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Stupid Simple Funnel That Built An Email List Over 2,000 In 2 Weeks

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Another day, another dollar what's going on guys, that was a corny corny joke, but I had to add energy this morning, you know what I mean so what's up. How you guys are doing good to see you. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are around the world. Those of you who are listening to maybe a replay or on a podcast or your butts here live, come along with the program. We're happy to have you. No matter how you're tuning in. I'm just finishing a protein bar so I'll be cleaning the excess protein out of my teeth. Over the next five minutes while Jr talks. So let's go ahead and bring this dude in the man, the myth, the legend J.R. What up, What up, what up.

J.R.: Hey what's going on what's going on. Thank you for having me on. Really appreciate this, I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I've been speaking this into existence since I took that 15 day challenge, to be honest and heard the first podcast.

Dave: Wow, bro. That's pretty cool, Man, that's pretty cool that's cool to hear. Did you tune into a Wake Up Legendary show like as you're going through the challenge like like pretty right away or did you go through the challenge and then kind of, you get it get a little bit more into the community and get a little bit more into the community have any kind of find these shows and what did your journey look like when you because we're going to talk about your simple, stupid, two step or stupid simple, I guess we could call it simple stupid stupid simple, it's better to say stupid simple right because if we say simple stupid than that would imply that the funnel stupid, but what we want to imply is that it's simple, right, so we'll say stupid simple we'll talk about that here in a second, but talk to us about the moment you saw Legendary saw the video, and, like, take us through that first chapter here just in a nutshell.

J.R.: Yeah for sure so I first saw Legendary, so my wife was like sending the TikToks all the time, like on a daily basis, and I have not had social media and about 10 years, I just don't I don't play with it I don't mess around with it I always thought it was like more of a negative than a positive for my life so I basically gave up right after I graduated college, and she was. Yeah, she was sending me all these links and I thought the videos were funny and enjoyable and then eventually I was like man I just need to download this app so I can watch these easier and check everything out and then all of a sudden I watch one, and then down the rabbit hole right I started scrolling, and I have a background in, you know, sales and marketing and I did you know network marketing and E commerce, for a while so I'm interested in your business and and that type of stuff and then people started popping up on there talking about the type of stuff I like. And then all of a sudden, I think it was Sarah and Calvin, were probably the first two that I actually saw and I hopped into one of Calvin Hill’s Power of Publish live. And if you have not been in one of his lives before you need to. Okay, it is like a masterpiece. Okay, what he does in those and how he runs through everything. It blows my mind every time but. 

Dave: Hold on, you can do that, can you duplicate that can you implement what you see him do into your marketing.

J.R.: As far as going live, how does he go live?

Dave: Yeah

J.R.: I think I could absolutely have a lot of like experience doing those types of, I don't want to call it presentation but you know, walk through.

Dave: Because I mean you just gave a major plug to Calvin and Calvin deserves every ounce of that plug, but what I just want to just, I just want to say, and since you're a guy who understands speaking things into existence. In Europe, you're a marketer and you like how much of what you see him do. Are you trying to model, not just from learning from what he says, but by then implementing it into your own marketing, that's kind of the question not, you don't need to answer that, but that's a question for everybody right now, because for me, I'm not. I wouldn't say that I'm, you know, some unique kind of entrepreneur marketer but I would say a lot of my personal success has come from being blown away by what somebody has done. And or is doing in a campaign or on an ongoing basis and saying, like how can I actually instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, how can I take, what really worked well on me or what was really impactful for me or what I see is working, and then utilize it, you know model it, So just something to chew on and I think also a belief builder for you to, to take things to the next level because Calvin's talented but really what I think he has that most other people don't have is just the confidence to be able to say, I'm gonna do this right, because that's what really attracts people in is when you say a masterpiece right it's his confidence in the way that he presents, it's not really that he has such unique information, just like I don't have such unique information, but it's the delivery the confidence that you, does that. Are you picking up what I'm putting down and what's coming up for you as I say this? 

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, no 100% I think it is not so much about the content, it's about how, and the like the conviction behind it you know how you write fit the connection.

Dave: Because we can all sing the same song right, but we sing it differently. You know what I mean. So I can sing. I can sing a, you know, I can sing a Billy Joel song, but it's not gonna sound any way, Like, we're saying the same exact word so he doesn't have words that I don't have. But it's the delivery, it's the, it's the tonality, it's the pitch, it's it's the it's the it's the it's the performance, the emotion, the conviction, right you see most people who go up and sing, and they just kind of stand on the stage and they just kind of hold the microphone, right, whereas Billy sit down and he's done it right, hit banging on his piano and he's got lots of emotion. I think it's just something for us all to think about that people don't, and this is not directed at you, Jared just, it just kind of triggered this thought in me, that people don't have words that I don't have. They just have confidence and as you say conviction that I might need to build. So I could say more about that or continue on with your, what happened for you in these first few days you saw lives from Calvin you, you're on Tik Tok now. After 10 years and not being on social media. Talk. Talk us through because eventually I want people to understand how you went from being off social media for 10 years to now, marketing and having success generating leads, and kind of crushing it online so continue to take us through this journey.

J.R.: Right, yeah absolutely so yeah, once I you know I, I got his ebook and went through the funnel, and it was basically for me it was like it was a no brainer that I was going to start this 15 day challenge, because I looked into. I think I had looked into like starting a marketing agency and some type of program like that in the past, like, up front, I was going to have to pay, you know, some absorbent amount of money, and I had just lost my job due to COVID and it was like, I can't, it's not even feasible I'm living off credit cards right now just to support my family. Right. But I saw this and I was like hey, there's, there's literally nothing to lose, it's $7. I read a lot of reviews watch some YouTube videos. I knew that you guys were legitimate company and I saw like the caliber of people as well, who were participating and having success and that's really what attracted me. It was, you know, the, the caliber of people the authenticity of the people. You know the community that you guys have built. And once I got into the Facebook group, and saw these live started going on I couldn't attend the lies because I'm at work every day at 10 in the morning, and I'm technically working right now, we're not going to tell anybody about that. So basically I would just read, I would listen to yesterday's every day, every morning, on my morning commute because they're typically 3045 minutes, so it was perfect for me. Yeah, and I just started diving in and, and for me it, it just kind of all clicked together. I knew, I knew the potential for income was there, I knew the process was there and then once I went through that 15 day course, and I saw how you guys do your process. I was 100% I was all in, you gave me a business advisor, I spent, I spent two hours on on one meeting with this guy, like he spent two hours on zoom with me answering every single question I had, walking me through every concern that I had like, and then from there I still text them to this day, you know, I will talk to him to this day, and he gives me ideas and supports me along the way.

 and who's that?

