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Callie Vernon is a 22 year old Legendary Marketer client from Missouri who works as a full time CNA with an affiliate marketing side hustle. Before affiliate marketing, Callie was in college for nursing. College just wasn’t for her, and she disliked it very much. She researched dropshipping and Amazon FBA but felt like that wasn’t a good fit for her either. She knew someone who was in Legendary Marketer and after being told it was legit, she decided to check it out for herself.

Callie got Covid-19 in October and after that realized that she was tired of feeling sad all the time and tired of stressing over money. She felt like The 15 Day Challenge blew her away. She’s seen affiliate marketing everywhere in her life but didn’t realize how much of it was around her all her life and how simple it was to her. 

She had always wanted to find a way to make money online. Coming from a small town where there’s not a lot of people, she didn’t know if that was possible, until one day Tik Tok showed her that it was. Throughout her life growing up, Callie didn’t have much of a social media presence if any. She didn’t ever think she would have an audience. 

She only knew about 50 or so people in real life, so when she made her first thousand followers on Tik Tok it blew her mind. “I was only a consumer for so long and then when you become a creator your whole mind changes,” Callie said. She likes that she can see where she is able to help people and make money at the same time and that makes it so much more worth it to her.

Callie’s Tik Tok: @hey_itscal

Having An Open Mind and Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Callie instantly saw the strategies people were using and how they were promoting products, building email lists, and so much more. When Callie gets on Tik Tok, she sees the same videos everyone else sees. She also sees that the videos that are there to help people do something really outshine against the rest and that’s what it’s all about. The people that help other people on Tik tok are the ones that keep getting an audience. 

Eventually Callie realized that she could have been doing this the whole time. Her mindset offline is realistic as far as less opportunity in a small town, but once she gets online and is in front of so many people that opportunity level raises. Now she has a much bigger customer based audience than she could have had in real life.

Callie shifts herself into a mindset of seeing opportunity and sees herself becoming successful in what she is doing. Callie says that the best way to do this is to just have an open mind. The successful people that you are watching on Tik Tok every day have been here much longer than you. It takes time and you have to find what works for you and what doesn’t. “It always has to do and start with the mindset and you have to have a growth mindset because you have to realize that it’s gonna take time, it’s not gonna happen overnight. All these people that you’re seeing, they were on every single social media platform before Tik Tok,” Callie said. 

Callie feels like the way she has reached so many people from her Tik Tok account has been powerful. Along with that, she feels thankful. It’s just something to discover this and actually do it and follow through and see results and keep going because a lot of people want to give up when they don’t make a sale one day,” Callie said. 

For most of her life social media made her feel powerless. Even in the small town she was from she had always felt like she needed to post on social media to get people to like her. There was always a lot of pressure to be on social media. When she saw so many different people around the world and bought into what the social media standards project on the younger generations, she felt insecure. 

Using Self Affirmations To Push Yourself For Success

Life is a lot more clear for Callie now, after stopping her college education and dropping the nursing career. She felt like she wasn’t in a good place from age 19-20 because of how stressful she felt, especially in college doing something she didn’t really want to do. Life felt really hard and heavy for her at that time. She knew she wanted to make money online, and didn’t know where to start. 

Callie uses a lot of self affirmation to get herself feeling pumped up and ready to be successful. She says to tell yourself how amazing you are and that you can do it, and even if it sounds cheesy, to just say it in your head until you believe it. 

Callie sees herself doing affiliate marketing as a full time career and wants to turn her side hustle into full time eventually. “Affiliate marketing gave me a clear path on how I was going to live the rest of my life however I wanted to,” Callie said. She feels like she has gotten so much clarity of this turning into an actual full time job and career. 

Callie says that entrepreneurship teaches you how to take personal responsibility instead of needing someone else to encourage you. There is a difference between being supported and being motivated. Discipline is the biggest thing that you need. She says that you can be as motivated as you want but nothing will get down unless you’re disciplined enough to sit down and do it. “You have to voluntarily discomfort yourself to get comfortable,” Callie said.

Callie says that she has never come across anything like Legendary Marketer. It’s a good community of people who all want the same thing- to be successful. The internet is so big that there’s not a lot of close competition, and you’re likely always going to be able to find people that like something that you like.

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