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Aaron Szczotkewycz is a client from Melbourne, Australia. He comes from a construction background that eventually took a toll on his body and he felt like he was burning out. He knew he needed to do something for work that wasn’t so physical. He felt he was destined to do something else, and stumbled across online marketing. 

For Aaron, there hasn’t always been good days. There have been hard days and hard times since he started working remotely from home, but it has all been worth it for him. 

“Wondering my whole life if this could have worked out was so much worse than not taking that risk,” Aaron said. Now both Aaron and his girlfriend work from home and are able to spend more time together and less time straining their bodies at a physical job. 

When Aaron first started marketing online, he played around with a few different things at first, like blogging. He spent a lot of time on his blog and even paid someone to do his blog for him, but still doesn't get a lot of blog visits. He eventually realized that blogging just wasn't for him, and he wanted to do something more active online. 

He ran a few ads and decided he needed help, and that was when he found himself here at Legendary. Since joining Legendary Marketer he’s been able to generate leads and sales with no ad budget on Facebook, amongst other things. We recently interviewed him on our morning show Wake Up Legendary to guide us through how he does it. 

Step 1: Build Your Facebook Friends List With Highly Targeted Buyers From Your Niche 

Facebook is a very active site for organic marketing. When Aaron began Facebook organic marketing, he deleted his friends and family from his Facebook page and built on that. Now, you don’t necessarily have to delete your friends and family but there are ways to organize who sees your posts so that you can separate your family from your business, such as segmenting your friends list. Here’s how to do that:

On the far left menu of your Facebook homepage select ‘see more’. After this, click ‘friends list’ and from there you can create a list of friends and select which of your Facebook friends goes in it. 

Adding Facebook friends is key because this is the best way to build connections with your customers. You can add friends from Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and Facebook ads. “It’s important to know who it is you’re looking for,” Aaron said. The best place he’s able to find people within his target audience is in groups that are specific to his niche. 

To find groups that may have your target customer in them, go to the Facebook search bar and type in phrases that are relevant to your business. 

In this example, since Aaron is an affiliate of many programs that teach affiliate marketers how to b3 more successful, we typed in the search term affiliate marketing and tons of results came up within that niche.

[Image description] Facebook groups for ‘affiliate marketing’

Now, you may be thinking how do I make more room to add more friends and how can I remove people who are not engaging with my posts?

It’s important to go through old friends and refresh them when doing organic Facebook marketing. Adding Facebook friends never stops when you’re in organic marketing. 

A lot of organic marketers use automation software to find out who hasn’t been engaging in content to keep their friends lists refreshed, such as FB Social Accelerator. Others try to keep up with it manually.

The bottom line is even though you can only have 5,000 friends, an unlimited number of people can follow your Facebook personal profile so at the end of the day it’s not mandatory that you remove absolutely anyone who’s not engaged with you.

It is however important that you’re constantly attracting fresh people to you. How? By using attraction marketing.

Step 2: Use Attraction Marketing To Build Credibility And Deliver Value That Makes People Want To Do Business WIth You

  Attraction marketing is providing value to a customer rather than just pitching them a product. “Organic marketing doesn’t work if you’re just pitching on the first message or making offer posts constantly on your wall,” Aaron said. 

Instead of pitching products to just anyone, Aaron builds trust and relationships with his audience by only pitching the product to someone who needs it and who is a good fit for it. This way he knows exactly what the customer is looking for and isn’t recommending a product that is unlikely to help them. 

He also only sends affiliate links to people once he’s begun a conversation with them in messenger, to avoid publicly selling on his Facebook wall.

Step 3: Building Authority In Groups Using Value Posts

The best way to build authority in Facebook groups is to create value posts. A value post is a post you make that offers value like tips or teaches them something they didn’t know before without asking for anything in return. 

However, some group moderators don’t always like the value posts that are made in their groups. This is due to one simple unspoken rule: never outshine the master. 

When joining any Facebook group, make sure you are always respecting the group owner if it’s a group that has a leader on Facebook. One way to sometimes get around this is to thank the group owner in your post or to just make an entire post in the group acknowledging the owner and thanking them. 

Not all people will get results with this, but the better you get with wordsmithing and framing how you share your results, the more you will attract people who respect you, rather than people looking at you as a piece of “money meat”, meaning if you can’t help them make money then they don’t care about you. 

Step 4: Consistently Make Posts On Your Timeline To Build Authority And Attract Your New Followers To Reach Out To You

If you make a great value post in a group, or answer a question on an ad, or even comment something positive on someone else’s post in a group…

You’ll have people begin to friend or follow you. This is when you need to continue to deliver value to them by simply posting to your posts Facebook wall so your posts show up in their newsfeed.

Now that they’re a friend or follower of yours, you can make a post that gives them a call to action at the end to reach out to you.

There are a few different types of posts you can create. The first is a results type post, meaning you share your results from a technique, tip, or strategy with your friends and followers.

 The other type of post is a lifestyle post, where you make a post with a photo of you in your day to day life doing something. This offers a look into who you are as a person so that you can humanize yourself to your audience. 

Take a look at this example from Aaron. 

He gives away some value in the form of explaining that doing high ticket affiliate marketing isn't as difficult as some people might think. He then adds a picture of himself to help humanize the post so it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch. He then adds a call to action at the end of the post for people who resonated with the post to reach out to him via direct message. 

The only goal is to chat with your audience and get to know them, it all starts with building a relationship and engaging with your audience. It is very important to engage with your audience, especially the people who are commenting. 

They have taken the time to read your post and leave a comment. It’s important to build that relationship and trust because if they continue to comment and you don’t reply, they won’t keep commenting. 

When building a connection to your audience, it’s important to build rapport and find common ground. Be super clear with where the person is at and what they’re struggling with so that you can help them. If you can find out what their goal is and where they want to go, fill in the gap with the product that you think is going to help them the most, then you make a lot of money with this technique. 

Step 5: Supercharging Your Organic Marketing To Multiply Your Results

Ads aren’t able to be run from a personal Facebook profile, but they are able to be run through a business page. 

So if you have a post that does really well on your personal page, you can take that post, put it on a business page, and then you can run it as an ad.

At the bottom of your post, add a call to action similar to this:

If you want more info, here’s what to do next: 

Step 1) Comment “MORE INFO” below 

Step 2) Click my profile pic above and go send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE telling me you want more info.

By adding a line on your post that asks people to comment “more info below” it creates a lot of social proof and interaction and people will feel like they’re missing out on the information you’re offering them.

It will also make your ad post blow up with comments which will make it convert higher due to so much interaction on the post.

When people begin to reach out via private message, how you answer (and how fast) is key. One cool thing Facebook allows you to do on your page is set up Saved inside your Business Page inbox so you can reply to people who are messaging you faster. You can add new responses as well as add their name to the response for personalization. 

Conclusion, Plus How To Learn More Strategies Like This

If you are trying to get organic marketing going, always put value first, expect nothing in return, and don’t put a value post up expecting to make a sale out of it. Always lead with value and make a commitment. Any marketing strategy can be great if you can make the commitment and stick with it. Organic marketing is the same way. You need to be consistent and make a commitment to see it through until it works.

Building up a successful business from Facebook can take time and patience. It requires dedication to your customers and is a great way to build relationships and earn money at the same time. It doesn’t require working a 9-5 that might stress your body out. 

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