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Is Epic Trading Legit? Your Questions Answered

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Online marketing is the new American Dream. You hear the stories every week, if not every day.

“I was stuck at a dead-end job, working my life away with no reward. One day I got fed up with it. I started my own online business catering to a specific niche. Now I'm a multi-millionaire!”

The problem is, many businesses sell you this dream for their profit. The most common way companies do this is through pyramid schemes.

However, not all businesses that offer you the chance to start a home-based business are fraudulent. Epic Trading is an example of a legit company that equips you to succeed in online marketing.

Many people think that because Epic Trading wants its existing members to connect new members to their platform, it must be a pyramid scheme.

While people have a right to be suspicious of scams, especially online, there's more to Epic Trading than you may believe. It can be a valuable tool to help you build an online business from the ground up!

Pyramid Schemes and MLM

Before we can talk about Epic Trading, though, we need to get some definitions clear.

First off, let's figure out exactly what people even mean when they use the term “pyramid scheme.”

Pyramid schemes prey on your work or financial dissatisfactions. They promise you that you can change your life by selling their product.

In reality, all of your income comes from the recruitment of other people into the scheme.

To keep you invested, they will often offer you “growth opportunities” like webinars, conferences, and similar things (all of which they charge you for).

Of course, people often have suspicions about a marketing business whose product they've never seen. So, pyramid schemes often bolster their claims by providing you their product (once again, for a price).

When all of this is considered, even if you make some money by recruiting others, it will never be enough to repay how much you spend on the scheme.

Because so many people have encountered pyramid schemes, they are automatically wary of MLM businesses.

MLM stands for “multi-level marketing.” These businesses sell their product on a person-to-person basis. Often they also compensate you if you recruit others to the MLM company.

“So,” you may ask, “what's the difference?”

The crucial difference between a pyramid scheme and an MLM business is what they pay you for. An MLM company, unlike a pyramid scheme, will pay you for your retail work independently of your recruitment numbers.

Epic Trading: What They Do

Epic Trading falls into the category of MLM business. There are high-end MLM names on their executive board, and they've been operating since 2014. All of this adds some legitimacy to the company.

What do they do, exactly? Essentially, they are a global training company. They offer several educational packages and courses, which are their product, to train members into successful online marketers.

Epic Trading can be deemed an MLM based on who buys their product. If the only people buying the courses are independent business owners (IBOs), who sign up solely to make money by recruiting other IBOs, it's a bad deal.

To complicate matters, Epic Trading does have a compensation program for members who recruit new members, though.

So, you wonder, how does that not make Epic Trading a pyramid scheme?

If that's what you're thinking, then here's a straightforward trick to help you determine whether a business is an MLM or pyramid scheme.

Ask yourself, “Would I buy this product for its quality, even if I don't make money off of it?”

If the answer to that is “yes,” then the product is most likely not from a pyramid scheme.

Remember, pyramid schemes want to keep you invested in their product. They have no interest in actually furthering your interests.

If the product seems to be of good quality, will further your development through clear methods, and doesn't require you to recruit others, it's probably not a pyramid scheme.

By this criteria, Epic Trading comes across as a legitimate MLM business.

The Value of Marketing

Pyramid schemes hold out a dream of owning your own business and working from home, but never make good on it. They always want you to take another step into their scheme.

The dream they're using against you isn't just a fantasy, though. It does happen, and it can happen. Building an Epic Trading business is a great way to start.

First, they let you learn the basics of marketing. Specifically, you need to learn how to use online tools to your advantage as an online marketer. They will teach you how to do that.

Utilizing social media, online metrics, search engine optimization, and other similar materials can be a life-saving technique.

Instead of having to track down your friends and family with a sales pitch, you can reach thousands, maybe even millions, across the globe.

Of course, the online world is frequently changing. New platforms, new trends, and new information are constantly coming in.

Having somebody that can teach you how to spot crucial changes is a tremendous asset to you.

Epic Trading can strengthen your network marketing abilities, helping you to make the sales you need in your business network.

