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Did you know that one out of every 13 Americans participates in an MLM company at some point in their life?

Of course, not all MLM companies are equal. While you may have heard some positive stories about people working for them, there are plenty of negative stories out there, too.

Have you heard about Nature's Sunshine and think it may be a great opportunity? Are you interested in working for the MLM company Nature's Sunshine, but aren't sure if you'll be successful doing so?

Keep reading below for our full Nature's Sunshine review.

What Is Nature's Sunshine?

Nature's Sunshine is a multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of dietary supplements. These include vitamins, minerals, personal products, and herbs.

Based in Lehi, UT, the company was founded in 1972. It had a mission to put natural herbs into capsules to take advantage of their healing powers. By doing so, they were able to make it easier for anyone that wanted to use herbs and take them as if they were taking regular medicine.

They boast about having effective products for many different categories, including:

  • Stress
  • Weight management
  • Poor immune system
  • Aches or pains
  • Women's health or men's health
  • Children's health
  • Detox and cleansing
  • Prenatal
  • Memory and brain function

The company claims that these products are all 100% natural and will boost different systems in the body. It's important to note that these products are not FDA approved.

On the outside, this company doesn't even look like an MLM. However, it has been around for a long time, and as a result, is considered one of the “original” MLM companies out there.

How Does Working With Nature's Sunshine Work?

To get started with Nature's Sunshine, you'll have to purchase a Welcome Kit on their website for $40. This is how you activate your consultant membership and start receiving shipments that you can then sell on your own.

Something of note about Nature's Sunshine is that they encourage you to sell their products in retails stores.

Of course, if you don't have a retail store to sell them in, this won't apply to you. However, most MLMs won't allow you to do this, so it's good to know that Nature's Sunshine will support this approach if you already have a store.

Otherwise, you will be selling this product to people you know, people online, or wherever else you may be able to find them.

Some of the incentives of signing up that Nature's Sunshine advertises on their website include:

  • Discounts on future purchases
  • Discount code to share with friends
  • Fast pay to your account
  • Training and education about herbal benefits
  • Access to Nature's Sunshine support specialists

While all of these things sound great on paper, actually making sales is the only way that you'll be able to make this business idea work. If you're not a natural salesperson or if you don't have the right network, it can be difficult to sell these products, even with all of the incentives available.

How Much Money Can You Make With an MLM Company?

Through Nature's Sunshine, consultants will earn commissions when they refer new customers to the company or when they add more people to their team that also purchase the products. You can only get commissions if you meet a certain rank requirement.

There are five levels of consultants, and each level will earn a different percentage of commission from sales. Reward payments are calculated based on:

  • What was the product you sold worth?
  • Are you eligible based on ranking and affiliate team members?
  • How many levels are between the upline consultant and yourself?

The big appeal of Nature's Sunshine, however, is that you get to purchase all of their products at a discount. Then you are encouraged to sell them at retail price.

In addition to that, as you make more sales, you will be able to increase your consultant ranking and be eligible for a bigger commission.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how much a person will make for any MLM company because it does come down to the numbers. If you don't make the sales, you won't make the money — it's as simple as that.

How Can You Be Successful With Nature's Sunshine?

For any online business to be a success, you have to have the right marketing skills.

MLMs don't tell you this, but you are going to really struggle to make money in their programs if you don't already have some of the basic business skills that you need. Even if you're reaching out to every single person you know, you're still only reaching the people that you know!

There is a much wider audience that you need to connect with to really make some money. That's where Legendary Marketer can help. We will give you the tools that you need so that your experience in an MLM, or any other business, is always a triumph.

Taking the time to invest in yourself will pay off in the long run because you can make more sales (and make more money).

Legendary Marketer Can Help

Even if you're working for the best MLM company, you have to have the right skills to be successful.

Luckily, finding information about marketing and learning the skills you need is as easy as going online.

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