J.R.: Quinton Carlson. He's the man dude. Yeah he's awesome. He's awesome. So yeah that's kind of my story.

Dave: You're glad that you took those videos that your wife was sending you and getting you on social media and kind of on the internet, basically, after 10 years, and now you're well. Are you happy that you took that step now and Is it paying off?

J.R.: I'm ecstatic about it, and then a couple things have happened. Number one, you know, I've grown since I filled out that form and everything when, when you guys first contact started this process. In my mind I was like I'm only a month in so it's like a caveat everything that I'm putting in this when we talk a month from now it might be totally different. And in a way it kind of is because a few things that happened to me that are, that I think a really cool number one is my, the first tic tock channel I started actually got channeled I built it up to about 120,000 followers, and then a post got flagged, and then from that moment forward, the next three weeks, every post that I put out there. It was only going to my existing followers, I couldn't get it out to like anyone else, so I couldn't grow my phone and I was trying to just push through it I figured it was a temporary thing. And that was like a struggle for me, it was like, I did all of this work I built it up to this point and now I'm like, boohoo, you know, what was my life, like, what am I gonna do. I was in like, you know, you kind of go through those phases of business right where it's valleys and I was in that valley and I kept trying to start new tic tock channels right because I was like, I just started doing, I know what I'm doing now, I'll just start a new one and growing, but every time I started one the same exact thing would happen I would post a video, zero views, and I will do what I did, I heard Josh, on here, the dad Trooper nur the winning edge formula, right, right, yeah, awesome guy so on Here I DM them on Instagram. And I asked him, I said hey I know this happened to you, this is what's going on with me, and we just had a conversation, and that one conversation with someone in the community, literally changed everything for me. Well, he pointed out to me that I explained that I was taking my best videos from the other panel right you're like, Okay, Let's start with that, I'm just going to repost them on this new chin. But what happens is, tick tock. When TikTok sees you post a video from that account that's kind of, you know, not, it's a shadow banned account right, the account that the video gets posted immediately well well as a talker easy. He said you can only create new content, moving forward. So here's what to listen to. Listen to this. Here's what happened. Okay, eight days ago, those eight days ago when I had that conversation with them. I started a new channel. Okay, I started a new channel called hustlers underscore handbook in eight days. On the homeless that 200,000 followers hustler's handbook, yes so hustlers underscore handbook. Okay. Okay. So, literally, it took me, you know, six to eight weeks to get $100,000 on the previous row. It's ridiculous. In my mind, it's like I see it as a I was met with that adversity and the success gods were like hey if you can push through this we got something better on the other end. Right. But if you don't want to be stuck here. And I made it through man. I made it through and I'm freaking pumped out of my mind.

Dave:  I bet you are. Dude, I bet you are.

J.R.: Pumped out of my mind right now, because it's like, it's crazy to see how to ask the growth.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, well that's a different that's a, that's a, like, that's what your crossroads between a breakdown or a breakthrough look like, and everybody's Crossroads looks different and the problem is, I think, is when you're at that crossroads, you don't know you're at that crossroads, until you get through it. When you're at that crossroads, it's just a big brick wall standing in front of you. Metaphorically speaking, and it's just, that's all it feels like it just, it feels like that it looks like that, it sounds like that, it's just a brick wall. And if you can get through it over and around it, under it, if, if you can get to the other side, you see that the other side was basically now you have that choice Do you want to have that breakout or that breakthrough, you know, and that you know you can look back and actually see the fork in the road like. That's why they say like Hindsight is 2020. And I just wonder how many people who are listening to this are either there right now, or can take this story that you just told and use it as a way to be aware and look out for those that break through walls up ahead because they're up ahead for all of us. And they actually keep popping up. It's like a game where you get to a different level that the walls just look different, you know what I mean, sometimes they're higher, sometimes they're painted different colors. Sometimes they're invisible and you run into them and you didn't even see it until you already hit it, you know, but it's, again, it's like beating a level, and then you'd like celebrate for a minute, like you're doing right now, but don't worry bro, because there's more of those up ahead, but now you know, when you come up to it, based on experience from previous levels that you can look back and be like, this is one of those things, it looks a little different this is weird right kind of like playing the video game like damn, this is weird, where they come from, like, you know, in a video game there's some new stuff. Each level they got to keep it exciting, but at least you're like, Okay, I've, I've met an obstacle like this in the previous level. And so I need to beat this level to get to the next level. Does that make sense

100% Man, that's exactly, it's you know it's. If you're not being met with adversity, you're probably not growing.

Dave: Right. And I mean you're gonna have adversity, like I said, even in games. And I think the way for us to get to this place to where this becomes fun is that we can kind of gamify this process instead of taking it now it's hard to gamify it when you're kind of like in that desperation mindset to where you're like, This must work growth, I'm going to actually die. But the truth is that, even if it doesn't work, you're not gonna die. You know what I mean, it might suck. You know what I mean, like if you fail or you quit or no matter what you do, it doesn't work like it's, you're not gonna die, it's gonna suck your ego might get bruised, You might be out a little bit of time and money. But that's happened to all of us before in life, we've done some stuff to where we're out of time and money and it was like that sucks. You know what I mean, maybe it was a job that we felt had a future and then we got fired or quit or whatever, but I think if we get to the place where we can gamify it sort of using the metaphor that I told a second ago with the kind of game and in the next level. Like it becomes a little bit more fun. So do you feel like now that you've got through level one, do you feel like it's a little bit more fun now versus when you were first starting in it, maybe you had you were taking yourself a little bit more serious and kind of like putting more pressure on yourself or I don't know I mean, are you starting to or do you see yourself beginning to sort of gamify this process, so you can make money in it not just have the highs and the lows like I'm really excited.

J.R.: Oh my god, that sucks like it but like actually begin to look at this more like a game.

