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Working online is one of the best ways to attain financial freedom. However, there are many businesses that offer false promises.

Signing up with multi-level marketing (MLM) companies can be a lottery, with few providing good financial returns.

However, some companies can offer exciting opportunities. It's important to know how to identify a good business, so you don't miss out on the chance to make a high income.

It's essential to know precisely what MLM companies are offering and if the returns are realistic. In this Mannatech review, we'll learn if this business is a good fit for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Read on to find out is Mannatech a scam, or is it a legitimate business offering?

What Is Mannatech?

Mannatech is an MLM company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products. Samuel Caster founded the company in 1993, and it has traded successfully for many years.

However, a note of caution is that for a period in 2008, it had a potentially serious issue. A class-action lawsuit raised potential claims of false health benefits made by the company.

It should be noted Mannatech settled this lawsuit without admitting liability.

The fact that the business is still trading now suggests it now has robust business practices.

Mannatech has over 200,000 self-employed sales associates, indicating many people make money as part of their group. Because Mannatech sells physical products, this is also a positive sign.

The best MLM companies have to sell products or services that benefit their customers. Many businesses are illegitimate because they only make money when associates recruit new members.

This practice is unethical, and you should never invest your money in a company that expects this of its members.

Mannatech claims to have sold $5 billion in product sales since its inception. These figures are positive for any aspiring associate. However, the critical factor is knowing if you can also share in their success.

How to Make Money With Mannatech

The Mannatech MLM model is one many companies use when hoping to make money by promoting healthcare products. The business state it invests tens of millions of dollars into scientific research.

They also test their products using human clinical trials. The company liaises with independent scientists and has gained many patents. All of this information suggests their products could be helpful.

When selling their healthcare products to clients, Mannatech aims to provide peace of mind to customers using this scientific data. There is little doubt some of their claims would encourage many people to buy their supplements.

However, before buying stock from any MLM company, you need to ask if you would buy the products for yourself. Businesses invest heavily in advertising that can impress even the most skeptical customer.

But this does not mean the products are good and can do what they say.

As with most MLM companies, you can make money from selling products directly to customers. Many associates begin selling to friends and family, which can be difficult if they don't really want to buy.

People you already know may support you by purchasing one or two packages, but they won't become long-term customers. You also risk annoying acquaintances by bothering them with a sales pitch.

Most MLM associates make extra money by recruiting other people. They then receive a percentage of any money this recruit makes when they sell products.

When that recruit brings another person into the business, the original person then takes a cut of their profits too. While this is a legitimate business model, it has many problems.

Downsides of MLM Companies

Slick advertising and high sales figures can dazzle someone looking to escape from their day job. But you need to be wary of buying into the hype.

MLM companies have a poor reputation in the community. Although often it is not true, many people think of them as pyramid schemes. This makes it harder to sell to customers who are already concerned about the business model.

Working with an MLM company also means you have to manage a lot of different people. New recruits often need a lot of guidance, which uses up your own time.

When mentoring others, you are not making money. Because many recruits lack motivation or are not good at selling, you can waste a lot of time.

You could invest weeks in a new seller, only to see them leave without earning any money.

However, joining an MLM company is not the only way to make money online. In fact, it's not even the best way.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be More Effective

Affiliate marketing involves making money by promoting someone else's products. This is one of the most effective ways to create a huge income online.

When you become an affiliate marketer, there is no need to buy the stock before making a sale. This means you reduce your risk of losing money.

The biggest risk when affiliate marketing is a lack of knowledge. Most people try to learn online marketing by themselves. But this is a potentially disastrous mistake.

Learning to be an affiliate marketer is not as simple as paying for Facebook ads. This is the quickest way to lose money because you are going about the process in the wrong way.

Affiliate marketing can be highly profitable, and you can sell high-ticket items that people already want to buy. It also allows you to make a passive income.

This means you can make money for many years from a one-off piece of work such as a blog post.

But there are tried and tested methods that increase your chances of success. By learning from an experienced professional, you can avoid many common mistakes.

Selling anything online is a competitive business. But many sellers don't know how to do it correctly. If you partner with a professional coach, you can benefit from their years of experience.

The key is to work with the right partner.

Choose Legendary Marketer

This Mannatech MLM review should help you decide if this business model is right for you. You can also determine if affiliate marketing is a better fit.

The Legendary Marketer team has years of success in affiliate marketing. They have demonstrable results and no false claims, only facts.

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