Nu Skin MLM review

Nu Skin MLM: An Insider’s Review

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Do you have a passion for skincare? Have you considered joining the Nu Skin MLM opportunity? It may be a good option for you, but don't jump on board so fast.

Making money with it can be difficult, if not impossible. And if you do make money, don't plan on quitting your day job.

Keep reading to learn more about making money with Nu Skin.

What Is Nu Skin?

Nu Skin is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells skincare products, and you can make money by selling those products. However, like other MLMs, Nu Skin also lets you make money by recruiting people who then sell the products.

When you join, you will become a Brand Affiliate, which makes it sound like your average affiliate program. But Nu Skin isn't like online affiliate programs because it can take more work to sell and make commissions.

Cost to Join

One thing that sets the MLM Nu Skin apart from other MLMs is that you don't have to pay anything to join. You can sign up to be a Brand Affiliate, and you can start marketing the products without any tools.

However, Nu Skin also sells introductory packages you can use to learn more about the company. You can also test the products before you sell them. But the Nu Skin products and packages are pretty expensive.

Each introductory package costs about 438 GBP, which is 610 to 611 USD, depending on the package you choose. If you're on a budget, you may want to hold off on ordering products.

How to Earn

After you join Nu Skin, you can earn money in a couple of ways. First, you can sell the products and earn money through retail profits. In that way, Nu Skin seems like a more traditional affiliate program.

But you can also recruit other people to sell the products. When you and your recruits sell, you can make money. Having a team can also help you reach group volume requirements so that you can actually get the money you earn.

If you don't make your personal volume or group volume, you won't make money. And even if you do reach those goals, you may not make a ton of money.

Can You Make Money?

Unfortunately, you probably won't make much money from the Nu Skin MLM opportunity. Most affiliates don't make any commission at all. Of those who do make money, the majority don't make nearly enough to live on.

In 2019, only 33.93% of Brand Affiliates were active. Of that group, roughly 17.86% made money each month. Out of the total active affiliates, 11.92% made an average of $33 per month.

Less than half a percent of active Brand Affiliates earned an average of $2,657 a month. But keep in mind, some people earned way less than that. And all of these numbers don't include expenses on products, marketing, or time spent selling.

Nu Skin MLM Pros

Before you decide if the MLM Nu Skin is worth it or not, consider some of the advantages. There aren't a ton of benefits of working for Nu Skin, but you may still want to join.

Here are a couple of benefits you can enjoy when selling Nu Skin products.

Free to Join

Most MLMs charge something for you to join. Some of them charge thousands of dollars before you can start selling, while others charge closer to $100.

While you can pay for an introductory kit, you don't have to pay Nu Skin anything. However, you should try the products before you market them to others. That way, you can make sure you like them, and you can give an honest review as an affiliate marketer.

Wide Array of Products

Another benefit of Nu Skin is that you can sell a lot of products. While the products all relate to skincare, you can focus on selling the ones that you like or that would best suit your audience.

That can help you increase your sales, and you can make sure your followers like the products. You also don't have to familiarize yourself with each product Nu Skin offers, but you can if you want to increase your chance of selling something.

Nu Skin MLM Cons

Despite the benefits, there are quite a few cons to selling Nu Skin products. Before you sign up for free, consider what it might cost you after the fact.

Here are a few reasons you should steer clear of the Nu Skin MLM.

Expensive Products

If you compare the price of Nu Skin products to those from competitors, you may find Nu Skin costs more. And it's not a luxury skincare brand, so the prices can be a little much for what you get.

Because of the prices, you may have a hard time getting people to buy from you. Then, you may not be able to make enough sales to get a commission each month.

Hard to Make Money

Aside from the expensive products, it can be hard to make money with Nu Skin. After all, the majority of sellers didn't make any commissions in 2019, even if they were active.

And Nu Skin commissions aren't nearly as much as some other MLMs. Not even one percent of active sellers made close to a living wage in 2019. Keep in mind that most sellers weren't active, and the numbers also don't account for expenses.

Emphasis on Recruiting

If you want to make any money with Nu Skin, you have no choice but to recruit other sellers. Then, you can make commissions off of what they sell.

But even still, you have to rely on those recruits to sell, or you need a lot of recruits. And you still may not make much money.

Should You Sell for Nu Skin?

The Nu Skin MLM opportunity sounds enticing. You can join for free, and you can sell as many products as you want. But it's still an MLM, and it can be almost impossible to make any money despite having to work a lot.

If you like skincare, you may want to try it as a customer, and you can make a few sales here and there. However, it's not a good option if you want to earn a lot of money.

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