Yeah, no, I think for me it's almost like, what it's like trying to maintain the exact same excitement, no matter what's going on externally, right, like that, everybody when they first start something they're fired right they're like, I gotta change my life, like, this is my future this is my everything and then they get met with that first thing and they're just like, Oh man, I was wrong like this is Yeah, nobody really makes money doing this. Yeah, all of those things that start getting sad right. But for me, you were talking a little bit about like, you know, losing time and money, and you know we've all been there and, and, and like we kind of talked about earlier, my wife and I were in network marketing for like five years. Right. And at this point in our life. We basically had to take that, where, you know, I don't necessarily. I wouldn't necessarily do it all over again. Right. But I'm here, I got a ton of mental tools, and skill sets and knowledge, and, like, a ridiculous discipline and personal growth from everything that came with that. And we got to meet some of the most prolific speakers and leaders and those types of people, right, because that's what they are like, it's, it's unreal like the level they get to. And that's kind of what everyone's striving to do with that, or I guess you kind of have to get to, but for us it was basically like five years of, you know, starting this business, where we were grinding we were, we were, you know, doing meetings we were recruiting people, we were, networking, I was literally out and about, face to face in the gyms and the grocery stores and the gas stations bro I was meeting I was exchanging phone numbers with two to three people every single day, non stop, that's who I was, that's what I did my wife was with me we were, if we were heading into a bar, we're in that bar we're sitting next to them. And we're worried, we're going to become best friends. And we mastered it, like we were Yeah, you know, but you know it is what it is, what it what it gave us now though, It gave us the ability to immediately connect with people, chips, and now she, in, in her business. She sells athletic apparel and she does personal training and meal plans, and we're starting to build a course through a lot of stuff that I've learned on Legendary that we're going to start promoting for her company. And she's got this incredible following of moms in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because she said they love her. They connect immediately, they get in onto our Facebook page where she, you know, provides all these free workout things and promotes the leggings and athletic apparel, and they love it. They love it. I look away. How much money she makes just doing that. That's the beauty of, You know, making money online and building these communities, and, and, you know, leveraging them by just providing value to them. 

Dave: Right, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I mean, it's, it's a personality thing too, I think certain personalities do really well in network marketing. I mean for me I'm just a dude. I, one might think I'm extroverted but dude I'm the biggest introvert in the world. You know what I mean, I, it's like the hardest thing in the world for me to turn on and go just start prospecting people like out at Walmart, like, you know, bumping somebody into their car, you know, on purpose but acting pain you happen to keep your business options open you with like a smart sharp person, you know, that's how I got recruited in the in the network marketing for the very first time, you know what I mean. But yeah, I think a lot of people will get out of network marketing like sales plus scale but a pyramid scheme, blah blah blah. You know, but the truth is I learned more from that industry than probably any ever, because it taught me about community building, it taught me about culture building, what culture looks like getting people like, how do you get people to work that hard when they're making basically no money. I'm not talking about sitting at home in your underwear on your computer I'm talking about getting dolled up and getting gentlemen up and going out into the bars, not even to hang out, but basically the just prospect of people, you know, you know, always, you guys think you guys think that being on like on the internet is some crazy stuff. When you're in network marketing, like all land in your bought into the idea of kind of prospecting everybody that you run into, you're never relaxed, everybody's always somebody who you could potentially be prospecting, you know what I mean. And, and, you know, and just, I mean the two on ones, the freeways, driving all around town to meet people dragging people to home and hotel meetings, I mean, the commitment, but most of all, the speaking, like you said because you, he comes from folks, the company, the largest company in the world that rhymes with Ram way. And those guys, let me tell you something. Those guys are the most, as you said, prolific speakers dude, I mean, those guys, the Dexter Jaegers man, the bill. Bill Brits, the, I mean some of these cats man are, I used to listen to their audios, and I was never even in that company but I would just listen to their audios to see kind of how they spoke cuz I was like, how do you get somebody in that business, who makes a half a million dollars a year as a doctor, holding a phone up recording everything that some guy who just rolled out of a trailer who made 10,000 A month hanging on every word that that guy says, You know what I mean, Like that's the culture of the that kind of business, you know, and I'm just like, how does, but it's, you know, it's built around, personal development, it's, it's built in based around building people's dreams, getting them inspired. It's less about features functions details. It's more about vision inspiration. Dream building, you know, and storytelling. You know what I mean, that's what that's about. That's what network marketing is about. And I think for me, kind of, that's where I was introduced to entrepreneurship that helped me to be more of a storyteller, it helped me to focus more on community building, because I came from that versus kind of coming into this world of online marketing where there's a bunch of analytical kind of, you know, like feature and function selling marketers who are all trying to say my course or my business is better and I'm over here telling a story about being an addict, and we had a construction worker because that's what I was sort of exposed to in network marketing so I would, I would say that if you guys have a network marketing history like Jr, and I do that try to look back, I was in Market America this Jr, writing German in some of the people in that, I mean we're talking about some of the most, the best storytellers and culture builders and community builders that exist on this planet, man. Look back at your experience and instead of looking at it like I failed or that was a scam or whatever look back and say, how are the people who are succeeding in that succeeding like what are they doing, what are their skill sets and if you think back, it's a lot of what I just said. Right, so feel free to say more about that if you have anything more to say but I want to kind of move on to this this funnel that you're using, and hear kind of how you're getting such amazing results because you are so cool transition and you want to add anything to what I was talking about.

R.J.: Enough said man you crushed it.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, if we've all like seriously if any of us, if you've been in network marketing, you know, and if you don't, it just sounds like gibberish but like if you've been in there, you know, like you know what it's like you know what it's like to be in the room and income over that first meeting, where somebody says hey come over, we're having a business meeting at my house and then you walk in and the doors locked and the window shut the whiteboard gets rolled out somebody gets up at the front of the room and starts drawing circles on the board, you know, and you're either like I'm out of here or you're looking at those circles going I'm gonna get so rich, it's unbelievable. That was me. So, you want to talk about the marketing first that you're doing, like the content and how you're doing that or you want to talk about the like the funnel, like what would make sense first because I want you to share the value that you can with people so they can try to, you know, so we can help them out. Sure, sure. Yeah, I think. Right. And also, do you have time restraint?

