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Dave: What is going on my friends. It's not just going to be my mom watching the show this morning, hopefully we have some other guests here on my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary as you guys can see from the topic. We have a full time data engineer. Okay, here's. And I'm going to bring them on, and he's going to talk about his journey, he's going to talk about what's working for him, and why he moved from Amazon FBA to affiliate marketing with that being said of his story. I don't want to tell it, I'll let him tell it, welcome to the show. Caleb Wiles what's up brother?

Caleb: Dave, how are you? Good man, good, you come in.

Dave: I’d guess the state but that takes too long. Where are you calling in from?

Caleb: I'm just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Dave: Okay, okay, I was gonna guess maybe throw an Indiana out there or something but that's probably because my uncle from Indiana just visited us so cool I love Nashville I love Tennessee. Is that where you were born and raised?

Caleb: I was until I was about 14 and my family picked up and we moved to Hawaii for about 10 years, but I ended up going back and I'm you know I'm from Tennessee, it's my home so I came back and went to school here and just made a home here.

Dave: Okay. Yeah, so, so you're a full time data engineer that’s just the, I mean that's way over my paygrade man, I don't even can't even fathom what you, what you're doing coding dude figuring high level stuff out. What the hell, you know, attracted you to even start looking for these side hustles? Internet businesses of that, you know, first starting out with Amazon FBA? Kind of give us a little bit of context on your backstory.

Caleb: Well, it's crazy and it started probably back in the late 90s Believe it or not. I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit me, even as a teenager, my dad. It started when my dad wanted me to list some golf clubs on eBay, and that was probably 1998, I think. And, you know, came up in an era where the kids kind of knew more than the parents about technology, and he was like, Hey, I know you know how to take pictures and do stuff online, so can you post this for me. And when I saw you could make money online without having me having to go to my grocery store job. It kind of flipped a switch on me really young. So from then on, I ended up not even going to college right out of high school because my whole thing was, I'm going to build a business, I don't know what it's gonna be, but I'm going to do that. So, when all my friends went off to college, I went to work, started in construction, worked on the cattle farm, things like that to get the best capital. And I ended up at a 21 I opened a produce market in Huntsville, Alabama, and my brother in law was a farmer and he said hey I know you want to start a business, I don't know anything about that, and I didn't either, but he said I think you've got the brains to do it. And so I said let's do it. And that was kind of the town that had an economic downturn back in 2005, 2004. So we were talking for about a year. And I learned a lot, but I ended up closing shop and ended up going to college eventually.

Dave: Nice, nice. That's interesting. A lot of different kinds of more physical right? Brick and mortar musical labor style businesses. So we titled this of course, you know, how you, how or why I'd like to start out with why, you went from Amazon now to affiliate marketing. Talk to us about sort of that transition, what, what, what initially got you into doing an Amazon FBA and why now, are you transitioning away from that into affiliate marketing?

Caleb: Absolutely. You know it really started with, like you said the brick and mortar, I realized I was working, six, seven days a week and I had to physically be there to make money. Now I could eventually have brought on some employees, like most businesses do right but I started looking things online because I knew that was the future. And I found Amazon FBA. I started off in retail arbitrage, so I was going around to Walgreens and Walmart and finding these deals and putting out there and I had a ton of fun doing that. But I quickly realized I had to be on the road. I had to be ahead of me finding these deals every day. And it didn't really make sense to me. You know at that time I was reading. I was reading The Four Hour Workweek, and that's when the switch flipped. I was like man, I wouldn't be working till I die, I mean this is fun, it's cool but. So then I transitioned into a private label. I created my own product. So I kind of made the next step I felt like, yeah. But even then, I realized everything that went into that and everything I would have to be keeping up with. And so I kind of fell into affiliate marketing, and I saw the power of that. And, you know, that's where I am today, actually started in 2017, for the first time I was just kind of piddling around, and I made a few bucks and I said this is so powerful. It's amazing. But I got married and I had a kid and things kind of fell off. And so, I've looked back now and I'm like, I got to get back into that, and it makes so much sense to me, and it's fun and I think I can make something out of that. 

