Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: I have been looking forward to this show all week. When I found out that we had Megan, Ryan Hobbs, on this Thursday. I said in my best Ric Flair. Woo! It's going to be a good day. Alright, with that being said, What's up people how. Y'all doing?

Megan: we're doing wonderful. Oh man, what a hype man. 

Dave: Yeah, yes, yes, gotta, gotta, gotta channel that in a Rick, you know, When I, when I need it. So look for those who don't know, or weren't around our new YouTube channel. It was my first time ever meeting you. This was what nine months ago? 

Ryan: Over a year and a half, it's been. 

Dave: Yeah, Okay, right, about a year. So over a year and let's call it in the middle of 2020. You're in a different spot in your house. Okay, I remember it like it was yesterday. Ryan was sitting there, reminding me very much of myself, you know, basically saying, honey. Just trust me. We're gonna do this, we're, we're gonna make it happen. And Megan was sitting over there, like, I'm here, and trusting my husband, and I'm not really sure what we're doing exactly, But I know we need to do something. And as Andre Miller, one of our BPaaS in his story. He and Brittany have a similar story to where Brittany was like, what do you do and you can't do this, and Andre said, What do you ever plan, and she said no. And, and. And so they began, as did you and you both were brand new, just getting started, and we talked, and Ryan, you kind of acted as if you were, you're already successful in a sense you had television, and an excitement for what you were doing, and Meg and I can tell that you were excited to learn and go along for the journey. Now we're in here a year later, and you guys have, it's almost been like, what it feels like like longer to me like you guys are like Staples now in this community, your staples on social media platforms you have people who look to you as leaders and mentors, and you have a following, and an audience. And, obviously, I'm telling a snapshot, a little bit of your story, but I just want to ask, first of all, How does that feel?

Megan: Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would have been, where it is now. Never. I mean, we are blessed,

Ryan: Very blessed to be where we're at right now, Dave.

Megan: It’s taken a lot of frickin hard work, but it's been worth every up till 3am answering comments or stressing over this email or that email or taking an hour to edit a freaking TikTok video. It's all blood sweat and tears that we've put into this.

Ryan: So, yeah, as you stated, When we first got started. I remember that first call just as well, because we've just gotten our first commission. And so I think that's where my energy was coming from in that call, even though it was 12 bucks.

Megan: Just because it solidifies like this can work. This can work. And then it was shortly after that we had our first high ticket commission. I was upstairs in the kitchen making cocoa bombs to sell to try and get some extra income. I hit my knees, because I was just like, holy crap and then Matt told me once he said you know you're asking the right questions and it's gonna snowball, and when it starts to snowball. It does, and yeah, he was absolutely, absolutely right. So, it's just getting over those, those hurdles, asking the questions. And having that as Ryan says that I'll be damned. If you really want to make this work, you're gonna make it work. Yeah,

Dave: I can imagine, both of you are proud of each other. I can imagine that Ryan You're proud of your wife. I can also imagine that Megan, you're proud of Ryan, am I right?

Megan: Oh, yeah. 

Dave: Ryan, how does that feel to know where you guys were in probably some of the conversations that you had that we didn't see or hear that all of us married couples have and to and to know that you know you have Megan sitting by your side today, in, in tears, literally, in tears. With excitement and pride. How does that feel brother?

Ryan: Amazing. I remember the day that I lost my job. Last year, and you know that. A few minutes ago you were talking about that, and, you know, yes, I had an idea of what to do. And, you know you've made the comment about Meghan maybe not so much have any idea but actually when I got home after I cleaned out my office today I lost my job and I sat down on the couch and but it took me like 30 minutes to get home in that 30 minutes magnet already found like five or six places for me to put my resume or application and I mean, so as far as the plan goes she was thinking she and I remember telling her, okay that's fine. But I've been seeing this stuff on Tik Tok and online I think I want to start a business online and I can remember her, it's vivid in my head, she just kind of chuckled, and she goes, Yeah but you remember we got bills to pay her, like, I'm like, trust me I get I know what our responsibilities are, but, you know, and that's what started this whole thing. And just knowing that I have her support on this day, you know, and obviously it took some time it took some, you know, kind of explaining showing her some of the things that I had seen. And just talking about it together, and realizing that, alright, if this is really what's, what's best for us and for our family. Let's give it a try and she knew that those last few months, at my nine to five were miserable. And I wasn't happy and as she always tells people you know they liked me but, you know, they loved me but they didn't always like me because I was bringing that that toxic environment home with me as far as the mental and the tiredness and and stuff like that so for her to sit there on the couch and, and say, Okay, let's, let's see what we can do. Let's try this. That meant the world to me. And it has.