R.J. No I’m all here bro, alright, so, Yeah, let's talk about let's dive into the content. So the way I do my content. Basically the way I thought about it was, I don't want to. I'm looking to attract the right people. Right. And who are those people for me those people are, And what are they interested in. Right. So for me I post, really, like, three types of content. My and I do three posts a day sometimes I'll do more if I'm like doing a repost, which means just taking a video that already did well, and reposting it, which on TikTok, really cool thing about that is, the Repost can actually get more views than than the original video that's crazy. Yeah. So my first post, typically around 1230 I do a like motivational type post, and it's always insane, it's almost always in the same exact place for whatever reason, I make videos in my basement or my laundry room door that right on in the background, and then it's total darkness in the room but you can see my Silhouette, and I'm just like doing pull ups or push ups or something like that. And then I just have some text, and it's either like reading. Like, it's just text like the sound of someone's given like a motivational speech, or it's just a quick seven typically eight and a half second video, where the text is there and then I just have the call to action. Follow me for daily motivation. Right, and those types of videos in that, like in that spot, those ones really pop off for me for whatever reason so I just sit with that, and they're super easy to make, I mean I just turn on the camera for like eight to 10 seconds, take a video of me doing some, some chin ups and throw some text on there, right, and I find text that has already blown up, like, I'm not making this stuff up. Right, I'm not smart, I'm not that smart. I'm finding people who have already had success in their videos and I'm just emulating them and putting my spin on it in the background like with a different video right. And you know my newest account, my most popular video is honestly a video that I don't even like, like it's, it's like a, and that's the weird thing about this, and the one thing I realized is I don't have to like the content, it just has to beat the out. Right, right, it's, I like it better when I'm having fun and I think it's funny, you're cool. But, you know, I've, I figured out how to find emerging trends, when I find them. And if I hop on them early enough, that video is gonna blow up. It's just, it's gonna happen. As long as I'm providing quality content, right. And so, that's my first post for the day. I don't know if you have any questions on that type of stuff there. 

Dave: No, I think that just, I think that it's just good to point out that we got to create and give the audience what they want, not what we want to do. I think that's just another great reminder of that.

R.J.: Yeah. Okay, so then after that, normally my next post that's going to be my core content right and I'm going to be talking about how to make money online I'm going to be talking about how to do sales opportunities side hustles. And the weird thing that I found for me personally, is that TikTok doesn't like it as much when I create it myself. I don't know, maybe I'm just not as good as it yet and I just had to keep working on it, I did have one recently where I recreated it, and I got like 100,000 views, but I would do a duet of me doing absolutely nothing, right here where I am right now watching someone else's video, and almost every time it was gonna get 100 200 500,000 and, and the reason behind it is because I just do a quick search I'm like okay, what is the most popular video in this space in this type of content I want to create in the past day or week it has to be almost like it has to happen like yesterday, preferably, or that day, like if it's starting vlog, that day I catch on to it, like it just go every time to do is put a good hook like a text hook. And I literally don't even just sit here and just kind of watch the video, and then put a call to action, follow me for daily signups, follow me for daily opportunities, you know, something along those lines. Anything you want to hit on there with that?

Dave: No, it made me think of a guy named Derek Jacks who's a guy in the relationship space he actually makes content for women. And he always does sort of reaction videos, and what you're describing these duets, are essentially reaction videos to where it makes the, it makes the audience, the person who's watching your video feel like you're watching something with them. And there's just something in human nature about that, That, that people that take off that people enjoy watching that versus you kind of sitting there talking at them. I think the second reason why that content works is because it's, it's, based on finding something else that's already proven to work. So usually what this guy will do is he'll grab a video that's already gone viral, that people are already talking about, it's already proven to be either. Usually it's proven to be. What's the word to wear it? You know people are kind of debating about it or are getting controversial. Right, so it's proven to be controversial and he'll give his sort of his reaction or opinion to that, you know, so it gets people kind of fired up, like, because they're taking sides and stuff. I just think it's a, I think it's just a brilliant thing for you to do that because also here's the other thing, there aren't those so easy to do you don't even have to think you don't have to make you have to come up with anything.

J.R.: That's the whole deal. That's why I started doing it because I was like, I was like, I'll try this, I heard you should do duets and stitches right and because that plays into the algorithm so I was like, okay, that's literally the easiest thing I can do. So when I really, I make those videos in about five minutes. I, as I'm getting into my car to go back home from my job, I take, I set it on my studio right where it is here, I enter the car like as the video starting, and then I just watched the syntax, though the hashtags and whatever, and that posted right around that, you know, 435 30 a window that I'm looking to hit for my second video. That's all it is, I don't even have to spend time creating that daily video, which is awesome for me because I've got, I've got two little girls under the age of three and a pregnant wife that's due in the next couple of weeks here so you can imagine, time is not readily available for me you know.

Dave: When you get home, your time is not your own.

J.R.: Exactly, exactly. window at night when the kids go to bed, you know, hang out with my wife unless she doesn't want to hang out with me, you know, it's like, you know after 8pm That is my, that's my time to make money, right, that's my time to, to make content that's my time to go live. I'll go live at noon during my lunch break as well. I'll do whatever, you know, and, And that's kind of how I utilize that. So yeah and then I guess the last type of folks that do for the day is normally I shoot for around like 7/7:30. And it's a trending piece of content. So I'm just trying to find whatever the trend is popping off emulates to my, to make sense for my audience, right. So like, you know, whatever that means, whether it's, it doesn't have to be one specific type of niche that I'm going for on that last one, like the first two Volmer fitness and motivational typically and then the second one is business and, and, you know, that type of stuff. Yeah, personal growth, you know, whatever. And then the last one is just whatever I'm feeling, whatever makes sense, whatever I think is gonna pop off, because that's the busiest time on TikTok writer's block right because it's gonna everybody on the East Coast is chilling at home. Scrolling on their phones, and then that's going to build for the next hour and then the next timezone gets it, and then the next time. Yeah, and I'll often find times where, and then I'll go live after those that for typically I shoot for about an hour. And I'll go to bed and I'll wake up, like today I woke up with an extra 10,000 bolivars. I've got 1000 followers a day since I started this account. 

Dave: You’re talking about the new one?

J.R.: The new one.

Dave: Yeah. So

J.R.: Before I forget this dude I just want to point this out because I think this is really kind of interesting and important, you're, you're, you're going a bit more general, in terms of your audience. So, less and marketing always defies gravity dude you know there's these rules that we all try to play by and or we say this is the rule, this is how you got to do it the niches are in the riches for example, and when, and then a marketer comes along, like yourself, and many others go more broad, who, who make content that's not every video related to like affiliate marketing affiliate marketing or whatever your topic is, right, like if your topic was parenting. It's not parenting parenting, you know you're getting we're getting your children to sleep at night getting closer, you know, you're going more with the fitness slash. In, It's not, it's, it's, it's, it seems to be entrepreneurial focused because those are your calls to action, but it it's it's inspiration, and there's, it's, if I was to, and I want you to, I don't want to label this for you. But if, but what the vibe, I'm getting is that the main themes of your content are basically inspiration, motivation, and entertainment, and I say entertainment because you're looking for those trends and typically the trends that are popping off are popping off because people enjoy watching them. How would you describe themes of your content?

