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Did you know that 77% of Americans take dietary supplements? That's a huge market there to tap into!

Starting your own vitamin company can take lots of work and money, which you may not have. This is why many people have turned to selling vitamins and other healthcare products for multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, such as Usana. This gives them access to products without having to spend startup costs themselves.

Are you interested in hearing more about Usana MLM? Then read on. We're here with a Usana MLM review so you can see whether or not you're a good match for this company.

What Is Usana MLM?

Usana MLM is a company that was started back in 1992 by Myron Wentz, who is a microbiologist with a PhD in immunology and microbiology. Usana sells a whole range of health and wellness products developed by Wentz himself. They include products in these categories:

  • Food & energy
  • Skincare
  • Nutritionals
  • Healthy living
  • Logo merchandise
  • Business tools

Unlike some other vitamin MLM companies, Usana actually has good products that are scientifically proven to work. So not only can you get some great vitamins yourself, but you'll also be able to sell high-quality products to others. This gives Usana MLM an advantage over other MLMs that sell healthcare products, as they're usually not FDA-approved nor are they scientifically proven to work.

Another advantage of choosing Usana MLM is they're a well-established company. Most other MLMs don't stay in business for over 5 years, so the fact that Usana's been around for almost 30 years means you won't have to worry about them suddenly going under.

What Does It Take to Join Usana?

As with all MLMs, you need to pay to join. In Usana's case, you'll have to pay not only a startup fee of $29.95, but you'll also have to keep paying them $20 every year to renew your membership. That's not all either.

To make money through Usana, you have to sell their products, and these don't come free. There are 3 packs you can choose from to sell once you've joined:

  • Basic Business Pack: $305
  • Entrepreneur Pack: $625
  • Professional Pack: $1,250

You also have the option of buying 200 points of their products ($240) if you don't want to opt for any of the above packages. To stay active in Usana, you also have to pay $120 every month.

The plus side of joining an MLM is you get to be your own boss. You can work whenever you want, and however much you want. Of course, you'll only see a good return on investment if you put hard work in.

Can You Make Money Selling Usana?

Theoretically, you can make money selling Usana products. All members can receive commissions from the vitamins and wellness products they sell, so long as they sell at least 200 PV in a month ($200+). They can also make money by recruiting others to do the same.

The latter is called building a downline. For every person you recruit, you'll receive a commission on whatever they sell.

For the top 40 members in Usana, they get 1% of total commissionable sales volume. And if you're able to achieve the rank of Gold Director or higher, you'll get 3% of total commissionable sales volume for that month.

So in theory, if you can get large sales numbers and build a huge downline, you can generate some good income and even some decent passive income through your downline.

However, in reality, not many people are able to achieve this. In 2016, around half of all active members earned less than $500 in a year. And statistics show that over 92% of members lose money with this MLM.

While you certainly can make money with a Usana membership, the chances are very slim of you ending up in the green rather than red.

What Does It Take to Sell Big With Usana?

Whether you choose to sell directly or to build your downline, both are difficult to do without a good network. And to have a good network, you need some fantastic marketing skills. After all, if no one knows about Usana, how are you supposed to get them to join in the first place?

Most people have a solid foundation when it comes to networks, thanks to social media. But it simply isn't enough to tout Usana to just your friends and family; not if you want to make good money, at least. It's very likely that your own social network is already saturated with other MLM sellers, which means it's vital that you have a wider reach.

What most MLM members are lacking is marketing know-how. The fact is, get-rich schemes only work if you know how to cast your net, and cast it wide.

For most people, they're better off with other business opportunities, as acquiring the right marketing skills to sell big with the best MLM companies will take a long time and a big investment.

Try Affiliate Marketing Instead

As you can see, selling for Usana MLM can be quite an arduous process and the payoff isn't very big for most people. This is especially true if you don't have much marketing skills or knowledge and you're counting on selling to your immediate social network.

A good alternative to MLM companies is affiliate marketing. Not only is it a lot easier to grasp, but it also takes less of a financial commitment and has a better return. It's definitely a much better business model, as the barrier to entry is very low.

If you'd like to learn more about affiliate marketing, then we're here to help. Take a look at our free video to learn how to build your online business for maximum success. We've got the best affiliate marketing strategies that you won't want to miss out on.

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