Megan: And then, you know. Fast forward seven months, he had actually put in, and we because we still hadn't made, like, really dollar one. Honestly, online, went through the 15 Day Challenge, things like that fast forward, he had actually put in an application at Home Depot, and he knew he was going to get the job as he had to insiders. And for me to sit there and the first time when he lost his job I had already sent him like I said, like he said like five job postings, and then he's like well I have this I have an interview and I just said, Hang on. We're okay for now, in the pit of my stomach, I know this is going to work. There's just something different about this there's something different about the training, the environment, the network, I'm like, I know this can work. And it wasn't, what, three days later, three days later he had a call with our mentor. Now, give him a swift kick in the ass. And it wasn't. Two weeks later, he had 10,000 followers on tape talking we're certain pulling, pulling money and keep

it, keep in mind for the first render I lost my job for about the first five six months we were trying to do drop shipping and ecommerce, and for those that don't know what that business model is, you know, go to Alibaba or AliExpress and get stuff from China and so you're right in the middle of a pandemic anywhere.

Dave: The only thing we got from China was a virus, right?

Ryan: So six months later, here it is, you know we have, we haven't really made a spike. We spent a bunch of money on ADS. And, yeah. And so, you know, I was actually scared to even tell Megan, that I paid $7 and signed up for the 15 day challenge, because I was like, what she's gonna see this as I'm just flailing around trying to find something that's going to work and I've done a 180 we were doing drop shipping now what was that what do we do, you know, I was afraid to you're like No, don't get a job. So, but, like she said, You know, we've had our ups and downs, obviously, as you know we're learning, still as new entrepreneurs that this is a roller coaster ride. And, you know, celebrate your wins when you have them, figure out how to get through your failures when you have those

Dave: As our job right, as I always, I always tell people to choose your adventure. Do you want to be on the adventure, as you know somebody working at a brick and mortar business and ice cream shop or Home Depot or whatever, or do, or do you want to be on the adventure of entrepreneurship. Neither is the right choice. It's about what is the right choice for you. And the beautiful thing is that we get to make that choice and. And when we own that choice and what I'm hearing, it's interesting because I was just leaving a comment on somebody who had made a post in our Blueprints Facebook group about, you know I still believe in LM and I still, you know, there's so many negative comments out here on the internet and so many people doing this strategy and that's, you know, and I said well, first of all, this is a business model that's bigger than LM. As a matter of fact for the last two years we've had, how to become an affiliate of our actual company down at the bottom of the site, a little link that you have to click, and people have found that and become because I think they want, they feel proud to represent those products and they know the sales material converts a business model here, we're teaching also strategies that you can use to sell information of your own or as an affiliate, there's tick tock, there's, there's, there's Twitter. However, the biggest thing that has made a difference in me is not believing in a company, but learning to believe in myself, and when you said Megan, stop. I feel differently about this one, and about what we're doing now. I wonder if there was also a shift in belief in you, and also in Ryan, that you knew that you could do this, because you had seen your work ethic, and you know who you are and who you can be at your best.

Megan: It went back down to, you know, the network of people that we were talking to and that we were seeing and what we're seeing on the white gap and we're like, I like this, this works. This is not some all smoke and mirrors smoke show, This works is a business model, it's not how to be an affiliate for legendary. It's exactly what you said you're teaching a business model. And that was what some of the grams and whatever that we had seen or researched. It wasn't that they were teaching that they were teaching how to do their product. Now we like to say that and that's why we keep bringing people into Legendary because okay well you, you learn this, you climb that first mountain, and then if you make money online is not your passion or fine. Take that out, plug in what you're going to do.

Ryan: Yeah, the strategy strategies in the business model are the same and we actually I'll be I'll say we actually struggled with that a little bit you know we rose to quick success with legendary. We're like, alright, things are going great, and we kind of got caught up and we, at one point time we had to learn to pivot, you know, and figure out okay how do we extract that product, if we're going to continue to promote that product and find other products that we could plug into this business model and this system that you taught, and you know we struggled with that for a little bit but we finally found our ground again with the help of, you know, mentors of ours, we were able to, yeah, we were able to, you know, get in there and make it successful. And we continue to make it successful and what you said as far as when she told me. No. All right, let's just hold off on that whole interview with Home Depot and things that, Again, it gave me a shock of support there. And, you know, determination that all right, she's willing to hang in here with me to do this, that means I need to get my ass in gear and get don't because I knew, I knew at the time what I needed to do and it was to make the videos that was what I struggled with the most when we first started, like, a lot of people. Yeah. And, you know, I like I said we got our own phone from somebody who is now our mentor, and he basically said, Look, this is what you need to do if you really, truly want to make this work. Here's what you need to do. How's golf that call I'm like, alright, I'll be damned. This is what I want to do. She supports me, if this is really what I need to do that I want to do it. Now that the videos were horrible and they suck yeah they were bad, but that everybody started out. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I'm beginning to run ads on TikTok. Now, because it's a great platform to run ads compliance is a little bit different than Facebook because it's a new platform so they're accepting more variations of different content so forth and, you know, I'm changing, I'm taking my hat from market or from CEO, and a business operator to back into marketer, and I swear to God, Ryan yesterday I was, you know, I'm recording tick tock videos man, on TikTok.

