Vorwerk Review: Is This German Company an MLM Opportunity or Scam

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Vorwerk, the Germany-based direct sales company that was established all the way back in 1883, now has over 600,000 affiliated marketers selling their products worldwide.

Surely, a company of that size–and age–can't be a scam, right? The answer is that Vorwerk is not a scam and is, in fact, a bonafide MLM opportunity. The real question is, can you make money when you sign on to sell Vorwerk's products?

The good news is that you're already seeking out answers before diving in. Our goal at Legendary Marketer is to provide the best, easiest-to-implement information about how to build an online business. Now, we're here to provide an honest Vorwerk review and show you the ropes to make any MLM work for you.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Vorwerk and find out whether or not this MLM opportunity is the best way for you to launch your online business.

What Is Vorwerk?

Vorwerk is a company that was established almost 150 years ago by brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk. The business was originally focused on carpets, upholstery fabric, and the looms used to make these materials. The company began to diversify after World War I, filling the gaps in commercial production caused by the shift to wartime materials.

Eventually, the company adopted a direct sales approach to sell the vacuum cleaners that they had begun to produce and were practically unheard of in Germany. Selling such an unusual product required the Vorwerk sales team to engage with customers about their needs and demonstrate the use of their product as a means to fill those needs. Although things may look a little different today, this is exactly what Vorwerk affiliates still need to do in order to land sales.

What Do Vorwerk Affliates Sell?

What kinds of products does Vorwerk produce today? If you sign up to sell for Vorwerk, what would you be selling?

Today, Vorwerk offers the following product lines:

  • Household products including Thermomix kitchen appliances, Temial tea makers, and the original (the well-updated) Kobold vaccums
  • Vorwerk flooring including carpets and other floor coverings
  • JAFRA cosmetics
  • Financing provided by the Vorwerk-affiliated AKF Group

Compared to other MLMs, it may seem that Vorwerk's product lines are on the limited side. However, the company claims that it keeps a narrow focus on a small number of products because it values quality over quantity. Whether or not their products are truly the best on the market is up to consumers to decide–and you'll have to reach those consumers to find out.

Will You Make Money Selling Vorwerk Products?

Vorwerk is most certainly not a scam. They are a real business backed by real products sold by real people. However, that doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to prosper when selling Vorwerk products. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of signing up to become a Vorwerk affiliate.

Vorwerk Pros

One thing that is admirable about Vorwerk is that they're truly not a pyramid scheme–not even close.

Vorwerk puts a larger emphasis on selling products to individual consumers than it does on building up your downstream. If you've worked with MLMs before, you probably know that this is unusual. Most of the time, you're not going to start seeing real money until you bring on a team of willing affiliate marketers whose sales benefit you directly.

With Vorwerk, there is an opportunity to make big bucks just by focusing on sales alone (or at least making sales your bigger goal). That's in part because the prices on these items can be pretty steep. We're talking over $1,000 for some of those household appliances.

How can they get away with charging such high prices for vacuums and blenders? Vorwerk puts in the time and research to build high-quality products that many believe to be the best on the market. In other words, their products back up those high prices.

Vorwerk Cons

Alright, so we all know this is coming: the cons. What kinds of roadblocks might you encounter when selling Vorwerk products?

For starters, the high price items are usually considered one-time purchases. For example, you're not going to encounter a consumer who buys a Kobold vacuum and loves it so much that they purchase four more. The items that are easier to sell again and again–like the cosmetics–are a lot cheaper and require you to purchase things like starter kits.

The second roadblock isn't exactly a con. It's more like a harsh reality.

The products won't sell themselves.

If you want to take an MLM opportunity like Vorwerk and turn it into a real business, you're going to have to do a lot of work. You need to master the art of marketing and building up a presence online that people flock to. You're going to need to establish trust between you and your consumers.

Oh, and one last thing. Vorwerk is on the up and up in a lot of regards, but one thing that gives us pause is their lack of an income disclosure in their otherwise extensive financial report. Because Vorwerk doesn't share this information freely, we can't tell you how much you stand to make if you master the art of selling Vorwerk products.

The Secret to Any MLM Opportunity: It Takes Marketing Knowledge

No matter what MLM opportunity you jump on, things aren't going to be smooth sailing from the start. Whether you're selling vacuums for Vorwerk or essential oils for Young Living, it's going to take serious marketing skills. Where do you find the knowledge you need to succeed at any MLM opportunity?

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