LipSense Review: Can You Make Money From Lipgloss?

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Do you want to make money online and have control over your income? Have you always liked lipgloss and other beauty products? You should do a Lipsense review to see if you can sell the product and earn a living.

If you want to become a Lipsense distributor, you should consider how and how much it costs. Then, you can compare the good and bad parts to decide if it's right for you.

Keep reading to learn if you should start stelling lipgloss.

What Is Lipsense?

Lipsense is a cosmetics line from the parent company Senegence. You can sell lipgloss to your friends and family, and you can sell the products online through your website or social media.

Whether you focus on Lipsense or also sell other Senegence products, you will need to become a Senegence distributor. Then, you can order products and sell them to your audience.

The multi-level marketing (MLM) company also lets you make money when you recruit another Lipsense distributor or more distributors. Without doing that, it can be hard to make money in this business model.

How to Join

If you want to become a Lipsense distributor, you will need to have a sponsor. This is someone who already sells Lipsense, so you can't just join alone. The company will match you with a sponsor when you sign up.

You'll need to pay $65 to $295 to become a distributor. For $65, you'll get the new distributor kit, which comes with product testers and other resources to help you start selling lipgloss. However, paying $295 will get you a bigger demo kit with more products.

Then, you can order products from Senegence that you can sell to your audience.

How You Make Money

Before you rush to join as a Senegence distributor, consider how you can make money selling Lipsense. You have two ways to earn as a Lipsense distributor. First, you can earn by selling products yourself.

You'll need to buy products, and buying more at a time will give you a bigger discount. Then, you can sell the products through your website or to people you know in real life.

You can also earn money if you recruit people to join the company and become distributors. When they sell products, you can earn up to 30% commissions.

Can You Make Money With Lipsense?

When starting any new income stream, you should make sure it will be profitable. While you may be able to make money with Lipsense, the odds are against making a huge amount.

Unfortunately, we couldn't find an income disclosure statement from Senegence or specifically for Lipsense. However, the numbers are probably similar to MLMs overall. Across all MLMs, over half of sellers lost money or broke even.

Over 20% of distributors make less than $25,000 per year. While making that much could be a good extra income, it can take a lot of time and effort. If you want an easy way to make money, selling Lipsense is not the best option.

Pros of Selling Lipgloss

When doing a Lipsense review, it's important to look at the good things about the opportunity. There are a lot of bad things, but some people can make money selling the products.

Before you ignore Lipsense, consider a couple of advantages it has.

Interesting Products

Becoming a Lipsense distributor could be a good option if you have a beauty blog. The lipgloss would fit in well with the other products you sell, so selling a lot of products may not take much work.

You can also sell other products from Senegence, such as concealers and powders. Then, you can keep things interesting for your audience by not promoting the same product over and over.


Another benefit of being a Lipsense distributor is that it's flexible. You can buy as much product as you want and sell as much as you want. Of course, you will need to work to get sales.

But you can work from home, and you can ship orders as they come in. Then, you don't have to put in a ton of work until you get someone to buy.

If you want to recruit people, you can make more money without extra work that way.

Cons of Selling Lipgloss

While there are a couple of reasons why you would want to sell Lipsense, there are more reasons to discourage you. Before you pay the joining fee and work with your sponsor, you should consider both sides of selling lipgloss.

Here are a few disadvantages of being a distributor for Senegence.

Takes Work

If you want to make money online, consider if you also want an easy way to make money. Selling lipgloss requires time and money to buy stock for you to sell. Then, you'll need to spend time packing orders and shipping them off.

Compare that to an affiliate program, where you never have to touch the product. You also don't have to recruit people to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

Hard to Make Money

If you've heard anything about MLMs like Lipsense, you know it can be almost impossible to make money. Not only that, but not everyone who makes money is profitable.

You would need to sell thousands of lipglosses or recruit multiple people to increase your income. If you don't have extra money, you could also put yourself in debt to buy the product before you can even make money from it.

Cost to Join and Sell

Another disadvantage of joining Lipsense is that it can be expensive. You have to spend a lot of money to join the program, but the costs don't stop there.

Each month, you'll have to order products that you want to sell. While that can give you control over what to sell, you may not know what will make you money. On the other hand, affiliate marketing doesn't have any fees to join or sell products.

Lipsense Review: Worth the Cost and Time?

When doing a Lipsense review, you should consider the good and the bad of selling the products. While some people can make money with this business, a lot of people can't.

You'll need to spend a lot of time and effort marketing the products, and you have to deal with shipping. If you want to make money online, Lipsense probably isn't the best option.

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