J.R.: And you nailed it. You nailed it. I and my thought process behind it was kind of like people who are into fitness and motivation are actually the people that I want to be hopping on here, and maybe they'll see one of my videos about, you know side hustles or about, you know marketing or whatever it is, and it'll get them interested right because they're already those types of people who were like, you know, typically hard working people they're motivated, right, like those are the people I want to find and and help and work with right because that was me at one point. And it's like, it's content that I love any, like it's stuff that I like right so it's enjoyable for me too and I think I don't know if it was you or who it was, where I heard it but it was basically like hey, whatever niche you choose, make sure it's something that you're, you're passionate about or interested in or into, because not, you're going to get bored with it, you're going to meet these obstacles and you're not going to push through them because you're not hungry about it like you're not that into it, right.

Dave: You got to know how to talk to the people, I mean in the best way to talk to the people that I relate this back to my drug treatment, days in the counselors who reach the clients were all that reach the clients the best were always recovering addicts themselves, versus just people who went to school for but had no experience with the actual addiction. Right, and I feel like, like if you're working with somebody who's six or 700 pounds like the my 600 pound life show. It's so much more. It's you can connect with somebody so much more of you also were extremely obese at in your life at one time, saying, and I'm just using. I'm using examples of people in desperate situations, because a lot of these people, like everybody else, have their own desperate situation. Everybody wants to feel heard and understood, not ashamed and judged. And if they think, or suspect that you don't understand what it's like to be in their situation and you don't speak the same language both verbal and vocal language but also the language of the heart. If you don't, if they don't sense that you have walked that walk and know what it's like and you're creating content, it's not going to resonate. Whereas, with you, if you're showing them that you work out so you're willing to put in that work. You're showing them that you're a hustler because you're filming these videos in your car, and that also seems to be something that really kind of does well for a lot of people is just kind of this, I, I don't know but I'm watching you, I'm watching your content you're filming in your car. And so I think. I think that's also an important thing to kind of remember. Let's, let's transition to, unless there's anything else about the content I want to talk about the lead gen, that you've been doing and how you've been doing that, is there anything else to add to the content section you feel would be important.

J.R.: Just to kind of piggyback off of what you said like connecting with people and, and calming, like letting them know that maybe, you know, basically, if you want to connect with them, show them your failures, right, Right, yeah, yeah. The most popular video I've ever had that I just posted on this one. It was this brand that was about broken men like when a man is broken, right, and I don't like speaking those things or like you're I mean but it like it connected with all these men who are in that spot, and they hop on my lives and we're talking about their situation and the situations that I've been in personally and like my weight loss journey, and all of these other things like you were talking about, and that type of stuff has really helped me connect with, with people so your flow.

Dave: Well, I just, I mean, you said it right there, man. A huge reaction from you, you kind of see people who are in pain and feeling desperate and if you, if you look at every single person, if you talk to customers in any of the big three niches, which is health, wealth relationships. But let's not call them health wealth relationships because that makes it sound like, oh, things are great in my money and I just want to make them better, right. No, well, it's not well, it's broken as shit. I can't. I'm so broke I can't afford to pay attention. I got a Boss i Hey, I got somebody said desperate to get on my 70 Hour Workweek situation Becky said that just now, desperate, desperate to get out of my 70 Hour Work Week situation. Okay so that's that niche. So I got to speak to somebody, pain of not being able to see their kids like, and can you relate to this and how do I speak to their pain is not by saying, you must hate being in your 70 Hour Workweek, You must hate your boss, if you do, listen to me know that ain't the way to connect, because then they feel judged to change. It's, I know where you're at, because I used to miss out time with my kids to write in i i lived with this overwhelming shame that I was missing my children growing up in this Guild, and I knew I was going to have regret, but that taps into pain, weight loss, well, I'm not going to I'm not going to, you know, I'm not going to connect with people by saying, you know. Alright, get up off your lazy ass it's time to work, you know, if you want to be skinny you got up, you know. Right, I mean, who's gonna listen to that, I kind of talk about I DadBod, I got to talk about my struggle. I got to talk about my getting real. Yeah, you're getting into the fridge at midnight, we're heading up the lunch meat and the, you know, and the ice cream in the pickles and the chips and all this shit when everybody's asleep, you know, in the shame and knowing that as I'm eating it, I'm just killing the exercise that I did that day and it just feels like a vicious cycle, right, you know, that's the connection that that you'd set that you, you know, you said worked so well when you talked about that broken man video, and I think just, you said I don't like to talk about that But brother, you know, there's a way to talk about these things, by, by, by telling the, the, the end chapter you, everybody, even if you're still in the shit you can add a happy ending to the story because you can either talk about how you got out of it, or you can talk about any tab of the lunch mate, you already know you already know about that lunch me yeah I mean, so let's talk about the Legion. Okay, so we can get you out of here, within a reasonable time here which is, you know, maybe the next 10 minutes, you're so gracious dude you're so this is so valuable. I want to repurpose this if you'd be okay with it too because I want as many people as possible to see this but let's talk about the lead gen. How are you doing lead gen How are you taking all these, these hundreds of 1000s, or millions of views, and actually turning them into leads, and then sales because so many people that I know have maybe a lot of views on their content, but they're not able to transition and convert those into leads.

J.R.: Right. So I think, honestly, a lot of it is just having a call to action on some of my videos, right I know certain videos, where it's like a trending piece of content about business or success, where I can say okay at the end of this video, I'm going, or, or if I do an educational video which I'll do maybe like one of those a week, like here is how affiliate marketing works or how this site also works, whatever. And at the end of it, I'll say, Hey, there's a free starter guide on how to do this, and the link in my bio that generates tons and tons and tons of traffic. The other way, I'll do it as all, I'll end it with a call to action that says, DM me on my instagram for help, and I do it on Instagram for a couple of different reasons. One, I'm trying to build a following on Instagram as well. And in order for people to message me on there, they have to follow me so I'm just gaining followers that way. And the other reason is TikTok actually limits how many messages I could send today. I was, I got the first video I went to. I got one video that got a million views and I had a DM call me to action at the end. You can imagine how many DMS I got right. So it was like, I, I got through them I answered every single one, but on tick tock, I could only answer like 100 a day, and they had like some type of spam filter right it's like you're answering messages too fast, because I created a template, I have a template on my phone that's like, Okay, here's how I'm gonna answer this question here's I'm gonna leave it off, here's the questions I'm gonna ask them like tell me about yourself. Tell me about your goals, tell me what you're looking to accomplish and I'll give some recommendations, right and then I'll have conversations with people. And when I identify somebody that I think is a potential, a good potential candidate for, you know what I'm promoting I'm spending more time with that person, I'm connecting with them, I'm getting done because that's what I'm good at, that's what I that's one of the skill sets that I learned from, you know, network marketing messaging all these people and creating templates and figuring out how to genuinely connect with them over, just text messages. Right. And a couple of my higher end, you know, things that sales that I have made just from direct messages, you know, it's people that I've personally talked to, and they're, you know, pumped up and everything. 

