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Is Sunrider International a scam? Can you trust any MLM company for starting a home-based business of your own?

The answers to those questions could change the trajectory of your life or inspire you to search for new options. Anyone considering this type of endeavor deserves a straightforward explanation of the pros and cons.

Does a Sunrider International MLM business make sense for your business goals? Is this the best MLM company opportunity for you?

Find out today by reading this no-nonsense Sunrider International MLM review!

MLM Company 101

A multilevel marketing (MLM) company recruits driven individuals who want to start their own business and distribute their products. If you know someone who has sold Mary Kay or Amway products, then you've already encountered this type of business. Anyone with an interest in starting a home-based business can run across these types of companies often while going down Google rabbit holes.

Sunrider International Essentials

Sunrider International started in 1982 in Orem, Utah. The company operates out of Torrance, California today, and it's a private company founded by Tei-Fu Chen and Oi Lin Chen.

The Sunrider Corporation distributes herbal nutrition, home, and beauty products to individuals who want to start a home-based business. They manufacture their own products and sell them through entrepreneurs in over 50 countries.

Sunrider focuses on herbal and natural products for healthy daily living that range from food to home cleaning solutions. Business owner testimonials often focus their praise on the earning potential they've found while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Sunrider International Products

Sunrider reps focus on providing products that help people live happy and healthy lives, like other MLM companies that gained popularity in recent years. The following represents the categories of products featured in their online shop:

Food & Drinks

The drinks offer a variety of health benefits and tend to come in pre-measured packs. Options listed on their website include:

  • Plant protein shakes
  • Probiotics
  • Energy drinks
  • Cleansers
  • Sleep aids

Sunrider International makes GMO-free food packed with micronutrients and antioxidants. A few examples to consider are herbal food bars, vegan gummies, and NuPuffs snacks.

Herbal Nutrition

Sunrider offers a well-considered group of supplements to support anyone's goals. The company has individual vitamins or blends for particular health concerns. This list is a representation of the options:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Dong Quai
  • Dandelion Root
  • Fiber capsules
  • Beauty support
  • Men's health

These types of products are common in the supplement industry, but it can be difficult to know who to trust. Sunrider holds itself to the highest standards established by the FDA and has a strong commitment to quality.

Beauty & Body

Beauty products and herbal supplements pair naturally together in a product line. One offering tends to compliment or enhance the other, and that's helpful when getting sales going for your new business. Some of the offerings listed on their website include:

  • Hair and body wash
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Aftershave
  • Cleansing foam
  • Natural deodorant
  • Mascara
  • Facial toner

Any of the herbal solutions listed above can work well with the supplement line (or start a big conversation even with a small audience). In terms of vertical integrations, Sunrider does have that baked into its business model.


Natural home cleaning solutions have gained significant popularity in the last decade. Offering these types of products with other natural solutions provides a fantastic opportunity for an add-on sale. The current items available for purchase at the time of writing include:

  • Chlorine-free bleach
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Vegetable rinse

Major supplement organizations have added these to their inventory, but not everyone is on board (or taking advantage of affiliate marketing). When you're creating a home-based business, most of your customers can appreciate having this as an alternative to chemical-based solutions at the big box stores.

How Does Sunrider Make These Products?

Sunrider International publishes a nine-step process for delivering its products to distributors. Here's a high-level look at their proprietary process:


The website claims that Sunrider carefully selects the parts of the plant they want to extract for products. They may use the root, seed, fruit, leaf, or even the entire plant itself.


After they've found the right ingredients, the manufacturers clean the herbs. Any unwanted materials like dirt or debris get washed away before entering the heart of the manufacturing process.


Some herbs respond well to methods of preparation that include drying, hearing, or storage in cold temperatures. Sunrider even cooks some of their ingredients in honey.


Herbs need to fit exact measurements, especially for capsules, so grinding is a necessary step. Getting the ingredients to a uniform size is critical to success for any supplement.


Herbal remedies often have proprietary methods of combining ingredients for optimal results. Sunrider claims to combine their herbs in precise ways to benefit a person's health.


Some herbs require an extra level of effort to extract the ingredients necessary for supplements. The manufacturing process should include taking the healthy ingredients for use while eliminating anything undesirable.


If you've tasted orange juice concentrate from the grocery store, that should give a good picture of what this step involves. Herbs can become a “juice” with the right manufacturing equipment.

Flo-Coat or Spray Dry

Once a proprietary blend has reached this stage, the juice gets sprayed into an herbal base. This step is necessary to convert the ingredients into a powder.


Packaging needs to occur in a safe and controlled manner to meet strict standards. While the FDA does not technically regulate the supplement industry, American products have respect around the world for having the highest standards possible.

Are You Ready to Start a Sunrider International Business?

We hope that this guide has helped you consider the pros and cons of this MLM company. Sunrider International has a long-standing reputation as a home-based business that offers quality products. Whether you plan to make some extra cash or build an empire, you can do much worse than Sunrider in the marketplace.

Whether you want to sell supplements or something completely different, the key to success is selling yourself first. If you don't invest in the right marketing strategy, quality products alone can't bail you out of a low sales rut.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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