Dave: So, what, what specifically is attractive to you in the business model will affiliate marketing versus something like Amazon, where is it, is it the fact that selling information products has much higher profit margins? Is it the fact that you, you don't, you want to just run the marketing side of the business you don't want to do everything else that would be required if you were Amazon, of course you're doing everything you're doing customer support and in, you know, just kind of the full gamut in the business but, but, but if you were to create your own course or coaching program, you would sort of be doing that as well, right? You would be doing customer service and that's why we recommend people start with affiliate marketing and then go from there. So what is it about, I mean I know what it is for me and I'm happy to share that my perspective here, but you're the one who's made that transition. So what specifically about affiliate marketing the business model is attractive to you versus these other things that you've done before, for example the Amazon stuff?

Caleb: I think, when, when I had my private label business. I kicked off probably a year before COVID hit. And I started to see all the problems that came with my suppliers overseas with the physical product. I ran into those issues. And also, one thing that bothered me a lot just personally was the liability that came along with having a physical product. My brother, my older brother’s an attorney, and we got into this and he was like hey man I want you to be covered, I want you to be heavier on your bases covered in that, that kind of kept me up at night in times even though I felt like I had that in place. I personally don't really want liability. I'd rather someone else worry about that. And I also found that I'm really like you were saying, I love the marketing part of when I was doing it, that was the most fun to me building websites putting out there doing the social media stuff, and I realized that's where I excelled and that's what I enjoyed the most. So affiliate marketing was just that when I understood it. It made the most sense for me. 

Dave: Yeah, that's, that's, that's cool. I want to take it a step further for all of you guys who are new, and who are kind of learning. The, the, the idea of, you know, kind of validating a business model, right. So, this is a section that's actually taken from the new affiliate marketing business blueprint. But, but I'll go over it with you, there's a, there's a section in there called the fishing formula. And it's essentially all about finding, you're building an entire campaign from start to finish. I'll show you kind of what it looks like the fishing formula in a nutshell, it kind of looks like. It kind of looks like this, you can see my screen right, Caleb. Yes, okay. And it starts out over with your species if you've kind of I don't know if you've done any fishing up in, in, in Tennessee have you, maybe a lot. Right. Yeah, so you would understand that so you know when you go out fishing you want to target a species right. It's smart to know what you're going to be targeting before you go out right. Yeah, because that way you can bait, you can go to the right water you can go to the right place you know where they hang out you can you can Chum the Waters if that's possible. Right, I wouldn't go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. We drop chum down in the water and it starts bringing the fish and gets them fired up down there, and then we throw it down the bay, that's the real food. It's not just kind of stuff that's floating in the water that smells good. And they, in the hammer that right? It's like It's like blood, it's like putting blood in the water that brings sharks to the boat, right? So, and then and then it moves on, I won't go through all these pieces but it's an eight step process that makes it really simple. This is a kind of a 30,000 foot view of what the fishing formula is. But it's a direct response marketing system for affiliates in the affiliate marketing business blueprint training for all of you guys who are wondering you know what, what's in there. Well this is a very small section that explains each one of these, each one of these eight steps exactly what you need to be thinking about, and exactly how to make sure you do each step right so I'm going to fast forward to this one particular part, which is kind of a couple of questions that you can ask yourself when you're thinking about who your target species is or who your target customer is. And there's this Jay Abraham quote or philosophy, that there's only three ways to grow any business and Jay Abraham's kind of a legendary direct response marketer, copywriter business strategist and he says that the only three ways to build a business are to get new customers do higher, you know, purchase or ticket price business for those customers ie sell high ticket products or and do repeat business. So those are the three ways to make money in a business. And so if you don't have all three of those things covered in any business, say for example, the only way for you to grow that business is to just get new customers, you know, which a lot of these e-commerce, businesses, Caleb, where you're selling bowls or you're selling, you know, phone cases or whatever, you know, the number one way to grow that business is to just get new customers, you may be able to do repeat business with him but it's not likely, right, because you don't have brand recognition, right so it's not like they're going to come back unless you got really good email follow up game, in which case, that might be the second way that you can build an Amazon or a physical product e-commerce business. But the thing that makes affiliate marketing specifically selling information products so exciting is that you can not only get new customers, you can do repeat business with those customers by selling them subscriptions or you can sell them memberships to different information clubs or ongoing newsletters or stuff like that but you can also sell high ticket products. So, selling information, or being an affiliate of selling information products covers all three of those bases. And that's why I've always loved information marketing, selling, education, and starting out as an affiliate and then having the option. If I want to scale to selling my own courses coaching or events, or virtual events. Now that COVID has kind of changed the game that I can, I can do that but I still can reap the benefits of making sure I check all three of those boxes, even as an affiliate. So that's sort of my reasoning why I love information marketing in combining that with affiliate marketing. What comes up for you as you sort of see that philosophy? Or maybe you've heard it before from me, me say it in the challenge or whatever.

