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Mary Kay is one of the older and better-known MLMs in America. Founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash (and now owned by David Holl), the company is now worth an estimated $3 billion.

Because Mary Kay is a household name, it's easy to fall into the trap of blindly trusting their business model or assuming that it will work for you. In this Mary Kay review, we'll look at the opportunities Mary Kay offers, how it works, and why it may not be as easy as it first appears.

In addition, we'll also discuss the ways that you can boost your sales with any affiliate program, including Mary Kay. Remember, these products don't sell themselves. Your own marketing skills and business savvy are key requirements for finding success as an affiliate marketer.

Read on to learn more about Mary Kay and find out what you can do to increase sales and live the Mary Kay success story you've heard so much about.

A Brief History of Mary Kay

First thing's first: Mary Kay is not a scam. It's not a pyramid scheme. How do we know this?

To qualify as a pyramid scheme, a company must put its sales team in a position where the products generate little to no profit. Instead, the money lies only in creating a strong downstream of even more salespeople.

Mary Kay is a product-focused company selling cosmetics and high-end skincare products. What started as a single brick and mortar shop branched into a national direct sales company, now employing thousands of “beauty consultants” across the country.

Mary Kay Ash is considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs of her generation. She created jobs for women at a time when women were largely pushed out of the workforce. She gave them the opportunity to supplement their family income on their own time and at their own pace.

What Makes It Difficult to Find Success With Mary Kay?

Unlike other MLMs, Mary Kay isn't exactly upfront with income disclosure for beauty consultants. One report found that Mary Kay beauty consultants claimed to be making an average of up to $38,000 a year from their work with Mary Kay, but these numbers were self-reported and may not be accurate. In fact, there's no way they're accurate.

Here's the deal. Admittedly, Mary Kay does offer a better commission rate than most competitors. Beauty consultants receive a 50% commission on every product they sell, whether they're new to the game or a high-ranking team leader.

However, making money as a beauty consultant isn't as simple as knocking on doors or hosting sales parties. While you can certainly make money selling individual products, the fastest way to boost your income is by building up your downstream. Because Mary Kay has been around for so long (and now has competition now than ever), you may find that the market for new beauty consultants is pretty saturated.

The real trouble begins when beauty consultants invest more than they make. In order to keep your sales rolling, you have to purchase a lot of Mary Kay's products. You can sell these products directly or use them as samples to generate interest but either way, that money is coming out of your own pocket.

Plus, if you've worked as an affiliate marketer before, you've probably come to realize that the companies, themselves, don't provide a ton of guidance. At most, they may tell you to reach out to friends and family to land sales and build your downstream. That well runs dry pretty quick and you're not going to see the profit you're looking for if you can't tap into a wider market.

That being said, we know there are people who have made big bucks under Mary Kay and even earned the coveted pink Cadillac. So, how did they do it? What tactics can you adopt to see that avalanche of sales you're looking for?

What Can You Do to Boost Sales and Become a True Success Story?

Gone are the days when Mary Kay beauty consultants operated like door-to-door saleswomen. Now, it's time to build your business empire online, where you can reach a far wider market than ever before.

Building a strong online presence takes dedication and know-how. You need to understand who you are as a brand and take control of the narrative you're putting forward. Always remember that in this day and age, the personal is what sells.

Beyond that, you need to know how to navigate online resources, build a dedicated following, advertise effectively, and convert all of that traffic into real sales. With our blog, you can begin to learn some of the most important tips and tricks to get started. This is where we cover topics like building up your YouTube channel, generating millions of views on your TikTok videos, and more.

In the end, you get back what you put in. No multi-level marketing success story happened because of the phenomenal products or groundbreaking business model. In the end, individual success comes from each affiliate marketer's ability to get out there and convince consumers that the products are worth it.

Go Beyond Our Mary Kay Review and Take Advantage of Our Free Resources

As you can probably tell from this Mary Kay review, working under a company like Mary Kay comes with pros and cons. There's always the possibility that you can strike gold, but the higher-ups at Mary Kay aren't going to be the ones to tell you how.

Signing up with Mary Kay is only the first step in taking control of your financial independence. Knowing how to find your consumer base, market effectively, and bring that consumer base on board is key to maximizing your experience with any MLM. Take advantage of our free web class and learn the #1 High-Ticket Business Model to Launch Online, the low-ticket items that aren't going to build your fortune, and more.

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