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WorldVentures MLM Review: Can I Actually Get Paid to Go on Vacation?

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Do you dream of being a professional traveler? Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is in huge demand — already in 2021, there have been over one million TSA checkpoints. This still makes travel a very profitable and buzzing industry.

Does getting paid to vacation sound like it’s too good to be true? While you can achieve your travel career goals with affiliate marketing, many travel MLM companies are quick to promise amazing vacations with hefty pay.

The WorldVentures MLM is a great example. Their social media marketing campaign with the “You Should Be Here” signs is an easy way to draw in representatives. But should you trust this company? Here’s our review.

Who Is WorldVentures Actually Targeting?

Most MLMs target the same audience: disgruntled employees who want to be their own bosses, stay-at-home moms, and others who need extra income.

Instead, WorldVentures is targeting a new age of nomads — those who dream of travel but can’t afford it. They promise an opportunity to make money while they travel.

Things You Should Know About WorldVentures Before Joining

One of the reasons many people join WorldVentures is they promise many great perks. But are these trustworthy? Here are the benefits they advertise and the harsh reality.

Not a Great Volunteering Opportunity

Did you know that 81% of international travelers actually volunteer? Voluntourism is boosting in popularity. You get to see the world and give back to a community in need.

WorldVentures promises this, too. They even have the WorldVentures Foundation that focuses on giving back to communities in need. However, their website is no longer working, so it’s unclear whether or not they’re still pursuing this organization.

Keep in mind, voluntourism may do more harm than good.

First, voluntourism companies like WorldVentures don’t onboard volunteers based on skill, they onboard based on whoever is willing to do the work. Communities may need individuals with specific skills and resources. Even worse, volunteers may take up jobs that locals can do. This is even worse if locals have the required skills for the job.

Most of these trips are also short-term and there’s no commitment to the job, which means its volunteers won’t make a lasting impact.

Last but not least, this often leads to the “white savior complex,” which is the belief that countries in need will only receive help from first-world countries instead of using their own means to build their community.

While this isn’t always the case, it’s best to lead first-world country volunteerism to those with the required skills and necessary resources that the local communities can’t receive themselves.

Declining Growth

Do a quick Google search on a term such as “WorldVentures growth” and you’ll find an array of articles, claiming WorldVentures is a leading travel company, that they have hundreds of thousands of representatives, and operate in multiple countries. While many of these claims are true, there's also a dark side hidden behind the “You Should Be Here” signs.

For example, they voluntarily filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy at the end of 2020. According to this article, the company took a massive hit due to travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not-So-Luxurious Travel Packages

Another one of the reasons why WorldVentures attracted an audience is the luxurious travel packages they offer. From sunny destinations like Mexico to five-star resorts around the world, WorldVentures representatives became the envy of their friends and family.

Like all things in life, nothing comes free — including these amazing vacations. In order to join, you have to purchase their membership. To earn those luxury trips, you sell their travel packages and earn points. You can use those points toward your travel. We'll cover more of this in the next section.

Seem easy? Well, you have to do a lot of hustling to travel. That means selling the membership to your family, friends, and others.

Most people will benefit from just purchasing their own luxury vacation without the extra work.

More Expensive Than You Think

So, what is the WorldVentures cost? This depends on the package you purchase. The basic package is $200 while the luxurious package is $1,000. Not only that, but there’s a monthly membership fee that ranges from $20-$100.

In addition to these fees, there’s an additional $30 monthly fee that covers website maintenance, training programs, marketing tools, and more.

You can get your monthly fee waived if you elevate your status. However, you won’t start earning commission until you hit Senior Representative Status, which you can’t achieve unless you have 30 representatives below you.

It’s very unlikely representatives can make a WorldVentures profit. In fact, 85% of WorldVentures representatives earn no profit or operate at a loss.

In addition, there are other cheaper alternatives, such as travel agencies and comparison websites for flights, hotels, and more.

FAQs About WorldVentures

After reading the previous sections, you may be thinking twice about signing up for WorldVentures. But prospects tend to have these questions. Read through these FAQs before making your decision.

Why Is WorldVentures So Popular?

Even during a global pandemic, 70% of consumers want to take a vacation this year. People want to travel — and not just travel locally, but travel internationally.

WorldVentures promises an opportunity to get paid to travel. However, you’re likely spending money on a membership that can be used toward your travels.

What Does WorldVentures Sell?

They sell discount vacation and travel services. To be a representative, you’ll also have to pay fees that include a website, training, and marketing materials.

WorldVentures Scam?

Even though WorldVentures is a legitimate company, many of its offerings are eerily similar to a pyramid scheme. This means there’s not much of a chance to make money from this company, based on the fees and the requirement to onboard other representatives.

Has WorldVentures Experienced Legal Issues?

A trend with MLM companies is the myriad of legal issues they face. WorldVentures has been in its fair share of trouble. By far the biggest legal obstacle they had was being banned in Norway due to operating as a pyramid scheme.

Affiliate Marketing Is a Better Alternative to the WorldVentures MLM

After reading our WorldVentures review, do you want a better opportunity to make money while traveling? Don’t trust the WorldVentures MLM. Instead, look into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simple to learn and comes with little overhead.

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