Caleb: Absolutely and you know, looking back at my physical product I'm like, what, three of those that I have, and it's maybe one, I don't know. You know, it retails for $24 and once I learned what high ticket, you know, an offer like that, that, that changed my mindset completely. And then also the follow up things that you're talking about, repeat customers wasn't really a thing for what I was selling they might have bought three at a time, but I'd probably never seen them again unless they, they told their peasant about it or bought one for them for Christmas, and you know that's a completely different shift in my way of thinking about doing business online when, when I went to the course, the 15 Day Challenge. You know that hit me hard because I was like man I was not doing these things, and that's, that's where it's at, that's where your, your bread and butter is and I completely shifted my, my thought process, absolutely.

Dave: Well, for those of you who are excited about this, you know, it's easy to get excited about something because maybe the marketing is good. It's like, there's all kinds of people who are selling e commerce courses and FBA Amazon courses and all that and and then and then the pitches. Hey, I mean, you know, it's so easy. Anybody can sell a dog bowl or your Facebook ad and that's cool like that may even be possible that you can sell a product on the front end and make some sales. But the question is what next? Where do you go from there? What is their real potential long term for an average person to really make money in that business model, and the answer to that question is, it's very, it's even more unlikely than it is selling information I'm not saying everybody succeeds with selling information and doing affiliate marketing because most people who buy any how to information get no results because they do nothing with it. But the point is that it's, you know, I got to look at, I got to look at is it realistic for me to be like Amazon? And Amazon makes a small percentage off of hundreds of 1000’s of purchases per minute or hour. And for me, that's just not realistic as a solopreneur, I don't have the advertising budget I don't have. It's just I'm not going to get to them. It's going to take a long time and a lot and a lot of savvy, but if I can generate, say, 100, low ticket sales on the front end per month 50 to 100, selling something for five to 10 bucks, and then a percentage of them say four or 5% buy something for a couple of $1,000. Now all of a sudden I've got a $5,000 a month, business, that is replacing the average income for an American, in, in our country right, in the country that you and I live in in for other countries, maybe even much higher, you know, and that was what really set the,, lightbulbs off for me and even made it even simpler to explain to people because it was like, Look, if you can focus on delivering value to customers, if you're going to be an affiliate focus on partnering with products that have value or if you're going to create your own course, or coaching program make sure that you're delivering value, because that way you can charge for it. You can charge for it you can charge a couple of 1000 you can charge 5,000, 10,000 bucks for it, and there's enough profit that you don't need to bring in hundreds of customers per month, You only, you could even eventually if you wanted to build your own course or coaching program have a staple flagship offer for 5000 bucks and do two sales a month. It's a game changer when you think about it like that because it's, it's, it's a, it's like I can wrap my head around that. And also the other thing I don't know if what your thoughts are on this or anything that I've said Kayla but I found that selling high ticket products to people is a, the clientele who's willing to spend money are a lot more enjoyable to work with, and to serve those people than somebody who is like a freebie seeker, the 99.9%, all of the nearly 100% of all the negative comments that you see anywhere in our community are either people who have never purchased our products, or somebody who only spent $7 and they and they I'm telling you, 90 plus percent of our customer support tickets are from those people, and nothing wrong I'm not here to shame you. We try to be as inclusive as possible, but over a decade and in this and hopefully you guys, you know, if the shoe fits wear it because maybe you need to raise your financial thermostat a little bit, and maybe you can do that by listening to this show on a daily basis. But think about that, it's like, do I want to serve the people who are going to be the most unappreciative in the most, you know, kind of, kind of brash and rash with their like entitlement, you know, or do I want to serve people who are willing to part with their money for a good quality valuable training, and they understand that we're both humans and to that mutual respect is a must for us all to succeed, what comes up? You're laughing, you're feeling me I can tell.