Ryan: I love it.

Dave: I've got the phone up, you know, I'm sitting here on the desk and you know I'm coming up with creative ideas in creative ways, you know, as a matter of fact, I'll show you here just super quick. You know, I was sending them over to Matt asking for his feedback, you know what I mean, like, Give me, give me feedback, you know, I'll show you our Slack channel right here. So, you know, here's, here's the folder to put them in so I just start, I don't even put them in the folder I just want them to see them real quick, but I'm just recording them. Right, you know, I'm just doing my thing, right, like, right, you know, um, yeah, I do and then and then I'm like hard to make these short you know me as being back on those, right I like them, I think there may be hair on the adze side, but I think they'll be completely fine let's watch them for a few days and see what we get. I'll keep you posted. The ability to rapidly test these is game changing. I said I won't stop creating just want to get a few going fast. He's like, hell yeah, here's the big kicker: people watch these videos and start with a really kick ass headline here's a side hustle with almost no competition or here's that right. So, yeah, my point is, is that right, Matt and I are. It's never ending. Get back into the game and try new strategies and try new things, and I think people look at me, I like to show those behind the scenes moments that literally just happened yesterday, because that's what it's like. This is the adventure that I chose, and it's a damn adventure every day right but you mentioned doing the videos in there yesterday and I'll be today also doing videos.

Ryan: Yeah, this strategy, the strategies change, I mean you have to kind of roll with the punches and roll with the tide there and figure out exactly, you know what's, what's going on right now, to be in front of everybody and try to be in front of everybody. And so, the strategies are constantly changing. You know, whether it's your video content or your messaging or you know how you're reaching people you know, it's always changing. And I think that's what's kind of fun about it. You know, when I first started making videos like I said, I couldn't string two words together that made sense on a video whenever I put my phone up and hit the record but I just sounded like a bumbling bumbling idiot. And so, what my strength was, was to like take some music and I could sit there and just point at things that would come up, and that's how I got comfortable with doing the videos I did for a couple of months like that. But before I finally got to the point where I would, you know, actually talk on camera, where I felt like it, you know, made sense or looked decent. 

Megan: I still can't be in the basement if he's talking. Yeah, he actually bought, okay, you know, he goes like recording studios if they had the red light on the studio they're recording. Yeah, this guy over here, bought a color changing bowl to put at the top of our basement stairs and when that suckers red I'm like, I'm not doing that. I’m not going down. 

Dave: That is the corniest thing I've heard in a long time. I love that.

MeganL We also have three kids. Yeah, during, you know and you know going forward. During the summer, you have kids you know how hard it is to get work done.

Dave: Listen to what we did, we bought a separate house to work. We can’t work out of our house.

Ryan: My wife but with our kids and you know, we talked about renting office space, yeah. So yeah our basement is this the studio this little corner of our basement here and we turned into our studio and it was it was getting to a point where, you know, our son and Megan would be at the top of the stairs over there and they'd be carrying on a full on conversation while I'm trying to record a video, and I don't always do where I'm recording already audio, so it's not that big video but those times that I am getting up the courage to record audio and I'm already nervous enough as it is and I've got the courage and then I'm like halfway through it and then somebody starts a conversation upstairs, I'm gonna start all over again. So I'm like how can I, I kept, I kept thinking about this and I'm a bit of a tech nerd, myself, so you know we have home automations with lightbulbs and stuff like that. I am so I'm like you know what, I've got these color changing lights right above me I can put one of those on the stairs, I can tell Alexa when I wanted to turn red when I'm recording and that can be their sign that, even though you know our smaller kids, it's a visual for them now. If they start to go down the stairs and they see that red lines. I can go down here.

Megan: For me it’s that technical like if people want to comment I can't see the comments cuz we haven't been right out but if people are like oh that's really good. You have to have that kind of frickin piece of paper and write or something and post it on your damn door that's gonna help you create the videos to get your thing going.