Dave: So kind of, so once you're doing this conversational selling, right, you're then dropping a link after you sort of build some connection with somebody, you're dropping a link, you've got kind of pre built pre made templates, kind of, maybe in your note section on your phone or something. Is that where you kind of keep them? Exactly, Yeah. Okay, so what are some of the questions that if you give somebody a call to action to DM you what might some of those templates look like.

J.R.: So someone will typically hit me up and say, you know something like, I'm ready, or how do I be successful or you know something along those lines. Yeah, I respond with, okay cool. Tell me a little bit more about yourself, what you do for work and what specific goals you would like me to help you accomplish, and then I can give some recommendations. That's it verbatim, and then add in parentheses which kind of builds like some credibility, I say, sorry if it takes me a second to get back to you, I'm literally answering hundreds of DMS, and like an emoji in there, right. So I throw that out there and then they're they you know they answer and if they don't answer, guess what, they didn't want it. Right, right, right, and if they didn't make the effort to get over to my Instagram and DM me. Hey, I didn't want it either. Right. And I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.

Dave: It’s a great thing because you're qualifying them right so the more if they took that step then their suit then they're, they're super qualified, so when they answer back, you're going to get all kinds of answers. What's, what's your next template Id kind of follow up question so you don't get into sort of overwhelm because I can imagine some people are thinking, Oh, this must be time consuming, so I can understand how having more template ID stuff work. So, what would be when I send back and say, blah blah blah. This is what I do and yes I'm ready and what, what's your next response back to them?

J.R.: Yeah, so it depends what they are looking for because people are looking for help with fitness stuff. I threw away my wife's business with plants. Awesome, or they're looking for help to make money. Right, yeah. So, basically, depending on what that is and if it's, if it's, you know, for me, you know, helping them make money online and everything. I say, well I do like a feel felt found where I say, Hey, here's what here's what I highly recommend right now, This is, you know the way to help anybody, you know make money online, and I say, are you familiar with it, and typically they say no I'm not. I've heard of it but I don't really know how it works. And then I respond again, right, with, okay, no worries. I was the same at one point, right, here's what I did, I found this basic store, and here's, here's what I would do. I would find a basic course that you can get into that'll teach you all the fundamentals of how to get started and actually make money. The one I took was really great, and helped me out a ton. So that's what I think you should do, I leave it at that. Right, because then the next thing that's going to happen. I'm not pushing anything onto I'm just saying right right you're getting them to ask you for it. Correct. Never throw it out there, only if they asked me if they don't ask, whatever, There's plenty more. But they'll ask him then I'll send them I'll say, here's the one that I took. Right here's the one that I use. Check it out, and I do like a little, it's, you know, it's really great they'll actually assign someone to hop on Zoom and answer all your questions like, yeah, you I mean, I tell them why.

Dave: Yeah, like it, but it could be anything, if we wanted to make this generic for whatever you're promoting I mean it could be literally, it could be anything, I think the big point the big takeaway for everyone listening, is that there's an element here, of, of becoming the hunted rather than the hunter, and I think the difference between how I used to market versus how I market now is the same thing that you discover, I used to chase people around, you know, both offline and online because I took that same mentality, online, to where I would you know basically kind of hound and chase people and prospect people online, until I cook until I realized how to become more magnetic to I realized how to create desire in people to want me and what I have. And part of that is restraint. Part of that is dangling out enough curiosity in throwing out chumming the waters. That's why in the business blueprint I use this concept called the fishing formula, which is about chumming the waters which means getting the fish to the boat, there's no bait there though, they just smelled the blood or the fish so they come to the boat, and then the bait. I'm not giving them everything I'm not, you know I'm not like I'm not making them a five course meal saying, please sit down and eat with me, I'm just dropping some bait out there to get them to bite right, once, once they bite right now I kind of got up and I can I can I can sort of, I can drop more, kind of, it's almost like the crumbs that lead to the, you know what I mean that you if you want to attract a bear, like leave crumbs of food or whatever like keep bringing instead of jumping on them and dropping links and trying to pitch them on the first message, get them to ask you I think that's the kind of biggest, biggest takeaway for me and for, for, hopefully everybody listening is you, is throw things out in a way that there's, they, they're either going to be not interested in not respond, or they're not going to be able to resist asking what you're talking about, Would you say that is accurate.

J.R.: Yeah, yeah exactly and I think it's much more fun for everybody that way as well. 

Dave: People love to chase, I mean, I think we really forget the fun of the chase, and everybody likes a chase you like it in your relationships. You like it in your dating life, you like it in your, I mean, I chase watches, I chase. I've chased stuff all my life. I still love to chase my wife. She plays hard to get all the time I chase her right. I take the bait. I love it. Right. And it's, it's just, I think it's human nature. So, let's keep it moving and bring this plane in for a landing. So now that you've basically you're doing conversational selling, becoming the hunted rather than the hunter is there anything else you want to add to that, or what would be the kind of final step and, and how would you, what else do you do that is within this sort of simple funnel and recap for us what the two kind of steps are because I think we titled this the the stupid simple stupid simple funnel, we didn't title it two steps but recap for everybody in case somebody just came on kind of what the process looks like in a nutshell.

J.R.: Yeah yeah so basically you know you've got my link in the bio there, it's offering a free ebook, they click on the link right there's the capture page right so all they have to do is put their name and their email in, hit enter, and then it goes to the next page, where, you know, they're gonna get an email with the e book and after they do that and they're all my emails. Right. And then after that it's basically an opportunity, a, you know, here's a small video, and it's, you know, the number one reason, you know, people aren't successful in online business and then I've got, you know, basically, a page where they can opt in to go to the next step and see my offer. Right, that's it, that's all right.