Caleb: I want to say preach, preach Dave. Yeah, So here's, here's my thought that comes up from that same with my, take my TikTok account. I watch other people, other affiliate marketers, and I see when I started off, I saw how they were doing things that maybe I mimicked it a little bit, but from the very beginning I had that thought that you were just talking about, I want the high quality people coming to my funnel, and I know my funnel was gonna weed some of those out, hopefully, but I also want to be that stop that people are talking about that are looking to start something for free or for $7 only. And think that they're going to build this empire, because those people are going to make my life harder one in two there's not going to be any kind of long term relationship there, I believe. So when I see a lot of these accounts that are blowing up and that are there that I have all these people and all these negative comments underneath that that's what that's attracting, and that's something that I've tried to stay away from, and what I know comes with that is, I'm not gonna blow up like some of these other people my accounts gonna grow a little bit slower because I'm going to be engaging people that really want to get started and really want to work hard and have the energy and the ability to put work into it, and I start a lot of my videos with saying, you're gonna have a non work and it's really a lot more than that. Every day I tell people this all the time, every time, every night well my family goes to sleep, my wife and kids. I go into my garage, and I work from about 8:30 at night to sometimes 11 At night, every night, five days a week. Are you willing to do something like that to get where you really want to be, because me just saying hey you can make $10,000 a month. If you take this $7 course, that's gonna attract some people, but what, What are those people really willing to do, and a lot of people don't like hearing that. But I like being upfront and I like being real with people and showing them my journey and what kind of work it takes, and I'm not, I haven't reached my pinnacle, but I'm working every night, and I completely agree with what you're saying. You're wanting that the people that I've seen that have put the negative comments in my posts, either like you said, if not, not tried anything, or they're wanting something for free, and that's my experience. Absolutely.

Dave: Yeah, it really is. I mean, it really is it's kind of why, like, for me, negative comments, even within our community. Because, I mean we have 10,000 new people taking our challenge every month we're gonna have, you know, we're gonna have people who are going to, and sometimes I even wonder if it's just competitors. I look at their profile, they look like catfish. Catfish people anyways but you know it, but either way, I mean, that we, we humans exist out there, there are lots of us hundreds of millions of us just in this country alone, and the majority of us are financially, not just financially bankrupt, you know, physically in terms of our, of our bank accounts but we're financially bankrupt mentally and and and you know we have an attitude of entitlement. I know I did at one time in my life I had an attitude of entitlement that, you know, I didn't, I didn't. I just was, I just, I had a lot to learn about what, how to get what I wanted in life, and it wasn't going about the things the way that I was going about them it wasn't going places and, you know, demanding things and being entitled, telling people what was wrong with them and was ill, and you know it's kind of like the guy who knows a little bit about a lot of things right and you always got an opinion about everything from the peanut gallery, never doing anything, never actually taking any risk, but has an opinion about how you should be doing, you're running your business, you know do etc etc etc. So, I think, I think you're right and that's a good transition, how we have the chum, the bait that we throw out there from the chumming step is the content that we're putting out into the marketplace. Is the content that we're putting out, attracting in people who are actually going to buy? You know, I get these people sometimes who send me messages on Instagram and stuff and they're like, you know, I, I just want to know before I spend $7. It's like, yeah, like, like, really it's like come on, like so, in, I don't get a lot of them, right, right, but I would imagine that people who do the freebie marketing the other day we had Collin, from South Africa. And he was talking about, you know, he learned this big lesson about doing all the freebie marketing, like make $5 per minute for free. And while that sort of wet that style of content if you're in the make money online space anyways. Does Chum the waters up, it does get the frenzy going right but do they actually convert into sales and then actually want to spend money to invest in training? So your philosophy is that you want, you're okay taking your time. You want to put out good quality authentic stuff and talk us through your mindset, a little bit about creating content and sort of how you approach that.