Dave: No, I mean, I don't know if you guys recall during Christmas. Our son was born in 2020 . I stayed home for a month. My wife and I stayed home. I stayed home for a month and she stayed for longer. With him there full time, because we're blessed with a fantastic nanny, as well who, you know, helped out with him at this point. But, um, and I was in the garage, you know, I was in the garage. And I was just a lot, I was the weirdest thing too because I got, you know, a huge spark of inspiration that a lot of awesome work was done over that time period. And I was, I was just in my garage, you know, and I didn't even, even, whatever 10 years into the game. I didn't let being in the garage stop me, you know, I didn't let, I didn't let it be obvious that when I'm on camera I'm in the garage. I didn't let it stop me. I didn't need a cool background, you know like, and this isn't even a cool background now I mean it's just a, just a wood wall it's it's I got a light socket there and a broken light in the back here actually

Ryan: Peel and stick flooring and glue on the wall is like 50 bucks.

Dave: Yeah, I love that you guys are finding space in your home in doing a real, you know, let's make it work. It's just so I think what the comments are saying is my people love these two, I mean, you guys have really gone from, you know, where everybody is in starts in just over a year to now becoming sort of like internet famous in a sense, in our, in the community, right, and so many people know who you are both in our community but also out there. How, how does that feel and how do you how do you manage that, you know it's not different in it, it's got to be, you know, maybe there's some pressure there or like how do you how do you feel about that, do you yesterday we were talking with a guy from Switzerland, who, you know, doesn't have the sort of personal brand that you guys have he focuses more on YouTube and kind of doing review and tutorial videos. And you guys definitely have more of a personal brand where people know who you are. Give us that angle and talk to us a little bit about what it's like to have that sort of a business.

Ryan: Real quick before we do that, actually, it's very ironic that Simon was on yesterday because Simon is actually the one that got me to purchase the 15 day challenge that was his review that actually got ready to sign on with Legendary.

Megan: How cool? 

Dave: To get those reviews right that's, I think that's one of the things that it's important to remember is that you know when somebody for example buys the blueprints or just listens to the show every day we try to meet people no matter where you're at financially here, we you can learn, you can grow here. If you want to. But it's not just tick tock, it's YouTube, and it's Twitter, and there's all these different strategies that we can use and approaches that we can use. Simon's happens to be less about personal brand and more just about the content. You were looking for that information, you googled it or YouTube did his video pop up, you felt you felt confident or informed enough from his video to click his affiliate link, you bought. He got paid. You guys have focused more on Tik Tok and in sort of building more of a personal brand, again and Ryan recommends. So, yeah I'm just interested to hear that perspective and what that's kind of been like running that kind of a business.

Megan: It’s funny, so he does a lot of the content, and if he has to take a break or something like that and I'm starting to content, the messages or the comments on those videos where like, where's Ryan? Is Ryan okay? What's happening? Like, thanks guys. But it is, we are Megan and Ryan so if one of us has a simple way or something. People know we've branded ourselves so that people can put a face to the name. We were trying to build something that people can trust. And now we're now hiring people to help us in that and we're very selective of who we're bringing in because they are the face of us. It's humbling, but it's scary as hell, because for somebody to trust us to help them get to their goals. It's, it's, it's a heavy burden to lift sometimes, it's like, are we doing enough for these people, are we giving them enough value. Are we doing this right?

Ryan: But I think also, you know, it still hasn't as much as we are out there and as much as you know, we've made a brand or a name for ourselves. It's still. I don't think it's really hit home. As far as the reach that it's, that it's gotten we ever have to lead up to us in public that's when it'll hit. Yeah, it was still at a point where we're trickling where people that we do know, will come up and say, Hey, I saw you guys doing such and such on Facebook, Or I saw you doing such and such on Tik Tok or, you know, things like that so I don't think it's really like hit us or sunk in that there's, there's much of a reach but like what Megan was saying though. We have people that reach out to us and obviously we help them. We help them with their goals and their struggles and figure out you know what we can do to help them. You know, we've helped people that got started in this journey, and have been able to walk away from their nine to five, to reach their goals and things like that and so at first, when we do you know start helping someone it's like, like Megan says it's almost, it feels like it's a heavy weight on our shoulders, just to realize, can we actually help this person do what they need to do but then we look back at what we've done. And that's really all we do Dave is we tell them our story we tell them how we started, what did we use, how did we do this, how did we do that, how do we get past that failure, and things like that it's all personal experiences, and it's, again, it's been an amazing ride, and we're building confidence every day with the people that are helping and the testimonies that we get from the people that we have helped people that we help walk away from their nine to five, or, I mean we've got some, some pretty interesting stories of people that reached out to us that we had no idea when they first reached out what their story was, I mean, we're learning now months later after they're finally starting to see success with affiliate marketing we're learning now that you know, they had just lost their house, their family was living in a car, you know, they were down to their last dollar, that's when they reached out to us. We didn't know that. We didn't know that at the time when they, when they reached out. No, we start working with and we get to where they need to be and then you know four months later after they're making, you know, two or $3,000 online, Then they open up and they're like yeah man if it hadn't been for you this is where we were at and so we have a list of people that have given us those types of stories and it just warms our heart to know that what we're doing is really helping people.

