Vasayo Review: Effective Nutritional Support Opportunity or Snake Oil?

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Nutritional and dietary supplements use reached an all-time high within the past couple of years. Whether users take supplements to achieve more gains in the gym or want to ensure they consume their vital nutrients, supplements offer a myriad of benefits to a variety of users.

Are you passionate about health? Do you regularly take nutritional supplements? If so, you may be wondering how to work in this field. You likely heard of nutritional MLM companies, such as Vasayo. Vasayo offers a variety of products to achieve better health.

Should you sell for them? Read our Vasayo review to learn more.

Vasayo Products

What does this company sell? They sell a variety of nutritional supplements that target different health factors.


This is nicknamed “a meal for your brain.” This supplement enhances mental clarity, provides nourishment for your brain, and improves overall brain function. This product is available in pill form.

Core Essentials

This is a standard vitamin and mineral supplement. The product is available as vegetable-based capsules.


This is a liquid-based product filled with antioxidants. Renew fights pain, swelling, and targets other internal aspects of aging.


This is no energy drink. It’s an herb-based energy spray. It has a sweet taste yet is sugar-free. Spray the product twice orally for a boost of energy.


This is a natural way to get a good night’s rest. The unique formula also helps your brain detoxify while you sleep. It’s an oral spray — spray the product four times in the mouth before going to bed.

Vasayo Scam: Can You Make Money With Vasayo?

Like many MLM scams, Brand Partners sell Vasayo products to retail customers. You can also onboard new Brand Partners and make money off of their investments.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the ways you can make money with Vasayo.

Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)

This is the best way to make money with Vasayo. When you enroll a Brand Partner, they put in an order for the products that they sell. As the seller, you make a commission off of this sale.

Customer Sales Bonus (CSB)

Whenever a customer buys a product, you receive a percentage of the sale. Keep in mind, you have a 30-day window to receive this commission.

Team Commission (TC)

One of the most common MLM opportunities is having sellers under your ranks. When your sellers make a sale, you’ll earn a percentage of their commission without you actively selling. This is called “residual income.”

Keep in mind, Vasayo’s commission plan is a little odd. Brand Partners have two separate teams (called “legs) and the sales from both teams have to match up in order for you to earn a commission.

This is why Brand Partners have to consistently onboard new team members to earn the residual income, which brings us to our next section.

Team Commission Matching Bonus (TCMB)

This bonus occurs when you onboard new Brand Partners. You start to earn a commission based on the Brand Partners’ sales and investments. Your earning opportunities increase, which also raises your rank. Rank Advancement Bonuses (RAB)

As stated previously, you move up in the ranks when you onboard new team members. When you move up in the ranks, you receive a bonus. While the bonuses are impressive (such as $100,000 for reaching Black Diamond status), they've paid out in smaller increments during a 10-month period.

Global Leadership Bonus (GLB)

If you reach a high enough rank, you can earn the GLB. This is a share you have in the company, amounting to 3% of the company’s wealth that’s paid weekly. Keep in mind, you must meet specific qualifications.

Multiple Business Centers (MBC)

If you decide to open up Vasayo business centers, you can earn the MBC. While this isn’t a traditional bonus, it opens up even more opportunities to build wealth.

Lifestyle Trips (LT)

LTs aren’t cash bonuses, per se. Rather, this is an opportunity to travel the world with other Vasayo leaders.

This opportunity starts with Blue Sapphire members, who can earn 2-3-day excursions within the US. Higher ranking members can travel internationally for up to 10 days.

Retail Commissions

How much are these commissions? Vasayo Brand Partners earn a 20% commission whenever they receive a sale.

If they generate 500 personal volumes (“PV,” the sales volume generated by a single Brand Partner), then they receive a $50 bonus and if they generate 1,000 PV, then they receive a $150 bonus.

Vasayo Opportunity: The Different Ranks

As stated previously, the higher your rank, the larger your earnings. You’ll also receive other benefits, such as traveling. Here are Vasayo’s affiliate ranks, from the first rank to the highest rank you can achieve.

  • Brand Partner
  • Qualified Brand Partner
  • Executive Brand Partner
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Pearl
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Black Diamond
  • Royal Black Diamond
  • Imperial Black Diamond
  • Crown Blue Diamond
  • Double Crown Blue Diamond
  • Triple Crown Blue Diamond

As we saw in the previous section, your earning opportunities increase by rank. However, achieving higher ranks is extremely difficult. Even to reach the Qualified Brand Partner status, you need to achieve 80 PV and maintain one active customer as well as two Brand Partners.

There are also specific qualifications for Brand Partners and customers. An active customer is someone who has ordered 35 PV worth of products within four weeks and active Brand Partners are those who generate at least 80 PV every month.

Our Vasayo Review: Is It Worth It?

The Vasayo MLM is a legitimate company that sells health products. While the earning potential is huge, it takes a lot of work to rise up in the ranks. You have selling requirements starting from the base level, and maintaining your rank becomes even more difficult as you move up.

After reading our Vasayo review, you’re likely wondering if there’s a better alternative to working in health and nutrition while making a fortune. You can with affiliate marketing.

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