the business they're in. And if you can bring more people who are excited to their doorstep like that's really all that they need. And then, you know, that's, that's affiliate marketing, that's what affiliate marketing is I essentially you know he was paying me a retainer fee but could have easily just went the other way, and, and I could have just, you know, become an affiliate for him, I think. I think for some people just using that creative mind or that creative power and finding, you know affiliate offers in their niche, Marissa was on here, a week or so ago, and she came in, watch the challenge, and she bought our Blueprints. And she was like, did she was literally one of the first things she did was just think to herself like what could I promote that I would know about, and she had been. I, I don't want to get this wrong, I think I think I'm remembering this right but she had essentially like like mugged or or something like assaulted, import. And so, she was passionate about self defense, and online googling. A little bit found a Self Defense Force talk to the person into allowing her to be an affiliate, the guy even bumped her commission, and started promoting a self defense course and just blew it up 10s of 1000s of dollars in sales. And so, it's just that tiny bit of creativity, and then she was like, Look, I know how to speak to these people, I noticed to women, I know how to speak to women who have been victims of self defense, are victims of assault or maybe fear that maybe not victims of it, maybe just fear that and having some sort of courses like that such a great course to know how to defend yourself strategies, things like that she really believed in it so she went whole hog. So I just think him. I love that I love that messaging and I love just, you know, not even getting into different business models which I've done like forget about getting into running ads and, you know, e commerce or whatever else he could just stick inside of about pretty basic affiliate marketing model and get really creative on what you actually promote.

Logan: Yeah. Well, what I liked about what she said is she knew the pain points, and then she could just speak to that. It's the same thing with me like if you're wanting to be an affiliate for pest control. Now the pain points of like a while there's some bugs in my pool you know or I keep getting these things my house like my wife hates spiders like know those pain points and then for me also, on the other side as a door to door salesman. I know all the pain points of being a door to door salesman like I could also, if I ever wanted to put together a program of just teaching people how to get sales online. Instead knocking doors all day like I know that you're out there all day you're getting rejected it's sunny outside, you're getting anxiety, depression, you don't know how to respond like all these things, all these payments as a door to door salesman I could say Dude, why not just stay at home, host something for an hour a day and get people flooding into you, like, that'd be another pain point just because I've been there and I know it. And so, what I, there's a lot of people who are watching this or who will watch this, that you guys in your own industries knows the pain, you guys know the pain points and you can become affiliates for things that can help you know solve those problems, because in the end that's all his marketing is and solving problems.

Matt: Totally. Tell her that that's all that marketing is, I wanted to juice on the note of this whole like getting creative thing, this is a blog by Spencer. Spencer Mechem. I don't know if you've heard of him, but he's a popular affiliate marketer. Yeah, so he has his blog posts, I show this to people quite often but it's, it's just basically on dog affiliate programs but like sometimes people want to get into certain niches to where like, you know, and I'm thinking about, you know, your idea with pest control or whatever like there's so many different ways to go about this but, like, people forget that, you know you can you can be an affiliate for a $200 smart dog collar right like a GPS tracking dog collar. This is a Clickbank course here, there's, there's Furbo, there's all, there's the fitbark right so there's I just inside of and even on his thing, I mean he, he shares. He shares different industries to surance or spirituality or like all these different all these different niches and, man, I just think if people were to dive into an industry that they're like freakishly past passionate about, and on fire about, He would make this whole journey so much easier and then if they can get into that and then realize, oh my gosh like throughout my email follow ups as I build a list in the dog training niche, I can throw them, I can throw them a deal or something for, for the smart dog collar or as I was in the as I was playing around this dog niche I signed up for today's affiliate program so chewy is an online dog. Basically dog food and treats. You can buy dog food online whenever they got a bunch of other stuff too, and you can sign up in their affiliate program, and they have like a very detailed affiliate manager, who will send out like weekly deals or new sales for the weekend or holiday sales that are running with prices and product listings and like resources you can use images, stuff like that. And you can grab those, throw them in your email autoresponder and make a couple sales on physical products too. So sometimes, like, I just think, as people are building their list, they forget or maybe they don't know that there's this whole world out there of physical products, digital products, even coaching, consulting dot like actual in person dog training programs. just crazy. I get pumped up about this because I think people would really benefit from connecting passions to affiliate marketing that's certainly just where the fire really lights.