Dave: How do you feel?

Megan: When you Oh crier can't help it. They go softer, I mean, I believe that, but um, so when I hear things like that. I'm like, and then it goes back to, you know what we were kind of talking about at the beginning, these people's mental health was just gone to crap, and then they saw a tick tock of ours decide to follow decide to reach out and it's like, wow, we've had an impact on somebody's life. And again, we didn't know that at the time and a lot of the young people who are watching you might be making videos or pinning pins or tweeting or whatever it is, keep doing it, because you may not think you have an audience but you've got an audience, and what you're doing very well may, may help somebody.

Ryan: So it's just one thing that we've tried to do Dave. I was very impressed with you in the very beginning, when, when we purchased our Blueprints. It wasn't just a few minutes after that, I got a video recording, personally from you. And so, we always thought that that was absolutely amazing. And so the people that reach out. That same personal touch, reach out to them, you know, no matter if we've got, you know, 2000 comments on a video, we try to hit every 2000 comments and reach out to those people. Anybody that sends us a message, we message them back, and that is, you know, again by being able to do that and help those people whatever stories they may have wherever they're at in their life, trying to you know put that personal touch to help them most people and then again like I said, hearing those stories along the road, it just, it, it lends it lends validity to the entire process of what we're doing. Yeah we originally started this, so that we could, you know, make an income with it, but now it's become a true passion of ours, I believe, to help people. 

Megan: Well, It became income for us when we put the income aside and focus on providing value to people on the money thing I have to make this I have to make this put them aside. And I don't care if it's health, wealth, training, woodworking, it doesn't matter what you're promoting, provide value to people, make that your focus.

Ryan: Rand that was a hard thing for us to to do really, honestly, when we first started, you know, we were looking at the dollars of things, and we weren't doing that great and finally Meg and I we were sitting down at dinner one night, Everybody keeps telling us, if you put the money aside and just provide value and start helping people, the money will follow. And I'm like, that's just a bunch of baloney it can't work that way this is a business, you gotta have money to run a business that's what we do this for but we decided that night, that anybody that reached out to us, we would honestly just answer their questions start answering any question that somebody asked us, and start helping people and how we damn, I mean it that it's like everybody goes, you put the money as people provide value and money will follow. I don't understand why it works or how it works but I know it works. I'm a true believer in it now.

Dave: Yeah. Well, Tony Robbins says the secret to living is giving, I don't know if that's his quote or he just repeats it. The secret to succeeding is giving to the delivering value, that's, and I say it's the secret, because even though it's hidden in plain sight, even though everybody's always saying it to us. It's one of those simple things that takes for some of us a long time for it to really sink in, or a long time for us to truly believe it or like faith, a long time for us to truly trust it. And especially when we feel like the walls are caving in around us, like the bills don't stop coming. Well, how it's almost like an, like an oxymoron right like it doesn't make sense, it's like, well, how can I not worry about the money. If I have bills to pay. Okay let's get practical here, you know, And it's like, well, it's, it's not particularly that you don't worry about the money. You have to have a plan, over here, maybe you have to sell something, maybe you have to have a garage sale, maybe you have to take a loan from your mom like I did when I first got started. Maybe you have to sell your truck like I first did when I first got started $4,000 Maybe you have to. For me I was done with construction sell some tools. Maybe I have to not go out to dinner as much, maybe I have to look at where I can save money, maybe you have to cut coupons, you know, maybe I have to become a real budget conscious person, if any, to really learn what it means to live below my means. So I can not make not be desperate. And that's that desperate energy that I'm about to quit energy that I don't really believe in what I'm doing and believe in myself but I hope we won't believe it breaks, like a pile of I want everybody just to stick, like a pile of big juicy dog shit that I want you to buy this and believe in this, but I don't. And I want you to believe in me, but I don't believe in you. It doesn't matter if you have the greatest product in the world that reeks, and it's not a bad thing, you're not. You're not a pile of dog shit in it, people can smell that vibe from a mile away. So we have to shift away from looking at people as dollar signs, and instead, figure out how I can have more personal connections. Somebody in the comments said that right, that's I struggle with personal connection. I'm shifting that today. Thank you, Meghan and Ryan, because I only have two people that have ever reached out to me but you know what, I didn't reach back out to them. And what I think is that if only one person delivers to them. Like, it's 1000 people, if you only have one person on your webinar is to have zero by my wife to know that because Ryan I know how to I know that job of selling my wife on something. And, when I deliver that son of a gun webinar, zero or two next week when there was one who showed up, I'll go for a full hour for one person.