Caleb: Absolutely. I think one thing I want to do is give people advice. If you've gone through the challenge and you become an affiliate goes, you go through the compliance, and the thing that you talk about those videos that are out there in the documents that are out there that needs to be the first thing everybody does, and I know that y'all promote that. Because part of that that I read that it stuck with me before I even started creating content was don't be that person that shows us screenshots of numbers, no matter what you're what you're promoting in the reason you talk about, you know you've seen statistics and things that it doesn't really help you. You know you're going to get this chum in the water like you're talking about and all these people are going to get into a frenzy of like, oh wow, I can make this look what he made this week. But is that the person that you're wanting to attract? My growth is a slow uptick, but I'm okay with that because if I had this drastic giant leap, you can also have this drastic giant fall on the island, where these people just flee. That is kind of my philosophy. I know it's attractive and it's implying that it's really not going to get you where you want to be in.

Dave: The game’s changed too in terms of just the marketplace as well the marketplace is more, it's more transparent. It is being regulated more so like with each passing day each passing month each passing year, platform is regulators all all these, the people who, you know, ultimately are sort of like the, the, the Internet police, right, because we've been in compliance departments for platforms, they have a police, like a compliance department like we have a compliance department here as well to make sure that, you know, people are not doing stuff that is going to cause us problems, you know, regulatory issues etc. But the thing to understand is, is that, that it's, you know, over time platforms like Facebook they've gotten bigger and bigger and bigger and they've, they've, they've gotten more heat from Congress in government and in cryptocurrency and politicians, as well as marketers have, you know, really, you know, I mean just pushed it to the limit, you know? I mean even our own, you know our own government candidates in past presidents have honestly screwed it up for a lot of us. Love him or hate him, but they have been pushed to the limit right with fundraising, cryptocurrency. I mean, like that, that that the whole cryptocurrency thing has pushed it to the limit to where they've just pulled way back so you know, It's not, it's not only that, making flashing income claims in doing the flash and trash style marketing is, is, is not a good long term strategy, it might be good short term, but again, the highs are highs, the lows are lows, ready for that drop off. But the problem is that it when, when I say, oh I just made $1,000 today. And then somebody gets started in your selling them say, you know you're in the make money online space and then they don't go do that now all of a sudden your trust. The trust is broken. It's a scam it's that, you know, it's a fake screenshot it's photoshopped. All right. So, instead, the philosophy that I've developed as I've matured over time is under promise, under sell right, like keep it more real, but it makes the disclaimer that most people don't get any results, because they don't take action, or do you want to take action? If you do, you have a chance, if you're going to buy it and not take action, you don't have a chance. So, what happens is when somebody gets a result now. It's a big deal, it's like, holy shit. Yeah, I, you know, I made a commission or I lost a couple of pounds with the help, the weight loss thing or whatever. And I also don't risk, there's always a chance, but I don't risk getting my account shadow banned. Wow, you or my right. Yes, that's another piece of this business that can be super frustrating. And that's why nowadays, copy in videos and headlines, I call it watered down. You have to water things down a little bit not use your most aggressive headline, not use the most aggressive terminology and vocabulary because, because it's, it's heavily more heavily regulated in Facebook, the ads manager, they don't give a shit about you more like I got my account shut down like you're entitled like it's a burden right to have a facebook ads account. It's like you, you, you don't have anyways I could get on a rant, but we're responsible for our own stuff, are staying in business, are keeping our account, stuff like that. So what advice would you give to somebody who's brand new Caleb who's who's, you know, trying to get things off the ground, who is certainly fascinated in enamored with particularly TikTok and how fast it moves, how quick you know some people are growing. And then of course comparison kicks in and then, you know, there's a lot of head games that come along with this. So, what is some of the one or two pieces of advice that you would give somebody who's marketing in any niche that's getting started or wants to start over today?