Dave: So you're using kind of two calls to action, one is just straight up clink, click the link in my bio, and then the other is DM me. So, you're doing a combination of those calls to action in your videos, what other let's end on that note, because I think a lot of people get overwhelmed or confused about what calls to action they should give. Are you giving in some videos a call to action to just simply follow you. Talk to us on a daily basis, which of those three videos that you laid out, have a call to action, and what's the call to action, is that as kind of on purpose, as the types of videos that you create?

J.R.: Every single video I do has a call to action to know which one's going to pop. And I don’t want to miss the opportunity. One of them has a call to action and most of them. Just say, most of them just say follow me for daily motivation follow me for daily signups. That's how I build the following because they see that thing, click the Follow and there we go. Other ones will have. I call to action, to follow me. Every. There's not a single video output out that I know maybe there's one or two but every one of them. There's a call to action to follow me. And then if I want to put another call to action. I put that in there as well. I just time it out so it's not like both at once and I'll just say a free link in my mind, and then after that. Follow me. Follow me for more Yes sir, daily this, right. So every single video because I don't want to miss an opportunity on a viral video, right, that doesn't have a call to action on it, you get a million views, but there's no call to action so nothing.

Dave: Incredible. Anything else that you want to add that you think people would, would be valuable for people to hear that I had a question is not prompting?

J.R.: No man, I hope this was valuable for everybody. 

Dave: Yeah, it was really valuable. I want to. I want to be able to, with your permission, put it in some of our other training and get you know as many people as possible to watch this because I think the way you laid things out, was, was brilliant and clear. And so, if I could get your permission. If not, that's fine too but I think that if we can get as many people to listen to this and see this here, it would be valuable, I'm sure you're going to gain a lot of fans, sure you already have. But from this. So, bro. Just incredible. Incredible.

J.R.: Yeah full permission, listen, I owe you guys so much, I appreciate what you guys do. I'll do anything for you guys, honestly. So, absolutely. 

Dave: Well, thanks man and looking forward to meeting you soon and hanging out and working, many months and years into the future, congrats on your success. Give your wife my absolute best for being such a pain in your ass to get you on the internet. And, and then, you know, so much credit to you for taking that and running because you could have totally just been a crusty old crab and said, You know, I'm not, I'm not doing any more of that entrepreneurial stuff and I'm not getting on that old internet it's just, it's just a waste of time but now look at the future, and the opportunity that you've opened up for yourself and your family and those young kids that you have. It's just, to me , what's really kind of inspiring and exciting is that you've opened up a door of opportunity for your family to get more of you to have more of your time to give them more opportunity. And with three small children, so early in their lives, you have a chance to live with no regrets brother. Amen.

J.R.: Yep, you hit right there. 

Dave: All right, well, I'll let you get out of here, dude. Keep up the great work, we'll talk to you soon. All right, appreciate it guys and gals that was worth that's worth the realist were, that was very, very clear and helpful, and I'm so so grateful to J.R. for that, that masterpiece, right, he called Calvin's content a masterpiece. I'm going to go out on a limb and say what he just dropped was a masterpiece and I hope that that builds his confidence and conviction to be able to know that what he puts out is just as good, it can be, and have as much of an impact as anyone else's content on on the public on people who are listening because it had that impact on me, and if you guys all would blow up the comments would love for him more than you already have, because there's been tons of love, but if you've gotten value from this, if this impact do today, especially the end the week strong drop some love for Jr in the comments, and let him know how much that was appreciated. He took time, over an hour, to sit in his car while he's at his job to break that down for us. We are grateful. Now it is time for you to get on out of here, have a fantastic Friday, a great weekend. Take this training in this business in this opportunity seriously, and you too will realize all the dreams and goals that you have. Most likely, more than what you can imagine, with that said, Peace be Legendary. See you on Monday.


What Is Sunrider International?

David Sharpe bio

Is Sunrider International a scam? Can you trust any MLM company for starting a home-based business of your own?

The answers to those questions could change the trajectory of your life or inspire you to search for new options. Anyone considering this type of endeavor deserves a straightforward explanation of the pros and cons.

Does a Sunrider International MLM business make sense for your business goals? Is this the best MLM company opportunity for you?

Find out today by reading this no-nonsense Sunrider International MLM review!

MLM Company 101

A multilevel marketing (MLM) company recruits driven individuals who want to start their own business and distribute their products. If you know someone who has sold Mary Kay or Amway products, then you've already encountered this type of business. Anyone with an interest in starting a home-based business can run across these types of companies often while going down Google rabbit holes.

Sunrider International Essentials

Sunrider International started in 1982 in Orem, Utah. The company operates out of Torrance, California today, and it's a private company founded by Tei-Fu Chen and Oi Lin Chen.

The Sunrider Corporation distributes herbal nutrition, home, and beauty products to individuals who want to start a home-based business. They manufacture their own products and sell them through entrepreneurs in over 50 countries.

Sunrider focuses on herbal and natural products for healthy daily living that range from food to home cleaning solutions. Business owner testimonials often focus their praise on the earning potential they've found while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Sunrider International Products

Sunrider reps focus on providing products that help people live happy and healthy lives, like other MLM companies that gained popularity in recent years. The following represents the categories of products featured in their online shop:

Food & Drinks

The drinks offer a variety of health benefits and tend to come in pre-measured packs. Options listed on their website include:

  • Plant protein shakes
  • Probiotics
  • Energy drinks
  • Cleansers
  • Sleep aids

Sunrider International makes GMO-free food packed with micronutrients and antioxidants. A few examples to consider are herbal food bars, vegan gummies, and NuPuffs snacks.

Herbal Nutrition

Sunrider offers a well-considered group of supplements to support anyone's goals. The company has individual vitamins or blends for particular health concerns. This list is a representation of the options:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Dong Quai
  • Dandelion Root
  • Fiber capsules
  • Beauty support
  • Men's health

These types of products are common in the supplement industry, but it can be difficult to know who to trust. Sunrider holds itself to the highest standards established by the FDA and has a strong commitment to quality.

Beauty & Body

Beauty products and herbal supplements pair naturally together in a product line. One offering tends to compliment or enhance the other, and that's helpful when getting sales going for your new business. Some of the offerings listed on their website include:

  • Hair and body wash
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Aftershave
  • Cleansing foam
  • Natural deodorant
  • Mascara
  • Facial toner

Any of the herbal solutions listed above can work well with the supplement line (or start a big conversation even with a small audience). In terms of vertical integrations, Sunrider does have that baked into its business model.