Megan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we tell people that all the time we're like, terrified to go live on TikTok, I'm like, I never have any viewers like first of all, you might actually have viewers, they're just not in there, if they're not in your life, you're not going to see him on there, so they may be there, talk as if you're talking to 2050 100 people quit worrying about them views. Because even if you reach one person, and that one person buys. Okay, that's still one person. People depend too much on frickin algorithms and shit like that. Stop. Just do you. What's the value out there. 

Ryan: Same thing with views on videos people get so caught up, while this is the only had so many views. This video had only so many views, just do you. Be consistent, trust the process, and just keep going. Yeah, I mean that's, that's the best advice we can give anybody because many people get tied up with those views of their videos and you know they may put a lot of work and effort into a video and then they post and it doesn't get that many views just go on to the next video, or even make the next video.

Megan: Or they're like you were talking about, they give off that vibe of imposter syndrome. Oh fine if you don't want to go on a video saying well I may, you know, want to learn how to make $2,000 a week, and you haven't? Then don’t don't you just say something like, did you know it's possible to?

Dave: You know, we believe, my mentor, whatever, there's so many different players. We lack creativity, and we don't put in the work to practice for me, when I've got a low, you know, viewed or demand, sometimes I'll go harder and I'll be more like dramatic and more sort of passionate to know viewers, because I get to really try new things out, right, it's almost like I look at that as practice, if I've got nobody on alive. Well nobody's seen what I'm doing right now so let me rehearse, because I am live, so I am going to go. And let me rehearse, let me practice that's me out in the batting cages, taking swings, you know, that's my dad and I think back to when I was I was I was little and I get my dad, and my stepdad, a lot of credit for working with me and my mom, who I just saw her coming she's on hi mom would be at the baseball field too. And what am I doing? I'm out there taking practice, no audience, no game, nobody's watching. My dad's taking pitches, and I'm just, I'm going as hard as I can, like it's the bottom of the ninth, two out, and I got, I get all the pressure on me. And you know what, how I became good is all that practice, you know, if you're I was 10, 11, 12 years old. I was a smoking pitcher. That was what we practiced. 

Megan: How many swings, do you think you took for you, you hit that, hit that sweet spot. How many times did you take the house? 

Dave: A thousand.

Megan: Right? That's what we tell people, I've made five videos, I just don't get it. We can go like it's gonna take at least 100-200 videos before you feel comfortable, that's okay. We don't compare yourself to somebody that's been doing this for 10 freaking years or comparing this to somebody that's been doing it a year and you're just on day three of making videos,

Dave: You’re going into the challenge and you’re out here  trying to do some shit, and it's not working and you're like, that doesn't work, it's like, congratulations for swinging but bro you just picked up the club.

Ryan: Exactly, exactly. We tell people all the time that they are starting out, and there's a lot of people out there, they're just like I was when I first started nervous to get behind a camera, So look at your backyard. Go do 20 videos right now, one right after another. The 20th one is going to be better than the first one. The more of these, you know, you don't necessarily have to post them, but just get comfortable being behind that camera and doing what you need to do. Just be consistent and show up every day to do those things. I mean, you'll get better with anything, the more you put into it, you're going to get better at it. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, for sure, and I really do believe that, like, that acting as if that is what I remember, sensing relating to you, Ryan, I was like, This guy, this, he gets the acting as if because a year ago when you were. Bill broke, busted disgusted, sitting around, didn't know what you were going to do at the next job at Home Depot, Meghan sat next to you going, I don't know if this is gonna work out. Who the hell's his name guy okay he's all right but, you know, we've seen a difference but I don't really know. Ryan, you're up there like you talking like a million. I mean, I'm like, This guy, he gets it right, he understands that you've got to act as if you're already successful. Even if inside, you're feeling nervous or afraid or insecure or uncomfortable in your skin. And so I just want to hit on that one more time. But one of the most important things. If you're going live or doing a video, is every video you're making is from a hacked stadium of 50,000 people, 1000 people, every video, and I mean, right now, we're performing in doing this with everything that we have in we would do the same if there was one, or if there was 160 202,000 2 million because it's not about them, it's about us, and how the standard that we hold ourselves to, and the main way that we have that, you know what, somebody may see the replay of this. This is also an opportunity for me to be able to get better, to tweak and perfect my story, and also to remember, I believe, and you guys tell me what your experience with this is, every time right here I tell my story. I remind myself of the things that I've overcome, and that makes me feel inspired and proud of myself. And I gain confidence from that.