Caleb: Absolutely. TikTok is a rough place to be because there's so many highs and lows, but it is a great place for free traffic. And one of the things that, you know, just the other day, maybe a couple of weeks ago, somebody was I was doing a live and they said hey you are the most real person I've seen talking about affiliate marketing, and they said that's the reason I follow you, and that's the reason I'm sitting here listening to you right now because you're telling me how it is. So my advice would be, be real. Don't try to put on this facade. Don't, don't make, don't try to chase these other people that are blowing up. Tell your story. And that's what people love, they want to hear something real that they can relate with. And she ended up, she said I'm signing up for the 15 day challenge right now, she said, and you know that was such a cool feeling for me that I saw someone connect that way instead of seeing a screenshot or seeing some major claim that that somebody has put out there but I will say, TikTok is a great place to start, you're going to have ups and downs, I've seen people start after I've started, and their follower count is has blown up. So that's that's tough to see because you do compare yourself, but you need to see yours, you want to see steady growth. I have a OneNote, you know, a note that I use even for work. I use OneNote for work Microsoft OneNote. And what I do is I have, they have little check boxes that you can put on things, so I have my funnel hits, I have my viewer count, I have my blog post count. And I copy and paste that every week, and I have an amount that I'm going to do that week. And then I paste it to the next week, and I see my growth, and that has helped me tremendously. And I'm not comparing myself to all these other people that are blowing up. I'm seeing my numbers go up. Now, my points might go up four times this week and they might go up 40 times. But if you see that steady growth. You need to be looking to a year from now, instead of tomorrow. I know some people, it's hard for them because they might need a paycheck today. And that's a rough thing to deal with, obviously I have a great career and a great job that I have in place right now and I'm blessed to have that. But, just just look for steady growth, otherwise you're gonna get discouraged, you're gonna quit. Yeah, I told myself this time round of doing something online. I'm not quit until I make it. You know, I've seen people on here there's a government of the day that was, you know, my parents' age, and, you know, even got time to do this kind of stuff, and as long as you plug away. You can do it. You've got the tools you've got, Legendary Marketer to help you. And it's there, the internet is the place to be you right now. Just plug away and consistent would be my best advice.

Dave: Yeah, it's great advice. So you've seen some different things and you've seen also. You've seen some different things online, you've seen different things in the corporate world, your brother's an attorney, I mean, you obviously have some smart people in your family, your smart guy yourself, what's been your impression of us of Legendary of our community, and yeah I'm not trying to get a pat on the back here, like I'm legitimately just wondering what your experience has been like with us, and in the community here and so forth.

Caleb: Dave, I will tell you, I've taken throughout all the business models that I've done, I've taken many courses I've paid more money than I paid the legendary marketer for some courses that were half the course, and I will say, that is why I'm an affiliate for legendary marketer is the quality, everything that I have in my life is quality, and I try to keep that up. Whenever I purchase in my life. I can afford it and I can do it. And that's why I'm an affiliate, that's why I wouldn't be promoting legendary I did not believe that in my heart of hearts, and that's one of my criteria for any affiliate, anything that I'm an affiliate for I either have to use it or I have to believe in the product. And, you know, I've seen that legendary in the community, like you're saying. It's amazing. The people that are, that you have staffed yourself. The people that are in the Facebook groups, even people that I've met on Tik Tok, that are also affiliates are legendary. I've made friends just since December, that I don't have in real life, that I'm closer with I feel like just in, you know, the camaraderie that I have with these types of people. I feel like Legendary Marketer attracts those people and that's where I want to be. I want to be part of that so it's been amazing and it's top notch in my opinion.

Dave: You said that you said something right there that I think was, was, I hope I don't want to gloss over, which was, I like quality. I like the best things in life, if I can afford them, I buy them. And I think that that, That really is a big mindset shift, is a real eye opener. It was simply put, but it's really a deep, a deep thought to think about because, really, society, trains us to find the cheapest, the bargain, what's on sale quantity over quality, more and more and more, right, I mean, something quality I mean even in our food, right, it's like, you know, you know, go to a buffet and get just sloppy for $7.99, instead of like a nice quality good healthy meal and pay a little bit more and it's a smaller portion I mean even down to the food we eat, so I, I don't know if you want to say anything more. I'm not particularly asking you to say anything more about that but I just really thought that that was, that was, that's a, that's a really cool thought I mean is that a philosophy that you have across all areas of your life that if you can afford it, you will go for the best you will go for quality.