Natural home cleaning solutions have gained significant popularity in the last decade. Offering these types of products with other natural solutions provides a fantastic opportunity for an add-on sale. The current items available for purchase at the time of writing include:

  • Chlorine-free bleach
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Vegetable rinse

Major supplement organizations have added these to their inventory, but not everyone is on board (or taking advantage of affiliate marketing). When you're creating a home-based business, most of your customers can appreciate having this as an alternative to chemical-based solutions at the big box stores.

How Does Sunrider Make These Products?

Sunrider International publishes a nine-step process for delivering its products to distributors. Here's a high-level look at their proprietary process:


The website claims that Sunrider carefully selects the parts of the plant they want to extract for products. They may use the root, seed, fruit, leaf, or even the entire plant itself.


After they've found the right ingredients, the manufacturers clean the herbs. Any unwanted materials like dirt or debris get washed away before entering the heart of the manufacturing process.


Some herbs respond well to methods of preparation that include drying, hearing, or storage in cold temperatures. Sunrider even cooks some of their ingredients in honey.


Herbs need to fit exact measurements, especially for capsules, so grinding is a necessary step. Getting the ingredients to a uniform size is critical to success for any supplement.


Herbal remedies often have proprietary methods of combining ingredients for optimal results. Sunrider claims to combine their herbs in precise ways to benefit a person's health.


Some herbs require an extra level of effort to extract the ingredients necessary for supplements. The manufacturing process should include taking the healthy ingredients for use while eliminating anything undesirable.


If you've tasted orange juice concentrate from the grocery store, that should give a good picture of what this step involves. Herbs can become a “juice” with the right manufacturing equipment.

Flo-Coat or Spray Dry

Once a proprietary blend has reached this stage, the juice gets sprayed into an herbal base. This step is necessary to convert the ingredients into a powder.


Packaging needs to occur in a safe and controlled manner to meet strict standards. While the FDA does not technically regulate the supplement industry, American products have respect around the world for having the highest standards possible.

Are You Ready to Start a Sunrider International Business?

We hope that this guide has helped you consider the pros and cons of this MLM company. Sunrider International has a long-standing reputation as a home-based business that offers quality products. Whether you plan to make some extra cash or build an empire, you can do much worse than Sunrider in the marketplace.

Whether you want to sell supplements or something completely different, the key to success is selling yourself first. If you don't invest in the right marketing strategy, quality products alone can't bail you out of a low sales rut.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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MLM Company Review: Nature’s Sunshine

David Sharpe bio

Did you know that one out of every 13 Americans participates in an MLM company at some point in their life?

Of course, not all MLM companies are equal. While you may have heard some positive stories about people working for them, there are plenty of negative stories out there, too.

Have you heard about Nature's Sunshine and think it may be a great opportunity? Are you interested in working for the MLM company Nature's Sunshine, but aren't sure if you'll be successful doing so?

Keep reading below for our full Nature's Sunshine review.

What Is Nature's Sunshine?

Nature's Sunshine is a multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of dietary supplements. These include vitamins, minerals, personal products, and herbs.

Based in Lehi, UT, the company was founded in 1972. It had a mission to put natural herbs into capsules to take advantage of their healing powers. By doing so, they were able to make it easier for anyone that wanted to use herbs and take them as if they were taking regular medicine.

They boast about having effective products for many different categories, including:

  • Stress
  • Weight management
  • Poor immune system
  • Aches or pains
  • Women's health or men's health
  • Children's health
  • Detox and cleansing
  • Prenatal
  • Memory and brain function

The company claims that these products are all 100% natural and will boost different systems in the body. It's important to note that these products are not FDA approved.

On the outside, this company doesn't even look like an MLM. However, it has been around for a long time, and as a result, is considered one of the “original” MLM companies out there.

How Does Working With Nature's Sunshine Work?

To get started with Nature's Sunshine, you'll have to purchase a Welcome Kit on their website for $40. This is how you activate your consultant membership and start receiving shipments that you can then sell on your own.

Something of note about Nature's Sunshine is that they encourage you to sell their products in retails stores.

Of course, if you don't have a retail store to sell them in, this won't apply to you. However, most MLMs won't allow you to do this, so it's good to know that Nature's Sunshine will support this approach if you already have a store.

Otherwise, you will be selling this product to people you know, people online, or wherever else you may be able to find them.

Some of the incentives of signing up that Nature's Sunshine advertises on their website include:

  • Discounts on future purchases
  • Discount code to share with friends
  • Fast pay to your account
  • Training and education about herbal benefits
  • Access to Nature's Sunshine support specialists

While all of these things sound great on paper, actually making sales is the only way that you'll be able to make this business idea work. If you're not a natural salesperson or if you don't have the right network, it can be difficult to sell these products, even with all of the incentives available.

How Much Money Can You Make With an MLM Company?

Through Nature's Sunshine, consultants will earn commissions when they refer new customers to the company or when they add more people to their team that also purchase the products. You can only get commissions if you meet a certain rank requirement.

There are five levels of consultants, and each level will earn a different percentage of commission from sales. Reward payments are calculated based on:

  • What was the product you sold worth?
  • Are you eligible based on ranking and affiliate team members?
  • How many levels are between the upline consultant and yourself?

The big appeal of Nature's Sunshine, however, is that you get to purchase all of their products at a discount. Then you are encouraged to sell them at retail price.

In addition to that, as you make more sales, you will be able to increase your consultant ranking and be eligible for a bigger commission.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how much a person will make for any MLM company because it does come down to the numbers. If you don't make the sales, you won't make the money — it's as simple as that.

How Can You Be Successful With Nature's Sunshine?

For any online business to be a success, you have to have the right marketing skills.

MLMs don't tell you this, but you are going to really struggle to make money in their programs if you don't already have some of the basic business skills that you need. Even if you're reaching out to every single person you know, you're still only reaching the people that you know!

There is a much wider audience that you need to connect with to really make some money. That's where Legendary Marketer can help. We will give you the tools that you need so that your experience in an MLM, or any other business, is always a triumph.

Taking the time to invest in yourself will pay off in the long run because you can make more sales (and make more money).

Legendary Marketer Can Help

Even if you're working for the best MLM company, you have to have the right skills to be successful.

Luckily, finding information about marketing and learning the skills you need is as easy as going online.

If you think you're ready to try affiliate marketing instead, check out our online class that will help you learn how to make money from home. Your path toward learning effective affiliate marketing strategies begins today.

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