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Alexis Arbiso is a Legendary Marketer client who grew 22,000 TikTok followers to her account in only seven weeks. Alexis began growing her profile on Tik Tok after discovering the affiliate marketing side of Tik Tok. Coming from the MLM industry, it was like a weight off of her shoulders. Alexis felt like she was working all day, every day, and that was becoming tiring. 

Alexis invested her seven dollars into the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, and that became a game changer. She says that it has been the biggest blessing in her life over the last few weeks. She is very grateful for Legendary and the ability to promote whatever she wants. She doesn't feel limited and feels like she can actually connect with her audience. So how did Alexis grow that 22,000 member audience in only seven weeks? Alexis uses four keys to maximize and grow her audience. 

Key 1 –  Posting Great Content To Your Channel To Keep Viewer’s Eyes On You

If you don’t have great content to help build your audience, your channel isn’t going to grow. Stay consistent with the amount of content you are putting out. Don’t just make it content that is good, but make it content that is posted often. When creating content, like Tik Tok videos, it is extremely important to provide valuable content. 

When Alexis creates content on Tik Tok, she also tells her story. One thing that will capture your audience and make them not only feel closer with you, but also resonate with you, is telling your story in your videos. When you tell your story in your content, it grabs the viewers attention and gives them something to look at and see that you’re a person just like them. 

Key 2 – Go Live To Keep That Great Content Flowing and Attract New Viewers

Alexis doesn't just create great content in her Tik Tok videos, but she also does this by going live. When Alexis goes live, she takes the viewers who may not know anything about affiliate marketing or building a sales funnel, and shows them how to do it. She shows her audience the course she is on, what applications or programs she uses, how she creates her emails, and more. 

She shows her viewers examples of what affiliate marketing is. Alexis feels like showing her audience the back end of affiliate marketing makes them feel so much more interested than they would if she just told them to “click the link in her bio” to find out. She really wants her followers to understand her content, and to connect to them. 

Key 3 – Allowing Your Viewers and Customers To Contact You To Strengthen Your Relationship

Another way Alexis connects with her followers is by giving them the ability to contact her when they might not fully understand something. She loves to engage with her customers and be open, honest, and raw with them. Alexis puts a link to her instagram in her bio on Tik Tok and lets her audience know that they are welcome to message her. By doing this, Alexis is strengthening her relationship with her viewers so that she can not only help them, but also build trust with them.

Key 4 – Showing Authenticity To Continue To Grow A Strong Relationship With Your Customers and Viewers

Alexis shows her authenticity when going live and in her videos. She not only tells her story, but she also gives her audience a glimpse into her life. She believes in treating people the way she wants to be treated, and that includes giving people information that she wishes she had in the beginning. 

She shows her viewers the course she is on. She breaks down what she pays for in the courses and training she takes. She wants to give her viewers the ability to see what she’s doing and see that it’s real and that it works. 

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