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Erik Nilsen is a client and blueprint customer who has been with Legendary for a few months now. Straight out of high school, Erik served twelve years in the military. He went on to do sales job after sales job, eventually finding a good one he stuck with in a national grocery chain. He grew tired of working the 9-5 and wanted to take action. His three teenage daughters were on Tik Tok all the time, so he decided to get on Tik Tok too. 


Eventually he found the affiliate marketing side on Tik Tok. Legendary Marketer was a popular topic, and he found himself purchasing The 15 Day Challenge. “The biggest thing to me was I really wanted to invest in myself,” Erik said, “I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just paying $7 (or) that I would pay $7 and then go lay on the couch and forget about it, I wanted to invest that money into myself, into my future, (and) into my kids so I could spend more time with them and have a better life.”


In early December of last year (2020) he sat down, watched all of the training, built his sales funnel, and got his first campaign up and running. Two days later he was making video after video on Tik Tok and began his channel. Through the coaching he’s received at Legendary he  was told what to adjust on his Tik Tok videos. He was given constructive criticism, tips, and pointers and once he changed around some things in his videos, the commissions started to roll in. 


Erik put work into his Tik Tok channel, built it up, and saw the results come out of it. For him, that wasn’t something he had seen before, especially being so new to affiliate marketing. “I joined the program, I learned everything I could, spent an entire month sitting on my couch going ‘yeah I’ll do it tomorrow’, but once I finally did it I’ve seen the results,” Erik said. Since then he has been tracking his progress and adjusting things in his videos that weren’t working. “When something’s not working, take a look at it and adjust it,” Erik said. 

Getting results was one of the most valuable things to Erik when it came to growing in his career and business. “I’m better than just taking orders all day, I want to live a life that I want to live, I don’t want to live somebody else’s life and when I’m working that hard I want to see results,” Erik said. This was especially true for Erik after so many years in the grocery chain on a 9-5. 


Key #1: Keeping Your Content Consistent To Track Your Results 


Erik follows three keys to success that have helped him along his affiliate marketing journey. The first and biggest one being consistency. Erik says you have to be consistent in everything you do. If you are consistent, it is easiest to keep track of your results so that you can figure out what isn’t performing as well, and tweak it and change it. 


Last year, Erik lost 60 pounds in his weight loss journey. He did this by going to the gym, having healthier eating habits, using My Fitness Pal to track his calories, and by continuing to do all of this consistently every day. When he began going to the gym he even got a personal trainer to make sure he was accountable when going because someone was always waiting on him. Erik turned his struggles into strengths and can now share that story of consistency to inspire people. 


Erik posts videos on Tik Tok three to four times a day to stay consistent. He uses the same angle for his videos, the same background, and the same fonts and graphics in each video. This way he can change little things in his videos and see which ones are doing well, rather than changing the entire video and not knowing what people are enjoying or disliking about each one. “It’s like putting a puzzle together, if you can’t find the right piece you don’t throw the puzzle away you just look for a different piece,” Erik said. He says that you have to be aware of what you’re doing to tweak it. Don’t scrap it all, just ask yourself what you can change.


Key #2: Staying Aware of Your Business And What Is or Isn’t Working For You


The next biggest key for success that Erik uses is awareness. Awareness has played a big part in his business growth and his personal growth. In Erik’s weight loss journey, he found that until he was tracking how many calories he was eating and being aware of that, he never knew how many he was eating. Erik says that awareness ties into everything.


He says that it’s important to be aware of as much as you can in your business. The things that aren’t working, what is going on around you, and the things that other people aren’t doing are just a few things to be aware about. “If you’re aware of your business, whatever niche you pick, if you pick health, wealth, (or) relationships you have to be aware of everything that’s going on in that niche,” Erik said. Looking at analytics and keeping track of how well his Tik Tok videos were performing was a huge part of that. “If you’re not aware of what’s going on in your business, you can never be successful,” Erik said. 


Key #3: Patience Is Key For Personal and Business Success


Erik’s third biggest key for success is patience. In every business, patience is a huge part of the success. In order to know what is working and what isn’t, you have to be patient. Growth doesn’t just happen overnight. Erik says that if he had only gone to the gym for two weeks and decided it wasn’t working and quit, he never would have lost weight and would have never gotten where he is today.


In his business, Erik had to wait to see results. His biggest message with patience is to not give up. Take your time, watch training videos, redo it again, and don’t give up. You can't just automatically become successful overnight, it’s something that takes a lot of time, dedication, and patience. I know what I'm capable of and I know with all this training that I have, and all these videos, and all these network facebook groups and everything else that I can do it, I just have to be patient,” Erik said.


Erik takes the time to get on his phone with his customers and have conversations. He wants to create a relationship with his customers and provide value to them. “It’s fun interacting with people and it’s only going to help build that business and that trust,” Erik said. Check in with your clients and ask them how you can help them. The best way to be effective is to create engagement and ask people questions.


Accomplishing A Goal Is Not The End, It’s The Beginning


Erik sets goals for himself, but his goals are not the end. “Once you achieve a goal that isn’t the end, make a new goal, find what you can achieve next,” Erik said. He now plans to get into the Facebook side of affiliate marketing and to grow. His goal by the end of the year is to be financially free online and not have to work his 9-5 job that he is currently still working.


Erik says that it’s okay to take your time transitioning into online marketing. There’s no rush, and it’s okay to only work an hour or two a day to slowly transition into just online work. Erik feels like it’s easier with a full time job because it’s easier to take your time and not feel rushed and it takes you out of a desperate mindset. 


Erik took the training at Legendary Marketer, implemented what he learned, and saw actual results. “I came into it knowing nothing, and I’ll never know everything, but I know way more than I did when I first started this,” Erik said, “There’s not one thing that I’ve watched inside Legendary Marketer that has not provided me value.”


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