Ryan: Definitely, yes. Oh yeah, every day, every stinking day, every time. Yeah, I mean, you know, we put out videos, everybody's gonna have videos that you know, may not do well, or you may put a post out that doesn't do well or something like that, and you have times where you start to maybe doubt yourself, but then like you just said, you start to think about, over all the accomplishments that you have been successful with over the, you know, over the last year, all the different things that we've done to be successful, you start to think about those and you just shrug it off. Alright, moving on to the next one, because that's what we do, that's what we have to do.

Megan:  First of all, here, those creators on TikTok, that you see are like viral video after a while video millions millions millions II know that they post videos that flop, they just private um so you can't say hello, because they don't want their audience seeing something that flopped. Now I'm not saying that, that people need to do that here. Because that, whatever. But, yeah, don't do that. You ain't that big yet, don't worry about it. It's even when we do get to a million viewers, or a million followers, or whatever.

Dave: Do that, because that's what you did yesterday anyways, traveling the world we live in today. 

Megan: That doesn't matter. So that's why I say quit comparing yourself to somebody like you. Do you know where you are, know where you came from and know where you want to go? You can't. You have to do you

Dave: It’s crazy nobody nobody remembers what you did yesterday, you know, I mean we get so caught up on every word that we say and everything we do is proof in the State of the Union address and we got the eyes of a world on us and we can't, you know, and then we forget that our, our, our authenticity and our being real. In today's internet world is actually what makes us more believable it's one of the reasons why I don't get fancy with my stuff and while I'm still on my computer webcam, I don't even have even have a special camera setup and I'm surprised I got this microphone I know it makes me look fancy but it's, I don't know even how it's working, I just plugged some stuff in, and it's, I swear to God, there is no, it's I've got this, this equalizer right here. You know, it's just, it's a card I just got from my mom because I bought her a car. Hi mom, I got your card. Thank you. Lines are right here it's and I don't know what I mean there's there's buttons on this thing, I could not tell you I have, there's one plug in, and there's one plug out in the back.

Ryan: Your IT person probably right now is going to pay for that now but then add your, you know, your, your own pet something camp right

Dave: Ryan I don't have an IT person, I am the judge, jury and executioner, and you don't always have to Hello, Matt He said there's the IT person. Yeah, yesterday as match, walking me through in giving me tips on, on, on making tic tock videos for ads, you know, I go, oh yeah okay I think for a few of these, I'm going to get like a, like one of those wide lens fish fisheye things I can put on my phone because I can get a, because I think that looks cool and then I'm going to get one of those selfie sticks, because I, and both Matt my wife was sitting over there tuition that Matt goes, Dave, you don't need to do that. You don't need it because I always have a tendency in limiters. I got 10s of 1000s of dollars worth of video equipment and in a room over there, that over the years, I would always be like, oh I gotta get something, I gotta upgrade audio equipment and I got to get a better camera for this and I got to get better. This and that drone and, you know, all this fancy shit that Cirrus. It's like a car that's got, you know 50 miles on it this stuff, sit. I don't know how to use it. It's never gotten used, and the thing that works is just going live or doing the video on the camera that's already inside the computer. And I don't have to be go to college, or take some courses on or be some AV expert from learn how to or the lighting, I just, I don't even know what that light is, I obviously need another ball, I default versus the other day, I'm thinking, he wasn't here that, but this thing. I mean, in 10 years I haven't figured out the lighting Woody, I just put a light back there, looks good from Thomas' parents just have a light back there, but it's just, it's just, I don't need a fisheye. I don't need a selfie stick. I don't need it, my wife too was like no more, not a single nother thing from Amazon.

Megan: If you get a selfie stick, I will make fun of you for a while. I'm with Erin on that. But Ryan: You're exactly right. I mean, that we even. Yeah, we've spent some time putting some stuff together here in the studio. Yeah, that's who I am, but what I've learned.

