DXN Review: A Winning Healthcare MLM?

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So it looks like you've been searching for some reviews about the DXN multi-level marketing company. Probably the number one thing you're searching for is, “Can I really make money selling mushroom-based dietary supplements?”

I'll break it down for you in this review… and give you a hint about one of the best online business opportunities, too.

What Is DXN?

DXN is a multi-level marketing (MLM) or network marketing company where distributors sell health supplements, beauty products, food, beverages, skincare, home goods, clothing, and more in a peer-to-peer sales model.

Based in Malaysia, DXN has become steadily more global since 1993. It was founded by Datuk Dr. Lim Siow Jin who was interested in using mushrooms as health supplements. Since then, it has grown to a much more detailed product line.

How Do I Become a DXN Distributor?

As of this date, there are 10 million distributors of DXN around the world. To become a distributor you must apply through the official website. Include any information about the person who sponsored you.

Once you apply, you redeem your starter kit of DXN products. These are the first products you purchase to sell or demonstrate to customers in your social circle.

Unique Perks of DXN

DXN has some unique perks for a multi-level marketing program, including a retirement plan. The plan bases retirement contributions on your sales and purchases.

There are also travel opportunities available to high-performing distributors, including international travel seminars.

On a related note, the global nature of DXN means that your potential sales audience is as big as you want it to be. With the “One World Market” membership, distributors can go global. Recruit or sell in countries you have never visited to expand your personal business.

Can I Actually Earn Money with DXN?

The structure of DXN is very similar to other multi-level marketing companies in that uplines recruit distributors. They must purchase—and keep purchasing—products to get started.

Their recruiter and upline earn a commission on each sale, even if the distributor struggles to earn money. It can take a while to build up clients or your own downline, so many distributors remain at the first tier of profit, which is only a 15% mark-up on products sold.

Distributors also need to keep up a minimum required sales, as well as consistent transactions each month. If they go 12 months without transactions, they will “expire.”

In this way, it is clear that DXN is structured to funnel money upwards, likely making it difficult for new members to make significant earnings.

As an area becomes more saturated with DXN sellers, it also becomes difficult to find customers. Frequently it is the earliest distributors who do the best in this model.

Am I Cut Out for Multi-Level Marketing?

Here's the secret about multi-level and network marketing: almost anyone can do it. But doing it successfully? That's dependent not just on skill but on timing, opportunity, and luck.

Think about the skills that made you think you'd be great at multi-level marketing.

Are you a people person? Do you love to solve problems for people and customers? If so, there may be a different type of marketing you'll excel at: affiliate marketing.

So… What's This About Affiliate Marketing?

I promised I'd give you a hint about a better alternative to network marketing that lets you make money at home and be your own boss, right? It's a business model where you can take control of your own plans and you don't have to rely on someone else's inventory or service plans.

It's affiliate marketing, a type of marketing that lets you reach people across the world via the internet. Some of the skills you learn doing network marketing apply to affiliate marketing too.

How Do I Do Affiliate Marketing As a Job?

Affiliate marketing lets you reach thousands of people online by marketing different products and services. But unlike network marketing where you have to purchase the products, market, and sell them yourself, you're not involved in the sale of products in affiliate marketing.

Let me explain.

You have definitely seen affiliate marketing before. Ever seen a social media post tagged with the products in it? It probably had a link in the description that you could click on to purchase the items.

The person who put up that social media post is affiliate marketing. By promoting the product and linking you to the seller, they earn a small commission from each sale that gets made based on their link.

Affiliate marketers turn this into a big business for themselves. Many begin to create content that can promote products on several different platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, or a personal blog.

Many of these platforms are free or low-cost to get started with—unlike buying inventory from an MLM. There are also affiliate marketing programs that match marketers with sellers in need of promotion.

By creating engaging content and promoting the right number of brands, affiliate marketing can be a profitable business opportunity to take on in your own time.

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