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Should You Become an It Works! Distributor?

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Trying to decide if you should be an It Works distributor? It's hard to resist jumping on a product whose title declares its own success. But if you're still in the research stage of considering joining this multi-level marketing company, this is the review for you.

I'll walk you through the main high points of It Works and talk about what you can expect from multilevel marketing. Plus, I'll let you in on another marketing opportunity that is great for folks looking for at-home, online business opportunities.

Becoming an It Works Distributor

It Works is a multi-level marketing company. Multi-level marketing or MLM companies typically have distributors buy in to sell the companies products to their social network of friends and family. That's true of It Works, which promotes a series of weight loss, fitness, and beauty products.

Distributors sell products like skincare or weight-loss teas to their friends and family. Network marketing lets distributors tap into social connections they already have to find customers. They use their social skills to market products directly to those who are interested in weight loss, fitness, and beauty.

What Does It Take to Get Started?

To become an It Works distributor, interested parties sign up for a Business Builder Kit.

In the kit, they get their first month of a personalized website and the It Works eSuite for free. Along with this comes a digital starter kit that acts as a quick-start guide. Tools are available digitally on their phones for easy access.

Savings come with the kit too, including 10% off It Works business products like accessories. Included are also seven digital product sample mailer credits.

These starter kits cost $99. This does not include start-up inventory beyond the product sample mailer credits.

How Much Do It Works Distributors Make?

It Works' most recent disclosure statement is from 2019. This shows that the average income from commissions in the first level of distributors is $48 a month.

They stress that these numbers are not a fair representation of profit, as the distributor likely had overhead costs as well. The average profit then would be lower than $48.

The distributor level of the rank consists of 85.94%, meaning the vast majority of It Works distributors are making on average under $50 a month before accounting for overhead.

When compared with the highest rank of distributor—Diamond—which shows an average monthly earning of $24,466, it's clear that financial disparity is significant.

MLMs work on a system of “uplines” and “downlines,” where one seller recruits another. Each seller receives a part of the commission of sales for all of the sellers below them.

This concentrates wealth towards the top of the uplines. As more and more people join, there are simply fewer people to form a profitable downline for new members. This means that as soon as a company gets popular, the newest members likely have few customers or recruits to target.

Is Signing Up For It Works a Good Idea?

Signing up for a weight loss MLM like It Works makes sense for some people and not for others. It really depends on what you're trying to get out of it.

As someone who has had success in an MLM before, I know firsthand that they can be good business models for some. But the disparity of income across levels can be a challenge to work around.

This is because they are designed to reward those who join the company early and spend time recruiting new clients. And customers dry up as the territory gets oversaturated with distributors. That's just the truth.

Even though I had some success in an MLM, I did better once I broke out on my own into a different type of marketing.

So, should you become an It Works distributor? Only if you're looking for some discounted weight loss products. If you're looking for an online business opportunity where you get to be your own boss, there are other marketing opportunities out there.

What Other Marketing Opportunities?

If you thought you'd be great at network marketing because you're a social butterfly who knows how to sell a good product, you may be a prime candidate for affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you are not responsible for buying and selling inventory. Instead, you work with sellers to help promote their products through the unique content that you create.

Affiliate marketing is all over the place. Ever been watching a YouTube video where the creator is doing a make-up style and then suggests you check out the awesome brushes she's using by clicking the link in her description box?

That's affiliate marketing. She created unique content: a make-up video. She promoted a product by showing you how to use it and subtly espousing its virtues. And she directed you right to the seller.

So, how is this a job? Well, content creators who do affiliate marketing earn a commission on each sale they direct to the sellers. Many join programs to connect them with even more sellers who need content.

With little overhead, thanks to the free or low-cost platforms that can be used for affiliate marketing—like a personal blog, Instagram, or TikTok—affiliate marketing is an affordable online business to get started with.

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