Megan: He does the concerts and the shows and things like that they're in the stadiums, that's who he is.

Ryan: But what I've figured out is the more that I do here in my quote unquote studio. I get better results with things that I do on the fly, whether it's driving in the van and just hit the record button or walking through the backyard and hitting the record button, you're exactly right, people I think see that made up stuff like, you know this studio here, you know, they see that, but they prefer. The average everyday Joe that just picks up the camera and hits the record button. Why, because that relates to them. Yeah, and then that shows that they can do this.

Dave: I mean if I want to watch a highly produced series, or something like I'll turn on Netflix, but but but you know what I rather do, which is always annoying for me whenever I try to sit down and start watching something, maybe it's phone addiction I don't know but I get that damn phone in my hand, and then I grew up, I'd rather watch videos from regular people, you know what I mean like just I tend to kind of gravitate towards that I don't spend a whole lot of time watching TV. Maybe I don't know. I mean, my wife and I watch a show here or there together. But, you know, just that content of good, solid people that I, I either think are funny or knowledgeable or I can learn something from them is, I don't care what within that still, still takes time for me to learn that I still have to remind myself that I think it's a way for me with some of this video equipment and stuff, I don't know about you, out there what why you do it, but maybe it's a way for me to overcompensate to think that what I have to say is not good enough or is, you know, I mean like, I have to look, I have to look more professional or I have to be more professional than I am because I'm like the most unprofessional dude ever in terms of like, just, I mean right now. It's, it's, it's, with, with, this is me every day, and, you know, this is who I am to I want to be. I've never, ever changed. And, and so I don't know maybe it's a way for me to think that I got to learn about whatever. But, yeah, it's, it's been a, that's why I really, I say that self esteem is the bedrock of success it's not the only thing that matters Strategy Matters business model matters but the more we do get the more we get comfortable with our own message and our own voice, and we practice practice practice we build that self esteem and that confidence and that becomes the foundation and we know that we're good enough that we have, what we say is valuable mean something, and then our personality and the way that we look, and who we are, exactly as we are, is also good enough. You guys have been on that journey. 

Ryan: We're the same way as far as when it comes to watching TV, we don't, there's not really a whole lot of TV that we watch we're on our phones quite a bit, looking at things that I mean, for one thing. We've got a seven year old that she's just figured out the world of Survivor on CBS. She's all about this and we watch that you think about it, that is, that is, you know, that is real life people and you know so it's kind of similar to the same thing we're watching on our phones and stuff so but yeah it's the same way we spend time on our phones, looking for inspiration and following other people and getting knowledge from people that know like Megan said, when you start this out, find somebody that has the lifestyle that has the lifestyle that has the mentality that you want and go emulate them, you know, try to follow them and do that and so we do a lot of that, do you, right, find somebody to model yourself after.

Dave: So, you guys are fantastic models for us for this community, and we're going to try to show as many people this video as we possibly can. If you guys want to see a cool transformation, search back our YouTube Channel or Facebook page and find that first interview with Meghan and Ryan, so proud of you and happy for you too. And I know that your journey is just getting started.

Megan: And now you guys have us on TikTok down there, we're also Instagram. Follow us on Instagram to keep up the great work you do too, and give us a part three here.

Dave: Let's make it sooner than a year if you guys are not signed up for the mastermind you can meet. Megan and Ryan in person at one of the futures of, we're going to have as many masterminds as we can because just your story and your vibe, and your transformation is just so incredible. And, yeah, the future, this is just such a small, your success and where you're at and I know it's just a sprinkle just drop in the bucket for what the future holds for you too, so get excited, I know you are but really get excited because life gets better, freedom becomes more free, and you begin experiencing and doing things and be able to afford things and live a lifestyle that you never knew was even possible. That's been my experience so just a look into the future for you my Dave Sharpe crystal ball.

Ryan: All right, thanks a lot, they would appreciate it.

Dave: Alright guys, take care, see ya. Well there you have it, and then, if you're listening to this, for some reason, on our podcast which everybody remembers we take these, these shows, we leave them on Facebook. We also put them on our Legendary marketer, YouTube channel. We put them on our blog, we actually put the transcription on our blog. If you want to read, and you can search wake up legendary and find the podcast audio version if you're listening, there TikTok, and Instagram is Megan.Ryan_recommend they are fantastic, incredible people. You heard it from the horse's mouth, though yourself. Get out of here one more day left in the week, and I believe that's going to be our last Friday of this month, okay. Actually, tomorrow is going to be the first of October so let’s make it great, get out of here. Have a fantastic day. We'll talk to you later.