Logan: You said a lot of cool things. So one thing that also got set up is even a passenger industry. I'm always building someone else's business like when I find someone else up. I'm getting, you know I'm getting that email for that company so that's one big reason why I loved, start building my own email list and my own businesses because then you can promote nine different things you know you're not just subject and kind of like chain and ball to one little thing where that's why it's important to, you know, do it the right way which which we teach here Legendary like get the opt in page the bridge page or whatever, and build that list because all of a sudden you're in control, and you're not just being told what to do and how to say it, you have all this freedom where you, you know, say this pest control company all of a sudden, you notice, like I'm just going with pests, right, but they don't, they start not to do the service or well or if things aren't working out, you can always just switch to a different company, or, you know, even let's say that like I completely get away from this local pest company, and I wanted to make like a tick tock on bugs and just how gross they are you can recommend all the products, you know, online, all the different products so they could do a DIY your house right. Yeah, a lot of people are doing it themself. The thing that kept me up all night for like four years before I finally got the courage to start online was just the endless possibilities that can, that because of this digital age, we all have at our fingertips. A lot of times like I was just scared to start for a long long time. Yep. And so, if you know that's what I love about Legendary in general, the community is amazing. The training is amazing. I've met like so many cool friends, just from marketing and doing what we all love and it's fun, and we all help each other which is so cool. If you're dealing with the Doggy Dog world. Yep. So that's what I've really enjoyed.

Matt: I love it, dude. I love it. So good. Yeah, I, yeah, there's so many golden nuggets. Yeah, I think, man, I don't know what else to say. Like auto words I just, I yeah, I don't know anything, I'll give you the last word. I was trying to pull something and I was just like I feel like everything, everything, said, it's yeah, it's been. 

Logan: For me it's just I think marketing is amazing. I think it can help them feel a lot of people's lives every day, like I just started this talk two months ago and obviously the biggest I got was like 25 or 20,000, which for me is crazy. Is this cool how you can get in front of people to help people out and I would say anyone who's gonna start just dismiss all the weird people that say crazy weird stuff like, and really hone in on the community and all the support that you guys can have. If you guys are maybe thinking about legendary or pursuing more education, I would say go for it like you want to keep growing and expanding and trying new things and if you're thinking about it, just start it and you'll be. It's so funny like my first video I've ever made was really garbage, but it's so fun to see the progression. And this has nothing to do with anything but like my entire life I think I've always been addicted to like leveling up, like, like you know the rank up now people that you guys have on here, things forever go leveling up in real life, right, the cool the cool thing about marketing guys is every video ever, you know, post every blog post every podcast you guys are literally leveling up you're helping more people getting more viewers, and it feels good, there's like no way that you can succeed in the long run. You know what I mean because the more action you take, the more people are going to be in front of the more people you're helping, you're gonna you're gonna succeed so that's, that's kind of my thoughts.

Matt: I love that. I, I don't know, just sometimes I get the sense that somebody like he actually said it but sometimes it just get the sense that somebody just really loves marketing that I love marketing but, and that's really funny because I referenced that goes full circle I referenced Joe Polish earlier that he runs a podcast called The I love marketing podcast. I don't know if that's still going I haven't, I haven't listened to that for four years but anyway. Cool Logan thanks for coming on man, keep it. If I can help you in any way, let me know, I'm always available. Thanks for the value brought today, that was incredible.

Logan: Thanks man. Thank you.

Matt: Yeah. Alright guys, that's a guy who loves marketing that's for damn sure. And it's, and it's killing it, he's crushing it so thanks to everybody for tuning in. We're here live 10am Eastern every freakin day. Well, not every freaking day, every Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. It's not a seven days a week show. I mean we do need to live somewhat so if you're newer though, you can text this number on your screen and you'll actually text the letters. WUL 813-296-8553 What'll happen is you'll get a text message reminder every time we go live. So, Ryan is about to tell you a little, the guest and then we'll send you a link to join you. Just tap that link, it'll go straight over to the live, it's super easy. And yeah, if you prefer to listen to these as opposed to watch them you can find us on like Apple podcasts Spotify. A few others. The other ones are a little less well known so wherever you listen to podcasts on just go search it, if it's not there, find it on Spotify or Apple, or just find us on Facebook, it's the Legendary Marketer fan page, and we'll be back here tomorrow. Same time, same place, Take it easy.