Caleb: Yes sir. Absolutely, my namesake, my grandfather Roy. Roy Knot was his name, he was, he worked for DuPont and Nashville for 30 something years and retired from there he was a hardware demand didn't make a ton of money, but that was his philosophy, and I, I took that and, you know, he wouldn't buy a car, until it was something I think a Lincoln was what he always wanted and he waited till he had that money, and he bought that Lincoln, and man that thing lasted him until he died I believe. And he was like that with everything, and my wife doesn't really understand it because last year I bought a brand new John Deere mower, and she was like why can't you just get a you know, some Troy Bill at a, you know, the hardware store, and I said, have you seen our neighbor's mower he bought that thing last year and it sounds like it's about that. I'm out here my brand new, John Deere and she's shaking her head because I paid a pretty penny for it. But, that thing's gonna last me, my daughter is going to be more aggressive that thing. And so I carry that on into other parts of my life as I can and I believe in that wholeheartedly.

Dave: Is that a rider?

Caleb: It was, it's the top of the line, just riding a mower. I didn't get the zero turn

writer that you ride along. 

Dave: Yes, yes. Okay. Wow, that's incredible. I grew up, I used to go and visit my aunt and uncle up in New York, and my uncle had a John Deere mower, like that you wrote on, and I thought it was the coolest thing man, I would want the first thing I wanted to do when I got there was Go and sit on that tractor.

Caleb: Yeah. It's pretty nice. We have pretty big yards here in our neighborhood in Tennessee, we got a big chunk of line so I had to have one and, yeah, the best one so yeah.

Dave: Yeah, well that's a great place to go out also and just clear the head right. You can't be bothered, the kids do what nobody can bother you because it's like dad's mowing the lawn. When you know but it's really, it's really a peaceful thing I've. The older I get, I like to kind of, you know, mess around out in the yard and stuff I would have never imagined that I'd be into as a younger band but, you know, we, we, we grow old and we enjoy different things. Well, dude, great to chat, hope you'll come back on that your, your thought process your approach is directly in line with me. It took me longer to get there than you, maybe not, I mean because you've been doing this for a long time, but I've evolved and matured into this sort of mindset of quality and in the long game, and it's paid off, so I just invite all of you guys who are listening to re listen to this follow. Caleb, we've got his, TikTok handle there, connect with them. I mean, you know this is a guy who's, who's going to who's going to lead you in the right direction and give you good feedback, it versus just BS feedback and I think good friends who tell us the truth are hard to come by. So anybody who has you in their corners, a lucky person, I'll let you get back to, I know you've got a busy day, most likely with all the things you're doing, and I appreciate your time, brother.

Caleb: Thank you so much, I appreciate you having me on.

Dave: Alright see you, Caleb. Thank you. Alright guys, that was a good, that was a good conversation. That was a quality conversation. Okay, be legendary my friends, get the hell out of here and go put quality over quantity today. That's my invitation, that's my challenge to you for today. Let's think about that. Right, think about who you want to attract into your life. Think about what you want to spend your money and time on, and that, you know, you can you can pick your, your cue route, do you want to go quantity, you know, do you want to just eat. Do you want to just get the most bang for your buck right I like that analogy just went to that buffet just, just getting just a stomach full of heartburn and put you got your money's worth, or, you know, something healthy something maybe a little bit lighter, more quality, you know, Put more days at the end of my life, right, maybe, maybe, maybe a little bit of delayed gratification because I know I'm investing in my future, versus just just trying to get stuff today. It's an interesting thought to think about for how you want to live your life and build your business with that being said, All right, it's time to go. Have a great day. We'll see you back here tomorrow 10am Eastern Time. Wake Up Legendary. Peace.

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