Beyond MLM

Epic Trading can be a great way to start making money from home, and it can be of critical aid when starting your own business.

What if there's an even better way though?

There's a way to set up a business that you'll own with an easy newcomer-friendly structure. We know it works because it worked for us.

It's the model that David Sharpe, CEO of Legendary Marketing, used to leave MLM and find incredible success.

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Epic Trading Review: Why You Need Marketing Skills to Succeed

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Marketing skills are essential in every business, even an epic trading business. Marketing is essential for getting a clear picture of people’s wants and needs in the economy.

The key parts of marketing are research and adaptability. Research lets you know what people want and need, and adaptability is how you adjust your methods to meet people’s needs.

Just like in marketing, those traits are essential for a trading business. Keep reading to learn the marketing skill that leads to success.

Research and Analytics

Market research is the most important part of being a successful trader.  Researching all relevant market trends and determining what they mean is essential for making accurate market predictions.

In marketing, you have to be on top of trends to determine what consumers are looking for. Similarly, with trading, you must have a good idea of what stocks will do based on the current market trends. And you have to do a lot of research to get that information.

Without analytical skills, all that research would be pointless. You have to use analytical skills to spot trends and determine the best way to use them.

A good suggestion when it comes to trading is to think less about the amount of money you’re trading and more about the trading methods that you’re using.

To perfect your analytical skills, focus on what moves you’re making and when. Timing is everything. If you focus too much on the money in your bank account, rather than your approach, you’ll have clouded judgment and you won’t make the best decisions. Leave emotions out of it.

The key is to use research and analytical skills to form a plan of action based on the information you’ve gathered, and stick to it.


Markets and trends are constantly changing, and the greatest marketers try to be ahead of the next trend. If your marketing strategies never adapt to current trends, then you’re doomed for obscurity.

Just like with marketing, the same is true for trading. Experienced traders develop their own tried and true strategies over time. No trader maneuvers the market the same, so it’s important to have your technique to develop an edge in the market.

Be careful not to get too stuck in what has worked for you in the past. While it’s always a good idea to stick to something that’s working, there’s never a guarantee that the method will continue working when market trends inevitability change.

An even better habit to form is to continue your research and analysis of the markets so you’re on top of any new trends. And then, have the adaptability to change your methods when you recognize new patterns.

Just like research won’t get you very far without analytics, analytics won’t get you very far if you’re not willing to adapt your methods to them.

Good Records

When you’re learning any new skill, learning from your mistakes is the fastest way to get better. Like with marketing, you must know what didn’t work in the past to know what won’t work for you now.

Successful traders keep trading journals to analyze why certain days were positive and other days were negative. Within your trading journal, a record which plays you made at which points, how you were feeling when you made that trade, and the result.

Record everything you do in the market, and why you did it. But don’t stop there. After a couple of days have passed, look back on your journal with a clear head. Read back through your journal to determine what you did that didn’t work or did work. Then, use that information to improve your future methods.

Nothing good ever came from repeating the same thing over and over again and hoping it works this time. Learn from your mistakes and adapt.

Patience and Discipline

The markets are constantly up and down. Without those fluctuations, there wouldn’t be much to gain from them. As the market is constantly up and down, you can expect to have ups and downs too.

Every trader knows you have gain days and you have lost days. It takes patience to get past the loss days. Don’t give up if you’ve had a series of down days. Just like you’re not going to have endless gain days, you’re not going to have endless loss days. Stick to it, and better days are ahead.

Sometimes it takes patience to find a good trade to jump in on. A series of days may pass with no significant trades. Don’t rush into trades, just for the sake of trading. That’s almost a sure way to have more losses than gains.

Take advantage of the research and analytics you’ve already done, and wait patiently for the right move.

It takes discipline to hold off when you need to. It also takes discipline to practice good risk management. Don’t risk large amounts of money on a single trade, and don’t put money in trades that have more risk than they’re worth.

As long as recognize that trading isn’t an instant gratification game all the time—and you have the discipline to stick to your plan—you’ll see more good days than bad days.

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