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When you look at the development of LifeVantage stock over the years, you can see that in the early stages, LifeVantage wasn't doing as well as it would later on. Why?

From 2003 to 2008, LifeVantage sold its products through brick-and-mortar retailers and didn't make the kinds of sales they were hoping for. By the end of 2008, the LifeVantage MLM emerged, and sales skyrocketed.

After those first few years of using the MLM business model, LifeVantage sales started to fall. Now, their sales are strong but not nearly as strong as they once were. What does that mean for LifeVantage affiliates?

At Legendary Marketer, our goal is to provide you with the latest information on marketing and online business opportunities. Now, we're going to take a deep dive into the LifeVantage MLM and uncover the reality behind this health and wellness company.

Is LifeVantage a Scam?

First, let's put your mind at ease. LifeVantage is not a scam. It is a tried and true MLM that relies on affiliate marketers to sell products and recruit even more affiliates to, you guessed it, sell more products.

Founder Darren Jensen had quite a bit of experience with the MLM business model. It's no wonder that when his products were failing to sell in a traditional retail environment, he transitioned to multi-level marketing.

LifeVantage sells products that fall under the health and wellness umbrella. They are most known for their line of dietary supplements and anti-aging creams, serums, and more. Protandim, an all-natural supplement that is designed to reduce oxidative stress and reduce aging, accounts for over half of all LifeVantage sales.

It's worth noting that Protandim has faced criticism over the years. That means that in order to sell LifeVantage, you have to stand behind a product that produces anecdotal (and disputed) effects. That being said, this is not an unusual position to be in when selling health and wellness products.

Why Become a LifeVantage Affiliate?

What is the LifeVantage opportunity? How does LifeVantage encourage people to join their movement and become a LifeVantage distributor?

For starters, LifeVantage has a relatively low enrollment fee of $50. (What they may not tell you right off the bat is that in addition to this enrollment fee, you also have to purchase a starter pack or purchase $100 worth of products.)

Once you're in, there are a few ways that you can start making money. For example, you can earn a commission rate of 30% to 40% each time you bring in a new preferred customer. You can also earn a bonus any time someone purchases a starter pack.

You can also boost your ranking, and therefore improve and increase your earning opportunities, by recruiting a downstream. That being said, recruiting a downstream is only beneficial if your downstream is meeting the expected volume of sales each week.

For the most part, LifeVantage is following a standard compensation plan that you can expect from most trustworthy MLMs. One key takeaway is that you don't have to buy a costly starter pack to enter the ring, even if you do have to make an initial investment of about $150.

How Much Are LifeVantage Affiliates Really Making?

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty. Thousands of people are already selling LifeVantage products. We don't have to guess how much they're making, because LifeVantage offers a fairly transparent annual income disclosure statement.

What we can learn from this income disclosure statement is that there really are people out there who are making six figures per month as a LifeVantage affiliate. The drawback is that less than 0.011% of the LifeVantage team has reached this level of achievement.

How much is the vast majority of the LifeVantage team making? About 75% of current affiliates are selling at the lowest level of LifeVantage rankings, referred to as Distributors. On average, this group is making $4 a month, although the most successful Distributor in the bunch is making over $22,000 a month.

What Challenges Should You Expect From Becoming a LifeVantage MLM Affiliate?

Why is it so difficult to make real money as a LifeVantage affiliate? Let's take a quick look again at the development of LifeVantage stock.

In the years just after LifeVantage became an MLM, the company's worth soared. After about three golden years, it started to drop back down to a more modest amount.

What this tells us is that when LifeVantage products became more widely available, they sold really well. People were excited for the opportunity to give their products a shot and to give the MLM opportunity a shot, too.

Then came market saturation. Market saturation occurs when there's no one left to turn to who hasn't already been offered the opportunity to buy or sell a product. Everyone is already doing so, already gave it a shot, or already said, “No, thank you.”

Your ability to truly sell people on yourself and your products can counterbalance market saturation. You have to be able to tell a compelling story and remind people why a product is worth their interest and money, even if they'd previously formed an opinion about it. You also have to be able to do this on a mass scale and reach thousands of people all at once, or you're going to waste your efforts.

How can you unlock these marketing skills? How can you reach such a wide audience?

Let Us Help You Boost Your Online Business Skills

The LifeVantage MLM is about as typical as they come. They offer a commission on sales and increased earning opportunities in exchange for recruitment. Their products are interesting but a lot of people have already heard of them, making it more difficult to find a target audience that is automatically excited about what you're selling.

Fortunately, finding success with any online business isn't just about the products. It's about your ability to market the products effectively. Watch this free video and get the skills you need to follow the right business opportunities and turn them into a goldmine every single time.

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